YMMV / Bob's Burgers

  • Author's Saving Throw: The episode "Best Burger" seems like it's one of these for the much-maligned "Family Fracas", giving another competition between Bob and Jimmy Pesto, with Chuck Charles overseeing the event. While Bob still does not win, Jimmy crashes and burns hard, the contest between Bob and a famous chef is an incredibly close run, the winner was a deserving Nice Guy, and the restaurant picks up a significant amount of business on the back of it.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Gene, who people either love or hate. He often times tips over the edge of funny behavior and just starts getting annoying. This is something the show actually lampshaded in the first episode.
    • Louise is either a hysterical sociopath or unpleasantly insensitive. There is no in between.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Louise's Child Molester Burger special.
    • Bob telling Gene that fat kids like him can't get molested.
    • In "Purple Rain-Union", Jen accidentally gives Tina a black eye. Louise's solution is to get everyone in the room to have black eyes.
  • Crazy Awesome: Louise. In "Ears-y Rider", an older kid steals her bunny ears and says he threw them in the trash. When Louise is told they've been incinerated, as revenge she calls in a favor to a biker gang and has them threaten to cut the kid's actual ears off.
    • Any variation of Gene's triangle song. "Ding ding, da-ding ding, da-ding ding, da-ding".
    • "Gettin' out of P.E., it's time to play on the street. First we lied to Mr. Frond, now we're in a nail salo-o-ooooooon!"
    • "Lifting up the skirt of the night"
    • "Weekend at Mort's! We're gonna have a weekend at Mort's!" (Uhn uhn uhn!)
    • Cyndi Lauper singing Taffy Butt.
    • Fred Armisen's health inspector/rock star: "I'm good at sex! You're bad at sex!"
    • The song about oil spills that is really about vaginas.
    • Tina's "Thunder Girl" song.
    • "Electric Love".
    • Linda's "Porcelain Baby Song."
      Linda: If you're not real, then how come I feel this way? Little babies....
    • "Running down the gutter with a piece of bread and butter. Diarrhea! Diarrhea!"
    • Gene's fart song from "The Frond Files". "It's the gas from your ass, it's the toot from your boot..." Now with music video!
    • The remix of Linda's psychic noises at the end of "I Get a Psy-chic out of you".
    • "Here goes the hair, there goes the hair, where is Harry Truman? He's dead in the ground, he's dead in the ground, He's dead dead dead dead dead..."
    • "Slumber party fashion show...looking good from head to toe."
    • Gene's Snake Song
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: The lesson in "Art Crawl" is, "some people are too fragile to be told the truth." Made even funnier by the fact that the episode seemed to be heading towards a more normal "always be honest" Aesop, but Bob and Linda couldn't go through with it after seeing that it would've caused Gayle to have a Freak Out.
  • Fountain of Memes: Tina, and to a lesser extent, Louise.
  • Genius Bonus:
  • Growing the Beard: The writing really improved halfway through season 1 and never really slowed down. Arguably the second jump in quality was by seasons three and four, where the show focused on the kids and their bizarre adventures alongside the adults and the failing restaurant.
  • Hollywood Homely: Bob is frequently referred to as being particularly fat and/or unattractive, but due to the show's art style he doesn't look any more so than the other characters.
  • Ho Yay: Ron seems... quite enamored of Hugo.
    • Zeke and Jimmy Jr. have a considerable amount of this going on, most notably in "Stand By Gene" in which Jimmy is jealous of Zeke suddenly being all buddy-buddy with Gene.
    • Bob and Jimmy Pesto Sr. could have hints of Foe Yay going on.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Henry Haber in The Millie-churian Candidate. He is completely irrelevant in the presidential race, being shut out by Jimmy Jr. So he gets Millie to run for president, knowing that Louise would oppose her, and that she would jump on the Jimmy Jr. campaign. Louise tanks Jimmy Jr's campaign which leads to him dropping out of the race. Louise then enters the race only to be shut out by Millie, so Henry secretly gives Louise information that will take down Millie- Abby's real name is Mabel, throwing off Millie's bestie system, which is locked in Mr. Frond's office. This leads to Millie strangling Abby, leading to Millie being disqualified for strangling her and Louise being disqualified for breaking into Mr. Frond's office, leaving Henry as the only candidate remaining, winning by default. Louise was quite impressed!
    Louise: You're going to be an amazing president.
  • Memetic Mutation: Most of Tina's dialogue in general. Just check Tumblr.
    • This quote from Linda:
      Linda: Independent whaaaaaaaaaa?
  • Moral Event Horizon: Millie Frock crosses this in the episode "Fort Night". In it, the children get trapped in their fort by a garbage truck and Millie opts to torture them instead of setting them free. However, that's not when she crosses it. She crosses it when Bob and Linda, worried to death over where their kids are, come this close to finding and rescuing them, only for Millie to lie to them and lead them away. Keep in mind that the children could have died trapped in there, which is hammered home when Daryl accidentally activates the truck's compactor, nearly crushing them alive.
    • And just in case more was needed to prove Millie is well beyond the Moral Event Horizon, in "The Millie-churian Candidate" she strangled Abby with her own braid in an attempt to kill her because it seemed she was standing in the way of Millie's plan to make Louise her best friend. And she does it in front of the whole school, horrifying the students and Mr. Frond.
    • In "World Wharf II" Felix leaves his brother and Bob tied under the pier so they'll drown when the tide comes in and he can get his brother's money. In the end he can't bring himself to go through with it and tries to save them, but when he confesses his plan to his girlfriend Fanny she puts the plan back on and attempts to murder Mr. Fischoeder and the Belchers.
  • One True Pairing: Louise and Logan Barry Bush is more popular than any other pairing, including those involving Tina. Considering that Logan is fifteen, most shippers are quick to point out that their fanworks include Jailbait Wait and a Time Skip.
    • Also prominent is Louise and Regular Sized Rudy, due to him being probably her only sincere friendship outside of her family.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Hugo. There's no shortage of characters who make Bob's life a living hell, but Hugo comes off particularly unpleasant, as he usually gets no comeuppance for any of his cruelty. "My Fuzzy Valentine" in particular.
    • Jimmy Pesto, especially after the fan-hated episodes "Family Fracas" as well as "Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mmercial".
    • Mr. Dinkler, the Sadist Teacher in "Topsy" for how cruel he is to Louise. This isn't helped at all by his being a huge fan of and apologist for Thomas Edison, a figure who gets a lot of flack in modern times.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: From "Sacred Cow." Eating meat is not bad, but animal cruelty and exploitation are.
  • Squick: Bob kissing the cow.
    • When the kids attempt to fill an empty pool by spitting in it. That's not the squicky part, though. This is.
    Gene: "My mouth's dry! Tina, give me some of your spit!"
    *Tina spits in Gene's mouth*
    • Gene does it again in Synchronized Swimming by loudly snorting up his streaming boogers after coming up from under the water.
    Gene: That is good stuff. Uncut!
    • Tina's dream of the two zombies making out.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • During the "Bad Things are Bad" song in the season four finale, Bob is lamenting on how he's going to die alone by drowning under a pier. While the rest of the song and pretty much the entire series is comprised of genuinely saddening moments, that in particular is pretty darn depressing.
    • Tina's story of what would happen if Bob met Linda and he didn't have a mustache in, "Sliding Bobs." Hugo marries Linda, has backwards versions of the Belcher kids, and Bob becomes a health inspector.
    • Louise breaking down and admitting that she's afraid to get her cavity filled in "The Kids Run Away" is pretty heartbreaking.
    • Louise's moment of clarity and self-loathing in "Nice-capades" when she realizes if she was actually a nice person, she wouldn't need to put on a show about it.
    • Rudy's breakdown at the end of "House of 1000 Bounces" after the kids are detained in the ranger's station. Rudy starts screaming at Louise that he didn't want to steal the bounce house but no one would listen to him, and while his idea for a "spoon puppet show" seemed like a pathetic way for him to salvage how crappy his birthday was going it turned out he'd written a fairly detailed script and wanted to perform it with the other kids. He starts crying over how horrible his birthday has gone, but thankfully Louise steps in and tells Rudy they can still put on the show he wanted.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: An episode title variant. "It Snakes a Village" doesn't sound quite as clever as "Swingers and Snakers"
  • Toy Ship: Some viewers have posited a potential Opposites Attract pairing of Louise with Regular-Sized Rudy.
  • Uncanny Valley: The characters look downright weird if you've never seen the show before, but you get used to it after a while.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Had it not been for her breasts, it'd be very easy to mistake Tina for a boy.
    • Justified: In the original pitch pilot to the network, Tina was supposed to be a boy named Daniel (looking exactly like his voice actor Dan Mintz. Not that much has been changed between Daniel and Tina, except that Tina is chubbier, shorter, and has breasts, whereas Daniel was skinny, tall, flat-chested, and had a bigger nose).
  • What an Idiot: From the Christmas Episode "God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins". Really Bob, it's not a good idea to tell a mentally unbalanced man he's crazy or that he needs to "get over" his lost love when you're the one saying that he might kill everyone.
    • From "Fort Night"; Daryl betraying the group to Millie when they've finally discovered a way out of the fort they're trapped in. Placing your trust in a mentally disturbed child just so you can get Halloween candy just isn't smart.
    • Gene and Linda seem to pull a double whammy on this trope in "Christmas In A Car", Gene by running the cellphone's battery dry merely to request a song, and Linda for annoying the Candy Cane truck driver to the point of chasing them (as well as being the lynchpin for the events of the episode to begin with). Although the driver wasn't really dangerous in the end, imagine what would have happened if he was.
    • In "The Kids Rob A Train", all of the children wind up falling out of the 'Juice Caboose'. You'd think that just by reading this, this would fall under Adult Fear, right? The problem is that the episode notes at several points that the train moves very, very slowly, so much so, that you could walk alongside it easily (Louise even does so once she grabs the chocolate and hops off of the train). So, instead of running after the already slow-moving train, what do the kids do? They just stand there and watch and it moves away. Had Rudy not mentioned that the train does come back, the kids could have easily stranded themselves in the wilderness.
    • In "World Wharf II", Mr. Fischoeder doesn't treat being tied up to a pier with high tide approaching with any gravity whatsoever. Much less taunting his possibly mentally ill, gun-wielding brother while he and Bob are being tied up.
    Bob: Oh my GOD, would you stop taunting your brother?!
  • The Woobie: Bob, at times. Somewhat comes with the territory of being the Only Sane Man.
    • As much of a Base Breaker as Linda can be, Eat, Spray, Linda has even her detractors feeling sorry for her. It's her birthday, the least favorite day of the year for her, and she ends up receiving rude treatment at a grocery store (for rightly calling out a woman taking up the line that shoved her way forward), locking her purse (containing her keys and cell phone) in the car, getting gum in her hair, having a skunk spray her TWICE, breaking her glasses, and getting lost. She finally makes it home, defeated and miserable, but she admits that it was the best birthday ever and wants it to be a tradition.
    • Regular-Sized Rudy, the asthma-ridden kid who's frequently caught up between all the Belcher kids' craziness note . Especially in "Carpe Museum" where he has an asthma attack while stuck in a treehouse.