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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Bob's Burgers
The show is a pyramid scheme.
We all know about those years that Fox had several upon several good shows and unneeded efforts that came around at the wrong time. This is the final step in that scheme.
  • What is their devious plan again?
    • The total domination of Seth MacFarlane!
      • Why else would it be called "Animation Domination"?

The show will end after the Archer crossover.
Since the crossover will be Archer, as Bob, being attacked by thugs while making burgers and killing them with little effort, and then having to find out why he's so good at it. If Bob was really Archer the whole time, that would mean Bob's Burgers was never a continuity on its own.
  • No, Mr. Archer was simply the latest in a long line of Bobs. Soon another wretch will stumble into the shop, get whacked in the back of the head by Linda's frying pan, and told his name is Bob.

All of Bob and Linda's children have some form of Mental Retardation.
It explains so much after all.
  • Louise seems pretty smart
    • Tina could be possibly autistic.
  • None of them really seem retarded. It's more like they each have an ambiguous disorder; Tina is autistic, Gene sometimes behaves like a child with ADD, and Louise is just a psycho.

The show takes place in the same universe as Sanjay And Craig
Look at the character designs, they're virtually identical.
  • Alternatively, Sanjay and Craig is set in the future in Louise's marriage where she has a legal name change and moved to wherever Sanjay and Craig is set in because of some wacky and illegal reason that fits in in both canons.

Bob's parents are dead
It doesn't seem to bother him to much as he never mentioned him before even relating to the topic of Linda's parents, likely one of his parents died when he was very young and the other parent died a few years after college or so (or even during and Bob dropped out to deal with grief).

Tina is the author, writing of her childhood
Evidence in favor of the thesis:
  • Most episodes are framed by events specific to Tina: Her last Halloween, her last Fireside Girl event, her various crushes, etc.
  • Tina is the character who gives voice to observations that go unheard, because she is only thinking these things years later.
  • The characters of Tina's one and a half sisters are especially distorted because she is projecting back onto their childhoods attributes they will only really have years later.

The Bob's Burgers series was just a figment of Archer's imagination
  • If Archer had only known Linda and the kids, married Linda and worked at the restaurant long enough to have grown tired of the 18-hour shifts, then odds are all the crazy stuff that's happened in Bob's Burgers might just be a mix of sleep deprivation and PTSD all occurring in Archer's head.

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