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aka: Red Vs Blue The Recollection
Wash: That was the worst throw ever. Of all time.
Caboose: Not my fault. Someone put a wall in my way.

Virtually every episode of Red vs. Blue has a Crowning Moment of Funny. These are the best ones. Warning: Each folder will contain unmarked spoilers for the previous seasons.
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    The Shisno Paradox 
The Shisno
  • The season opens with another redo of "You ever wonder why we're here?", this time with a pair of knights who talk in Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe.
  • Apparently, Sarge keeps rations stored in Lopez. More specifically, "Riiight up his keister! Way deep in there, right next to his radio-isotope nuclear generator, so they'll stay nice and toasty. Mm-mm!"
    Sister: Kinky!
    Palomo: Gross!
    Simmons: You think that's gross? Just wait until you see where the condiments come out.
  • The whole conversation regarding where to get food. Highlights include that Tucker is banned from Hooters (not surprising) and Caboose's suggestion for "cotton candy from Home Depot" makes Carolina conclude " And now, we know where all the wall insulation went...".
  • Caboose's nonchalant reaction to Donut's Body Horror.
    Caboose: Hey Donut! Hey, um we're getting some food. Do you, uhhhhh, eat food?
    Caboose: Ah, yeah me too. Tell me, how do you feel about Greek?
    All the Donuts get absorbed into a floating Donut who starts glitching out and contorting horrifically
    Caboose: Yeah, me neither. What about Fish and Chips?
    Donut: (Screaming as his body contorts more and more until it's a mess of angular polygons)
    Caboose: Yeah, I am always confused about that too. Why do they say "Chips" when you mean "Freedom Fries"?
    Donut: (Horrified continuous scream as his body vanishes into nothing)
    Caboose: Yeah okay, see you soon!
  • Simmons on Grif's attitude.

Incendiary Incidents
  • After Grif crashes the Pelican, most of the others roast him, per regulation.
  • Simmons's reaction to Grif's Leaning on the Fourth Wall approach to incendiary incidents. "
    Simmons: So your new "science" is pre-emptive laziness.
    Grif: Yup!
    Simmons: That is so stupid, Grif. *sniff* I'm so proud of you!
  • Donut's return, even warranting Sarge to say "How many times have I warned you about going AWOL and mysteriously showing up in foreign bodies of water?"
  • After Donut's dramatic explanation of the gang's new impending adventure (complete with bombastic music score), Grif immediately assumes that this is a prank - specifically, Donut getting revenge for the rest of Red Team telling him that Extreme Home Makeover was going to spruce up Red Base.
  • After Grif puts in a huge effort to avoid anything that could be a Call to Adventure, including deliberately crashing the Pelican to avoid Locus' emergency message, taking a longer path to the pizza place, and trying to cut off Donut's long-winded explanation about his return...the pizza joint they were headed to got blown up.
    Grif: There is no God.
  • The cop who constantly has to explain his space armor and such.
    • Sarge is the one who talks to him, and is clearly confused by the cop talking about irrelevant topics. The mere fact that Sarge finds someone odd is hilarious.
  • The fact that the time-travel portals fired by Donut's gun share the same color as his armor, give or take a shade.
  • "Him with a capital H..." "Hitler!" "No, God."
  • Simmons feels Donut isn't talking like he usually does. And then he goes "These Donut Holes are tight! They can only fit two grown men at once!"
  • "Lady, I feel I speak for everyone when I say... Marry me!"

Lost Time
  • The transitions where one group seems to reply to the previous one.
    Grif: No! I just found the shuffle button.
    Tucker: Seriously? Are you sure?
    Sister: I know that symbol! It’s a shuffle button.
    Sister: How’s this fuckin’ thing work?
    Sarge: Watch your language, Simmons!
    Sarge: You tell that lazy idiot to wake up!
    Caboose: Wake up! Wake up, Lopez!
  • Sister wants to have fun... but not with Tucker, she wants to time travel and bang celebrities, including King Tut.
  • " Fortune favors the bold, Simmons! You think Tommy Edison invented electricity by sitting around thinking about it? Heck no! He flew a kite in a goddamn lightning storm! Well Simmons, you’re holding the kite in them there hands. Do you want to take it apart, or see how that baby flies?"
  • Sarge was a Lieutenant... whose commanding officer was one Sgt. Lieutenant. And it's implied that Future!Sarge sniped Sgt. Lieutenant so his past self would take command as the next highest ranked officer.
    • Sarge's misguided attempt at fixing the horrible outcome of a past battle. It must be seen to truly understand why that battle ended so badly.
  • Caboose fixed Lopez with "a glue out of leaves and spit and glue".
    Lopez: (My god, this is going to backfire.)
    Caboose: Oh, it won't backfire. Let's go, Lopez!
    Lopez: (Wait, what?)
    • Just the very idea of Caboose (Who can't understand anything) and Lopez (Who can't be understood) got paired together.
    Lopez: (Helpless, I watched the end of the world.)

Sis and Tuc's Sexellent Adventure
  • The title itself is a humorous reference to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
  • The hurricane of euphemisms Tucker and Sister engage into describing whether they had sex or not.
  • Sister has a fetish for Jack the Ripper.
  • The fact that Sister, the woman who wants to bang Jack the Ripper, considers herself above sleeping with Tucker.
  • Tucker decides to demonstrate the safety's on in the sniper rifle and shoots Captain Flowers.
  • Just when Sarge could realize the one guilty for his failure is himself... he instead puts the blame on "all the morons under my command".
  • Grif getting extremely pissed off at a group of kids just because they don't know what pizza is. And once he realizes he's in a world where pizza never existed, he simply, without missing a beat, pulls out a grenade and tries to blow himself up, no hesitation whatsoever.
  • "Dammit Tucker, you've managed to double cock block me with a single word!"

  • Sarge and Simmons have formed a team of elite soldiers from throughout history. Sounds cool, but the people they found leave a lot to be desired.
    • First, they recruited Private John, who, despite playing many badass characters, is still just an actor. In fact, he tried to get into the US Naval Academy and didn't get accepted, so it's baffling that Sarge thought he'd be an asset to their team.
    • Their second recruit, Private George, comes the closest to being competent, since he's actually seen combat. But he's still confused about being on the Red Team when he fights Redcoats, and calls battle rifles muskets.
    • Their last recruit was Private Alex, who seems like he'd be a worthy addition to Red Team. Unfortunately, they seem to have picked him up towards the end of his life, when he was dying of illness, so he mostly just coughs and collapses on the ground. And he only speaks Ancient Macedonian!
  • Sarge shoots Temple... and it's an actor playing him in Jax's movie. And the producer gets more and more unsettled as he realizes the guy is dead.
    Jax: What the hell was that, who the hell are you, and what the fuck did you do to my actor?!
  • Jax in the year since Season 15 has become a major Prima Donna Director who's totally unconcerned with the well being of his crew. He's even glad Sarge murdered one of his actors because the guy had a major scandal and this would net him free press.
  • Jax's explanation for why the actors for his film are wearing their armor? It's because they're method actors, and also he's also forcing them to.
  • Sarge again has an Ignored Epiphany.
    Simmons… have you ever heard the phrase, ‘my own worst enemy?’ I am my own worst enemy...’s worst nightmare!

A Pizza the Action
  • Grif's understandably ill-advised attempt at trying to teach the ancient Italians how to make pizza.
  • "Being vegan while made entirely out of meat, kinda hypocritical."
  • Sister and Tucker apparently screwed up history some more, including causing the accident that paralyzed Christopher Reeve and shooting Hitler.
  • Doc makes an excessively green pizza... and Grif tries to kill him.
    • Not only does Grif slowly turn towards Doc as he lists the ingredients, but there's also the abrupt hard cut after Doc mentions goat cheese... to Grif unloading his gun at Doc's general location (who's crouched behind their oven in fear).
  • Wasted out of their minds, having drank antifreeze, Sister and Tucker start Volleying Insults - culminating in the former wanting to "hatesex you to death", before...
  • Muggins doing a WWE style intro for Atlus, complete with airhorns. The drunk soldiers calling him "a talking Lens Flare" and "J. J. Abrams" is a bonus.
  • Atlus is insulted by Sister and Tucker. It doesn't end well.
    • Until the next episode, where it promptly gets hilarious.
  • The return of O'Malley, culminating in:
    O'Malley: Yes, it is I! Enjoy the sixth century! Ah ha ha ha ha! Gotcha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [Opens a Donut Hole, and disappears]
    Huggins: Well, that's a bummer.

It Just Winked At Me
  • Atlus' fearsome smiting of Tucker and Sister...doesn't work.
    (Attempt One - Big Explosion)
    Tucker: Holy fuck; I'm alive!
    Sister: Hoh, holy fuck; I'm glad this visor's tinted!
    Tucker: My arm hair's all static-y. Is that what you meant to do?
    Sister: (to Atlus) Could you just smite me up here, on my back? I've got this wicked knot -
    Atlus: AARRRRRGGGHH!!!!
    (Attempt Three - Big Explosion, Part 2)
  • Just the fact that the episode heavily features a live-action Cyclops, played by Gus himself! And his wife, also played by him!
  • Atlus declaring "Huzzah! A fine kill" while making the sign of the horns with both hands when he thinks Tucker has been killed.
    • Earlier, when Tucker decides to stand his ground and fight (much to Sister's exasperation), Atlus goads him on in a...rather un-godly fashion.
    Atlus: Yeah, DO IT! You WUSS!!
  • Tucker manages to hide in a mountain crevasse. Infuriated, the Cyclops pounds on the crack with his fists, and Tucker takes the opportunity to taunt the monster:
    Tucker: You can't fit the whole hand in, bro! You gotta start with one finger - (Cyclops prepares to do just that) Oh, FUCK; IT SPEAKS ENGLISH!!
  • Sister tries to kill the Cyclops with Tucker's sword only for him to inform her it only works for him... after she has leaped off a cliff to attack it.
  • "Shoryuken, motherfucker!"
  • When summoning the Cyclop's wife Atlus mentions they've been trying for a child and ask Tucker which of them should tell her about the Groin Attack he just pulled on her husband, clearly having the time of his life making things miserable for the Troopers.
  • Huggins starts thinking about what she can do (one option she particularly likes: murder) before just deciding to ask for Grif's help. Who at first thinks she's an hallucination, then concludes that he doesn't care anyway before walking off.

  • Washington's childhood cat was just as indestructible as him, surviving an electrocution fall (cat climbed a tree, Wash's father decided to solve it by cutting it with a chainsaw, the tree crashed on electric lines), a dryer, and a truck engine.
  • Carolina and Wash go through a training course, with all the expected acrobatics... including Carolina jumping with hands behind her back.
  • Carolina and Dr. Grey discussing Wash's condition...while the latter is doing an autopsy. Carolina, a Super Soldier who's just short of being a Spartan, is suitably unnerved.
  • Carolina slowly descends into despair as Dylan outlines where (and when) the Reds and Blues are, ultimately leading to this in this:
    Carolina: It's not unlike them to get lost, but...oh God, not this kind of lost ...
  • The odd pairing that's Grif and Huggins continues to give. High point: Grif decides to shut her up with his rifle, even if she's made of light and thus not exactly a shootable target.

Walk and Talk
  • Jax is having more difficulty with his cast.
    Jax: You know I how I feel about that word! Nothing is impossible!
    Crewmember: Okay, it's not impossible! But, launching a camera on a rocket towards...human actors is, is extremely dangerous and probably won't even work.
    Jax: (Laughs) I'm not an idiot. I know it probably won't work, but that just means we'll have to do a lot of takes. It may take weeks!
    Crewmember: (Wheezes) We can't-! We can't-! Sweet Jesus, my chest...! (Collapses)
    Jax: Right before we shoot the first act. There's a defibrillator in the hallway, Cohan, or do you need me to do that for you as well!?
    Other crewmember: Pardon me. You have guests, sir.
    Jax: IF THEY'RE FROM THE STUDIO, YOU CAN TELL THEM TO WAIT IN THE FUCKING TRASH COMPACT- (Sees Freelancers and tone shifts to cordial) Oh, hey, it's Carolina and Washington!
  • Jax uses actual extras instead of mannequins for Temple's "trophy room". One of them is Sarge, who only talks again when hearing "Simon says..."
  • This exchange;
    Wash: Sarge, do you...have...a time machine?
    Sarge: Of course not!
    Carolina: Oh, thank God.
    Sarge: I lent it to Simmons.
  • Grif and Huggins, which is also endearing for how the Odd Couple is becoming an Odd Friendship:
    • Huggins talks with a Southern accent, Grif has to hide his laughter.
    • Grif tries to pass Die Hard as his own story. Huggins jumps in just at the Catch-Phrase (and hearing her cutesy voice going "Yipee-ki-yay, motherfucker!" is already hilarious), and says her uncle is a police light in that movie.
    • A problem with walking to England? The English channel. And Grif can't swim, so he walks the way, while struggling with gas.
    I'm a fart submarine!
  • Simmons opening a portal to himself the previous week, where Sarge's attempt at recruiting Achilles goes wrong.
  • After the "Sarge in storage closet" free will conundrum is delivered, they open it and find... Caboose.

Caboose's Travels
  • Caboose's little slideshow and narration of his temporal misadventures. Let's just say it's a good thing that You Already Changed the Past is in effect. Even better is the Disaster Dominoes that happened right after Caboose jump started human development; Namely, he made some cavemen a fire, and this devolved into forming a primitive rock band when he caught on fire himself. Caboose then fled to the Library of Alexandria (48 B.C), London, England (1666 A.D), and the Hindenburg in New Jersey, US (1937 A.D)- setting them all on fire.
    Caboose: I was teaching them "We Didn't Start the Fire" when I caught on fire!
  • Jax is considering not going back to work, but then George reminds him they'll be shooting the maiming scene and he changes his mind.
  • Tucker became King of England because his sword was mistaken for Excalibur. He renames the castle as Camelto and is as incompetent as it gets... and then a visitor arrives, insulting him in all manners possible (which the guards struggle not to laugh about), including one that makes Tucker identify as a comrade ("cockbite").
  • Tucker's little rant, implying that his kingship is just one big ploy to impress Sister;
    Grif: (Aside to Kaikaina.) What the fuck is wrong with Tucker?
    Sister: Somebody doesn’t take rejection well.
    Tucker: God damn it! Respect me! I hold the magic sword, and thusly, I decide what’s what! My word is law! The sun and the moon are the same thing! Mice grow up to be dogs! Scott Bakula’s Star Trek is one long weird episode of Quantum Leap! You will respect me! You will kneel!
    Sister: We can see your boner.
    Tucker: Eep! I’ll fire you from the trebuchet!
  • Showing how Grif and Huggins have bonded, they fist bump.
  • "You’re my father? Oh my. That makes me Fabulous Jesus!"


    Mini Series
"I have no idea what I'm doing."

Out of Mind
  • Delta is analytical, but proves to be quite human in his quips.
    Tactical matrix is incalculable, outcome is uncertain, chance of success is unknown... but a little payback would be nice.
    (in response to "Just one of the things that makes us human") Excellent point, York. I was not looking at it from a flawed perspective. I will try to do so in the future.
    Oh, so it is pride. I was registering an emotion, but I incorrectly categorized it as stupidity.
  • The final dialogue:
    Tex: You know what? You don't have to tell me. All I have to do is pummel you senseless, rip off your helmet, and access your communication logs. I'll know exactly where he is.
    Wyoming: Uh, hm. I see. Well in that case, perhaps I shall tell you.
    Tex: Nah, I like my way better. [bashes Wyoming's head]

Recovery One

  • Sarge, wanting to get their new base in Valhalla up and running, sends Grif up to the very top of the structure. Eventually, Grif finds that some wreckage is blocking something, and Simmons suggests using a grenade to clear it.
    Grif: Is that safe?
    Simmons: None of this is safe! You wanna start analyzing now?
    • Earlier, Sarge sends Simmons to spy on Blue Base, where Simmons has an encounter with Caboose. He returns to report...
      Simmons: Well, [the base] isn't running on brain power, I can tell you that.
      Sarge: Oh, good! That means Grif can still be used as a reliable fuel source!
    • Grif climbs up the tower to examine the port, and yells his findings down to Sarge and Simmons at ground level:
      Grif: I think it's blocked!
      Sarge: What?
      Grif: It's blocked!
      Sarge: What's blocking it?
      Grif: It looks like a bunch of pieces of a ship!
      Sarge: That's disgusting! Who would climb all the way up there just to do that?
      Grif: I said shi-puh!

  • In "Episode 3: There Goes the Neighborhood" Sarge and Grif finally make it to the Reach version of Blood Gulch after being stranded across the map and getting stuck in Firefight Mode, respectively. There, Simmons reveals that he's had to defend Red Base from the Blues, and in the background the Blue Team is attacking each other.
    Sarge: Simmons, why are they shooting at each other?
    Simmons: Oh, I told them that if they didn't attack us, I would trade them my pre-order code for the exclusive chest piece. Now they're fighting each other to see who gets it.
    Caboose: Marco!
    Grif: But you already used your code. You're wearing it!
    Simmons: Yeah, but they don't know that.

Where There's a Will, There's a Wall
  • Sarge wants to take down the wall behind Red Base to see what's on the other side. His first idea? send a Warthog (Driven by Grif) down a ramp to smash through it. Lopez's Hispanic deadpan commentary only drives the humor home.
    • Meanwhile, the Blues have gotten a Pelican chopper. Each soldier has an Imagine Spot;
      • Church wants to pull a Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.
      • Tucker wants to pick up chicks.
      • And Caboose? His thought balloon just has a floating wreckage of what the Pelican used to be. Thought!Caboose looks down at Real!Caboose and says, "I have no idea what I'm doing."
    • At the end, Lopez has his own Imagine Spot: He's in the tank, and uses it to kill both the Reds and Blues in one shot.

  • When Grif is apparently kidnapped, Sarge calls Command and and VIC (!) forwards him to Doc. Sarge wants Doc's to fill in, but runs into a problem.
    Sarge: Don't tell me you're still one of those lame Paci-whatevers.
    Doc: Pacifists. Yeah, Sarge, I still am. You don't just turn it off when it's convenient. It's not like being a vegan.

  • The Commissioner is hilarious, due to his smug voice and how swiftly he diverts any criticisms towards his management style.

    PSAs and Other Videos 
  • The end of the "Real Life vs. The Internet" PSA:
    • Where they come to politics:
      —REAL LIFE—
      Church: Look, that's just the way I feel about it.
      Sarge: Well I disagree, but I respect your opinion.
      Church: You deserve to DIE! Die and go to hell and be burned!
      Sarge: Oh, yeah?! Well, I hope you get raped! Twice! Maybe then you feel different! Jerk!
      Grif: We don't need to find any weapons of mass destruction! We just need to WANT to find them! That's the way it works!
      Doc: Would you like to change your home page to
      Donut: Politics make me soooo horny! Check out my webcam picks at!
    • The best part of this whole exchange is that the domain name is registered to Geoff Ramsey, Grif's voice actor.
    • Or when they discuss checking your mail:
      —REAL LIFE—
      Church: Bills, bills, bills... coupon. Great.
      Simmons: Pardon me, my friend, but I am Nigirean Roylty, and I need you to send me money. Please ignore the fact that I can't spell "Nigerian." Or "royalty."
      Doc: Would you like to refinance your home? Mortgage rates have never been lower! 
      Grif: Hey, Church! We have all the filthiest sluts on the internet. They're hopped up on herbal Viagra and waiting for you!
      Doc: You could put it in escrow!
    • Earlier in the vid is Gustavo Sorola's (Simmons' VA) favorite quote of the series:
      Simmons: I hate you! And I hate the bands you like!
  • One word: Grifball. Eventually became an Ascended Meme.
  • The "Game On" PSA. "Can we stop that fucking horn already!"
  • Everyone was busy during the "Columbus Day" PSA... so they let Caboose host it. Epic Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Valentine's Day PSA. Caboose mourns over celebrating without Church and remembers their "tradition".
    Caboose: Hey Church! Happy Valentine—
    Church: Get the fuck away from me.
  • Outtakes from Reconstruction. Notable moments are "AUTOBOTS, TRANSFORM!" (followed by his absurdly deep "OH MY GOD"), Scottish!Wash, and the Meta teabagging. Not to mention Church's terrible singing of "I Kissed a Girl."
  • Church attempting to describe Sergeant Johnson's Memetic Badassitude in the last Halo 3: ODST promotional video.
    Church: Sergeant Johnson is as tough as they come. They say he's a strong as an ox, and as agile as... a... smaller ox.
    Sarge: What?
    Church: He moves like a whisper, that you only say to the wind at midnight.
    Simmons: Why would you do that? That doesn't make any sense.
    Church: He's as cunning as a fox, taking a... pottery class at a... Ivy League university... that accepts foxes!
    Grif: Wow. You're not very good at analogies, are you?
  • From the Sixth Anniversary PSA:
    Sarge: Why are you still in character?
    Lopez: Don't Fuck with my Method.
  • The Fire Safety PSA in all of its glory.
    "You may be asking yourself: what is fire? If you're asking that, it's because you're an idiot. You'll probably ask things like 'What am the sky?' and 'How does eat food?' Even cavemen knew what fire was, you dumbass."
  • In their Olympics PSA, Sarge gets the idea to give medals of enriched uranium to the losers.
  • "What I Did On My Summer Vacation.": Caboose gets caught up in the Halo: Reach campaign.
    • When Caboose and Jorge are blasting into space.
      Caboose: Man, I can't wait to touch all of these buttons.
      Jorge: Don't touch any buttons.
      Caboose: ...Touch.
      Jorge: (Ejected into space) Cabooooose~!
    • In Dr. Halsey's introductory cutscene:
      Dr Halsey: Do you have it? (referring to the package)
      Caboose: No, you won't let go of it.
      Dr Halsey: Say the words please.
      Caboose: The words please.
      Jun: What?
    • When Caboose gets dropped off back at Blood Gulch from orbit.
      Caboose: Goodbye. Thank you for the ride. You are my new best friends and I will never forget you. You probably can't hear me though because everyone knows there's no oxygen on a rollercoaster. I am yelling quieter now because I am further away from you.
  • The Blood Gulch team plays Firefight.
  • Donut's Image Song Donut: The Musical will never not be funny.
  • The Higgs Bozos PSA has Sarge's idea of a scientific demonstration, followed by Caboose going on a lengthy and somewhat eloquent speech about the nature of knowledge, closing with the thought that "People will always look up at the sky, and just wonder why we're here". Then he shouts "WATER BISON POWERS ACTIVATE!" and runs off at super speed. Simmons and Sarge's reactions, both to the speech and Caboose's exit, seal the deal.
    Caboose: Yeah, the universe sure is mysterious. But, you know, what if we did solve all the problems? What then? Would we just live on, forever, happy in our triumph over ignorance? Or is ignorance just a common enemy that, once destroyed, would leave our species without a reason to carry on? I guess it doesn't really matter what the answer is, because even if we could attain supreme knowledge, the thought of it just wouldn't keep us together. In the end, people will always look up at the sky, and just wonder why we're here. WATER BISON POWERS, ACTIVATE!
  • From the Online Survival PSA:
    • Discussing how to deal with Internet Trolls with a Red and Blue Battle Creek Zealot each playing the role of a troll. Just hearing SARGE saying this is hilarious:
      Sarge: (trying not to retaliate) Frowny emoticon...!
  • During the PSA's released to announce Halo 4's release date, Sarge and the Reds are trying to keep the release date secret from the Blues so they won't know to pre-order. The camera then cuts to Tucker and Church, who then casually reveal that they already knew the release date and have pre-ordered. Also, Sarge's song about the date so that they remember.
  • The Gadgets PSA, providing a satire against how new seeming gadgets get replaced by even newer ones.
    Simmons: Ah, Jesus!
    Church: What's that noise?!
    Simmons: It's my cellphone. Donut must have borrowed it. He's always overclocking the vibrate setting and calling himself.
    Church: Gross...
  • The Voting Fever PSA; it's a Call-Back to their Halo 4 announce date videos; with Grif and Simmons trying to trick Sarge into thinking they were out to vote. Sarge forces them to do a pro-voting musical number; with a chorus of ODSTs joining in and Grif having no clue about how elections work. To top it all off, it's revealed Sarge used the song as a distraction to steal their place in line to buy Halo 4. And it turns out the two of them actually did get sick. note 
  • York's Image Song "Come On Carolina", where he complains she's "always being such a bitch" and asks if she could "please stop kicking me", and suggests "playing Halo 4 naked" and "having babies with green eyes".
  • During a live event, the RT crew did a live table read for the then upcoming 'MIA' miniseries. While the regulars were doing the assorted voices (with Bernie doing Vic), they had a pair of audience members doing 'naration' and 'sound effects'. At one point, when Vic is dialing the phone, the sound effects guy made the touch tone sounds play Mary Had a Little Lamb.
    Gus: Hey, don't steal the spotlight.
    Sound effects guy <bows to the crowd>
    • Also, at the end of the 'call', 'Vic' ab libs that Sarge and Doc sound alike. 'Sarge' replies that they don't, but why doesn't he call up Church, or even Lopez.
    • Once, it strays off the script, so 'Simmons' has to note 'Sarge' cut him off earlier.
  • The 'Match Breaking' PSA with Tucker and Simmons giving advice on how to get a date/to get laid. Funny overall, with a guest appearance of Sister, it ends with a Warthog driven by Carolina, with Grey and Kimball, running Tucker down.
    Tucker: Lavernius Tucker, love doctor extraordinHURGWAAauh
    Carolina: Nobody here had a problem with that, right?
    Kimball: Not at all.
    Dr. Grey: Nope!
    • Prior to this, Simmons runs off after a date he'd stood up because she'd sent him a ;) emoticon, which was "getting too serious". She shows up again - after having spent the night with Tucker working the rebound.
    • Prior to that, Tucker approaches a woman at a club.
      Tucker: [narrating] You can then make your presence known by delivering a well thought-out and rehearsed pick up line. Such as...
      Tucker: [shouting over the loud music] HEY HOT STUFF! NICE LEGS! WHAT TIME DO THEY OPEN? SO WE CAN—
      [She shoots him in the face]
  • "PSA: Getting Away from it All":
    • Sarge and Caboose go camping. It goes about as well as you'd expect. Except that they go camping in Minecraft.
    • Grif's and Simmons' own trip the Vegas Quadrant doesn't go so well either.
    Airport Security: Yep, that's a cavity search.
    Grif: Aw, shit.
  • In the Relocated commentary Burnie Burns stated flat-out that if a joke is funny enough, the continuity gets temporarily suspended so it can be used, in the particular case the "Sister falling through the ice" joke.
  • Red vs. Blue Blockbuster Trailer
  • Sleeper, a live-action skit, features Sarge, Caboose, and Grif in cryogenic stasis being awoken by a nameless scientist type (as played by Burnie Burns). Not only is it hilarious to actually see everyone in Spartan armor Head Bobbing like in the games, but Grif treats cryosleep like regular sleep, including installing a snooze button on his tube's alarm and begging off for "five more minutes" when Sarge tries to wake him. When the scientist notes that the taste of cryofluid should keep him from going back to sleep, Grif reveals that he "got bubble gum flavor" and a cut to the scientist's Data Pad reveals that he really has flooded his tube with bubble gum flavored cyrogenic fluid. Everyone else apparently got "scrotum flavor."
  • Simmons interrupting the ASMR PSA (just in time to cover up Caboose removing his helmet) with an Anonymous-style warning. He then leaks all of their personal files to each other, including his own. He gets tackled by Tucker and Grif after they feign sympathy for him and walk off-screen to find him inside the base under the pretense of giving him a hug.
    • Caboose wanting to role-play as a dragon and book-ending the video by asking if they were still going to do that.
    • The content that Simmons leaks is ridiculous:
      • Tucker's Slash Fic collection about himself.
      • Nude pictures of Sister, much to Grif's embarrassment.
        Tucker: Aaaand saved. You know, for later. To give back to her.
      • A screenplay for a Sarge movie sequel written by Simmons himself, though Simmons didn't mean to leak that.
      • A nude picture of Donut, though not leaked by Simmons, but by Donut himself unsurprisingly.
  • One bonus video proported to show that before Nathan Zellner was cast as the alien in Blood Gulch Chronicles, they had the other cast members audition for the role. The result was a video of the various VAs doing it in character of their roles.
    Caboose: I AM AN ALIEN!
  • From their Season 6 outtakes. "Butts" by Burnie Burns.
  • After Season 14, RT put out a short non-machinima video using a 360 setup. It's pretty simple, with Grif and Simmons talking on top of their base, with Grif going over what he thinks would be the perfect way of robbing somebody: Wearing a clown mask and escaping in a hot air balloon. Meanwhile, if you take advantage of the 360 system, you can turn the camera around, and while the guys are talking, the Blues are in the base stealing the Red Army flag with Grif and Simmons being utterly clueless about what's going on.
  • The next 360 video involves the teams dividing the contents of a supply ship that "crashed" in Blood Gulch i.e. it was shot down by the Reds. This includes the viewer probably the ship's unfortunate pilot, who also doesn't survive the next two minutes.
  • The third 360 video is about Tucker and Caboose and Church and Sarge trying to teach Junior about sex. We could try to list the funny moments but every moment is a funny one.
    Tucker: He can't die a virgin! That's Simmons' job!
  • The fourth 360 video is from Caboose's perspective. The result is hearing Church suddenly talk about friendship at the drop of a hat and Sarge having a pirate accent. Not too mention the drawings that keep popping up.
  • If the video regarding the Halo 4 release date isn't funny enough - Sarge's mnemonics to remember the date include a song! - there's the sheer absurdity of seeing it dubbed in Japanese.
  • On the Youtube channel, after every episode, the usual shilling of the channel has the cast saying funny stuff. The best is Caboose: "Where am I? [sees the SUBSCRIBE \ WATCH NEXT EPISODE text] Well, that looks nice... [ turns to the viewer ] Oh my god! A giant person! *ducks scared*"
  • This interview has Jack Lee answering in character as the Chairman saying he's not evil, just misunderstood - everyone else is in stitches, even as genocide is brought up. Another highlight is Yomary Cruz channeling F.I.L.S.S. answering "I'm sorry, I'm not able to reveal that information".
  • Caboose's Guide To Finding Your Home, as if the one about making friends in season 14 wasn't enough...
  • And now we have ''Lopez's Guide to Technical Empathy'', which shows the viewer just how much crap Lopez has to put up with because of the Teams' clueless tomfoolery. It turns out to be one massive guilt trip towards Grif to make him speak more Spanish. It doesn't work.
  • Sister is now a real estate agent, selling only the best homes on Earth... which has gone to shit thanks to climate change. Arizona is a Lethal Lava Land, Florida is underwater, the Pacific Northwest is a desolate wasteland, and the Canadian forests are populated by white supremacists.
    • Sister's opinion on greenhouses.
    Sister: It gives you the chance to grow your own food, and the sense that you're better than everyone else for doing so!
    Simmons: I think we just figured out how to make the Earth a better place again!
    Sister: I'll go start making some calls!
    Grif: Try selling them on lava house first. Those dickheads love burning shit!
  • In this one, the Reds and Caboose show how you should act while traveling. It's a miracle they're allowed anywhere. Of course, it starts with Donut being upset when he finds out nobody noticed he was on vacation for a few weeks.
    Donut: I talked about it for months! You helped me get tickets to the Louvre!
    Grif: That doesn't sound like me... at all.
    Donut: Simmons drove me to the airport!
    Simmons: Uh, it doesn't ring a bell.
    Donut: Oh my gosh. You guys were supposed feed my cat! Whiskers!
  • Sarge spells out some hard truths for all of us. Only it turns out that the rest of the Blood Gulch Crew lured him up onto the podium so they could do a "friend-tervention" (Not a roast). Highlights include:
    • Sarge changed the notification tone on Donut's phone to the "ping" of a live hand grenade.
    • Sarge also coined the term "active bitch face" for Carolina.
    Sarge: (To Carolina) "And you kicked my ass. I think we're even."
    • As usual, Sarge has no idea what Lopez is saying. Which is ironically the thing that Lopez is complaining about.
    Lopez: (I am in Hell, and he is the Devil.)
    Sarge: No hablo el spanish-o!
    • His recommendations to Washington for improving the quality of the show include Sarge getting a leather jacket, marrying a stripper, dreaming that a mad scientist has stolen his "coolness"...basically, as Wash himself puts it, reruns of Happy Days with Sarge in the role of The Fonz.
      • Appropriately, said list includes Sarge jumping a shark.
    • Simmons steps up to the podium, only for Sarge to tell him to sit back down before he can say anything.
    • And then Grif takes the stand. Let's just quote this one word-for-word, shall we?
    Grif: He is the worst thing about my life.
    Sarge: Why, thank you so much! But I didn't get you anything...
    Grif: I wish him specific harm. Like a thousand years of Groundhog Day, but for a looping period of 20 seconds.
    Sarge: Ha ha! Catch 22! Any hell without you is heaven!
    Grif: You know what? I give up. My eyes were bigger thank my fucks on this one. (sigh) he won't change.
    • Cue Caboose taking the stand...and, well, Cloud Cuckoo Lander that he is, he can only think of nice things to say about Sarge.
    • And hilariously, this pisses Sarge off because he thinks Caboose doesn't know the first thing about him. He goes on to list all sorts of his own personal flaws, including:
    Caboose: I'd dance now, but our budget can't afford it!