Say My Name

Capt. James T Kirk in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

No matter what range of emotion you're feeling towards another character, the best way to express it is to say their name—preferably in either a hoarse whisper or scenery-chomping cry. Even if no one's around to hear you, just thinking about that character is enough of a prompt. It's all but required if you're in the midst of rescuing your True Companion/Love Interest currently facing imminent doom, you're running towards each other in romantic rapture, or when your mortal enemy has simply gone too far. Sometimes those last two get confused.

Additionally, if your show features Loads and Loads of Characters this also serves a narrative purpose: When they appear again after not being seen for three arcs, clearly stating their name once more helps the viewer identify and remember them.

Of course there are times (especially in anime) when they overdo it (see Big Word Shout)...

Characters saying their own name can also fall under this trope, but if they do it incessantly, not for dramatic effect, that's Pokémon Speak.

Many instances of this trope in Japanese works may also fall under First Name Basis. In Japanese culture, it is customary to use family names plus an honorific (usually "san", sometimes "senpai" for one's elders, "kun" for underlings, "dono" or "sama" for works set in older times, etc.) when addressing someone else, even directly (they rarely use the pronoun for "you" in formal settings, although they do have a few for informal situations). Children, especially girls, will often use first names with friends, although adults will usually only do this if they've been friends since childhood or are otherwise close buddies. But when a couple has moved ahead in their relationship, they will often switch to using first names as well. In media, the first time a character calls their romantic interest by their first name (whether out of affection or distress), the scene often ends up being an example of this trope.

Can overlap with Angry Fist-Shake.

Compare First Name Basis, First Name Ultimatum and "You!" Squared, Skyward Scream. If you have a lot of people, all doing a "Say My Name" to each other, it's a Rocky Roll Call.

Contrast I Know Your True Name where speaking it has much more dangerous implications.

Examples of this trope are often subjected to Memetic Mutation.

Not to be confused with Spell My Name with a "The".

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  • There used to be TV ads for Culligan water softeners.
    Animated Spokesman: For soft water, just call your Culligan man.
    Animated Housewife: HEY CULLIGAN MAN!!
  • The first Funny Talking Animals for Walk On the Wild Side.
    Allan! Allan! Allan! Al! Allan! Allan! ALLAN! Allan!
    [later] Oh wait... That's not Allan. It's Steve.. Steve that... Steve..... Steve! Steve! STEVE! Steve! Steve!
  • A line of Japanese Mentos commercials (starring Reuben Langdon, no less) involved a couple who do nothing except yell each other's names.
  • Segata Sanshiro: Anyone who crosses with him will be treated with this, especially in his early runs:
    Guy: S... Segata Sanshiro!!
    Segata Sanshiro: [beats the crap out of guy]
    Guy: S... Segata... Sanshiro...
    Segata Sanshiro: Sega Saturn shiro!

  • Earth X: Uatu the Watcher has spent thirteen issues referring to Machine Man, aka Aaron Stack, by his model number, X-51, to emphasize that he is a robot and should have no loyalty to humanity — indeed, no human emotion at all. In the final issue, after being cut off from his sensory feed and left helpless, Uatu calls after him pleadingly: "X-51? X-51, please. ...Aaron?"
  • Superman shouting Mongul's name after freeing himself of the Black Mercy in "For the Man Who Has Everything". The force of the shout knocks Robin clean off his feet, and lets Mongul know he's only got a fraction of a second before Superman plows into him.
    "He hears a voice like Armageddon shouting his name, and he starts to turn - he knows he has perhaps less than half a second in which to defend himself... but the rock of the far wall seems to ripple outwards in a sudden cascade of powder and a four-hundred-mile-an-hour wind slams into him like a steam hammer as big as the world - and he knows that he is far too late."
  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan returns to Earth to find Coast City destroyed by Mongul and the Cyborg. He makes a beeline for where Mongul is beating up Steel and, just like Superman, screams Mongul's name as he tackles him.
  • Incredible Hulk:
    • In one story the title character's alter ego Bruce Banner makes this comment to a screaming Doctor Doom right after helping to take him down.
    • Doom had been fighting a Hulk robot that was screaming "DOOOM" as it pummeled him. As Doom turned the tables on the robot, he said "Once more...with feeling...say my name!" There is later an Ironic Echo of this scene.
  • Shazam: Invoked in Captain Marvel's origin story, when the ancient wizard commands Billy Batson to speak his name: SHAZAM
  • In the Batman storyline Knightfall, Bane attempts to make Batman scream his name for mercy. Batman tells him "Go back to Hell" and Bane promptly breaks him. Years later, in the one-shot Batman: Bane, Batman finally does shout Bane's name. It's not for mercy, though, it's in frustration - the villain escaped capture.

  • Equestrylvania: During her Villainous Breakdown at being Out-Gambitted by Twilight Sparkle, Actrise repeatedly shouts Twilight's name while beating the Chronomage bloody.
  • Evangelion 303: In chapter 12 Shinji screamed several names Asuka's name while he searched for her after finding her suicide note.
  • In first part of Stallions Of Harmony Verse, two main characters, Shining Armor and Prince Blueblood, managed to never say each others name, despite being stuck together for an entire day and then a several days of adventure in Everfree Forest. They even noticed that themselves after everything went back to normal and they had a long, heartfelt conversation ending with going into First Name Basis ... and being Mistaken for Gay by the crowd.
  • In the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades story, A Month of Sundays, Yayoi screams Damballa's name when she catches up to him after he resurrected Haruto into a Creepy Doll.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome say each other's names many times in InuYasha. This tendency gets lampshaded twice so far in the Continuation Fic Inuyasha: Beyond Tomorrow; in chapter 15, when Ren grabs Kagome and begins to make off with her, Miroku and Sango get so annoyed at it that they tell Inuyasha to just shut up and save Kagome already, and in chapter 22, when Inuyasha begins to call for Kagome after she jumps down the Bone Eater's Well, Sesshomaru promptly Dope Slaps him and tells him not to start.
  • Twilight furiously screams Navarone's name in Diaries of a Madman, after finding out she's been beaten to the Crystal Heart.
  • During Zuko and Katara's big reunion scene in How I Became Yours, they yell each other's names as they run into each other's arms in the middle of the ballroom.
  • When England cries out for Scotland in Pottertalia fic Snakeskins, many readers swore they could even hear his voice break with just text.
  • Chasing the Moon has "Yuzu!" being a thing that Byakuya shouts as she's floating away from him to go take on the Big Bad by herself. It's the first time he has ever used her first name (without her last).
  • In Shinji And Warhammer 40 K when Shinju realizes Kaworu chose to attack Tokyo-3 with the Black Moon on Shinji's birthday as a personal insult, Shinji screams "NAAAGIIIISAAAA!" The killing intent mixed with this was enough to cause all of the attackers to stumble.

  • Probably at least half of the dialogue of WALL•E and EVE consists of their own and each other's names. The third most common word is "directive".
  • Try keeping track of how often the hero's name is said in Beowulf, most notably in the sea monster fight ("BEEOOWUULLF!"). There are quite a few shouting of "I am Beowulf!" in there (of varying volume and pacing), and Wiglaf even gets the odd "You are Beowulf!".
  • The Swan Princess:
  • Disney's Beauty and the Beast has a climactic scene towards the end where Belle calls out "Beast!" The audio commentary notes that they'd forgotten to give the prince a name.
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven: CHAAARLIE!!! Though it is shouted a few times, the sheer number of times every single character feels the need to say his name is baffling. It averages at one "Charlie" a minute. Have a look.
  • In the 1973 film version of Charlottes Web after Charlotte passes away:
    Wilbur: Charlotte? Charlotte?? CHARLOTTE!!
  • Finding Nemo: Even for a traumatized father who is looking for his lost son, Marlin is using the word "NEEEMOOO!" way too much.

  • Supermarioglitchy4s Super Mario 64 Bloopers
    • SMG4 does this to Mario in "Spaghetti Law" when the latter mistakes the former for spaghetti.
    • SMG3 to Bowser in "Bad Stars" when he doesn't listen.
      SMG3: Bowser! Get your fatass over here!
      (Bowser just spins around)
      SMG3: (in big font) BOWSER!

  • Gugu screams "ARNOLD!" after his death in chapter 3 of Love Aquarium. Arnold was a fish.

  • Some of Gackt's "Call and Response" routines during concerts consist of a legion of fans shouting his name in unison.
  • Eminem has a couple of songs about his stage name "Slim Shady", bragging about himself and how he's the real deal.
  • Within Temptation's "Say My Name" which has the singer trying to reach out to a relative with dementia or Alzheimers to remember their existence.
  • Rock artist 'Mole' has a song titled by this trope.
    Say it's not too late for me
    Tell me there's another chance to be relieved
    Say my name, once again
    Say the words I need to hear
    Tell me there's another way to erase my fear
    Say my name, say it once again

  • The Addams Family has Gomez and Morticia's exchange.
    Morticia: "GOMEZ!"
    Gomez: "TISH!"
  • The Shadow does this with The Shadow/Lamont Cranston and Margo:
    "Shadow?" "Margo!"
    "Margo!" "Lamont?"

  • Former WCW and WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg caused fans to chant "GOOOLD-BERG! GOOOLD-BERG!" during his entrance; combined with his epic entrance music (and his streak), it helped sell him as a Badass.
  • Current WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio might be the Trope Codifier for Professional Wrestling - at least in the modern era. He has a very hammy ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, that routinely ends every introduction (the vast majority in Spanish, of course), with an absurdly long yell of the wrestler's name. "ALBERTOOOOOOO..." frequently cracks a full ten seconds - and now that he's turned Face within the last year, the vast majority of the crowd participates in the trope as well.

  • Fate/stay night:
    • The Hero Shirou and Big Bad Kotomine seem to enjoy saying each others' full name, especially when yelling. More the former than the latter.
    • Kitomine seems to be fond of saying Shirou's full name, for dramatic effect. All other cases of "Say My Name" in this game are appropriate for the situations but Kitomine loves going out of the way to say "Emiya Shirou" even when a simple "you" would do.
    • Shirou will also yell "SAABEERR!" a lot, particularly when he summons her during his fight with Rider.
  • Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai:
    • Tatsuko who at one point during the Ryuuzetsuran route is reduced to repeating "Yamato-kun" over and over again while fighting.
  • A number of the main villains of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series yell out the name of their most hated enemy when defeated in court.
    • Particularly scary to the point where things burst into flame. "MIA. FEY. MIIA FEEY!"
    • Kristoph's insane, iconic "WRIIIiiiGGGggghhhHHHTTT!!!" which is so long it takes multiple text boxes to fill.

  • The Order of the Stick
    • When the Monster in the Dark finally stops calling O-Chul "Mr. Stiffly" and shouts out his name as he rushes towards a Hopeless Boss Fight against Xykon.
    • Belkar, who addresses the elf wizard Vaarsuvius as "Elf" or "Ears" or, more often, with some insulting nickname, when he and Haley are left behind after the other half of the team sails away: "OK, elf, enough with the jokes. You got me, fair enough, now bring the ship back. (...) No, seriously, wherever you're hiding: You really had me thinking for a moment that we got left behind. Great illusion. Now, can we just get out of this stupid city already? (...) Vaarsuvius?"
    • And then in #886, Xykon finally remembers "that Bluepommel guy"'s name... apparently.
  • Homestuck:
    • Rose yells STRIIIDEEER! at Dave as her house is about to be meteor'd and she wants him to hurry up. Also, he just threw her bed out of her house and put a lot of important devices in cumbersome, hard-to-reach places.
    • "HUUUSIIIEEE" is the response among the fandom to stumbling upon a new piece of foreshadowing or Fridge Brilliance. Needless to say, this happens very often.
  • In Panthera, this is played for drama when Jason/Leo starts doubting everything he thought he knew about himself both in relation to the rest of the team and by himself as a result of his Mentor Mole revealing his true colors and getting killed and failing to come up with a plan in North Korea.
    Leo: Cats don't need licenses to hunt, fight, kill. But they never have to worry about why they do it, or the greater consequences, either. And we... Tigris, what's my name?
    Tigris: I... don't follow.
    Leo: My name. What's my name?
    Tigris: Uh. "Leo"?
    Leo: No. "Leo" is the lion mask I wear into battle. And yes, the mask is deeply a part of me. But my mind — my soul — is human. My name is Jason, and it's me who has to live with the things I do.

  • The feud between The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic always have them yelling each other's name dramatically whenever they meet up... somehow.
    • In their first confrontation movie:
    AVGN: CRITIC! How dare you come here!
    • In the NC Review for The Wizard, the critic at the end draws glasses on a picture of Jimmy Woods seeing a personification of the Critic.
    NC: '''Oh my God! "NEEERD!"
  • Quite often, when a member of That Guy with the Glasses cameos on a Nostalgia Critic video, the Critic will greet them by simply saying their name. Very noticeable in his The Room review.
    Obscurus Lupa: Don't do it, Critic!
    NC: Obscurus Lupa?
    Linkara: Don't do it, Critic, there's still time!
    NC: Linkara?
    Spoony: No, Critic, don't do it!
    NC: Spoony?
  • In Nullmetal Alchemist the moment Ed hears Majhal's name he begins screaming it, freaking out everybody around him.
  • In the Bad Days short about The Walking Dead, most of Rick's dialogue consists of calling out, "Lori! Carl!" Lee's only line involves yelling, "Clementine!" Finally, after Rick discovers that Lori has cheated on him with Shane, Rick growls, "Shannnne!", then beats Shane up.
  • In The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, vlog version of Mr Rochester likes saying Jane's name a lot. It's very clear especially in episode "Consequences". She calls him "sir".
  • The "Pranksters in Love." Almost any time Nikki gets pranked results in her screaming "JOOOOHN!" Here is an example of this.
  • It's not uncommon for anyone in Achievement Hunter to shout each other's names in frustration. The biggest of which is Gavin.
    • In a more traditional example Ray screams Ryan's name after the latter dies in a Heist.

  • Stan Freberg:
    • His record "John and Marsha" spoofed the radio soap opera by having the characters say nothing but each other's names. Also featured on his radio program. (More recent generations may recognize this routine from Peggy and Joey's imitation on Mad Men).
    • The alien brain Krang in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 liked watching a TV show that seemed to consist entirely of a man named John and a woman named Marsha staring at each other and saying their names over and over.
    • MAD: John didn't have his glasses on, and was saying it to the wrong girl at first. Also, he stepped off a cliff to kill himself; a trampoline saved him (repeatedly); the John-Marsha scene played; and when Marsha rejected him, that was the point when the trampoline people moved the trampoline...
  • There exists a piece of fanart of L and Light from Death Note having sex. Light says the trope, and it takes L a few repetitions to realize he's screaming "Kira".
  • Very common in sports arenas when the home team scores. Variations includes chanting, yelling etc.
  • Tom Hiddleston: Appears onstage at Comicon much to the shock of all, in character as Loki, and commands the crowd to scream Loki's name 4 TIMES in rapid succession, much to the delight of all present.

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