Fridge / Super Robot Wars

Fridge Brilliance
  • The first time I fought the Stern Regisseur in Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2, I was somewhat confused by the Game Over condition: You have to destroy the massive space station-sized Stern Regisseur before it can enter Earth's atmosphere. On my first playthrough, I thought "Couldn't I destroy it just as fine above Earth as in space?" But on my second playthrough, I realized that the point of the scene was that in its desperation to destroy humanity, the Stern Regisseur was trying to Colony Drop itself.
  • The theme of Dis Astranagant is titled "Gun Of Dis," which abbreviates to G.O.D. Normally this could be passed off as a coincidence, however, the words needed to activate the Infinity Cylinder for its most powerful attack is "tetractys grammaton," which stems from tetragrammaton, a term referring to YHWH, God's name.
  • This troper didn't realise it at first, but when someone looks at the artwork for Einst Alfimi and Excellen Browning, the top halves of their outfits bear a striking resemblence. This was a clue as to what Alfimi is to Excellen.
  • It doesn't make sense that Kyosuke should be the only person capable of effectively using the Alt Eisen, when other pilots like Sanger and Kai, with many more years of experience (and who helped invent mecha combat) in a Humongous Mecha, are just as capable, if not, better (gameplay mechanics of swapping out characters into other mecha not withstanding). However, take into account the Alt is tailored for charging into enemy lines and blitz-type strategies. Then consider its heavy weight due to armor and high acceleration. The machine is basically a high-risk, high-reward unit. Now recall what sort of personality Kyosuke has.
  • Nearly every time he talks, Ax-Crazy Blood Knight Psychopathic Manchild Tenzan Nakajima makes some reference to the whole affair being a game, and the things he intends to do to insure his own victory, including "level-grinding" and the like. In the meta sense, everything he suggests he will do is a method the player can exploit. Hell, in many ways, his behaviour can verge on Fourth Wall Breaking, You Bastard Lampshade Hanging.
  • When I first played Alpha two I found that Irm's Grungust Kai just being a recolor of the type-2 rather than being an actual upgrade like OG 2nds was rather cheap and ridiculous but upon further thought I realized the type 2 was the most current Grungust (well actually the Type-3 was but the only one was with Sanger) there were bound to be a decent amount of spare parts as such the resemblance was most likely the fact that Irm rebuilt the Grungust using the parts of the Type-2!
  • I actually first wondered why the name of the title of 2nd Original Generation was "Gaia Savior". At first, I thought it was because of Arteil Steinbeck declaring that the "Gaia SABERS" will save the Earth. But, Saber isn't spelt the same as "Savior". And then it hit this troper: the entire game isn't about them at all. It's about who can save Earth the best. Is it Irui and Baral? The Gaia Sabers? Nope, it's the Steel Dragons aka the playable characters.