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An episode and summary list of episodes from the FOX sitcom, Bob's Burgers. Created by Loren Bouchard (who also created Home Movies and Metalocalypse), this sitcom centers on Bob Belcher, a burger joint proprietor trying to make his boardwalk restaurant famous — all the while dealing with his family (ditzy wife Linda, obnoxious son Gene, scheming youngest daughter Louise, and socially-awkward, sexually-confused teenage daughter Tina) and competition from his obnoxious neighbor, pizzeria owner Jimmy Pesto.
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    Season One 
  1. Human Flesh: Local burger joint chef and proprietor Bob Belcher tries to quell rumors (started by his CloudCuckoolander daughter, Louise) that his burgers have human meat in them.
  2. Crawl Space: Bob pretends to be trapped in a crawl space in the wall while Linda's parents visit.
  3. Sacred Cow: Bob tries to get a documentary film maker to remove the cow he sets outside the restaurant to protest meat eating, but takes to the cow when he takes matters into his own hands.
  4. Sexy Dance Fighter: Bob's insecure, sexually-blossoming daughter, Tina, develops a crush on her capoeira instructor.
  5. Hamburger Dinner Theater: Linda and the kids stage a murder mystery that gets a little real when the restaurant is robbed.
  6. Sheesh! Cab, Bob?: Bob becomes a cab driver to make the extra cash to pay for Tina's 13th birthday.
  7. Bed and Breakfast: Linda's guests don't want to participate in her bed and breakfast, so Linda invites Teddy to stay as her "perfect guest."
  8. Art Crawl: It's Bob vs. the city art council when Linda's sister displays her controversial work at Bob's Burgers.
  9. Spaghetti Western and Meatballs: Bob and Gene bond over a Western exploitation movie series called Banjo, making Louise feel left out.
  10. Burger Wars: Bob has to drum up business before his rival, Jimmy Pesto, can take over the restaurant's lease.
  11. Weekend at Mort's: The Belchers move into the mortuary next door while their place is being treated for mold.
  12. Lobsterfest: Bob feeds the town during a storm that shuts down Lobsterfest. But when the storm passes and festivities resume, Bob, resentful of the annual event, protests it and ends up tainting the town's butter supply and incurring the town's wrath.
  13. Torpedo: Bob is thrilled when his baseball hero Torpedo Jones takes a liking to his burgers, but has misgivings when he realizes that Torpedo is just using the burger grease to cheat, especially when it causes Gene to cheat in a mascot race.

    Season Two 
  1. The Belchies: The kids explore an abandoned taffy factory on the day of its demolition, while Bob and Linda try to find them before time runs out.
  2. Bob Day Afternoon: Bill Hader guest stars as a robber named Mickey who's holding everyone hostage at a bank — that's right across the street from Bob's burger joint, meaning an opportunity for media exposure when Bob delivers burgers to the hungry hostages.
  3. Synchronized Swimming: The kids find a way to escape gym class by doing a bogus independent study of synchronized swimming. Meanwhile, Bob welcomes a new ice cream machine into the restaurant.
  4. Burgerboss: Bob becomes obsessed with an old-school burger-flipping video game after Jimmy Pesto gets the high score and writes "BOB SUX" on the leader board.
  5. Food Truckin': The Belchers beg Bob to buy a food truck to compete against the ones that are stealing his customers.
  6. Dr. Yap: While Bob is medicated, he mistakes Linda's sister, Gayle, for his wife and kisses her. After she falls for him, Bob seeks help from Dr. Yap.
  7. Moody Foodie: Bob's restaurant receives a negative review from a vicious food critic (voiced by Patton Oswalt).
  8. Bad Tina: Jenny Slate (from Saturday Night Live and Marcel the Shell With Shoes On) guest stars as a delinquent girl who befriends Tina and blackmails her into acting bad by threatening to reveal her erotic friend-fiction to her crush.
  9. Beefsquatch: Bob appears in a cooking segment on a local news morning program, but Gene steals the show with his new character, Beefsquatch.

    Season Three 
  1. Ear-sy Rider: Louise gets her bunny-ear hat stolen by a high school bully, and Bob meets the One-Eyed Snakes, a motorcycle gang, when they visit to honor their fallen leader.
  2. Full Bars: A Halloween Episode where the kids trick-or-treat at Kingshead Island, a posh neighborhood known for giving kids full-sized candy bars. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda attend Teddy's annual "Black and Orange" party, and Bob gets stuck in his fat, padded costume.
  3. Bob Fires the Kids: Bob relieves the kids of duty from working the restaurant during the summer (and the kids end up working for two aging hippies who also grow and deal weed), and hires Mickey the bank robber (from "Bob Day Afternoon") as kitchen help.
  4. Mutiny on the Windbreaker: The Belchers are shanghaied on a cruise ship when the captain requests Bob to be his personal chef. While stuck on the cruise, Gene gets a crush on a talentless ventriloquist's Mae West-inspired manatee puppet, Tina pesters a masseur to give her a massage, and Louise gets cartoonishly-long finger- and toenails at the on-board salon.
  5. An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal: The Belchers pretend to be Mr. Fischoeder's family when he tries to have sex with a woman who was his old flame.
  6. The Deepening: Mr. Fischoeder returns and buys a mechanical shark that was used in a movie shot at Wonder Wharf.
  7. Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks: When Tina accidentally totals the family car, she believes that she is jinxed when she and Bob decide to lie to the insurance agent and end up in trouble for insurance fraud.
  8. The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene: Gene tries to break up with his new girlfriend, Courtney, after the family finds her annoying. When he tries to, however, he finds out that her dad writes jingles and he could possibly launch his own career.
  9. God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins: A bizarre Christmas Episode in which the Belchers help an insane man (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) find his mannequin wife.
  10. Mother Daughter Laser Razor: Linda fears that her bond with Louise isn't as strong as hers with Tina, so she forces Louise to attend a mother-daughter seminar. Meanwhile, Tina tries asking Bob to teach her how to shave her legs, and ends up going to a spa to get her legs waxed.
  11. Nude Beach: Darryl and the Belcher kids setup a business for kids to pay to see a good view of the nearby nude beach.
  12. Broadcast Wagstaff School News: Tina vows to find a "mad pooper" running rampant at the children's school after getting fired from the school news club.
  13. My Fuzzy Valentine: Bob tries to sweeten Linda's Valentine's Day with a heart-shaped pancake, but when that doesn't stack up, the kids convince him to let them skip school and help him find the perfect gift for the holiday.
  14. Lindapendant Woman: Linda quits and takes a job at a grocery store, leaving Bob to run the place (poorly) on his own.
  15. O.T.: The Outside Toilet: In a parody of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Gene finds a talking toilet (voiced by an uncredited Jon Hamm) and hides it from authorities who want it.
  16. Topsy: Louise tries to take down her Thomas Edison-obsessed science teacher by recreating the Topsy incident (the incident in which Thomas Edison electrocuted an elephant) using Gene and Tina.
  17. Two For Tina: Tina must choose between her crush, Jimmy, Jr., and a ballet dancer as her date for an upcoming dance.
  18. It Snakes a Village: The family goes to Florida to visit Linda's parents, but they discover they live in a swinger senior home. Meanwhile, the kids try to track down a legendary python.
  19. Family Fracas: The Belcher family competes against the Pesto family in a game show to win a new minivan after the family car breaks down.
  20. The Kids Run the Restaurant: While Bob is sent to the hospital for freaking out over the blood spurting from a small cut on his hand, the kids are left to manage the restaurant — with disastrous results.
  21. Boyz 4 Now: Tina and Louise go to a boy band concert, where Louise panics when she realizes that she may have a crush on one of the members. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda help Gene win a tablescaping contest.
  22. Carpe Museum: Bob chaperones a school trip to the museum and experiences some father-daughter bonding with Louise. Meanwhile, Gene and his gang are on the lookout for exhibits with busts (as in "breasts," not the kind that are sculpted out of stone), and, on the museum steps, Linda offers her distinctive chanting talents to striking workers.
  23. The Unnatural: Gene goes to a baseball camp that turns out to be a scam. Meanwhile, Bob tries to garner more customers with an espresso maker, but Tina ends up addicted to espresso and Linda sells the machine so she can pay for Gene to go to baseball camp.

    Season Four 
  1. A River Runs Through Bob: The Belchers go on a wilderness survival trip.
  2. Fort Night: The Belcher kids, the Pesto twins, and Darryl (DRL, from "Burgerboss") are trapped in their cardboard fort on Halloween night by a psycho girl in a bunny suit.
  3. Seaplane!: Linda signs up for flying lessons when she gets bored with Bob's attempts at Date Night. Bob won't join her, so she finds herself targeted by a most charming pilot known as "Upskirt Kurt".
  4. My Big Fat Greek Bob: Bob gets a temporary gig as a cook at an "underdog" frat house and learns that he fit right in. Shenanigans ensue when he and the other fraternity brothers get into a college prank war involving the house's most famous alumnus, Dr. Yap
  5. Turkey In A Can: Bob tries to do a three day brine on his thanksgiving turkey, but someone keeps putting the turkey in the toilet and threatens to cancel Thanksgiving if no one fesses up.
  6. Purple Rain-Union: Linda gets her old band, The Ta-Ta's, back together to perform at her school reunion.
  7. Bob and Deliver: Mr. Belcher subs as a teacher for Home-Ec in Tina's classroom, hoping for her to become his Teacher's Pet. Meanwhile, Linda teaches Teddy how to dance.
  8. Christmas in A Car: The Belchers go looking for a last-minute Christmas tree and find themselves being followed by a giant candy cane-shaped truck. Meanwhile, Teddy gets trapped in the kids' Santa trap (read: a booby-trapped refrigerator).
  9. Slumber Party: Linda invites a group of girls from Lousie's class against her will over for a sleepover.
  10. Presto Tina-O: Tina works as Jimmy Junior's magician's assistant, but her plans for romance turn sour after he fires her for trying to help improve his show and enters the same competition as him to get even. An obnoxious magician makes Bob the butt of his tricks.
  11. Easy Commercial Easy Go-Mercial: Bob throws all his savings into making a tv spot to promote his superbowl party to compete with Jimmy Pesto's.
  12. The Frond Files: During an open house night at school, Mr. Frond shows Bob and Linda three stories from Louise, Gene, and Tina he deems offensive because they depict him as a villain.
  13. Mazel-Tina: Although Tina isn't invited to Tammy's bat mitzvah, she ends up at the party because the Belchers have been hired to cater. In Tina's quest to meet boys from other schools, Tammy and Louise end up missing, leaving Tina the center of attention.
  14. Uncle Teddy: Teddy is chosen to babysit the kids while Bob and Linda go to a burger convention.
  15. The Kids Rob a Train: Gene, Louise, Tina, and Regular-Sized Rudy plot to rob a wine train of its fancy chocolate while Bob duels with a wine snob.
  16. I Get Psychic Out of You: The kids delude Linda into thinking she's psychic.
  17. The Equestrinauts: In an episode that parodies My Little Pony and the brony fandomnote , Tina goes to her first convention for her favorite cartoon, The Equestrinauts, only to contend with its infamous periphery demographic (middle-aged men), including a member who cheats Tina out of a rare pony toy.
  18. Ambergris: During a beach trip, the kids find a chunk of ambergris (an extremely valuable, but highly illegal by-product of whale excrement) and try to make a profit off it. Meanwhile, Linda and Bob deal with their unstable landlord as he hires his brother to build them a new bathroom.
  19. The Kids Run Away: Upon learning that she has a cavity and needs a filling, Louise runs away from the dentist's office and seeks refuge at Aunt Gail's. When Louise refuses to go home, Linda sends Tina and Gene to join her and bets her that she won't last the weekend with Aunt Gail's craziness.
  20. Gene It On: Gene is picked to be on the cheerleading squad, while Tina must depend on Louise to be her translator when Tina bites her tongue and can't speak coherently.
  21. Wharf Horse: Motivated by the promise of a new beachside burger joint and the money to be made from it, Bob conspires with Felix to convince Mr. Fischoeder to sell Wonder Wharf. Meanwhile, Tina protests the destruction of the wharf's carousel by chaining herself to it.
  22. World Wharf II: The Wharfening: In the thrilling conclusion to "Wharf Horse," Felix puts Bob and Mr. Fischoeder in danger, and Linda and the children must hustle to the rescue.

    Season Five 
  1. Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl: When Gene's Die Hard-inspired musical doesn't get picked for the school's fall performance, he decides to stage an underground show with the help of Louise, but Wagstaff Middle School families begin to feud when they learn that Gene has planned his show on the very same night as Courtney's school-sanctioned Working Girl-inspired musical featuring Tina.
  2. Tina and the Real Ghost: After the exterminator Marcus feels a "presence" in the Belchers' basement, Linda and the kids make contact with the ghost who claims to be a 13-year-old boy named Jeff. Tina begins to feel attracted to 'him' after they trap 'him' in a shoe box.
  3. Friends With Burger-Fits: Bob cuts Teddy off after Teddy's doctor tells him to change his diet. When Teddy refuses to change his habits, Bob goes along with his assumption to get him to stop. Meanwhile Linda starts a pro wrestling style ice shoving contest between the neighbor hood kids after the Belcher children ice over the freezer.
  4. Dawn of the Peck: The Belchers minus Bob go to Fischoder's Thanksgiving Carnival. While Bob, upset his family doesn't want to stay home for thanksgiving, gets drunk, the rest of the Belchers try to survive a horde of angry turkeys The Fischoders let loose.
  5. Best Burger: Bob competes in a burger contest but is forced to rely on the kids to get his main ingredient: black garlic, after Gene forgets to bring it.
  6. Father of the Bob: The Belchers go to a Christmas party at bob's dad, big bob's restaurant. Linda forces Bob to deal with his issues with his father, while the kids try to make Bob the perfect gift.
  7. Tina Tailor Soldier Spy: After Tina quits the Thunder Girls, her old troop mom recruits her to find a spy in their midst, with Louise joining to help Tina flush the mole out. Meanwhile, Linda dyes her hair blonde.
  8. Midday Run: Ambitious hall monitor Tina pursues Zeke when he escapes from custody, claiming he's innocent. Linda starts putting napkin doodles on the wall, but Bob can't draw one good enough for it.
  9. Speakeasy Rider: The kids take part in a go-kart league, with Tina and Louise developing a rivalry while Gene trains to be a flag waver. Bob and Linda start selling Teddy's home brewed beer at his restaurant, only for things to get complicated when they have to hide their business from local health inspector Hugo.
  10. Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise: Bob wants to join the Community Garden, but in order to convince Cynthia, who's in charge to let him join, he hires Logan (Louise's enemy from Ear-sy Rider) to work in the Restaurant. Louise and Linda have to deal with Logan and Cynthia bothering them in the Restaurant, and Bob struggling to do the right thing.
  11. Can't Buy Me Math: Tina and Daryl start a fake relationship in order to win over the people they are in love with.
  12. The Millie-churian Candidate: Henry Haber and Jimmy Pesto Jr. run for student body president.
  13. The Gayle Tales: The kids tell three stories about Gayle in order to get to leave and go with her to a convention.
  14. L'il Hard Dad: Gene decides to learn how to be a man with his father, accompanying him in a quest to find a guy who sold him a broken control helicopter.
  15. Adventures in Chinchilla-Sitting: Louise gets to babysit the class' chinchilla, but the pet runs away when another boy that wants the chinchilla appears.
  16. The Runway Club: Getting detention on a Saturday, Louise, Tina and Gene get a chance to leave early and go to the cotton candy festival if they win a fashion contest against Tammy, Jocelyn, Jimmy Jr. and Zeke.
  17. Itty Bitty Ditty Committee: Gene starts a band and hires Darryl as lead singer, but Darryl soon starts taking over and pushing Gene aside.
  18. Eat, Spray, Linda: Linda gets lost on her way from shopping during her birthday (which she claims is cursed), while Bob and the kids run all over town looking for her, and finding out some surprising things about Linda.
  19. Housetrap: Teddy asks Bob to check on a beach house he's remodeling, and while there Linda starts snooping around and comes to the conclusion that the late owner was murdered by his wife... with whom they end up trapped inside during a storm.
  20. Hawk & Chick: Louise and Bob find one of the stars of their favorite Japanese action series, Hawk and Chick. He is there to find his daughter, so Bob and Louise set up a Hawk and Chick film airing to reunite them.
  21. The Oeder Games: Bob leads a coalition of neighborhood business to Mr. Fischoeder's estate to complain about an upcoming rent hike. Mr. Fischoeder offers an alternative: a no-holds-barred water balloon fight for whoever gets to be exempt from the hike.

    Season Six 
  1. Sliding Bobs: The kids attempt to guess what would have happened if Bob did not had a mustache when he met Linda.
  2. The Land Ship: Tina attempts to prove she can be hardcore to her friend by befriending and dating "Ghost Boy", a boy who does graffiti around school.
  3. The Hauntening: The Belchers get stuck in a haunted house with strange events happening when they fail to scare Louise.
  4. Gayle Makin' Bob Sled: Bob and Gayle get stuck in the middle of a snow storm attempting to get home in time for thanksgiving, while Linda and the kids attempt to prepare the food.
  5. Nice-Capades: The kids attempt to put an skating show to convince a mall Santa they have been good through that year.
  6. The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover: Bob puts on a dinner party to entertain his friend Steve, at the same time, Gayle joins to reveal that Mr.Frond and her are dating. Baffled, Louise attempts to break them apart.
  7. The Gene and Courtney Show: Gene and Courtney become a team on the morning announcements of the Wagstaff school, but their Unresolved Sexual Tension begins to come back. Meanwhile, Tina gets ready to deliver carnations on Valentines Day.
  8. Sexy Dance Healing: Bob and Jairo befriend when Jairo offers to help Bob's new injury with a outside-the-box treatment while Bob is unable to come up with new burgers of the day. After learning about lawsuits, the kids attempt to get free things with it.
  9. Sacred Couch: Louise destroys the family couch in order to convince the family to buy a new one.
  10. Lice Things Are Lice: Tina faces a lice outbreak in her day at helping in the nurse office when it gets clear that the nurse isn't quite sane.
  11. House of 1000 Bounces: During Rudy's birthday party, Louise comes up with a plan to steal the bounce house of the neighbor party.
  12. Stand by Gene: Gene convinces the kids and their group of friends to go with him in a quest to find a two butted goat.
  13. Wag the Hog: Bob needs to help the former boss of the one eyed snakes to get out of the prison in time for his new job.
  14. The Hormone-iums: Tina faces a dilemma between being the soloist of the Wagstaff school choral or going to a spin the bottle party at Jocelyn's.
  15. Pro Tiki/Con Tiki: Bob's old time successful friend invests on his business, but in exchange for the bigger profit, he wants to turn the restaurant in a tiki-themed place.
  16. Bye Bye Boo Boo: Louise forces Tina and Gene to help her getting a ride with Boo Boo in a roller coaster when he announces his solo career and a visit to the Wonder Wharf.
  17. The Horse Rider-er: Tina finally gets her dream of going to a horse camp.
  18. Secret Admiral-irer: Tina helps an old woman to meet with a long lost love.
  19. Glued, Where's My Bob?: Bob gets glued to the toilet of the restaurant a few hours prior to an interview that can get the restaurant on the map.

    Season Seven 
  1. Flu-Oise: Bob tries to get Louise a new Kuchi-Kopi, before she comes around from her trippy fever dream.
  2. Sea Me Now: Teddy takes the Belcher's on a predictably disastrous boat trip, while trying to impress his ex-wife.
  3. Teen-A-Witch: Tina begins experiencing fear of bad luck, after an irate crossing guard/witch curses her.
  4. They Serve Horses, Don't they?: Bob gets a new, more money saving meat supplier. All is well, until he's accused of receiving horse meat.
  5. Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?: Gene and Louise find themselves on the run from an angry Logan.
  6. The Quirkduckers: Gene and Louise decide to sabotage the annual Thanksgiving play to save their long weekend, but Tina provides her fan fiction as the subject matter, leading the kids to work on their own version
  7. The Last Gingerbread House on the Left: Bob finds himself wrapped up in a bizarre gingerbread house building contest, with Mr. Fischoder and other crazy rich guys.
  8. Ex Mach Tina: After hurting her ankle, Tina attends school via a mobile computer screen. And the device helps her hit it off with Jimmy Jr.
  9. Bob Actually: All the Belchers find themselves having different misadventures on Valentine's Day.
  10. There's No Business Like Mr. Business: Bob reluctantly assists Gayle in getting her cat as the new face of a cat food brand.
  11. A Few Gurt Men: Louise finds herself defending her arch enemy, Mr. Frond, when he's accused of yogurt theft.
  12. Like Gene For Chocolate: When the formula of his favorite candy is changed, Gene sets out to get it changed back.
  13. The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel: Linda goes overboard trying to be a "Cool mom" when she fears Tina is drifting apart from her.
  14. Aquaticism: To save the local aquarium, the kids try to get it tax-exempt church status. Only for an IRS agent to come investigating.
  15. Ain't Miss Debatin': Tina joins the school debate team, while Louise gets into stop motion animation. With meat.
  16. Eggs For Days: The household Easter Egg hunt results in a missing egg, and a foul smell infesting the building.
  17. Zero Larp Thirty: Bob and Linda head for a LARP weekend, but Linda isn't thrilled about her role.
  18. The Laser-inth: Bob and Gene head to a laser rock show, while the girls visit Gretchen at her odd new job.
  19. Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda: Linda sneaks Louise out of in-school suspension.
  20. Mom, Lies and Videotape: The kids regale a sick Linda with stories of the Mother's Day show she missed.
  21. Paraders of the Lost Float: The Belcher family enters a float contest.
  22. Into The Mild: Bob gets locked overnight in a closing outdoors store.

    Season Eight 
  1. Brunchsquatch: The restaurant begins serving brunch, while Felix and Calvin have an intense game of hide and seek.
  2. The Silence Of The Louise: Louise has to work with her worst enemy to salvage a waterpark trip.
  3. The Wolf Of Wharf Street: Linda tries giving the kids a fun Halloween, while Bob trips on pain pills.
  4. Sit Me Baby One More Time: Tina and Tammy become competing babysitters.
  5. Thanks-Hoarding: The Belchers help Teddy prepare for a family Thanksgiving.
  6. The Bleakening: When her decoration is stolen, Linda goes on a mad hunt to retrieve it,
  7. V For Valentine-Detta: The Belchers girls try cheering up Tina on Valentines Day.