Video Game: Super Robot Wars 4

Super Robot Wars 4 is the sequel to Super Robot Wars 3, released on the Super Famicom in 1995. The visuals are MUCH better, with the game engine refined to the point that every succeeding SRW uses it as a template, story writing is improved and additional gameplay mechanics introduced (parts system, manually deciding whether to counterattack during enemy turns) would stick around for future releases to ease game difficulty. As it stands, 4 is a very good game on its own right. In fact, the game was also the debut of the Shin Getter Robo, which would reappear in subsequent SRWs.

Unfortunately, 4 was considered an Obvious Beta by Banpresto, who thought they could do way better, thus made an Updated Re-release version for the Sega Saturn called Super Robot Wars F in 1997, a partial, but greatly expanded remake of 4 with an enhanced plot, game engine and an additional Humongous Mecha series added (but at cost of some previous series being removed). F would be followed up nearly six months later into 1998 with the sequel Super Robot Wars F Final, which showcased the debut of the Mazinkaiser in any medium. Both games would be ported to the Sony Play Station. Of note is 4 was actually remade earlier in 1996 into Super Robot Wars 4 Scramble on the PlayStation, featuring voice acting and CG movies for the time in the franchise. However, Scramble has been retconned by F and F Final, so no worries there about not playing it.

The Inspectors have been defeated, but this is still not the end for the Earth and its hostilities with extraterrestrials, as the "Guests" of the Zuvorg Alliance have arrived to finish what their predecessors have started. The story of 4 marks the end of the "Classic Timeline".

Series present in Super Robot Wars 4 and Super Robot Wars F/F Final (Bold indicates entries that debuted in 4)

Series exclusive to Super Robot Wars 4 (Bold indicates debuting entries)

Series exclusive to Super Robot Wars F and F Final (Bold indicates debuting entries)

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Super Robot Wars F Final