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Funny: The Online Warrior
  • Anything funny in Assist Me! Series are here
  • During the party at which Max and his friends played live offline games of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 after its release Max's dog starts licking one of the guests in the ear. It's as hilarious as it is cute, especially one of the guests calling Max's dog a whore and Max frequently telling it to get down onto the floor.
  • The entire video of Doom and Wesker watching the Resident Evil 6 trailer. Especially the end when Doom sees the logo
    Doom: Huh, looks like a giraffe getting blown by a manatee
    Wesker: Oh goddammit! Now I'll never be able to unsee that!
  • ANY outtakes scene from the Assist Me! videos. Especially Doom when every time he screws up, he'll say some random lines.
  • Doom vs Star Wars. Watching Doom dance and cause chaos as the Rancor while dropping numerous F-Bombs will leave you dying of laughter.
  • During the Let's Plays of Resident Evil 6, numerous references are given, ranging from the Paranormal Activity movies to The Big Lebowski, and many more jokes ahead.
  • The match where Jigglypuff was play during Yo Videogames : Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • The Street Fighter X Mega Man tips and secrets video is hilarious throughout. There's at least one hilarious line for every character shown.
    "Turns out Chun-Li doesn't like the Megabuster. Gotta shoot her in da face wit' da Megs!"
    "Then you take Chun's Thighsnote  over to Viper's childbearing hips. And in the epic batle of hips vs thighs, thighs will always win."
    "Looks like Cyclops vs Dhalsim is a 9:1 matchup!"
    "Wait, Watermelons? WTF?"
    "Then it's time to play Mega Man Fruit Ninja Soccer with Rose, then take her Ouroboros beam (Hey guys I'm Strider lol) over to Rolento"
    "Rolento gives you some grenades, ~just 'cause he's a cool guy~"
    "Turns out that explosive shrapnel is an effective weapon against the very nude."
    Ryu: "You cheap turtle motherfu-"
    "Balrog mercilesssly chases you through the Casino stage, which you counter with the legendary tactic of HOLDING RIGHT."
    Vega: "Rrrrrrrrrrockman! You are beautiful like a rose petal- OHSHI-"
    "Turns out M. Bison's not a big fan of the ADOUKET."
    "Is it the demon from Hell? The respawn of Satan?! Oh, it's just Akuma. Hey buddy."
  • Every time Donkey Kong Country trolls Max during his and Matt's Let's Play, every time Max starts "Jackie Chan'ing" and manages to avoid several obstacles through blind luck, which doubles as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome, and especially their conversations regarding "Bananas and Sex."
    • And Donkey Kong Country 2 being even harder than 1 offers quite amusing moments and a nice dosage of rage from Max, one of the moments being this one. And in the last boss there is this.
  • During any Let's Play where Matt is the one playing, i.e. Mega Man X, and Mega Man (Classic) (1, and as of recently 2). His reactions to whenever he loses or fucks up in any of the games he's playing is hysterical. You can view some of his reactions here, here, here, and here. Kinda makes you wish they had a rage cam, doesn't it?
  • The entire Dreamcast play through of Virtual Tennis. Namely Matt's ranting on the game.
  • BOSS RAGE! Feat. Eyedol (Classic Killer Instinct)
    Max: Oh my God, I press ONE button and he goes FUCKING BALLISTIC on me!
  • Nintendo Direct Parody. Seriously the ENTIRE Parody of this promo.
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