Awesome: Bob's Burgers

  • In "The Belchies" when Louise is trapped and nobody can think of a way to save her before the building they're in collapses, Tina decides to ditch the "helpless Damsel in Distress" act she donned to impress her crush and figures out a way to save her sister.
    Tina: I'm sick of acting like a dumb helpless girl just so a hot boy who dances his feelings will notice me. That's not who I am. I'm a smart, strong, sensual woman.
  • Don't care how hard he got his ass kicked. Bob being willing to fight Jairo for his daughter (despite that he really had to go to the bathroom) is awesome. In general, Bob gets pretty awesome when it comes to defending his kids' honor.
  • Tina at times isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but in "Tina-Rannasaurus Wrecks," she saves her family with a little quick thinking: she swipes Gene's synthesizer to record a quick sound clip of a corrupt insurance adjuster confessing to fraud, thus relieving the family from getting caught up in his blackmail scheme.
    • She also saves the restaurant and Bob in "The Deepening" when she suggests using the ice cream machine to flood the mechanical shark he's caught in and that is rapidly destroying the floor.
  • Bob turns his yellow chaperone vest into a makeshift zipline in "Carpe Museum."
  • "Topsy" gives one to Gene, who proves his novelty-song bonafides with "Electric Love", one of the show's best musical sequences to date, without succumbing to any of his usual vices.
    Bob: Wow, did Gene write this?
  • In "Beefsquatch" Linda takes matters into her own hands when she's tired of how being on "Get On Up" has almost driven Bob and Gene to kill each other. Her first attempt to get the show cancelled, cursing on air, fails miserably since she doesn't use real curse words, so instead she flashes her boobs for two minutes straight.
    Linda: Milkin' the cow, milkin' the cow, milkin' the cow!
  • In "Purple Rain-Union", Gayle - freaking Gayle - has a CMOA with her song about Derek Dimotopolus.
  • Bob pulls off one in the last act of "Bob and Deliver". After being bullied by a jealous lunchlady and fired by a pressured Mr. Frond, Bob, having inspired the children in the Home Economics class to finally love cooking, decides to stick it to the adults by raiding the cafeteria with his students and serving them all food made by the kids. For somebody who tends to be the Butt Monkey of the show, seeing him pull off a decisive victory against a group of Jerkass adults who treated him like crap was both this and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Bob one-upping Jimmy in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob" by threatening to reveal his adult baby fetish to the customer-filled restaurant.
  • Linda has several in "Seaplane!", from headbutting a man who was making strong unwanted advances (because she didn't want to put down her wine glass long enough to punch him), to giving said man a good piece of her mind, and then landing a seaplane safely with her whole family inside, using a landing technique that she had seen exactly one time, and was extremely dangerous to begin with — as it was designed to fake a near-miss crash landing.
    • And Bob gets some huge credit as well, for getting onto the wing of the plane and cutting a rope that would have pulled them directly into a bridge. Man, the kids got to witness some awesome out of both parents that day.
  • The fart song from "The Frond Files" is definitely an Awesome Moment for Gene, not to mention an Ear Worm. "It's that gas from your ass, it's the toot from your boot..."
    • Hell, all three of the kids stories are surprisingly creative and entertaining for something written by little kids. Even if Tina's went a little too... weird.
  • Teddy gets several in "Uncle Teddy." He's able to win over the interest of an otherwise apathetic Gene and Louise mostly by unclogging their drain, shows them how to make Teddy Brulee (like s'mores, but with pretzels instead of graham crackers) while having all sorts of fun with them. He also shows that he'd have made a good father when he firmly but fairly puts his foot down with Tina behaving badly and being dishonest and instates a pretty fair curfew for someone Tina's age. On top of that, he gets her out of trouble with a park ranger when she sneaks out after said curfew and was ditched by her friends. If that wasn't enough, Teddy tells off one of the boys who ditched Tina and throws his moped into the ocean just to teach him a lesson. Damn.
  • Bob and Linda both get one on the pretentious wine taster in "The Kids Rob A Train." After Bob has to endure the taster's insufferably smug attitude through a "Wine-Off", Linda pours them both a mystery drink in the final round. Bob instantly guesses what it is, and the wine taster flops miserably on it. Once Linda reveals what it is, the wine taster immediately gets the wind knocked out of his sails. What does it turn out to be? The wine in the spit bucket! Turns out Bob recognized the taste because he drank out of the spitbucket in a bar once
    • And from the same episode, the Belcher kids (and Regular-Sized Rudy) actually rob a train! Of a huge stash of chocolate! Which they then manage to hide from searchers in the most ingenious way possible — on the roof of the train. Ultimately they end up being drenched in a rain of melted chocolate, which is just fantastic. Note that to pull this escapade off, they had to find a way out of and into a room that was always locked except for a minute or so on the hour when there was someone to monitor them, and at one point even have to jump onto the back of a moving train to get back inside. This is especially awesome, as they ended up screwing over the insufferable wine attendant who forced the kids into a boring "rec room" at the back of the train.
  • Linda gets one in "Mother Daughter Laser Razor." After Louise and the other kids bust out of a mother-daughter seminar to play laser tag, Linda and the other moms take them on.
    The Phenomemom: Laser tag goes against everything we've been working on! And besides, you're mothers!
    Linda: Uh-huh. Where's Mommy's gun?
  • A meta-example, but the show's willingness to do what was both an Affectionate Parody and a scathing Take That towards My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's infamous brony fandom in "The Equestranauts". Instead of going for cheap shot,"Look at these freaks" types of jokes (that other shows would do, often without delving deep into it and finding what makes it so ridiculous), it's rather just affectionate ribbing at how some fans are a bit obsessive, but for the most part are still actually nice people who do adhere to the show's messages, even if their dressing up in pony costumes and getting overly-involved in the show's stories makes them weird in the eyes of others (and it does, if Bob's line of "Oh God, why am I analyzing a children's cartoon?" is indicative of anything). The brunt of the Take That aspect is reserved for Bronconius, who represents some of the darker parts of the fandom.
    • At the same level, there's something hilariously awesome about how the plot is basically "Bob can be Archer when he needs to be."
  • Louise's "go bag" from "The Kids Run Away". The sheer fact that she has one, cleverly hidden, put it together when she was seven and it has been perfectly safe for two years because she prepared so well. An extra layer of awesome comes with the realization that this fits so absolutely perfectly with her characterization.
  • Tina of all people pulling a Bait and Switch on Louise during "Ambergris" after Louise's greed and desire to backstab Mickey have started to drive her insane, and then destroying the ambergris herself to get everyone back to their senses.
  • From "World Wharf II: The Wharfening":
    Linda: Show's over, Fanny!
  • From "Dawn of the Peck":
    • Regular-Sized Rudy, of all people, being the one to shut off the ride he and the other kids were stuck on. Linda had been trying to chuck bottles of water at the switch, but missed 9 out of 10 times. The 10th time, Rudy grabs the bottle out of the air and slams it directly onto the switch. That is one magnificent asthmatic badass.
    • Linda makes herself into "The Alpha Turkey".
    • Teddy trying to look at this logically, reasoning the birds are acting crazy because they have no pecking order, while Linda thinks Thanksgiving is trying to kill everyone for not taking it seriously and Mickey thinks the turkeys are trying to usurp the natural order. The fact that Teddy, of all people, got it right, and later has his views validated, is inspiring.
  • In "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy", Tina successfully deduces who the mole in her Thundergirls is troop by setting up an ingenious trap: she gives all the girls in the troop a different lead on cookie buyers, all on the same street. Then she sets up a stakeout of the street from a nearby roof and stays there until the rival troop appears, revealing the mole to be Rina, who had been given Bob's Burgers as a lead.
  • The big reveal that "The Millie-churian Candidate" was a grand scheme masterminded by Henry Haber. He used Millie and Louise to get rid of Jimmy Jr., then used Louise to get rid of Millie but in a way that would've disqualified Louise as well. He knew if he got Millie to run for class president, Louise would become involved in Jimmy Jr.'s campaign because Millie makes Louise act crazy. After going overboard on Jimmy Jr.'s campaign to the point that he quit the race, Henry gave Louise the idea of running herself to take Millie down, but all her efforts would inevitably make people sympathize with Millie. All leading up to Louise "discovering" certain information that wrecked Millie's plans and tanked her campaign by instigating a psychotic incident, while at the same time getting Louise disqualified because she broke into Mr. Frond's files to acquire said information. When Louise realizes Henry played everyone for saps, she admits he's gonna be an amazing president.
  • In "The Oeder Games", after all attempts to rally the other tenants failed, Bob finally plays Mr. Fischoeder's game, and starts to claim water balloon victories left and right, as if he was channeling Archer.
  • Can't forget the awesome music video of Tina, Gene, and Louise rocking out with SLEATER-KINNEY!!!