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Red vs. Blue Novelizations, by BentleyGirl

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Nine Knackered Souls
  • Synopsis: MLP:FiM and RVB crossover. Post RvB revelation. After a freak accident sends them to Equestria, the Red and Blue teams must join forces with Ponyville to find a way back home and defeat an old nemesis.

My Little Caboose Blue Is Magic by DarkWing
  • Recommended by Nightelf37, coltrap and RLYoshi
  • Synopsis: What happens when Sarge and Caboose finally get Church out of the Epsilon unit? Caboose decides he wants a turn in the Epsilon unit and inserts himself into the device. Much to Church's surprise, it works. What place does Caboose end up? Well, let's just say he always said he wanted a pony and now he has a whole world full of them...
  • Note: The start of this is from the season finale of the ninth season of Red vs. Blue.
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  • Red Vs Blue Reaction by UknownHero
    • Recommended by Nightelf37
    • Synopsis: The Reds & Blues in one room? Fine. The Reds and Blues in one room with Wash, Tex and Carolina? Worse, but still fine. The Reds, Blues and the Freelancers stuck in a room with nothing to do but watch RWBY? Yeah, not so great. The fact that they're all from different time periods doesn't help…
    • Tags: Rated M
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  • General Fics

    Red Vs Blue Revenge of the robots by DuoJagan
    • Recommended by Jarell88
    • Synopsis: It's your favorite RvB characters, in a bit of a Star Wars parody. Red and Blue team just each got 500 marines. Think clone troopers. Hilarity ensues.
    • Comments: Everyone stays in character, to the point that, if it were possible to film like this in game, this fic could be a valid script for one of the episodes. Set somewhere between episodes 70-72.

    The Prodigal Son by MissZahrah
    • Synopsis: A fanfiction following mostly Agent Maine(aka the Meta) and his AI Sigma during the slow breakdown of Project Freelancer.
    • Comments: Great writing, lovable original Characters, admirable grasp on the existing Characters, drama, humor, tears, joy, suspension AND it is finished. Just cancel all your meetings and go on an Archive Binge.

    • recomended by indexer
    • one shots showing the perceptions different characters have of Washington
      • notes:only through season ten, one scene is non cannon.

    Good Luck With Your Empty Base and Your Raging Insanity by Wilde_Shade
    • Recommended by weisquared, SomeoneImSure
    • Synopsis: Sister has an existential crisis, parties with Donut, and fights some zombies. But everything doesn't necessarily happen in that order... or at all.
    • Comments: This story gives a take on what happens to Sister during the Recollections arc. It's well written, firmly rooted in canon (well, canon filtered through Sister's brain) and does a great job capturing Sister's rather unique mental processes.

    In Epsilon by ChesterFemme
    • Recommended by weisquared
    • Synopsis: Locked in the Epsilon Unit, Church relives the slightly altered events of Blood Gulch while he waits for Tex to find him.
    • Comments: This story covers what might have happened with Church after the Recollections arc. It does a good job capturing the almost wistful tone Recollections ended on and creating a story that sounds as if it would have fit as an episode in the arc. (Full disclosure: I requested this story during the Yuletide fic exchange. Also, it's not strictly gen, but the author classified it as gen, so I'm putting it in this section.)

    field guide to the undead by skywalker05
    • Recommended by Dolt Boy
    • Synopsis: Imprisoned on Coruscant, Wash ruminates on how he got there.
    • Comments: Star Wars crossover, in that it's that universe populated by RvB characters, mixing plot elements from both. It fits together astonishingly well. That said, it's very dark and serious in tone, so don't expect the jokey side of RvB when you read it. Brief, but it really sticks in the mind.

    "Red vs Blue Fanfiction PSA" by Mrfipp

    That Implied Necessity by skywalker05
    • Recommended by omegaman
    • Synopsis: A Red vs Blue miscellany filled with drabbles, prompt responses, and the occasional crossover. Wash/CT, Church/Tex, Sarge/Tex, York/Carolina, gen, etc..
    • Comments: A wonderful collection of short stories. Highly recommended if you have some time to kill. skywalker05 really captures the Freelancers' characters so well. Actually, all of skywalker05's fics are good, and worth checking out.

    Weapon of the Times by starkraving
    • Recommended by Sparrows
    • Synopsis: Remember that it was a time of war, that you were made for war, that you were made exceptionally well for war. But, if nothing else remember this: Maine is not your first code name. You should tell your story from the start — let's begin with the SPARTAN-II Program.
    • Tags: If descriptions of violence or medical procedures disturb you, it may be a good idea to give this one a miss.
    • Comments: As the summary suggests, this is Maine's backstory following the idea that prior to Project Freelancer, he was a SPARTAN. Written in second-person, Maine's thoughts and actions feel very true to what we saw of him in canon and both the combat and normal prose feel fluid and immersive. The linked work is merely part one of what is so far a three-part series; all chapters are of exceedingly good quality and there are constant references to Halo canon, though not to the point where someone unfamiliar with the details would be locked out of enjoying this fic. All-in-all, excellent so far and something worth keeping up with.

    Murderer's Row by Violent-Medic
    • Recommended by: JennPulse
    • Pairings: Primarily Church/Tucker, Grif/Simmons and Doc/O'Malley, with glimpses of others such as Tex/Church and Sheila/Lopez.
    • Synopsis: A prison AU featuring nearly all of the Red vs Blue cast members (And certainly the main ones). The interlacing story arcs and character relationships are enough to make one's head spin... in a good way.
    • Tags: Warning for some very graphic, gory violence, implied non-con (explicit if you read one of the related one-shots) and occasional character death.
    • Comments: This fanfiction acts more like a novelized television series; with great characterization acting in acts of drama, suspense, and usually humor. As of now, there are over a hundred installments along with a second series of character history and a series of one-shots. There are many pairings here, nearly all homosexual, but kept either brief or near invisible. Or at least placed in scenes that can be easily skipped. If you have a few hours, this troper recommends a healthy dose of an Archive Binge - if there is such a thing.

    Locks and Keys by agent_florida
    • Pairings: York/Delta with glimpses of Church/Tex and Wash/Epsilon
    • Synopsis: An AU where the AI characters, instead of being computer programs, are human. This story follows York and Delta in a mystery-like plot, uncovering secrets about Project Freelancer.
    • Comments: The main pairing in this work is homosexual. Sex is used as a plot point, but can be skipped while keeping the integrity of the story. Although this work is an AU, it seems that every effort has been put forth to reference or include as many canon events as possible. As an added bonus, the author has stated that the AU will be continued in future works, including Love and Logic.

    Do Cyborgs Dream Of... Meatpuzzles? by Violent-Medic
    • Recommended by Queen of France
    • Pairings: Simmons/Grif
    • Synopsis: A story about Simmons and Grif adjusting to their life as a cyborg and a meatpuzzle, respectively, and how their relationship has changed.
    • Comments: A closer look at a throwaway joke that really should have been elaborated on, a fantastic grasp of the characters, and a really heartwarming, realistic relationship between the two.

    Promise by gromit41187
    • Recommanded by SomeoneImSure
    • Pairings: York/Carolina
    • Synopsis: They say things come back to haunt us. Whether it's good or bad, that's for the person to decide. Timing is everything. So are the memories that accompany it. But what happens if your missing two years of your life and suddenly things come crashing back in an old converted pelican?
    • Comments: An alternate universe where York lives but goes into hiding and Carolina finds out that she had a baby when she had disappeared for two years.