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Trivia: Red vs. Blue
  • Actor Allusion: The "Off The Charts" PSA displays pictures and bios of the "manliest" members of the Rooster Teeth community, including actual Rooster Teeth team member Gus Sorola. Sarge questions whether Gus should even be in the "manly" montage at all, to which Simmons (voiced by Gus) hurriedly rushes to assert that Gus is indeed very manly, adding an even greater level of metafiction to the already very meta PSAs.
    • A more subtle one in the Point/Counterpoint PSA on tattoos. Church (Burnie) argues against getting tattoos while Grif (Geoff) argues for tattoos. In real life Burnie has no tattoos while Geoff is covered with them.
    • In Season 11, Grif's teleport cubes get compared to Pokeballs from Pokémon. Grif's hostile response mirrors Geoff's attitude towards the series whenever it's brought up.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: A surprising amount including Ed Robertson and Elijah Wood.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Blood Gulch Crew" for the Reds and Blues that originated from Blood Gulch's team.
    • The Mysterious Blue Guy was the most widely accepted nickname for the blue-armoured Freelancer of unknown identity in the prequel sections, who turns out to be Agent Florida, better known as Captain Flowers.
    • Felix from Season 11 was named "Sunkist Mcscouty" or "Pumpkin Patrol" due to his Scout helmet and orange striped armour.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: While most of the cast is from the Rooster Teeth office, there are quite a few from outside of it:
    • Captain Flowers is voiced by Barenaked Ladies lead singer Ed Robertson.
    • You'd probably never guess that Washington is Kuroudo Akabane.
    • Recovery Command as Pilot 479. However, this seems to be intentional.
    • The grunts who argue for a bit and then die in Season 9 are often voiced by Smosh. They both returned for the trailer for Season 11, albeit as different characters.
    • Elijah Wood voices the AI Sigma in Season 10.
    • The two Gatling Good mooks are voiced by Michael Jones (of Rage Quit) and Lindsay Tuggey (his then-girlfriend, now wife), Rooster Teeth employees.
      • Lindsay taking a larger role as the leader of the rebels on Chorus.
    • Private Jones (from S6E3) is voiced by Gavin Free, a Rooster Teeth employee and one of the regular Achievement Hunters.
    • Other people from around Rooster Teeth are also littered around. Ray, Kerry, Ryan, etc. all appear as characters with only a line or two.
    • The Season 12 lieutenants are voiced by Brandon, Barbara, Kerry and Ryan, and Ray and Michael appear as soldiers helping edit training videos.
  • Playing Against Type
    • Elijah Wood as the evil, creepy Sigma. Mind you, this isn't the first time he's taken up the role of a villain.
    • North Dakota is a fairly serious guy. His VA is a professional comedian.
    • Miles Luna, who played Jaune Arc in RWBY, plays the very much badass Felix. Moreso in Season 12, when he turns out to be one of the bad guys.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Gavin Free was originally just a fan of series from the beginning, but took over from Burnie Burns as director for Relocation (the miniseries between Seasons 6 & 7), as well as for all of Season 7 itself.
    • Hilarious Outtakes: There's an audio clip of "Gavino" reading The Director's letter from the Reconstruction Trailer, before Burnie interrupts, clarifying that he didn't want him to be "The Director for the season" he wanted him to "direct the season".
      Gavin: "Oh... Oh. I get it. My- So I should just-"
      Burnie: "Get the fuck out of the booth, okay?"
    • In another direction, the RvB franchise getting nods in the various Halo titles, the biggest being the 'Password Forgetting Marine' Easter Egg in Halo 3 which features RvB voice actors, though they are not officially their characters, but are pretty clear who they are. The voices and dialog depend on the difficulty level:
      • Normal: Tucker and Doc.
      • Heroic: Simmons and Grif.
      • Legendary: Church and Caboose.
  • What Could Have Been: Doing the Animated Adaptation was an ambitious idea, but the crew just didn't have the money and time for it. They also didn't like the fact that someone else had to do the animation, so they couldn't do it in-house.

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