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Awesome / Super Robot Wars

According to it's article on this very wiki, Super Robot Wars is "A Massive Multiplayer Crossover franchise, based off almost every Humongous Mecha series ever made in Japan."

Obviously, that is a good setup for awesomeness.
Examples: (please sort by game)

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  • How many of you have been sitting around, possibly watching the show in question, and thought, "Wow. That robot had some cool moves. I should look up the animations for the moves in that one Super Robot Wars game." Then an hour later after you've watched that robot's moves in six or so different games, you go on to watch the moves of a whole bunch of different robots just because you're doing it anyway?
  • This series is so awesome it just got one in 2011 before the newest game comes out. Why is that you ask? Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann IS GOING TO DEBUT IN Super Robot Wars Z2!
    • Screw that. VOTOMS IS COMING.
    • YMMV on the most awesome part of the SRWZ2 list, but almost everyone agrees that it is.
    • And now Tetsujin 28 Go is coming too!
    • Just about everything about Saisei-hen's second PV. Rand and Setsuko are back, most of the old units' strongest moves are back (some gaining new moves even), and USABLE. SHIN. DRAGON.
  • It's amazing that the Internet doesn't break down by sheer awesomeness from the news that 2nd SRWOG will release in August, featuring casts from SRWD, released for PS3.
  • UX finally made many fanboys' dreams a reality, by bringing in Demonbane.
  • We should probably first point out that many units' strongest attacks or Combination Attacks are actually taken from a Crowning Moment in their own series.
  • A behind-the-scenes one: during negotiations to license Neon Genesis Evangelion for SRW, some Gainax executives were reluctant to give permission because they were worried having Eva Super-Deformed would be bad for its image. When Hideaki Anno, Eva's director, learned of this, he got pissed and delivered a verbal bitchslap to the execs along the lines of "No one is going to prevent my Eva from fighting alongside the likes of Mazinger and Getter!"
    • Another one for Anno: As soon as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann became available, he called up SRW director Takanobu Terada—at roughly 2 in the morning—and asked "So, do you still have any room left for Gurren Lagann in your games?" Seriously.

    Classic Timeline 
  • Shinji Ikari, if properly leveled gets a huge one in Super Robot Wars F Final, where he more or less takes on the entire Mikene Empire, including the Great General of Darkness single-handedly, and beats them pretty freakin hard into the ground. The (for lack of a better term) slaughter doesn't really end until the Fifth Angel pops up and wipes them all out.
    • Speaking of Shinji, one can't forget that classic scene when he's put in Amuro's shoes of being scolded and Bright Slapped by Bright. Complete with the immortal line word-by-word, "You hit me! Not even my dad hits me!" and the eventual effect.

    The Alpha Trilogy 
  • The SRW series enjoys turning End of Evangelion into a Crowning Moment of Awesome for someone.
    • In Super Robot Wars Alpha 1 Asuka gets to beat the crap out of the Titans, and when the MP EVA's show up, Londo Bell gets a kickass Big Damn Heroes moment where they proceed to utterly Curb-Stomp Battle the final EVA enemy, with Shinji Ikari leading the charge!.
    • In Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, the moment belongs to Shinji Ikari again. When the events of End of Evangelion play out, we get to the point where humanity is melting into goo, but instead of going screamingly insane, Shinji gets royally pissed off, marches down to Terminal Dogma and gives his father a piece of his mind. And by "piece of his mind", we mean a robot-sized katana to the face.
      • The whole level is pretty much a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the Alpha Numbers (the protagonist group in the Alpha games), as they're effectively kicking Bright Slapping the crap out of the merged Shinji/Eva Unit-01/MP Evas + Tree of Life, also known as God. This is while, by all rights, they ought to be melting into LCL, but they're just too damn Hotblooded to turn into goo.
    • After watching End of Evangelion and seeing how nigh indestructible and horrific the MP Evas were, who doesn't get satisfaction out of seeing them in a SRW game get utterly ripped to shreds by Mazinkaiser's Fire Blaster, Shin Getter's Shin Spark, SRX's Buster Cannon, GaoGaiGar's Goldion Hammer, Sanger's Zankantou etc.
  • In Super Robot Wars Alpha, the Third Angel is making short work of Neo-Tokyo 3 when a man in a snappy suit and a cigar steps out, and manages to fight the Godzilla-sized monster to a standstill with his bare hands. That man is Alberto The Shockwave.
    • Later, when fighting a different Angel, the Victory Gundam battleship Reinforce Jr. actually manages to kill it, leaving its captain stunned that it worked and everyone else wondering what the hell just happened.
      • For the record, only the Evangelion people and the captain himself are truly surprised. Everyone else just puts another notch onto the leaderboard, under Bright Noah.
    • From the second game, Ibis has an amazing one, when a major villain from Mobile Suit Gundam strafes the party with his exceptionally powerful and large Mobile Armor...and then proceeds to get his ass kicked by her when she appears in her transforming fighter and strafes the hell out of his Mobile Armor.
      • Hell, she has a lot more. Ibis going through massive Character Development right before her Mid-Season Upgrade (which consists of hefty stat boosts to her and her mech) by gathering up her Heroic Resolve. Up till that point, she has been suffering from truly low self-esteem from her past. Her managing to get over the past and then pulling off the Maneuver GrAMX, the same maneuver that caused her so much hell, is this and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Musashi's Back-from-the-dead moment in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, wherein he finds a way, depite being dead to reactivate Shin Getter Robo when it was obvious that the Getter crew needed it.
    • Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 also gave Musashi an epic moment. The Getter team is bound along with a set of hostages, and the villains are threatening to kill them should the Alpha Numbers approach. Musashi approaches in Black Getter and causes enough trouble for the Dinosaur Empire's emperor, Goll, to come out and deal with him personally. Undeterred, Musashi then performs his classic Daisetsuzan-Oroshi on Goll and throws him far away from the hostages. Declaring he's won, Gaogaigar then arrives with the Dividing Driver to separate the fight from the hostages, leaving the Alpha Numbers free to give Goll a righteous smackdown.

  • The opening of SRW Alpha 3. The entire thing is a jaw dropping spectacle of the Alpha numbers taking on an invading army. When they manage to break on through to the other side, only to find themselves overwhelmingly outnumbered, to the point that you can barely see the background for all the enemies flying in it. All of the Alpha's look around in disbelief, until the camera zooms in on Mazinger Z. Which clenches its fist and charges at the enemy full tilt, inspiring the other Alphas to follow suit. The only thing that could make it more awesome was if JAM Project was rocking out a song while it happened.

  • In Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, following the Tear Jerker ending of GaoGaiGar FINAL, all of the Alpha numbers are trapped, apparently forever, in an interdimensional void, with only enough power to send two small children back to Earth. They're not even going to bring back help - none of the team has any hope of that - just to tell their story to the people they saved. To make matters worse, a villain with the ability to teleport into and out of the void at will has decided to put them out of their misery. Right when everything looks positively doomed, a beam of energy appears out of nowhere, and the pocket dimension they're in literally shatters, revealing a newly rebuilt and upgraded form of the series' flagship robot: SRX Altered Banpreios, which proceeds to load its traditional pilot (who was stranded with the other playable characters) on board and kick a truly epic amount of ass.
    • In the same game, but in Touma's path, the debut of his Super Robot RaiOh's upgraded form, the DaiRaiOh, singlehandedly destroys one hundred enemy mecha in a single battle.
      • Being an Expy of Kamen Rider, Touma gets lots of these. To wit, Rai Oh's first appearance is probably the manliest of the originals, then he gets Rai Oh's strongest attack, then he upgrades to Dai Rai Oh, where we get the above, then Dai Rai Oh gets Jinrai, which is basically a Rider Kick! performed with a Humongous Mecha, then he kicks the Big Bad into oblivion in the name of love! Notable also in that he's the only character who gets to do the last one, alongside Sanger.

  • In Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, after the group is sent to the future, Sayaka and Musashi are MIA for a long while. It's finally revealed they are being held hostage by Archduke Gorgon, at which point he desires to use them as human shields. Banjou Haran from Daitarn 3 coldly and honestly declares he doesn't care how many people he'll have to kill, he won't let Gorgon live in this world anymore. His delivery is so bitter and cold Gorgon backs down and hands over Sayaka, Musashi and Daitarn's support crew, no strings attached. Utterly amazing.
    • While we're on a Mazinger note, Space Route Mission 36 (Shin Getter Robo, Stolen!): Kouji Kabuto dies in lava convinces the Eisia excavation team to escape as part of his plan...then reveals to Gorgon that the plan's entirety was them escaping and him acting as their shield. Cue Bolivian Army Ending...of the first half. Then Tetsuya Rocket Slaps him back to reason after freeing him from a Mechasaurus horde, and Mazinkaiser ensues.
  • In the Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 manga, after the heroes defeat the Big Bad, they're confronted by Son Ganlong. To defeat him, the Ide calls in all the rest of the heroes from the three previous games that didn't make it into the last one. This results in the largest Giant Robot beatdowns in fictional history. Up to, and including, Two Sanger Zonvolts.
    • Similarly, the Super Robot Wars Z manga has a story where The Edel Bernal sets Zeuth up to battle...the Alpha Numbers (circa Alpha Gaiden). This includes Mirror Match moments between Turn A Gundam and Gundam X, as well as having the Zeuth versions of Kouji Kabuto, and the Getter Team face off against their Alpha counterparts in Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter.
      • Especially of note is where Sanger's Thrudgelmir stops the Mugen Punch effortlessly with one hand.
    • In a Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden manga, it depicts the first part of the raid on the Earth Cradle; the part with Sanger and his Thrudgelmir. While the whole freaking battle is insanely awesome (this is Sanger), the one scene that takes the freaking cake is when Sanger has lost his Zankantou and the Thrudgelmir's arms. Mazinkaiser goes up to the Thrudgelmir to finish it off. What does Sanger do? He fucking HEADBUTTS Kaiser's head with the Thrudgelmir's horn. This maims Mazinkaiser's head off (barely missing Kouji's piloting block). It's a badass moment for both men involved. Mostly because while Sanger's slamming the horn into Mazinkaiser's pilder, Kouji is driving a Turbo Smasher Punch through Thrud's chest. AND NEITHER OF THEM STOP until both have smashed through their targets. Conclusion: Thrudgelmir with a huge hole in its torso, and Mazin Kaiser minus most of the pilder (and a very lucky Kouji).
      • Finally, you'd think that losing both arms and one of his Zankantous would put a damper on Sanger's ability to fight, right? Wrong. Being Sanger Fucking Zombolt, he then proceeds to conjure up his second Zankantou and wield it USING THE THRUDGELMIR'S TEETH.
      • As a testament to how insanely badass this fight was, the two most iconic attacks from it (Thrudgelmir's headbutting Mazinkaiser, and its growing the Zankantou to insane proportions and trying to take out the Alphas in a single swing) filtered back down into Original Generations.

  • In an early mission in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, in a pre-battle dialogue with Shu (who is in Neo-Granzon), at the end of which, with his usual cold seriousness, Heero states that the Zero System had shown him Shu's death.

  • In a Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden doujin, Jiron Amos takes control of the Boss Borot, and beats the crap of of a Bergelmir. What makes it even more cool is that to do this, he rips off the Borot's head, clenches it in one of the Borot's fists, and uses this not only for extra damage, but also to extend his punch range just long enough to freaking decapitate the Bergelmir. In short, Jiron Amos was channeling Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann before it even existed!
    • The head-removal not only allowed for this, but let them dodge the Six Slaves attacks the Bergelmir uses "BOSS BOROT IS A MAN!"

  • Mazinkaiser / Shin Getter Robo scenario from Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden. While one route involves Kouji and company going toe-to-toe with a General Bat-piloted Shin Getter Robo to block a Stoner Sunshine, the other route was more epic. Namely, the Getter Team decides to go balls to the wall, and tanks the Stoner Sunshine with Getter G, using the energy to Shine Spark General Bat into submission.

  • 'SRW @3'. During the GaoGaiGar Final storyline, everybody was under the influence of the 11 Lords of Sol's chemicals, causing them to feel relaxed to the point where they don't care about anything, even if Guy is getting his ass handed to him by Palpelapa(or however you spell it). Some people were immune to this though, the GGG mechs (who were switched off), Hiroshi Jeeg (who's a cyborg), Rei (who's an angel/human hybrid) and the Virtual On guys (fourth wall breakers and maybe robots themselves). But one person was not only immune to these chemicals but actually manages to get the rest of the group to snap out it.....with his rock music! His name? Nekki Basara of 'Macross 7'! Why could he resist the chemical? Uh....because he's too hotblooded I guess.
    • Actually, Basara resisting the stuff may be because he has the Anima Spiritia. Depending on your perspective, that might as well translate into "too Hot-Blooded."
    • Basara gets another moment of awesome during the Information High level. Sharon Apple had already screwed over your team by effectively nullifying and locking all unit abilities and seishins. After barely killing a few Ghost X-9's, he shows up, plays "Holy Lonely Light", and suddenly your team is charged with so much Hot Blood the Battle 7 is free from Sharon Apple and ZAFT's control, and you team is back to normal, and much Bad Ass ensues.

  • General Bat gets his in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden by fighting the Preventers/Irregulars in Shin Getter Robo, despite the fact even sitting in the pilot seat is slowly killing him despite the use of a device to lessen the getter rays effects on him but shin getter still emits so much getter energy that it is still harming him, but he doesn't give a shit as long as he gets to take the Getter Team with him, and manages to survive point blank getter ray poisoning afterwards so he can make a defiant last stand in front of Machineland when you have to fight him and Emperor Gore, pretty much establishing himself as insanely determined badass.

  • Speaking of moments of awesome, there's one person in the entire cast of Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden that has possibly the most awesome moments in the entirety of Alpha Gaiden manga, rivalling Sanger AND Jiron listed above AND one of the best contender for the best in the whole franchise. That man's name? Tetsuya Tsurugi from Great Mazinger. Its a story depicting the prequel of Alpha Gaiden serving as the moment before Egret Fehu does his job at the Earth Cradle. What does Tetsuya do? Opening with the classic Big Damn Heroes Thunder Break to save the crippled base defense line of Gespenst and Valkyrie Squad, then, after making a Badass Boast that he dont care about anything, his job is to give a trashing to the enemy, he singlehandedly handles a whole Army of Mycenian Dragoon Squad resulting in a cracked and crippled Great. Then Ryuuma Shogun come only to get handled by a Thunder Break and a point blank all or nothing stab with Mass produced Photonic Beam Saber with a little help from Venus A.
    • This feat is so awesome that SANGER ZONVOLT himself stares at his prowess in such an expression that signifies fear. You read it right. Sanger motherfucking Zonvolt himself FEARED Tetsuya Tsurugi.
    • To quote what Egret Fehu said:
      Egret Fehu: "Right, just like all of you. One born raised for the sake of fighting... Humanity's own battle beast..."
      Egret Fehu: "Maybe he represents the soldier people have sought to obtain up until now..."

  • The re-enactment of the Kazuya Ryuuzaki's Unstoppable Rage in Super Robot Wars Advance is improved to the level of awesomeness. Amuro Ray was being threatened to a gunpoint by Miwa Sakimori when protesting about his racism (even though it's been revealed that he was using cheats to get away with it). Heero Yuy almost follows with his Endless Waltz line by pointing a gun at Miwa and utters the same thing to Dekim, "If you're pointing a gun, you should be prepared to be shot too." and counts to three. Before he can finish, though, Kazuya emits a Tranquil Fury that even overawed Heero, being The Stoic he is, by just telling him to "Get out". And then when Miwa opened fire, Kazuya jumped, beats the crap out of him by hitting just the vitals, and it takes not just Kyoshiro, but also the rest of the Wing boys, and either Axel or Lamia (whoever gets picked as the protagonist) to restrain him.




  • The entirety of Mission 12 in Super Robot Wars W: Several of the teenaged memebers of Warter (The Heroes' group) end up enrolled at Kaname's school (As if Sousuke wasn't bad enough). Meanwhile, Kaname is given the task of doing something about the school's perpetually-losing Rugby team plus finding something entertaining for the School Festival, not to mention making sure delinquents from rival schools don't mess things up. Naturally, she enlists Sousuke's help, despite the fact that she really should know better by now. He tells her that he'll handle the whole load himself. The day of the festival comes, and Baron Ashura decides that (s)he'll strike at Kouji Kabuto, the pilot of Mazinger Z, by attacking the school with a pair of robot beasts. But when the attack begins, Sousuke reveals the re-trained Rugby team, all equipped with Bonta-Kun suits! After getting the team Psyched up (With Kaname translating a surprising amount of foul language, in front of children, no less), they proceed to blow the two beasts straight to hell. When Death Black Beastmen and fighters from the Galra Empire show up, Sousuke has a plan for that too. To keep the illusion that this is All Part of the Show, he has the Bonta-Kuns direct giant magic lions (namely, GaoGaiGar and Voltron Golion) to protect the school. Much asskicking ensues, leaving Baron Ashura with a healthy fear of Bonta-Kun from now on.
    • The second time you play it, it involves the "Beauty Contest" episode from Martian Successor Nadesico. This time, Ashura desguises his/herself as Dr. Yumi to try to sabotage the proceedings and get someone incompetent selected as captain. (s)he gets Yurika (re)picked, of course. Angry that didn't work out, Asura summons a pair of robot beasts to attack, only to find out that Sousuke's contribution to the "keep rival delinquents out" plan just happened to have included enough high explosives to kill two robot beasts outright. The following mission includes a major beatdown of a rival military squad with a team of Bonta-kuns, and the subsequent humiliation of Pizza by the same.

  • Mission 15 of the same: "Five-Colored Bonds, Gold-Colored Hero". Sven/Shirogane's just been badly injured killed, and the Voltron GoLion team has spent the last week trying to train the princess to take his place in the blue lion with limited success. Allura Farla's doing well, actually, but the blue lion's just not responding to anything. To make matters worse, GaoGaiGar's "Hell and Heaven" Finishing Move is taking a near-fatal toll on Gai's cyborg body. But there's no time to work things out just now and you have to sortie with both GaoGaiGar and GoLion benched for the time being. Our heroes find themselves confronted with the sight of three Tekkamen chasing a fourth. It's D-boy's sister Miyuki, and if you've seen the series, you know where this is going. To make matters worse, the Zonder show up, intent on taking Miyuki for themselves and finding out how the Tekkamen can resist Zonderization. They capture her and trap her within a Zonder, triggering a three-way battle. GaoGaiGar sorties, Guy being more than willing to sacrifice himself if he can save Miyuki. Here's where the awesome kicks in: Trying to make a bad situation worse, Haggar Honelba infiltrates the Nadesico in order to kill Farla, but she's stopped when Mamoru, of all people, forces her off the ship. Honelba turns her wrath on him, but is stopped when Farla gets the Blue lion to move and attacks her. The others also quickly sortie, and GoLion is back in the fray. With the Zonder and Radam chased off, that only leaves the problem of Miyuki. Gai begins to power up Hell and Heaven, over the protests of everyone, including D-Boy, when Goldymarg shows up to lend a hand (and a Big Fragging Hammer) HIKARI NI NARE!!'. GoLion and GaoGaiGar are back in business, Miyuki is safely within GGG's care, and one of the most tragic moments in Tekkaman Blade'' is completely temporarily averted.
    • As much as awesome that scene is, however, it's still possible to re-enact the tragic moment, if you didn't focus much on the Tekkaman Blade scenario. Miyuki can still permanently die, but through another method.
      • IIRC, She survives that, too. She helps Blade get out of the path of a Wave Motion Gun (explained below) and uses Shinya's crystal (since he didn't need it to get to the moon here) to restore the mental degradation he was going through at that part of the series.

  • Stage 37 of the Paris route,The Final Battle against Mycene. As a bonus it also includes the awakening of Kaiser Nova, Shin Shine Spark, And new combination attack, including the FINAL DYNAMIC SPECIAL against Ankoku Daishogun.
    • Specifically, at the end of the previous stage, Mazinger Z has been destroyed, and the Mycene Empire has Gundamjacked Kaiser. But after you manage to meet the initial victory requirements, Kouji is able to get to where Kaiser is being held. Archduke Gorgon tries to stop him, but he manages to stab and wound Gorgon, which allows Kouji to get to Mazinkaiser. Archduke Gorgon launches in the Demonica, but because Kouji has just managed to unlock Kaiser's true power, Shin Getter unlocks the Shin Shine Spark, which it uses to bring Demonica down to half of its health. Then Kouji uses the Kaiser Nova to finish the job. Of course, because of The Battle Didn't Count, Gorgon is able to restore Demonica's HP. After it has had its HP reduced to zero again, it restores its health again, but this time, Kouji and Ryoma take it out for good with the Dynamic Double Impact, where Shin Getter uses the Getter Tomahawk while Kaiser uses the Final Kaiser Blade. Then, after Ankoku Daishogun has had his health bought down to zero, he heals just so you can watch the first time Shin Getter, Mazinkaiser, and Great Mazinger use the Final Dynamic Special.

  • Stage 49 is filled with awesomeness. Other than a small twist from the original (you didn't enter another dimension), Guy recovers from Sol Lords' control and receives Genesic Gaogaigar, and asskicking ensues. But Valzacard's debut tops that off: After Kazuma, Mihiro, Aria and Regulate with Alm Stola escapes from The Database's station, they're under hot pursuit from Applicant and his brand-new Alm Stola Finis, it's at this point Horace announces "all keys are gathered" and execute the combination code. Cue Sail on Future and watch Kazuma piloting Valzacard to kick Applicant's ass.
  • After Stage 49, the good guys have to split up, half the force going to take on the Radam on the Moon, and the other half to stop GENESIS. On the Bloody Valentine War side, the heroes have managed to take control of the station, but the weapon is already charged up, and they don't have the time to stop it. That's when Ruri calls in from the Nadesico C and hacks the control system to point GENESIS at the Radam command ship as it takes off, killing two birds with one stone.
    • The Radam path was pretty badass too - you go through the Tekkaman Blade finale mostly keeping to canon (with the usual accounting for SRW craziness)... but when D-Boy loses his personality and memories, running purely on hatred for the Radam, leaving Aki to mourn his cruel fate to fight alone... Ruri chimes in out of nowhere with a "He's not alone." and jumps down with the rest of the gang, ready to rip Omega and the Radam remnants a new one. They then all proceed to call out to D-Boy, and end up dodging the Bad End the anime had by having D-Boy reclaim himself and then proceed to beat the living shit out of Omega.
    • Also, Blade and Evil having a final duel in Stage 50. Alone. Kill him and he transform into Blaster form, and so does Blade. And they have a second duel. All while Masquerade is playing as the BGM. Its as awesome as it sounds. It's also a Tear Jerker since, having a twist from the anime, Shinya/Evil is able to revert back to his own personality and helps D-Boy/Blade to break out from surrounding Radam Beasts, ending the stage by blowing himself up along with all "enemies" around him.
    • ZAFT route is no slouch either. Gai Murakumo breaks into the bridge of Dominion in Stage 50, delivers an epic beatdown to Azrael (including a Shout-Out to Rom Stoll), and evacuates everyone (including Flay and Natrale) from the ship, leaving Azrael to die alone. Due to this twist, Mu's life is also spared and directly leads to Colbert's death.

  • Stage 53. The Goldion Crusher and Orgun's Grand Cross Attack that took out the Soul Lords and Evoluders once and for all. Yes, the Goldion Crusher is so bright that Orgun can even use it as a substitute for the Sun for his final attack.
    • In the same stage, the Sol Lords decides to attack Nadesico A (with Yurika in command, it's a long story) directly and Akito, who ran away again after Stage 47 (the last of The Prince of Darkness storyline), shows up and rejoins your group ,vowing to protect everyone. After this, try to strip all of the armor and extra weaponry off his Black Selena, and perform the Double Gekigan Flare with Gai Daigoji once more.
      • Extra points: try to notice what he says during said attack (Except he went completely silent). He hasn't lost a bit of his hot-bloodness and love of justice even after all the hardness. For more proof, let him attack Syncline in Stage 54—he'll pick up the old thoughts of "Justice will always prevail over Evil" like he was in the TV series.

  • Prior to Stage 54, your group is desparate to find The Database's main base among the stars. So how do they find out? Remember Kaname stays behind when Sousuke rescues Tessa in Stage 49? She uses Whispered's resonance to tell Tessa about her whereabouts (in The Database's main base on Pluto), and as Taiga puts, the girls risk their sanity to bring the news to the group. Sail for the last battle!
    • Hats should also go to the script writer, who is able to incorporate the real-world news of "Pluto being demoted to Dwarf Planet" around that time into the game and makes it a major plot point. (Lampshaded that way long before this event, everyone tries to recall the "forgotten planet" in the Solar System but no one remembers)

  • As already said in some places, after the fiasco with Gundam SEED Destiny, Cagalli returned to piloting in Super Robot Wars K. And Banpresto decided to make her first mission one that is just plain awesome on principle. Taking on the Festum in the outdated and underpowered Strike Rouge becomes a lot more badass when you realize those things can alter gravity, create black holes at will, read your mind, and that pretty much EVERY canon pilot who had a chance against them had been genetically modified. If there was any canon Cagalli to take a swing at to show she hadn't lost anything, that was the one.
  • Overman King Gainer finale stage. Gainer and friends are at the mercy of the Overdevil which is freezing everything. Good thing SRW K has the newest Gaiking in which by the way is hot-blooded and fire personified!
  • The emergence of the Regret Buster
  • Scenario 35. The final battle of the Virtual-ON series against Dymon and controlled Tangram. The Rose sisters and SHBVD join you while fighting against Dymon units and Z-Gradts. For all the fans of the series and the disappointment with Marsenal (MARZ), this makes up for it.

    The Z Trilogy 

  • You think the Fix Fic for Gundam SEED Destiny in the aforementioned SRW Z is epic enough? Well, Banpresto takes that one step further in Super Robot Wars L by almost rewriting the second half of the story. Major cases in point:
    • Stage 15 (Berlin route), Stellar is rampaging in Destroy Gundam as of original. Shinn tries to stop her just as Archangel arrives, and just when what the anime showed is about to repeat, Kira instead helps Shinn to bring Stellar away for safety. Dereka's words to Shinn about Kira's moral of saving lives before this stage helped.
    • As such in Stage 16, realizing the Archangel crew helped to beat up Iczer enemies, Talia helps Murrue to escape by faking the sink of Archangel. After that Arthun officially leaves Minerva for Archangel, leaving the rest to Shinn for he is another FAITH on board.
    • Stage 27, after LOTUS and Archangel crew retun to Orb to beat up Orb-Earth Federation forces, Original forces led by an Imperial Valley appear and beat up Kira in his Strike Freedom pretty bad. Just as the Imperial Valley is about to land a fatal blow, Shinn steps in and smacks the enemy away, and yells at Kira to recall his will of protecting everyone in the world. Cue Combination Attack to destroy Imperial Valley. It's just as awesome as it seems.
      • Another awesome moment for Shinn and his Destiny albeit Meta sense: Strike Freedom has one of the best mobility among all Destiny Mobile Suits, yet an Imperial Valley is technically much more mobile than any unit in the game, allowing the pilot to beat up Kira. Shinn is able to keep up with that machine and smacks it? Think about it for a moment.
      • While the Strike Freedom is highly vaunted for its mobility, the Destiny is actually superior in that if not speed at least as it doesn't need to deploy dragoons to use its wings of light and Shinn's own style is better suited for rushing in.
    • Shinn delivers the last blow to Lord Djibril just like the manga version in Stage 32.
    • After all the events in LOTUS, Shinn decides not returning to ZAFT for Gilbert Durandal's Destiny plan by himself—only Rey leaves for Messiah. You can use Shinn to convince him back, of course.
    • Meer guides the group to evacuate Messiah and lives on as a singer. That is all.
    • Even Durandal gets his moment. After defeating the last ZAFT forces in stage 33, LOTUS turn to Big Gold's moon fortress, but Neos Gold refuses to give way. Cue half-dead Durandal commands the battered Messiah to ram at it, paving way for LOTUS to fight for the future by sacrificing his life.
  • Stage 37, the last of Linebarrels of Iron. If you take appropriate steps you can convince Soubi to join you in this stage, but it grows awesome when you realize that you can use Chang Wufei to convince him in a completely logical sense and doesn't look out of place. This also creates a meme calling Wufei "Nataku's Factor".
    • But the awesomeness doesn't end there. After fighting through this crowning That One Level of the game, the Final Phase proceeds but a major shockwave is about to hit Kouichi... until Shinji, Rei and Asuka jumps in and use their Evas' AT Field to block it. Until then you realize Movie!Shinji's presence in this game is one of the major factor of Kouichi's Character Development, turning him from a Jerk Ass to a hero.
  • At the end of Stage 40, the Big Bad tries to wipe LOTUS out by shooting them with his mecha's BFG, from the moon. It's a completely pinpoint attack that will annihilate LOTUS if it hits. How do the heroes survive? By having Rushbird absorb all of the energy and transfer it to Straybird, who uses the energy to create an Imaginary Road large enough to teleport everyone directly to the moon.

  • Almost everyone who actually gets to play Super Robot Wars UX will agree the story astonishingly brilliant, so much that its popularity now only rivals Super Robot Wars W (too bad for those from the state side). One of the main props is that UX has one of the largest Secret Character cast in recent SRW titles (almost all canon deaths can be saved), and if you manage to save them the scenerio will drastically change afterwards (some even up till the epliogue); meanwhile there're just "oh god how many" crossovers between different series to the point that they're all smoothly written. Some of the best moments will be explained in the following lists.
  • After being mistreated in Super Robot Wars K, the Fafner cast finally receive their justice, filled with awesome moments here and there...Some along with Shinn Asuka and his Mark Destiny.
    • Stage 25. When Kazuki is in a pinch defeating those Festum on Tatsumiyajima, Shinn also joins the fray to protect Yumiko (who is about to get killed), but his Impulse gets heavily damaged in the process. However, before Shinn gets assimilated (even telling Kazuki, who rushes in to help him, to get away so that he can protect more people) we hear Tsubaki's whispers, and she remotely delivers the newly repaired Destiny Gundam to Shinn's hands, who proceeds to rip Festums apart together with Kazuki...All happens along the song Life Goes On.
      Tsubaki: It's fine, the destiny is on your side...And since it's your answer, this is the wings of fate you hoped for!
    • Stage 27 (Byston Well route) is a major one, but only if you fulfill requirements to save Shouko Hazama: Rouri Yahan and Kanamoto Heiji are beating up your team badly with their new Aura Battler, but suddenly Soushi receives a familiar signal in Siegfried System, and out there comes no one but that supposed-lost Mark Sechs and Shouko, who outright curbstomped Rouri on spot. To put it into perspective, Fafner's resident Ill Girl takes hundreds level in badass so much that she's now known as a skillful female Aura Battler. Suddenly the stage's title "Earthlings' Aura Power" (and her name) instantly leads to a whole new meaning.
      • The next stage we saw Koumei Re-GZ sees through Sakomizu's plan and asks Al-Azif to lend him the Mirror of Nitocris, recreating the infamous "Empty City Strategy" to distract the flagship's barrage, while Lockon (under Shuuyu Hyakushiki's command) takes the main cannon out before it can recharge. It then follows by Sousou Gundam's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Sakomizu, stating that he can't become a real "king" if he only relies on trickery.
      Sousou Gundam: This is what you hail for your dream, Sakomizu? Sacrifices are permissable, but one who only relies on evil plans and trickery will not become a real king!
    • Stage 29, Shinn and Lunamaria rushes out to save the Fafner cast as they try to persuade Koyo Kasugai to regain his humanity (if Shouko is alive, she'll take up that role as well), and revealing their new Combination Attack in the progress. Luna then states she'll bear Shinn's responsibility to protect those around from being harmed, as she is now his partner. It also gets heartwarming when you realize the two actually gets married in real life.
      • The after-stage Lantern Flow scene (which used to lament for the dead) is a minor Moment of Awesome, as the scene will run differently depending on your routes taken, and if you saved someone before. To a surprise for Demonbane fans, Leica will also lament for her brother Ryuuga. This is BIG, because their origins and relations were cut out in the anime, while only one route in the original Visual Novel will mention it. Clearly the staff has Shown Their Work.
    • In Stage 38, to prevent Tatsumiyajima being nuked, Mamoru becomes such a Determinator that he nearly kills Sakomizu, who're just going to activiate Oukaou's Super Mode, and impressing him, of all things. Unfortunately Hazard Pascha kills Mamoru seconds later, despite the fact that he is protecting his frigging nuke-carrying ship the whole time. Such act just gets Sakomizu (and your teammates) understandably and mightily pissed. Oh, and Mamoru does all these, as of original, without his Goubain helmet.
      • Mamoru also gets one later in Stage 41 if you manages to save him. The new Fafner pilots and your team are facing the assault of the new Festums, and the rookies are understandbly shaken, but Mamoru pulls out a Big Damn Heroes along with a Rousing Speech and Shout-Out to Kamen Rider Spirits, and conduct a Combination Attack with Hiroto Douma (too bad it doesn't get animated).
      Mamoru: Even there're no chance of victory, one will still fight for he believes that tomorrow will come...That is what known as Goubain!
      Mamoru: There're still many enemies out there...But yet it's not a problem, for me and Hiroto are now Double Goubain!
    • Stage 39, we finally comes to Operation Azure. If conditions are fulfilled, Michio Hino will pull out a Big Damn Heroes to save Irubora from Idun, to repay later's act of saving his life earlier. But the real awesome moment? Not only Maya taking advices from resident snipers to take out Idun near the end, and not only the Earth Federation (or to be precise, Kati's troops) helps with your assault...But also Fei-Yen HD, who finally fully awakens, sings In the Blue Sky to give your team Heroic Second Wind to defeat Idun once and for all. (Which actually becomes obvious if one understands to pronounce "39" in Japanese.)
  • Stage 4. Tobikage comes out of nowhere and BEATS UP Master Therion. No more explaination is needed.
  • Stage 22 can be alternatively called as Moment of Awesome: The Stage. Your team is still the enemy of the whole world despite fighting so hard against Katou Organization's satellite weapon and their alien reinforcements, Hazard Pascha is about to become Commander-In-Chief of all Federation's forces, the democracy seems dying out with the thunderous applause among the council...Until Arthun (who pulls off his Alex Dino disguise almost exactly the way and the words Quattro Bagina used) and Agent Hughes arrive on time, reveals that Hazard is actually betraying the Earth, and giving him a proper verbal smackdown before the President relieves Hazard from duty note . She then immediately contacts your team and calls for a request to destroy the satellite weapon. Now your team (which up to this point is known as an antagonistic mercenary group) finally becomes the force of justice!
    • That's just half of the awesomeness. Eida fought very hard for the first 22 stages so that her companions can live their ordinary life (it's a long story), but now (at the same time as of the above events) she also reaches her limit and is about to get killed......But suddenly, "CHOUJUU GATSHIN!"note  This signals Team D's reformation and your time for a counterattack, while the game's main theme is playing. The later half of the stage we'll see your team and Earth Federation race to destroy the nukes flying in the air, which is also an awesome thing to watch.
  • See the Final Phase scene from Super Robot Wars L above? Well, now play Stage 45. If you fail to save Ishigami, he'll pull out a Heroic Sacrifice as of in the manga; BUT if you manage to save him, Sakomizu and Ryofu Tallgeese, here's how it works: Under the heavy attack from Human Machinas, Sakomizu suddenly returns to the field along with Ryofu, and they start to kick those Machinas around (in Sakomizu's case, he'll reveal his Combination Attack with Asap); and when Ishigami is about to pull his Heroic Sacrifice anyways, Shinn, Kira and Athrun convince him to live on so he can create a new future, and try to destroy the portal (which brings out the question that why Mobile Suits' power output can be that high), and followed by EVERYONE (including Jin). To pull a nail on their portal attack, Ryofu, Ryuubi, Sonken and Sousou unleash their (manga-only) Combination Attack, and ends with Ishigami and Katou's attack on the last of the Human Machinas. Oh, and even Linebarrel's story in UX isn't from the anime, PROUD is played all along Ishigami's scenes. Ishigami's words afterwards really drives the point home, though:
    Ishigami: The future has been changed......Well Juda, seems that even you can't predict things like this, huh?
  • Setsuna and his 00 Qan[T] doesn't get much chance to shine in the movie, but in UX his 00 Qan[T] rolls out much earlier, we finally get too see it in action. Its debut in Stage 38 involves trying to convince Sakomizu stopping his conquest, telling him not to be trapped by the past events; and in Stage 43(Tatsumiyajima route), Setsuna actually uses the Quantum Burst on Hisataka Katou so he can understand what his respected teacher (Amagatsu Kizaki) really means to save the world. One can say that the success to direct Amagatsu's last words from Kouichi to Katou makes Setsuna confident that he can do the same to ELS.
  • Stage 49, you finally kills Hazard Pascha for good. Admit it, after all those Kick the Dog moments and countless Moral Event Horizon he crossed, "satisfying" doesn't even enough to describe one's feelings upon his death. (At least in UX, anyway)
  • Stage 50 wraps up the last of Macross Frontier. As the possessed Queen Frontier is about to bombard Macross Quarter with [[BFG its Macross Cannon]], by Sheryl and Ranka's songs and emotions, those Vajiras you saved return to block the shot as of original......But it doesn't end there. In fact, ELS and Festum also rush to help protecting your force: A living proof that the attempt for coexistance does not, and will not end in vain. Your force then proceed to beat the living crap out of those Cyber Nobles, ending with the infamous Wing's Dance to end the war against Vajira.

    Other Non-OG 
  • Another villain, Shuichiro Yukimura, proves his badassary in Scramble Commander 2. First, the cinematic shows his Asoeb overpowering Rahxephon in his god form. Then the heroes join forces, the Aura Battler Dunbine team combine their aura power, all of the singers (Minmay, the sisters and Lacus) sing their best to form song energy and Raideen summons Star of La Mu - it takes all of that to increase Rahxephon's power and topple Asoeb...and then the heroes find out that they don't accomplish anything, the Asoeb (still in perfect condition in comparison to the weakened Rahxephon) still manages to destroy the world by returning it to Origin Point of Time.
  • In Super Robot Wars Compact, the Londo Bell forces comes to rescue Judau from Neo Zeon in "A New Strength" and Seabook from Crossbone Vanguard in "Inside the Winds of Light"
    • Shinobu Fujiwara telling Muge Zolbados that Dancougar will cut through enemy spirits and unlocking the Dan Kuu Kouga Ken MAP attack.