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09:37:24 AM Oct 19th 2012
edited by Peteman
Pulling this due to natter.

  • Unfortunate Implications: Church blows up at the Reds and Blues for seasons of abuse and bickering and is painted as the villain for it, which carries a slight note of an abusive relationship.
    • Except Church is the one siding with the (as far as anyone else knows) mentally unstable woman ordering (not asking ORDERING) them to basically be cannon fodder so that he and Carolina can get their revenge, and then flips out on them when they say 'no'. And then he basically complains at the team mostly for early series stuff, during which time he also got Sarge shot in the head, shot Tucker with a rocket launcher, got Grif and Simmons injured, and likewise inflicted just as much pain and suffering on everyone he was yelling at. And this is after the Reds and Blues have proven their friendship to Church several times by risking their lives to save him, including taking on the Meta solely to save his life. So no, they aren't treating Church like a villain, they're treating him like a friend who is asking them to do something they consider unreasonable, without any explanation as to why they should do it, and then blows up at them when they say 'no'. Does this make Church a bad guy? No, but it does make him someone who is being unfair to his friends, and they aren't being abusive to him by walking away rather than putting up with his abuse.
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