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This page is for the YMMV tropes of Red vs. Blue.

  • Base-Breaking Character: Agent Carolina. One sides sympathizes with her, pointing how she was the victim of the Director's manipulations as well as betrayal by her teammates. They also appreciate her relationship with York and were saddened that they were never able to get together. The other side hates her for being a Jerkass in the present day to the Reds and Blues as well as blaming her for everything that went wrong with Project Freelancer, even if it wasn't her fault.
  • Better Than Canon: Many fans consider the increasingly dark and intricate plots to be better than those of Halo.
  • Broken Base: The Season 13 PSA about trigger warnings resulted in a pretty instant, pretty messy split between three camps: Those who felt the episode was hilarious for lampooning the Political Correctness Gone Mad tendencies of some trigger warning users (As well as pointing out how these people make it hard to take real triggers seriously thanks to their overusage of them for mundane things), those who don't find the jokes funny due to the reason behind trigger warnings in the first placenote , and those who didn't care either way for the episode, but found it in poor taste to release something so controversial despite knowing and lampshading the Internet Backdraft it would cause, given RT's own very anti-politics-on-site nature. Then there's the smaller camp who found the intense reactions from both sides ridiculously over sensitive or hypocritical, regardless of if they themselves liked or disliked the video AND regardless of their own opinion on trigger warnings.
    • When the series should have ended. Some say season 5 since it gives a sincerely sad ending to an hilarious series about how pointless everything was. Season 10 with the lore and formula having been deconstructed and reconstructed, backstory having been explained and characters having been tested to its limits. Season 13 with the chorus arc giving fresh air to the franchise and proving it can work in an overall new setting. And then there's season 14
  • Complete Monster:
    • The CEO of Charon Industries, Malcom Hargrove, aka the Chairman, is one of the biggest villains in the series, and among its most evil. Even before his villain reveal, his investigation on the Director of Project Freelancer goes too far when he releases Agent Washington, who had no hesitation to kill the Reds and Blues at that point, and the Meta, a known criminal who killed Freelancers for their equipment and A.I.s, from prison to hunt down Epsilon, who was currently in possession of the Blue Team. He finds alien artifacts the planet Chorus, so in order to collect them, he hires a group of Space Pirates to kill everyone on the planet by manipulating them into a Civil War. He sends ships containing cargo for the mercenaries to use to the planet, where the mercs kill everyone on the ship and steal the cargo for their own use. When the mission is in jeopardy, he threatens to kill his two lead mercs Locus and the below character by sending a new agent to finish the job. When he is exposed, he decides to kill as many of the Chorusans as possible out of spite, rather than surrender.
    • Felix, real name Isaac Gates, one of the Co-Dragons to the aforementioned character, is just as bad. When he fought in the Great War, he never showed any mercy to his enemies, even those that were trying to surrender. When one of his teammates, Locus, was broken by the war, Felix kept him from getting help and dragged him along because he knew that he couldn't survive without his partner, despite hating him. When he was hired by his boss to create a Civil War on the planet Chorus, the mercenary took his job too far by infiltrating one the sides because he thought it would be fun for them to trust him while not knowing that he was leading them to their deaths while mocking them for trusting him. He also leads the raid on prison ship where the entire crew is killed and the prisoners who are not worthy to join forces with him ejected from the ship. When word comes out about the Purge, He is unable to resist being the one to personally kill off everyone, showing that he doesn't care about the orders and more about just killing for the hell of it. When the Purge temple is destroyed, Felix pointlessly goes after the Reds and Blues just so he can kill them.
  • Cry for the Devil:
    • For all the Director's horrific war crimes, manipulation, large-scale Mind Rape, and callusness towards everyone, his love for Allison is his one sympathetic quality that reminds you he was once a decent human being. In the season 10 finale, his breakdown into a hopeless, broken shell of a man is one of the saddest moments in the series.
    • Despite his years of killing and ruthless pragmatism, Locus is a troubled soldier still suffering Post-Traumatic Stress after the Covenant war, bullied into a killing machine by his commander and Felix.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Quite a few, as to be expected of a series running since 2003.
    • Lopez, among the original BGC crew. Since the ensemble cast is such that all of them could be considered main characters, save everyone's favorite Mexican robot. The sheer oddness of the concept, combined with his extremely sarcastic and fatalist mindset provide some of the best jokes in the early seasons.
    • Agent York and his AI partner Delta, introduced in the "Out of Mind" miniseries. York's grumpy if amiable charm and Delta's general intelligence and Not SO Above It All moments made them really stand out in a series that at the time was starved for competent characters. Despite the fact that both were killed off by the end of a series that only lasted fifteen minutes, the writers seemed to agree as Delta was brought back every chance they got, giving him a significant amount of speaking lines in most seasons after.
    • Sister and Junior. They were introduced in the late beginning of season 5 and didn't get much screentime or a lot to do by the writers, despite their potential to shake up the group dynamic. They were promptly Put on a Bus for the longest time, furthering the sentiment as both were presumed dead for years. There's hope yet, as they're confirmed alive and well in the season 13 finale.
    • CT, both the original and her successor had a comparatively small amount of scenes in the prequels, but when the extent of their tragic relationship was revealed that ended with one hell of a beautiful love ballad, it surprised and saddened many that didn't think the show could be so warm and emotional.
    • More or less every soldier with a name in both the New Republic and Federal Army of Chorus, and even those that aren't such as the medic girl who occasionally spoke. In particular, the rookie squad, and even of those, Katie Jensen received a lot of attention for her Adorkable qualities. The other standout is Dr. Emily Grey, who's bubbly personality and psychotic madness was beloved by the fanbase, even those that didn't like the Chorus cast.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Pick a Red Vs Blue fanfiction, any Red vs Blue fanfiction, if it even vaguely involves romance in some way chances are good that Grimmons will either be the main, secondary or supporting couple of said fic.
    • Tuckington (Tucker and Washington) also become pretty popular in the fandom after the events of the Chorus Civil War arc. It helps that the two spend almost all their time together during that arc and at least some of Tucker's motivation to become a better soldier is to rescue Wash after he's kidnapped at the end of season 11.
    • Carolina/Wash and Carolina/York are also very popular, even though the latter dies before he could ever reveal his feelings.
  • Fountain of Memes: More often then not, expect Caboose to be quoted by fans of Red vs Blue.
  • Fridge Logic: In Season 2 Lopez and Sheila leave a note at Blue base to meet in the centre of the canyon at 0600 hours - the same time and place they were meeting the Reds. The note is written in binary. Church can read it. Justified in that he is actually an AI program himself, and will be able to understand binary script.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Caboose's Image Song I'm Your Best Friend was once a heartwarming single about Caboose's happiness about being near Church. Come season 13's ending, the song is nothing but sadness since Caboose will likely never see Church again. And he was already The Woobie to begin with.
  • He's Just Hiding: With the show's habit of going from Death Is Cheap to Deader Than Dead in suitably serious moments, you can see why there's so many examples.
    • Many fans don't buy the Meta's Disney Villain Death and believe he will make a reappearance. As of Season 13, Maine is confirmed dead but his empty armour is in the possession of Malcolm Hargrove. Many episodes were spent hammering in the fact that yes, he's indeed dead, and the Meta died the moment the EMP wiped out all the original AI fragments.
    • The Freelancers get this a lot. After spending two seasons characterizing them with their own flaws and friendships that made them very likable, they're still doomed to die in either ignoble, humiliating deaths and some fans really still hold out hope that some will make a reappearance, unlikely as it seems.
    • At the end of season 13, Epsilon defragments himself in order to create new AI that can manage Tucker's suit, effectively erasing him from existence. Since this isn't the first, second, or even third time an incarnation of Leonard Church has died, many fans were hoping this would be another bluff. Unfortunately for said fans, he's confirmed to be Killed Off for Real.
    • The same holds true for Texas/Allison, even if Epsilon Church made sure to delete her from his mind, ensuring she could never come back as a part of him. The Director seemed to have another copy lying around, but all of his works were explicitly destroyed by his own order. This is just as well, since the memory of Allison is exhausted being constantly brought back.
    • Some fans still believe Felix is alive against all odds and show established laws of nature. The temples confirmed he was dead as Locus was able to wield the key that could only be used by a true warrior once the previous was dead. Considering Donut already died and came back once or twice everything's possible.
    • You can also add the Triplets. While it's never stated they're dead, the fact that they were left on a baron planet with a trio of enemies that has a limited supply of food and alcohol, and Project Freelancer never bothered to send rescue, some fans hope they made it out regardless. Being possible surviving Freelancers and having a canonical lesbian in their group doesn't hurt.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Chairman Hargrove is the CEO of a major corporation who is also a politician. In 2016, Donald Trump, a major businessman, was elected President of the United States. And we will not go any further.
  • Ho Yay: It's gotten to a point where even the creators lampshade it when outside the show.
  • Iron Woobie: Tex consistently fails at whatever she's trying to do, not that it stops her from trying or being a badass while doing so. Same can be said of Carolina and Wash, who go on to learn from the past and resolve to put their mistakes behind them.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "It's a legitimate strategy!" (Camping.)
    • That was the worst throw ever. Of all time.
  • Moe:
    • Caboose, for his childish personality and incredible display of stupidity. His upbeat nature and suffering a lot throughout the series make him endearing rather than annoying.
    • Wash, whenever he can relax and have fun, especially so in his younger days in Freelancer flashbacks.
    • Jensen's just so darn cute, even if we can't see her under the armor. It's the lisp.
    • This account's for Theta's popularity. In a series full of Black Comedy, characters who are too dumb to live, casual abuse, and general suffering, the fact that he's a cute AI with the personality and voice of a little kid is just precious.
  • Periphery Demographic: A lot of RWBY fans, especially the YouTube reaction/reviewer community have discovered Rv B on the off-season when they needed content to react to/review.
  • Seasonal Rot: While there's still some good jokes to be found, seasons 4 and 5 are considered the period of the series when it was in a rut, and the Blood Gulch formula was starting to get stale. The lack of plot for long stretches of time were something of a letdown after the third season had many interesting developments while being just as funny.
  • Sequelitis: Lightly referenced in the gaming PSA.
    Simmons: Join us next time for part 2 of our series: sequels.
    Grif: Parts 3 and 4 are about that, too.
    • Despite this being jokingly referenced, Seasons 9 and 10 became much more popular than the previous seasons ever were, and the Chorus Trilogy is beloved by many fans for taking the series in a fresh direction.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Reconstruction (season 6) was such a drastic jump in quality with it's fairly serious, Darker and Edgier plot and the intimidating villain of the Meta, that it's regarded as the go-to example of Cerebus Syndrome, and in the eyes of several fans just couldn't be topped. Then season 10 one-upped the symphonic metal soundtrack, large cast of characters of both genders, slick, cinematic cg fight scenes that looked more impressive even than 8 and 9's, and wrapping up many ongoing storylines involving the Freelancers that looked like it could've ended the series then and there. Nowadays the Chorus trilogy is another contender with its back to basics approach that set out to have a new plot that had little to do with Freelancer agents, giving a fresh direction that blended drama and comedy seamlessly, and ending with the death of Church.
  • The Woobie:
    • Due to his childlike personality, Caboose gets a lot of sympathy for suffering that the show generally inflicts on its characters. Then there's seasons 13 ending, which has pretty much solidified him as this.
    • Church gets pretty well established as this (well, as a Jerkass Woobie) once his backstory is unveiled.
    • Agent Washington's life is tragedy, plain and simple. Got a lot better after the Recollection trilogy, though.
      • Pretty much anyone from Project Freelancer could be summed up the same way (And most didn't get a happy ending).
    • All the guys have their moments when you just want to hug them like Simmons in Season 4 and 9, Tucker in Season 11 and 12, and Grif when he's being shot at. Even Sarge has a moment of this when he discovers that his career is a lie and both teams exist as cannon fodder.

    Season 14 
  • Awesome Music: The Musical Episode had some great songs, though sadly there were two, technically three. The later rap battle soothed the itch for more great music.
  • Broken Base:
    • The season as a whole. Is it clever World Building that fleshes out why they're here, or a pointless Filler Arc that detracts from the dramatic Bolivian Army Ending of Season 13? "The Brick Gulch Chronicles" and "The #1 Movie in the Galaxy: 3" are particularly divisive, as they are funny as hell but have no connection to the series' events.
    • The art shifts, especially the Telltale Games-esque cel-shading in "Club". Some say it's Awesome Art, while others say it's too far from the series' Halo machinima roots. "Club"'s non-futuristic firearms and Locus and Felix in sharp suits rather than Powered Armor are particularly jarring. Though this seems to have died down some now that the three episodes have aired and turned out to have an amazing story. Many fans are even calling for a spinoff now.
    • The crossover with Death Battle, mostly between the fans of RvB and DB. The RvB fans are quite happy to see a match up that had been denied previously and seeing a battle being done on Death Battle while the DB fans are quite upset over the outcome and the fact that it's another Rooster Teeth-related episode after the divisive match up between Yang Xiao Long and Tifa Lockheart. This died down a good deal after many episodes of the third season have drawn controversial outcomes. In hindsight, Carolina vs the Meta was seen to be more evenly split between advantages, even by those that watched without prier knowledge of RVB.
  • Continuity Lockout: In the first three episodes alone, a wealth of references have been provided that tie many small details from the earliest seasons together that would make all but the hardcore fan confused.
  • Fanon: It's easier to count how many people will question how Sarge is Boomstick's father than not.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: As of episode 4 "Why They're Here", the scene when Alpha Church recounts Tex's attack on Sidewinder comes off as horrifying, if not for the reasons you'd think.
    Tucker: Wait a second.. how do you beat someone to death with their own skull? That doesn't seem physically possible.
    • This also applies to Caboose's Image Song as of episode 15, where we get a taste of the impact of Church's demise.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The episode Fight the Good Fight makes the scene in Reconstruction where Sarge can't comprehend that Grif is a Sergeant even funnier, knowing that they've tried and failed to get that through his head before.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Despite not impacting the overall story or plot of the series, the Merc Trilogy reveals that Locus and Felix's biological names are Samuel Ortez and Isaac Gates, and we see their faces. It's pretty huge, considering very few outside of the Reds and Blues have been fully named, and only the faces of selective Freelancers have been seen.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Codenames.
    • Santos' obsession with wine bars keeps popping up in the Youtube comments.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The background music in "Club" sounds a bit like "Lone Digger" by Caravan Palace.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Episode 16 is a look at what Omega saw when he entered the minds of the Reds and Blues back in Episode 100 of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. And what happens when he gets to Church, who is in fact the Alpha aka whose rage Omega is the embodiment of? He simply finds the setting of Sidewinder familiar and merely gloats that he finally has a body to control. Sure, the implications were there, but it would've been far more interesting to see Omega's reaction to realizing that he was almost rejoined with his "father".