Funny / Super Robot Wars

  • Special Deluxe Golden Delicious High Power Magnum Borot PUUUUUUNCH!!! *miss*
  • The Xabungle characters, of course. The picture of a melon replaceing Jiron's head like in the show in Alpha Gaiden, is one of the funniest thing in the series.
    • Speaking of Alpha Gaiden, Roy Focker goes into one battle completely wasted. That's not the most funny part. The funny part is that this is the first time he meets Isamu Dyson, and the entire scene is fully voiced!
  • Also from Alpha Gaiden, when Kosuke and Uso ask Kid and Bowie how the Braiger is able to change size, they have no idea. But then their child assistants, Shin and Mei, show up and are able to explain it, though their elders still don't understand. But Kosuke and Usso do, and are even able to discuss it on a theoretical level. Cue a slight Jaw Drop from Kid and...
    Bowie: Christ almighty... Kids these days are something else, huh?
  • Anytime Sousuke Sagara breaks out the Bonta-kun is going to be funny, with the scene from Super Robot Wars W being one long level of total awesome and laughing your ass off at the same time.
  • The entirety of the "doing the monkey" scene from Overman King Gainer in Super Robot Wars Z. When Gainer confesses his love during an already hilarious scene, everyone gets in on the act, from Kei declaring his undying love for every female character in the entire game world to Jiron confessing his love of...lizard stew. Also in that same scene, Epic Fail mixed with Oblivious to Love: when egged on by Lunamaria to do like-wise, Shinn Asuka declares his desire to defend peace and not his love for her. Comically Missing the Point taken Up to Eleven.
  • Masaki Andoh's notoriously crappy No Sense of Direction is insane! In Super Robot Wars Original Generation, he gets lost aboard the Hagane... DURING A GUIDED TOUR! In Super Robot Wars Alpha, he gets so lost that the Gundam Wing cast is forced to hunt him using the ZERO SYSTEM!
  • In one of the early scenarios of Z2, Celestial Being decides to stage an intervention, only to find that Dancougar Nova has gotten there and put an end to the battle before they arrived.
    Lockon: Setsuna, Look at all the Gundams we got now
    Setsuna: ...They look like Gundams but..
    Lockon: Hmm?
    Setsuna: I want to be Gundam like them as well
    Heero: Then together we shall become Gundam, Setsuna.
    Kira: Only through understanding can we all become Gundam
    Shinn: ...Will I become Gundam?
    Luna: Not you too...
  • On one stage of Alpha Gaiden, Loran and Milia bring out their mechs to do laundry since the Argamma's washing machines are broken. And then Kouji brings out the Mazinger Z to dry it with Breast Fire. One of the girls comments that he "would make a good bride," but he manages to scorch some of the laundry. Perhaps it's just as well that no one ever tries to make clothes for the Valsione or Angelg.
    • Incidentally, having Milia pilot an Armored Valkyrie will break the game since she has to transform from Fighter to Battloid in the cutscene.
  • Badass he may be in the current OG Saga, Axel Almer HAS his share of funny... when he's Ahoseru in SRW Advance. Some of his funny moments include:
    • When snooping on Kazuya Ryuuzaki and Erika coping to each other, he instantly blares that he and Erika makes a better couple, since they're both amnesiac, and "An amnesiac couple would be better". Cue to Kouji punching him and telling him to shut up.
    • When the Dragonar team was about to leave, Ken gets to have a good bye wave from his girlfriend Linda, his buddies Tapp and Light ponders on how nice it is to have a friend (read:girlfriend) wave good bye on departure... Cue to Axel waving both of them good bye, promptly disgusting both Tapp and Light, thinking that Axel is gay.
    • On the subject of Advance...
  • The characters lampshadeing the fact that Uso and Garrod seem to attract Shotacons in Alpha Gaiden. The fact that it's Judau of all people who starts this makes it even funnier.
  • Every line to come out of anyone's mouth in Endless Frontier. Some favorites:
    "I will write something insulting on that billboard you call a torso."
    (Paraphrasing) "The heat won't bother me since we're doing this for world peace!" (About five minutes later) "World peace can suck it. I just want some air conditioning."

    (Upon first meeting Kaguya) "Mm! I didn't ask for one today, But I won't say no..."
    (Upon being called an amateur playboy) "'Amateur'? I prefer 'skilled hobbyist'."

    (Reading from a memo) "'Dumbass poser with black hat, black trenchcoat and fingerless gloves.'"
    "Well, looks like it's time to play cat-and-also-cat with that tank."

    while being confronted by 4 Einst Clones of Kaguya
    Xiaomu: "Wow! It's a wall of boobs!"

    Reiji: (talking about Xiaomu) "It's amazing what you can learn when you spend all day wasting time on the internet, isn't it?"
    KOS-MOS: "That's funny. In my time, the internet is for

  • In Super Robot Wars Judgment before the showdown with Master Asia:
    Yurika: Gundam fight all set. Ready, GO!
    • This is especially hilarious when you keep in mind that J focuses mainly on Real Robot Genre shows. It's even funnier if you picture Yurika throwing off her captain's uniform to reveal a referee suit.
  • Shin Super Robot Wars:
    • It turns out that what Lu Cain was after was in the university database, which Ryusei plays off as just minor breaking-and-entering. Once again, Rai lambasts Ryusei's foolishness, and when Sanshiro weakly agrees, the dialogue awkwardly comes out that Ryusei has implied that Rai prefers men. No excuse can save Ryusei from a severe verbal bout.
    • When you take down the first enemy in an Earth Route Scenario, the Skullrook uses a Spirit Command! Of course, Zuhl's "galactic" genius is not matched by his assistant, who rapidly starts pushing the wrong buttons. After a while of this (culminating in Tekagen), Zuhl furiously orders his subordinate not to use any more Spirit Commands, to Ryusei's vast amusement.
    • Boss is about the only one whose machine wasn't somehow handed down by the family, but Kouji observes that the Boss Borot is mainly just in the way. Boss takes umbrage at this, but with his lackeys in tow he plans to one day build the Boss Borot into one hell of a machine. Later on, Mucha shows up piloting the Borot, claiming that he's taken it without telling Boss, entitled by all the hard work he put in. He's not too worried about reprisals from Boz, who is unlikely to be able to follow all the way to space, and has even installed a Map Weapon! It also turns out that the Boss Borot's map weapon, though powerful, is totally impossible to aim.
  • Super Robot Wars UX:
    • In order to infiltrate Central City, Richard Krueger acts like a foreigner who just moved into town speaking a mix of German, Spanish and Italian languages; while Saya acts like a Cloudcuckoolander and even breaks into singing Country Roads! The Heroman casts buy it, but it actually makes Kurou more suspicious.
      • To top it up, Richard introduces themselves as a comedian to Agnes, who took it seriously until the final chapter of the game!
    • Chapter 26, being a Beach Episode, it will be loaded with funny moments. And no, it's not about swimsuits.
      • When exploring a cave, Lina, Joey, Kurou and Agnes got affected by some hallucinogenic gas. Lina and Joey almost confessed to each other, Kurou embraces Al Azif, while Agnes confesses his love for Saya's comedian antics. It's as funny as Jiron confessing his love for lizard stew.
      • During combat, it turned out everyone sortied with their pilot suits above their still wet body and swimsuits. Everyone agrees lets not do that again.
      • A drunk Ruri says she wants to take the post as a tactical commander in the team, and pulls Fei Yen HD, Lina into it. This prompts Cham to join in and Erebos wants in due to her Faeario competitiveness with Cham, much to Setsuna's and Soushi's chagrin (They even commented about the future of the team). In the end, all of them plus Eida (Who is wondering who roped her into this) and the post "Tactical Commander" got changed to "Tactical Commander/Cheerleader", even in the menu.
    • Chapter 48, Sakuya got dragged by Jack Smith and Chouhi Gundam to the side due to some snarky comments he made about mecha-people. Cue punching, kicking noises that ended with a lightning strike.
    • The save-quit dialogues have many funny moments that goes around Breaking the Fourth Wall. Notable moments are:
      • Apparently Asap's father has the complete Secrets list.
      • Sakomizu invoked the "All gamers are boys" trope, by wanting to make the player his son-in-law. Asap comments on "It's rude for female gamers!"
      • The narration preview for the series "Watch out, Hazard Pasha!", a propaganda serving to increase Hazard's popularity.
      • Kurou going on a Tsukkomi routine that does not seem out of place in Gintama to Ruri.
      • Apparently someone stole Jack Smith's milk, AGAIN. And Yulianne offers HER milk.
      • The game is suspended in order to snap Ranka out of her misunderstanding of the phrase "ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE."
      • "Suspend this game at once. This is a presidential order!" Delivered by Agent Hughes to prevent Dr. Minami for having more screentime.
      • Ryofu Tallgeese trolling Chousen Quebeley, by tricking her to make lustful voice to promote the game.