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Headscratchers: Super Robot Wars
  • Whats with bossess having so much XP? Can't they just have a high evasion chance? Lancelot somehow can withstand countless rocket punches, GN cannons, beam rifles and swords without losing any function? Just how broke have the game become?
    • Assuming you mean HP, it's because if they just had low health and high evasion you could just spam the Strike spirit and their high evasion would be entirely pointless, and if they nerfed it so that it wasn't gauranteed, it would become a little too luck-reliant.
  • Why Chouginga Gurren Lagann isn't playable in Saisei Hen? There's Catherial Lazengann,for god sake! It won't be a problem since Catherial Lazengann is a 3L unit. Maybe because A 3L unit is too broken,but why Shin Getter Dragon is a 3L battleship?
    • Maybe because both Shouginga Gurren Lagan and the and the ship used to form it are the size of the Moon. And can fight on that scale without showing any of the slowness anything that huge should have?
      • And yet two of GaoGaiGar's 3 adaptations (the only one not included being Alpha 2) had you fighting the moons of Jupiter. The real reason is that they want to save it for an inevitable Z3. MY QUESTION is why Ark Gurren Lagann isn't fully playable despite there being a sprite, an Ark, and a Gurren Lagann to use?

  • The first Original Generation game came out before Alpha 2 or three. How come Sanger and Ratsel made it into that game, but not Latooni?
    • Because Sanger didn't originate in Super Robot Wars Original Generation, he originated in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, where he was the pilot of the Thrudgelmir and was the Sword of Magus. Elzam/Ratsel is the only character to jump from being an "OG Original" to the non-OG games. Its unknown if this will ever happen again, since most non-OG SRW games are completely standalone and introduce a new set of originals. The Alpha series is an exception, not the rule.
      • The first Alpha game, IIRC, named Elzam or at least implied the existence of Rai's eccentric older brother. (It also named the Wildschwein as a prototype mech that was no longer in use; it has only appeared as a unit in OG continuity.) Latooni (and Ouka) were mentioned in one of Arad and Seolla's endings in the later Alpha games as the missing Schoolmates they would like to find — when in OG1, Lat gave the same treatment to Arad, Seolla, AND Ouka, predating the first two's appearances in the Alphaverse. The OG <—> Alpha continuity refs got pretty crazy by the end, and OGs hasn't helped, with the shadowed cameo by Cobray and mention in 2.5 of Dr. Toomine and the third DGG unit.
      • If I'm reading this Japanese fansite correctly, Elzam actually goes as far back as the background of Spirits, in that he shows up (or is at least mentioned) in a story in the Perfect Guide. I'm not sure if he's in there by name or not, given I can't exactly get a hold of the book and check, but Rai's had an older brother for awhile now.

  • Seriously, what is wrong with Ryusei? He's had at least three different girls chasing after him, but he doesn't notice anything female that's not thrity feet tall and armored.
    • I am not familiar with Super Robot Wars, but does Ryusei have a very close friend?
      • Nice guess, but not in context. Ryusei doesn't notice humans, period. He has a "normal" version of whatever plagues Suzumiya Haruhi - she doesn't care for ordinary humans but will accept an alien/esper/time-traveler/changeling/etc. etc. of either gender. Similarly, the only female things Ryusei has ever noticed are Lamia's Angelg mech and the Valsione (wiki it).
      • Yep, this is actually pretty explicit. When they first meet Lamia and her Angelg, Tasuku tells him to 'check out the babe' and he's like 'Yeah, that skirt and armor is dreamy!' and Tasuku is like 'I was talking about the pilot —'
      • this is a tad over-exaggerated by the fandom. He reacted very positively to Garnet's cleavage in OG1, and he's sort of managing to figure out that Latooni and Mai are interested in him. Though someone will need to give him a good kick in the pants over it eventually. But its not like OG is suffering from a shortage of couples. Hell, the series almost has an overabundance of them.
      • Exactly how overexaggerated is it if he /never/ reacts to Lamia? I mean, yes, he's an idiot, and she's presumably standing next to Angelg, but she is seen outside her hangar, onscreen. Honest question; I'm willing to bet that the alloted perv dialogue was sufficiently taken up by Tasuku and Arado, such that they didn't really need Ryu to still act the part, but I haven't really played OG1, so I wouldn't know for sure. Maybe he just regresses from constant company with Super Robots. Or maybe I'm overestimating Lamia's attractiveness.. dun think so, given my bf's reaction.
      • It is a bit, but there are a couple of things you should keep in mind: first of all, Ryusei seems to be left out of the whole mass pairing thing. A good thing, since there's too goddamned many pairs and at least half aren't all that logical. Though Latooni and Mai are generally designated as potentially going for him, nothing's come of it, and Kusuha is all over Bullet these days.
      • Kusuha has always been all over Bullet. They're a default pairing in Alpha and the canonical protagonists in Alpha 2/3.
      • Second of all, almost all incidents of ignorance of women happen after the Valsione shows up. For the uninitiated: Valsione is a 60 foot mech shaped like a woman in battle armor. Very cute, and he says so...and after that, he doesn't notice fleshy women in the least, but goes ga-ga for the other femmebot Angleg and the lolibot Fairlions. This editor can't help but speculate that maybe the Valsione was involved somehow...
    • He and Latooni actually do SOME romantic stuff, like go out on dates. They're just slowly feeling things out and such, and he's not the kind of guy to worry about girls when the fate of the world is at stake. Not to mention that Kyosuke takes the main plot arc, so he's left to sit around.
      • Similarly, Mai and Ryusei seemed fairly close by Alpha 3, although Ryusei had rescued her three games previous, there was no Latooni in sight, and they'd been part of the same team for longer than the OG continuity has had a chance to play out.
      • And it looks like Mai is getting ahead of Latooni. In OG Gaiden, Ryusei invented the Double T-LINK Knuckle, involving him in R-1, and Mai in ART-1. Latooni is very distressed about this, but goes along with helping it make to fruitition anyway. Some sort of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, maybe?
      • Besides, the writers need somebody to get their quotient of Ship Tease, and who better then the Ryu/Lat/Mai triangle?
      • Katina and Russel?
      • Hah. Russel. Right. The fans really care whether he gets a girlfriend. Or exists. Was he even in Original Generation 2?
      • Yep. He made a great Rouser on the normal last stage when Will is at an all-time premium, and he's always good for following people around and soaking up hits. And as of Gaiden you can toss him and Katina in a free Grungust Type 3, which plays to both their strengths nicely. (Russel having a nice support seishin set without the stats to back it up, and Katina being way too much of a glass cannon to take on the front lines.)
      • ...what? I like them.
      • I don't like them and they still made a pretty potent team in that Grungust. Which is all the more impressive given how high OG Gaiden sets the bar for power.
      • To be perfectly honest, you could throw a team of Radha and a sack of nickels in as the pilot team for the Type 3 and it would still be powerful. For Russel and Katina it's a case of the machines being a crutch for the pilots. Not to mention that there are a lot more combinations that work much better than those two.
      • Actually, I'm under impression that Ryusei just fear of leave his lover behind. It's clear that he known how he's special to Lat. He even comfort her after Ouka's death and he ask her to program Double T-Link Knuckle's pattern because he want Lat to has part in that move. So he isn't as stupid as we think. During OG1, his mother said that Ryusei is just like his deceased dad (a gunned-down police officer). Ryusei instantly counter that he won't die and left his family behind. I guess he got Heroic BSOD back then, consider that his dad is most likely his role model. Now, Ryusei himself is mecha pilot, fighting all kind of enemy range from terrorist to Cosmic Horror, I don't think he will consider his life as safe and stable. So he try to stay away from romantic relationship, just to make sure he won't leave someone behind. Fact that both Mai and Lat are also PT pilot doesn't help, it mean the risk of being left behind again.
      • See also how he was livid when Kushua so much as joined the Hagane's crew as a medic, much less became a combat pilot. The first OG made it fairly clear that while he didn't love Kushua in the way she wanted, he cares about her a lot.

  • What is up with the OG characters pairing up like rabbits? And why do they invariably pair along the most opposite lines possible?
    • Speaking of pairings, does this mean Axel is now a lolicon? Seeing that everyone think he and Alfimi is like... 'romantically interested'. Or maybe it's just Sanger-Irui mk.II.
    • That's because most of them are main characters from a Super Robot Wars game, where there was the main playable character, and the love interest.
      • Somewhat Excaberating the situation is the fact that in Alpha, you actually had four choices (each) in appearances and personality/voice for the main character and his/her significant other. In the OG series, all of those choices are arranged into eight separate characters, giving you four couples out of one game.
    • The pairings are happening, storywise and situationwise, for a really good reason: They're all in a long, drawn-out combat situation, or, as the game title says, a war. It's not like that crap on the X-files where it was very much 'will they/won't they get together', it's characters being aware of their mortality(game mechanics and such aside) and not wasting time on grabbing what happiness and life they can. Ask anyone in the military, seriously. Go read Fans! and T. Campbell's notes about Miller and Sully. It's not that unrealistic.
    • Incidentally, Kyosuke and Excellen's relationship is never really touched upon much in OG 1 outside of references to the shuttle crash. They just seem to be an item from a certain point in the story onwards and they are suddenly able to perform Rampage Ghost after a certain scenario (the mock battle with the SRX Team) for no adequately explained reason. Time constraints, perhaps? Or should we know this already?
      • It's because the Impact plot doesn't happen until Original Generation 2, in which the relationship between Kyousuke and Excellen becomes super important. Having them hook up before their major character arc in which they hook up would be redundant.

  • If Duminuss didn't arrive, do you think Lamia would've been dead by the shot? And did Duminuss preplan her retrieval, or it was just purely luck that she found her?
    • Lamia was probably just a small bonus for Duminas, given how little it mattered to her overall plans. And your team didn't have a lock on her position when she was blown away and they were forced to retreat by the Feds' incoming nuke barrage, so odds are pretty good she would have stayed dead.
      • Feds being nuked? Thought they retreated because Duminuss just recently took over Hellgate, complete with fresh plan in mind, and they're exhausted, not a good idea. Then when they come out, they see the Shuras in Swordian trying to mass transport their troops. There doesn't seem to be any indications that any of them are planning "Let's go nuke the Earth!"

  • On a lighter note, what would happen if after defeating Juergen, Duminuss didn't show up? I would think they will have time to look for Lamia, but after that, will they throw a pity party to Juergen after he revealed that Duminuss is playing The Man Behind the Man on him? And how would Lamia think about Juergen: Urge to revenge or Easily Forgiven? And why?

  • Aestivalis Customs in W. Lolwut? In theory, they're the best Aestis ever - flight, long-range weaponry, greater speed and higher energy to boot, all in one convenient package. In practice, they left out a few things - such as the Field Lancer. The Aestivalis Custom's only standard weapon is the Hand Cannon - the Railgun doesn't have the ammunition to use frequently, and the Distortion Attack can still be used, at best, 3-4 times a turn. This works out for Akito and Akatsuki, who are gun users anyway, but a lot of people used Melee Proficiency for the Three Angels and Gai because they were better, both for the pilots and often just in general. This means that the better part of the Nadesico crew were screwed over by Prince of Darkness for a majority of players. It doesn't help that Ruri's Nadesico sucks immensely, you have to use her for your command ship towards the end, and Akito doesn't even get the Boson Jump.
    • The reason is pretty simple: They didn't have the Field Lancer in the movie. And only being able to use the Distortion Attack/Gekigan Flare three times is only a problem if you're using them to thin out Mooks, which really is more of a job for a Gundam.
      • In SRW R, they try to make Aestevalis Custom a truly an give ignore barrier attribute to distortion attack to make up with lossing the field lancer. They are pretty much Game Breaker.
    • Wait, when did Ruri's Nadesico suck? It has better HP, armor, energy, and attack then the first one. Just teach Ruri Hit&Away and you have no problem.
      • Two things. First, it's only weapon is the Gravity Blast. No missiles means it has zero defense against zakos with enough power to hurt it and enough dodge to make the Gravity Blast worthless, which is only most of The Database units at endgame. This wouldn't be such a problem if Ruri and Harry had decent seishin between them, such as Hichuu and Muteki, but as I recall, the only thing approaching it is Harry's targetted Hichuu, which is, of course, more expensive. Ruri and Harry are support pilots, with seishin that make things better for people way over there. Useful, yes, but they're piloting a command ship, and those need some kind of survivability for themselves. Yurika's Nadesico, Archangel and ReHome have the spells and counterattacks required for a ship to not die. Ruri doesn't.
      • This is late, but you do realize that neither Yurika nor Lapis have those two seishin either, right?

  • Okay, so the reason only the Original Generation games have been exported is because the legalities are a pain in the hindquarters to sort out. So why isn't that nearly as big a problem in Japan? Does Japanese copyright law work differently, or are the rights just distributed differently?
    • I think it's mainly cause it started out using shows from a small number of companies. Getter and Mazinger are both Go Nagai works, and of course there's Gundam. And eventually, the series got so large, so popular, that most companies would be stupid not to let their series be in it. Since this sort of thing never really happened in the U.S, we get stuck with the situation we have now.
      • Yeah, Bandai/Sunrise owns like half or more of the series that appear per game.
      • Exactly. Compounding the problem on this side is that a lot of Bandai/Sunrise stuff also gets licensed out to different companies in other countries, and let's not get into video game rights.
      • Not to mention that, from the publisher's perspective, the game is already a proven success and worth the headache and licensing fees. And even then there's a limit - we'll probably never see Giant Robo in another SRW because the license is so expensive, for instance.
      • Why's it so expensive?
      • The original OVA only got the green light to include so many characters from different series due to Word of God giving approval. The guy's dead, and his intellectual property's been divvied up.

  • What exactly are the Keys Dark Brain is after? We know that the Compatible Kaiser and the Excellence hold two of them, but where are the others?
    • It hasn't been explained yet. Thus, it's probably a Sequel Hook for a later game (like Z, maybe).
      • The SRX's Tronium Engine is also fan speculated to be another of the "12 Keys".

  • Okay, somebody please explain this thing... To exactly whom Haren Browning is an Expy of? Kyosuke or Excellen? He has Excellen's surname, but seems to take more on Kyosuke... from the leader role and his gambling habit.
    • Haken Browning is a definite Kyosuke expy, minus the stoicism, with a Sanger-ish color scheme. he's also W-00, made from Lemon Browning's DNA, making him related to her by blood and and quite possibly an Opposite-Sex Clone. He was the template upon which the W-Numbers, which from W-01 on were biomechanical, were based.
      • That just bugs me even more. Wasn't Lemon the brainhead of the W-Series in general? She was like a revived Excellen, though with slightly different personality, so why the hell is she trying to revive Excellen, when in reality, she IS Excellen?
      • The W-Series aren't meant to be the means of reviving Excellen/Lemon. They were meant to make a human superior to humanity. It was Shadow-Mirror Excellen's parents that oversaw her rebirth as Lemon. They could've made Harken Browning to see if they could succeed, then they remade Excellen into Lemon. Lemon then takes her parents' work and uses it as a foundation for the W-Series, dubbing Harken W-00 for whatever reason.
    • Haken was simply the first of the W-series. Lemon may have used some of the same techniques her parents used when they inadvertently made her, but his creation otherwise has nothing to do with it. When they realized they would have to wait 15-20 years to get a functional Super Soldier, they decided "to hell with this", and went with robots instead. Thematically, he's probably closer to Kyosuke than anybody, but isn't quite as closely done as say, Reiji.

  • How the hell are the writers of the games going to be able to make the plot of Code Geass workable for any future SRW games? As you know most of the heroes you play as especially the ones from the 1970s and 80s super robot shows have very black and white mentalities when it comes to what is right and Code Geass is full of Black and Gray Morality with Lelouch being a self-proclaimed Villain Protagonist who is constantly Jumping Off the Slippery Slope and the rest of the cast been not much better or are even worse. So in character, I can see the likes of Kouji, Ryoma, Amuro, Kamille, Judau, Guy, Banjo, Kappei, Domon, Heero, Kira, Roger Smith, Renton and if they're in the game, Simon and Setsuna taking one look at the entire cast of Code Geass and saying to them all "You're all nothing but a bunch of selfish egotistical bastards and we don't care how well intentioned your aims are. We're not letting you sacrifice any innocent people with your Zero Requiem, Ragnarok Connection or Sword of Damocles!" and then preceded to kick the crap out of Charles, Schneizel, Lelouch and all the people who side with them. And that's not even going into all the Heel Face Revolving Doors and Gambit Pileups the series has in it.
    • They put up with NERV who are only a little better.
    • And since SRW is the same series that turned Shinji Ikari into a Badass, phased out Char's Counterattack for the purpose of keeping him a playable good guy, and many more fanservice related rewrites, it's not beyond possibility that Code Geass could get the same treatment as Gundam Seed Destiny, namely, having the parts people hated rewrote to be more sensible or at least call out the characters on their Crowning Moments of What the Hell Hero.
    • Whatever made you think they'd be the good guys?
    • Ever since SRWD where they made it so Katejina and Chronicle of Victory Gundam of all people convincible pilots, I now have a firm belief that ANYBODY could potentially be convinced to join your side.
      • Really? Like Ali Al-Saachez? Or even... Dr. Hell?
      • If in the next SRW game they use the new Mazinger series that recently aired It turns out at the end Dr Hell was trying to save Earth from the coming Mikene Empire..., work that into SRW and that's one possibilty.
    • Wait, so, the original poster can't see people like Amuro, Kamille, Judau, Heero, Kira, and Renton working alongside the Black Knights...which completely ignores the fact that every one of those characters (and more not mentioned, like Gainer and Garrod) are part of rebellious groups who oppose a corrupt, but still legitimate authority? Or the fact that, yes, we've had people like Kathejina Loos, the woman so evil that even Yoshiyuki Tomino himself thought death wasn't a fitting enough punishment, join the heroic forces? Really? Look, it's pretty easy to see that Lelouch will be a part of the good guys (there's no way BP is going to make a popular character and, oh yeah, the main character a villain the whole time), and that BP will work their usual Fix Fic magic to ensure that he doesn't have to get as extreme as he did in the anime. Besides, the entire reason Lelouch went Zero Requiem was because he crossed the Despair Event Horizon, decided his life was meaningless, and used himself as a sacrificial scapegoat to make the world get past its hatred. In the show, he dismisses the idea of using Damocles in such fashion because a mere object couldn't hold peoples' hatred. But this is SRW, where we've got some of the scummiest villains in anime history opposing our heroes. I'd be willing to bet that at the very least, there'll be a Road Cone where you can prevent Lelouch from crossing that line, and he manages to achieve the same result but instead peoples' hatred is focused on Ribbons Almarck so there's no need to go through with the original Zero Requiem plan.
    • So, you think who Simon, the man who forgave Viral and Lord Genome wouldnīt work with Lelouch, Okaaay.
      • What those two guys said. The way Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai-hen is shaping up... There is thus far no problems with Lelouch. Mostly because they have Celestial Being and Dancougar Nova joining up, who are extremely neutral - which is not good - and Heero, Duo and Chirico are all founding Black Knights, though they didn't get to go on TV like Kallen and Tamaki. Oh, and because Britannia actually IS an evil, corrupt government and Suzaku is the only one that any member of ZEXIS can get along with. That Lelouch actually seems to care about justice is probably a point in his favour. Surely, he'll have to face punishment for being too loose with mind control, and being at fault for Euphemia's death, and he'll probably join Chirico in having everyone - literally everyone - trying to kill him, but he's probably not going to kill thousands of civilians any time soon, and they'll probably get away with a smack behind the ear once they kill god.

  • Why is it that in Super Robot Wars W, Mic Sounders's songs have a C rank in water and an A rank in space and air, despite sound traveling much faster in water, slower in high altitudes, and no sound existing in space at all?
    • Anime physics as described in The Laws Of Anime: sound travels faster in space and slower in water because there's less water (vapor or otherwise) to get in the way.
    • Also, Mic's instruments don't produce soundwaves, at least not primarily, they actually emit microwaves. When you hear the music in space and such, it means the Translation Convention is in effect.

  • Why does everyone keep thinking that Mai Kobayashi is a loli? Yes, she hasn't aged that much, but that body certainly doesn't belong to lolis, even if they're not as well-endowed as the others! You didn't call Dizzy a loli even when she's just 3 years old mentally, right? Why does Mai get singled out?
    • Possibly all the loli-deliciousness of Latooni's leaking over to her.
    • Probably because she's actually a little shorter than Latooni.
    • Mai is a little shorter than Latooni? Where'd you get that? I always get the impression that Mai is only slightly shorter than Aya, who is far taller than Latooni... Official, non-fanart proof?
    • It's probably because Mai has a loli-ish face. I mean, she has a similar build to that of Ibis, but we tend to just see mugshots of characters.
    • Well, going by her depictions in the anime series (both of them), she is shorter than Aya but slightly taller than Latooni. However, the confusion comes from the fact her height does tend to be vague in the games, but going by official Banpresto lineart (which can be found at The Gate of Magus fansite), she's slightly taller than Latooni and shorter than Aya.

  • Why do so many of the mecha's names sound German?
    • Well if I do remember right, Japan is interested in German names.
    • I recall somewhere on the wiki, it's explained that German is to the Japanese what Latin is to the Western world. You see it a lot in magical incantations and stuff (cf. Fate/stay night)

  • Fighter Roar has no room for a mouth. It's really wierd and Headscratchers.

  • Why is the R-Gun Rivale so stupidly hard to kill?
    • Because OG1 isn't as broken as Alpha, so you can't one or two shot bosses anymore. Just be glad they gave him the Rivale instead of putting the Astrangant in a game where it would be threatening.

  • Just one, why no Narutaki like entity yet?

  • There's no right way to ask this: Why does just Seolla get mocked for her chest size? Aren't there other girls as just as big?
    • Well, the other girls 1) don't have Arado for boyfriend and 2) are at least three or four years older than she is.
      • I see. I just thought it was odd that it was just her. I mean, Kusuha is as big as she is (being the other half of the infamous Symmetrical Docking joke) and she never gets any of that, but if it's an age thing than that explains it. How old is she anyway? Been wondering that as well.
      • Unknown, though Arado did estimate he (and Seolla) are around 14 to 16 years-old; fans ran with it, meaning they're barely out of their teens. Really, the reason why Seolla gets associated with Gag Boobs is because there's nothing else to identify her with. Yes, Kusuha's part of the Symmetrical Docking joke, but she's more infamous for her Gargle Blaster than her physique. Likewise, Lamia may have the largest breasts out of the females, but the fandom more associates her with Character Development...and to some, her Dethroning Moment of Suck, if you're cynical enough.
      • Well, Lamia's is artifical :p.
      • Seolla's a tsundere, does that count as another trait?

  • I've been thinking about how when the OG story progresses further, the W originals will be used. I personally think the Ardygun family would be the ideal replacement for the Crossbone Vanguards for Ibis when she reaches her Alpha 2 depression story.But then there's the issue with the Ardygun's storyline. In W, there is a Time Skip and the crew, most notably Kazuma and Mihiro get older. Does this mean that when W reaches OG and we get the time-skip, all the other OG people will look older too?
    • Probably not. Only Kazuma and Mihiro look older (Plus some non-originals, most notably Ruri, but that's aside), everyone else looks the same. So unless there was a good plot reason for them to look different...
      • It should also be noted that the Time Skip in W is only six months. If they choose not to do W's plot all at once, that's usually the span of time between games.
      • That'd be a Downer Ending for the game with the first half, which doesn't fit much the SRW style. Otherwise that would work well.

  • Something abour Super Robot Wars W bugs me a bit. The Jovian Lizards live in Jupiter. They make peace with Earthlings after their show's plot ends. Two chapters later, the Z-Master is draining Jupiter of THE POWER. Why they don't show up to help? (Except Tsukuro, who is playable) Do they care this little about their planet?
    • Correction. They live in colonies around Jupiter (Jupiter is a gas giant and hence uninhabitable). It still makes little sense they wouldn't care about Jupiter's fate (after all, without the planet's gravitational field, their colonies would be screwed), but its possible most of them don't realize the implications.
    • Thanks, I didn't remember the "colonies" bit (Though it makes sense).
    • Weren't they also recovering from you effectively blasting massive holes through their forces? And having to retake Mars from the Galra? And having the snot kicked out of them by villains literally THE SIZE OF MOONS?

  • How come when ever Gundam Wing used for the games, it's almost always the Endless Waltz movie and not the original series?
    • As I understand (Having never watched neither Gundam Wing nor Endless Waltz), the former's plot is a bit hard to adapt, while the latter can be easily thrown in as a filler series to increase the playable roster. The real question is why they always use nothing but Last Impression as its theme song.
    • Well, as further clarification, Gundam Wing's plot has been adapted (see Super Robot Wars 64 and Super Robot Wars Alpha) fairly well, but Gundam Wing Endless Waltz is as described: A convenient filler series used to pad out a roster due to the fact it adds a decent amount of pilots, has a storyline that can be used to jump start a plot, and it's own plot line does not have to have much impact on an actual game as a whole. As a result, Banpresto uses it as filler because of its easyness to implement. As for the BGM choice, Last Impression is the song the movie is most usually remembered for, hence Banpresto's decision to make it the default leitmotif.
    • Endless Waltz also has the iconic feather-winged incarnation of Wing Zero, which is one of the most iconic designs in the entire Gundam franchise. Plus Endless Waltz usually means lots of chances to beat up Wufei, which most people enjoy.

  • What exactly is the deal with Banpresto's obsession with Kyousuke? He shows up in a fairly prominent position in every OG game (even Endless Frontier has an Alteisen expy) even after his original story finished in Original Generation 2. This despite being a rather dull character with a washed-up wannabe Super of a mech. What gives, guys? Give Ibis or Kusuha or someone who still has a story to tell the spotlight for a while!

  • Why are there no entries for certain characters (Giado, Garnet, Tsugumi, et al.)?
    • Because SRW has a gigantic cast of characters and no one's gotten around to doing them yet. You can, if you like. The wiki is editable by all!
      • Thanks.

  • So is Project X Zone part of the SRW continuity or has it been confirmed that it's not? Or is Terada trolling again?
    • This likely won't be known until the next Original Generations game, where they'll either reference his disapperance, or Sanger will mention it in some way.

  • So how come OuRyuOh is depicted as an 8000 km beast yet is only a size-LL while Kali Yuga is only a 2000 meter woman yet is a size-3L?
    • Because it's an issue of total volume rather than exclusively height or length. Ou Ryu Oh is longer, but it's also much more narrow. A snake can be much longer than a human, but a human has a more balanced distribution of height and width.

  • I've been wondering, how come the Elemental Lords' familiars (and Shu with Chika) aren't considered as a co-pilot, and thus extra spirit commands?
    • Masou Kishin Familiars are a personified extension of a Herald's soul. It would be redundant (and a Game Breaker) if the familiars had the exact same set of Spirit Commands.

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