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Headscratchers: Bob's Burgers
  • Okay. The FUCK? Their restaurant has just been robbed and Linda cares more about her reviews? On that note, the robber is actually CAUGHT and she's put out cause now he can't star in her show? So Bob has to make it up to her?
    • Rule of Funny?
    • Characterization Marches On, I reckon. This was a pretty early episode.
      • Actually, this may be hard to believe but, to answer the first portion of the question, if a business has been robbed, it could affect the number of customers and how well the business stays afloat. Case in point would be that some businesses have either closed or moved after a robbery.
  • How is Tabitha Johansson (a.k.a "Oil Spill" Girl) a parody/tribute/Take That to Tori Amos?
    • The way she stands up and leans into her piano as she plays it, and the breathy way she sings. You have to be a Tori Amos fan to get it.
  • Why do the kids call Jimmy Jr. Jimmy Jr? They aren't on a first-name basis with his dad.
    • Because a lot of times kids who are a Jr, III, IV etc are referred to something different than their father at home, and they get used to it. It's entirely possible Jimmy Jr. always goes by Jimmy Jr.
  • I just noticed something... Why aren't the characters drawn with teeth... but the zombies in Tina's dreams are?
  • Gene being in middle school is already a stretch but Louise? Or is it an elementary school that goes up to grade 7?
    • Uh last I checked, both Gene and Louise are eleven and nine, an age where, in some cases, children might be attending middle school or so I think from experience, as I've attended middle school when I was ten, a year older than Louise and I've had a few friends who was nine and eleven when they've attended. It's kinda regional thing.
    • It's pretty clearly not a middle school. A lot of kids go to the same school from first to eighth grade.
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