WMG / The Online Warrior

The last Assist Me will feature one of the following:
  • Zero: Cause Max is saying how hard it is to make a costume
  • Dante: Cause Max would save the best for last and we know Dante is a little lazy so it would make sense
  • Amaterasu: Cause Max has a vendetta against the character in the game and it's his dog.
  • Sentinel: Because Max can't stand that character either
  • Dormammu: Cause he's the baddesst of the bad and therefore would make a great last bout

When Max does Shuma-Gorath Assist Me he'll lose when he asks Shuma to put his skills into practice cause Shuma has more arms

Max and Doom will both be infatuated by Morrigan when her Assist Me is done
She's a succubus, even Max may find it hard to resist her, especially if she comes onto him.

Max's wife will play Morrigan
Just cause

Max will find the six fingered man on SoulCalibur V the online warrior before he finishes Assist Me
I think there's a better chance of this happening than the opposite

The next Assist Me will feature one of the following:
Wolverine, Magneto, or Storm, all of which are trying to find Phoenix.

Max will turn into Ghost Rider at least one more time
Because come on, it has to happen

When Max does the Avengers characters they'll act more like their movie counterparts than their game counterparts
Because with all the craziness Rule of Funny that Assist Me runs on this is most likely going to be the case.

MODOK wants Max dead because he hasn't done him for Assist Me
Because MODOK is a Troll

C. Viper and Taskmaster will show up before MODOK and be out to kill Max on MODOK's payroll, only to decide to let him live because he helped teach them new stuff
Individually of course
  • Jossed for Taskmaster as he released a T-virus possibly on MODOK's orders and is the next Assist Me character that's going to be featured.

Chun-li will show up to arrest Doom
Because she's the only one who can because she's an Interpol agent.

An inevitable A Date with Rosie Palms joke will be made when Spencer shows up
Because he has a wife for an arm.

Ryu and Akuma will both show up at Max's place in order to train and become stronger
Individually of course

Mike Haggar will be the next Assist Me character after Max moves because he's now Mayor of where Max lives and is welcoming him to the neighborhood
Alternatively he could also be there because he needs help coming out of retirement

Morrigan will show up as one of Doom's call girls
Cause it's Morrigan

Assist Me! Hsien-ko might be coming
Probably due to the fact to train her to be top-tier after Retro! Assist Me ending is shown that she's top tier in Mv C 7