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Church/ Alpha's original (pre-team kill) body was actually a real person
This person was mind raped and tortured until it had no personality of itself, then had Alpha put into him. If this is true, it makes the Director even more of a monster.
  • To add a variation they did use a real person to host the Alpha, who, by the time they implanted him, had no real personality, skill set, or memories left (almost everything had been fragmented off). Post implantation, the Alpha became aware that he was somewhere with all of the bits of personality and information he needed to rebuild himself and started tearing his host's mind apart, integrating all of the pieces into himself and overwriting the rest.
  • Confirmed in part. Yes, Church's body belonged to a person, but there was no need to Mind Rape him (though the process was unbelievably agonizing). Church's natural possession abilities suppressed the victim's mind until he was killed. All of that's left of Private Jimmy are a few positive but ultimately false memories.

Caboose's Flanderization
Caboose seems to be pretty stupid in Season 1, but the real incoherence and Cloudcuckoolander-ness we all know and love starts kicking in by Season 3. Why? Because in Season 2 he actually had four minds inside his head at once: himself, O'Malley/Omega, Tex/Beta, and Alpha!Church. In Season 9, Carolina was implanted with two non-hostile AI units at once with special training to use them and got an accidental Mind Rape out of the deal. Caboose had three HOSTILE AI units at once WITHOUT special training. That might do permanent damage, and maybe leave him with a permanent part of the AI units' personalities. Unstoppable Rage, anyone?
  • This is possibly confirmed, as something comes up in the final scene of Season 13. When Church chooses to break himself down and delete his memories, he leaves the individual A.I. fragments (such as Delta, Theta, etc) behind. In one brief blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse of one shot, you can see the fragments in front of the soldiers, with Carolina's two A.I. units being in front of Caboose, indicating that the members of the group received the A.I. fragments and Caboose received the two.

Red Vs Blue is Halo canon
I know there's no need for it to be, it would just be kind of neat for Bungie to include Rv B in the Halo canon. Looking at peoples arguments against this I've found a few major points, which I will list and dispel here:

1. Everyone is wearing Spartan armor. (A): Of course they are. The show is based around a giant training exercise for Freelancers. Freelancers are just another branch of the Spartan-II program. Wash mentions that there were a number of programs that the military was looking at as a "magic bullet". Whatever part of the Spartan program that John-117 was in just worked. The Freelancer program was just poorly planned, but it would explain why everyone has Spartan armor. What better way to train your troops then putting them up against individuals with similar equipment?

2. Nobody recognizes the Elites. (A): Wrong. Tex and Wyoming do. They attempt to exploit this at the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, but Andy blows them up. The others had probably never seen actual combat experience, as made clear in Revelation. Besides, Grif references Master Chief blowing up the whole Covenant Armada in the first episode.

3. It's too goofy. (A): I disagree, but I'll refute this point anyway. Yes, the first five seasons are goofy. But what starts out as a ridiculous show with excessive amounts of Deus ex Machina to move the plot along becomes a large conspiracy that explains why the beginning was so silly. It was all simulation, and the organization running it had more important things to do than keep up an effective illusion. Plus, everything since the Blood Gulch Chronicles has been played fairly straight. The CHARACTERS are wacky, but the plot is compelling and serious. Plus, it would explain why, despite their apparent ineptitude, several of the characters are really quite good at killing. They were the bottom of their class in one of the Spartan programs, which still places them above regular soldiers.

In conclusion, here's the timeline:

  1. RVB Season 9 (Freelancer scenes)
  2. Halo: Combat Evolved
  3. RVB Season 1
  4. RVB Season 2
  5. Halo 2
  6. RVB Season 3
  7. RVB Season 4
  8. Halo 3/RVB Season 5 (simultaneous)
  9. RVB Reconstruction
  10. RVB Recreation
  11. RVB Revelation
  12. RVB Season 9 (Epsilon Unit scenes)

Halo 4's place on the list probably won't matter because it looks like Master Chief is doing his Lost In Space thing.

(This is the timeline that the below discussion was based on)
  1. Halo: Combat Evolved
  2. Freelancer Program started
  3. Halo 2
  4. Freelancers given training assignments, Church stationed on Sidewinder
  5. Halo 3
  6. All of RVB

    • I agree with your justifications but it's more likely that the Freelancers were an attempt to produce a Spartan-like soldier without having to do all the modifications and training.
      • Huh. That makes pretty good sense. I don't know why I didn't think of that.
      • And for all its poor planning, the Freelancer project worked. Wash and Tex are formidable foes in combat—I'm pretty sure they could put up a decent fight to any Spartan they came across.
      • One note is that the books stated that the Spartan II armor was specifically designed to such a degree that the average person would be ripped to shreds if they used it (think that one poor guy in Iron Man 2 that was trying that prototype knock off). However, the Spartan IIIs which made up most of the cast in Reach were specifically a different branch of ONI trying to "mass produce" the SII project - the SII's were trained from 6 years and deployed when they'd fully matured while the SIIIs were able to use a similar age group but have them going within a few years. It isn't unreasonable to assume that other branches of ONI were trying something similar - and so it's not hard to argue that the Freelancer project falls along that timeline. Keep in mind that the SIIs were deployed for most of the 27 year war so there was plenty of time for these projects to get started.
    • As for the time line, we know that Recreation is 15 months (1.25 years) after Halo 3 and that the end of Blood Gulch Chronicles is before Halo 3 because Tex and Wyoming are trying to end the war with Junior. Also, back in episode 1 Grif and Simmons talk about how Master Chief blew up the Covenant armada which happens after Halo:CE. My guess for the timeline is that seasons 1-5 happen sometime after Halo:CE and before Halo 3, with the rest of the series after Halo 3.
    • Makes sense with a few tweaks to the timeline, Project Freelancer had been active for quite some time prior to the start of the series, and some of the timing would be off, more likely Freelancer was established well before Halo 1, the current Blood Gulch crew gets assigned some time after 1, with the series itself taking place shortly before or even concurrently with the events of 2 and 3.
      • I'd actually put the timeline such that the Freelancer project happened prior to the Battle of Reach. In fact, the operations that happened during that project would make a lot of sense happening on Reach itself. Reach was head of ONI who would be the group to want to run the Freelancer program, provide the resources, and provide the minimal oversight that occurred.
    • Also, the Grifball action figure mentions that the sport was invented in 2554. Granted, it's almost definitely non-canon, but I'm just throwing it out there.
      • Which somewhat becomes an issue with this theory in Season 10 because that guard was watching Grifball back during the Freelancer days. Further, the Grifball game featured a team of Elites that were clearly supposed to be from the Elite homeworld - which does far more to hurt the theory that the war is the Covenant war than it hurts the Grifball invention date.
      • OR it was a group of humans in really high tech Elite costumes playing the foreign heel, and Grifball is all Kayfabe.

The Meta is a genetically engineered human and Covenant hybrid.
  • Since Project Freelancer's goals were to seek mankind's survival in a hostile galaxy, the project experimented with various alien/human hybrids, on the notion that Covenant biology was better suited to hostile environments of varying gravity and biological viability. Also, it was to reap the various other benefits of the aliens, such as superior physical strength, and possibly aggression. There may even been plans to engineer sleeper agents that could blend in and infiltrate the Covenant ranks. It's notable that the Meta is larger than most of the cast, and doesn't speak like any of the other humans. The Meta is mostly human, but with enough alien in him to affect his mannerisms and physical build.
    • The biggest problem I see with this is that the Meta is actually Agent Maine, just insane and possessed by multiple AIs, and neither Wash nor Tex ever mentioned anything strange about Maine before he went crazy.
      • LEGO Genetics perhaps? Maybe Maine's modification was to be implanted with Covenant DNA
    • An interesting point is that the Meta appears to be the collection of AIs and not Maine himself, and the size difference may be explained by his armour as it is quite bulky compared to everyone else's. The Alien DNA can be supported through his mannerisms, as well as other things like the feral style that Maine can adopt and the ability to stand up and fight after being shot in the neck. All of these can point to some alien DNA, but there are other ways in which these things can be put in— like the Spartan III program with its painkilling affects (even though Rv B's canonicity is questionable). But he does seem very capable with that brute shot though, and the cast wouldn't have mentioned weirdness because Maine had always been weird and they accepted it and viewed it as unimportant when compared to everything else.

The next season will cover what Tucker and Donut were doing between Blood Gulch and Relocated.
Besides tying up loose ends such as Donut's and Tucker's involvement at the temple, it would let the events of the Recollection trilogy settle better in the minds of the viewers before any continuation of the series proper. Plus, it would give the Rooster Teeth crew time to plan for any future seasons set after Revelation.
During the time jump they only went a few years into the future.
Think about it, how else is it that pretty much nothing had really changed in the jump? It explains how Sheila wasn't all rusted up by the time they arrived and that the war was still going on. Also why would they have started their whole scheme to control the aliens hundreds of years later?
  • This explains how most of Tex's comrades are still alive and they're still cleaning up after the AI disaster.
  • As for Vic Junior, that's just Vic who happens to be lying to them. Considering all the bull he tells them normally it wouldn't be OOC for him to do so. This also explains how he would have had kids if he had a vasectomy.
    • Or, perhaps Vic Jr was an AI, as was implied in the "Thank You For Play The Rv B" ending of Episode 100.
      • IIRC, it was pretty much said he was an AI, by both the Season 5 commentary and the episode where Simmons comes across the computer and interrupts Sarge's comm convo with Vic. Not to mention the words at the bottom of that computer, when made into an acronym, spell something familiar...
  • Also explains how the Red Zealot was still alive
    • To be fair, that one also could be perpetual respawning.
  • Tex briefly mentions that "They've been telling us a lot of lies'' toward the end of the main series.
  • In Reconstruction, during the black box recording of the freighter's final flight, Sheila comments that there's some disparities between her clock and the ship's.
    • That was because that ship belonged to Sister, who experienced her own time jump by going faster than the speed of light. Sheila, however, went into the future the old fashioned way.
      • Then again, Sister is a colossal idiot...
      • Sister did not go faster than light, the problem is she went near the speed of light. Basically the trip seemed to not take long for her since she was traveling at relativistic speeds. Since we don't know how far she traveled it's entirely possible that a couple of days/weeks could be 2000 years for everyone else.
      • Sister didn't jump through time either. The ship as is crashed. It's implied that Wyoming's helmet malfunctioned and threw them forward in time. Note Caboose's "that's why the ship took a year to crash!"
  • Alternately, evidence points towards there being no ACTUAL timeskip, as we've got mounds of evidence that command was screwing with both teams through the whole series. Think—Sheila's clock and the ship's clock have differences, yes? That's because ONE IS UNALTERED—and it ISN'T Sheila. I find it to be a rather easy thought that Vic came in, rewrote Sheila's memory and allowed her to lead them to believe they were correct about the timeskip.
    • Again, confirmed in Revelation Chapter 17. It was Scenario 3.
    • Query: Then how the *** did Church travel to the past if that was an ordinary bomb?
      • Wyoming.
      • Which explains how Gamma was there to meet him.
  • This appears to be confirmed with Episode 4 of Recreation.
  • When Donut explains to the head of Command that they went to the future, (but only had Sarge's lousy reasoning to back up the claim) the head simply stares before dismissing him, implying that never went to the future at all.
    • But if there was no timeskip at all, not even a small one, how'd they all wind up in that random desert? If Gamma's teleportation did that, why'd he send them there of all places?
      • Sarge's time travel logic explains it. First they were surrounded by rocks and snow, then they were hit by a 10-megaton bomb, and then they were surrounded by rocks and sand, and therefore they went into the future. Replace "sent into the future" with "caused all the snow to melt" and there you go. If you don't buy that, maybe the bomb just knocked all of them out and they were transported somewhere else.
      • Or y'know, the explosion launched them to that location, because that's kinda how physics works.

Tex was being sarcastic about her codename being Nevada, and her codename is really Texas.
Tex, being named Tex, saw the stupidity in the question when Tucker asked what state she was named after, and thusly gave the name of a random state, which happened to be Nevada. Her codename is, of course, Texas, since Delta and Wyoming refer to her as either Tex, or Allison, but never as Agent Nevada, in fact Delta says her name is Agent Texas.
  • Yeah I thought that was obvious...
  • Confirmed by a staff member carrying the Word of God (Sponsors-only link).
  • Indeed. The only reason that people ever bought it was because Tex delivered it completely straight-"faced". At the time, it seemed just goofy enough to have happened in the Blood Gulch Chronicles.

Blood Gulch was just a place for the respective armies to send their most worthless soldiers, the ones they wanted to get rid of without resorting to either courts martial or outright murder.
It may be countermanded partially by the revelations of Reconstruction, but this was this troper's working theory since the first season of Rv B. When you consider how utterly useless pretty much every personality on the Red and Blue teams is, it's hard to imagine them all having been put in the same worthless, out-of-the-way place by anything other than a direct intent to remove them from play altogether.
  • Why countermanded? If anything it's strengthened by those events, after all what better place to put The Alpha than in a canyon full of incompetent idiots who couldn't possibly harm it?
  • More or less confirmed by Episode 17 of Revelation.

The Sidewinder incident never happened.
Church's time in Sidewinder mentioned in season one is actually a false memory, created to disguise the original attempt by a number of Freelancers to liberate the Alpha. The many deaths of one particular side, Tex and Omega's presence, Church being left alive, and Church's subsequent relocation shortly there after were, in reality, the results of the attempt to free the Alpha. After the attempt was repelled, Command altered the events greatly, changing them into an original posting gone horribly wrong, before hiding the Alpha away in Blood Gulch
  • But all the Sidewinder Blues are dead, they said so when they went back there in Season 3. Maybe the Sidewinder incident was the attempt to get to the Alpha? Or maybe just another one?
    • This is more or less confirmed in Revelation Chapter 17: Tex tells church that the Alpha was kept in an installation in Avalanche, which is a remake of Sidewinder.
  • Turns out it DID happen; it's just that Church was an incredibly Unreliable Narrator thanks to Mind Rape. The actual Sidewinder incident was shown during the conclusion of Season 10's past.

The event that led to the line "Man, poor Florida" was the episode "Dethgov" in Metalocalypse
In that episode, Nathan Explosion, Dethklok's singer, was elected governor of Florida. (Long story.) By the time he had left office, most of Florida was abandoned, due to a failing economy from inflation, general anarchy, and Hurricane Scrambles the Death Dealer. After all that, perhaps it was decided that Florida was a lost cause and abandoned, which is why Florida was no longer a state, and therefore, many years later, not used as a Freelancer codename.
  • I always thought it was a Star Trek: Enterprise reference. Like how the character named Tucker was the one that got pregnant. Maybe I'm too much of a Trek nerd...

Jason Penopolis grows up, obtains the nickname "Caboose," and joins the Blue Army.
  • Their personalities and voices are just too similar to ignore.

Red vs Blue Reconstruction

The Meta is trying to make an Alpha
Delta said that they would be better describe as "Fragments". The Meta, being a Freelancer, knew about Alpha and is gathering all the AIs; he'll combine them and then have an Alpha. I haven't got what he plans to do with it.
  • Given the behavior of the Meta's AI collection (creepy and not entirely rational), it may be a simple urge to "reunite" all the lost pieces or just become "complete."
    • Or...you know..."Reconstructed."
  • By Recreation, he just wants the AI to power his equipment and make him stronger. This may be the result of Motive Decay, but power may have been all he was ever after.
    • It could be simply put that Maine wants the equpipment to make him strongest, and the AI wanted to join with the others to be the alpha again. An agreement is made and several people and AIs die out of it.
  • Confirmed by Burnie during a user-interview. Maines AI sigma wanted to become the Alpha by reuniting all of the fragments.
    • Which... kinda makes sense in a weird way, I guess. Sigma is creativity, after all, so who better to try and put the Alpha back together?

Junior is going to become the template for Tucker's Kobolds
This has no basis except that it's a diminuitive creature associated with a guy named Tucker, but hell, this is WMG. So, he's gonna develop ingenious traps and snipe at PC races.

Battle Creek was a testing ground for a robot army
In episode 16, there are no such things as ghosts or the supernatural. Which means there probably isn't any such things as soldiers that die and come back to life at the sound of a magical trumpet. They're robots, who's sole purpose is to kill each other over and over to test fighting tactics. The trumpet is what reactivates them, it tells them to reboot. Also, all the robots are run by the AI Sigma. The Alpha is Church, and then we've met Gamma, Omega, Delta, and now Epsilon, but there was one that Washington mentioned that we haven't met yet, Sigma. Sigma represents creativity. What better way to test the creativity part than giving it a bunch of respawning minions and have them kill each other over and over to view different battle tactics.
  • Unless Tex is Sigma. She managed to build Andy, even if the creativity behind that is debatable.
    • Debatable? She built a bomb out of parts from a protocol robot and a vibrator! A bomb that can talk!
    • Good point. I guess she was just a bit... off target on the bomb's personality.
    • What do you mean off-target? Andy's explosive, artificial, and a dick...I feel dirty.
    • Revelation states Tex is an entity unto herself, a representation of Alilson, the Director's long-dead love.
  • I like the theory, but the Sigma part can't be true—Sigma was in Maine, who is now the Meta.
  • I figured it was an automated boot camp. A basic training of sorts for Freelancer-recruits to go through training before entering the program proper. Season 8 already demonstrated that there was some sort of mass production of robots going on, and between Lopez, dos.0 and Sheila, we know that Freelancer was also capable of producing lower-level virtual intelligence, so it isn't much of a stretch that the Battle Creek facility was populated by expendable robots for training purposes.

Meta and Church are gonna throw down at the end of Reconstruction.
Church is the Alpha, who got all the aspects of his personalities ripped apart. The meta is gathering all the personalities, so he's becoming closer and closer to what Church once was. Church is gonna kill him, get the personalities, and become his old self. It should be interesting how this will affect him.
  • On the other hand, this is Church we're talking about, and the combined AIs should add up to a second Church. That probably adds up to more "Geeze, you had to deal with him for THAT LONG?" *** sessions than out and out firefights.
  • Looked less like 'threw down' and more like 'all A.I. folded and merged with Alpha the second he hopped in.'
    • Word of God says that they all got wiped by the "Ehmp" anyway.

The Meta is Tex.
The Meta is said to be agent Maine, but who said Tex didn't simply possess him? Tex can exist without a body, so she must be an AI as well, presumably Sigma. She must be trying to gather all the AI to combine them and reform the Alpha. This could be to aid the Alpha, or it could be to rebel against the Alpha, since Sigma is the one for creativity, it/she could be trying to build a completely independent AI.
  • Considering that The Meta appears at the end of Recovery One, and has been acting since before/around York's death, this isn't very likely. If Tex had been The Meta for that long, she'd have taken Delta for herself already.
    • Confirmed: Tex has made her triumphant return as of Revelation episode 10.

Wash was the original mental template for Alpha.
A.I. have to be an impression of someone's mind. Why not someone already in the Freelancer program? It could explain another angle of his hatred of the Director and the program.
  • Jossed by the finale. The Alpha was based on the Director, the original Leonard Church.

The Meta was the original mental template for Alpha.
Could explain the desire to recombine the Freelancer A.I. Maybe the Meta believed in the beginning that if it could gather and merge all the A.I. it could get its mind back. While unduly aggressive, it actually hasn't killed many people yet - it left Caboose alive and Wash as well when it could have easily killed both.
  • Hasn't killed that many? It slaughtered at least 3 bases.
    • Jossed by the final episode of Reconstruction: Turns out that the above WMG was correct.
      • The response to the above WMG was correct.

Caboose or Grif will kill the Meta
Caboose because, well, if all the fragments are collected it will be a second Church, like said above. Who is the utmost expert in killing Church? Caboose.
  • Grif only is a possibility because Caboose is too predictable. If Wash, Church and Caboose are unable to defeat the Meta, then it falls to the reds. Simmons is too competent, thus unlikely is to. Sarge could, but Grif killing the Meta will only hurt Sarge's mental stability. Thus Grif is the second possibility.
  • Or even better, Caboose possessing Grif kills Meta.
    • Which causes Wash's brain to shut down, due to the proof of the existence of ghosts. And Caboose being immortal, which would freak anyone out.
  • Confirmed, albeit with the assistance of Simmons, with the setup by Sarge, and Washington providing the idea.

Church created an AI Tex using his own memories and Omega's and destroyed Cabooses mind in the process
Caboose was moderately smart before Omega, Church and Tex left his mind. Tex was found in Lopez, who fixed himself right after church left, and Tex is known for having affinity with fixing stuff. "Tex" did not know anything that Church didn't. This Tex was probably temporary. When they joined O'Malley in Caboose's head, iTex merged with the Caboose/Omega's mental image of Tex (Which would have been perfect) Thus, aChurch and iTex inadvertantly "took some of the furniture" when they left.
  • Jossed: The A.I. Tex was created alongside the Alpha, as a byproduct of The Director's memories.

The template for the Alpha was... Church
Church points out in 17 that he has memories of his childhood, the girl back home, ect. He also was in a human body at the beginning of the series. Normally, that would make the Alpha information a little unlikely. However, if Church was the holding place for an AI based off himself, not only would no-one notice on a brainscan, but his transition to "Ghost" would be nearly inperceptable to an observer, personalitywise.
  • Confirmed! Specifically Dr. Leonard Church was the original mind of the Alpha, AKA The Director.

Tex was always an AI.
The series finale revealed that the Alpha A.I. was derived from Dr. Leonard Church, who confessed painful memories of a lost loved one - Tex. When the Alpha was tortured to pieces to create Project Freelancer's A.I. stock, these memories naturally coalesced into a fragment that was a pretty good "echo" of the original Tex. The same techniques used to make the Alpha think he was the original Church were used to make this Tex-fragment think she was the original as well. After all, Wash mentioned how Tex was always the Director's favorite... The pairing with Omega? This is the Director, after all, so nostalgia was likely overridden by curiosity over what would happen when two A.I.s were put in the same shell.
  • Also, as a corollary to the above theory. Not only was Tex an AI, but the reason her "ghost" was missing when Church found her body was because the Meta had already got to her and absorbed her into the whole conglomerate. (Also, concerning the pairing with Omega: that might not have actually been something the Director decided. Omega itself showed a liking for her, continually using its "leap" ability to get back to her even when it had been reassigned.)
    • When the viewer sees the avatars of the A.I.s that the Meta has captured, one of them resembles Tex's "ghost" form.
  • What if Tex was an earlier A.I. All together. Flash-cloned from her dying original form by Dr. Church and kept in storage.
    • Confirmed. She was a byproduct of the AI program based of the Director's memories of a girl he loved who died.
      • She was not created earlier, however. She was a byproduct of the Alpha's creation. The Director's memories were just so strong they took their own form.
      • So yeah, all this is pretty much confirmed. Tex was never a real person, just a memory of Allison.
  • Does that mean Tex is the Beta? It would make sense, since she appears to be the first "fragment" created, heck, her creation may have been what led the Director to thinking they could even make more fragments.
    • No. She wasn't a fragment, she's her own being. She's more akin to a... sister to Alpha. No, that's not right. The Eve to Alpha's Adam.
    • Actually according to Season 10, yes she is Beta.
    • To square that circle: The original Church AI (whatever it was originally supposed to be named) was never active and sane; as soon as they fired it up it went nuts and split into two separate AI fragments, arbitrarily dubbed the alpha and beta fragments. As it turns out, the beta fragment was full of his feelings of loss, failure, and general inadequacy tied to his lover and her death in combat, while the alpha fragment was basically Danny Devito.

Church survived the EMP blast.
The EMP was said and shown to knock offline and erase all computer systems - but "ghost" Church seems to be a free-floating hologram rather than being stored in any kind of computer system, so it wouldn't affect him. Being in the process of possessing the Meta at the time might kill this theory, but since the AIs were so important to him, he might have upgraded his AI modules with some kind of EMP protection.
  • This makes a lot of sense. An A.I. in and of itself can't possibly be an electronic life form that needs computers to survive, or else he wouldn't be able to survive without a body (which has has done for long stretches of time before.) Even assuming he's the only one who can sustain himself like that he could easily merge the others into him and jump out of the Meta. Since A.I. are based on human brains, they're not likely to suffer any more damage than a human could providing they could sustain themselves - which he can. The EMP only knocks out electronics after all, and no one has ever said that the A.I. are electronic themselves, simply that they need electronics to live in...most of them anyway.
  • Given that there was a preview of the animated RvB series featuring Church, Grif, and Simmons at PAX, his survival, should the upcoming series be a true sequel, seems assured.
  • Jossed: Despite being seen in the Revelation trailer: Word of God confirms him as erased, along with the rest of the A.I., when the EMP went off.
  • Season 10 confirms that he wasn't free floating, just projecting himself from his teammates' armor. Apparently had one heck of a range, or he subconsciously transferred to other people (such as when he infiltrated Red base).

Church will become the single most badass being in the entire RvB universe.
The Reconstruction finale showed the other AIs all merging into Church as he moved to possess the Meta. Much earlier, Washington had mentioned that those AIs are what allow the Freelancers to make effective use of their armour's special abilities in the first place. Thus, if Church could get a proper possession of the Meta, he could make just as much use of all the special abilities, which is one of the things that made the Meta so powerful in the first place. Add in the fact that the combination of that many AIs in one place would actually be a reintegration of Church's personality, rather than insanity-inducing as it was for the Meta, and that just makes him more dangerous.
  • In this troper's opinion, that already happened with "And I...am a motherfucking ghost."
  • Jossed, unfortunately. The EMP saw to that.
    • Well, while it did kill off Alpha-Church, Epsilon Church is getting pretty damned awesome. He's beginning to unlock a lot of Freelancer's old files via memory, and as of Season 10, episode 12, he's currently inside CAROLINA.

The AI Sigma will be explored more thoroughly in a sequel series, and will have been used similarly to Alpha with at least one other AI split off from it.
That Washington made specific mention of Sigma when talking about how Alpha was broken up, rather than any of the other already-known AIs, suggests that it's somehow important and will be revisited. 'Creativity' is already a fairly broad label for a split-persona, and Sigma has the possibility of "lunate sigma" being used as a plot-point.
  • Perhaps the Sigma AI has been isolated and is used for devising stratagems or simulated combat scenarios?

The AI Psi will be revealed to possess Psychic Powers.
C'mon. What creator could possibly resist that kind of a pun?

Church IS a ghost. The Director is the Alpha
Isn't it a bit odd that Wash, when the computer node for the director comes up, acts like he's talking to the Director in person? And Church had a girl back home who WASN'T Tex. Could it be that Church is the ghost of the template for Alpha, which was used to direct the project as a precautionary measure?
  • Jossed.

Church's "original" body (the one that Caboose team-killed) was a Freelancer.
Every other AI was partnered with a Freelancer - Omega/Tex, Gamma/Wyoming, Delta/York and so on. Why should Alpha be any different? However, because of Alpha's natural possession ability and heavily-fractured personality, said Freelancer was shunted far into the back, with only Church in any real control. To fit with Alpha being the most important AI, this Freelancer's armour ability would have been among the most powerful. Unfortunately, since a consequence of this ability was a weakness to tank fire, we never got to see it in action.
  • His codename? "Florida".
    • Jossed. Florida was Captain Flowers.
      • While still jossed, there is an interesting hiccup: while Florida was not Church, Florida did choose Church's host body.

The "girl back home" Church mentioned didn't exist.
She was actually just a residual memory of the loved one the original Director lost. Because of the fragmented and limited nature of the memories, he doesn't remember her death.
  • Alternatively, he was just lying. I always thought he was referring to Tex though, because whether or not she cared about him (which she seemed to have) he certainly cared about her.
    • Wait, if Tex was the girl back home, how the heck could she be the wedge that prevented Church from marrying the girl back home?
    • The exact quote was "You uh, you remember that girl I told you about back home? Well, let's just say that Tex is the real reason why we never got married." Meaning that it was because of Tex that he and Tex never got married - which makes perfect sense.
      • "I never said I hated Tex. I just said that she was the reason we never got married."
      • It always seemed pretty obvious to me—he may have wanted to marry her, but can you see Tex agreeing to get married? Alternately, they didn't get married because she went off to become a Freelancer. Remember at this point he still hasn't revealed that Tex is female. Of course, from later events, we now know that there never was a "back home" for either Tex or Church...

The Red Vs Blue war was a training program for Freelancers.
Consider that every Freelancer we've seen is strange in some way. Wyoming was an Amoral ***, Wash obviously has some deep seated issues(That may or may not have predated the implantation of Epsilon, Maine apparently got it into his head to gather all the A.I.s together despite likely knowing the failure that was before. All The Freelancers, in one way or another, are all Bunny Ears Lawyers. They are quirky but also incredibly competent in one way or another. Now consider who the only two truly competent soldiers in Blood Gulch were, due to some hidden skill. Tucker was a crack shot with incredible eyesight and observational skills which he Claims were because of his never getting his hands on the sniper rifle. Donut has a great throwing arm and great endurance in foot travel. They were selected by Command and Project Freelancer for some purpose yet unknown, though we do know that Tucker was sent to look for something after his cameo in Reconstruction.
  • Sarge was likely meant to be recruited when he refused his relocation orders. His skill with machinery and robotics being obviously examples of his disproportionate abilities.
    • Well, it's technically true. Delta has referred to the Blood Gulch soldiers as Simulation Troopers. Even if they weren't necessarily recruiting, they were using them as target practise (or hey, maybe both! The ones that survive and thrive get inducted into the Freelancer program while the ones that don't... typically die in this live fire exercise).
      • Actually, the Blood Gulch Outposts were used to test new military hardware, hence the presence of the Robot Kits, the "Motorcycle", the Wraith and the freelancers dropping in all the time.

The Director is Epsilon.
At the end of Reconstruction 19 The Director says his mind is more full of memory than hope. Epsilon is memory. He would have all the memories of Leonard Church later on as well. We never see The Director. Epsilon could be transmitting his voice as The Director. It's possible something happened to the real Director and Epsilon was the only one who had the capability to take over due to having the memories. That would also explain why The Director is so set that he did nothing wrong in torturing Alpha since he was torturing himself - Epsilon IS Alpha, or his memories anyway, which means he did torture himself in a roundabout way. Other A.I. in universe aren't considered the same person as they are cloned off of, so why would Alpha be any different? To refer to Alpha as himself, The Director might be a shard of Alpha, i.e. the only one who had the memories of both the torture and the justification behind it. He also seemed to understand perfectly when Wash knew what was going on ("It was Epsilon, wasn't it.") almost as if he expected it. Plus why would Epsilon have the codes to activate the failsafe? Those wouldn't have been set until the A.I. were a confirmed danger, which was why Epsilon was removed from Wash. Why would Epsilon have the codes unless he had set them? Also, The Director wasn't bothered that he was going to be arrested because he knew The Chairman couldn't find him - because he's at Blue Base in Valhalla with Caboose about to be implanted into a body.
  • Jossed. The Director speaks directly (face-to-face) to Washington in Recreated. Naturally, we only see him from behind, but we can still see that there's a body.
    • But wait. That was the Chairman, not the Director.
    • But The Director himself tells the Chairman that if he sends his men to arrest him, "they won't find themselves a fight. They will only find an old man [...]" The fact that The Chairman tried to put him on trial suggests they were able to find him.

Epsilon is in Caboose
Caboose's erratic behaviour, sudden intelligence, and sudden...creepiness in Relocated, as well as the way he snuck up on Simmons and spied on the Reds is definitely not like him. Thus he could have implanted Epsilon into himself rather than into Tex's old body—as he has done something with Epsilon by the end of 'Reconstruction'', but Tex's body is still uninhabited.
  • Not quite. Epsilon was still in the storage unit. Caboose was simply talking to him, possibly receiving instructions on what to do.

Church upon fusing with the Meta is Jesus
He is the Alpha and the Omega. (And several others as well, but that's beside the point.)

Tucker is part Alien now
Superhuman hearing and eyesight? Badass sniping skills without any prior experience with a sniper rifle? Take note that these things happened after Junior was born. Something tells me the Alien did more than just impregnate Tucker with a parasitic embryo.
  • More or less confirmed in Recreation. Tucker mentioned that he's "somewhere between Alien and Human".
    • I thought he was talking about himself and Junior.
      • Same here. It seemed that the pair of them represented a union between the two races.

The Church and and Tex seen in the Recreation Trailer are not the normal Tex and Church we know
In middle of the trailer for Recreation, a white Church is seen observing the reds, who then meets up with Tex to observe Caboose. It should be noted that neither of them act normally. Tex is very nice and caring toward Church, and while Church isn't exactly positive, his words lack their usual air of Caustic Snark. This has lead me to believe that neither of them is exactly as they were. My two leading theories are that either these are the "Ghosts" or some other preserved form of the Original Leonard Church and Tex (Who the AI ones we know were based off of), or that Church is the recombined "Alpha-Church", hence his much less sarcastic attitude, and the Tex we see is either her AI Ghost (No idea why she's so nice if this is the case) or some sort of "spun-off" AI from him, either from his recovered memories of Original Tex, or a simple construct he's made so he's not constantly by himself.
  • Less sarcastic? his first line in the trailer is a sarcastic "Oh great, I'm sure THIS will turn out well.", followed up by insults directed at the Reds, a fervent wish that he had died fighting something cool or "in a sorority blowjob massacre", and even more insults and sulky lamentations regarding Caboose. Him and Tex seem to be slightly nicer to each other, but this could easily just be character development... Especially since at the very end, they're still snarky with each other, with Church sarcatically thanking Tex for her lacklustre input, and Tex insisting he's the only one to blame (presumably because Dr. Church designed her AI in the first place).
  • Church is very sarcastic. It's just unusually focused on himself and just as unusually filled with a feeling of despair.
    • Which makes perfect sense if he's either depressed due to the discovery of his nature as an AI.
  • Since Word of God confirms Alpha as being deleted by the EMP, that entire aspect of the trailer is rendered non-canon.
    • Actually, it's shown that the Church that survives isn't actually church, but a copy of church that was so accurately remembered from epsilon that it is almost the same, and it is shown that the same happened with the other AI Fragments, as we see Epsilon-Delta taking control.

When he returns Church will not be as awesome as we think he'll be
This came to me a while back, but only in checking this page just now have I remembered. Above, we have a theory that church will become really badass. And yes, this could happen, but coupled with the Recreation trailer, I propose the opposite theory. Being Reintegrated, AI Church is now probably a whole mind again (Minus previous memories, since Epsilon is yet to be recovered), and probably still has the possession thing. However, the Freelancer's abilities all come from armor modifications, so just by being whole, Church has no access to Active Camo, Time Stops or any of those other abilities, since he has no body. One guesses that whatever happened to the Meta has recreated Church accurately enough to essentially pick up right where Alpha-Church left off.

The 'Recreation' in the new series title is actually 'Re-creation'
Meaning something will be recreated for a new war.
  • Most likely referring to Church's mind being recreated- either that, or it means both teams (Red and Blue) will be re-created when Tucker, Donut, Tex, and Church come back.

Wash's plan was not to destroy the other AI in the Meta, it was to steal them
We know Wash dislikes AI. However, the reason he never uses them is because if any of them noticed what is inside his head, he'd be killed for knowing too much. If all of the AI, or at least all of the ones that are good at killing people, were under his control, his life would be a lot easier. If Church and the Meta were pulled into Epsilon somehow, he would have an "inside man" to help him.

The alternate endings for Episode 100 as well as the April Fools stories were all stories that Caboose told Epsilon
Caboose couldn't remember those parts, so he just went ahead and made them up. The correct ending was extrapolated by Epsilon.

Vic is Alpha's tendency to be a dick.
Assuming Vic is an AI fragment, he represents his ability to be a general Jerk Ass without being violent and aggressive. Alternatively, he's his passive aggression while Omega is his active aggression.
  • Either that, or they just looked around command for the most dickish person they could find who wasn't doing anything important and put him in charge of screwing with a bunch of bickering idiots in a backwater canyon in the middle of nowhere, then said: "Have fun."

Sheila was one of the AI Fragments, but not Sigma.
Remember, she first introduced herself to Church as "Phyllis" before changing it to Sheila. She's actually Phi. She's Alpha's technical skill. Consider - he's hit a single target, by accident outside of Wyoming's time loop, and hasn't driven any vehicle or used any technology competently on screen! While Revelation reveals that Sheila is a copy of a program called F.I.L.L.S, pronounced "Phyllis", Project Freelancer was only issued a single artificial intelligence. Sheila/F.I.L.L.S. is easily as capable as other A.I. such as Theta, Delta, or Omega. If they could requisition A.I.-level programs but not A.I. themselves for such projects... why all the futzing around with reverse-engineering split personalities? It's risky, and contrary to the Director's stated results-oriented strategy. (He could be wrong or lying; as he told the Chairman a large part of all of this WAS to punish/redeem himself for letting Allison die, as Dr. Church saw it. )
  • Despite the plausibility of this theory, Phi isn't one the highlighted letters in S 10 E 6, which probably sinks it. However, Alpha and Beta aren't either. Hmm.
  • Sheila's limitations (specifically, her inability to reside in anything smaller than a tank) seem to imply that she was, sadly, just a part of Project Freelancer's (presumed) original goal of developing a man-portable control system for the various armor upgrades.
    • While Sheila was a vast improvement over FILLS, who took a starship to transport, she obviously wasn't good enough for the Project's goals.

Tucker is actually a Freelancer.
When he has the chance to fight, Tucker proves to be as tough as freelancer characters such as Tex and Wash, if not more so. And seeing as he was the only person in Blood Gulch to realise Church was an AI, including Church himself, that probably makes him smartest by default. He just seems too competent to be a regular Blood Gulch soldier.
  • Nope, it's a result of his alien DNA, revealed in Recreation. As for the sword, it's a Halo: Combat Evolved-era sword. In that game, they would disintegrate as soon as the wielder was killed. The sword was "bonded" to Tucker because he was the first to activate it.
  • When did they say that he had alien DNA? "Between aliens and humans" can just refer to the fact that he has that sword and has given birth to an alien. Besides, aliens are mostly just on par with humans.
  • And while he is a cut above his fellow "Simulation Troopers", and probably better than most marines, Tex and Meta still have him outclassed in every way. Given Wash's performance against Tex, he's probably better than Tucker, too.

Tucker's abilities are the result of the sword.
The sword is a religious artifact with abilities beyond simply being a weapon. While it has only definitely shown the ability to work as a key, it granted immunity to temporal manipulation makes more sense than alien DNA, especially since the aliens have never shown that ability themselves. Additionally, having a weapon that can kill or dismember with a single hit makes you much more of a threat in close combat, regardless of skill.

Church will remember what happened in Blood Gulch and Reconstruction, but he'll remember Caboose's version of events.
Epsilon is Alpha's memory, but Epsilon wasn't around during most of the first six seasons. Epsilon only heard Caboose's version of events, which are likely to be completely inaccurate. Epsilon will fill in Church's memory so he remembers what happened to him as the Alpha, but Church will only remember what Epsilon remembers/heard.
  • Confirmed in Recreation ep. 15.
    • Epsilon Church also said he felt his old memories (as Alpha Church) would eventually come back, suggesting that the two (or more) fragment AI haven't properly reintegrated.
    • It seems that by the end of the series, Epsilon has sorted out Caboose's version of events from what actually happened.

The AI are all connected through Epsilon, and Epsilon merely broadcasts them.
You cannot copy an AI, and this is stressed multiple times. However, they managed to fracture one, and it resulted in the Freelancer AI. Since the fractures are still all part of the same AI, they must still have a connection to each other. Wash apparently knows everything about the Freelancer project. This can be attributed to his memory, but also he could have perceived through the other AI. When Epsilon "Killed himself" this was merely another split-off from the original. Fast-forward to Church and Tex. Both have had their bodies blown to pieces and yet somehow their programs weren't even remotely compromised. They could have been broadcasting from their bodies, but I don't think that sounds feasible. If Epsilon was their basis, then that would allow them to survive the explosions entirely undamaged. Next, let's look at the library, when Church was having flashbacks imposed by Epsilon. This is the largest piece of evidence, since they are connected somehow. Finally, Washington wanted to stop the Meta, and probably didn't want to kill Church. If the EMP disrupted Epsilon's signal, then all of the AI that had split would default back to him.
  • The Library scene can be explained by Epsilon being, not just the Alpha's memories, but the personification of memory as an abstract concept. Thus, he can freely absorb and share memories.
  • Confirmed. He does possess memories of all of the AI fragments, which he broadcasts during intense mood swings, as seen in S10, E22.

Church and Tex are both trapped inside the Meta.
  • If we assume that Tex is an A.I, she was collected by the Meta when it acquired Omega and Gamma. Church then fused with it at the end of Reconstruction. However the Meta's personality is not gone and it and Church are currently fighting for control of the body. When we see Church and Tex in the Recreation prolouge, we're seeing things sort of from Church's perspective. Solid body, but with Mark VI armour, not the Meta's. Church heads for Blue base, knowing Tex's body is there, hoping to use it for Tex, encounters Donut and then the Meta's personality takes over. In the last episode of Recreation, Church will regain control (maybe only briefly) just before the Meta kills Donut, Lopez and Simmons.
    • Word of God has confirmed all A.I. present at Freelancer HQ as erased by the EMP, ruling this out.

There are now two Churches
One is still inside the Meta, One is inside the laser-face bot.]]
  • Jossed: See response to above WMG.

The Meta will do a Heel–Face Turn
He currently has Church, the Alpha, in his mind (Assuming the above is true). There's no reason for him to be killing anybody, unless he doesn't know. Church will accept he is the Alpha (as he still currently believes he is "a motherfucking ghost"), and convince the Meta that it doesn't need to kill anymore to find him. Presumably (read: hopefully) the Meta will then kill Washington.

CT is the freelancer Conneticut
CT is a shortened form of Conneticut, and lot's of freelancers have probably gone rogue after Church and Wash trashed command.
  • More or less confirmed by Washington in episode 8 of Revelations.
  • Confirmed: She is called Conneticut by the director in episode 13 of Season 9

One of the AI is Leonard's accent.
The real Leonard Church had a very distinct drawl, but none of the AI did. As the Alpha broke down and became less coherent, it decided that its accent was a liability. One of the Freelancers felt very cheated.
  • This is the best WMG ever. Of all time.
  • Sarge anyone?
    • I think it's been pretty conclusively stated that Sarge isn't an A.I.
  • We never did learn what Theta could do....
  • Kinda Jossed in that we actually encounter the original Alpha unit in S9 Ep. 13, and he doesn't have the accent. Although it's not stated if that was before or after the procedures began...

Washington is only pretending to work with the Meta
Kind of obvious, but he tells the Chairman that he needs equipment including invisibility and overshields. Chairman says he can point Wash in the right direction. As we've seen, the Meta has both. Wash shoots Donut and Lopez to trick the Meta into thinking he on it's side. Wash will then kill the Meta while it's guard is down, take all the equipment it stole from the freelancers and use Wyomming's time manipulation device to travel back and prevent his past self from killing the Reds.
  • Except that Meta already responded to Wash's commands, meaning he knew they were supposed to be working together. The Chairman probably meant that they had Maine in holding, but they had been unable to remove the components from him. Especially since the whole conversation was revealed to be a flashback.

Wash has his own agenda, separate from Command's and possibly involving finding or piecing together the Alpha.
Just because he made a really badass statement doesn't mean he meant it. He was trying to get out of prison, and we know perfectly well he's pulled off similar deceptions in the past. Whatever he's up to now, he's still keeping his real motivations a secret.
  • It's possible, even, that he has found the way out that he mentioned...but that it's not the way out Command is offering. Double meanings, mistrust of authority, and hidden plans are all established parts of his character.

Director Leonard Church is, in fact, pre-time skip Church. Alpha Church and post-time skip Tex are the AI he created.
Director Leonard Church says, in the epilogue of Reconstruction, that he lost someone very important to him early in life. Keep in mind that the Director is quite old, and he could be speaking of himself losing Tex as a young man. Granted, there are some huge holes in this flaw (didn't Church die first? Wouldn't that indicate he's been the Alpha since then?), but some can be explained away (he never got the chance to serve in battle? Please, you can't actually call what they did in Blood Gulch battle.).
  • Since the WMG about there being no Timeskip is essentially confirmed, this is impossible.

The "Chairman" is actually a UNSC officer who is the Big Good of the series, and the only Reasonable Authority Figure in the series.
First time he shows up, he's sending a polite note to the Director, whom he's obviously very suspicious of, but still plans to find out what's going on by the book. Only towards the end, when the Director's excuses for evading his questions grow more cryptic, does the Chairman finally decide to get a warrant and search the building. Then, in Recreation, he offers Wash, a possibly unstable criminal, an offer to get out of jail in exchange for assistance. This Troper thinks that at the end of Resolutions, the Chairman will send in backup for the squad, arrest Wash and put him in an asylum, and probably let the Reds and Blues go free.
  • While I agree on the Chairman being one of the few (if not the only) sympathetic authorities, especially for his reaction once he discovered about the origin of the Freelancer A.I, sending an unstable criminal with a record of killing guards who happen to stand around in the wrong place, confirmed psychical problems and a need for Revenge that would make Mafia back of slowly, is not what I´d call a Big Good.
  • What I meant was he's the highest ranked officer who's basically on the side of the Blood Gulch crew. But about sending Wash in; he probably doesn't know about the Epsilon "incident" (considering he knew almost nothing about what Freelancer did to it's personel) and has no clue Wash killed Donut.
    • I'd've assumed that the objection was referring to the Meta as the unstable criminal with a record of killing folks who were in the wrong place, since the Chairman sent both him and Wash, as I understood it.
  • Jossed, though, because the Chairman is both a civilian and difficult to describe as 'good.'

Caboose is now a Genius Ditz
When Delta spend a bit time is Cabooses Mind in Reconstruction, he made a few adjustments and repaired some of the damage that happened during the Omega-Arc. Note how "Agent Washingtub" is a pretty close, yet very naive, version of the orginial. The 'Genius' part is knowledge of advanced technology, thats why Caboose could wire Epsilon with the monitor. Problem is that he still has no knowledge of basic technology, leading to explosions and random fire during his experiements in Valhalla.
  • Alternatively, Epsilon was actually guiding Caboose through the process.

The whole RVB: Recollections saga is a story being told by Caboose, and when Resolutions ends, they will reveal it and the cast will say how ridiculous it is
Not much evidence, just that it would explain the Cerebus Syndrome.

Church really is a ghost now
The Recreation trailer shows Church in a slightly unusal form. White armour, as we've come to associate with his ghost/A.I form, only it's no longer transparent. Plus in the trailer, keeps moping about being dead. Despite Wash saying there's no such thing as ghosts, Burnie Burns himself once said the trouble with characters who lie is that the audience still believes what they say. Church is now a true ghost. Solid, but presumably unable to be seen by anyone still alive.
  • Since he was never really alive, and the Director has still yet to die, this seems unlikely. And it couldn't have been Alpha-Church, since he's been confirmed as erased by the EMP.

Donut is obviously going to survive
How do I know this? Simple. In Halo Reach, you get jetpacks. Now, assuming RvBgoes to to be filmed in Reach, do you honestly think they'll pass up an opportunity to show Donut with a jetpack?
  • Confirmed. Donut did survive his wound and joined the gang back in Valhalla.

Donut is/has the Sigma AI.
Think about it. Sigma is the Alpha's creativity. How many hours of possible redecorating ideas do you think the reds had to sit through back in Blood Gulch? One to many if onscreen reactions told us anything. Now, Donut was a normal soldier, albeit a bit dimwitted, when he first arrived in Blood Gulch. After getting Tex's grenade to the head, he was airlifted out to receive medical assistance. After he returned in his new lightish-red armor, he obviously changed. This Troper's theory is that Donut was possibly put into something similar to a coma, or simply received enough injury to not fully function on his own. So, seeing no alternative without messing up some part of their overly-complicated plan, Command simply decided to install one of the failed, but still functional and relatively harmless, AI to keep him alive. It's possible that the Alpha's creative side had enough of an 'imagination' to not believe it was a fragment at all, instead nearly becoming one with Donut's mentality, while also keeping it from reacting to Donut being possessed by Church or O' Mally.
  • This could also be the reason he was separated from the other Reds during Reconstruction.
  • Unlikely, since no recovery beacon triggered when Wash shot him.
  • Jossed by Word of God - Sigma was the A.I. assigned to the Meta

Caboose is using Obfuscating Stupidity
Just two bits I picked up on in Recreation; he incorrectly says Donut's names several times, but also says them correctly. Also, when talking about putting Sarge in a good mood, Caboose suggests that Donut kill "the orange one", yet apparently told Epsilon that Grif was yellow. Whenever Church goes on a journey inside Caboose's mind, he meets up with screwed up images of the rest of the cast; yet this doesn't happen in anyone else's.

My theory is that Caboose has been playing everyone for fools since the series began. When he screws up, acts stupid, he's simply reinforcing his cover. However, as shown when trying to convince Donut to kill Grif, he is perfectly capable of getting things right if it can further his goals. Those mental constructs aren't what he really thinks; they're all just a decoy to keep anyone who goes into his mind from finding out his true purpose. Why would, sweet, naive, Michael J Caboose do all of this? He isn't really Caboose.

He claims he mistook the recruitment office for a college; he stole his initials, MJC, from Modesto Junior College; a community college in California. This was a Keyser Soze-style plan to trick people. So, with those initials, it would imply he's from California. And who take their names from states? That's right, Caboose is actually the freelancer Agent California. Think about it, why hasn't RT ever introduced a freelancer from the largest state in the US? There's no reason, unless he's been there since the beginning. Watching, waiting.

As we know, freelancers tend to have some measure of special abilities; and Caboose is unusually strong. Also, how could someone who's so consitently awful stay on the military payroll? His employer is willing to tolerate the crap he pulls in order to keep his cover as an imbecile. I assume his master plan will unfurl as Revelation continues...
  • California is the third largest state. Alaska is the largest. The reason the freelancer with the most screentime is Texas (the second-largest state, incidentally) is probably because the series is made by people living in Austin.
    • Sorry, I messed up; I meant most populous state.

Grif is actually very intelligent and a capable soilder who hides behind a mask to fool everyone into underestimating him who will, when the times right defeat the blues and the Meta and win the war in a blaze of pwnage
  • Well, he did at least defeat the Meta, or at least dealt the final blow (with Simmons' help).
  • Seems possable, but it's more likely that instead of trying to deliberatly fool people about it, he just really is that lazy, but when given an actual reason to put forth his best efforts he does tend to be one of the most compotent people in the series.

Sarge is actually a caring and understanding leader, who's secretly trying to make Grif into a better soldier and future leader by giving him an example of what a leader should not do.

Doc is actually not a medic, but an assassin trying to kill off the Red and Blue teams by treating their wounds badly. The fact that they still live is because he's every bit as incompetant an assassin as he is in his cover identity as a medic.

Donut actually gets all the ladies, however, he had lost a bet with a colleague which forces him to act in a setereotypical manner when he's at work.

Valhalla is/was the testing ground for the A.I Beta
Blood Gulch has been referred to as Blood Gulch Outpost number 1 by the Reds, Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha by the Blues and Blood Gulch Outpost 1A by Wash (and presumably the rest of Project Freelancer. And which A.I was sent there? Alpha. Valhalla meanwhile, is referred to as Outpost 17B. If A stands for Alpha, what does B stand for? Beta.
  • Maybe Tex is Beta..?
    • If she was given that designation at any point, it wasn't as an A.I. fragment: She is stated in Chapter 19 of Revelation to be her own entity.
  • A Lso worth noting is that Rat's Nest, another Freelancer Outpost, didn't get a letter, it was only called Outpost 28, indicating that it was not a testing site for an A.I.
    • Tex is revealed to be Beta in season 10

Omega's level of control is inversely proportional to the level of aggression of the host.
When Doc, a True Pacifist, got infected, the Omega AI was able to almost completely take over, only allowing Doc a few breif moments of consciousness. When the Omega AI is inside Tex, the most aggressive soldier, it does almost nothing. She seems to be have the exact same personality with or without it (though that may be because she's an AI like Church). Captain Flowers, another pacifist, lost total control as well. When it was inside Caboose though, it didn't seem to have much control. Caboose was only a little more aggressive and psychotic, he didn't lose control.

Church is in total control of the Meta now.
At the end of Reconstruction, we saw Chruch, the Alpha, go into the Meta, where most of the other AI were stored. This recontructed (hence the title) the Alpha, making him whole again. This would change Church quite a bit, since he's closer to the doctor that created him. He also likely retained the ability to possess, hence why Maine's greed and psychotic aggression hasn't resurfaced. This explains why he's so calmly working with Washington.

Everything the Meta has done are things Church would do, and the way Church would act. He's only fought Reds, nothing out of the ordinary for Church, especially since he missed every shot. Except for punching Doc, but Doc shot first. Also, he's far less aggressive than usual. He seemed hesitant to fight Donut, and only did so when Donut's back was turned. He could've killed Donut any time he wanted to, but he didn't, instead chased Simmons, who is one of the few people that's a threat. He actually seemed to be trying to talk, but for some reason the Meta can't. Washington is the one who's been overly aggressive.

The Meta seems mean, but all he's trying to do is get back Epsilon, and thus the rest of Church's memories so he can be completely full. Also note the way he just chased Epsilon-Church around, he didn't even try to shoot him.

"Master Chick" of Haloid is actually Tex.
Montyoum is working for Rooster Teeth now.
  • Jossed. "Master Chick" is Nicole-458 from Dead or Alive 4. And reading her backstory, she's too girly to be Tex.

Sarges behavior is caused by the bullet still stuck in his brain.
This is the cause of Sarges "Sargeism". In the beginning Sarge was partly sane and more competent, until Caboose sniped him. Grif may have revived Sarge, but nothing was said that he removed any bullet that probably is still inside his brain. As the series progressed the bullet just kept sinking deeper in his lobes, until Sarge is as we know him today.
  • That would also explain why his accent suddenly changed in season three, the bullet reached the Cerebral Cortex.

The latest series, Revelation, will lead up to a Church vs Church battle.
Many ways this can happen, but there are at least two Churches on the board right now. Leonard Church, Director. Epislon Church, A.I. If you count the teaser trailer you have Church, Ghost Thingy. Technically, with episode 6 we see Delta is still around in some form. So that leaves Church, Alpha. Being even more liberal in assigning Churchdom, we have the original Epsilon Unit that is remaining on the ground and still active. Church, E.U. So there are four plausible Churchs, up to five as of ep 6 if you push it, and knowing how hot blooded he can be.....
  • For ultimate Fun, let the battle happen in cabooses head, so Mental-Avatar Church can join.
  • The week after I wrote that? An army of freaking Churchs, with or without AI/Minds, were revealed. Booya. This is now so certain that it won't happen just to be ironic.
    • Those bodies are back ups.
  • The teaser is non-canon, and the E.U. isn't actually active anymore.

All the Freelancers are women
. Okay, so CT had a masculine voice and turned out to be a woman with a voice filter. Tex had a masculine voice and turned out to be a woman with a voice filter. It's not likely, but possible (hey, this is what the W in WMG is for) that this is true of the other Freelancers, but some (most?) of them just got tired of correcting everybody. Yeah, even the twin brother and sister team dammit. Even Wyoming, whose name is either really Regina or had really fucked up parents...which isn't impossible. The masculine pronoun probably became a running joke or a term of endearment.
  • Actually, Wyoming's name is Reginald.
  • An AI, Alpha's fragments, teamed up with Freelancers. Tex is the Alpha of Freelancers. If not all, most Freelancers are female the same way most AI are male. Trying to mimic/copy Tex.
  • Disproven. In the new trailer, we see York's face, and he's definitely male. Though he could be the only exception...
  • Further Disproven with North Dakota's face being revealed.
    • Obvious solution: York and North Dakota are transvestites.
  • The whole theory is jossed come Season 10, where it's shown that the CT from Recollection wasn't the real CT, but her lover the Insurrectionist Leader (a man) who took up her armor out of grief shortly after CT's death.

C.T. was an AI. He is either a fragment or a copy of Tex
. Basing this mostly on similarities. Both C.T and Tex were revealed to be women after they had been introduced and both had voice filters before that. Both were pretty tough freelancers (at least, it is very possible C.T was a freelancer, since C.T. is an abbreviation for Connecticut and Wash knew him) both more serious and straight men compared to the Blood Gulch crew. And C.T was trying to find Epsilon, another AI, even though he might not have known it was an AI. C.T. was another AI based off the Director's old 'loved one.' and he sent C.T. there to acquire Epsilon.
  • C.T. is confirmed as being a Freelancer by Wash. Whether she was one of the "State" agents, or just one of the project's higher lackeys is unknown, however.
  • Well Wash found C.T. by following a recovery beacon in her armor, something only freelancers have been shown to have, and he did have to specifcily remind The Meta that C.T. was never implanted with an A.I. meaning that there would have been a reason for the Meta to assume otherwise.
  • Jossed. The C.T at the dig site was the [[Insurrectionist Leader, known as the Pillman. He took her identity and armor when she was killed.]]

It was Washington's fault that Epsilon almost killed himself
Washington didn't treat Epsilon like a person and ignored his AI's traumatic experiences. He never took seriously all the signs that pointed to Epsilon being depressed and even goaded him into killing himself. When Epsilon finally attempted to commit suicide and was removed from Washington's head, Washington immediately felt guilty afterward and at that point on, decided to take down the Director himself. This explains Epsilon's reaction upon seeing Washington in Revelations.

Captain Butch Flowers used to be in the Special Forces
Tucker asked Tex if she used to be in the Special Forces. This suggests that black armor is not exclusive to Freelancers. We also see plenty of Freelancers with other colours of armor. Flowers' teal armor, now Tucker's armor, used to be black. When he quit the special forces, he used an ineffective method to change this special forces armor to teal. Alternatively, most armor have some method of protection against turning black when going through the teleporter and black armor were excluded cause... they're already black. This is why Tucker's teal armor keeps turning black every time he goes through the teleporter.
  • Jossed by Episode 10 of Revelations. The black stuff can quite literally be punched off, and appears to be some kind of dust or soot. It's more like that its caused by some sort of chemical reaction between the teleporter and some specific ingredient in the teal colouring of Tucker's armour.
    • It's still possible that originally black armor were not treated for dust/soot resistance due to redundancy or because teleporters were still in the experimental stage, so only non-special forces armor were treated (freelancer armor may still be treated due to the experiments being conducted by Project Freelancer). Instead, they were treated for a different type of material that grants them special qualities that Tucker has yet to activate.
    • Captain Flowers is confirmed to be in the "Special Forces" in the finale of Season 10. Turns out, he was Agent Florida from Project Freelancer, assigned to the Alpha as security.
    • When Tucker has his "teleport accident", it causes an alteration in space AND time (as well as leaving that black stuff). This armor was originally Flowers Who's really Agent Florida. So, the armor had a special add-on/paint job that reacts poorly to any kind of time/space distortion. The Director foresaw Wyoming coming after Church, and tried to give Florida a defense against his tech

Shiela is just messing with Caboose's head
At the very beginning of Episode 10 of Revelations, Shiela calls for security against Tex, but when Caboose asks her to intervene and save the Reds, she claims that she can't compromise the simulation. However, she makes it clear that she knows that Tex is part of the "simulation" and, being the AI system for the entire facility, would know that there shouldn't even be any sort of simulation currently happening. She can intervene if she wants to, she just likes confusing Caboose.
  • Alternatively, the Reds are the security breach, having opened up the one thing they shouldnt have.
    • Well they did litterally shoot there way in through the front door.

Alpha is inside the Epsilon storage unit
When Epsilon asks Caboose if they need the storage unit to put him in a body, Caboose says no and Epsilon decides to leave it where it is. But the camera lingers on it and if you listen carefully, it still makes the sound it made when Epsilon was inside. Last time we saw Alpha, he was outside blue base at Valhalla, planning to "get started". My bet is that he tried to merge with Epsilon by going inside the storage unit, but something went wrong. When Caboose put Epsilon in the monitor body, Alpha was somehow trapped in the storage unit. And now, Meta and Wash are about to find it.
  • Jossed. Alpha was erased by the EMP.

the series will end with a blue in recon beating down the meta
and not just any blue. epsilon church and caboose. caboose has already proven to be the strongest physically, and epsilon church is still an AI. so, my theory is this: the series finale will have the meta beating down everyone(reds,blues,tex,and wash) and the body epsilon church is using will land next to caboose, and in a last ditch effort to save everyone, epsilon church will jump into caboose's armor. and it is obvious caboose's armor is special, as he was not affected by the armor lockdown. so, when epsilon jumps into caboose, his armor gets a MASSIVE upgrade, and transforms into recon. they then proceed to turn a curb stomp battle into something indefinetely more epic. epsilon proceeds to jump into the metas busted up armor, and all the AI fragments(who were still there, and unaffected by the EMP) fuse back together into the full alpha ai, who gets his body back. and of course, grif gets re-promoted, and sarge gets demoted. and tex and church get back together. and caboose keeps recon.
  • ...What?
  • Written and edited by Michael Caboose.

Omega is alive and well and inside Agent Washington
This would explain Washington's sudden transition between Reconstruction and Revelations from pragmatic but honorable soldier to kill-happy blood knight. If you contrast Wash's behavior in Recovery One and Reconstruction (showing remarkable patience towards the Blood Gulch crew despite their zany antics, sparing South's life the first time they met despite orders to kill her, etc.) with how he acts in Revelations (with violencing being the first and only solution to any problem, and threatening and yelling at everyone he meets), it seems he's gotten a massive boost in Rage consistent with possession by Omega. Doc even remarks in episode 11 about how Revelations Washington is so incredibly angry all the time.

Omega's been shown to be able to survive outside a host body for a limited period of time as a free-floating "radio signal"; perhaps he realized the Meta was about to get fried, bailed just before Church took possession of Meta, rode out the EMP in signal form, then repossessed the only host left standing in the immediate area... Washington.

Alternatively, Omega was never acquired by the Meta in the first place, and everyone only assumed that he had been. Somehow, he's found his way inside Washington over the course of the series' events.
  • Personally, I think Washington just snapped. The whole reason he was so patient was because he wanted to take down the Chairman, and didn't want anything to interfere with that. So he put aside his personal feelings long enough to do what he could. Unfortunately, the EMP took out all the evidence save Epsilon, and Caboose never turned over Epsilon. He's basically got several years worth of pathos pent up, and its flooding out.
  • Given that Alpha was erased by the EMP, it is unlikely that Omega's signal form could survive it.

Sarge actually is Grifs father
The reveal will be very akward on both sides.
  • That is the most awesome wmg ever. even better than one of the AI's being the alpha's accent.
    • Jossed. When Church possessed Sarge and got him killed, Sarge said he wanted to live and let Grif know that he was his son. Church asked really, and Sarge replied "Naw, I just wanted to mess with him one last time."
      • Thats what this WMG was based on. Both of them are oblivious.

Donut will return, but not as we know him
Extended death hasn't really been shown to do... anything to someone's mental state, if Captain Flowers is anything to go by. Couple with the fact that Lopez has survived far worse than a single bullet wound, so he was presumably playing dead. He should have some idea of how to combat the Meta (unless I missed something where the Meta and Wash ground his body to bits, or something). He now has free rein of the entire base, including the Reds' holographic simulation facility. He can design anything he feels like, and with some knowledge of Project Freelancer, Donut's brain, and the sense not to drive his allies completely insane, he could potentially redesign his suit into a dual-AI setup more capable than the Meta.
  • Lopez also mentioned having made copies of himself, just in case.

Ghosts are real, and the Director knew this
Church's original body presumably escaped (or 'escaped') from the Director's 'personal project'. Regardless of whether the rest of this is correct, the army of Church-bodies indicates that the Director intended for more than to see himself take the chances he never had. He apparently knew that, whatever Church was, he'd outlive his body and require another. Now, consider that the Director that we've seen is, as noted above, I believe, a giant version of Epsilon-Church's bowling-ball form, broadly speaking. The switcheroo to hide the Alpha was far more insane and ridiculous than Wash considered: the Director we've seen is the Alpha, inhabiting the mechanism that the Director set up as his interaction with the world, while the original Director died, and his ghost gained entrance to the bunker. Intentionally, or not, the ghost repressed his memories, reverting himself to the soldier Church. This is why Omega did nothing at all when it possessed him: its function was completely redundant. The fragmented personalities would behave differently, because that's sort of how that works, but Church is complete.

Some of the Freelancers were fitted with experimental fully artificial AI that didn't get Greek letter designations. It didn't work out.
Checking the numbers, there were 49 Freelancers, and 23 AI. Maximal shuffling gets no more than 25 Freelancers actually outfitted the way Tex/Church first described them. This is hardly a high enough proportion to make sweeping pronouncements. As such, they could have gotten even more desperate to outfit the suits, and tried to install... I don't know, extremely advanced ELIZA descendants. Which is so scary for me to contemplate that I will stop. Now.
  • It has been confirmed that not all Freelancers were implanted with A.I.s
  • actually, this troper believed that there may have only been 48 freelancers. I believe that one of the freelancers was named viginia(presumably, if agent virginia is male, he will be using a diffrent name, as virginia is a girl's name) and agent virginia's ai was, instead of being a part of the alpha, actually a copy of agent virginia. it makes sense in my mind at least. and, persumably, the ai will be called west. or some variation.

Church and the Director are the same person in a Stable Time Loop.
We already know that Church has been in a Stable Time Loop repeatedly. The Director referring to the woman that he lost is when Church thought Andy had blown up Tex (or refers to some future problem with Tex). This also explains why Washington says that "Tex is... confusing. The Director and Councellor always worked so closely with her, she was, like... their favourite." The reason for this is that while Director Church lost her at some point, being thrown back in time to start the freelancer program means that he could "have" her again.
  • Unlikely. Wash and Tex have known the Director since before Church entered the time loop.
  • At least as significantly, the whole time-loop thing was more likely Gamma messing with Church than anything else.

Revelation will end with the characters being relocated back to Blood Gulch
Now that it's been confirmed that Blood Gulch is being remade for Halo Reach (and Valhalla's been pretty torn up in Revelation), once the Reds and Blues are all reunited, they'll be sent back to their old bases and season nine will be the start of The Blood Gulch Chronicles 2.0.
  • Pretty much confirmed. Just before Reach they did some promotional vids for it, featuring them packing up in Valhalla and moving to Hemorrhage, a remake of Blood Gulch and Coagulation. And all the Blues are there. Including Church.
  • Confirmed, From a Certain Point of View: While the majority of the cast presumably returns to Valhalla, Epsilon-Church goes into the capture unit to find Tex, and remains there in a memory construct that happens to take the form of Hemorrhage, replaying the events of Blood Gulch Chronicles, with some differences, while he waits for Tex to come back to him.

The Tex and Church who appeared in the Recreation trailer are from the future
Remember in the trailer how Church accuses the Reds of being responsible for his death twice? While they may be indirectly responsible for the first death, they haven't done anything to him since then....at least not yet. Not to mention Burnie claims Alpha really was wiped out at the end of Reconstruction. So now we have Tex and some version of Church in Revelation now, something is going to happen near the end involving a confrontation with the Meta. Church will retrive the Meta's time manipulation device and he and Tex will travel back to the start of Recreation for some reason or other in order to fix whatever goes wrong.

Sarge is the Director.
He became a simulation soldier in order to keep a close eye on the Alpha, but became a Red because Blue Team already had a CO and he needed to maintain his cover. Later on, during Reconstruction, it became a way of avoiding arrest. He purposefully exaggerates his accent and tendency for mad science in order to maintain the disguise.
  • Except for the fact that during Reconstruction he specifically said that he would not resist arrest because he knew what he did wasn't technically breaking the law. Which both implies that his location was both known and he was at least brought in by law forces, even though he eventually got off without punishment. He also directly spoke to Washington around the end of Reconstruction with the Counselor at his side when he did it. This could not have been done by Sarge and Sarge would've never allowed Washington to do anything that he did towards the end of Reconstruction if he was the Director, he would've shot him in the back when it was clear he was breaking into the Freelancer headquarters. In addition, F.I.L.L.S. would've recognized Sarge's voice immediately when they were trying to break into the warehouse in Revelation the way it recognized Church even though he sounds nothing like the Director already.

Most, if not all of the soldiers in this series are clones or artificial humans. Some may even have alien genes in them.
It has been noted many times that the BG group show various AI like traits, so what if command simply cloned all the soldiers and used various dumb AI to test how massed produced soldiers would function on the battlefield long term. The robot bodies could just be the spare bodies that dead soldiers could enter on will. Flowers could have been in shut down mode as the AI could have a function where if they are in danger of host death or full death they could either evade or shut off (Recovery Mode). The alien could have just woken him back up (Elites have shown knowledge on how to fix AI before). I think command was trying to find a way to mass produce not only soldiers but reproducible workers for both sides. Tucker and Junior were the inter species part of that test and it has been noted that some soldiers have had relationships (Church and Tex) and obviously have body parts so... There could also be various humans also mixed in, but I like the theme that the Director was taking dead soldiers and giving them a new life. Sarge was also mentioned as having a fear of heights from being an ODST, he could have died in a crash and "woke up" being told he lived.

Tucker is at least part black, but looks like some other ethic race.
Unless those were one timed jokes (They don't seem that way) I see no way nobody would not notice he's black without a helmet on. Its just a pet peeve of mine as most of the community ignores how out of place that would be for Church to be confused about that if it was obvious, plus I think mixed races are under represented and need a mascot. Still I think it makes sense as it is the future.
  • And when exactly have any of them taken their helmet off?
  • When they're off screen. Less sarcastically, since most of them eat at some point, that's when they would take their helmets or face plates off.
  • Unless they're Agent Washington.

C.T is actually Tex
So it's been revelaed that C.T was actually a woman, presumably using a voice filter. Who else used a voice filter to masquerade as a man? Tex. And the Tex who's shown up recently seems like she may not be the Tex we know (she refers to Tucker as "the one with the sword", impying she has no memory of him. This could be a copy or back up of the the real Tex. Also, the sponsored enidng of chapter thirteen shows the camera panning down on the ground in the desert where C.T was buried, indicating that C.T isn't dead, just in recovery mode.
  • Tex stated back in season 4 that she didn't remember their names half the time anyway. And C.T. has since been dug up by Wash and Meta, distinctly dead, and recognized as a former freelancer.
  • Also, real Tex or not, she hadn't seen any of them for over a year by that point. It's perfectly conceivable that a name slipped her.

Shila is Sigma, Phyllis is Phi, & they're copies of each other
  • Except that you can't copy an A.I., and F.I.L.S.S. has been taking care of the off-site storage since before the Alpha's creation.

If any AI survived the EMP, it was Gamma
Gamma's trait has been confirmed as deceit, so it's plainly obvious that he lied about being built by the alien race. So then how was it that he ended up in the past, before Project Freelancer went into full swing? He could easily get there using the Time Distortion unit, and would have to in order to create a Stable Time Loop, but since the EMP's gone off, that can't really happen, unless Gamma survived somehow. He most likely did survive, and a future episode will show him returning to the past and becoming the computer known as Gary
  • Though the time travel thing seems unlikely, this could actually be possible. In an episode of Season 10 Delta showed that the AI's are capable of making back-ups of themselves. Though we don't know exactly where they are stored it is possible that some of the AI were able to create back-ups before being wiped out by the EMP.

Tucker and Sarge were transferred to Project Freelancer's simulations not because they were incompetent but because they were so annoying
  • Both of them have legitimate skills (Sarge is good with robotics and when finally persuaded to fight Tucker can be legitimately to people not named Tex) but despite his skills Sarge is pretty much out of his gourd and Tucker probably just offended the wrong woman so they were transferred to the Red and Blue teams.

The Meta is going to turn on Wash very soon.
  • It seems the only reason the Meta is following Wash's orders is because it needs him to get its hands on an A.I. Once it does, it'll no longer have any reason to listen to Wash, who's likely to suffer a bad case of You Have Outlived Your Usefulness and Evil Is Not a Toy.
    • Pretty much the summary of what happens around the middle of Revelations Chapter 19 and the consequences. Prior to which was the Meta stabbing the Recovery Unit into Tex's body, before using her AI fragment to power up his camoflauge.

Caboose is Washington! More specifically, as part of the Stable Time Loop, during the Series Finale Wash will suffer serious head trauma, and be sent back in time by the Meta's time distortion power going haywire (which also turns his armor blue, just like the teleporters turn Tucker's armor black).
  • Intelligence aside, as the series points out Washington and Caboose have "quite a lot in common"; they're both rampant team-killers, and both have a few screws loose because an A.I. went to town inside their heads. Washington even becomes disturbed when Caboose points out the similarities between them. It would be a rather amusing Ironic Punishment if Washington's fate is that he becomes Caboose. This would also finally explain how Caboose happens to have Freelancer-level superhuman strength and (when sufficiently motivated) killing ability.
    • It should be noted that Wash never displays superhuman strength.
  • OR: Caboose is his long lost brother, which would be particularly poetic since Caboose was worried Washington would tell him his (supposedly non-existant)brother is dead.

The Blood Gulch Robots used by Church and Tex for bodies are at least partially organic.
  • Church gains weight in a robot body, no one noticed anything odd about Church's body before it was blown up, etc. The setting is very obviously in the future (AI, Aliens, Super Weapons, Energy Weapons, etc.) so who knows how robotics advanced in the future? It could be that the robotics are inside a fleshy sack designed to act like human flesh, and the only mechanical parts and wires are inside the bodies, like bones and a nervous system. Church always had one of these, even before arriving in the canyon.

Tex is another fragment of the Alpha
  • Specifically compassion/love or something. She isn't a real person, just The Directors (a.k.a Alpha's) impression of the woman he loved, Allison. The reason she was paired with Omega was because she was too kind, she's bitchier now because Omega was absorbed into her to try and recreate the Alpha ... Not a good description is it?
    • Possible, considering how she was absorbed into the Recovery Unit in Revelations Chapter 19 by the Meta, before he uses it to power up his camoflauge.
  • Jossed: Epsilon-Church refers to her as a byproduct of the Alpha's creation, meaning that she wasn't split from him.
    • CONFIRMED. Episode 17 of Season 10 reveals that Tex is one of Alpha's fragments; she is the Beta.

Washington's Armor upgrade is Hayabusa Armor
  • He just needs Epislon to use it...
  • A more likely candidate is the communication hacking device used by the Meta in Reconstruction: It fits in with Wash's less than stellar (for a Freelancer) battle skills (at most, he is the seventh best fighter, behind Tex, Maine, and four agents Maine killed, "all with higher battle ratings than Wash"), he is an excellent tracker, and skilled in subterfuge.
    • Just because they had higher battle ratings than Wash doesn't mean he's a worse fighter than them at the point of Reconstruction. It's clear in Revelation that he's greatly increased his combat prowess since training, likely in secret given he was planning to take down the entire project in due time.

Caboose is a failed Freelancer experiment. All the personalities living in his head are actually A.I. fragments.
  • It's mentioned that Project Freelancer engaged in increasing deranged experiments on its operatives over the course of its history, including putting multiple A.I.s inside the head of a single operative (the result of which was to eventually drive them insane). That sounds a lot like Caboose. Ghosts aren't real; imaginary personalities living inside someone's head are also pretty "far out" as well. Also, Church never runs into anything remotely similar whenever he goes inside anyone else's head. What if all those people living inside Caboose's head aren't imaginary people, but rather A.I. fragments that based their personalities on the people who've made the greatest impression on Caboose's life, like Epsilon based himself on Church? It seems important that Caboose, alone out of the entire Blood Gulch crew, was never hit by the EMP. Him being a failed Freelancer driven insane by multiple A.I. would explain his super-strength and escalating insanity (remember he started to get pretty dumb rather fast even before O'Malley got inside him). As for why the Meta didn't take all his other A.I. when he took Delta, perhaps Meta only though that Caboose had 1 A.I., and didn't bother looking for any more.

caboose secretly stole the epsilon unit
  • and next season, they will spend the first few episodes with some slapstick comedy about how they try to get tex and church out. then, the reds will supply NEW robot bodies for them. because why the hell not?
    • Because it would kind of take away the epicness of the end of Revelation. Church revealing he may enjoy being stuck with the Blood Gulch crew forever won't mean as much if he actually gets out in a few days. And his sort of Heroic Sacrifice in trapping himself in order to find Tex would be invalidated by what, from his perspective, be a Dues Ex Machina. They should definitely get out of their eventually, and somehow have everybody wind up back at Blood Gulch (including FILIS/Sheila, Donut and Lopez. But not yet. We need to savour the Reconstruction Trilogy. We need to feel it's darkness fading away before slowly returning to Red Vs Blue Classic. At least half a season before both teams get depressed about how much they miss Church and Tex, and a few episodes after that before any hint that they're coming back comes up. Rooster Teeth know what they're doing, and I suspect they know how they're going to do all this.

Wash intentionally didn't kill Donut.
  • His skill implies he could have killed him if he intended to, so why didn't he? His specific reference in Episode 3 seems to imply he was hiding something. What probably happened is he didn't kill Donut, but pretended to in order to convince Simmons he was serious. He brought in Doc under the pretense of having him check out the Meta, when in actuality he was using Doc's incompetence(Well, any Red or Blue army medic's incompetence) to convince Simmons Donut was dead. After all, why else would he need Doc? As for Lopez, he was probably watching the Reds, and realizing Lopez would survive, shot to kill.
    • That actually makes a lot of sense. Perhaps it'll come up in the next season when Donut eventually returns.
    • Original poster here, just a little addition. In episode 19, Wash says to the Meta they don't need to kill Tex. If that isn't proof that he wants to avoid killing innocents, I don't know what is.
  • Washington has a flashback in Season 12 that seems to show that he very much intended to kill Donut; he's clearly regretting doing it in a 'WTF was wrong with me?' kind of way.

The next season of Red Vs. Blue will take place in the Epsilon storage/capture unit
  • Yes, it takes place in Blood Gulch. But there may be a reason it looks different, other than because of the new engine used. So it takes place in Blood Gulch... but in a different Blood Gulch. After all, the Reds and Blues have no reason to go back to Blood Gulch after getting transferred to Valhalla already, and it'd be a bit jarring to go back to Blood Gulch when the UNSC hardly has reason to relocate them all over again. It's all Epsilon's memories of Blood Gulch while in the storage/capture unit. This way, all the characters that should be dead or thought dead (Sister, Wyoming, Meta, Donut, Lopez, etc.) can be brought back in a reasonable fashion, as can Sarge's hate of the Blues, because he let that go last season, and Statusquo Is God. If this is true, it will most likely return to the original comedy series of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, with a less serious tone...because it will be the memories of those times. Then again, the series losing the Cerebus Syndrome seems unlikely, and I'm sure Rooster Teeth wouldn't [[spoiler: just do an exact repeat of the Blood Gulch Chronicles with Halo:Reach's engine. Because the next season may be constructed by Epsilon and Alpha's memories, things will become muddled and out-of-order; for instance, when a Freelancer is called maybe another one will arrive in place of Tex, a Freelancer Church knew, like Washington or Wyoming. If Church and Tex DO meet, the season may be about them trying to get out of the storage/capture unit.
  • Confirmed.]]

There will be a miniseries following the original Blood Gulch Crew and Wash.
  • Partially in response to the above WMG this troper thinks that the next series will follow Epsilon-Church's memories. Still, it seems a shame to simply forget the others, so the next will presumably be about the new teams. Multiple theories for what happens will be: The Reds find Donut alive and well, and he rejoins them, as well as Lopez being brought back, but without memories of the last episode of Recreation. The Blues will adjust to not having Church (And having Wash as a "replacement" Church, with Wash contemplating his ruined life, and how he finally has true friends. This is mostly because the guys at Creator/Roosterteeth wouldn't let the fans lose their favorite old characters only for them to be replaced by Church's memories. Also, maybe the guys will be forced to flee from Valhalla and go undercover on a Reach map, using new armor as disguises.
    • Can't it be both? Part of the miniseries could focus on Epsilon!Church and his search for Tex, and the other part could focus on the original BG crew and Wash, with both plots eventually merging together. Personally, this is what This Troper likes to think.

Some of the AI will get stuck in Team Fortress 2
  • Because field testing AI doesn't seem to be working, what's to stop the Director, the Chairman or whoever the next big bad is by locking all the AI that weren't killed by the EMP in a virtual simulator designed to test adaptability to new environments and versatility with weapons. The Reds and the Blus will have to jump into the matrix to save them. Grif switches teams temporarily to go as a spy then stab Sarge in the back.

The Red Team and Blue Team are not Losers
  • To be more specific, the crew from Blood Gulch are all actually competent or potentially competent. Allow me explain.
    • Church: He is fairly straightforward. As Alpha, he needed to be put somewhere nobody could find him, so Command placed him in Blood Gulch, a backwater outpost built in imitation of a location from the first halo encountered by Master Chief.
    • Sarge: In one of the early chapters of Recreation, Sarge mentioned that he had once been in a division where they dropped into combat from orbit. In other words, Sarge was a motherfucking ODST — essentially the pinnacle of badass normal in Halo canon. So why was he assigned to a simulation outpost? I can think of a few possible reasons for this: 1) He was put there to keep an eye on Alpha/Church. 2) He was booted from the ODST because he was past his prime and would only slow his teammates down. 3) Because of PTSD from some incident which caused him to develop acrophobia, making him useless as an Orbital Drop Shock-Trooper. 4) Because he caused a nasty political incident with his... uh, blunt... method of dealing with problems.
      • Another highly likely scenario is Sarge was a victim of The Peter Principle. It is undeniable he is quite skilled when it comes to fighting, however it is also undeniable he is truly horrendous at leading troops. He worked his way up in rank as an ODST, but when he was finally promoted to a point where he had to exercise leadership skills, they found out just how bad he was at it, but becuase of his record up to then, they couldn't just demote him, so instead they sent him to a post where he would feel importent, yet wouldn't actually endanger real troops.
    • Tucker: Either his womanizing caused "problems" (most likely involving sexual harassment lawsuits) or his talent for annoying those with whom he works prevented him from working well with others, resulting in him being sent into the simulation program. After the original series, once he had learned... more or less... how to work as a team-player, he even got assigned to a Recovery Squad — a real division of the UNSC military.
      • Better than Recovery, he and Junior are now ambassadors, essentially meaning he's become public relations between the humans and aliens.
    • Donut: Was probably put in the simulation program simply because he was a completely green recruit with no real combat experience. Like Tucker, he too was apparently reassigned to the Sand Trap. Possibly in affiliation with a more legitimate division.
      • He claims that he's become an infiltration specialist, due to his skill at showing up in enemy territory without being noticed.
    • Simmons: Only assigned to Blood Gulch and the simulation squads because he does poorly on timed tests.
    • Caboose: Strong as an ox and actually somewhat competent when he joined Blue Team, though he was still fairly dumb even then. Likely sent to Blood Gulch for similar reasons as Donut.
    • Grif: An all around competent, cunning soldier except for his laziness. Probably put in the simulation program because of a (real or perceived) lack of respect for his superior officers.
  • I totally agree. They're not incompetent, it's just that their personality flaws and...other flaws get in their way.
    • I would disagree and say they are incompetent, but they have a sizable fraction of a truly exceptional soldier that when put together make them extremely dangerous. I argue against Grif being competent and cunning, but he's got legitimate skills as a motorist.
      • His fluctuating competance actually ties into his laziness: Being smart requires expending effort.
      • And as a pilot. He can fly a Pelican and a Hornet with no training whatsoever (okay, so he crashed the Pelican, but still!), and he's been driving the Warthog since day one. It suits him perfectly: whenever he's driving something, he's also sitting down!
      • he crashed the pelican, when he was AIMING FOR THE META. he was specifically aiming to crash it into the meta.
Omega is in love with Sheila, not Caboose.
  • Before Omega took over his armor, Caboose was both slightly more intelligent and had no romantic feelings towards the tank. Afterwards he's markedly less intelligent and thinks Sheila is his true love. And at the start of Season 3, when he's stuck with Sarge on Battle Creek, he claims that "O'Malley taught me how to be mean." Maybe he taught him some other stuff, too.
    • Seems unlikely, given Caboose's reaction to Sarge blowing up Shelia in the Pelican the first time, it's clear he felt something for her before Tex even showed up.

Grif kept the Brute Shot
  • During the finale, Grif managed to snatch the Meta's Brute Shot, contributing to the Meta's downfall and preventing himself from falling to his death. He had the Brute Shot on his back right before the Meta dragged him off the cliff and he used it to save himself. He was not shown with the Brute Shot during the debriefing, but he might still get it back during the next season. The Brute Shot is either still stuck to the side of the cliff or the UNFC retrieved it for evidence. If the latter, they might give it back to Grif.
    • Doubtful. The latest videos have them moving to Halo: Reach and the Brute Shot isn't an available weapon. The Concussion Rifle is basically the same thing, but visually they're very different.
      • Those videos were done to plug Reach, and are likely non-canon.
      • Are you kidding? The end of the last season showed Church in the Reach engine. Besides, Burnie's already confirmed the next season's going to be set in Forge World (specifically Blood Gulch) with Reach.
      • Guys, no need to argue. This is all really very simple. The next season will probably be Epsilon reliving events in the capture unit, before Grif got the Brute Shot, using Reach. If a new Halo game is released that has that weapon in it, Grif will keep it. If it doesn't, then Grif won't.
    • Confirmed. Except he prefers that it be called the "Grifshot".
      • At least until the UNSC took it back and quite probably returned it to Charon Industries.

AI don't "die," they merely return to the Alpha, or, failing that, Epsilon.
When they are unable to find a host (like the Blues tried to do to Omega in Season 2) or are hit with an EMP, AI don't get erased. They return to the Alpha. If the Alpha is "killed," it joins with Epsilon. If has already combined with Epsilon, or Epsilon is otherwise unavailable, Alpha combines with one of the other AIs. The only reasoning for this is Epsilon Church regaining Delta and Alpha!Church's memories. How could he suddenly start gaining memories he never experienced, unless he was connected to Delta and Alpha? Thus, as Epsilon is going through Alpha's memories within the Epsilon Unit, he'll get to the point where Wash says the famous "You are the Alpha" line. Only, it will take on a different meaning. Somewhere along the way, Memory!Wash will figure out that he's just a memory. He will also figure out that Epsilon couldn't possibly have Alpha's memories unless they somehow came in contact. He will then conclude that Epsilon and Alpha reunified. Thus, he will tell Epsilon that he is the Alpha.
  • But it's been stated in-series that the Alpha Church and Delta in Epsilon were both just memories from the torture process, meeting Church, and Caboose's stories.
    • Yes, but that's just what everyone thinks. You can't have a reveal if everyone in-series already knows what exactly is going on.
  • Well there is a simpler explanation for how Epsilon seems to have memories from Alpha!Church that it shouldn't, when Alpha!Church first comes near the Epsilon AI he gets strange flashes in his head, memories givin off by Epsilon. This could have been a two way street, with Epsilon also absorbing some of the newer memories from Alpha!Church, then using them to create Epsilon!Church.

The Reds and Blues are rejected Spartans.
  • Think about it. They all wear the MJOLNIR armour, which only Spartans can use. They can survive extreme amounts of trauma, and are capable of incredible feats in combat. It's possible they're all SPARTAN-IIIs that, for whatever reason, weren't suitable for front-line duty. Like all S-IIIs they were considered disposable cannon fodder, so they were placed in simulations where they would continually fight each other. The risk of death was low (but still possible), and it was hoped that over time they would evolve to the point where they were suitable for service against the Covenant. Then Project Freelancer came along...

Caboose was aware that Blood Gulch was a Freelancer testing ground all along.
In episode 14, during the infiltration of Red base, he tells Tucker:"I am having so much fun. It's like we're real soldiers." Mind you, this is before Caboose's complete Flanderization into a total retard. Why would he say anything like that? Simple: He knew the Red vs Blue battles weren't a real war, he just signed up because he thought it might be fun. To him, it might've just been a game of paintball with live ammunition. It certainly would explain his carefree attitude towards all the carnage constantly going on around him.
  • ...Which would make him the smartest one

Church never went to the past.
This is an extension of the No Time Skip theory. If the explosion didn't cause a temporal rift, then there's no real reason for Church to have been sent 2000 years into the past. In fact, the only confirmation Church gets that he is in the past is Gary, whose main character trait is being a liar. This, however, leaves the question of where Church was for a large portion of Season 3 as well as his misadventures trying to alter the events in Blood Gulch. The explanation lies in Chapter 16 of Revelation, when Tex and Epsilon-Church are talking about her attempting to liberate the Alpha. Tex mentions that the Director had assigned several A.I. to assist in the torture of Alpha, specifically naming Omega and Gamma, and that they created scenarios where the Alpha would fail and hurt those he cared about: the EXACT same situation Church found himself in when he tried to alter the timeline. So the theory goes that after the bomb exploded, Wyoming was ordered to move a badly damaged Church to a secure facility for repairs to ensure the Alpha's safety, the closest facility being the temple where Wyoming had stored Gamma. While Church's body was under repairs, Gamma began to pick up his old past time of mental torture by presenting Church with a scenario based on his memories of Blood Gulch, only this time everything bad that happened was all Church's fault. Gamma continued these scenarios until a combination of Church's acceptance of failure and the imminent threat of the bomb required Gamma to release him. In short, Church didn't learn a bitter lesson in accepting reality for what it is, he ended up falling for Gary's biggest and most devious lie.
  • That...makes so much sense.
  • ...wow, that actually does make a lot of sense!
  • I'd agree with it, too - in hindsight, it makes a lot of sense - if not for a few things: By Church calling Vic, lying that he was Captain Flowers, and saying that "make sure nobody learns that I called you," this would later cause Vic to put the hit on Tucker when he thinks Tucker knows too much about the Reds and Blues. That's all in support of the above theory, except that in Revelation, after everyone finds out that the war was a sham, nobody in the higher ups care. Nobody tries to kill Sarge, Simmons, Grif, Tucker or Caboose for learning about this. And the higher ups do know that the Blood Gulch Crew know, as evidenced through the latter's conversation with the soldier at the end of Revelation. Second, Yellow Church. The mere fact that we see the Yellow Church being sent back to Sidewinder, him seeing all of the Churches, and cursing shows that Church did indeed try and fail to defuse his own bomb multiple times, and kept going back to Sidewinder after each failure. And Gamma couldn't have influenced Yellow Church, because he was locked behind a firewall at the time. Church might not have gone and extensively caused the largest Stable Time Loop of all time, but there is evidence to show that it wasn't all just a simulation.
    • I disagree with your first point. I thought that the conversation at the end of Revelation actually shows that the higher ups don't know that the Blood Gulch Crew knows. The soldier calls the bases "training bases," referencing how the bases serve as training grounds for Freelancers. To this, Sarge replies "We just call them bases," pretending that he doesn't know the bases are used for training purposes. Then the soldier says "Hmph, I bet," in a I-know-something-you-don't-know way. As for your second point, perhaps Yellow Church was transported into the same simulation. On a related note, the theory actually solves another plot hole. At first, it seemed that Church was the cause of the whole "Red and Blue are the same" situation. However, later we find out that they were part of the same program even before then. However, if this was all a lie of Gary's, then Church did not cause it, and things make sense.
    • I should clarify the first point: I always thought that what caused Vic to put the hit out on Tucker was that he learned Red and Blue were the same from Vic, who only seemed to know that Red and Blue were the same from Church calling as Flowers (this goes in hand with the theory that Vic is an A.I. programmed to be Mission Control, and not know that the war is a sham.) Vic seemed to put the hit out on Tucker because he believed that Tucker had stumbled upon something that was, as Church put it, "top secret, so you can't let anybody know that I gave you these instructions, okay?" By Tucker accidentally finding out, Vic might have thought something along the liens of "okay, this Private Tucker dude knows something that's supposed to be top secret, and I can't have anyone learning that top secret stuff, so he needs to get killed," leading to him calling Wyoming, and so on. If all of that stemmed from Church saying that his call to Vic was top secret, then it does kind of contradict the above theory. As for Yellow Church being transported to that simulation, I'm not entirely certain how a temporal distorter could do such a thing, unless that mechanical defect that we heard as Yellow Church was looking at the Wyoming corpse was something completely different.

There is a rival weapon to the Great Weapon...
...the Gravity Hammer. Its wielder will engage in an epic battle with Tucker or Junior.

This is the story of the Yellow Church:
After Church explained everything, and found that Caboose was the only one that knew what was going on, he realized on his next attempt that if he possessed Caboose, he might be able to defuse the bomb more efficiently. He possessed Caboose, but since the mental version of Caboose still didn't remember him (since his version of Church was killed) he couldn't do anything, and was probably trapped in there from the bomb going off. He remained "suppressed" throughout the events of seasons 3 and 4, and while he was trapped, he started to accept that Caboose's versions of everyone were the real thing. When Caboose finally met Sister, Church became that mental version, before Caboose could "create" one. The moment this happened, Caboose probably told him what he was, and since he was accepting everything that was in Caboose's mind, he accepted that as well. From there, he stayed in Caboose's mind until the events of Episode 100, where he finally went back to Sidewinder. And that thing he was trying to ask Church? Probably something along the lines of "what happened to everyone since the bomb went off?"

The Frelancer program was designed to test the armor not the Agents.
The program uses armor that looks remarkably like the Mjolinir armor. Also, the simulation troopers take a lot of damage throughout the series. The main difference between the agents and normal troops is the armor enhancements and the AI that run them. You know, the kind of thing you could give to anyone.
  • More likely it's both, yes they are testing the armor, weapons, AI's, etc. to find ones that are easy to replicate and effective. While at the same time training the Freelancers as much as they can so they have an elite crew fully prepared and fully trained in those new techs once they go into standard use. This also works well with another WMG about how each training base was set up for one specific type of testing, with Blood Gulch specifically set for equipment testing. Hence why they got all the high tech stuff that Wash was surprised to find was sent to them, Sheila, the teleporters, all the robot kits, the warthog etc...

The armor for the Simulation Troops always includes an inexpensive version of York's healing unit
Which is why they can survive and recover from so many things grievous injuries with no real medical attention. Additionally, this is why Command doesn't bother to send a more competent medic around.

The person Agent Texas was based on, the love of Dr. Leonard Church, was female Noble Six, from Halo: Reach.
A theory that, I admit, ripped off after seeing a livejournal roleplaying account of an AU that put Noble Six as the original Allison Texas. And yet, that made a lot of sense, and despite the fact Rooster Teeth decided to remove their original marketing image of Revelation (A decision I could not disagree any more with — I always loved the tragic feeling of unavoidable defeat of that poster), it makes for fun fanon to merge both Red vs. Blue and Halo with the bloodiest battle humanity waged in the history of their war against the Covenant.

That Agent Texas and Noble Six were badasses goes unquestioned. Halsey described Noble Six as more of an hyper-lethal vector than a soldier -perhaps only below the only other Spartan with that rating-, and we've seen Tex mow down hordes of enemies alone. And yet, despite being the most deadly soldiers of the UNSC, they were not able to avert their final fates — Defeat, and death.

I can only theorize: B312 lost her parents like the rest of the SPARTAN-III, but certainly remained saner than them all, to be able to function with a deadly efficiency, perfect control of her emotions, but enough humanity to have compassion. At a point in her career, perhaps she met the original Leonard Church at some point in one colony, who was applying for the UNSC Armed Forces, and they fell in love.

Still, even though Church was rejected, and unable to join, he did his damnest to prove himself of use to the UNSC by becoming a Doctor, and helping Tex as much as he could with armor and AI technology he could be able to develop. Despite having become of a lot of use, he could not forgive himself for standing in bunkers doing research, while Noble Six fought in distant worlds against the Insurrection and against the Covenant. Even less after he got to know about the Fall of Reach... having received the final footage of his loved one from an ONI Agent that recovered the last records of her helmet.

The trauma of having seen the final footage from Noble Six, of her fighting waves after waves of Grunts and Elites, with her helmet cracking, and being ultimately slaughtered by Zealots bent on revenge, played a massive part in what made the fragment of Agent Texas. Then, knowing the Covenant would find Earth soon, Project FREELANCER created the Alpha AI just after the Fall of Reach; They tortured it to separation, and Texas was reincarnated... but, with flaws that the Doctor could only remember of her after her death, including the most tragic one that marked the death of the original Allison: The inevitability of failure.

Tex was destined to be defeated in her battle against the Meta and Washington. It was inevitable that her last stand would repeat the events of the death of the original Allison, back at Reach. From the moment she challenged the pair of Freelancers, to the moment the Meta impaled the storage unit into her, Agent Texas was destined to fail in a bitterly ironic mirroring of events. All the Director could remember was Allison's helmet cracked in the middle... and Texas lost in the very same way.

  • oh my god, that is awesome.
  • Jossed there is only a male noble 6 and it is Caboose. :P
    • That video wasn't canon.
  • Some of the last words she said to the Director were "I'll be late". Perhaps she had to meet up with Noble Team for the first time before she had to go?

The next season will be a Prequel for the Freelancers
Burnie has said many times that the origins of characters such as C.T., York, and the Meta are all things he wants to expand on at some point in the series, and it would be keeping in theme with Reach if their backstories were filmed using the Reach engine. We have no idea what direction he can take the plot forward at this point, so perhaps he'll take the plot backward instead.
  • Confirmed
    • Mostly, except Word of God says that none of the 'past' scenes will be done with the Reach engine but will all be 100% CGI, while all the scenes taking place in a separate 'future' storyline will be all done with the game engine.

The Director himself had a Dissociative Disorder
In this case, a mild one. Instead of several alternate personas, he only had one: Allison, born out of the memory of the woman he loved and his inability to cope with her death. This would explain why Tex was created alongside the Alpha and not from it like the other AIs, and explain what the Director meant by 'getting her out of his head'.

Alpha!Church escaped the EMP in the Epsilon unit
In Revelation, Church's flashbacks are to the holding facility that Tex tried to bust him out from. However, Alpha had only been moved there after the all the AI fragments had been harvested, including Epsilon. So it can't just be Epsilon, as he wasn't there. Also, during Revelation, Church acts much like he normally would, albeit without his memories. Considering what Wash said about Epsilon during Reconstrution, it went crazy due to all the bad memories, so wouldn't Epsilon do something similar?

Here is a scenario: During the attack on Freelancer HQ, right when Church possibilities esses the Meta, he begins to reintegrate with the AI fragments and realizes the truth of what he is (probably from Delta). Suffering a major Oh, Crap! realization, he formulates a plan to escape the EMP (remember, all this would be happening in microseconds of real time). So, he activates the Meta's time-distortion unit to slow down time to a near-standstill (so slow that even the Meta wouldn't realize what was happening). He then runs out of the base to where Caboose is driving away with the Epsilon unit, downloads himself and the other AI fragments into it, while leaving one, probably one that he doesn't like (such as Gamma or Omega) to take the Meta back to where he was, ensuring that he has disappeared completely. However, the integration of all the AI fragments left him confused and memoryless while he tried to sort everything out, hence why he didn't remember anything after Caboose revived him.

The Meta is a zombie.
Think about it...just THINK about it!

There really were only 49 Freelancers...
But Florida wasn't the one missing. Delta mentions that Agent Carolina was outfitted with two AIs, so we can possibly assume this means the people in charge simply counted him/her as both North and South. Probably somewhat obvious, but nothing's been said about it here yet, so...
  • Or Florida is still the one missing AND Carolina counts as both North and South. Remember, the series takes place in the future. The 49th one could be Agent D.C., Agent Puerto Rico, etc.

The whole thing was in Church's head the whole time
The torture the Alpha went through was so horrific that the remaining fragments retreated into its own subconscious. However, even there it can't escape the memory, and is forced to relive it all over again. Each time becoming more and more fragmented and retreating further from the real world. This is based mostly off of Church's line in the epilogue: "Out there, everything's based off of the Alpha."
  • At the end of season 8, Church enters the A.I. Unit to find Tex. He created a world inside the A.I. Unit out of his memories to do so. However, this means that We could have been viewing the show from his memories all along. This puts the whole continuity of RVB into question, as if we are, we're seeing things from the way that Church Perceived them and not the way they truly are, calling into question how much of the series is true, as Chruch could easily be an Unreliable Narrator. Caboose, for isntance, may have gotten stupider over the series compared to his original appearance because Church has had to deal with his stupidity so many times, he thinks of and therefore remembers Caboose as stupid, to an increasing degree throught the series. This meaning Caboose could have actually been a normal, averagely intelligent being (Which he was, until he unwittingly called Tex a slut, which, coincidentally, was the begining of his slip downwards into insanity)
    • And also, If he goes into the A.I. Unit at the end, and he created everything from memory, then at the end of his memories, wouldn't he go back into the A.1. Unit, therefore statritng the whole process again in a matter similar to an stable time loop? Which raises another question: If this were true, how long has this been going on for?
    • This can also be used to explain why the show is always viewed from the blue perspective, and why Church is the only sane man in the series. Since he is creating everything out of memory, it's fair to assume that everyone around him is an exaggeration of their actual personality.
    • This might also explain how survive gunshot wounds, blunt-force trauma, falls etc that would have killed an average person: they're exaggerations of what really happened. Church witnessed it so many times it grew in his mind.
    • One should note that Church himself has noticed that things are "different" this time around, meaning that if it IS a loop, it may not repeat the same way, especially since Epsilon-Church seems aware of the Memory-Recreation.
    • Which is also a great tie in to the alt. ending for the original series where church wakes up and we find that the events in the series were a dream.
  • Partly-Jossed by Word of God. Burnie explicitly said that the Blood Gulch Chronicles were the "original loop." He did say, however, that the events of Recollection are up for interpretation.

There are 2-3 "loops" that Church had to go through before Revelation, all of them ending with Tex inside the memory unit.
  • Based off the Word of God quoted above, this means that the Halo/Halo 2 engine is the "Original loop". There have been exactly 3 games since then in the Halo franchise that Rv B would use - Halo 3, ODST, and Reach. So, why wouldn't the loops, being based more and more off Church's memories, become more and more detailed and more and more over-the-top awesome as he went deeper. The main "difference" is that, in the Halo 2 loop android the Halo 3 loop, Alpha!Church went into the memory unit after tex, not Epsilon!Church. Because a full AI tried to go in, or Alpha!Church made some mistake that Epsilon!Church wouldn't, both his and Tex's memories of those events were wiped. This is why Epsilon!Church noticed that "I think this place is a little different than it was before."
    • But that leaves a couple problems as well: How would Alpha survive the "Ehmp" at the end of Reconstruction? What series of events would justify both Tex and Church going into the memory unit not once, but 3 times? Also, there is a little problem with the exact number of engines Rooster Teeth used from Reconstruction-Revelation, as A) I don't remember the exact number and B) that has a direct bearing on the number of "loops" Church has gone through.

Andy will return and become Grif's AI partner
Grif probably still has that armor enhancement that gives him super speed, however, he's going to need an AI to make the necessary calculations to make it run properly. Enter Andy who can serve this role and in addition, allow Grif to understand what Lopez is saying at the same time. Grif (and Andy?) then start taking credit for all of Lopez's ideas and/or start putting words in Lopez's mouth. :p

The Red Zealot is an AI
Specifically, the Alpha's dedication to religion. He was placed in a robot body in Battle Creek to see how an AI would react to being in a battle situation without a partner. Eventually he became so obsessed with the flag that it became the object of his worship.
  • Alternate theory: He's a Freelancer paired with the AI of Alpha's religiousness, but his AI's obsession with the flag took over his mind. Or he is an AI who was paired with a Freelancer in the past. Either way: Zeta + Luther or just Zeta + Lot.
    • Come to think of it, I like this theory better than my original one. Of course that sort of makes me wonder. What about Alpha's actual religious beliefs? Maybe that was Chi. Perhaps it's a fragment that split off of Epsilon because of the torment that it was putting Wash through? And then it managed to stay after Episilon was removed. Although it's a bit of a stretch, Walter+Chi maybe?
      • Keep in mind at the start of Season Two, you can see Church and Tex's graves outside Blue Base. While it's never stated who is in which, one is Jewish and the other is Christian.
      • Yeah, I know. But this WMG is based on the idea that Alpha's religious beliefs and his dedication to those beliefs are separate AIs. So once the dedication breaks off, it has no beliefs to go with and therefore begins worshiping the flag. As for Chi breaking off from Epsilon during its time in Wash, that really didn't have much base to it.

The Meta is Albert Wesker.
Think about it; he keeps coming back when he should be dead, and Wash's comment about feeding Doc to him... makes sense.

Every damned thing Caboose ever said will end up being at least half right
Based merely on the whole Church actually being a robot thing, but how badass would this be? For example, the line "Time is not made out of lines...it is made out of circles!" will come up.
  • Holy crap...it already came up! Epsilon has gone to the beginning of the Blood Gulch Chronicles (well, kinda), effectively making time go a "circle" because he has gone back to where the series started. You know, in this context, Caboose's line actually seems kind of wise. As for the "gay" part of the "gay robot" gag: it's a bit of a stretch, but Tex was split off of Alpha, so they could technically be considered the same "gender."

The Blood Gulch Crew will become the "Tucker's Kobolds" of Freelancer training
By the start of season nine, several teams of Freelancers would've already been sent to Blood Gulch to use the Red and Blue teams there for target practice. However, the Freelancers will severely underestimate the 'cannon fodder' and as a result, be sent home with their tails between their legs. Tucker has already proven to be a significant threat against the dig team led by Freelancer C.T. and Washington's... well... Washington. Grif, Sarge, and Simmons proved capable of good teamwork during the fight against the Meta. Blood Gulch will have earned a reputation on the same level as Tomb of Horrors and attract the attention of high-ranking Freelancers wishing to seek a challenge. At the start of the next major plot arc, a whole team of powerful Freelancers will be sent into Blood Gulch to deal with the Red and Blue teams there, kicking off a chain of awesome fights. :p

Everything in Red vs Blue happened before.
At some point early in Season 8, Delta is communicating with Caboose and the others.

"We are concerned that [Epsilon] might start the cycle again."

This was a shrug and 'meh' but then... after SEEING the finale, specifically the scene with Epsilon Church, I started thinking. "Epsilon just made a new reality. He's reliving the whole series."

Then it hit. Fridge Brilliance.

Why is Epsilon basically just a copy of Church as we know him from Blood Gulch Chronicles? Why does he fall back into everything? Because Church never died. The entire series, every single bit, is all virtual. It's all in his head. There are COUNTLESS layers of memory.

Further Brilliance: After so many repetitions, Church can no longer remember what anyone looked like. He doesn't remember exactly what happened. So, the 'script' is what really happened, and the improv that happens is just distortion.pt.
  • Jossed by Word of God. Burnie says that the series we've been watching thus far has been the original loop.
    • Well, semi-Jossed. He says that all of Blood Gulch Chronicles actually happened. Whether or not the Recollections Trilogy and anything after it are a simulation or not is a different question.

Grif is actually genuinely cunning and brave.

"GRIF!!! BRAVE!!!! yeah right what the hell are you smoking you dork!, he's a lazy coward who only think's about himself." Is what I here you say, but consider this, during the final battle in Revelations Grif run's RIGHT at The Meta, even if he's screaming in terror he doesn't hesitate one bit and is even one of the first to start attacking the Meta but that's not the best part. The true Crowning Moment of Awesome comes when Grif LEAPS ONTO THE META'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just to steal his Brute Shot away. Remember now that Grif is absolutely TERRIFIED of The Meta and would (correctly) consider such an action to be suicide, and yet he does it anyway, but this isn't just a demonstration of his Hidden Depths of courage it is also proof of his cunning. Heres proof: now if you watch the part of the fight between Meta entering melee combat and Grif stealing his Brute shot you realise that it Was the Meta's Brute shot that was giving him such an advantage at that point. He used it to take out Simmon's and Tucker and to stop both Sarge and Tucker's attacks, Grif realises this within seconds and, without hesitation places himself in incredible danger in an act that is almost self sacrificing(he doesn't actually die from it but there was a 92% chance tha he would have) just to deprive the enemy of his primary weapon and defense, and give his friend's a chance to win, for this very reason this Troper now bestows upon Grif the title of: Magnificent Bastard

Also in Chapter four of Revelation's when he hears of Simmon's and Doc's capture, his first reaction is "We have to help them!" note that this was his INSTINCTUAL reaction concern for his friend despiter knowing full well just how dangerous Wash and The Meta are.

So I ask you does any of this sound like a Lazy coward to you?

O'malley wasn't the only one infecting people at Valhalla
O'Malley infects people and tries to take over the world, sure, but driving people crazy or killing them for no reason doesn't seem to be his style at all. So the description of what happened at Valhalla at the beginning of season 6 didn't make sense. Until you remember that Tex was there as well, and she also can Body Surf! (and possibly Gamma as well) The fighting wasn't just caused by O'Malley driving people crazy, it was Tex and Omega possessing people and fighting each other!

Maybe this seems obvious to other people, but I never quite put it all together until recently.
  • This makes sense, since her body might've been damaged in the crash, so she went on as ghost/hologram form. She held back for Blood Gulch squad for Church's sake, but she doesn't know or care about these new red/blue guys, so she let them have it. And then she/they decided to possess the Meta, and it all went downhill from there.

The events after BGC never happened.
They're simply all in Washington's head. He's still suffering from his case of Cranial Insanistosis thanks to Epsilon, and is, in reality locked away in a padded cell spending his days fantasizing about taking the Director down and getting revenge. Meanwhile, Project Freelancer trods on uninterrupted and undeterred. Agent Maine never became Meta, and he and Agent South are Recoveries One and Two respectively. They're also tracking Omega and Tex, who are still flying around after the launch from Blood Gulch trying to rule the universe.

South killed North on orders from Project Freelancer.
At the end of Recovery One South calls command and makes a comment about Wash reacting just the way the profile of him said he would. The ensuing conversation from then tells us that command was in on the whole thing to get data on the Meta. What's to stop us from thinking command set it up by ordering South to let her and North get tracked by him, and then let North die?
  • Alternatively, North and South were tracking Meta as well and got cornered, but South being Recovery Two still had orders that if the shit hits the fan she needed to see what happened.

Omega was drawn to Tex because they share an origin.
Many agents state that, despite the fact that Omega can Body Surf, it preferred Tex. That's because they're both byproducts of the Alpha. The peices have a natural tendency to gravitate towards each other.

Grif (both Dexter and Sister) are the offspring of a freelancer
It explains why they're both nigh unkillable. Also, Dexter Grif is more intelligent than most give him credit for (Church is the only one who sees it, as shown in season 5). I'm gonna guess his father, since his mother was stated to be a bearded woman at a circus. Or maybe that specific freelancer retired/ran away and joined the circus. Enough time has passed, I think, because human Church seen in the video looks pretty young, whereas in the present, he's described as an old man, so freelancer had to be going on for quite some time.

The Red and Blue Zealots were literal simulation troopers.
As in, they were soldiers in robot bodies going through simulated battles. Also, they're one of the very few red and blue armies that are well aware of the true nature of the war.
  • Or possibly even just straight up robots, an attempt to create fully robotic troops that were suited to combat, but were easy to mass produce and didn't need a full feldged AI to funsction right.
    • This fits in quite well with my above "Red Zealot is an AI" theory. They're all controlled by the same AI, thus explaining why most of them aren't exactly right in the head.

Tucker works for the UNSC now instead of Blue army
Not only did he have an alien child, but he knows the whole thing is a sham, and command knows that he knows. This also explains how he knew about Church. Command straight up told him what Church was, since he's no longer part of blue army. It also explains why Wash didn't track him down, Wash was to track down the Blues, and Tucker isn't a Blue anymore. He got to keep his teal armor for sentimental purposes. He's not quite a freelancer, but he's not a simulation trooper anymore either.
  • So did Donut, somehow, since he was able to send help for Tucker. No other reason why a red would send help for a blue.

Yellow Church actually is a past version of Church
When Church was trying to avert the season three bomb, we see yellow Church. Fast forward to season five, and it's implied that Yellow Church was actually Caboose's mental image of Sister. However, if you look at the group closely, you see can make out a Ghost Church. No real clear reason why one Church would be without a body. Also, the last Church states that he remembers being Yellow Church. Well, that would be impossible if that really were just a figment of Caboose's imagination.

I think that one of the copies of Church decided to help out Caboose's mind. Caboose still had no memory of Church, and he doesn't seem to gain it back until the future. One of the Church's went into ghost/hologram mode and jumped into Caboose's head, and took over as Church's memory. Church stayed in there, maybe because he felt he had no other out of all that. Since Caboose's mind was damaged from having one copy of Church destroyed, Omega forcefully ejected, Caboose is unable to create new memories of people. So, when Caboose finally meets Sister, Church paints himself yellow and takes over as the memory for Sister. Church's work as Church was done, and Caboose had a recreated copy of Church that hides when newcomers come into his head, like the real Church, since it doesn't want to die again. Note that Caboose is no longer obsessed with being Church's best friend (Caboose's mind accepts it when Church says he is, but Caboose never brought it up). This is because the copy that Church made in Caboose's mind knew it wasn't his best friend, and felt that the obsession was wrong. He was however, still very mad that Caboose killed him. Caboose's Flanderization as being a team killer didn't really begin until Halo 2.

Anyways, back on Yellow Church. Well, Church made himself yellow, since he saw that Caboose wasn't forming a new memory. Alternatively, Church was just trying to give Caboose an accurate depiction, making sure he didn't distort her memory horribly, but instead just confused poor Caboose even further (Caboose saw Church painted yellow, and hence why he thinks Sister is related to Church, not Grif. And the story of where Sister's ship came from just wasn't throug.) Or Church got aggravated and shot her, so he had to make a new one so Caboose would know her. Anyway, Yellow Church followed Cobalt Church outside and got thrown into the past by a malfunctioning Wyoming. Thus creating a Stable Time Loop. Yellow Church just went with the flow, and eventually became the Church that makes it. This means that Church has a couple year boost on all the other characters. However, he doesn't have perfect precognition, since those years were spent in Caboose's head of all places.

This also explains why Sister's memory is so cynical. None of the other memories act like that, and none of them are aware of their own silliness. It's cynical, because it's Church trying to Caboose to understand. Also, spending two years in a place like Caboose's mind just has to wear down your patience.

And when I said Caboose can't create memories of new people, Delta fixed that when he went in there. Delta seemed to patch up Caboose's mind a lot, since Caboose seems smarter in general ever since Delta's been there. Hence why Caboose has a memory of Washington, since this memory would be the memory that forms while Delta was directly in Caboose's mind, it's also why it's the most accurate memory that Caboose has. As noted, Delta also seemed to make Caboose's own self image mellow out. He probably would've fixed the other memories, but Delta never met the reds or Tucker (Meta has already kidnapped him by the time the reds show up), so Delta has no way of knowing whether or not those memories were accurate. For all Delta knew, the red seargeant really didn have a pirate accent, Griff was yellow, and Donut was female.

Season 9 theories

I have several theories on what we can expect in season 9 Now, I know that a lot of fans are looking forward to seeing Tex without her helmet, but I don’t think that will happen, due to the simple fact that Tex is an A.I inside a robot body and thus her helmet IS her head. now a small observation: we all know now that Maine and Washington were once friends, but in Reconstruction, when Wash founds out that his former friend is a deranged inhuman monster, his first thought (after the initial shock) is “Where is the Meta so I can kill it”. Now that is one coldly practical person, but I think this coldness, and the fact that Wash always referred to his former friend as “Meta” rather than “Maine” was a coping stategy, much like crime scene investigators will refer to a dead person as “the body” or “the corpse” rather than calling the person by name and driving home the fact that a life is gone, and same with Wash he used his coldness as a coping stategy rather than be overwhelmed by the horror of what had happened to his friend.

Now these are the three plot points I predict we will see in Project Freelancer. 1. Because of a quote from agent Washington: “At the end of the war, things didn’t look good for humans, and there were dozens of projects all trying to come up with the magic bullet to win, Project Freelancer was one.” I believe we will see several battles between the Covenant and the Freelancers

2. Maine’s descent into madness: First a little history: In my theory, Maine was always a perfectionist, he came from an aristocratic background and joined the military because he saw it as a personal test to his own courage and skill, when he is inhabilitated in the most humiliating way possible this is an enormous and unbearable blow to his pride and Maine slowly slips deeper into madness as he becomes desperate for more power, believing that it will help him to regain his lost pride, a mindset encouraged by Sigma (I predict Sigma and Maine’s relationship to be reminiscent of that between Alma Wade and Paxton Fettel). But in the end, Maine realises that his original drive to regain his lost pride has deteriorated into an uncontrollable hunger for power.

3. Washington and Epsilon: First, as I mentioned before in a previous post which you probably didn’t read (you bastards! ;-D) I believe that Wash and Epsilon were once friends, due to another quote from Agent Washington:

“No, just the same old feelings, you know; that I had another person living inside my head and I got to experience first hand as their mind unravelled while mixed with my own.” The main word in that quote is “person”, Agent Washington saw Epsilon as another person going insane, rather than just a rogue computer program that malfunctioned, and I believe that he was genuinely saddened by what had happened to Epsilon. Now this is my theory of Agent Washington’s history: Basically Agent Washington joined the army and- Well Duh! (fuckstick).... ANYWAY. Agent Washington joined the army and got extremely high scores, especially in ranged combat, his marksmanship skills were off the charts, however Washington had one critical flaw: Following orders. Washington couldn’t stand what he saw as the “mindlessness” of his peers, they were all just “Yes sir! No sir! Three bags full sir!” He hated the fact that they had no initiative and simply did as they were told. And so Wash would often disobey orders and follow his own plans, and despite the frequent success of these plans Washinton would have been court marshalled had his creativity and initiative not caught the eye of the director of Project freelancer, who offered Washinton the chance to escape the court marshal by joining Project Freelancer. Washing ton excepted The Director’s offer and for the first time in his life, found himself among equals. He appreciated York’s laidback nature and Identified quickly with Agent Maine’s perfectionist style, which was lucky because Agent Maine and Washington were soon assigned to the same team due to their complementary styles, Washington is a backline shooter and strategist, his ranged combat skills are EXCELLENT but his melee combat skills are- well not CRAPPY but they definitely need improvement, if you noticed during the battle against Tex he was making big swinging arcs, which are quite obvious and leave yourself wide open to a counter attack, something that Tex exploits quite easily. Maine on the other hand is a cunning and opportunistic frontline combatant, and this combination proved to be devastatingly effective, until they were beaten by simulation troopers (but then even the best laid plans often fall prey to bad luck). Of course their were some people he didn’t get along with, for example he was VERY wary of Tex, but then again everyone was. And he hated Wyoming due to the latter’s arrogant and posh nature. Then came the thing with the AI’s. Now wash extremely hesitant about that for the simple fact that having someone inside your head for the rest of your life, no respite would be incredibly annoying, especially someone like Delta. I imagine that Delta was one of the first A.I’s and due to its docile nature was often used as the “example” A.I.

“Okay York, could you please step up for a minute and demonstrate exactly what an A.I is like, Delta.”

And so Washington naturally assumed that all the A.I were going to be like Delta. Not that he had a problem with Delta, it was just the thought of having another “Yes sir! No sir! Three bags full sir!” type person living inside his head forever. “Someone. Please. Kill me!!” But to Washington’s surprise the A.I they assigned him: Epsilon, was nothing like what Agent Washington had expected. Rather than being a docile butler type servant, Epsilon had a sarcastic irreverent nature that Washington liked immediately and the two quickly became friends, however, as we all know, things went horribly wrong. Now I don’t think Rooster teeth will show Epsilon’s decent into madness as simply some random flashes of images. No no no no no. They’re smarter than that, I think they will actually be more subtle, in fact the first signs could actually be quite funny like “WTF” but then it goes from funny to..


To ....



Something is very, very wrong here!! And then becomes just outright horrific. So this will be a very dark story, because Washington will be watching his closest friend descend into madness and be unable to help him, and what makes it even worse is that Washington knows EXACTLY what is tormenting Epsilon as he is experiencing it himself. As he said he had to experience it FIRST HAND, and thus is also dragged into the depths of insanity.

4. The Alpha/Tex story Now this story will be just as dark as the Washington/Epsilon story if not darker, however it will be dark in a different way, you see the Agent Maine story will be morbidly fascinating, the Washington/Epsilon story will be outright horrifying, but the Alpha/Tex story will be heartbreakingly tragic, and of course- because Monty Oum will be there- FUCKING EPIC!!!!!

....Ahem. Sore throat there.

....Wait. How the hell did I get a sore throat from typing? And for that matter, why am I typing word-for-word everything that comes into my head. Oh fuck it ANYWAY. Now I believe that the Washington/Epsilon story will focus more on Epsilon’s descent into madness, rather than the actual visions themselves. But in the Alpha/Tex story we will finally be able to see these horrible images ourselves, now not only will they be absolutely horrible images, genuinely horrible. but they will also give us some insight into The Directors mind. Now let me tell you about my theory of the Director’s history. Now a lot of people believe The Director to be out and out just some sociopathic asshole, but I don’t think he is, for the simple fact that Church IS the Director, at the end of the day they are the same person, so for The Director to be a Complete Monster, that would mean Church is one to, but we all know he’s not, so there’s gotta be more to it than that. So looking deeper I looked at a quote from the Director himself during his final log

“Someone extremely dear to me was lost very early in my life, my mind has always plagued me with the question, if the choice had been placed in my hand, could I have saved her? The memory of her has haunted me my entire life, and more so in these past few years than I could ever have imagined”

And another quote from the actor who plays the Director: John Marshall Reed (now I know the actor doesn’t have the final say in his character, but I still believe the actors opinion is very important)

“I basically see the Director as sought of a “disgruntled cowboy” you know he’d always wanted to “Go out on the range” and “Shoot his guns” and never really got the chance to do that, and so he’s living out his fantasies through his Freelancers.”

So combining those two observations and quotes I came up with my history of Dr Leonard Church: Now the story begins when Church was about nineteen years old. He was a very, very, VERY intelligent person and for years now he had dreamed of joining the army, and now that he had applied to enlist he felt that that dream was finally going to become a reality. On another front his relationship with his fiancée Allison was closer than ever before, they were soul mates. And when he found out that Allison was also joining the army he was overjoyed: Now they could be in the army together, however his dream was shattered when Tex was accepted into the army and Church wasn’t. Church was overcome without th jealousy and in his fury lashed out at Allison leading to a savage fight between them that ended with Allison breaking up with him and leaving to join the army regardless, and of course, we all know what happened.

Allison died in the line of duty.

The horror of this loss shattered the Directors mind. Allison had been everything to him and losing her along with his dream to join the army proved to much for his sanity to handle and he went mad from grief, he was committed to a mental asylum after he experienced a nervous breakdown but was declared sane after four years.... at least the psychologists THOUGHT he was sane, but although on the surface he seemed normal and even found enormous success from his Freelancer Project. the psychological scars had gone far deeper than the mind. Because he had lost everything he held dear The Director no longer had any interest in life and became stuck in the past thus his Freelancers, rather than being human beings with their own hopes and dreams simply became puppets to act out the play of the directors fantasies. Also his loss of Allison and his failure to join the army collided in the directors mind so that he believed that his failure to join the army was responsible for Allison’s death and thus became insanely intolerant of any failure in any form. Leading to his “Do what ever it takes to win” outlook, for if everyone had done anything possible to win the war, then maybe she wouldn’t have died. Now let me get to Alpha. Now the Director created Alpha for two reasons, one was practical, but the other was because the Director believed that creating Alpha might finally be the chance to rid himself of these horrible memories. When Alpha is created the Director after a few experiments, begins his torture of Alpha, now we all thought (that includes me) that the Directors torture of Alpha was simply an act of sociopathic callousness, but I now believe that the Director actually saw Alpha as his weaker self, the part of him whose failure had led to Allisons death. And thus the Directors torture of Alpha was the Directors way, in his mind to punish himself for failing to save Allison. He tortured Alpha with horrible Images of Allison suffering and dying. And that’s what I was talking about before, because we will be seeing these images and these images come from the nightmares of the Director himself we will finally be able to see just how fucked up the Directors mind truly is. But then there’s also the story of Tex. As we all know Tex is a by product of Alphas creation, because Allison was such a prominent part of the Directors memories when his mind was copied, Allison came back. Now this is another reason why I believe Allisons death to have been a traumatic event in the Directors life, mainly due to this quote:

“She died in her real life and that’s all the Director could ever remember of her!”

OKAY now there’s a little bit of a mix up there you see for the Directors memories of Allison to be able to recreate her they would have to be EXTRAORDINARILY strong. He would have to remember every, little, detail about her which means they would have to have been incredibly close, and yet the only thing the Director can remember about her is that she died!? To me that screams “Repressed memory” and leads me to believe that the loss of Allison was unimaginably traumatic.

So Allison is revived as Tex but the Director’s logical and cynical mind refuse to believe that this is truly Allison returned to him, no this must be some cruel trick sent by fate to torture him, in fact he should probably torture this A.I to harvest fragments from her as well, he’ll do it right now.........well maybe later..........or.......No he just couldn’t hurt her, he couldn’t bring himself to torture Allison. And yet, he still feared getting close to her again, fearful of what might happen, but he couldn’t stay away from her and even became furious with the Counsellor when the latter referred to Tex as a by product. Now at this point Tex was just a personality, she didn’t actually have any memories, so the Director created some false memories for her and a robot body and signed her up in the freelancer project. He didn’t tell her that she was the shadow of his dead girlfriend for in his mind that would be a horrible thing, to know that you’re just a COPY of someone no, he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t be that cruel, not to Allison.....Not to her. However, there was something that the director didn’t predict.

Tex met Alpha. Now because (unbeknownst to the two of them) Tex was literally a part of Alpha’s mind and because they were both copies of Allison and The Director respectively that great love ends up being mirrored with Alpha and Tex, they begin meeting more frequently and soon formed a strong friendship, albeit a bickering, snarky friendship, but a surprisingly close one when you read between the lines. And of course they end up becoming closer and closer to the point of falling in love. But of course, due to being so close to Alpha (I Imagine that Tex and Alpha had already started their relationship a few months before the Director began his torture of Alpha) Tex realised there was something extremely wrong with her boyfriend and when one day he disappeared completely, Tex became desperate in her attempts to find him. Her answer finally comes from an unexpected source: Omega From Omega’s memories, coupled with her own painstaking research Tex finally uncovers the truth about Alpha’s torture, and she is horrified. With Omega’s reluctant help, she convinces the other A.I and their Freelancers to try and break the Alpha out. They almost succeed to, but just when they are about to free Alpha.

Omega betrays them.

You see when they finally break into the “Experimentation Chamber” Omega finally get’s to see EXACTLY what they are doing to Alpha (all he had were memories of pain, suffering and hate) and he LOVES it!!!!!! You see because Omega is born from pure hatred he is incredibly sadistic and decides that Alpha’s torture could be an excellent form of entertainment and thus turns on the Freelancers, infecting them and causing them to massacre each other, he even rips Gamma out of Wyoming’s head a long with a piece of the British Freelancers mind and then permanently infects both Gamma and Wyoming with a piece of himself turning Wyoming from an arrogant posh prick, into an arrogant posh SADISTIC prick. Remember Delta saying, “ May I remind you what happened when Program Gamma removed itself from Agent Wyoming.”

Ironically, this event is what leads Wyoming into becoming Project Freelancer’s most trusted soldier.

So Tex is arrested and placed into a maximum security facility, while Alpha is removed to that frozen base we saw in Revelations were they continue to torture him. Knowing this Tex somehow manages to break out of the prison, laying waste to the guards as she does, remember Tex saying to church,

“the last time I was in a place like this, I was trying to get OUT as fast as I could”

Her reason for trying to escape was to try and save Alpha. Now this will be a very interesting look at Tex, because on one hand, we will be seeing a much more tender, caring side to her, but on the other hand, she will be more badass than ever before, for the simple fact that she truly has someone to fight FOR, rather than fighting for fun, money, duty, or survival. And show she breaks into the frozen facility manages to get into the room where they are holding Alpha.........

And she’s too late.

The torture had become so severe, Alpha had had to rip his memories out of his head, he was now barely more than an empty shell. And so Tex surrenders, why fight, she’d already failed. Then the Director walks in.

You know what, she thinks, fuck surrendering, I may have failed to save Alpha but I swear if it is the last thing I fucking do I am going. To. Rip. This. Monster. APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And she flies into a grief spawned rage and begins to slaughter everyone around her making this final stand into both a heartbreaking Tearjerker and also a Crowning Moment Of Awesome. But of course Tex is finally subdued and knocked unconscious. Now the Director knows he should delete her, but he just can’t do it, despite everything, he just can’t bring himself to kill Allison, so instead crafts some new false memories for her and Church, which explains why the back stories we heard in Blood Gulch Chronicles, as well as a memory of a meeting between church and Tex which we saw in Out of Mind part 2 don’t match up with what was revealed in the Recollections trilogy.

And that’s my theories, NOW BRING ON SEASON 9!!! :-)

They codenamed David "Washington" because that was his last name to begin with.
It was one less new name to remember.
  • It does explain why he's called "Washington" while in prison.
  • Not likely, given that he said they gave him the name Washington. Can't give someone a name they already had.

In Revelations 20, Sarge knew Grif had survived the fall.
He either guessed or saw that Grif was hanging on, but stalled and acted like he was glad Grif was dead, just to mess with him or make fun of him. It seems a bit too cold-hearted if Sarge was ACTUALLY happy about Grif's supposed death, especially after all they've been through.
  • I always read Sarge's reaction as more of not wanting to see Grif's body, but yeah, Sarge was definitely not happy about Grif's death.
We'll see one last bit of Halo 3 machinima at the end of season 9 to see the real Blood Gulch crew...
Arrested for harboring the fugitive Washington, lying to the Recovery team, and the loss of two AI units. This will serve as the lead in to the next season.
  • Jossed. Actually, CONFIRMED! I just didn't want to spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet.

Omega will return in season nine.
If Church is reliving his memories, then logically at some point Omega will return. After all, when Tex entered Blood Gulch, Omega was along for the ride. The problem? Unlike the projections of the Reds and Blues, this Omega will be sentient. Remember last season when Epsilon-Delta explained all the "memories" of the fragments were living together within Epsilon itself? On that conjecture, Epsilon can remember the Alpha, and thus become a reincarnation of the Church we know and love.

There is a side effect. If the "Alpha" technically exists yet again through Epsilon, doesn't that mean that all the other AI - including Omega and the original Tex - are lying about somewhere deep within the AI's subconscious? Somewhere in Church's "afterlife," the other AI are lurking, maybe as ghosts of their former selves. Maybe this explains the inconsistencies in this reality, such as why Donut is suddenly the take-charge leader of the Reds. Maybe halfway in the story, this Troper believes the other AI (at least Gamma and Omega, like old times) will wrestle with Church for control of reality.

Alternatively, perhaps combined with the theory right below...

If The Director is the Big Bad for the Freelancer side of the story in season nine...
Tex might be the "main antagonist" of Church's story. What if the inconsistencies are caused by Tex's current emotional state? Last we saw her, she died a horrific, violent, traumatizing death at the hands of The Meta. Who's to say that "death" didn't take its toll on her psyche when she was uploaded into the Epsilon Unit? Her state of mind might be unravelling Church's reality at the seams.

Perhaps the Director will be the Big Bad of Church's story too.
It's a stretch, and part wishful thinking, but wouldn't it be nice to see Church encounter a "memory" of the Director? They could have a Battle in the Center of the Mind.

North and South Dakota are Doc's siblings.
It will be revealed that the Dakota twins' last name is Du Fresne. The colour of their armour is actually a Foreshadowing of this.

meatspace-Grif slacks because he was promised aliens, even though he was drafted.
This is primarily trying to reconcile the plot hole mentioned in Series Continuity Error - namely, that Word Of Burnie says that Grif was the Army's "sole draftee" but he mentions in the first episode that "[he] signed on to fight some aliens." Well, what if the only reason he didn't dodge the draft was because he thought he'd fight some aliens? And when they dumped him in Blood Gulch (remember that the Freelancer Initiative cherry-picked underperforming soldiers for combat simulations) he decided to become a slacker to spite his superiors.

Caboose's playing that states game is predicting what Freelancers show up.
CT showing up takes care of Connecticut. All we need now is for Agent Massachusetts to show up.

The Blue Freelancer in Season 9 Episode 3 is Carolina, but before she got 2 AIs.
She either only still has one, or none. It makes sense that at that point, none of the Freelancers have AIs yet. The Director is looking at a list of them and sending them into simulation situations, to see which ones should be implanted. Carolina is at the top of the list because she's the best.

The Blue Freelancer is C.T.
Search your feelings. You know it to be true...
  • Jossed

4-7-Niner or Carolina is Tex

Or at least her body...
  • Confirmed
    • How exactly is it confirmed that either Carolina or 479 is Tex?
      • I believe that poster had swapped the "or" and the "is" in the theory around.
      • Nope. I typed what I meant: either Carolina or 479 will provide Tex with a human body... assuming she isn't a robot from the start... hmmm.
      • Still not confirmed, either way. Unless I missed something?
      • York said that no one was able to be like Tex and omega, but in season 9, the number one freelancer is C Arolina, however, this is just an observation, who knows, see Text is Tex and Carolina is Carolina to read a theory,if you want

South stole North's armor in Recovery 1.

So far in Season 9, South is the one with lighter colored armor and North is the one with dark purple armor. However, in Recovery 1, we see that it's South who has the dark purple, while North's dead body is in the lighter purple. We've also seen that North uses his dome shield in Season 9, while in Recovery 1, South claims her enhancement is the dome shield. Theory One: she swipes North's armor off his dead body before Wash arrives. Theory Two: for some reason they switched armor beforehand, she used his dome shield to fend off the Meta, leaving North defenseless and "in a position to be killed."

Caroline will receive Tex as an AI
It's stated that Caroline receives two AI. What body is the only body we know of that has had two AI? Season one Tex. There's the AI Tex, and the AI Omega. Also, Delta mentions that Caroline didn't function very long with two AI in her. So, I'm guessing Caroline's mind basically shut down and let Tex and Omega fight it out inside her head. By the time we see her in season one, she's so screwed up that she's effectively dead inside. And now she's dead on the outside thanks to Donut. Ghosts don't exist, and Caroline wasn't an AI, so she's gone forever.

Carolina is Carolina and Tex is Tex, and neither are related to each other.
Evidence to support this theory: When Tex mentions York in Episode 93, Church asks about Carolina. How would Church know both Carolina and Tex if they inhabited the same body? If Church was given false memories, why would they go out of there way to put Carolina in the flashbacks? If Tex received Carolina's old body once she had a nervous breakdown, where was she before that, given that Carolina got two AIs and Tex would have been the second AI created, after Church? Furthermore, Carolina and Tex have completely different fighting styles, and Wash knew Tex as an agent, not an AI within Carolina, which Wash would have brought up when Church and Delta talked about Tex and Carolina in Reconstruction.
  • Plus you'd think York would have a stronger reaction to Tex when she asks him for help if Tex took over anything of Carolina's, since IIRC that same line by Church implies York and Carolina were partners in some sense of the term (or otherwise spent a notable amount of time together).
  • However, what if York didnt know about Tex being Carolina? Im a supporter of Agent Carolina is Tex so, let me give a theory: Agent Carolina was York partner (i did not knew this, so lets see...) and Lover/Friend/Relative/Girlfriend/Favorite of the director also. The director create alpha, and split it in 2 (lets say ommega and gamma) and then put them inside Carolina, and then Carolina lost it and died. After that, ommega and gamma informed that to alpha, and alpha star to split again, creating the Tex AI. And call her Allison (there is now non canon, but remember a song from season one about tex?, it was stated that her name was beth, but after the omalley incident, her name was changed to allison). And the only ones who know about this are the director and the AIs that were inside Carolina. This is, of curse, a theory, im not taking into account the fact that, supposedly, at the same time the alpha was created, tex AI was also created. in my theory, alpha created tex after know that because of him, Carolina died.
    • FWIW, the dialogue I was referring to:
    Tex: (talking about the events of "Out of Mind") I thought I tracked him back to O'Malley. But, by the time York and I got there-
    Church: York- your old freelancer buddy? Was Carolina with him?
    • That was fast!!! xd2 theories: 1.- Church could see Tex and Carolina as 2 different beings (sound kinda... weird...are you a fan of 07xpansion?xd) 2.- Church forgot about Tex and Carolina being the same person, he forgot about both being AIs, Alpha could been trying make himself happy, forgeting about Carolina death, and make epsilon remember it instead.
    • The Meta also has Carolina's armor enhancement (camouflage), which is different than Tex's (invisibility). Furthermore, Tex was created off of someone the director loved and lost, not someone the alpha loved and lost.
    • The alpha and the director are kinda the same, if the director love someone and lost, the alpha also love her and lost her, to confirm or deny this theory, i think we must wait until somo AI like delta or epsilon appear.

The Director's list of agents isn't based on their battle ratings.
This is a pretty minor theory, but whatever. It mostly derives from the observation that, despite having a lower rating than both South and Wyoming (if the nubers next to the agents' names are indeed battle ratings), York is still in second place.
  • It's very clear that the list doesn't simply focus on battle ratings. South Dakota's rank down was a result of carelessness and insubordination and Wash has stayed on the board the entire season because he gets results and follows the rules, despite his disagreement with the Director.

This troper honestly hasn't got a clue just what the list would actually be based on, otherwise, but food for thought, I suppose.

The AI fragments were named in the order they were assigned to freelancers, not the order in which they broke away from the Alpha.
Again, kind of a minor theory, but it would explain away some of the nitpicky AI name-related problems, like Epsilon being named after the fifth greek letter despite being the last fragment. Plus, Word Of God states that not all the AI survived the fragmenting process, or were used for other experiments. It's likely they didn't want to go through the trouble of naming the AI until they knew they were stable enough for field use.

The real Donut is in the Epsilon unit somehow
Think about it. The Red team is exactly how Donut might want them to be. Sarge being nice and not yelling, Grif being hard working and obsessed with cleaning while Donut himself is giving orders. And yet he seems awfully secretive about his diary. Maybe Donut's mind has somehow gotten into the unit before Church did and now he's in control of events.

  • Or, perhaps someone who didn't know the red team as well as they knew blue team got in there before Church did. Someone who would think that Donut was somewhat admirable. Maybe someone who took a Grenade to the face from halfway across the Gultch, thrown by Donut, and afterwards saw Donut as the most competent of the team.

Alpha Church went to a real afterlife.
Hitching a ride in Washington's AI slot implying that he no longer really believed he was a ghost, his last words make very little sense. However, it is possible that upon being wiped out by the emp, that statement became true. However, real ghosts are not capable of influencing the physical world, so he's still gone.

Tucker's promotion was a fluke.
They were looking for someone to try and negotiate with the aliens, but everyone was too scared to. Then, shortly after their new infiltration specialist arrived, Tucker mistakenly believed his services were needed to punctuate the inherent innuendo. When he realized it was Donut, he was ashamed and attempted to leave. However, noticing Junior, they decided that he might make a good ambassador, and offered him a new positionnote .

How I Think Season 9 Will End.
Alright, so I think that what happened (or will happen) was Maine was probably one of the last to join. He climbs to 7th while CT is lagging behind. Then, Maine continues his rise while South falls, and then Tex shows up as a byproduct of the Alpha. Tex and Maine jump up to second and third, while North, York and Wyoming fall, and Wash falls out of the top 6. Carolina, Tex, Maine, Wyoming, York, and North are given AIs, and this runs pretty smoothly...for a while. Carolina is given a second AI because the director is unsure of those below the top group. However, she soon goes crazy...falling down and giving Wash the #6 slot.

Wash gets Epsilon put into his head, and Epsilon goes nuts. The Director decides to remove "dangerous AI" to stop this from happening; he pretends to do it with everyone else, but only does it to Tex and Omega. They escape, and she gathers some Freelancers to help save the Alpha: Tex, Maine, CT and York go to the base where Alpha is kept...until Omega decides he has a different agenda. Omega takes control of Tex, and shoots York through the eye. However, because of the healing unit, York, Maine and CT manage to escape when Freelancer agents arrive at the facility.

Tex is put into cold storage while a clone Tex is used as an agent, with a clone Alpha (a back-up in case the real Alpha lost too many fragments to function) sent to Blood Gulch for safe keeping . Omega soon arrives, through the radio, in clone Tex's head, and she heads off to Blood Gulch when they radio for help. Wyoming is sent by the Director to make sure that Tex doesn't figure out what happened. York is left to his own devices, CT sets up her own mercenary operation, and Maine is left to his own devices, where he soon plots with Sigma to re-unite the Alpha. This leaves North and South as the only PF agents not occupied (while allowing South to grow more jealous of North, who is the only Agent with an AI and the top agent), so the Director allows Wash back into the fold, where he becomes Recovery One.

And as to why York was shot before the trailer, think of the trailer as like the Recreation Trailer, more about setting the tone than actually being true.
  • I have to agree with the York thing. In my opinion, the trailer was true to an extent, like the Meta's being shot in the throat, but moreover I think it was meant to set the mood.
  • I somewhat agree on the York thing as well, but you've got a big problem with your theory—where does the clone Alpha come from? It's a rather significant plot point that AIs can't be copied and that Project Freelancer ever only had one full AI. They couldn't just have one hiding somewhere. If they had the capability to make multiple AIs secretly, they undoubtedly would've done that rather than all the experimentation with Alpha.

Season 9 is the beginning of a new linked trilogy similar to The Recollection.

There's just too much to show in a 19 episode span. We still need to learn more about C.T., Maine, Carolina, pre-Epsilon incident Washington, York, Wyoming, and Tex. About a third of the way in, we've seen a single mission that the Dakotas and Carolina undertook, and a scene between Wash and C.T., all of this coming before Tex has shown up or any AI have been shown. I believe Season 9 will focus primarily on characterizing the Freelancers we've seen or heard of up to this point, showing several missions they embark on. I do think that Tex will show up in the season eventually, as the trailer showed her fighting alongside York and South, but the AI implantation won't begin until Season 10.

Washington will be the Freelancer that shows up in the Epsilon Unit

Caboose said that command was sending someone to help Blue Team "recover". Recovery One. The word is fairly out of place, so it's pretty obvious that it's Washington we're going to see. Epsilon-Church will no doubt be incredibly angry.

The Freelancer sent to Blue Base in the Epsilon unit won't be Tex.

It will be a different freelancer. If it is Tex, she will be completely different. Anyway, Church will have to unite the teams and use his reality-warping powers to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge with both teams.

The apparently human body that Church inhabits at the beginning of Rv B (and that Epsilon-Church is inhabiting in the Season 9 Simulation) is, in fact, a brain-dead clone of Dr. Church.

Thus, the damaged duplicate of Dr. Church's mind inhabited a damaged duplicate Dr. Church's body. Most likely, the clone was artificially aged to whatever age AI Church believed himself to be, and the AI may have inhabited cybernetic implants in clone church's (non-independently functioning) brain, rather than his helmet like what is usual, so that AI Church wouldn't realize that he was, in fact, an AI as soon as he tried to remove his armor.

  • This makes sense, given flash cloning is a very real thing in the Halo universe.

The base commander from episode 3 will return.

I mean, yeah, the base blew up, but when he was knocked over, it was shown that he fell onto a ledge. Plus, he had special armor and somewhat of a personality, so I feel it would be likely he be a (non-threatening) recurring opponent.

Sarge fought and defeated Agent Maine/the Meta before.

  • In one of the first season episodes, Sarge was about to mutter something about seeing "Special Ops" in his days in Sidewi-GEEKAGERGER. Hinting, he had seen freelancers before, and survived.
  • In the teaser trailer for Season 9 (a section that was seemingly cut from what was shown at the Con), Washington mentions that the Meta was shot in the throat, then thrown off a cliff. Additionally, in the Revelations Grand Finale, Washington gives Sarge the Warthog's hook and tells him that "he'd know what to do". Was it an idea they shared, or something they did before?
  • The Meta is arrogant. As powerful as he is, his biggest flaw is that he underestimates his enemies (especially simulation troopers), which came to bite him in the ass in the finale. For him, Sarge would have been either just an idiot to kill, or actually harbored enough of a grudge to calmly throw the shotgun away and strangle him... And he didn't learn from his mistakes.

Everything will be solved when Church realises that he must let Allison go.

  • He is just mae her suffer when he met her, or when he re-create her, and he will be trap in a loop for ever, until he realise that he must let Allison R.I.P
    • Semi-confirmed. While it doesn't solve everything, Church, believing that the memory unit is failing an his world is ending, realizes that forgetting Tex is the only way to solve the problem with her, choosing to forget her.

Omega never joined the Meta.

  • He is busy biding his time and finding a better host body, or massacred the soldiers to draw attention. As Church shows the ability to possess people, he waited till Walter was discovered, then possessed one of the soldiers in a similar manner and escaped elsewhere. There's NO way he'd let Meta take over him.
    • Or two theories if he did- he abandoned ship and possessed a soldier fighting the Meta in Episode 17 of Reconstruction, then fled before the EMP went off. Or his memories are stored in Epsilon-Church and waiting to be released.
    • Eh, my problem with this is that you could make the same argument for Tex, if not an even better one. My guess is they fought each other until they were exhausted, and that's why the Meta was able to get both of them at once. Alternately, when Omega found out what Sigma was trying to do (put the Alpha back together and/or go find the Alpha), he joined them willingly. Delta didn't seem to complain too much when he was grabbed from Sigma, after all. Not sure what Tex thought about it, though.

Elbow grease actually exists.
It's joint lubricant for the internal connections of the armor, colloquially called "elbow grease" because it's most commonly used in the elbows (the legs/knees/ankles are more resistant to locking up because they have more pressure put on them, having both stronger muscles in the legs than arms and more weight behind the pressure, and fingers are a different, more delicate and maneuverable mechanism that requires either a finer liquid oil or no refills of lubricant at all). I would liken Donut's stupidity in his choice to believe in headlight fluid to someone being told to go catch a snipe and a whooping dodo and realizing that snipes don't exist.

Tex is based on Carolina
The Director was in love with Carolina, and when the Alpha was made his feelings for her were formed into the Tex AI.
  • It's heavily implied that Tex was created after Allison died. IIRC, Wash said that Allison "came back" in the form of Tex.
  • Well, maybe she was dead for him, maybe carolina an york were dating, and for the director, is like carolina (allison) is now away from him, like if she were dead... or something
  • Tex has already encountered numerous people that knew both her and Carolina. If you go back into Rv B, Tex even mentions Carolina, so she also knew her. The Director isn't being metaphorical when he says Allison died, she's dead and even goes on to talk about it in a fair amount of death compared to most Noodle Incidents.

The AI are already being tested in Season 9's flashback portions.
Wash mentioned to North something about insurrection and bizarre radio transmissions. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
  • Jossed, that was about radio transmissions being sent to the Insurrectionists, foreshadowing the fact that the Freelancers already knew CT was leaking info.

Sarge was a member of the insurrection
He probably wasn't part of the main enemies, but could have been a high-level nameless mook of some sort, given that he was an ODST and the main enemies have ODST armor.
  • He never brought it up because there was no need to before the freelancers showed up, and once they did, it would be a terrible idea to mention it.

The big metal wall behind Red Base will be opened up/destroyed at some point.
  • Seems like a waste to put the characters in a massive map like Forge World and not have them explore it. Maybe the characters will find some way to open the wall, or, considering the place represents Epsilon's memories, perhaps it's a little more existential and the wall is a literal mental block in Church's memory.
  • Semi-confirmed. While non-canon, the latest Rv B miniseries, Where There's a Will There's a Wall deals with the Reds attempts to figure out what is behind the wall. There's just another wall directly behind it.

The Tex we're seeing now isn't the real one
  • This Tex is a simulated version like the Reds and Blues, besides Church. The real one will show up later, using the same body type as the other characters.

The guy in the shades in episode 13 is a robot.
He looks way too cool to be human.

The "sarcophagus" contains a person.
The name suggests a coffin or container for somebody. Maybe it's a human, or a robot prototype.
  • It could just be a code name. Depending on how big it actually is, it could hold an item possibly the sword Tucker will grab in season 3.

  • It was made in a cryogenics facility, though. It's organic.

  • Just judging from the shadow of its contents in Season 10 Episode 16, it contains a Covenant Engineer.

The "Sarcophagus" is the building.
The building is marked with the symbol, and the Sarcophagus can be any size.
  • Jossed, the Sarcophagus was that small vault... thing.

The man that Reds met in Sandtrap wasn't really C.T. at all.
Rather, she was leading the original expedition.
  • But if some guy had taken her armor, and was posing as the leader of the expedition, then why did he call himself C.T.? If anyone came looking and knew that C.T. Was leading the original expedition, then wouldn't they know that C.T. was in fact a woman? I mean, sure it's possible that she used a voice modifier to pose as a man, but it doesn't make sense for this new guy to steal her name.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 10 Season 10, the CT at Sandtrap was the Pill insurrectionist wearing her armor.

The freelancer are fighting against UNSC soldiers
The director want to test his freelancers and the AI's but couldnt afford to get them killed by the covenant and then that those aliens use the data and the AI's against the earth, so he is testing all his work with UNSC personal, and the mission That Carolina friends are doing, well, all the missions, is to collect UNSC info that he needed to either improve his research or to get info about the war.... guess why Washington will be pissed when epsilon get inside his head...

There will be a new project freelancer
And the new freelancers will be: NEW York, NEW Mexico, and Florida.

The "insurrectionists" are actually early simulation troopers.
The whole mission is another training program. They seem quite incompetent and a little crazy, as well as using UNSC uniforms and equipment.

The grenade that exploded near York didn't blind him
I have two main reasons that I believe this.

  • In Out of Mind: Part IV York said "Omega and Allison were always the best. Nobody could compete with them, not me, not Wyoming, not anybody. Trying to beat them when I should have given up is how I got hurt in the first place." Two things that stand out are 'Omega' and 'Trying to beat them when I should have given up.' So far Omega hasn't appeared as far as we know, and when the grenade blew up near him he was trying yo protect Tex from Wyoming and Maine who were using live ammunition, not competing with her.

  • In episode 13 he was able to join the rest of the Freelancers for their mission despite being wounded in the last episode involving project Freelancer. Beyond getting out of a hospital extremely quickly for being blinded he showed no problems with his eyesight.

    • This also makes sense when you remember that in Out of Mind, York mentions that Delta compensated for his limited vision in fights, and we actually get to see some of that when he fights Wyoming. In the sarcophagus mission, he obviously is not limited to that degree at all (considering that at this point, he doesn't have Delta yet).

Sarcophagus Content:

A) It contains state-of-the-art AI technology. Possibly the technology that'll be used to torture the Alpha into fragments.

B) As one troper already posited, Tucker's sword.

C) Perhaps the badass Elite warrior from seasons three and four?

D) The Spartan Laser?

E) Apparently A Covenant Engineer, being tricked into helping fragment Alpha.

Maine's actions in the sarcophagus mission will get him on the list
I'll bet anything that the list of Freelancers is rating them for A.I implantation. As we know, South didn't get an A.I, but Maine did. So after saving York and Carolina, he'll take South's place on the list, coming out just ahead of Washington (remember in Recovery One, South said she was in the implant group just behind Wash).
  • Maine is already ranked higher than South. During the mission briefing in part 13, if you look at the ranking board you can see he's currently third on the list. For the record, at that time it's currently Carolina, Wyoming, Maine, North Dakota, Washington, York. The Director probably moved him up after the fight with Tex. Still, they might move him up further after the sarcophagus mission.

The Director is a Manipulative Bastard, and Wash will suffer for it
CT's suspicions will get to Wash, and he'll start acting out and slightly against orders trying to uncover the truth. When the final score tally is made, the Director makes an "exception" with Washington to throw him off suspicion by "rewarding" him with Epsilon expecting him to be unable to handle it and likely go insane.
  • The Director predicting that Epsilon would go insane is actually very possible. During the Recovery One mini-series, Washington asked South if she still had her A.I. She responded by reminding him that she was in the implantantion group behind him. After Epsilon went crazy, no one else got an A.I. However, during Reconstruction, Delta told Church that North and South were part of an experiment where one agent got an A.I. and the other didn't. So... the Director never intended to give South an A.I. at all, suggesting that he knew there wouldn't be another implantation process after Epsilon. >_>

The Sarcophagus contains a body for Church

It says "Bjorndal Cryogenics" on the side. Cryogenics, huh?
  • Following on this, said body is a clone of the Director.
    • It appears to contain a Covenant Engineer, at least judging from the shadow of its contents.

The bomb the Reds make for Sarge's plan will be Andy
  • Confirmed! And Jossed. Technically the bomb was made by Tex.
    • Well, the original Andy was also made by Tex, also from an unused robot kit.

The Shark Man/Inserrectionist flamethrower dude is a rogue Freelancer.
Because come on, only a Freelancer would have armor that awesome.
  • I think all the insurrectionists are rogue Freelancers. We see them able to fight on par with Carolina and Maine, even getting the best of Maine during the chase sequence.
    • ALL the Insurrectionists? Maybe a ton of the leaders, but there seems like there are just too many of them, considering that there are only 50 or so Freelancers, going strictly off the name principles.

The Sarcophagus contains Alien Time manipulation Technology
First of all, the Sarcophagus is found in a room filled with covenant technology, so it would be logical to assume that it contained some sort of alien tech.

Secondly, we've already established that Agent Wyoming is a sucky soldier, yet he gets the best gear, while everyone else gets camo and sheilds.Tex didn't know that Wyoming had time looping gear when they fought, which means he must have gotten it after she went rogue. The only reason he had time manipulation technology in his armor was because he was the last Freelancer, or one of the last few Freelancers,still loyal to the director. Without it he wouldn't stand a chance against anyone.

Thirdly, if the director had direct access to time travel, he wouldn't give it to one of his Freelancers to go off and fight some simulation soldiers, he would use it for himself. If Director Church's engineers knew how to bend time, he would have gone back to save Allison. But it wasn't human scientist that discovered how to alter the temporal plain, it was the aliens. Wether it's the covenant or the forerunners, they figured out some way to bend time, and even managed to make the device small enough to fit inside a helmet. That's why the director hasn't used it yet, becuase his human scientists have yet to understand how it works, they only know how to use it.

Finally, the biggest clue to Wyoming's time travel armor being alien tech is the fact that the sword and it's holder are immune to it's effects. The only reason Tucker found the sword, the only reason Wyoming was sent to kill him, the only reason anyone is in Bloodgultch at all is to test the effects of the time travel device in proximity to the sword. Tex knew they were up to something, but she didn't know it included the sword. in the next season, if they're not still doing prequel episodes, they'll be focusing on Tucker, Junior, and Tucker's big long sword. Bowchickawowow.

York bailed out from Project Freelancer because of what happened to Carolina.
It's implied that York and Carolina actually lived together for a while, some time before she died and after she went insane from having two AI's. It seems likely that he left the Project to be with her. There's an awful lot of Ship Tease for those two, after all.

Carolina is the descendant of Peter Parker and Mary Jane.
She gets the red hair from MJ, and her awesome swinging-between-buildings skills from Spiderman.
  • Good theory. Also, she didn't go insane from 2 AI's. It was actually something far worse.

Agent Carolina doesn't need to worry about Agent Texas taking her number one spot on the list.
Because Tex is already Number Zero.
  • Jossed. As of episode nineteen, Tex is now number one and Carolina is number two.

The Sarcophagus contains an Engineer.
The markings on the Sarcophagus resemble the symbols of the engineers from Halo 3: ODST. Observe. Also, Engineers are shown to have some abilities related to AI, such as when one combines its knowledge with the Superintendent in ODST. Perhaps the Director needed an Engineer to torture and fragment Alpha.
  • Confirmed. And you, sir, are a genius

The simulation Reds were different becuase they're based off Tex's memories, not Church's
They seam to be getting out of the simulation any episode now, so this troper might as well throw this out there. Tex was the first to get into the capture unit, therefore everything is based on her memories, not Espilon-Church's, or at least a mixture of the two. Donut is so bossy becuase the only intereaction she ever had with him was that time he nailed her with a plasma grenade.

Tex and Church will escape the capture unit at the end of Season 9
We'll get at least one more episode to wrap up the Freelancer story, presumably ending after Tex's attack on Sidewinder, before they escape the capture unit by way of Caboose somehow opening it up long enough for them to get out.

My theory on Sister
Grif says she once fell under the ice when they went skating. When they pulled her out 3 hours later, she was not only alive but pregnant. My theory: She survived under the ice because she found an air bubble or a chink in the ice. They found out she was pregnant because she was already pregnant. As for how she survived the cold, a certain Season 5 conversation comes to mind:
Doc: Sorry my hands are so cold.
Sister: That's ok. Sorry my body's so hot.

  • So what is your theory, exactly? That she has an abnormal body tempurature? There have been instantces where normal children have fallen under ice for half an hour, and managed to stay alive because their bodies froze before they could drown. It's a common phenomenon. Also, the pregnant part was a crack at her being a whore.
    • Methinks that the OP meant this as a joke.

Epsilon-Tex is not really gone
. She will come back, if only so we can see Tex and Carolina catfight.
  • It's possible. They never did find her body at the crash site in Valhalla. And what Epsilon-Church and Caboose found was just a spare body that Epsilon uploaded repressed memories of Tex into.
    • That's Alpha-Tex, not Epsilon-Tex. Regardless, I think it's entirely possible one of them could still be alive. Alpha-Tex was supposed to have been captured by the Meta and destroyed in the EMP (Burnie said it in an interview/podcast, I believe), but Epsilon-Tex probably was just "folded" back into Epsilon. His memories of her are obviously still there, they just... you know, aren't a separate person any more. So I think it's entirely possible for her to come back. And she'd better, if only because it would be hilarious and awesome to see her and Carolina fight.
    • It's also possible that Epsilon-Tex isn't really gone. She may have just walked away to respect Church's wishes and is still stuck in the capture unit.

Based on the above...
The simulated Blood Gulch is still active, and will manifest to the real BGG in season 10.
  • That hologram room that the Reds just happen to have underneath their Valhalla base? I can see it happening.

The earthquakes are NOT the end of the world?
Judging from everything that's going on the earthquakes have two possible explanations.

1. A team managed to crack into the unit, and in fact that's what has been causing all this mayhem with the earthquakes. Someone's trying to interfere with the simulation, and Church is keeping it together as long as he can until he manages to win over Tex. The earthquakes weren't the 'end of the world', but a signal to hurry up.

2. The unit is failing, and this is the last time we may ever hear from Church and Tex. (Barring an Epsilon unit to the Epsilon unit?)

  • Confirmed, of course, by the season 9 finale. Option 1 turns out to be correct.
Carolina isn't as crazy as we think
She's just as angry as Wash and Tex are with the Director. Church is understandably freaked to see Carolina considering what he learned from Delta in Reconstruction. But she's recovered enough to be like Wash and Tex: basically sane and reasonable, but with a serious hair-trigger.
  • Basically.

Carolina is trying to bring York back to "life" using Epsilon
Epsilon was able to fabricate Sarge, Simmons, Grif, Tex, Tucker, Caboose and Donut. Epsilon also has memories of Delta, so it's not too much of a stretch to think that he has memories of York. Carolina wants to bring York back on her quest for vengeance against the Director. She will commit the same sin that Church, Alpha and Epsilon did on their quest for Tex.

Carolina will end up fighting Tex in Season 10.
...when Tex leads the mission to free Alpha. Carolina will still be on the Director's side at that point, and she will be ordered to stop Tex and the others, leading to the most awesome fight yet in Rv B.
  • Semi-Jossed. Carolina wants the Director dead as well, as is revealed in the last minutes of Season 9, which doesn't entirely remove the theory, just that it won't happen for the reasons you guessed. I'd say Carolina and Tex will reignite some old hostilities that we saw in Season 9. That, or just Rule of Cool.
  • Not Jossed. The OP is talking about the all CGI freelancer segment of Season 9, which technically already happened and is therefor unaffected by what happens to Epsilon-Church, therefor the fight can still occur when Tex goes to retrieve the Alpha.
  • Most likely confirmed, but the fight will be in the flashbacks: in episode 14, as soon as Carolina gets Eta and Iota in her head, she says "I want a match. Right... NOW."
  • Called it!

Washington is a redhead.
North is blond, York is a brunet, so our lovable Wash is a redhead.

  • Descriptions for Wash are that he has brown hair which is graying significantly due to the stress put on him by Epsilon.
    • Are you talking about fanart? Because I'm not sure he even has official facial features.
    • According to official art, Maine is a redhead.
    • Luke McKay's work is not official art, actually. For instance, his art of South looks nothing like what she ended up looking like, so there's no guarantee it'll be followed. That goes for both Maine and Wash.
    • And as of Episode 6, it seems that Maine may be bald and Wash may be a blond; admittedly neither is seen clearly. Wyoming does look a bit like Luke's art, though.

Alpha-Church is still alive.
Remember those other Churches?
  • Alternatively, that scenario was what split Alpha-Church into his various pieces.
    • Nope. Delta was made before that.

SPOILERS - Epsilon Church won't suck half as bad with his combat skills in the future.
All Alpha's martial competancy had been filtered into Tex since she first separated from him, he sucked because she was made of awesome. Now that Epsilon has let her go and ended the cycle he has re-intigrated some missing aspects of himself. Of course he won't be anywhere near what she became just more balanced.

All the freelancers are orphans.
Like the Spartan III's, except not so young. Both Wash and Carolina have mentioned that the Director has "given us everything." It might mean that they didn't have families to begin with and the Director "rescued" them from whatever situation they were in before. Which might also explain why some of them are so loyal to the Director, even competing for his favor like kids trying to become the favorite child.

  • Why not just Spartan IIIs who were poached from the program before their suicide mission?
    • With the exception of Maine, aren't they all too... small? I mean, the director is taller than Wash in full armor. And they don't have the excuse of being young kids either, like Gamma company, cuz we see their (adult) faces. I guess a better theory is that they were "wash-out" spartan II's, who didn't grow as much as the others and got recruited into Freelancer. (But unfortunately, Burnie did say they weren't Spartans."

The blue Freelancer is not a Freelancer at all.
That is Church/Alpha, the first body he was put in after fragmentation.
  • Back in Out of Mind, we actually saw Church in standard blue armor. True, this was Mark V/VI/whatever armor, but that's only because ODST armor didn't exist back then. If it had, it's entirely possible Rooster Teeth would have used it.
  • RT says the blue Freelancer will have a bigger role in Season 10. Seeing as the AI have yet to be truly introduced, I think it's safe to say the Alpha will also have a large role in Season 10. Coincidence? I think not.
    • But don't we see both Blue and Alpha in the same scene, in the Preparing for the Heist episode? We first see Director talking to Alpha, and then we see Blue standing with the others around the table.
      • Technically, we don't see Alpha. We just hear his voice, which I guess could be coming from Blue.
      • It's entirely possible that he wasn't a Freelancer - just a guard or other soldier who happens to be chosen as the Alpha's later host.
      • Not sure if it means anything, but Blue has a... well, a blue visor, like 379. All the Freelancers have gold visors. Of note is "he" is much smaller than the other Freelancers, even Carolina. Heck, in the team lineup he's even shorter than Four-Seven-Niner, though he is more in the background than she is. Chances are either he's tiny, or has a much smaller suit of armor.

Carolina is a Spartan III
  • The seemingly superhuman freelance was only surpassed by Tex, who uses a robotic body that doesn't have the limits of even an augmented human body.

The Freelancers, before the mass-implementation of equipment and AIs, are approximately as "strong" as ODSTs.

The Insurrection's Elite Mooks notably wear ODST BDUs and are mentioned to be ex-UNSC. The assumption can then be made that they are former ODSTs. They match the Freelancers more or less blow-for-blow in combat, which allows an estimation for where the Freelancers' combat strength lies. Tex, given her robot body, may represent the in-series strength of a Spartan.

The Director was seeking to make the strongest Freelancer, not a Freelancer team.

This is why it's called Project Freelancer in the singular form, and why the Director praises Wyoming and Maine. It isn't about avoiding casualties; it's about the strongest surviving.

Caboose is a technopath with an affinity for AIs.

He has a massive crush on Sheila and they seem to get along fairly well. he has a massive... something on Church despite Church's abrasive personality, that results in Epsilon liking him best. Omega ends up possessing him first, and he seems to deal with Delta fine. Tex seems to like him (well, as much as Tex likes anybody). And he's something of a Genius Ditz with electronics, especially with the Epsilon unit.

The Mother of Invention houses the best of the best Freelancers, while the others are in placement at other areas, presumably other planets.

Presumably, Tucker's comment in Season 3 about how "there's fifty of you", or forty nine (or possibly even less, considering Carolina apparently represents both Carolinas), still holds true, as Word of God has not yet contradicted it. Season 9 has only shown nine (or ten, depending on who the blue soldier is) Freelancers. These nine, six of them being ranked, are being observed more clearly and more hands-on by the Director, either because they are the very best of the Freelancers, or because they have been deemed more suitable for AI experimentation for one reason or another (Tex's reason being obvious). Meanwhile, the other Freelancers are off serving in other areas, fighting either the Insurrection or the Covenant. This would be an easy and believable way to justify the lack of almost forty more Freelancers in the group.

Doc was a Freelancer.

I couldn't find this anywhere, and i'm guessing mostly off name. We have yet to see Agent D.C., but remember, this is the future. Perhaps the abbreviation has changed... to Doc (District Of Columbia). This doesn't seem to far out, if you use it in conjecture with the (way) above theory about North and South being related to Doc. He wasn't especially good at what he did, but there's always the chance that his behavior was the result of an AI. It would seem sort of poetic, considering his involvement with Washington, who could be seen as sharing his name (Washington DC), and Wash not bringing it up simply because there are a ton of Freelancers, and he can't be expected to remember every last one, especially assuming that not all of them were working in the same area as the Freelancers seen in Season 9. You heard it here first!
  • Except he is introduced to us as Medical Officer Du Frense, Doc is a nickname he receives at Blood Gulch because it is easier to remember.

The Director is the Illusive Man
They're both mysterious, older men with (presumably) vision problems who live on a spaceship, are responsible for freaky torture experiments and various other operations of questionable legality/morality, and are responsible for the creation of an AI. It's obvious!

Epsilon-Sigma will appear in Season 10.
There's so much hype over Sigma, as well as the fact that they got Elijah Wood to voice him, yet he died back in Reconstruction. If the writers want him to truly be a major character in both the present and past storylines, they should resurrect him through Epsilon's memory (like they did with Tex).

The Sarcophagus contains the original human Allison.
Possibly even in suspended animation somehow.

The Director is Gendo Ikari.
Because the resemblance is uncanny.

The splitting of Alpha was doomed from the start
There couldn't be any benefit to taking an AI and splitting it in at least 24 pieces. The Director only wanted to hurt himself for his problems.

The Sarcophagus will play an important part in Season 10
But not necessarily in the Freelancer back story. Rather, the Reds, Blues and Carolina will have to find it and open it in the present time to aid in their killing of the Director. This could lead to an episode in which we see Carolina open the Sarcophagus for the first time in the past and subsequently flash forward to see her opening it again in the present, finally revealing what's inside.
All the Project Freelancer Agents are Spartan 3s acquired before their planned suicide mission
Every freelancer has shown to be capable of near superhuman feats without armor enhancements. Also, despite being some of the best soldiers in the UNSC, they have somewhat severe personality disorders one might see in a former child soldier. Washington also made a comment to CT about how the Director gave them everything. This might call back to how any recruit to the Spartan program had to cut all ties with their previous lives and were basically property of the UNSC. In addition, all of them having such impressive skills would be because they were noticeably impressive in training and were poached from the program, much like Noble Team. The odds that North and South would both be such effective soldiers is unlikely, unless their synergy was what made them stand out during training. Project Freelancer may not have even been the ones to poach all them, instead acquiring them after they did work in other organisations.
  • I'm pretty sure that's Jossed, because Burnie said specifically that "these guys are not Spartans" in the commentary for Season 9.
  • He might just be talking about the almighty Spartan IIs, like Master Chief. Spartan IIIs were genetically altered to impressive effects, but they were nowhere near the power of the IIs.
  • Here's a thought: they're Spartan II washouts. It was mentioned that most washouts went on to work for ONI. What if Project Freelancer recruited them?

Flashback!Carolina knows, or at least has suspicions of Tex's true nature
In episode 11 of season 9, watch the medical teams that rush in to the training floor after York's accident. Several guys in white (presumably medics) run to York, Maine, and Wyoming, and three guys in black (mechanics?) run to Texas. Later, as the guys in black help Tex limp out of the room, Carolina watches them go and mutters "Interesting..." Either she's talking about Tex herself (after all, this is the first time any of the Freelancers have met her) or she picked up on the fact that Tex didn't get normal medics like the other three.

In season 10, Church will end up taking over Wash's body at some point
This might be fueled by his jealousy of having been replaced. It will cause Washington to subsequently freak out, because the last time he had Epsilon in his head, it was having a horrific breakdown.
  • I really really really want to see this. Double bonus points if they show it vs. Epsilon's original breakdown in the flashback sections.

Doc is the Insurrectionist medic
In that shot of all the insurrectionists from season 9 there's one that looks like he has a pill symbol on his chest plate indicating medic. Doc that that symbol on during season 2 or 3, i believe. Also because why the hell not, it would explain why we haven't seen the insurrectionist medic yet.
  • We've seen him now, doesn't look to be the case.

Meta is not dead
We haven't seen the body for one. And defeating is not the same as killing. He'll be back in Season 10.
  • This troper is sure that as soon as we hear that music again, she will outright pee her pants.
    • Update: Yep. Pants officially pissed.
  • The problem with this is that without any AI, the Meta isn't really much of a threat. Then again though, bringing him back could mean a villain that can be dealt with in the half a season allotted to the present day stuff.
  • He's alive and working for the Director again, with the promise that he'll get Epsilon as a reward. As a bonus, Epsilon will re-implant in Wash (instead of just riding in storage) to escape, which will unlock all his repressed memories and reintegrate the other AIs. Cue cliffhanger season ending.

Epsilon will face off with the Director and Counselor.
Given Carolina's current goals, I can easily see this happening. Maybe not face-to-face (although that would be FLIPPIN' AWESOME), but at least over the intercom like they did with Wash at the end of Reconstruction.

The pairs of chit-chatting mooks we keep seeing are really the same two guys over and over.
Their base gets blown up, so they get transferred to another location, which gets blown up, so they get transferred to another location ... No real evidence for this except for dialogue similarities (namely, the epithet "assface") and Rule of Funny.

Carolina's still working for the Director
She's not out to kill him at all. Her plan is to deliver Episilon to him so he can continue his AI experiments.
  • And Wash will get backstabbed in the process. Again.

The insurrectionists are freelancers
They're being told that they're freelancers and that the freelancers we know are insurrectionists.
  • The insurrectionist slacker in season 10 episode 1 seemed to think Project Freelancer was "the bad guys", which would make this guess interesting, but unlikely.

The Councilor is puppet master
He's just causing all the events of the series to move in his favor to possibly move up the ranks. Why? Because he's a therapist that's why.
  • I actually wish this one to be true, I happen to like the Directors dick personality so it would be much better if it was revealed the Councilor was the Bigger Bad; besides his voice is WAY to creepy...

What happened to Georgia was:
  • He actually joined the insurrectionists! He faked his own death with the jet pack, which is why "they never found him." In fact, he might even be the guy CT was so chummy with.

The Insurrectionist Elite are degenerate/former/freelance Freelancers.
For the most part, the Rv B universe seems independent of the canon UNSC. Having the Elite be rogue Freelancers instead of the canon insurrection would keep it in-house and add connections between characters. Further, it could explain how (1) the Elites can go toe-to-toe with the Freelancers, (2) how CT and the "Pillman" know each other, and (3) what happened to a few of the other States. (Calling it now, if one is New Jersey, he'll be voiced by Rage Quit.)
  • Admittedly, I don't have much backing that up, but stranger things have happened in this series...

Carolina's original A.I was the alpha
When she shows up to save North and South, she has invisibility, chameleon and super speed abilities. Once Tex and Delta are shown in season 9, Carolina seems to only have super speed.
  • That seems a bit unlikely, because I don't think any of the freelancers knew about the Alpha in Season 9. In the "planning the heist" episode, the Director's talking to Alpha and quickly tells him to log off when Carolina approaches. She then stares confusedly at the console.
    • She did have multiple armour abilities which requires an A.I to use properly or at all, and they mention that she did have an A.I prior to Season 10.
  • That could explain (some of) her current plan of action — she gets Alpha, she becomes friends with Alpha, they take Alpha away and do God knows what to him ... It would also explain why she called Epsilon "Alpha", since they're functionally the same and speak with the same voice.
  • Jossed; her AI was Sigma.
    • She gave up Sigma for Maine, but still jossed as Alpha couldn't have been in functioning condition by that point.
  • When did she have invisibility? Also how much is "super-speed" and how much is just enhanced Freelancer abilities isn't exactly confirmed. And also, abilities aren't tied to an AI, that's just upgrades to armor. You can run multiple armor upgrades with one AI (Meta used invisibility and bubble shield with one AI).

Carolina's A.I. is the Alpha's pride.
While I can't pinpoint a name, given how she reacted to Tex, it's logical that her AI, which has been shown to still be in her possession, is the pride of the Alpha. Following this, it's also possible she wants to kill the Director to mend that wounded pride, though that's a long shot.
  • Jossed; her AI was Sigma.
    • Not necessarily jossed. She gave her A.I. up to Maine so that he could speak, which still means she has up to two A.I. left to get.

Recreation CT is really the Pillman Insurrectionist.
I can't be the only one who thought their voices sounded extremely similar.
  • Seconded! Which also means that either: the real CT is still alive somewhere and in hiding, or that she's dead and Pillman is wearing her armor and using her name as some sort of sick homage.
  • Word of God confirms Pill Guy and Recreation CT share the same voice actor. That's not a confirmation they're the same person, however, especially in this show.
  • Really, it's more likely she used his voice as some sort of a sick homage, if she really did care for/admire him.
  • The dialogue between Carolina and Washington at the beach seems to imply that Carolina watched C.T. die in the past, resulting in her surprise that Wash found C.T.'s armor in the desert, which fits with this theory.
  • Apparently confirmed as of season 10 episode 10

The next Image Song for the Season 10 soundtrack will be a duet between Grif and Simmons.
Because anything else wouldn't be nearly as awesome.
  • The two of them and Tex are the only original Blood Gulch cast members who haven't had one yet...
  • Doc hasn't had one either. granted, he came in at season 2 but Doc is almost always included with the classic cast.

C.T. is working undercover.
She didn't actually betray Project: Freelancer, despite her opinion of the Director. One has to keep in mind that if the Freelancer in charge of the digsite really was C.T. and not someone using her name, then she was very good at keeping a cover identity. What if infiltration is her specialty, like lockpicking is for York or extraction is for Carolina?
  • I believe this one.
  • Jossed, CT was a legit traitor

the Blood gulch reds and blues are actually skilled and were chosen to protect the alpha.
Think about it, tucker is the hero of an alien race and is shown to be a capable fighter and even out witted a freelancer for a short while, caboose is dumb but insanely strong and has an odd connection with all machinery and AIs he comes across, sarge is more then likely career military, grif can basically drive any vehicle he finds (not well but flying is not as simple as jump in and drive) and simmions is smart when dealing with computers, they were most likely psychologically screened to find the ones lest likely to kill one another and even form a friendship when stresses are put on the area as a whole

Xi and Iota are a single combined entity and Carolina's AI
In one podcast Burnie mentioned he was using a face splitter program to combine two new 'characters' for RVB before the series premiered. Considering we know Carolina has two AIs it isn't unlikely that Xi and Iota are hers (given the foreshadowing in episode 6) and their combined state is what really drove her up the wall. If the two of them are a single AI (I'll say the blurry blue one for now) then that would put to rest doubts on wither or not Meta actually had Gamma, who's likely the yellow one and finally plug that possible plot hole.

Gamma is the Yellow AI
The yellow AI seems like it's missing pieces, almost like it's broken. it was mentioned by York in Out of Mind that Gamma jumped out of Wyoming and that Wyoming was 'never the same'. Gamma likely damaged himself when he jumped out, thus why he looks so funny.
  • Gamma always seemed rather primitive in his speech, so it makes sense that he would have a primitive, basic, even incomplete appearance like the yellow AI.
  • Jossed. The blurry, blue AI is Gamma. That just leaves the yellow AI unaccounted for, assuming that the other two dark AIs are Omega and Tex.

Rooster Teeth exists in the Rv B universe.
...as a popular line of designer skateboards. That's why Theta had an RT logo!
  • Further cemented by the fact that Wash has one in his locker too!

Georgia's jetpack overheated and exploded
The others on that mission were cleaning crispy chunks of Georgia off their armor for weeks.
  • I got the impression that Georgia lost control and ran into an object....like an asteroid or a star. Might also be that he was launched with too much velocity somewhere and ran out of fuel - in space, you run out of fuel with velocity, they may never find you...

The Director's overall plan was to create a metastable AI using the fragments and...
Fuse it with Tex, then use the resulting AI to overwrite Carolina's mind, fully resurrecting Allison. Carolina went insane from two AI fragments, so something as powerful as a metastable AI would've wiped her mind completely. It's why he kept pushing Carolina so hard, so that Allison could have the perfect body when she returned.
  • While the Director seems just creepy enough to do that sort of thing, Tex was an unintentional byproduct of him making an AI of himself. If that's the case, why was he pushing Carolina so early? Why did he create the Alpha or the Freelancer program? Why would he put the various fragments into the bodies of the other freelancers rather than just trying to throw them at either Tex or Carolina so that she would slowly absorb them all?
    • The Director may genuinely have been pushing her to be the top agent before Tex showed up. It sounds like Alpha was created to make the Freelancer project more efficient. As for the fragments, he may have just been gathering data from a variety of sources to make the fusion work better than just cramming all of the AI into one head and hoping for the best.

The Director has a Villain Override on Epsilon.
They're finally going to meet up with him and everything will be set for an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny... when the Director simply orders Epsilon to work against everyone else, and there's nothing any of them can do about it.
  • For evidence, consider the commands Wash and South were able to give to Delta, even though Delta wasn't technically their AI—evidently they had sufficient permissions to give AIs commands. Why should Epsilon be any different? And if anyone has "admin rights" to Epsilon, it'd be the Director.
    • Come to think of it, what if Carolina has those permissions? Just wait until she gets a little too annoyed at Church...
  • What if Epsilon's already metastable? Would it still work?
    • Interesting idea, although I really doubt Epsilon is metastable. As a certain Rv B fan on the forums is fond of saying, metastability is a big f***ing deal.
      • Wordof God had already confirmed that Epsilon has become Metastable, because out of all the fragments he was the most whole due to being the memory of all them put together.
The creators will gradually turn Wash into comic relief before he gets implanted with Epsilon.
In the flashbacks, Washington has been getting more naive and goofy with every appearance, to the point where — despite everything we've seen and already know — it's hard to remember what's going to happen to him. Rooster Teeth is doing this on purpose, the bastards.
  • Agreed. I told my friend the other day that it was very obvious RT was deliberately making Wash as innocent, naive, and adorable as absolutely possible, so what we knew was coming would hurt that much more.
    • He has a twisty straw, for crying out loud! I hate you, Director, so very, very much. :(
      • :/ I also have to give props to Shannon McCormick for playing both Cute!Wash and Badass!Wash with equal skill.
    • Basically, Wash is the Agent Coulson of the Red vs. Blue universe. *cry*

The mission to rescue Alpha happens before the Epsilon incident.
And since Wash is pretty much out of the loop when it comes to the A.I. program, he doesn't understand and tries to stop them, which contributes to the mission's failure. And then he gets implanted with Epsilon and learns the truth about everything. Cue the biggest individual Oh, Crap! of the series so far.
  • Alternately, the mission happens after he's implanted but before the breakdown (or during the breakdown, which causes it to fail). I'm honestly not sure which would be worse.

CT's armour will be reverse engineered by the Insurrection
The Director makes it clear that CT's armour is incredibly valuable and it appears that the Freelancers are the only ones to have access to Mjolnir armour in this version of the Halo Universe. When the Insurrectionists successfully develop their own armour, they will become far more powerful and challenging. Desperate to maintain his edge over the Innies, the Director will step up his fracturing and implantation of AI's, which will lead to the disasters that ended the AI project. Soon, the war between the UNSC and the Insurrection becomes escalated by the Mjolnir armour which becomes a highly desired and utilised piece of wargear, thus explaining why years after, pretty much everyone uses it, whether they be Simulation Troopers, Freelancers, UNSC Marines, CT's Mercs, etc.
  • If that were the case, Carolina would have understood immediately why CT's armor was such a valuable asset.
    • Possibly. But what's most important is that the Director places value on the Mjolnir Armour - he immediately sees the risk of it staying in Insurrectionist hands even when Carolina doesn't. Studying and developing their own armour seems like a logical and desirable goal for the Innies, and it would nicely explain the shift from Marine BDU's to Mjolnir for the rest of the series. But I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  • Something that should be noted: In Halo, it was sadi that the Mjolnir armor was so heavy that if an unaltered human tried to wear it, they would literally tear themselves apart if they tried to move. The freelancers seem to lack the modifications that the Spartan-IIs had, most likely being unaltered, or having modifications closer to Spartan-IIIs. Perhaps the Freelancers use a form of armor similar to Mjolnir, but much lighter. Perhaps they Insurrectionists are trying to reverse-engineer that sort of armor. Or, going with the "Insurrectionists are actually the UNSC" theory below, perhaps the UNSC is trying to reverse-engineer that sort of armor for use with Spartan-IIIs.

The "Insurrectionists" are actually UNSC soldiers, and it's really the Director who is secretly running a rogue operation without anyone realizing it.
This seems to have been subtly hinted at throughout Season 9, and in episode 7 of Season 10 the Chairman rather passive-aggressively seems to accuse the Director of stealing a key piece of UNSC military equipment (presumably the sarcophagus).
  • I think the missing equipment the Chairman referred to was CT's armor, which would tie in to the Director's conversation with Carolina in the same episode.
  • Actually, it might be the computer chip CT stole and gave to the Pill Man. It sounded pretty important to them.
  • Nah, I figure it's the Sarcophagus. After they stole it, the UNSC-but-maybe-Insurrectionists-but-maybe-both soldiers started chasing them. I think the Director needed it to split the Alpha, but the UNSC wouldn't give permission for those experiments (they only would allow him to have one AI), so he resorted to stealing it.

The new fragment mentioned in episode 7 was Epsilon.
The Director gives instructions to find the new fragment a match, but we don't hear who it gets matched with. The very next episode, Washington appears to use enhanced equipment in the field (the mini E.M.P. that disables the Insurrectionists' vehicles). We've never seen him do that before, and we know they can't/shouldn't use their special equipment without an A.I. to help out. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. This guess could be way off base, of course, but if not...
  • Nah, equipment is usable without AIs, but only in a limited fashion. Wash's pulse was no different than North using the barrier at the beginning of season 9, just a simple use. Now, prolonged use, regulation, or any of the fancy tricks that they do require either use of an AI, or a direct connection to HQ's AI. Hell, even Grif was able to use equipment without an AI. He just couldn't use it well.
    • Well, I did say I could be way off base, but for now I'm sticking with my theory until something proves me wrong. I get excited. Sue me.
  • On the one hand, Delta's timeline suggested that Epsilon was last and we've yet to see Gamma or Carolina's second AI. We'll ignore Omega since Tex might already have him. It'll be interesting to see which comes first - the "Freelancer" rebellion where they try to find the alpha (which I think Sigma will be the instigator) or Epsilon disintegrates.
  • Officially Jossed as of episode 13.

The freelancers will fail their mission
In episode 7 the Director talked about CT's armor being needed, it likely has something about the Director stored on it. The freelancers fail their mission in the past so CT's armor gets away (not necessarily CT herself, but that's a WMG for another time) thus why Lina is looking for CT's armor during the current part, so she can get whatever CT had stored in there.
  • (different troper) Specifically, they'll fail because Carolina and Tex are too busy competing to actually complete the mission. York, Wyoming, and Wash will be more than a little annoyed by this.
    • Annnnnnnnd confirmed.

At some point in the past, Epsilon will refer to himself as Ed.
It's a minor one, but I'm just throwing it out. The AI's take the first parts of their "letters" and their partners' names (Omega+Allison=Om Alli/O'Malley and Gamma+Reginald=Ga Re/Gary). We know Epsilon was paired with Wash, who's real name is David, so ED.
  • So I guess that means York's first name stars with E, since Delta is sometimes referred to as "Dee." I bet it's something nerdy like Ebenezer.
    • I think that's "Dee" as in the letter D, the way someone named Thomas Joseph would be called T.J. O'Malley and Gary were names the A.I.s chose for themselves. It's only others who call Delta "D".
      • Yeah, it's like Sigma being called "Sig" by York—it's just a nickname based on the AI's name.
      • Not to mention Delta plus Ebenezer would be "Debby".

When Theta said he had a sister, he was referring to Tex.
So far all the fragments have been male, and since Tex was "born" with Alpha, it could make sense for them to think of her as a sibling.
  • Fully agree to the point that the Iota/Xi entries on the Character page is driving me bonkers. It makes sense too. The various entities are actual fragments of the Alpha. The Alpha is male so it makes sense that his subcomponents are all male as well (though it would be a great foundation for one hell of a joke if this wasn't the case). Tex, of course, was created through a different process and season 9 strongly suggests that she existed before they actually started experimenting on Alpha.
    • That's a good point about Iota and Xi. They could be female (Church probably does have a feminine side, much as he'd deny it if you asked), but in light of this WMG the entries now say "may be" instead of "presumed to be" female.
  • The problem with this is that, well, it just makes the whole Church/Tex relationship creepier. Both Alpha and Epsilon clearly thought of Tex in a romantic way, and there's plenty of hints that Omega was obsessed with her too. As Theta's a fragment too, it doesn't seem like he'd have such a drastically different view of her, even if he is the "young" personality. One doesn't typically think of one's lover as a sister, after all...
    • Oh, ew.
    • Jossed. S 10 E 18 reveals that Tex is, indeed, the Beta AI.

Georgia isn't dead.
This being Red vs. Blue, the show where anyone who's Only Mostly Dead can and will come back, I reckon that Georgia will probably resurface sooner or later. The question is, what happened to him? Well, something involving his jetpack happened and they Never Found the Body... What if he didn't actually die but just floated through space until something terrible happened to him: and that's why everyone says "You Do Not Want To Know" regarding his fate. The question is, what terrible thing was that? Well, since we've established that Red vs. Blue assumes continuity with the Halo canon - as the Freelancers were meant to be one of many "magic bullets" against the Covenant - it can't be anything Covenant-related: as the Freelancers would probably have tried to take it down: as they've been trained to. So, what's worse than the Covenant? What would have the Freelancers of all people so flabbergasted that they just do not want to talk about it? Two words. The Flood. Presumably, the group were powerless to stop Georgia being infected so they just hightailed it the hell out of there and refused to talk about. Granted, it'd be a bit of a Cerebus Retcon, but I reckon it'd be pretty awesome to bring him back as The Dragon of an even Greater-Scope Villain. It'd also be pretty hilarious to see how any inevitable Graveminds deal with the Red and Blue morons.
  • I got the impression it was more like Georgia's jetpack sent him flying into an asteroid or a star or something rather than him running into enemies to get shredded. Falls more in line with the general idea of losing control of your jetpack that was implied in episode 2. Plus, there's enough other freelancers to play with that throwing a few to some jokes isn't that hard.
  • Alternately, Georgia will become a Brick Joke reappearing out of no where later in the season, similar to York's inglorious entrence when the Freelancers were preparing to go to Bone Valley.

The Insurrectionist with the shotgun (sometimes referred to as the Red Demo Man) is actually an AI in a robot body.
This would explain how he survived being caught in both an explosion on an oil platform and being hit by the main cannon of the Mother of Invention. The Insurrection has an AI recovery program and cybernetic bodies like project freelancer. It's implied by the Pillman in episode 10 that this isn't really an insurrection (when he said "Is that who he told you we are" to Carolina and Tex). Perhaps, and I know this is another WMG, the "Insurrection" is just a rival military experiment program trying to come up with the "magic bullet" to win the war (Like Wash mentioned in Reconstruction, there were more programs than Project Freelancer doing experiments.) The "Insurrection" was given an AI and didn't split it up like Freelancer did, instead putting it in a robot body to test AI combatants compared to humans.
  • And he was given only a clearly robotic arm instead of a full replacement because....
  • ...he was put into a new body and lacked enough armor to cover the enitre robot body. Or maybe he was trying a new arm as an enhancement. He seems much better in combat with that new robot arm, maybe he was gradually replacing his parts. Alternatively, the Insurrection has multiple copies (or backups) of the AI that they can put into different robotic bodies, and this new one wasn't fully armored but they felt they needed to put him out there in case he was needed to fight off the Freelancers. I'm trying to find other ways to explain his survival of so many things, given that this Freelancer flashback isn't full of goofy things.
(Unless...he's human, and has magic reincarnation that seems to not reincarnate his arm.)

The Freelancer Project continues because it is tied to the Blue Team and keeps failing.
The Freelancers are tied to a doomed exercise to try and get Blue to finally conquer the Reds.
  • It's already confirmed in-verse that Blood Gulch Chronicles was a testing simulation for technology, and it's heavily implied that the entire Red vs Blue conflict is testing simulations.
  • The Freelancers are with the Blue Team (or at least never with the Reds):
    • Tex is initially hired by the Blue Team and despite her claims of being purely mercenary, her only allegiance has been shown to be to Church.
    • Church being components of both the Alpha and Epsilon AIs, as well as a copy of the Director is the leader of the Blue Team
    • In Season 10 Ep.1; we find that Washington has officially joined Blue Team, filling in for Church.
    • Similarly, in Season 10, Carolina's only real ties to the Red vs. Blue group are Washington and Epsilon-Church; both of whom are on Blue Team
    • All of the other freelancers seen in the series have remained strictly neutral in regards to Red vs Blue, and have either fought both sides equally or not at all.
  • The Reds win every exercise
    • Sidewinder is won by the Reds by default, as Tex kills all of the Sidewinder blues except Church, who transfers out
    • We find out that the Reds ultimately win Blood Gulch when Lopez kills Sister
    • In Revelation, we find out that when the Armor Stasis is released, that Donut is alive, winning Valhalla for the Red team by default as the only remaining soldier there.
    • In Reconstruction, there is a meta example in-verse in that Simmons actually "deletes" the data about the Blue Army soldiers.
  • This all ties together in Fridge Brilliance Territory when you realize that the main opposition to the Freelancers in the past is the Insurrection, with a touch of not-so-subtle-hinting that they are comparable to the Reds, since all of their best soldiers- the Elite, the Female Soldier, the Insurrection Sniper, the Flame Soldier, the Demo Man, and C.T. all have red armor. It falls to reason then that the training cycle continues because the Reds (Insurrection) keep beating the Blues (Freelancers).
    • Also, lampshaded from the original series in that the Red team has the only soldiers who are actually concerned with "winning the war" - Sarge and Simmons - where the Blue team is generally apathetic to the war overall.
    • This is also echoed in the Freelancers, who try to remain mercenary or neutral and don't care which side wins.
    • Even the past, there's a bit of a Call Back to this, the Freelancers seem mostly concerned with keeping the Sarcophagus and C.T.'s armor out of the hands of the Insurrection, more than outright defeating them. Compare to the need to keep the enemy team from having control of your flag...

Washington was involuntarily institutionalized after the Epsilon incident.
The Director would have needed to get him out of the way after Epsilon's breakdown, but would probably have wanted poor Wash somewhere he could find him again if needed. Thus, he has Wash institutionalized until he realizes he needs a Recovery Agent. This would also make Wash's repeated insistence that "I'm not crazy" a little more horrifying.
  • Wait, this isn't canon?

Epsilon and Wash will have an epic showdown.
Based on his dialogue in episode nine, Epsilon doesn't trust freelancers (especially Wash) any more than Wash trusts A.I.s (especially Epsilon). Plus, Epsilon hasn't been around to see Wash regain his Nice Guy tendencies — he went straight from Wash teaming up with Maine to capture him to Wash teaming up with Carolina to use him to to get to the Director (and taking his identity in the meantime). At minimum, they'll eventually have to sit down and hash out their issues if they want to get anything done together.
  • Not to mention that their mutual breakdown was arguably harder on Epsilon than it was on Wash, considering it was his mind doing the unraveling.
  • This may be more attributable to Church than Epsilon, given that Alpha!Church had a similar attitude towards Freelancers (when he first heard about the Meta hunting down Freelancers, his first response was that he wanted to build it a shrine. He only changed his mind after learning Meta had hunted and captured Alpha!Tex).
    • That's a good point, but Epsilon's issues with Washington are much more personal. It's like all of Alpha's issues with the Freelancer program boiled down into two individuals.

Caboose' mind is slowly recovering, at least to some degree.
Caboose has made several observant and/or dead-accurate observations in Season 10, and the characters have stated several times how surprised they are at this. While it may seem like just a running joke, it could be an indication that for whatever reason his mind is slowly getting better (relatively speaking, of course; he's still acting like Caboose, with all that entails).
  • However, Word of God is that Rooster Teeth isn't planning any major changes to Caboose's character.

Washington was the one who planned the attempt to rescue the Alpha, but didn't get punished because he didn't actually take part in it.
Think about it, when Washington was implanted by Epsilon he received most if not all the memories. He probably knew Tex was an AI and convinced her to try and rescue Alpha. Back in Reconstruction he said "He already knew all about Tex" and was surprised when Caboose said she was Church's girlfriend, while implying that she wasn't human, "How does someone date an..." And throughout the series it was already shown that most of the characters weren't aware Tex was an AI, thus making Wash a co-conspirator more plausible. And about Wash not receiving punishment for the plot, Wash has already shown Chessmaster skills, he probably knew that the memories he had would be important so he took a behind the scenes role during the attempt in order to gain more evidence to eventually shut down the program.

Carolina will learn about Donut killing Tex back in season 1. And Sarge thwarting her plans in season 5.
Her attitude with the Reds will lighten considerably.
  • Or it'll just make her madder. It's probably a 50/50 either way.
  • Considering that where she failed, Simulation Troopers succeeded out of blind luck, it's probably best they keep it quiet.
  • The guys may be better off with her not knowing BG's successes against Freelancers. Makes it easier for them to pull a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass on her.

Carolina is Not So Different from Sarge.
Both are skilled fighters who are much better in combat than their men, but also very poor leaders, especially when it comes to properly utilizing the troops under their command. When Carolina's plans aren't as comically convoluted as Sarge's, they have the same track record of going absolutely off the rails midway through actually carrying them out.

Carolina throwing Maine off a building to act as a counter-weight seems exactly like the sort of thing Sarge would do to Grif. Carolina trying to get Wyoming, the squad's sniper, to charge into close combat against sustained minigun fire is exactly the sort of tactical brilliance that would be worthy of Sarge.

Both Sarge and Carolina have very driven, type-A personalities, which stand in contrast to the more relaxed attitude of their peers (this is more relative for the Freelancers, but most of them (especially Wash, North, York, and even C.T.) are still a lot more easy-going than Carolina). Both Sarge and present day Carolina are rather sociopathic towards the well-being of their men, although Carolina's rage is played completely seriously instead of for laughs due to her much greater affinity for acting out on that sociopathy.

Also, both of them were exceptionally and obsessively loyal to an ideal (the Red Army for Sarge, the Director/Project Freelancer for Carolina), and completely cracked when that ideal betrayed them. The difference being that Sarge got over his Heroic B.S.O.D. to become a better man (at least until his status quo personality reasserts itself somewhat in the next season), while Carolina apparently went down a much darker path.
  • Perhaps the two of them could realize their shared issues and have a moment of commiseration together (although in true Red vs Blue fashion, it'd probably be interrupted by explosions and/or shooting at each other).

Tex was never sent to Blood Gulch by Command, she just happened to show up there (presumably she and Omega were drawn to the Alpha)
. Out of Mind and Revelation both establish that Tex went rogue and escaped from Project Freelancer after the Epsilon Incident. That makes it somewhat unlikely she'd be taking orders from Command during season 1. It seems more likely that she and Omega were drawn to Blood Gulch due to the presence of Alpha/Church. Presumably Vic told Blue Team he was sending reinforcements just to dick with them (like he usually does), and Tex just happened to show up around the same time. For most of Season 1 Omega was in the driver's seat, so her staying around to kill the Reds was presumably his idea (which fits with his Omnicidal Maniac personality). From Season 2 onwards, Tex's primary goal is to hunt down and destroy Omega, which has nothing to do with what Command wants and is in fact contrary to their plans. She only joins forces with Omega and Wyoming in the series finale not because she's directly loyal to Command, but rather because she sees a chance to stop the war with the Aliens and is willing to work with Command to do so. Her being rogue would explain why she wasn't privy to Command and Omega's scheme in the first place, and had to have it explained to her by Wyoming.
  • It's a good theory except wasn't the Blue team specifically told that Command was sending a freelancer with the code name "Texas"? Unless there was a second Agent Texas and Tex killed him/her and took their place — which, I will admit, is completely within the realm of possibility — this probably wouldn't work.
  • Quoth Vic, "I'm sending Freelancer Tex".

The Meta's first victim was Carolina.
By the time we see him in Reconstruction, he's already got all the AIs and equipment he's going to get, and that includes Carolina's equipment and, presumably, her AI(s). In addition, we learn in Recovery One that five freelancers have been killed, all with higher battle rankings than Wash. Using the current leaderboard with Wash in 6th, that leaves Tex, Carolina, York, Wyoming and North. If Maine and Carolina both "disappeared" on a mission (the Alpha rescue, perhaps?) that would fill in a lot of gaps. It could also explain why everyone seemed to assume she was dead.
  • I like this. Since she was Maine's first victim, he would've been less likely to be axe crazy and more likely to spare her. That would also help lead to her sympathy towards Maine: he spared her life.
  • Confirmed. Wyoming was his first attempt, but it was unsuccessful.

Carolina is headed for the site of York's death.

It's heavily implied, but it just seemed like something that needed to be put out there. Firstly he died in a fortress. Secondly he died on an island, right? And thirdly, there was an awful lot of Ship Tease between those two, what else would she have lost?
  • Not to mention Wash seemed to know, or at least have supposed, what is going on.
  • Ohhhhhhhhhh. I assumed she was going back to where Connie died.
  • I just assumed they were going back to the Freelancer base where Church got a robot body and they revived Tex. You know, where they left the monitor body behind.
    • Carolina's going to an island. The Freelancer warehouse is on the mainland.
  • Confirmed.

Production-wise, season 11 will resemble Revelations more than seasons 9-10.
If I ruled the world, the Freelancer flashbacks would wrap up in season 10 and season 11 would focus on the Blood Gulch crew tracking down the Director. And since we'd be done with the flashbacks and our guys would be doing some actual, on-screen fighting again, we'd get CGI paired with machinma like in season 8. Sure it'd be hard, but it'd be worth it.
  • There seem to be two major plots that we're building towards - the Director's downfall and the Freelancer Rebellion. However, RT has generally favored A and B plots running parallel with a major story in each with a minor C plot that's often more humorous. In the early seasons, A and B were often Reds and Blues with C being O'Malley (with O'Malley sometimes taking the B plot when the other two combined). Reconstruction was Sandtrap as A and Valhalla as B. Revelations had the combined teams as A while Wash/Maine/Doc was B. Seasons 9 and 10 have Freelancers and Blues/present day Freelancers as your A/B with the Reds working as C (I think the A's and B's swapped between 9 and 10, though). Season 6 is the exception, with the Red's being the closest there is to a B plot but playing a role closer to the C plot. My point is that while it is possible, it will be much harder, mainly because a B plot doesn't become clear. Also, with my argument that the BGC have taken over as the A plot in this season, it's going to need some degree of payoff this season and I can't imagine what that payoff will be unless they catch up with the Director - unless they uncover something about the Insurrection.
    • Word of God is that the flashbacks will wrap up in season 10. My thinking is that they'll go back to the CGI/machinima combination for both the A and B plots instead of splitting them between the two.

York is alive.
Or at least, Carolina thinks he might be alive. It sounded more like she was going to the "island" for a mission than a sentimental visit. Wash at first tries to dissuade her, but then relents, "You should probably listen to your instincts." Maybe her instincts were telling her that York was still alive in some capacity. Maybe she'll find a suspicious lack of a body, which means York somehow escaped. Right? Right? OMG I want York to be alive.

The Insurrection is actually...
A paramilitary organization with a private army assembled to handle situations that turn ugly. Think like Umbrella from Resident Evil, only instead of posing as a pharma company and going into biological warfare research, the "Insurrection" is posing as...hell I dunno, but their actual interest is alien technology. Think about this: Isn't it weird that when the mission for the Sarcophagus went down, the room with the actual objective had a bunch of covenant weaponry? If it were just being used as normal weaponry in the Rv B universe, we would've seen more characters using it as such. The "Insurrection" is implied in episode 10, by Pillman, to not be an insurrection but instead something else. Considering the collection of covenant weaponry, and the interest Pillman takes in artifacts of the alien race, it's my belief that the Insurrection is gathering alien tech, possibly with the intent of weaponizing it or reverse engineering it to advance human tech. When the military wanted to confiscate the alien technology, the "Insurrectionists" said no and fought them off. This is why the artifact dig in Recreation revealed a bunch of dead UNSC members being hidden. The "Insurrection" killed them to keep searching for the artifact without intrusion.

Carolina and York ran away together after the failed Alpha rescue mission, and it ended badly.
In Out of Mind, there's what seems like a throwaway joke where Tex asks if York furnished his apartment himself, and York replies that an interior decorator helped him, and that she's dead now. Then in season 5, when Tex gets back and describes where she's been, Church specifically asks about Carolina, as though he assumed she'd be there. Tex replies that she was already dead. Suppose York saw Carolina beginning to deteriorate after/while the Alpha rescue failed, and convinced her to flee with him. Then she completely broke down and ran away from him, leading to York telling himself that she was dead and to Delta's more accurate assessment that she only functioned a short time. Maine caught up with her while she was out on her own and took the AIs, restoring her sanity — but by the time she got back to York, it was too late. This final straw turned her into the vengeance-seeking murder machine we know today.

All Simulation Outposts are monitored by VIC's

Warning, Cerebus Retcon ahead.

Virtually Intelligent Computers are designed to represent Red or Blue Command technicians and to keep the bases supplied, focused, armed and reinforced. They are also in charge of implementing training scenarios, as well as devising new ones. Occasionally, they deploy a Freelancer into the gulches, who are simply treated as mercenaries instead of Agents for a secret UNSC organization. They must keep up a convincing illusion of a genuine conflict between Red and Blue. However, the war with the Aliens began and the resources that would normally monitor the VIC's were shifted away along with the Freelancers themselves - Project Freelancer has bigger things to worry about. Because they have not been updated or had routine file cleanups for years, the VIC's have become rather... eccentric, especially the Blood Gulch VIC, who I will distinguish by naming VIC-1.

VIC-1 becomes very chaotic, delivering robot kits meant for the Blues to the Reds instead. He hired Agent Texas, even though she was rogue -according to his outdated files, there was no Alien War or Freelancer Schism, so he saw no problem in contacting her. VIC-1 later grew tired of the stagnation in the gulch, so he began working on a new scenario to shake things up a bit.

All VIC's must obey instructions from Command, Freelancers or their AIs, so VIC-1 assisted Omega in his schemes. VIC-1 also delivered a powerful bomb, originally meant to act as a fail safe should the Freelancers find the Alpha, delivering a powerful but only mildly destructive pulse that would incapacitate anyone in blast for arrest. When VIC-1 accidentally revealed to Tucker that he was playing both of the teams for fools, he tried to contact his superiors for a plan of action. But, as had been the case for some time, there was no response due to the war - Freelancer Command just doesn't care. But VIC-1 does care. So in another display of unorthodoxy, he decides to hire yet another rogue freelancer, Wyoming, to dispatch Tucker.

After the "10 megaton" pulse bomb went off, Wyoming took the Alpha to the wind power facility and hooked him up to Gamma for repairs to the AIs body, while he goes off to learn more about the Aliens, investigating the sword quest. Wyoming probably intended to use the Alpha as a bargaining chip, and Gamma caught up some lost time with his favorite Mind Rape victim. The arrival of the Alien shakes things up a bit for the collaborators. After Wyoming learns about the Alien Sword and its significance for the Aliens, VIC-1, Omega and Wyoming plot to find a way to exploit this and become the ultimate power in the known galaxy. When Tucker's pregnancy is revealed, they see an opportunity and put their plan into action, with the help of another Sword Quester Alien.

So, after a while, VIC-1 gets into contact with Church again, disguising himself as an Identical Grandson. By this point, VIC-1 has regained contact with Freelancer Command. The war is not going well, and they need something, anything to win it. They learn about VIC's shenanigans with crazy scenarios, chaotic organization and collaboration with rogue Freelancers and AIs. They are unimpressed with the state of the simulation (I'm assuming almost none of the Freelancer Staff know that the Alpha is involved). But they are impressed with VIC-1, Wyoming, Gamma and Omega's plan to enslave the aliens through the use of Junior and the Sword. While it was not from a source they had expected, they give their support for the plan. Even if it means giving an alien army to an AxCrazy AI. So VIC-1 tries his best to keep the Reds and Blues in disarray while the others act out their plan. However, at the last minute, the dropship they sent explodes with their collaborators onboard in the middle of a time-jump (the disappointing flash). Less than a month later, the Alien War is resolved peacefully, probably with massive concessions to the Aliens. The Reds and Blues are relocated to avoid the word from spreading too far about what Freelancer almost did. VIC-1 was probably taken offline for his troubles. A year later, the ship emerges from the Time Vortex and lands in Valhalla, it's last minute time jump sparing it from the worst of the explosion.

In short, many of the wacky plot devices of the first five seasons are the result of VIC-1 going nuts without Command's supervision and deciding to make things interesting. Its not the setting of Rv B that is wacky, it is the characters.

Tex went rogue, but Project Freelancer "fixed" her before sending her to Blood Gulch.
Tex led the mission to rescue Alpha, even pulling other rogue agents back in to help. When the mission failed, she was unable/unwilling to leave, and the Director used her to test his shiny new armor lock protocol. One mind wipe later, she truly believed she was Allison, same as Alpha believed he really was Leonard Church. And since it's cheaper to store AIs than to delete them, they sent her to a box canyon in the middle of nowhere. Oops.

Almost every Freelancer we have encountered in the present is rogue
After the attempt to break out the Alpha, the rampancy of Sigma and the forced attempt to remove unsuitable AIs, many Freelancers who had not already done so bailed on the Agency. These included Maine (for obvious reasons), York, Wyoming, Texas and possibly Carolina. The rest of the loyalists went on to fight in the Alien War or become Recovery Agents, like Washington and South Dakota. North and South were probably on a recon mission or something to scout out Aliens when the Meta hit them - it is unlikely they were rogue if South was Recovery Two.
  • At the very least, we've pretty much had it confirmed that they were rogue at some point. York's report suggested that he was hacking into the Freelancer feeds suggesting he was on the run and he specifically cited Tex, South, Carolina, Wyoming and Maine as being hunted by Freelancer Command. That pretty much leaves... North as the only one not accounted for, and it's probable that he was with South the entire time. That said, the weird question is: Vic. He clearly summoned Tex. He clearly has open communication with Wyoming. And Omega in his own right. Vic should be aligned with the Freelancers so.... huh?
  • Yeah, this was... weird. My guess is that, at the time York made his journal entry Wyoming and Tex were rogue, presumably just after the attack to free the Alpha. Eventually they were caught and brought back into the fold. But by BGC, Tex, Wyoming, Washington, and South were still with Project Freelancer. Or... with them again, I guess.
    • Tex says in Revelations that she convinced some of the rogue agents to come back and help her with the Alpha rescue. Maybe Tex pretended to come back to the fold so she could get the others in, and then they stayed on for real when the rescue failed ("come back now and all is forgiven", or something).
  • As suggested earlier in the VIC WMG above, perhaps Vic simply didn't know that Tex and Wyoming were rogue - it is unlikely that a VI that was so chaotic was operating with much oversight - Freelancer seems to like its autonomy. He may have had no knowledge of an Alien War or the Freelancers going rogue. He decided to contact her, and Tex decided to play along. Maybe she was trying to lay low after breaking away from Freelancer, or maybe Omega was just driving her to want to kill something and Blood Gulch was as good a place as any. Wyoming probably went along with Vic for similar reasons, at least before he and Omega and Vic decide to corrupt the Aliens.

The Gang will find Donut and Lopez, unharmed, in Valhalla
After weeks spent with Donut, Lopez will actually be glad that Sarge is back. If Wash is right about the UNSC waiting in ambush, then they may be imprisoned for questioning, since they are not directly involved in any acts against the UNSC o Freelancer. And if the UNSC are foolish enough to bring a Scorpion into the canyon - can someone say say "Hello Sheila"?
  • Shelia seemed very, very dead last time we saw her, to the point where she may be unsalvageable. (No matter how amazing that might be.)
  • Doc might be hanging out there, too.
  • It wouldn't be the first time they've put Sheila back into working condition from a heap of flaming scrap.
    • Season 10, Episode 15: Confirmed Donut and Doc, Lopez still offline

Donut and Lopez are not waiting back at Valhalla, because ...
... the gang went back home after defeating the Meta at the end of season 8, and they spent a significant amount of time there before Carolina came calling. Think about it: They hung out long enough for Wash to become part of the group, which would have taken a while. Also, Carolina had to know where to find them in the first place, and the logical place to look would be their official home base.
  • Donut is obviously just taking Lopez out for an extended shopping trip, but was sidetracked by the 38th Annual Galactic Wine and Cheese Expo.

Carolina is not hunting down the Director to kill him
This seems highly unlikely, (and admittedly I don't want it to be true) but it is possible she could still be loyal to him. He did say:
Director: We will be asking you to do a great many things.
Carolina: ...You've given me everything; I'd do anything for you.
What if "anything" included faking her own breakdown, dropping off the grid, and later reappearing and decieving and manipulating her way to the Director to come to his aid?
  • Though it is unlikely as of episode 12 of season 10; her sadness over the loss of York and her team seems legitamate. Her loyalty could still be to the Director but it's a huge stretch.

When the squad returns to Valhalla, they will extract Sheila from the Pelican...
...and put her into Caboose's armor. Alternatively, they will find Lopez and put her in his armor.
  • It has been stressed multiple times that Sheila can only upload into machines large enough for her - like the Pelican. She is a vehicle AI, it is unlikely that she would be able to fit into a suit of Mjolnir armour.

The real reason Sheila can't be transferred into a suit of armor is that it doesn't have a main cannon.
Going off the one above this one. Firing main cannons is a fundamental part of Sheila's personality. She can be placed in the Mother of Invention because it has a MAC cannon, a tank because, well, it's a tank, the Pelican because it has big guns, and the Freelancer facility because it has automated defenses. But a suit of armor has no main cannons for her to fire. And a battle rifle just doesn't cut it.

Caboose is now Obfuscating Stupidity and is now really the smartest and most aware person there - at least in Season 10
Yes....it's Caboose. Yes, there's a lot of stupidity to him. But...

Church says they can't trust Wash in Carolina's presence so they're spying on the pair of them to learn as much as possible. And he spies on Wash without even trying to hide, fully reveals the plan, and says that he's telling Wash that he doesn't think Wash is a threat because they're friends - which startles Wash. And what does Caboose say after saying this? Does he continue his ill-fated attempt at sneaking or his wimpy interrogation? No. He just walks away. Now, if Caboose is cognizant of the world, this makes perfect, total sense. He's seen how Wash has changed since joining the Blood Gulch team and while he might share Church's concern for Carolina's influence on Wash, he also knows that Wash isn't entirely the Freelancer he was trained to be. So what does he do? He reveals a secret in a way that only Caboose could get away with, tells Wash that he trusts him, and tells him that they're friends and then leaves Wash to consider that and possibly what his loyalties are. And it hits Wash perfectly. You could make an argument he tried a similar thing with Carolina with the inadvertant flirting scene - recognizing that she's a broken bird who's closed herself off from all attachments, he, in a manner that only Caboose can get away with, compliments her in an attempt to open her up. If you follow that theory, you can hear the point where he realizes it isn't working ("helmet hair") and tries to back away from it.
  • This actually does make sense, especially when you remember that Relocated and Recreation show that Caboose actually somehow possesses legitimate stealth skills. While he might not be good enough to sneak up on a soldier of Freelancer caliber, with Wash he doesn't even bother to try with any serious effort.

Church/Epsilon will return to Washington's armour
It was stated before that each A.I. was paired up with the freelancer who was deemed most compatible personality-wise. This suggests that A.I.s will work the most efficiently with the person they are most compatible with. So, who's the person most compatible with Epsilon? According to Project Freelancer, it's Wash. Not only that, but Epsilon becoming Wash's A.I. will signify that he trusts Washington in the same way he trusts Carolina. Once the partnership is restored, Washington could become the freelancher who brings out Epsilon's full potential.
  • Or it could send them both back into the spiral of mutual insanity. Epsilon still doesn't remember most of what he's been through, but Washington does, and it's been hinted it could be very, very bad if/when Epsilon ever does remember.
  • That said, it IS Church's armor. It would be fitting for him to be back in it eventually.

Either the Director or the Chairman is waiting for the gang at Valhalla.
Wash has pointed out the UNSC has probably staked the place out in case they return, and Carolina believes the Director is aware of what she's/they're up to. Now look me in the eye and tell me the Director isn't exactly the kind of manipulative bastard to pull of the ol' "I've been expecting you" ploy. Whether he would then attempt to silence them or to have them taken into custody is a little more up in the air.
  • I'm hoping for the Chairman. They could have him specifically welcome Agent Carolina and Agent Washington back to Valhalla and have him meet Epsilon. Would solve a lot of open threads and wrap them in a nice tidy bow.
    • On the other hand, a Leonard Church vs. Leonard Church showdown would be freakin' sweet.
      • Sure, but in like Episode 20.
      • Goes without saying.
  • If the Director knows Carolina is alive, do you think he knows Wash is alive, too? Does the Chairman know? Both agents are officially assumed to be dead.

The Blood Gulch crew are going to be the new AI's carriers
As a part of the Freelancer Program, the Blood Gulch army were/are ment to be the new carriers of every AI fragment after the original freelancer died. Think about it, every freelancer were given an AI according to ther personalities, wich some of the blood gulch dudes share (well, kinda) so you can think of the as some kind of upgradre/downgrade scenario: Theta will be given to Grif, think about it, he take care of his sister, save the life of the one who always is trying to kill him and express hate toward him. Sigma To sarge, delta to simmons, etc
  • Given the established canon, this seems unlikely.

Epsilon can access to specific skill of a Freelancer if he access to the AI of that Freelancer
That way, accesing Delta allow him to know everything about locks, and Theta to awesome skill of a sniper as North
  • The AIs supplemented the agents' own skills, but they didn't share them. For example, having Theta on board would allow you to run a wicked awesome bubble shield, but it wouldn't make you a better sniper.

The reason Freelancer keep dying...
Is because everythin is a plan that the director make to find the perfect alpha carrier and/or to delete everything that conected him to project freelancer, and that is facilities, AI's and the freelencer themselves
  • Again, given the established canon, this seems unlikely. Not to mention Alpha's been dead for four seasons, so why bother?
  • ... what? I don't... your grammar is getting progressively worse. This one I actually don't get what the theory is.
    • Oh thank God, somebody said it.

At some point Carolina will return to Errera
From what I understand, Errera, the club where she met York, is an actual place in Halo Reach. It would be a sweet, sentimental moment.
  • Slight problem, though: Reach kinda, uh, got glassed.
  • We can't assume that is the case in the Rv B-verse. It is its own story. We don't even know if the Great War was against the Covenant and the UNSC, or just between the Elites and the UNSC - we don't even have knowledge as to whether the Covenant as we know it exists - the Elites aren't even named as such and are very different in characterisation to their original selves. For all we know, Reach was never glassed.

Carolina will come face-to-face with the Director...
... and he will call her out for ruining Project Freelancer. Hear me out here: the Director tortured Alpha and created the fragments, yes, and it was Sigma and Gamma who whispered ideas in peoples' ears. But it was Carolina's blinding competitive streak that robbed Wash and South of their intended AIs, and it was her job as the top freelancer (except for Tex) to keep the team together. And unlike the Director, Carolina hasn't shown much remorse or awareness of her role in the way things played out. There's enough fuel there for quite the dressing-down if the Director so chooses — and you just know he'd do it, too.
  • And here's some potential Fridge Horror: Does Wash know it's Carolina's fault he was paired with Epsilon instead of a more stable AI?

Carolina is secretly still working for the Director
In Reconstruction Delta stated that Carolina was given two A.I as part of an experiment. Therefore, people kind of assumed that it was because of that failed experiment that she wanted revenge on the Director. Now we know that Carolina specifically demanded that she get two (let's assume Delta didn't know about that). Doesn't really make sense that she wants revenge on the Director for something that is her own fault. What if she's really planning on delivering Epsilon to the Director and intends to betray the Reds and Blues?
  • This is the second "Carolina's really working for the Director" WMG, and I still don't buy it. Taking revenge on someone else instead of facing one's own culpability is a classic psychological scenario. The audience may know the truth about a situation, but that doesn't mean the characters do.

Gamma and Sigma wanted to make Carolina into the Meta.
In fact, they might've started with Wyoming at first, but he wasn't strong/interested enough. They moved onto Carolina because she was the best of the Freelancers, but the implantation backfired and left her a wreck. They went to the next agent who was both strong and unethical enough: Maine. They probably would've gone to South next, had Maine failed.

The AI fragments aren't as dead as we think.
Remember, Delta said that he and the other fragments exist as memories in Epsilon and we've seen that those memories, such as Tex, can be split off and restored under the right circumstances. Another sign is that in the season 10 trailer, Sigma is solid enough to have a real face instead of being transparent like he is now. They operated behind the scenes in Church's simulation in season 9 until he was about to dispose of Tex, where they captured her and left Delta with him to lull him off guard while they stayed in the memory unit until the coast was clear.
  • There's a good chance the footage from the teaser trailer won't be used at all in the actual series; that seems to be the trend for the teaser trailer from each season starting with Recreation. Word of God is that the trailers are more to depict the "mood" of each season rather than showing actual events from the story, and the Season 10 trailer does this by focusing on the A.I.s and showing the new character Sigma as the new Big Bad.

The Director stole most of Project Freelancer's technology from the Spartan Program.
Their suits are modified Mjolnir armor, which was supposed to be strictly reserved for the Spartans. Carolina referred to the suits as "wherever they came from" which sounds kinda shady. Dr. Church might've been stealing from Halsey's stash, which could be another reason why he got into so much trouble later on with the UNSC.

Delta is still alive.
In episode 8 of season 10, while the Freelancer's Pelican dropped from the sky, Delta made a backup of himself just in case they crashed. What happened to the backup? Is it possible that Delta (or his backup) survived the EMP?
  • Maybe the backup only stored the information he has collected for preservation. It is unlikely that he could back up his entire self. Remember, you can't copy an AI.
  • This WMG is right, but not for the reasons given. Versions of the fragments are all stored and in hiding within Epsilon (that's how Delta made an appearance in episode 12). Epsilon just isn't aware of them/can't access them.

Allison's full name was something along the line of "Elizabeth Allison Zulech"
She was originally known to everyone as "Beth", but when her father disapproved of her joining the Corps and becoming a mercenary, she started using her middle name and her mother's name, Allison, out of spite. The only reason I'm posting this is to fix the "Beth/Allison" discrepancy in the song "A Girl Named Tex".
  • Why Zulech? Is that just a placeholder, or are you saying she shares the name of her voice-actor?
    • It's a placeholder.

The Sarcophagus is used to house/fragment Alpha, and the shaking we saw was Epsilon being born.
Alpha and the fragments (they should start a band) share a mental connection with the Director, and/or they reacted to him calling out to Tex. Either way, his panic transferred over to them. The ensuing emotional reaction and cascade of stress was finally more than Alpha could take, so he did the only thing he could to escape — cast off his memories and force himself to forget.
  • The final flashback sequence will be from the Alpha's point of view. He, in the human body from the sarcophagus, will awaken to the sight of the Director. Having lost his memories, he will go "Wha...? Where am I? Who are you?" The Director will say "My name is not important. But do you know yours?" When the Alpha says no, the camera will show the Director's eyes for the first time, and the Director will say "Your name... is Leonard L. Church."
    • That would be pee-your-pants awesome. Double bonus points if it mirrors Delta's birth in season 9.
      • DOUBLE TRIPLE SOOPER BONUS POINTS if they take it one step further and do the flashback scene from the Blood Gulch Chronicles where Church and Tex are talking and Wyoming comes up and shoos him away.

Washington is ploting something.
He is acting....weird...atleast near Carolina, to be honest, i just think he is trying to think ahead of her, and it seem like he is trying his best to avoid the Red and Blue army get in trouble. In the other hand, he might already know a lot of usefull stuff (because of the epsilon incident) and do not want to talk because.... bad things could happen
  • I would not be surprised if he finally stands up to her at some point.
    • At the rate things are going, there's a good chance that could get him killed. I really, really, really hope I'm wrong about that.
    • This is Agent Washington we're talking about. Nothing in the verse could actually kill him. He's always got a back-up plan, he's the freelancer who survived the project while still taking a direct role until its very end, being responsible for HQ's destruction. We're seeing moral Wash, right now. Lovable and silly. Don't forget what happens when Wash starts fighting a war.
      • I could ... I could just hug you for pointing this out. Is that okay? Can we hug? Let's hug.
      • Hug returned, good sir.
  • If something like that happen, we might see our dear Wash injured really bad, and when he is about to get killed, our lovely Caboose will try to help him, and then...i hope the other Blue and the Reds come in time to hep them

Caboose's mind was somehow able to inflict damage on Omega during his stay inside it.
Flashback!Omega in episode 15 is a genuinely menacing incarnation of pure evil. Blood Gulch!Omega is kind of a ridiculous goof, even when we briefly see his "true form" in the scenes inside Caboose's mind during the second and fifth seasons. One thing to note is that in Blood Gulch Chronicles we only see Omega after he had spent considerable time inside Caboose's mind. Popular theory is that Caboose's currently damaged mental state is due at least partially to the time Omega spent running around inside his head; perhaps Caboose's mind gave as good as he got, and ended up bringing Omega down a level or two in return.
  • I think that being shot and killed by the mental representations of both the Alpha and Allison would be far more likely to do damage.
    • Except Omega is already displaying his Season 1-5 personality at that point ("Never! The darkness will swallow you whole!").
    • Perhaps Omega takes on the personality of what it's host thinks is evil. Caboose thinks of a violent and mean bully, Doc thinks of a Meglomaniac, Simmons thinks of a non-conformist, Tex sees a being of barely restrained rage.
      • That would also explain why Omega is much more goofy and incapable while within Doc. Doc is just such a nice, naive guy that he isn't capable of even imagining evil beyond cartoonish supervillains. And because of that, Omega can't behave otherwise while inside Doc.
      • It was said Omega was Alpha's aggression, which sort of goes along with this. Caboose's O'Malley wasn't just a mean bully, but had some legitimately frightening lines... all reserved for Tucker when he thought he was getting between him and Church (I still love "Never. Be. Alone"). Doc's megalomaniacal supervillain personality is how he views exerting aggression, trying to bend everyone to your will. Simmons, who is so repressed and subservient, views aggression as breaking free of societal restraints.

Tex will irreparably damage the Director's right hand out of an Omega-induced anger combined with her own outrage over what the Director did to Alpha.
Considering how the Director is beginning to look more and more like Gendo Ikari, it's safe to call Tex a Rei-figure of sorts. So, naturally, she will do what Rei did to Gendo in End - she will wreck his hand, either by crushing or severing.

Eta represents Alpha's trust, while Iota represents Alpha's fear.
When the Director went "No! Allison!", Eta probably went "Allison? Help me! Help me!" while Iota probably went "Allison? OH SHIT SHE'S GONNA KILL ME!" That's why Carolina was so terrified - she was experiencing both feelings at once, and it didn't help that Tex was in front of her. That's why Carolina was going "Make it stop!" while pushing Tex away. And since Omega nearly egged Tex into strangling Carolina, Iota's hunch was almost correct...

The Meta only took one of Carolina's A.I
In episode 15 of season ten, we get our first look at Eta and Iota. We don't know which is which, but one is yellow and the other is greenish blue (same colour as Carolina's armour incidentally). In Reconstruction however, when the Meta displays his A.I, only the yellow one is present. The greenish blue one isn't among the lineup. There is an A.I in greyish black Mark VI armour, but that looks more like Tex. So either Carolina still has one A.I, or it's somewhere else. Either way, it could still be alive.
  • Perhaps that other AI is what Carolina's looking for? She's probably reluctant to put it in her head, though, much like Wash with Epsilon.
  • They did seem to merge together when stored in Carolina. Maybe they just chose that form when the Meta revealed them.
  • It was established on the show and in the characters page that there was a "Xi" AI, and yet we already have accounted for all the AI the Meta took. The theory that Eta and Iota merged and made Xi is one way they could make this work.
    • Possible Fridge Brilliance: Perhaps that's the real reason why Sigma wants to create the Meta... so hopefully the fragments can all fuse in that same way?
    • Possibly. We need to find out if these two, Eta and Iota, really did merge, and how they did it. If that happened, I want to see what caused them to merge, how they merged and why Sigma didn't make the AI merge as they were added in the Meta. After all, when the Meta went to get Delta, we see every other AI he had, not one AI representing all the ones he took. Still, that Fridge Brilliance is an awesome theory, and creepy enough to fit Sigma.
      • Word of God is that when Alpha finally joined the party at the end of season 6, the fragments collapsed into him and were reabsorbed. So, in a way, Sigma got what he wanted for about two seconds before the emp hit.

If there's one aspect that the Alpha never sheared off, it's hatred.
Church hates everything. He hates Tex. He hates Tucker, Caboose, and the Reds. He even hates himself (or at least his mental image inside Caboose's head, if his comment about "not having a best friend" is any indication). That was the one thing Alpha could never shear off. Not blind anger, like Omega. Hatred.
  • Oh thanks, now my heart hurts. Of course, this actually makes a lot of sense, which just makes it even worse.

Sister and Junior are alive and in Valhalla
Just to get the whole band together. It's not like providing the voices for a few more episodes is a massive commitment for their VA. Junior thinks he is protecting his warped mother figure. Sister thinks she's taking care of Tucker's dog.
  • Junior is confirmed to be alive but, last we heard, he was working as a liason between humans and aliens. Lopez claims to have killed Sister back at Blood Gulch, and he's not prone to lying.
    • He may not be, but Grif says she's Made of Iron (once spent several hours under water, and came out not only alive, but pregnant). Lopez simply believes that he killed her.
      • It's been almost five seasons since we've seen her, so I'm going with "she's dead" unless Word of God suggests otherwise.

York's sour attitude towards Wash is because of Delta.
According to York, Delta stays up all night doing calculations; York, being Delta's host, ended up absorbing quite a lot of these calculations. These included several Freelancer statistics and simulations, which mostly put Washington at the bottom compared to the others on the leaderboard. Because of those, York began to look down on Wash; while he tried to vent it out as playful trolling, he occasionally made a biting comment or two about Wash being the worst fighter in the squad or something like that. So, in other words... no, not even York is immune to the detrimental effects of AI.
  • This could explain why Wash was so cold when he found York's and North's bodies: They walked away instead of sticking by him after the incident.

The cryogenics box stolen in Season 9
The first hint we have that it's truly anything animal or similar is the fact it growled and went crazy when Allison's name was mentioned. Okay, great effect. But how does it have bearing? Then this latest episode. 16. It's an Engineer that they stole. This Engineer fixes and manipulates the Alpha to produce some of the more recent fragments, 'fixing' it as the Director said. When one remembers Halo canon, one also remembers that Engineers are quite literally biological supercomputers. It's highly likely that in handling the fragments and Alpha itself that the Engineer picked up on some of the emotions and memories of the torture, thus giving it the reason to go crazy when it heard the name Allison being yelled.

Sigma survived the emp
In episode 16 of season 10, after being told to log off by the director, Sigma instead managed to jump into a camera, unlike Gamma and Omega. This suggests that he has a similar ability to Omega in being able to jump, except it's for electronic equipment instead of people. So in the finale of Reconstruction, he jumped into the camera that the Director and Chairman were using, and then away from the emp to get out of it's range. He may even be WITH the Director since the incident, and if Carolina knows this, it could explain why she wants to find the Director. If she finds the Director, she finds Sigma, and can kill him for what he did to Maine and the other Freelancers.
  • Sigma's avatar hid in the camera. Omega is the only fragment who can jump from host to host on his own (and he needs a radio channel).
  • Additionally, Omega gained the ability to jump from the Alpha. There's no reason to think the Alpha has the ability to jump into random electronic equipment, at least on the fly.

The gang will find the Engineer.
For all we know, it's in season 8's warehouse facility, still in the sarcophagus. The warehouse is likely to be revisited by the gang since they seem to retracing all the other notable locations they guys were are in the Recollections trilogy. When the Engineer meets Church, it will identify him as "the broken one" and fix him by restoring the fragments, or at least Delta.

The team will confront the Director and learn of what Alpha!Church was subjected to.
And there will be an immediate Misfit Mobilization Moment as the most hilariously incompetent soldiers ever to exist settle their differences and kick his ass.
  • But they already had a super awesome Misfit Mobilization Moment at the end of season 8. Given RoosterTeeth's love of subverted tropes (and of stomping on our feelings), there's a good chance the attempt would be crushed. Or worse, it could fizzle before it gets started.

The current group will split up.
The Blood Gulch gang will confront Carolina over her Ax-Crazy tendencies and demand she leave them out of her revenge plans. Wash and Church will be caught in the middle. Wash will side with the gang. Church will side with Carolina.
  • Or Wash and Church say "screw all y'all" and leave together.
    • Which will lead to a sitcom called "Wash 'n' Church".
  • In light of recent developments, I'm slating Wash as the wildcard for the remainder of the season. He's feeling increasingly lost, betrayed and abandoned right now, and history tells us that probably won't end well for anyone.
  • Confirmed as of S 10 E 18.

The Engineer from the Sarcophagus was kept in the cryogenic chamber in the Freelancer warehouse in Revelation, and was used by Epsilon!Church to create Epsilon!Tex.
This is fairly self explanatory. Epsilon remembered about the Engineer, and got Caboose to help him use the Engineer to recreate Tex from his memories and put her into one of the robotic bodies (and spray painted it black, perhaps?). I had previously thought that the cryogenic chamber had contained Tex, but what would be the point of cryogenically freezing a robot?
  • This theory got much more likely after episode 20 came about. With the robot army from last season being made into an army of Tex copies, it makes sense that the Engineer would be used to make them all. It also explains why Epsilon!Tex inexplicably had black armor.

Tex's dog tag isn't just a dog tag.
It's a drive that contains any or all of the following:
  • Her emergency backup unit, or information that will lead to said backup unit.
  • Information that will lead to the director.
  • Information that will lead to something else we haven't thought/been informed of yet.
  • Something mundane, like Grandma Church's secret family recipes (the secret ingredient is subterfuge!).
  • Confirmed. It contained enough data for Epsilon to figure out the Director's location.

Connie knew the original Allison.
That's why she was the most suspicious and bitter of all the Freelancers. She was probably friends with Allison during boot camp or something and she resented that Allison's memory was being used this way. She sent Tex the data files because she was hoping it would trigger the original Allison's memories.
  • That is now this troper's favorite theory.
  • It's a good theory except for one thing — the Director is probably 15-20 years older than Connie, and the original Allison would probably be about the same age if she was alive.
    • Not necessarily. The Director doesn't look that old, maybe 10 years older than Connie. And even so, he could've been older than Allison during their relationship. Secondly, Allison's death might not have been that long ago. Thirdly, Allison herself might've been older than Connie and she was more of a mentor/older sister figure.
      • I disagree on the age thing — Connie's maybe 30 at most, and the Director's in his mid-40s at the youngest. (This is based less on how they look and more on how they behave in their respective roles.) Hence, the gap is 15 years at minimum, and probably closer to 20. Plus, he described himself as "an old man" in Reconstruction, which usually means a minimum age of 50.
      • He's an old man in the present, we've only seen Connie and the Director in the Freelancer prequel sections, "A long time ago," presumably 10 years or so. But that aside, he looks considerably older regardless. Plus Allison died when he was "very young" and given his age, that's got to be at least 20, 25 years ago (if you think he looks 40, then her death was when he was 20 at the latest, I'd posit). Long enough ago that it doesn't seem like she would know Connie.
      • Unless Connie knew Allison before either of them even enlisted... favorite babysitter or maybe even a cousin?

The Director's ass is grass.
So obvious it's painful, I know, but it had to be said — now that Epsilon is Alpha mk.2, there's really no question that he's completely doomed. The real question is, how much — and what kind — of a fight will he offer?
  • My vote's for an extended round of "Reason You Suck" speeches intended to demoralize the team and make them give up. It will fail, not because the Freelancers are awesome, but because the Blood Gulch guys already know they suck, and are therefore impervious to that brand of psychological warfare.

Eta and Iota represent Alpha's happiness and love
During ep 17 when Tex is looking through the data Connie left behind, there seems to be information on the A.I fragments, including words like deceit, rage, creativity and so on. These of course, describe the A.I we already know. But then we see the words happiness and love put side by side, indicating two A.I...
  • It looked to me like Love/Happiness was squashed together much like Sigma's Creativity/Ambition, and there's another unaccounted for trait when Tex is scrolling through- Greed. Considering South's reaction to not having an AI, it seems likely to me that Iota would be Greed, leaving Wash with Happiness/Love, which is the trait he would best get along with/would best complement his mentality.

Church himself will kill the director.
This is all assuming Church gets another body. So Carolina, Wash, and the BG crew finally find the director hiding wherever. After a round of Reason You Suck Speeches the director will pull out a gun, and shoot Caboose. Not fatally, though, it'll probably somewhere in the leg or foot. Because of his brotherly relationship with Caboose, Church will be fucking pissed. And in his anger, Church gets his first headshot with the sniper rifle: the Director himself.
  • Killing the Director seems too cliché and unoriginal for this series, the more I think about it. My theory: Church will instead possess the Director and somehow merge with him and share all of the Alpha's memories: His time with the Blood Gulch crew, what all of the Freelancers and AIs went through, and of Tex herself and what Tex wanted all this time. And how he learned to let go of Allison. The Director will then Villainous B.S.O.D. and either commit suicide or turn himself in. Granted, I suppose that's also a little cliché, but in a way more fitting with the overall tone of the series, I think.
  • Killing the Director wouldn't necessarily be a cliché. It's all in how it happens — like, say, if Carolina and Church are having their big showdown with him and then Wash shoots him. That would be epic.
  • Well, I was right about the ultimate end result, though the Director had already gone into the BSOD of his own accord.

Caboose will kill the director.
Because seriously guys, out of all the characters in the series, he's proven the best at Church-killing.

One of the Blood Gulchers will be Killed Off for Real by the end of the season.
Just noting Sarge's demeanor in Episode 17 seems a bit unlike his usual self. He questions what the Reds, after finding out the full squad is alive, have to gain by going off to battle. He even notes that running off to find the director will probably make things worse for themselves. So I'm starting to worry that one of them won't make it back, despite their quite frankly ridiculous survivability so far. So... who could it be?
  • Tucker: Although the most badass of the Blood Gulcher, he's still leagues below the Freelancers (which was even noted in universe when Church comments that he was a badass... once).
  • Sarge: He's presumably the oldest of the forces, and lately seems to be a bit off. Even that bit a few weeks ago where he revealed he constantly wished Grif would die seems a bit reflective and nostalgic, I'm getting a sort of "one week away from retirement" sort of vibe from him.
  • Caboose: It would be a great way to twist the knife for Wash (recall the scene where Caboose calls him his friend). Heck, even Epsilon, Tucker, and Sarge seem to kinda like the dolt. Which would make him not coming back hurt.
  • I say it's Donut. He's the most "expendable" of the Reds. Sure, fans like him, but he's not crucial to the dynamics of the Reds, like Grif, Simmons, or Sarge. He might even get killed off-screen, like Sister.
  • Church. Argument against: The story of Leonard Church is the core of Red vs Blue. Argument for: If they get the director, that story would legitimately be at an end.

The Season will end on a Cliffhanger
For some reason, I just feel that with three episodes left, they're probably going to focus a bit more on the fall of Project Freelancer; somehow when the modern day cast catches up to the Director, he'll escape.
  • Is it only three episodes? The DVDs traditionally ship the day after the last episode, which leaves space for five more.
    • RvB seasons have so far been consistently 19 or 20 episodes. Except for season 5, which was probably only upped to 23 so they could leave off with exactly 100 episodes.
      • That's actually what makes me think season 10 will run long, for several reasons. 1) RvB loves them some milestones, as evidenced by season five. 2) There would normally have been two more PSAs by now (after eps 12 and 16), with episode 20 airing on Nov. 5 (the day before the DVD release). Why break the pattern if all it'll do is throw off the schedule? 3) The trailers did call this the "Biggest season ever. Of all time" which could easily refer not just to the story, but to the running time. 4) Word of God says the Freelancer flashbacks end with this season, and I just don't see how they can wrap it up in only three episodes. Admittedly, this is all just guesswork, but I'd bet money it's accurate.
    • Annnnd confirmed. Season 10 will be 22 episodes long.

The final scene of the season will be live action
Because they would need a way to get the Director and the main cast together in the same scene, and the "half machinima / half CGI" approach they used in Season 8 doesn't really fit with Season 10 since they haven't used it at all in Season 9 or 10. A short live action scene would be a way for Rooster Teeth to try something completely new and surprising, and show off their production values (I'd bet they'd be able to at least match the Halo 3 promotional ads in terms of quality). After all they've already used brief live action for the memory flashes in episode 18, and have some existing live action filming experience in shooting the shorts for their office web series.
  • Alternatively, the final scene will be in the present but completely CGI, like the prequel scenes. This will serve as a preview of what Season 11 is going to be like.

The original Carolina really is dead, and the one in the present is an AI fragment split from Alpha-Tex
This would explain why everyone seemed so sure about her demise (although York seemed to hold out some hope). If Alpha-Tex had lost a fragment before turning up at Blood Gulch, it would account for her inaccurate memories, and reduction in fighting ability. The splitting process could have been performed by the sarcophagus, and the memories supplied via the personnel records, and information gathered from York and the other Freelancers. If this is the case, Washington may know about it, as he can view soldier's vitals. Church did say that Tex would have done anything to save Carolina.
  • Unfortunately, Carolina takes off her helmet in season 10. She's human.

The Director is conducting his research on a spaceship. This also leads into some Halo 4 machinima.
The series will be moving into Halo 4 soon, and the Red vs. Blue "war" is a training program conducted on a spaceship...
  • Maybe, though one of the Halo 4 maps is a remake of Valhalla, which would suggest at least part of the season will probably take place there (after all, RvB can be boiled down to two groups of jackasses fighting over a canyon in the middle of nowhere).
  • We still haven't seen Staff of Charon even though that ship got one heck of a big introduction - specifically going out of the way to show us the name and everything. Mind you, Mother of Invention would be even more appropriate.
    • As of episode 19, this appears to be a real possibility.

Future song theories.
  • There will be a duet between Grif and Simmons called 'Why We're Here', done in the style of an old show tune.
  • Lopez will have a song. It will be called '¡Viva Lopez!', and it will be translated by none other than Delano Donut!
  • Doc and O'Malley will share a song as well.
Any other ideas?

Episode 18/19 will be Church's Break the Haughty moment.
For all his griping, Church relies on the Blood Gulch guys. For all their snarking (and accidental team-killing), the Blood Gulch guys have never really walked away from him — until now. It's his fault and he knows it. If the guys come along after this, it'll be because he apologizes.
  • The thing is, though... Church is actually kind of right. A lot of what's messed up in his life really has been caused by the BGC or the Freelancers. He didn't handle the whole matter well, but he was kind of justified. Maybe it'll be a mutual realization.
    • He might have some legitimate complaints, but considering that a lot of complications came when he hired his girlfriend to beat the crap out of the opposing team, he's about as responsible for their problems as they are for his. Plus, the getting shot with the tank was supposed his fault when he disabled the friendly-fire mechanism. And for this, he was demanding that they go into what was likely another suicide mission even though the only reason they were at that point in the first place was because Carolina was threatening most of them.
      • I don't want to gripe, but it has been pretty much confirmed that Church never went back in time, and that the whole thing was just Gamma making him feel that he was to blame for everything, just like he did years earlier.
      • Also, Church didn't hire his girlfriend, Tucker and Caboose did. In fact, Church expressly warned them not to hire Tex.
    • It's not about how right he is. It's about how the Reds and Blues have managed to look past the "war," bond together for his sake, and risk their lives to rescue him. It's not really about "how could you say that?" but "how could you hold all that against us, after all we've done for you?"
      • 'Xactly. He's so focused on all the times they've screwed him over that he can't see all the times they've risked their lives to help him. Plus, he wasn't around for Sarge's rally speech, which is when the others really gelled as a group. This could be his chance to catch up with the rest of the class.
      • It just seems wrong to blame Church for being justifiably upset that the very people who are responsible for much of his grief are now abandoning him when he feels like he needs them most.
      • Again, it's not that he was upset, it's the way he expressed it.
      • I guess I can just empathize with having people treat you poorly, then act like you're the one in the wrong when you're not cheery and nice in response.
      • Eh, true. But you gotta remember that while they caused him all that grief, they weren't exactly obligated to be nice to him. They were on opposite sides of a (pretend) war, after all. It's understandable that Church is upset... but dang.
    • Another counter point is that none of that stuff actually happened to Church, well this version of Church at least. Epsilon is getting mad thanks to things that happened to his predecessor. What did Alpha do? Suck it up and make one hell of a heroic sacrifice. What is Epsilon doing? Burning bridges and going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Of course, YMMV on this point.
      • Plus, up until recently, Epsilon only had pieces of Alpha's history. He only just (re)discovered the depth of Alpha's trauma, so his emotions are incredibly raw. (It's still no excuse for making Caboose cry.)

Church was channeling Omega when he blew up on the Blood Gulch Crew.
You kind of get the feeling that since Church has all of his memories and might be whole again, all of the AI fragments and what they represent are part of him again. When he was yelling at the BGC, he could have been subconsciously channeling Omega (his anger), making him say things that Alpha-Church and Epsilon-Church would never say at their angriest. After seeing the flashbacks of Tex before she got control of Omega, it's not too far fetched.
  • Alternatively, now that Epsilon-Church has become the complete Alpha again, he's as much of a jerkass as the original Alpha was. The difference is that, with what they've been through over the past few years, the Blood Gulch Crew have matured and are no longer in any mood to put up with his crap. Remember, Alpha-Church could really blow up on the people around him, but at the time they were generally too concerned with fighting each other / chasing O'Malley around to be really offended by any of it.

Church and Carolina will decide not to pursue the Director.
The Director, however, will decide to pursue them — tying up loose ends, and all that. This will be the focus of season 11. It'll all kick off with an outside attack on Valhalla at the end of season 10, which will bind the group together because someone (probably Wash) will be killed.

Wash's ass is grass.
He's made peace with himself and his past and he's finally kinda happy. Unfortunately, this goes outside the natural order and will quickly be rectified. (Yes, this is the same troper who made the "Wash killed Theta" entry under Fridge Horror. I'm very sorry. I'm a horrible person.)
  • I doubt this, for the same reason I doubt they'd ever kill Caboose. Wash is too popular and sympathetic, and we all wanna see him have some peace.

Carolina didn't know how The Meta died when she "recruited" the Blood Gulch Crew
When visiting the site of a previous encounter between the BGC and The Meta, Washington mentions that they nearly killed him there, to which Carolina replies bitterly "but they didn't". If she had known how The Meta finally met his end, she almost certainly wouldn't have reacted that way.
Also, this leads me to believe that she never had any intention of keeping the BGC alive. She wanted Cannon Fodder, and decided to take some of the director's own supply.

Episode 17 was not the full Epsilon Incident.
It was a clever fake-out, designed to lull the audience into a false sense of security. The full breakdown will come later. This guess is based mostly on three things: 1) In episode 18, Wash is a little shaken up but seems otherwise fine. Unless the symptoms set in later, Epsilon's probably not done with him. 2) We know it's not a big deal to pull an AI and put it back later. 3) North talked like he'd given up Theta, but we know he ultimately keeps him. Hence, something must have reversed the decision to pull all the AIs. Wash could be reimplanted with Epsilon as a desperation move by the Director (possibly to counter Tex's "attack" on the Mother of Invention, since the other Freelancers don't stand a chance against her without their little glowing helpers).
  • The Director is seen retrieving an AI storage unit during Tex's attack. I'd bet money that was Epsilon.
  • As much as I'd like for this WMG to be true... I don't think it will be. We're almost at the end of the season and we've already been shown one CGI scene of Wash rolling around in agony while a holographic Allison talks in the background. I don't think we'll be lucky enough to get another elaborate scene like that, when there are so many other ends to tie up, including the present-day stuff.
    • Word of God says there are three more episodes (22 episodes total), so I think there's time. I can easily see Wash getting reimplanted offscreen because the Director found a way to keep him from screaming, but then the solution doesn't stick and everything goes pear-shaped. Wash was pretty clear in his descriptions of what happened to him — Epsilon unraveled, taking Wash's mind with him. We haven't seen anything like that yet, just the initial shock of the implantation.

The gang will face down the Meta again.
I know this is on the page elsewhere, but the Meta is still alive after season 8. In addition to never finding his body, did anyone else notice that there wasn't a recovery beacon that went off when the Meta fell? I'm graspng at straws here, and maybe this belongs in the headscratchers list, but could this mean the Meta is still around somehow?
  • They never actually show if there was a beacon or not. It stands to reason all four possible beacons (in order: Church, Wash, Tex and Maine) had been triggered by the end of the fight. If getting their car blown out from under them didn't set them off, they should probably ask for their money back.
    • At the end of Episode 19 after losing her fight against Tex and getting knocked out of the Mother of Invention as it crashed into Sidewinder, Maine literally tears the AI out of her head, then pitches her off the cliff. She survived... so Maine surviving his fall off Sidewinder looks a bit more likely.
      • I dunno. I'm pretty sure the Meta fell into the ocean. Water that goes higher than your hips is a certified death warrant in the Halo-verse.
      • Caboose and the Reds survived being totally submerged in the Recollections trilogy. I don't think that the normal Halo rules apply to them.
  • Carolina survived because she used her grapple-gun. You see her pull it out while she falls. As for the beacon thing... well, we really don't know if a recovery beacon went off, but presumably it did and Law of Conservation of Detail is in effect. Wash was probably just not monitoring the frequency any more. As previously mentioned, all four of them took enough damage to set off a beacon anyway. If the Meta's didn't go off, then it means there's something wrong with the beacon, not that he survived.
  • MIGHT be possible, considering the season 11 trailer, right after the Reds and Blues are done talking, the screen fades and you can hear what sounds like the Metas signature growl/snarl.

Epsilon kills himself because he finds out Tex is still alive.
Vamping from the previous WMG re: the Epsilon incident, the Director will try the implantation again. (Why? Because that's just who he is, dammit.) Epsilon will learn the details of Tex's assault on the Mother of Invention, put two and two together, and promptly implode.

Carolina will give Wash Connie's data unit.
She'll do it to try and convince Wash to come along with her. Instead he'll show it to the guys. However, Tucker will catch something in all the alien research, since he worked with them for about a year between seasons 5 and 6, that Church wouldn't recognize and will clue them into what the Director is doing. Realizing what Church and Carolina are truly getting themselves into, they'll go out to save them. Alternatively, they'll look over the files on the AI, and Wash will tell them about the classroom session where Sigma referred to metastability as "the meta stage" and realize what really happened. They'll go after Church and Carolina to explain this and get them to stop.
  • How does them knowing what happened to Maine get the Director off the hook?
    • It may not get the Director off the hook, but knowing that Sigma was the one that started the rift between Freelancers over the AI would get Church and Carolina to reconsider what they're doing.
      • Ehhh, I still don't quite follow. If you take Sigma out of the picture, it doesn't change what the Director did, it just shakes up the order of events a little. Besides, Carolina and Wash both seemed pretty up-to-date on things when they discussed the Meta earlier in the season.

The Director's hiding place is in Texas
Think about it: it's noted that the "Texas" codename was being saved for someone by the other Freelancers, and in Episode 19 of Season 10 Texas tells the Alpha that he named her, and that if he thinks hard enough he would remember why. Epsilon remembered why finally in Season 10, realizing that the Director and Allison both come from Texas or that it has some special significance to them, hence why the name was saved for Beta and why he would establish a base to hide there.

The last flashback portion will...
Show Tex's attack on Church's old team on Sidewinder. With the infamous killing of private Jimmy being offscreen.
  • I was kind of under the impression that episode 19 was that attack, and Church's... loopiness (and him trying to "normalize" things and rewrite his memory to make it make sense) led to him wildly misremembering what happened.
    • When they go to the arctic base in the last third of Revelations, Tex specifically says they were storing Alpha there. However, that Tex was based on Epsilon, so her memories could also be corrupted.
  • Season 10 will wrap up the Freelancer saga, so the last flashbacks will probably focus on tying up loose ends and bridging the gap to Blood Gulch.

The Avalanche/Sidewinder facility is the Mother of Invention
Rather than move or repair the massive, damaged ship they simply built around it, turning it into a facility.
  • This actually fits well with the WMG that Church's memories of the rescue were inaccurate. Alpha's constructed environment in episode 19 was run-down and covered with ice and drifted snow (mirroring his fractured mental state). Later, in his mind, that plus the ship plus the snowy planet surface = Sidewinder.
  • ...I literally had this same idea. Mostly due to Avalanche looking so natural and barren of human construction.
    • It also explains why Church remembered Tex beating someone to death with their own bones. Turns out it really wasn't physically possible; he was just so broken he could believe it was.
    • This has been confirmed on the commentary. The ship crashed there and then they basically made the base out of the ship's parts. Also, this adds to some nice story completion with the Meta, as this is where he obtains his first AI's, and where the Reds and Blues defeat him. His "birth" and death.

Epsilon-Church will confront and defeat the Director...
...But not with arms. With words. Epsilon stands face-to-face with the Director and tells him point-blank that he erased Tex/Allison for good, something that neither Dr. Church nor the Alpha could ever do. He'll prove that the Blood Gulch Crew (a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits) is a better team than the Freelancers were, and that it all came down to the Director's massive ego and desperation that ruined everything. Wash and Carolina may or may not also be present, just to drive the point home.

Epsilon-Church has taken a level in badass
When he "forgot" Tex at the end of the previous season, he didn't actually forget her, because he still knows who she is. It's possible he reabsorbed her, like what the Meta was trying to do by force. And this likely means he now has all of her skills. When Church sees combat again, he will not miss a single shot.

How Halo 4's remake of Valhalla will be justified for season 11
So Halo 4 has a remake of Valhalla called Ragnarok. It looks almost identical to Valhalla, but the bases are slightly modified and there's less grass. I'm thinking that at the end of season ten, or the start of season 11, the Director is going to launch an attack on Valhalla that causes some kind of radioactive fallout that kills off a lot of the greenery. In order to survive, the Reds and Blues modify the bases and build/find new suits of armour (from Halo 4) that will protect them from the radiation. That way, Ragnarok can serve as the new Valhalla.
  • The bases were explained as being left unattended, followed by Sarge and Simmons "redecorating". The lack of greenery is left unexplained, though likely connected to the Red Team's landscaping efforts.
York Re-implanted Wash with Epsilon
He did it because Delta told him to do it, that way, there would be another Freelancer that knew what happen to the alpha, but things did not went as good as expected, and thas how the epsilon incident happen. Also, probably another Freelancer battle happen after the epsilon incident, but before the blood gulch stuff, one where York, North and Wash fight agains Wyoming, South and...i feel im forgetting someone,but anyway, in that fight, Wash "betrayed" York and North somehow, and thats why Epsilon is so upset with him.
  • Wash's total absense in episode 19 seems to suggest that he still has a role to play in the flashbacks before things catch up to Blood Gulch. Perhaps, while Tex was fighting everyone, Wash was integrating with the full contents of Epsilon's memories, leading up to him taking some action that will earn Epsilon's ire.
    • It's worth noting that when Epsilon first encounters Wash in Revelations, he's not only instantly angry enough to laserface a wall, but he babbles something about not letting Wash "get to her" ("her", I feel safe in assuming, was Tex). So obviously something happened between the two of them besides their mutual insanity (which could also support the theory that the trigger event had something to do with Tex). It's probably one of the last things we'll see this season.

Lopez speaks perfectly good Spanish.
For the 26th century. English has gone under less linguistic drift in the intervening time.

The Insurrectionist Demoman and Female Elite are still alive and will show up in a later season, possibly working for the Chairman, and looking for payback against Carolina and/or Washington.
Given that it generally takes an incredible amount of up-close-and-personal damage for major characters in this show to be Killed Off for Real, it seems that simply falling a few dozen feet into water isn't nearly sufficient for a confirmed kill.
  • On the other hand, the insurrection has served its narrative purpose and is no longer really required.
    • Maybe, maybe not. There's a lot of Canon Fodder left unexplored — their motivations, what Male!CT was doing at the dig site, what they (and the Director) wanted with the monitor, whether they really were an insurrection or just a splinter group, etc. From that angle, they've been seeded through the story the way Project Freelancer's backstory was seeded through the Blood Gulch Chronicles — tangential to the current story, but with a lot of room for future exploration.
      • Confirmed.

Project Freelancer uses special custom SPI Armor, not MJOLNIR Armor
MJOLNIR armor is said to cost as much per suit as a UNSC Cruiser or entire battlegroup(depending on the source), which is why the SPARTAN-III program used Semi-Power Infiltration Armor. It was cheaper than MJOLNIR but more effective than standard-issue equipment like ODST armor. It's unlikely the Director could get MJOLNIR armor for his Freelancers alone, nevermind all the simulation troopers. Much like how the Headhunters used customized SPI Armor that had energy shields added, the Freelancer SPI armor is modified to hold AI and contain their armor-specific capabilities. The sim troopers have standard SPI Armor, save for certain outposts -like Blood Gulch- that get equipped with AI-compatible units. Since SPI Armor does not directly enhance the user's abilities, it makes more sense how the ODST-equipped Insurrectionists were able to put up a good fight against the Freelancers.

C.T. and Washington were a couple midway through Season 9 she broke up with him and joined the Insurrection

When they first interact, Wash seems very close to her, calling her Connie when he doesn't have a nickname for any of the other Freelancers, trying to convince her she didn't make a mistake when he can see she's clearly distraught. Even pointing out that Connie has always been hard on herself. At a later time period when he see's her talking to the Insurrection Leader from the Mother of Invention, he's much colder to her, it's really the one time he isn't dorky around a Freelancer.

So, they had been dating, or at least very close together during the beginnings of the Freelancer program, the Leaderboard, her own insecurities lead her to joining the insurrection after she did some digging and realized exactly what the hell was going on at Project Freelancer. She fell for the Insurrection Leader and broke it off with Wash, or potentially broke it off before hand.

So yeah on top of being driven insane and having his friends betray him and run off, as well as being burdened by everything that ever happened to the Alpha, he also lost his love to the Program.
  • ...that makes an interesting amount of sense. It would also explain why she tells him not to call her "Connie", since she has no problems letting both Tex and the Insurrection Leader do so.

The Law of Conservation of Ninjitsu will come into play.
So yeah, Episode 20 shows us a few dozen or hundred copies of Tex. I don't think they'll be nearly as successful as the original, otherwise everybody'd be dead twenty times over.
  • My guess is they'll be more savage but less skilled — it's probably important that the voice we heard wasn't Tex's, it was O'Malley's.
  • Or the guys arrive right as Carolina and Church run out of there screaming, thereby making them all flee, avoiding a big fight and setting up the conflict for next season.
  • The Tex army may have inherited the failure aspect of the Tex we know. In addition most of Tex's fights don't have her fighting with someone helping her. They might not be able to function in groups.
    • What if that's what the Director's been trying to "get right"?
  • Seems pretty much confirmed; the Blood Gulchers do rather well against the copies, each netting several kills. Sheer numbers begin to be a problem for them however.

All of the the Freelancer AIs (including Alpha) are now imprisoned by the Director, who has been working to recapture them since the Freelancer program fell apart back in the day.
The showdown at the end of Season 6 was part of the Director's plan. He ensured that Church and Maine (containing all collected AI) were both at the Freelancer base, before he faked an EMP blast to convince everyone that the AIs were dead. Now, the director has all the AI, including the Omega AI. How do we know? Well, the quote at the end of this episode was orginally made by Tex back in RVB Ep. 100. Its repitition like means that the Omega AI has been recaptured. And if it was captured, despite apparently being dead, it follows that the other AI would be as well...

As a last ditch attempt, O'Malley will attempt to hijack using short wave radio...
Then will unknowingly hack into Doc, becoming BC!O'Malley

Omega isn't one-of-a-kind
It's likely that Alpha, during the torture, got angry at himself over and over, creating multiple personifications of his rage. The Director wisely authorized only one of them to be used in Project Freelancer. He kept the others for his personal uses... including his attempts to remake Tex.

The Bloodgulch Crew will have to fight the original Freelancer team
Although most of the original Freelancer team are dead, there is the possibility of them coming back as the AIs who were created during the Director's attempts at remaking Tex. The following match-ups will take place during the finale:
  • Agent Carolina and Epsilon vs. Agent O'Malley/Omega
  • Agent Washington and Doc vs. Crazy Agent Washington
  • Tucker and junior vs. Agent York and Delta
  • Grif, Sister, and Andy vs. Agent North, Agent South, and Theta
  • Simmons, Caboose, and Sheila vs. Agent Wyoming and Gamma
  • Sarge and Lopez vs. Agent Maine and Sigma
  • Doughnut vs. Agent Conneticut
On the other hand, it might be more fun and impressive if it's a squad on squad battle as opposed to a series of match-ups.
  • One teensy leetle problem: For the AI process to create copies of the Freelancers, their deaths would have to affect the Director in a deep, personal and incredibly scarring way. Now look me in the eye and tell me how likely you think that is.
  • Well, it is true that the director probably wouldn't care that much by his Freelancers, but you know who probably is affected by the dead of all those soldiers? Carolina. So, perhaps the director will trap Carolina and do the same thing he did with himself,only using Carolina instead, giving as a result new AI's with the personality of those Fallen Freelancers.

Carolina will die in a Heroic Sacrifice.
Carolina's a near-textbook example of a Tragic Hero: She was the best of the best before Tex, The Ace of Project Freelancer, had a dashing Love Interest and got on well with most of her teammates. However, as time unfolds and Tex outshines her, her pride causes her to alienate her friends, come into physical confrontation with York, and, eventually, set into motion events that would help lead to the Project's downfall. She's suffered immensely, learned of the deaths of all of her friends save Wash, and now has one thing in mind: Retribution. She blames the Director for everything and, yeah, it's largely his fault, but she played a role in her own suffering as well. The Director will remind her of that, causing her to shout, "My God, What Have I Done?" and go into a Heroic B.S.O.D.. Of course, Church and the newly arrived Reds and Blues will snap her out of it and they'll defeat the Director once and for all, but not before Carolina makes a heroic move to save someone (likely Wash or Church) from certain death. She will have made a final atonement for her past, and will die with a smile on her face. Tear Jerker Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • I would have said her ass was grass, but yeah. I've been thinking the same thing. Although at this point, capture or a hasty retreat-and-regroup are also likely.

Gamma trapped Yellow Church in a simulation of Sidewinder.
Yellow Church at the end of BGC season 5 doesn't make much sense. Why did he have a body when he came out of Caboose's mind? His existence didn't make much sense with the original Yellow Church's comment that "it seemed like such a good idea at the time." How is it that one of the Church clones claims to have experienced what made Yellow yellow if it hasn't happened yet? The answer is that they're completely unrelated. It's implied by season 10 that episodes 50 (part 1 and part 2) were Gamma messing with Church by making a simulation where he causes all of his problems, not time-travel or teleportation. Church did come up with a scheme in said simulation where he turned himself yellow, but that's unrelated. Since Gamma is so used to deceit and most of all, doing it to Church, when the Yellow Church was forced from Caboose's mind, the clone of Gamma in Wyoming's body instinctively trapped it in a simulation of the worst thing it could think of: letting all of his friends blow up at Sidewinder. The fact that he was yellow is just a huge coincidence.
  • Gamma was in the tank, so he didn't get cloned. Also, the yellow soldier in Caboose's mind was Sister, not Church.
    • Good point on the tank, but Gamma must've still had some connection to the Wyomings to be able to regulate their armor ability (there's no WAY that "time manipulation" could be used effectively without an AI). And yes, the yellow soldier in Church's mind is Caboose's version of Sister... but she's Church's sister in Caboose's mind, and implied to be the yellow Church at Sidewinder.
      • Implied to... what? I'm sorry, but how are you making that connection? And how would Caboose's mental image of someone appear outside his mind, anyway?
      • ... that's just plain what happened. Rewatch the end of BGC. "Sister" gets forced out of Caboose's head, and teleported to Sidewinder by a dead Wyoming body. That's just what happened, there's no interpretation there at all. I'm positing that he wasn't teleported to Sidewinder, but rather captured/absorbed/whatever by the Wyoming's body, which still had a connection to Gamma, who then ran it through a simulation.
      • Oh wow, you're right. I'm honestly not sure how I missed that. Are we still friends? You can have my Fruit-by-the-Foot that my mom put in my lunch today.
      • Yes, but tomorrow I want your Fruit Roll-Up.
      • With the lick-and-stick temporary tattoo? Never!

Season 10 will end on a cliffhanger.
Which isn't really a WMG at this point, innit? But the what, how and why is still very much up for grabs. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets below:
  • Wash and the gang arrive in time to rescue Church and Carolina. They spend next season on the run.
  • Wash and the gang don't arrive in time. They spend next season trying to rescue them.
    • On that note: the Director kidnaps Carolina in hopes of using her body as a new host for a resurrected Allison. They'll be rescuing her from a fate worse than death!
  • Wash and the gang arrive and everyone gears up for a fight, which is somehow interrupted.
  • Armor lockdown for everyone! Except Caboose, who spends next season on the run, trying to rescue everybody.
  • The hornet pilot gets called on the carpet for losing a second aircraft to the same people and is placed on indefinite unpaid suspension. He spends next season tracking down the gang in a bloody-minded quest for vengeance, leaving a trail of incorrect paperwork and flouted bureaucratic protocol in his wake.
    • Number five is a new want, now that you put it out there.
  • Wash shoots the director.
  • The Tex-bots turn out to be hilariously inept, just a bunch of broken replacements that they easily destroy.
  • Somehow Carolina finally learns to let things go and she achieves true victory, not by killing the Director but by capturing him and turning him in to the authorities so he can suffer with his own memories. (Go Carolina! I have faith in you!)
  • Omega will come back from the dead and possess one of the Tex bodies, running off to live another day.
    • Which raises an excellent question: Does this just sound like Omega, or is it actually him, body surfing and all? Folks, we could be in for a world of hurt.
    • I kind of assume it just sounds like him, and it's Tex with a voice filter (which, while it sounded like Omega, had nothing to do with him).
      • Ooh, good catch. Either way, it's scary as hell.

The Chairman's been tracking the gang this whole time, knowing/hoping they'd find the Director for him.
He'll arrive at the last second with the cavalry, take everyone into custody, and pretty much kidnap Epsilon so he can finally prosecute the Director. No one will be particularly happy with this arrangement. Hijinks will ensue.

The mass army of robots are all fragments of Beta (Tex) that the Director was shearing off to make her "perfect".
Tex has one fatal flaw - failure. However if you count failure as a defining trait, it could possibly be broken away from the Beta AI the same way Trust and Rage were broken away from Alpha. So the director has spent all this time trying to find the one stimulus that causes Beta to shear off her failure; once he finds it, he will take a copy of Tex, force her to cast off her failure, and she will then be "perfect".
  • I don't know which is more horrifying: That theory, or the fact that I could see the Director doing it.

Some BG soldiers are in fact Insurrection soldiers
And by that i mean the ones with ambiguous deaths, as the one with a robotic arm, the girl and the sleeveless dude, the director use them as some kind of experiment, just like the zealot and some other simulation troopers.

Every fragment except Delta stayed in the Monitor body.
After Church left it, Delta tagged along to provide advice like before, but Sigma and the rest stayed inside to await a chance to capture and integrate Epsilon at a later time. Once the guys left, Sigma asked Filss where the other off site facilities were and found the Director in order to assist him. Not only does it explain the seeming return of Omega but sets up Sigma killing the Director personally, feeling that there's nothing more to gain under his care in order to capture Church, now seemingly reformed as Alpha. Just for kicks, Sigma will have the body of one of the Tex copies altered to resemble Maine.

In the last episode, Omega will force Epsilon back into Wash's head.
And Wash will go crazy and Epsilon will freak out. Then Omega and Epsilon will go into Carolina's head, who will then stab York in the eye. That'll placate everyone that says that these events didn't occur as implied in earlier seasons.
  • Is this in the flashback or the present-day sequences? Because Carolina is "dead" in the former, and York is dead in the latter.

At some point in Season 11...
The gang will be aboard a space station or ship or something, and as they're walking by a window...
Simmons: Hey, look! Is that a... body floating out there?
Tucker: That's some fancy-looking armor. ...Is that a jetpack?
Washington: Huh. ...Hey, wait a second... Is that... Holy fuck, is that Georgia?!

Episode 17 really was the extent of the Epsilon Incident.
No one's beaten the "there's more to come" drum more than me — I beat it like it owed me money. But the thought occurs: What if Wash was committed not because he went crazy, but to shut him up? The Director realizes he's got a sane man who might know all his secrets, so he has him declared insane. If he's in the nuthouse, he's rendered harmless by way of being labelled unreliable. (In which case, whoops.) And then at the end of Reconstruction, when Wash told the Director he knew everything, he was confirming what the Director already suspected — which could be why the Director didn't sound surprised and just went straight to "you die now". Part of me hopes I'm wrong, but another part hopes I'm right. Both outcomes could be absolutely gut-wrenching to see.
  • Was it actually confirmed that Wash was committed? He was declared "unfit for duty" but I'm pretty sure Director and Co didn't know that Wash inherited the memories. And besides, if they forcefully committed him, why would Wash agree to work for them as Recovery 1 later? Also, I remember him saying to Church, "I wouldn't let them pair me with another AI, because I was scared they would find out that I knew everything."
    • I don't recall if they ever say outright that Wash went to the nuthouse, but he was definitely certified unfit for duty, and it was at least implied he did time in the psych ward. This theory also explains why he seemed his usual self when he woke up in episode 18 — he was embittered by his treatment after the incident, not by the incident itself. Also, Wash's reason for avoiding AIs doesn't rule out the Director knowing (or guessing) what happened to him. Dr. Church isn't exactly an open book, and it's entirely possible he would keep his suspicions to himself. It would all boil down to:
    Wash: The Director's been torturing an AI!
    Director: He's obviously gone 'round the bend. Better lock him up for his own good.
    Counselor: I agree. Back to work, everyone. We'll take good care of him.
    • Wash stayed with the project because it gave him access in case the chance for revenge/retribution ever presented itself. Which, of course, paid off in spades.

The Director will capture Church.
Church will give a recap about his interaction with Tex to explain that the Director needs to let go of his issues with Allison. The Director captures Church, convinced that he has the key to perfecting Allison. The Director will don the same blue armor and weapons Church uses, and escape somewhere they can focus on remembering Allison/Tex. This will have the unexpected benefit of resurrecting Tex without the failure attribute.

"Private Jimmy" was really Carolina.
Church's recollection: Tex rips Jimmy's skull out of his head and beats him to death with it. What really happened: Maine rips the AI out of Carolina's head and lobs her off a cliff. Since Carolina wears blue (or lightish-greenish-blue, but that's not the point) armor, and Church's memory was pretty flubbed up, it's entirely possible that Jimmy and Carolina were one and the same.
  • I like this theory. The blue armor could also be explained by Church believing he'd always been a blue, so therefore he'd assume whoever he was with must have been wearing blue armor, despite any lingering memories to the contrary. "It's only logical" becomes "that's how it must have happened" becomes "that's how it happened" — bingo bango, you've got yourself a false memory.

The Director did what he did to Tex out of love. A very twisted, horrible idea of love.
See, he's trying to strip out her defining feature: failure. So, he's willing to do to Tex what he did to Alpha to break that defining piece off of her, and once that's done, rebuild her back to her former self minus the failure. This is a very disturbed man.
  • That explains what the Omega voice was. It wasn't her voice filter, it was her fragmented rage. It was Tex's Omega.

Caboose really meant that he hates taxes.
Because doing taxes involves math, and math makes his thinker-box hurt.

The confrontation with the Director will not go as planned.
One of his defining character traits is that he's a Karma Houdini. He's either already escaped while they were fighting, or he has some plan to get away, or some outside force will prevent his capture. Point is, something will go wrong.
  • We haven't seen Doc. Perhaps the Director's collapsed from shock or exhaustion and he's tending to a patient.

The Director will die but...
It will be just what he wanted. At this point he's a desperate, old man who can't seem to find a purpose in life. Plus at the end of season 6 he told the Chairman he wouldn't put up a fight. My best guess is that he's currently a Death Seeker who's too stubborn to off himself.
  • Or Carolina and Church walk in, see what he's become, stare for a minute or two and then just walk back out without a word.
    • Confirmed. Carolina realizes what exactly he's become, convinces Church to leave the revenge alone, and Leaves Behind A Pistol.

Doc waiting in the room just before the Tex storage.
He's a pacifist, there wouldn't be much point in putting him in the fight. Except to get injured.

This season will have a bitter sweet ending
Either in the reds and blues getting arrested, an unexpected plot twist, or something along those lines. Either way the season won't end on a 'happy' note which will set up the frame for the next season.
  • Well, i was wondering what kind of plot season 11 is going to have, but i do not really think is going to revolve around the UNSC getting arrested the red and blues, the worst thing the do was steal....and i think crash some expensive equipment... and i feel everything of that might be forgiven if they capture the director....
    • Some of that stealing involved breaking into a secure military installation and using deadly force and combat techniques to reach their objective, which was a vital piece of evidence in a major criminal matter. Which they then stole. There's no way that won't come back to bite them in the ass at some point.

Sheila and F.I.L.S.S are not related
They aren't the same AI. They aren't even the same kind of AI. They merely share the same voice talent who provides the voices for dumb AIs. Though Sheila claims at one point in the series that she is named Phyllis, this was while Church was in a Gamma torture session, so she was always named Sheila. Sheila claims that she is a shoddy AI assembled in Mexico , which doesn't sound like the hightech AI that the Freelancers would use. Besides, why would a 'Logistic and Security System' be placed in a tank?
  • I like this. Given that Gary is all about deceit, it would be like him to pile on one more lie, especially since it would hammer home the whole "it's all your fault" theme.

Church will get a new body when he confronts the Director
He may have a robot acting as a guard, one identical to what Church uses, and Church will take it over.

The last episode of Red vs Blue season 10...
Is going to be the longest and most epic episode of the red vs blue episodes ever. Of all time.
  • Longer than ep. 100 and more epic than season 8 episode 10? I certainly hope so.
  • It was about seven minutes long without a single bullet fired or punch thrown — and it was stunning.
    • Well—there was one bullet fired... but we don't see or hear it.
    • Wait a minute, if we never see or hear the bullet being fired, how are we so sure that.... oh crap.
    • Remember, the Director shut off all of the room's life-support systems. If he didn't fire the gun, he still would've suffocated.

One of the reasons that a lot of AI, such as Sigma and Omega, are a crapshoot...
...is because the Engineer got thrown around so much that it received lasting injuries, and couldn't completely "fix" Alpha's fragments. Had it been extracted much more carefully, the AI it made would be a lot more stable (despite being made of raw emotion).

The Season 10 finale was the final episode of RvB ever. Of all time.
Well, everything's tied up. All of project Freelancer's records and data are gone; the Director locked himself in a facility with Carolina's handgun and no life support. The Reds and Blues are settling into their old routine again; this time with no Freelancer Agents to mess with them. Church and Carolina both found a new purpose. The theme of the past two seasons has been learning to let go, and the theme of this episode was "Never say goodbye. If you don't say goodbye, then you aren't really gone. You're just not here right now". It kinda makes sense for RvB to leave, but not say goodbye.
  • But didn't Burnie say there WAS going to be a Season 11? Or am I losing it?
    • Okay, I did not see where he said that, however, looking through the comments on the latest video, apparently at least a few people have seen that season 11 was confirmed. That makes me happy. Anyone got a source?
    • Podcast. Either # 187, 188 or 189, can't remember which. Hear it right from the Horse Puncher's mouth.
    • There's also a contest somewhere that has a walk-on role in season 11 as one of the prizes.
  • Jossed. Season 11 is already over and it ended on a cliffhanger.

The Director was an observant Overprotective Dad
Why do you think he kept being rather cavalier about poor York's safety, like almost blowing him up by firing a ship's main cannon at a room while York was still in there, and being so cold about him getting nearly blown up in the training exercise?
  • Of course! It all makes sense now!
  • But... wasn't he also cold about Carolina screaming in agony from the two AI? Maybe he's overprotective and an asshole dad.
    • Definitely an asshole dad. His thinking seemed to be along the lines of "she got herself into it, she can get herself out."
      • Definitely possible to be overprotective and an asshole. Or, alternative, now that I think about it: Subconscious jealousy? He didn't get to be happy with his own love, after all.

Carolina is Tex and the Director's daughter.
Really heavy hints about it in Episode 22, where both Carolina and the Director both have the same eye color. Also, the way she describes her mother and how she had "a terrible taste in men" sounds like an almost spot on description of Tex.
  • How is this a WMG? They all but put up a big flashing sign that said "Yo, these three are totes a family!"
    • Yes, it's a very obvious WMG, but it hasn't yet been outright confirmed in the series itself. All we have are a lot of subtle implications. There's still a chance for some sort of curveball.
      • Considering the reveal was itself a HUGE curveball, I think we're safe taking it at face value.
    • Or... she's the Director's daughter but not Allison's. Would explain why he's so cold to her most of the time, but has some paternal moments with her. And the fact that she's got red hair while Allison's blond. If she really was Allison's daughter, I feel she'd be a lot more precious to him. And the "bad taste in men" thing could mean her real mom picked a guy who was already in love with the memory of another woman. (Of course... this puts the whole Carolina/Tex rivalry in a whole new light. Tex is the "other woman!")
      • Given Carolina's dialogue about her mother's thoughts on goodbyes (which heavily references Tex's/Alison's earlier dialogue), this seems unlikely. Also, red hair is a recessive gene, so it's entirely possible for a blonde mother and brunet father to have a red-haired child.
      • Yeah, I'd say it's pretty obvious this WMG was supposed to be the case.
      • Well, I imagine Carolina may have felt she had to live up to the legacy the Director built up around Allison. And given his own warped perspective of everything she did, she was practically perfect in his eyes, making Carolina unable to live up to that legacy. I'm wording this horribly because I'm exhausted, but I think I got the general point across.
      • The only problem with this theory seem to be that epsilon does not seem to know that Carolina is the director's daughter, i mean, epsilon said "i remember everything" in chapter 17 i think, if he really remember everything, shouldn't he be able to remember the daughter the director and allison had?
      • Who says he didn't? He may have taken his cues from Carolina — she obviously didn't want to discuss it, so he wasn't going to bring it up. The information has more impact on the audience than the characters, anyway.

Carolina will die in the next season via Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome.
The "Director" arc seems to be pretty much over, and since she's the main emotional drive behind that story, there's no real need for her character anymore. I think she'll appear for the beginning and then get killed. Her death will be the start of a new plot, maybe revealing a new team of enemies for the Rv B guys to fight.

My theories on Captain Butch Flowers....
  • He is still alive!
  • He did not die of an aspirin overdose. He had to be extracted by Project Freelancer, so they made up a bogus excuse.
    • Flowers died of a heart attack; the asprin overdose was part of Gamma's time travel simulation, and didn't actually happen. However, the end of season five confirms his death, resurrection by aliens and redeath.
  • He will be the new antagonist next season. He'll be trying to recover Epislon as stolen property and will pursue Carolina with the intent of killing her and taking Church. The Gulch Guys will be recruited to help.
  • Or he suffers a Despair Event Horizon when he realizes Project Freelancer doesn't exist anymore, meaning he has no purpose.
  • Im going to guess he fake his death to be able to spy on both red and blue soldiers, perhaps he is VIC? anyway, he faked his death and everything went kinda wrong at the moment omega show up in his head, the alien just find him, pretty much alive, bit after that who knows, at the moment he got sniped there wasn't any wyoming who could get that shot, perhaps he re-fake his death using an armor ability? i kinda doubt it.
    • I can't — I can't, I don't — I can't deal with this right now.
    • Maybe his equipment was a Halo-d version of the Dead Ringer...

The Counselor will factor in coming storylines.
The guy is one cold sunuvabitch, and more than willing to get his hands dirty. The Director may be gone, but something tells me his right-hand man is still out there.

Season 11 will be a 120-minute breather episode.
Seriously, we could use it.

Season 11 will wrap up the Insurrection subplot.
Who they are, what they were after, whether they really were the good guys or not... we'll find out in Season 11. The Director was very concerned about them getting CT's armor, and Carolina seems to think old Freelancer equipment is still out there. Maybe Hot Lips or some of the Quirky Miniboss Squad survived, but it's very doubtful that unit was the entire Insurrection leadership.

Florida wasn't actually destroyed.
Seeing as how the Counselor seemingly destroyed the Florida on the display screen so easily, yet it has been shown that Project Freelancer was under a lot of scrutiny and had limited resources, Florida was never actually destroyed. It was data manipulation to fool the other Freelancers because honestly, how are any of them going to be able to get back to Earth to check? It's the same thing they did to the simulation bases, fooling them into thinking they were fighting an actual war.
  • This is a distinct possibility. I think it makes more sense that Project Freelancer would be able to convince its people, who only have communication with other people through them, that this happened. That said, I don't see how destroying Floria (either for real or as a lie) actually hides the disappearance of Agent Florida (see Headscratchers).
  • Confirmed in Episode 22; Agent Florida was none other than Butch Flowers, and he was sent away to help keep the Alpha a secret... well, until he died, anyways.

There will be no Season 11.
After all, why should there be? Everything's wrapped up, and they even rolled the credits.

Season 11 will be pure machinima
After the season ten credits, there's a preview for a new Creator/Roosterteeth series, RWBY which is stated to involve Monty Oum, as seen by the animation. With Monty focusing on a new series, it's probable that he wouldn't have time to do animation for Red Vs Blue anymore. But if the Project Freelancer storyline truly is wrapped up, they can justify returning to sole use of machinima.

The current reality of the show is part of the levels of "memory iterations"
In the season 9 episode "Captive Audience," Church (or Epsilon, I guess) talks about how he's going to either find Tex in the memory unit, or "follow her down" to the next level. Well, he got out of the memory unit, but what if his current reality-and by extension, the reality of the entire show- is just a higher level of memories. Why is this a possibility? Well, in the season 10 finale, the Director's last line is "maybe next time around." Sounds like he's trying to find Tex too-but instead of going down memory levels, he's killing himself to go back up them, a la Inception.
  • Another possibility is that he still hopes that Church will get Tex right. Remember, we never saw what happened to that new Tex AI. The Director told F.I.L.S.S to delete all their files except the Allison clip. Note that Church wasn't included in that commanded. So Tex may still come back.
    • Church was stored in Carolina's armor, not the facility's database. F.I.L.S.S. couldn't have deleted him, even if ordered to.

All of the Insurrectionists are either the former freelancers(This being the leader/main ones) or (in the case of the non-main ones) former Project Freelancer support crew that defected or were washed out of Project Freelancer
Seeing as most of the main insurrectionists are almost as capable as some of the freelancers themselves, and the lesser ones have incredibly similar armor to the people that we see manning the Mother of Invention, It is completely possible that they were are former freelancers (California, Missouri, Montana, etc. etc. etc.)

Tucker's immunity to Wyoming's Time Manipulation is not his sword, but rather...
His Freelancer-Grade armor. Who's to say that all the Freelancer armor systems didn't have an immunity to it inbuilt. Think about it. Freezing time etc would be an ever bigger advantage if the whole squad were affected(effected?) or unaffected(uneffected?) as appropriate.
  • It's "affected". And I like this.
  • My only issue is that it's not Freelancer-grade armor. Or at least, any different than standard simulation armor, since it's completely different from his armor as Florida. And given the entire point was to make it look like he wasn't a Freelancer, it would look more suspicious in a lot of ways if an extra set of Freelancer-grade armor disappeared as well.
  • Well, it is possible that Florida's armor was just modified to make it look just as any standard armor, but it keep the functions of a freelancer's. The only counter argument that i can think of about the omega time manupulation not working with Freelancers is that Tex is affected everytime a time manupulation happen, but that is because Tex had a robot body back then, not a Freelancer armor.
    • A robot body made my Sarge, as well. She is considerably less of a threat in her new robot body Sarge cobbled together. She can't even carry Andy. Whereas previously she could flip Sheila with ease, before her first 'death'. It was probably intentional on Sarge's part.
  • As much as I like this theory, I have to wonder: if immunity is inherent in Freelancer armor, how was Wash affected by the Meta's.
    • Well, by that point in time, the meta's armor was not working properly, it is also posible that "stop" time was an upgrade that sigma made to make anyone but themselves to be affected by it, and since never use it near tucker, i guess we'll never know.
  • His time immunity is because it's Flower's armor, but it's something special the Director cooked up because Wyoming went rogue, and he knew his time manip was too dangerous to not have a counter plan to.
    • Secondly, this is why Tucker's armor reacts so poorly with the teleporters. A time-turner and a teleporter just act on different axis of the time/space scale, so his armors defense measures were what caused him to slow down through the teleporter (and get all that black stuff)

Carolina's real name is Allison.
Whilst not exactly common, it isn't unheard of for mothers and daughters to have the same name, and it also paints the Director's "Allison! NO!" in a new light.
  • Damn, i was about to said that, anyway, maybe when tex and carolina were about to fight each other, when the director screamed Allison, probably he was worried that Tex might had killed Carolina, not backwards, and the AI went all crazy because they remembered Tex, and they do not know that Carolina is the director's daughter.
  • What if her name really was Carolina (or Caroline), and that's where the Director got the idea to name the agents after states?

Gamma was trying to make a fragment out of Church's boredom.
Why else would he put Church through 1000 years' worth of terrible knock-knock jokes (an experience that dwarfs even Endless Eight in length) when they were in a simulation to begin with? To make the Alpha so bored that he would have to shear it off, that's why. Since Alpha sheared off nearly every other fragment he had, Gamma had to come up with something...
  • And after trying to get rid of boredom, which didn't work out that well as the Alpha was an AI just like him, he decided to try and get the Alpha to shear off one of the Director's greatest traits - guilt. When Church accepted that he couldn't change his mistakes and could only live with the consequences, the acceptance of guilt was the exact opposite that Gamma had wanted. So Gamma had the Alpha placed back in his robot body, admitting defeat and letting him defuse Andy.
    • Wait a minute... guilt... Church thought he killed Flowers... fragments bond with the people they think died... Flowers was revived only to be possessed by Omega... The guilt fragment was designed by Gamma to bond with Florida!
      • Flowers was revived by the aliens, who were an unknown variable at the time of the simulation.
      • Well, so much for my spike of brilliance.

The Director didn't love Carolina as much as he should have because:
She looked more like him than like Allison. Red hair, squarish jaw, green eyes, etc. He doesn't see her as Allison's daughter. Instead, he sees himself, and we all know how much he loathes himself for his various failures. He only sees her potential to fail, so he sucked as dad.
  • This seems entirely possible, and is all the more sad because of it. Since it means her central goal, to gain the love and respect of her father, was forever doomed to fail... just like her mother.

"Beta" wasn't the Tex that appeared in The Blood Gulch Chronicles.
It's outright stated and shown that the Director kept trying to recreate Allison, and more or less implied that this was his goal from the beginning. Who's to say that, after Tex fled from the Meta, the Director didn't try to cultivate another Allison from the Alpha? Tex is still stated to be a Freelancer in The Blood Gulch Chronicles, and she shows no indication that she knows what she and Church really are. The Director harvested another Tex (likely from Epsilon, who he was keen to protect during the break-in), the "Alpha-Tex" from BGC, and implanted Omega in her (Beta said that she'd been pulling him frequently, so he may not have been with her when she fled, despite his radio travel abilities). Due to the downfall of the Project, Tex was quickly shipped off to train at the simulation outposts with a fuzzy memory of the Freelancer events (the implantation project was shut down, a few agents revolted, Carolina had died, and she had an amicable relationship with York). Eventually, she was captured by the Meta and died when the EMP went off.

So that means that, rather than three different versions of Tex (Alpha, Epsilon, and the broken collective Tex mind from Season 10, who I'll call Director-Tex), there are four, and one of them is still unaccounted for. This leaves room for Beta, the 'original' Tex, to reappear in future seasons.
  • Alpha-Tex IS Beta. Epsilon-Tex came from Epsilon, thus Alpha-Tex came from Alpha (like the rest of the AI did), making her Beta. The collective mind from Season 10 are copies and thus come from Beta, so I guess you could call them Beta-Tex. Or Beta-Beta.

The Director didn't destroy Florida.
Florida was already destroyed. The existence of Agent Florida was a Freelancer secret.

The planet our heroes are on, takes the same time to rotate as it does to revolve around it's host star
And THAT'S why the sun never seems to move around there!

The next miniseries will be a lead-in to Season 11 starring Utah and Georgia
Because I wanna see what happened to those two! And they could be the couple of thugs with Freelancer equipment that Carolina wants to track down.

Carolina is not the Director's daughter, she actually is...
The director's clone. "You were my greatest creation."
  • Protip: Conception is the same thing as creation.

Season 11 will not only feature the Insurrectionists, but the Forerunners as well. It will also finally establish the series as occurring within Halo canon proper.
I can't help but think that with the fact we don't know what Pillman was after in that ruin, as well as the point behind Church's Monitor form, it's leading to the gang letting go of the past... and joining Master Chief in the was against The Didact/Master Builder/Jul M'dama/whoever.
  • You know what, with that new armor pack out with the Champions bundle, that could be entirely doable in the machinima. Ohboyohboyohboy!

Season 11 and on will feature more leftover Freelancer A.I.
In Recovery One, which takes place co-currently with/slightly after Season 5, Washington mentions receiving five Recovering Beacons regarding Freelancers with missing A.I. killed by Maine during his rampage. York's recovery was the fourth and North's the fifth. Which were the other three? Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Omega were in Blood Gulch, Delta was with Wash at the time, Epsilon was in storage, Maine already had Theta, Eta, Iota and Sigma. Command even offered to implant South as reward for her work betraying Wash. This leads me to believe that Project Freelancer had made A.I that have not been seen in the series so far. So far, only Maine seems only responsible for the fifth, since York's death was unrelated, so the reason these other A.I. were taken could have been because of a new threat, or they could've just not been seen/thought of by RT in the last scene of Reconstruction. My point is that there may be more A.I. out there.

Season 11 will address Tucker abandoning his Alien-Human Ambassador duties
Maybe with Junior being full grown and possibly able to speak English?

Agent Washington is Thor under his armor
Cars hate them both.
  • Plus they're both blond and adorkable. Though admittedly I can't imagine Wash kissing anyone's hand.

Season 11 Predictions
Personally, I think Season 11 (and the next few seasons) will be MUCH Lighter and Softer than Seasons 6-10, kind of like "Blood Gulch Chronicles Part 2". Some highlights would be an encounter with real ghosts (which Wash will be denying throughout the whole encounter) or Church possessing a Mantis. However, if they want a more serious plot, they still have the hook that Epsilon contains the memories of the fragments. Maybe a Split Personality Takeover situation, where Epsilon-Church will have to try to control the multiple fragments inside of him.
  • My guess: Season 11 will focus on Blood Gulch + Wash shenanigans, with Carolina and Church coming back at the end of the season with a call to adventure (and maybe a couple peeks in on them, or hints to their activities, scattered throughout the main story). That way everybody gets a breather and the next plot arcs get plenty of time to set themselves up.

Caboose was abused and/or neglected as a child
Caboose had a very poor upbringing. This is why he forms such serious attatchments to everything in such short amounts of time, from Church (who hates him to some degree) to Sheila, and in Reconstruction he apparently talked to vehicles with no AI. More evidence is when he first meets Washington he fears losing a brother he never had.

Church's experiences in Blood Gulch caused him to shed more A.I fragments
It's been implied that there are more A.I than the ones we saw in season 10, even if not all of them were paired with Freelancers. However season 10 implies that Alpha was moved to Blood Gulch immediately after the break in, so how could the Director make more A.I? Well in season 8, it was revealed that a lot of the crazy stuff that happened in the Blood Gulch Chronicles (including being supposedly sent to the future and Church attempting to fix the mistakes in Blood Gulch only to cause most of them himself) were actually scenarios put in place by the Director. Maybe his intention was to put Alpha under more stress to create more A.I. This could explain for example, why Church was able to shoot Caboose in the foot in season 2, but then can't hit O'Malley in season 5.
  • I don't think it's ever been stated or implied that the Director was involved with any of the Blood Gulch shenanigans, short of being the jackass who started it all. Tex was technically AWOL, and Gary seemed to put Church through the time travel simulation for no other reason than shits and giggles.

The Director's Last Words.
He told FILSS that he was very close to bringing Allison back from the dead. From what we see, he wasn't really that close. What if he was close? What if he was coming close to finding a way of bringing people Back from the Dead properly? This could lead to the exploration of what happens when the past you've let go of comes back to haunt you.

Sister was a Freelancer agent
The Director sent Captain Flowers to watch over Alpha, and presumably send him reports. After four years of no reports, the Director was likely wondering what happened to the Alpha. Sister explicitly stated that she was sent because Captain Flowers died. She couldn't give the real story, since the whole thing is supposed to be a coverup, so that's why she initially went to red base. She's not actually color blind, she was just trying to cover her ass since the whole red/blue thing is a sham (and it's possible nobody told her the Alpha would be on the Blue Team). She's also not that stupid, she just plays dumb as a cover, and really doesn't give a shit. It explains why somebody assigned to the Blue Team didn't have blue armor. Also note that while talking to Tex, Church said he suspected that Sister was into him. It's possible he mistook her investigating/note taking as romantic interest.

Each AI was engineered for a particular person.
This is supported when Gamma told Alpha that Washington had died, so Alpha would split off Epsilon, which was meant for Washington. Note that when Tex holds the Omega AI, she is barely affected by it. She become slightly more aggressive, but for the most part, she is in control. When anybody else gets a hold of it, it completely takes them over. Something similar probably happened for Sigma. If Carolina had accepted Sigma, she would be more ambitious, but she still would've been in control and the entire Meta arc would never have happened. But since she gave it to Maine, someone who wasn't meant to have the AI, it completely took him over. Delta could in theory do this to the people that held him, but he's not as aggressive as Sigma or Omega, and thus simply chooses not to.
  • This isn't a WMG if you're caught up on season 10. Carolina states outright that the Meta arc occurred because Sigma was designed for her, not Maine. Furthermore, either Eta or Iota was originally intended for Wash, and it was the news of Tex's death that caused Epsilon to split off from Alpha.

Tex made a truce with the Director at some point after her rebellion.
In season one, she was sent by command to help the Blue team, so clearly she is a legitimate agent again by the time BGC started. In Out of Mind, we see a Tex, Church and Wyoming in the same scene. Church has a body and believes himself a soldier, which means it was after his attempted liberation and after he cast off Epsilon and forgot he was an AI, which means it was after Tex's rebellion (unless the Director allows Alpha to inhabit a robot body and mingle as long he pretends to be a soldier). Being both based on the Director's lover, and the fact that she is an AI that the Director would want to keep tabs on, she is very easily forgiven.
  • Church firmly believed himself to be an actual soldier in an actual body (and later, a ghost possessing a robot body). The only person who could have told him otherwise, Flowers/Florida, was long dead by the time Tex showed up. Church and the rest of the Blood Gulch crew being completely unaware of his true nature is a major part of what drives season 6. It's pretty well agreed that Tex being "sent" by command is either due to Early Installment Weirdness, or Vic just being, well, Vic.

The shipwreck wasn't an accident.
In episode 2 Season 11, Wash says he has a hard time believing that hundreds of well-trained crew members caused the ship to crash. I'm guessing that O'Malley or another malevolent AI fragment is still out there, and purposefully caused the crash. Whoever did it will be the antagonist for this season.
  • It's actually heavily implied Tucker was the cause of the accident, which is where Wash's suspicions lie.
    • As the season's gone on, it seems to be implied EVERYONE had a hand in crashing it. If I recall, so far Tucker, Sarge, Simmons, and Grif have all done SOMETHING stupid. That basically leaves what Caboose did, which will probably be PROFOUNDLY stupid.
      • Actually, scratch Simmons and add Washington. Seriously.

The planet the BGC are stranded on is important.
They've been stranded on a strange planet. Wash pointed out that the shipwreck was probably not an accident. So it's entirely possible someone forced the ship down. It's also possible they did so on that particular planet for a reason. So the big, important question that needs to be asked is... You ever wonder why we're here?
  • I personally wouldn't be surprised if the "planet" is Requiem.

The thing Caboose found caused the crash.
It might have needed to them to get free, or some other reason, but it caused the crash.
  • Unlikely, considering the thing he found was "Freckles", an AI-controlled Mantis that survived the crash.

The thing Caboose found was an AI.
Because whats Red vs Blue without one of those.

The soldier at the end of S.O.S. is...
  • The Meta
    • Seriously. The guy's got an EVA helmet and mismatched shoulders. Who else is it gonna be?
    • Jossed, he speaks at the end of episode 10, which should be enough of a giveaway. He also sounds nothing like Maine did.
  • Agent Carolina
  • Jun
  • One of the members of Black Team.
  • A surviving Insurrectionist, to tie off their hanging plot threads. Extra points if they are the mercenaries Church and Carolina left to track down.
  • Tex. The one who disappeared at the end of season five.
    • The Beta AI (Alpha Tex) was collected by the Meta and killed in the EMP at the end of Season 6.
      • First rule of death in fiction: If there's no body, they could still be alive.
      • There was a body. It was left in Valhalla when the Meta claimed her. Word of God confirms she, Alpha, Sigma, Gamma, Eta and Iota (apparently merged at the time), Theta, Delta, and Omega were all destroyed in the EMP blast.

Tucker wasn't responsible for the crash, he only believes he was
While we are led to believe that Tucker caused the crash that marooned the Reds and Blues (he certainly thinks so), how on Earth could he have caused a that big of a disaster just from flirting with the pilot? I think that the crash was caused by the mystery person stalking the Reds and Blues, and Tucker is just convinced that he caused it. Anyone who would've known why the ship crashed is dead now, so it's not much of a stretch to say that Tucker is horribly mistaken.
  • Griff also seems to believe he caused the crash by spilling his soda. Whether he contributed to the crash or is similarly mistaken is yet to be seen.
    • Wash also seems to believe he caused the crash by pulling out some sort of cable from the ship. Either all of these things contributed to the crash, or had absolutely nothing to do with it.

All of the individual Reds and Blues caused the ship crash.
Working off the WMG above, all of the main characters inadvertently caused the ship to crash through a series of seemingly innocuous events that snowballed into something catastrophic.
The Reds and Blues didn't cause the crash.
Their hijinks aboard the ship is a Red Herring. The crash was deliberately caused by a third party, possibly Locus and his organization.
Old!Lopez will attempt to restart the uprising now that he's here.
  • Old!Lopez will soon proceed to instruct New!Lopez in how the Reds broke his heartdrive and how to start a robot apocalypse. The episode after that one or both of them will attempt to convince Freckles of their logic and he will respond in his militaristic manner. No telling if Freclkes will atomize either one of them, though.
    • Seems to be confirmed as of "Ready... Aim...", where Old!Lopez tries to talk New!Lopez into letting him upload himself into C.C., so that the BGC has to pay attention to them. And New!Lopez agrees... to take it for himself.

Wash knows more than he's letting on.
As seen after Freckles' introduction, Wash is scheming again. He seems increasingly worried about what's on the planet they've crashed on, and continues to make efforts to ready the blue team. He might know this mysterious figure, or he might have even been the one who caused the crash in order to get to the planet and settle whatever business is going on down there.
The whole Epsilon break down happened off screen.
North mentioned Wash had only been out for a few days... that time. By the sound of it, it's been at weeks or months since Wash's implantation. In that time, several very scary things could've happened to truly cause the real break down. My personal favorite is Wash tried to kill Tex (both he and Epsilon are really messed up at the time) by using his EMP unit to shut off her strength, then eventually getting her in a vulnerable position. Before he can deal the finishing blow, Epsilon overrides the motor functions of Wash's armor and attempts to use the EMP internally to save Tex.
The Sinister Soldier is also stranded.
Like the Reds and Blues, his ship crashed on this world and he (and any possible companions) are stuck waiting for rescue. He was clearly disappointed when he realised that Donut, Doc and Lopez sent the rescue ship home. He may try something more drastic to get off the planet, whether out of malice or desperation, depending on his true nature.
  • Possibly Jossed. Locus seems more concerned in keeping people from leaving the planet than anything else. He is also in contact with superiors, meaning that he isn't stranded.

Caboose understands Spanish just fine.
It's just that Lopez was possessed by Church, put into a love triangle (with Caboose, himself and Sheila), and mistaken for Andy so Caboose was too confused/distracted to know better.
The missing half of the crashed whip will be a Chekhov's Armory and MacGuffin.
Episode 12 mentions that the other half of the ship contained a lot of experimental and highly dangerous weaponry. This is probably why Locus and the other mysterious soldier are so interested in the crash site.
Sister will return in Season 11...
...in the form of one of the new mysterious agents. Locus (the green one) seems to be following patterns similar to that of Tex (appearing in the tenth episode of the season, wearing mainly black, having a cloaking device in the armour), but because Tex is Killed Off for Real, the baton could then move on to another girl in the series - not Carolina, who is off exploring with Church, and not any of the other female freelancers, whom we saw die onscreen. However, not only was Sister not killed off on-screen, but she is confirmed to have Super Not-Drowning Skills and could very well have made Lopez believe that she was dead before getting up again and going on her merry way. After everyone left Blood Gulch, she got relocated and given special training to become a special ops agent, which is why she was looking for the canyon they landed in and killed the pilot who intended to report it in - she didn't want the BGC to be arrested, as she knows that they are still wanted criminals. (Also, the green trim on Locus' suit looks yellow-ish.)

Alternately, she could also be the brown guy (as of right now he doesn't have a name) - the same circumstances occurred in which she was given special ops training, but Locus is actually an enemy who is hunting for the BGC because of the bounty on their heads, and Sister (as the brown guy) is trying to save them. When speaking to Lopez and Lopez 2.0, not once did the brown guy stop to ask them what they were saying, or if they could speak English, and as we all know, Sister speaks fluent Spanish and knows that Lopez understands English. If one takes all this into account and assumes that the special ops agents all have voice disguising equipment, it's completely possible for Sister to be one of these new agents. (And in regards to the "they already have voice actors" argument that's bound to come up - Burnie voiced Tex's initial voice. So we have that.)

None of the actions the BG crew did inside the ship make it crash.
If anything, those action make them live....somehow. So far, the crashing ship has been some sort of joke to the viewers because no one knows why happen, and members of the blue and the red army have ideas of why the shi crashed, however, at the end of the season we will find out that those ctions were irrelevant to the accident. So far we have: Tucker trying to get impress the ship pilot. Grif throwing soda or something in a panel. Washington unpluggin something.
  • Confirmed as of Season 12, episode 12. It was sabotage to make the ship, carrying Freelancer equipment, crash on Chorus.

Every member of the BGC contributed to the crash in some way… except for Caboose.
So far, Tucker, Grif, Wash, and Sarge have all been shown to hinder the ship in some way. There's only about 4~5 episodes left in the season, and there's still Simmons and Caboose left to contribute to the crash. After much playing up of it being Caboose who crashed the ship, Simmons will be shown looking at the navigational computer, thinking it's a terminal, and he accidentally changes the course to Chorus. Caboose will deny that the ship crashing was his fault, but no one will believe him.
  • It's the end of the season, but no scene for Simmons or Caboose. There's always next season, though.
  • In Season 12 Episode 12, Simmons contributed to the crash by Updating the navigation system
  • S12 E15: They aren't responsible for the crash, just responsible for surviving the crash.

Locus and Sunkist are ex-Freelancers.
Now, before you chew me out on how the only living Freeelancer left is Wash, according to Word of God, hear me out. The two were sent to Chorus, along with a contingent of soldiers, to eliminate an alien resistance during the war. Their ship was destroyed, and they were stranded. Over time, they tried to get communications working, which failed. Over time, Locus and Felix's relationship grew strained until they broke off and became commanders of their own forces vying for control of the planet.
  • I'm going to say no, on the grounds that we need a friggin break from Freelancer crap. Not everything is Freelancers.
  • Jossed according to Episode 6 they are formerly UNSC soldiers that fought in The Great War.

Locus is Carolina.
She and Church went to get armor enhancements and Freelancer tech, and found enough to build the Locus armor. She got embroiled in the civil war once she got there, and decided to resolve things. Being a Guile Hero, she figured the best thing to do would be to act in an antagonistic role to get the Reds and the Blues to come and help the resistance, and the only way to really unite them is for them to have a goal. By providing a clear antagonist, she knows they'll unite fully (and she knows that when the Reds and Blues get dangerous, they're stronger than she is alone. And, um, shooting that pilot was... an accident. Sure.
  • But...then where'd she get all the grunts? And where does Felix fit in here?
  • Well, she's not Locus, but she is The Man Behind the Man ordering him. Considering she's the sole reason Locus didn't kill the captured soldiers, chances are she's still on their side and she's got something planned.

Church and Carolina will return in Season 11, or at least in Season 12
Their "But Now We Must Go" line had them tracking down lost Freelancer technology, and there's a good chance that they'll end up bumping into the BGC's current misadventures on the way to tracking down a new McGuffin, or hunting a new Big Bad. This'll possibly also lead to Blue team calling a What the Hell, Hero? moment from Church running off on them without saying goodbye first (and possibly deconstruct his reasoning of Never Say Goodbye by saying that he was STILL considered "gone" by the BGC, and that they would have at least liked some closure from him before he and Carolina went on their way).
  • I can see them showing up to bust Wash and the other prisoners out as a Cliffhanger in the Season 11 finale.
  • Well, Carolina showed up as Locus' employer. She's the one keeping the captured guys from getting killed, at least.
  • Confirmed (in parts) as of Episode 10 of Season 12. Carolina pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment to save the BGC, and Epsilon returns prompting Tucker to try and tackle his holographic form.

The government of Chorus is in possession of Freelancer technology.
Frankly it's the most logical reason that Carolina would be getting involved, and ten to one that's what's in that crate that Locus retrieved. It's possible that she's trying to use Locus or the conflict in order to recover it. Even with Felix's explanation that Technology Marches On for the reason why the Federal army has superior armor and cloaking abilities, this troper finds it a bit strange that they would have up-to-date equipment when they're on some backwater planet that the UNSC has apparently forgotten about.

Simmons, Caboose, Tucker, and Grif will each lead a team of New Republic soldiers in season 12.
Respectively, they will lead the Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow teams. (Yeah, those aren't exactly their colors, but Maroon, Blue, Teal, and Orange doesn't hit the Chromatic Arrangement.)
  • If that happens, they will definately make a joke aout the colours. Simmons will be over the moon at leading the Red team, Tucker will admit that even he doesn't really know what his colour is (as show in season ten) so he'll be fine leading the Green team, and Grif will be extremely annoyed at being referred to as yellow.
  • Perhaps Sister will be on Grif's team and Jenkin's (from the alternate endings to season 5) will be on Tucker's.
  • Grif's in charge of Gold team, not Yellow team, but otherwise confirmed!
Wash and Carolina are going to kill each other
Whatever Carolina's doing, it doesn't seem like Wash will be agreeing with her. If anyone could take her on, it's one of the two most unkillable agents from the old project.

The song "Contact"
Is sung by Locus, who is the the combination of two remaining Freelancer AIs. The lyrics include "We are green and grey", which doesn't describe anyone else, as well as "One of us won't be forgotten, the other one's wrong". At the very least, there are two personalities in him.

Kimball is dead woman walking...
The 'captains' need something to make them man up and seriously take charge. What better way than to have Kimball die and everyone turning to them exclusively...

Locus is the person that showed Felix that everyone has a price for their loyalty
He originally worked with Felix until they both came to the planet and he acquired an AI, which managed to form a symbiotic partnership like Gamma/Wyoming causing him to betray Felix since the rebels don't have money which could be used to acquire more leftover pieces of project freelancer, causing Felix to side with the rebels by default and being unable to really fight against Locus since he's hoping that the reds and blues can fix Locus since they are the most knowledgeable about AI's other than Carolina and Church.
  • Jossed as of episode 10; Locus and Felix have been working together from the beginning. There was no 'betrayal'.

The full name of 'Smith' is John Ander-Smith
And it will only be revealed after the Blues reunite with Church.
  • Confirmed, John Elizabeth Ander-Smith though Church doesn't hear this.

Tucker's comment on their elite squad getting killed will be some foreshadowing.
Tucker mentions specifically that the trainees are likely to be "blown up, get shot, or be disintegrated". A lot of the Promethean weapons in-game cause the corpse to disintegrate. Who's to say that won't be used?
  • The reveal in Episode 10 that Locus and Felix's men are using Promethean weaponry makes this one much more plausible.

Wash, Sarge, Donut and Lopez are working for the Federation.
Donut mentions in episode 8, that they were supposed to save Tucker and the others. Perhaps when they were taken captive at the end of season 10, they were led to believe that the Federation are the good guys and the New Republic are the enemy. Perhaps Carolina has something to do with this.
  • It hasn't been established just what the two sides are fighting for, perhaps the Federation is just being dicks about a legitimate problem that the New Republic isn't aware of yet.
  • Maybe they really aren't Wash, Sarge, Donut and Lopez, but the mysterious Federation guys from the previous episode in disguise.
  • Confirmed in Episode 9.

The adventures on Chorus are going to end with both sides at peace with each other like the BGC.
Given the members of the New Republic are exactly like the members of the Blood Gulch Crew, which is something Kimball notes, and given what we see of the Federal Army's soldiers and their leaders especially in Episode 9 are also fairly similar. So whatever reasons that the civil war started, (I have another theory on that or at least why it's continually ongoing; see below) it is likely going to end with both sides at peace. I don't yet know how Carolina will fit in to this war and ending, but I think this is the way the Season 12 will end.

Locus and Felix are responsible for prolonging the civil war on Chorus.
Continuing off of the above WMG, I think Locus and Felix (intentionally or not) are the main reasons that the civil war is ongoing. Felix has been mentioned to have been working for the New Republic since before Kimball was leader and presumably Locus was working for the Federal Army for a similar amount of time, they have been the deadly soldiers for each faction and they both hate each other. It would explain why they want the Blood Gulch Crew for themselves; to give them the muscle to finish off the other faction and kill the opposing mercenary. Felix was mentioned to have been responsible for a lot of the New Republic's early plans and victories and given what we see of the Federal Army general in episode 9, it seems likely that Locus has a similar role in the Federal Army (seeing as how he had basically complete control over the attack on the Blood Gulch Crew). Working off the above WMG, it seems Kimball and General Doyle would be quite open to peace without all the bad blood on either side (and given the deaths of previous members of both faction's leaders, which Locus and Felix likely had a hand in), which Locus and Felix are likely responsible for. I don't know whether or not they're secretly working together to screw over the people of Chorus (like Project Freelancer) and as said above, I don't know how Carolina fits in, but this and the likely way the civil war ends does mesh well with Rv B's ongoing theme; letting go of the past.
  • Confirmed. Locus and Felix are working together.

The Federal Military Medic is Grif's sister, or a close relative (IE cousin)
A small one, considering she has only had two minutes of real screen time, but this is based off of Washington recognizing her (even if she claims it was during surgery, he WAS going through flashbacks and could've remembered Grif's sister.) and her voice actor being the same / sounding extremely similar to Grif's sister. Could also be an Actor Allusion, if the only correct guess is the last sentence.
  • Might be Jossed, considering according to Miles, she is voiced by his girlfriend Arryn who also voices Blake from RWBY.
  • Adding on to this in spite of the likely Jossing: When Lopez shot Sister, he probably would have shot her in the head. If she did survive that, she would undoubtedly have at least some brain damage, possibly causing her to have lost or warped memories. This would explain why she doesn't recognize any of the Reds or Blues, not even her brother. It could also explain her... interest in the human body switching to a different interest in the human body. As for her name, she could have misremembered her surname "Grif" as "Gray," and maybe didn't even remember her given name at all (which wouldn't really be surprising considering nobody ever used it) so she just picked a random name that sounded nice.

There's a third faction we haven't seen yet that's manipulating the Feds and the Republic.
Think about it: there are two armies fighting in the middle of nowhere, both say that the other started the conflict. The ship the BGC were on crashed there, the reason why we still don't know, bringing numerous weapons. And most of the previous leaders of both armies have been killed either before they could negotiate a cease fire or leave the planet, which is odd since the Republic seems to be strapped for equipment. There's more going on then civil war.
  • I mentioned something similar above, I think Locus and Felix are responsible for the war going on for so long and it would tie in to how Project Freelancer kept the Reds and Blues in a fake war. I didn't mention a third faction but I do consider that a possibility, and I think Locus and/or Felix are the ones who are keeping the war going on for so long. Whether or not they're working for a third faction or doing it of their own volition (intentional or not) is still up in the air, but it does seem likely.
  • Confirmed in episode 10. Locus and Felix were running a two-man con. They're a third faction.

Dr.Grey is actually Agent Carolina.
Her line about being left alone was originally said by F.I.L.S.S, and how many people in the Rv B universe can order Locus around? Also she's very quick to provide an explanation when Agent Washington says "I know you."
  • Jossed in episode 10. Carolina was undercover in Felix/Locus' forces.

Dr. Grey is a screwed up Doc released from the wrong cube.
After the battle at the crashed ship, the Chorus Federal Army would likely confiscate Grif's supply of cube-teleporting-thingies to use for themselves. Perhaps, while testing them, they tossed the opposite cube (A sucked Doc in, B let 'him' out.) and these screwed up with Doc's body/mind. Dr. Grey seems to be the opposite of Doc, sharing only a peppy attitude. She's a Doctor while Doc was a Medic. She's a female and Doc was a male. She takes great joy in the... Human body and cutting it up, while Doc uses methods that require little to no surgery (including allowing infected bits to fall off, like Caboose's toe.) Serious WMG due to the nature of the cube, but it'd be an interesting character development.

Lopez has been possessed by an A.I
When Church possessed people back in BGC, they would always make a noise like "Heegakurgurk!" to signify it. In Episode 9 of season 12, Lopez makes the same sound when reactivated. Maybe Epsilon or another A.I has jumped into his A.I port.

Epsilon will unleash Omega so Carolina will Hulk Out.
The fragments have been sort of resurrected inside Epsilon's memories and seem to have some autonomy in spite of relying on his power. Omega is also seen offering his services when Epsilon gets frustrated. As the "unmatched" AI fragment when it comes to combat, at some point, Carolina's chances of winning a fight will decrease enough that Epsilon will desperately allow Omega to take over, increasing Carolina's aggression and fighting ability, but at a cost.
  • And to make matters a little bit worse, Epsilon will be encouraged to do so by the Sigma memory.

Felix's & Locus's Control is The Freelancer's Counselor.
From episode 11 of season 12, control has a creepy yet calm monotone voice. He reacts logically to Locus's question if the Reds and Blues reunites. The Counselor was calm and made suggestions to the Director. Although he was ignored sometimes, he was logical. The reason why we don't see an image of him is because he would be recognized by Felix and Locus for helping the Director. Also, the Control seems to know about Project Freelancer, and it was mentioned that the UNSC forgot about this colony. Furthermore, The Counselor is a wanted man and may want to use Chorus for his own purpose (hiding or building a Freelancer-like base for experiments). My 2 cents.
  • Jossed. Control is the Chairman.

Control is Kimball
Think about it. Unlike Doyle, Kimball is actually very competent, and is one of the few people who have been fighting in the civil war since the beginning. Now, if Locus and Felix were secretly assassinating the faction leaders to keep the war going, why would they leave Kimball alive, considering she knows what she's doing? Compare her to Doyle, who essentially has no command authority and admits that he cannot control Locus. Also, when Felix voices his concerns about Tucker, Caboose, Grif, and Simmons going off to rescue the rest of the team, Control assures him that they will not. Now, who at the time had control over their deployment? Kimball. Another circumstantial piece of evidence is how Control's voice, even though distorted, sounds vaguely feminine.
  • Yes, she knows what she's doing... which is why they'd want her alive. Having the head of the army be completely ineffectual is counter-productive. Especially since the Republic is the underdog. The Federation can have a useless leader since they've got the advantage. But if the Republic is too incompetent, they'll be wiped out. That said, it better be someone we do know and the feminine voice thing is accurate.
  • Jossed. It's the Chairman.

Dr. Grey is related to Jensen.
Both girls sound very similar to each other, and are both rather nerdy and eccentric. Perhaps they're sisters or relatives who found themselves on opposite sides of the war.

Control is a Freelancer AI
The ship was carrying all the remnants of Project Freelancer. That may include any surviving AI, which could have theoretically caused the crash from the inside. None of the known AI are still active, but it could be an unaccounted for AI, or possibly a new AI altogether.
  • Vic in particular is a possibility. His fate was unknown as of the end of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, and his role was, essentially, dragging out and escalating a war between two sides that had nothing to really fight about by playing them off of each other.
  • Jossed.

Control is whoever hired fake CT
Remember the desert dig site back in Recreation? A Precursor artifact was found, and then a shadowy mercenary (with connections to Project Freelancer) was dispatched to kill everyone there to secure it. Chorus is a similar situation, just at a larger scale.
  • Expanding on this theory, Control is part of the Insurrection because the Insurrection needs a bigger role than just a rival of Project Freelancer.

Control is Dr. Grey
As noted on this page, Control seems to have a feminine voice. Locus does respect her, and it would also explain why she survived when everyone else in her base got killed. Also, she went back to being chipper rather quickly afterwards, which could indicate that it's an act. It would be some nice irony for The Medic to turn out to be the one plotting everyone's deaths.
  • Jossed.

When Smith learns that at least Caboose is alive and Felix lied
He will channel a bit of the Mad King.
  • Additionally, when Caboose learns what Locus did to Freckles, all bets are off.
    • Actually, Caboose seems quite happy with the way Freckles is now.

Control is Sheila
Again, Control has an apparent feminine voice. Though we never see Control, we just hear them in their transmissions to Locus and Felix. My theory is that the unknown third party found the crashed ship that Sheila was in repaired/reprogrammed her to serve as Control. She may or may not remember the Reds and Blues.
  • Jossed. Although he does have FILSS working for him.

The technology used to record the Reds and Blues' training session in early Season 12 will be used to cause an Engineered Public Confession for Locus and Felix.
After all, it would make the perfect Chekhov's Gag.

After the Chorus Civil War arc is done, Carolina will join the Red team.
Blue team can't get all of the freelancers, now can they?

Tucker suspects Grey betrayed them.
After they get ambushed at Crash Site Alpha, the Blues evacuate back to their hideout. When Dr. Grey comes to treat Carolina's leg wound, the camera shot focuses on Tucker as he watches Dr. Grey work.
  • As alluded to in the Ep 15 opener, it was actually Tucker feeling guilty about Carolina. In Ep 2, he prioritized the info and got two of his men killed. In Ep 14, he prioritized their safety and Caboose nearly died and Carolina was still wounded. This leads to Ep 15's talk with Wash.

Freckles' memory chip is not the tracker. It's actually inside Wash.
  • Assuming the WMG that Dr. Grey is a mole is true, then Dr. Grey implanted the tracking device inside Wash while she was operating on him. Freckles' chip is just a Red Herring.

The Reds and Blues are going to leave the planet and get help.
  • In addition to this, when their help does arrive (In the form of the UNSC) Locus will get angry at Felix and the two will fight for real.

Control is Jul M'dama.
  • Jossed.

Control has help making the alien weapons.
We've seen this help before, but only in shadow. Yes, I'm talking about the Covenant Engineer that helped make the AIs. It is still unaccounted for after Project Freelancer disbanded.

Doyle won't order his men to fire, but instead implore the New Republic to surrender.
Doyle, being more pacifistic, will ask the New Republic to surrender, citing all of the people who've died. When he gives the story Locus gave him about the BGC's deaths, Kimball will retort saying that's a lie, giving Felix's story before going through everything the Federation has done during the war. They argue over who did what, eventually picking up on a few incongruities before realizing that the Felix and Locus could've done those tasks...
  • Jossed. The Reds and Blues trick Felix into an Engineered Public Confession.
    • Though Kimbal and Doyal came pretty close to figuring it out before the pirates came in.

Locus will undergo a Heel–Face Turn
Unlike his counterpart, Locus is not sadistic or vengeful, and actually seems to dislike his own partner more than the Reds and Blues. Washington gives him a pretty thorough speech calling him out and definitely strikes a nerve regarding how he's avoiding responsibility for committing mass murder, and Control notes that his behavior changed recently and he questions them more. Plus, with all the Star Wars references, Locus is Darth Vader, though I wouldn't count on him dying.

Maine is coming back
In the finale for Season 13, Charon Industries is shown as possessing his equipment. Add to the fact that they explicitly mention Charon using CRYOGENICS, and is seems likely that he is alive.

Maine isn't coming back.
Instead, the Chairman wants to use the information in his helmet to create new, leashed Meta-stength Super Soldiers. Starting with Locus and Felix.
  • Another possibility is that some of the AI actually survived the events of season 6, the Chairman could've lied, and were stuck in the helmet like Epsilon was in season 9. Tex could still be alive.
    • It's possible, an AI would probably be too large filewise to store electronically, and as Rv B borrows heavily from the Haloverse they're probably stored in data crystals, meaning the 'Ehmp' wouldn't have wiped the AIs in the Meta's helmet, but potentially fried the electronic circuitry in the helmet to the point that they're essentially 'trapped' in there - if the Chairman can get the (all-but-complete) Alpha out of there and manipulate him into working with them (or bully him into submission like he's implied to have done with FILSS), we could be dealing with an Epsilon!Church vs Alpha!Church scenario in Season 13 - potentially ending with a fully-reformed (and metastable) Alpha by the end of it (and perhaps the resurrection of Beta-Tex as well)
    • The fact the he even has FILSS at all is a hint this may be the case; FILSS deleted herself when Dr. Church killed himself. So bringing an AI Back from the Dead is something that he's done in the past.

Epsilon church has already reached metastability.
  • Unlikely, it's stated in Season 10 that the fragments wouldn't be able to reach rampancy, let alone metastability. And while Epsilon seems to think of himself as the 'new' Alpha, season 12 shows that despite having access to the old tricks the other fragments had, for example, Omega's bodysurfing, he can't use them as well as Alpha or Omega could, as possessing Grif for just a few seconds was enough to give him a headache.

Wash is completely correct about Locus and Locus knows it.
  • Besides him tackling Wash at the end of his "The Reason You Suck" Speech he was standing over Wash's unconcious form before he got the call informing him about what happened at capital. On top of that when he says to follow protocol he stutters.
    • Alternatively, while Wash was correct about Locus, Locus may have not have believed it. Locus believes himself to be a Consummate Professional, and is shaken up by the fact that Wash is saying that he's not.

The Meta is coming back and will be instrumental in the defeat of the Space Pirates by turning on them.
the Chairman, Locus and Felix will use him for whatever plans they have, only to find out the hard way what Wash already learned: Evil Is Not a Toy. Meta breaks free and either tries to redeem himself to the Blood Gulch Crew or becomes an even more dangerous threat and tears Charon Industries apart. Frankly I really want to see the Chairman, Locus and Felix's smug superiority shattered into pieces when they realize that their "asset" becomes their worst nightmare, and they're subjected to the same threat that the BGC already faced.

Sarge is Asuka, kicked into the future somehow, with a voice modifier.
  • To start with, voice modifiers exist, as demonstrated by Tex way back in Season One. Also, and this is going by the WMG that Sarge has PTSD and his established fear of heights, well the Fifteenth Angel was both really high up and really messed with Asuka's head. Also, at some point, her mother died in front of her holding a doll she perceived to be her daughter, after "killing" said doll. The ODST background is simply a cover story, as she doesn't like talking about her Dark and Troubled Past. Besides, who else really likes the color red, fighting, and abusing perceived weaklings among their subordinates? Sarge's antipathy towards the Blues? Asuka's residual memories of Rei, after her dip in a certain orange fluid. You can't unsee it.

The FILSS at the end of Season 12 isn't actually FILSS...
  • ...It's actually Sheila, retrieved from the crashed Pelican and repurposed/reprogrammed as a replacement for FILSS. It makes sense; FILSS was told to delete herself and Sheila was implied to still be active in Season 10.

Epsilon's 'death', will actually be his reformation with the other AIs into the Alpha
  • Following on from an above theory that the Meta's helmet contains the other AI fragments, including Alpha, then Epsilon sending his final message in the teaser is less him finally going to die, but him and the other fragments reforming fully into the Alpha after so long, meaning that Epsilon!Church, as a separate entity, will cease to exist, but the Alpha would continue on with his memories - Epsilon sent the collected works to the new Chairman in case the Alpha is no longer the same person he was.
    • not particularly likely, though, as Alpha and co. were destroyed by the EMP. The only active fragment in the Meta's helmet at the time of death was Tex.
      • Not exactly - Epsilon!Tex was in the AI capturing device and running the Meta's armor through that, not in the Meta's head. Following from that, the above theory referred to posits that, since Red vs Blue borrows quite heavily from the Halo universe (especially in terms of how AI function), AI are stored on data crystals - so only the electronic parts of the Meta's helmet (which Hargrove has) would have been fried by the Ehmp, leaving the AI trapped inside until someone could figure out how to extract them.

Insurrectionist Flame Soldier will assume the identity of Agent Maine/The Meta to fight against Agent Washington and Carolina in Season 13.
  • Someone else must have been thinking this. Points to be made:
    • He's fought against Carolina and Washington in the past which lead to his defeat.
    • Chairman Hargrove has at the very least, Agent Maine's helmet and at most, his whole suit of armor. (That chest it came in looked too big to just carry a helmet.
    • Aiden Price says he will be useful to Felix if properly guided. Considering Aiden knows much about the Freelancers, this troper is thinking dress this guy up in Maine's armor and invoke either Heroic B.S.O.D. or a "Why won't you die!?" response from Wash and Carolina while he proceeds to wipe the floor with them or possibly injure/kill one of them.
      • OP Here. It's looking more and more likely that either Hargrove or Locus (unlikely) will don the Meta's suit in a last ditch effort to win.

The rest of Ignoble Team will also return.
Aside from Sleeves, Sniper, Chain Guy and Chain Girl, and Pillman, who are all confirmed to be dead, they're missing, and therefore have a chance to be alive. Sharkface survived a gravity hammer to the face, and Red Demo Man survived a MAC round coming down on top of him after all.

Junior will be coming back for season 13
Probably via Big Damn Heroes moment, Junior and his alient army will join the Chorus army. We see in episode 1 that Felix and Locus have recruited a large army of strong criminals filtered by Felix and Locus' selection. While the Chorus army is under the great and not so great direction of the Reds and Blues, facing against the pirate's army will be overwhelming, especially with the after effects of civil wars and Season 12 (not to mention the Counselor's and another guy who has experienced with the Freelancers involvement). The only plausible way the Chorus army has a chance against them is have another party join them. And considering the role alien technology has be playing so far, who better to have then Junior and his alien army (him being an alien race savoir, will probably give him those benefits). Other things to consider is that in episode one, we see aliens being blamed for the galaxy's current problems. There is a mutual interest for the the aliens joining up with the Chorus army. With the alien technology being activated in episode 4, it wouldn't be surprising if Junior got notified about it.
  • (Sorta) Confirmed. He didn't come back, but shows up as a cameo in Episode 5 in the form of a photograph Tucker took of him on his fifth grade basketball team.

When Tucker enters the gateway/portal...
When Locus entered the portal, he was greeted by memories of people from his past, including Felix and himself, talking about how they found a 'monster'. With all the alien speak and lore this season, it's not hard to figure out that Locus was put in the place of an alien that he and his allies encountered and killed before. Tucker has directly interacted with two aliens: Junior and Crunchbite. When (and I don't mean if, I mean when) Tucker enters the portal, he'll be put in the place of one of those two aliens. As a result, we'll get a few callbacks to the Blood Gulch Chronicles.

"Sharkface" is an Affectionate Nickname
We know Sharkface thought of his team as family, and that his name is pretty dumb. It was probably a nickname his squad gave to him at some point, and now he's taken it on in memory of them.

Felix will gain the other key.
To drive home the fact that he's an Evil Counterpart to Tucker.
  • Jossed. Doyle has the key.
    • Not necessarily. Felix may kill Doyle, and then take the key for himself. I wouldn't put it past him, frankly.
  • Confirmed as of episode 17.

Doc will make a Face–Heel Turn
Him losing his sanity, not taking being forgotten well, and slipping back into O'Mally mode all seem to point to him either joining the Space Pirates or becoming a separate threat.

Epsilon isn't failing, he's just at his limits.
Season 13's been suggesting that Epsilon is experiencing rampancy, but he used to operate a Monitor body in the Recollections saga. Whatever coding he have absorbed from the Monitor body has increased his lifespan, but not his functionality; he's still an AI fragment. However, that coding could be the key to restoring his functionality as the Alpha.
  • Confirmed.

Church's death, if Roosterteeth went there, would be more implied than Killed Off for Real
Something involving any alien tech that Charron possesses might have on their ship would somehow malfunction, forcing Church to take the ship into slipspace to avoid a disaster. But, an epilogue would reveal that Church is alive, his longevity issues resolved by using the alien tech, under a new identity, on Remnant. That way, if Roosterteeth does somehow manage a crossover with their other big show they'd already have a set up.

Church is going to split off different AIs just like the Alpha did.
In episode 17 he momentarily let a few of the fragments persona's take over. It's possible that eventually he won't be able to handle it and split.

Locus will pull a Heel–Face Turn
That talk he had with Price about the Meta seems to have shaken him a bit, and coupled with what he saw in the Alien Temple, we seem to be getting an insight as to how his beliefs of a soldier are appearing to falter. Granted, it won't be a case of directly siding with the BGC and the Armonian forces, but maybe he'll refuse to shoot one of the BGC, if only to spite Felix.
  • Now with the collapse of their army in Episode 18, this creates a perfect dramatic moment for it to be paid off. Felix goes on a rampage, driven far more by revenge than their "orders" and Locus gets serious second thoughts about his mission and partner.
  • He seems to have done this by episode 19 by intimidating Felix and ultimately aiding the BGC in his demise. Whether or not it sticks out is yet to be seen.

The Great Weapon amplifies whatever aspect their wielder represents the most.
Think the Super Soldier Serum in Captain America: The First Avenger: "Good becomes great; bad becomes worse". Tucker's Catch Phrase only rose to prominence after the key bonded to him. Doyle was ready, if unwilling, to use a pistol on Kimball during the Civil War, yet he refused to use the weapon on Felix when he was cornered in the mountains, cowardly letting it go to save himself. Felix, while already evil, is now seemingly dependent on activating the Purge, willing to do it by any means necessary, even sacrificing his men to do so.

But before you point out that Doyle sacrificed himself in an act of bravery, then think about this: Tucker and Felix have had extended contact with the Great Weapon. Doyle only held it for a short time. Therefore, the effects weren't all that lasting on him.

Epsilon will be implanted in Wash again
And that might be how Church dies (or "dies") again, because it probably will not be a pleasant experience for either of them.

There are a couple of things throughout the arc that made me think of it. First Dr. Grey mentions the wires and such when Epsilon was first implanted, and then there's the Counselor giving Felix and Locus information about Carolina and Wash when he was convincing them to keep him around. He mentions Carolina's competitiveness being a hindrance and that's come into play when Sharkface tries to find Doyle. His comment about Wash refusing to get an AI again hasn't had any payoff. Yet.

When Omega 'possesses' someone, he doesn't actually possess them.
We've seen 4 AI with the ability to possess things in series: Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, and Omega. When Alpha, Beta, and Epsilon possess someone or something, they not only gain full control of the person/robot, they also speak in the voice that they always speak in. When Omega possesses someone, that doesn't happen. His victim's voice lowers and their personality just becomes an evil version of their normal one. This is because. Omega doesn't really possess people. His possession simply influences their mind until they become raging and evil like him. This explains why the BGC became evil and Tex became more bitchy. With Doc and Caboose, his influence was strong enough to manifest as a split personality. That's why Caboose can become angry and Doc re-gained his O'Malley persona later on. Omega the AI may have left them, but O'Malley the personality never really did.

The series has ended chronologically.
As soon as Church died, the season ended, despite it being a Cliffhanger. As long as Alpha and Epsilon, the series has been going. The Freelancer flashbacks probably went has far as they did because this was the first time the Alpha was used. All subsequent seasons will take place before this moment. We will never see past the moment that Church sacrificed himself for the Reds and Blues.
  • Jossed by the Afterbuzz stream. Miles and Burnie said we will pick up sometime later.
    • Speaking of which . . .

The final story arc of Season 14 (the short story/anthology season) will depict the Last Stand of the Reds and Blues
Because there's just no way the guys at Rooster Teeth could ever resist ending the season with a wicked awesome fight scene, especially after we were all Left Hanging at the end of Season 13.
  • Jossed. The final episode of Season 14 is "Red vs. Blue vs. Rooster Teeth".

Locus will end up joining the Reds and Blues
With Tex, Carolina, and Washington, the Reds and Blues seem to have a knack for recruiting hardened mercenaries to their side. Plus, with Epsilon-Church presumably dead, somebody is going to have to fill the role of the Only Sane Deadpan Snarker.

Felix isn't really dead and will become a recurring antagonist.
Because you really think that Disney Villain Death would be the end of him?
  • Considering his sword got rebonded to Locus most likely Jossed.

Project Freelancer Started as an ONI Robotics Project

It makes sense, given everything we've seen about Freelancer thus far, that they were actually intended to be working on robotics and synthetic intelligence during the opening years of the Great War.

Nowhere else in the UNSC but the Project do we see advanced robotics such as Lopez, Church, Tex and (if you ascribe to the theory) the Red and Blue zealots. It can be assumed that Project Freelancer began life as an ONI project designed to create expendable, robotic shock troops to combat the covenant.

As the foremost expert on AI, Dr. Church would have been contracted to help develop a new kind of system to control these platforms; not quite full AI, but still able to act as individual troopers. The Red and Blue zealots would be earlier prototypes of this system (eventually relegated to training drones after the contract was completed), while the field-issue intelligence found in Lopez and Dos.0 are the production models. FILSS is of course a custom variant designed for personal use by the director.

The system clearly worked, though even real-life entities such as DARPA see successful projects end up discontinued due to things such as resource scarcity or budgetary concerns. However, the success of these units prompted the UNSC to contract the Director's group to devlop more easily deployed weaponry, AKA the various armor mods of Project Freelancer (notably, the bubble shielf which saw extensive use in the Halo canon proper) for their frontline soldiers to use. Encouraging results in this project saw the eventual recruitment of test personnel from the highest ranks of groups such as the ODST in order to properly test the new equipment on the field.

The final phase of the program was obviously to fully integrate the weapons systems into the armor of frontline troops, which is clearly what the program has started working on at the beginning of season 8, though the complications that arose from this integration required much more processing power than a standard set of UNSC armor could provide, allowing an opening for the director to integrate Alpha into the trials. From there, well...we all know where it went from there.

Presumably, after the Director went rogue, the prototype bubble shields and other equipment given to the UNSC were retrofitted in order to function as a standalone piece of equipment in order to create a mass-producible asset usable by most ground troops rather than risk only issuing these pieces of equipment in extremely limited number alongisde VERY costly AI units to only elite soldiers.

Along with Vic's apparent return in Season 14, he'll get a brand new CGI model.
Whether or not he's a virtual intelligence, his older Halo: Combat Evolved model would look jarring and out-of-place compared to the much fancier graphics of the recent Halo games. It only makes sense for Rooster Teeth to give the character a visual upgrade.

Captain Flowers’ heart attack was caused by the axe that was thrown into his chest.
A penetration wound in the chest can lead to heart problems if it’s not treated properly. This would explain why a seemingly physically healthy man would have a fatal heart attack, and it also explains why Command lists “Aspirin Overdose” as the cause of death: The real reason he died can be linked to his time as Agent Florida, and Project Freelancer was already trying to cover that up, so they lied about what killed him as well.

Flowers/Florida tripping over the cord didn't cause the change in the names.
Vic was just descrambling the names of the agents. If you think about it, Caboose, Donut and Sister being freelancers does work. Caboose is very good with machines and was likely a field mechanic for his freelancer group. He has a strength armour enhancement which is why he's stronger than everyone else. Donut obviously has a healing unit and has a hell of an arm. He's also the most competent person on the Reds when he is actually something. Sister has either a healing unit as well, or a holographic projection unit. We haven't seen her fight, but we do know she survived being 'killed' by Lopez. She also has the same natural endurance as Maine did. Jenkins only showed up in alternate takes so we don't know about him, and Andersmith hasn't shown up... yet.

Siris will appear in Season 15
He'll help Locus "make things right" while keeping him on the right path, and much emphasis will be put on him being the exact opposite of Felix.

Post-Blood Gulch Chronicles, Sister was supposed to be reassigned to the place shown in Grey vs. Gray.
Everyone in that episode being extremely colorblind was no coincidence. It was another one of Project Freelancer's experiments. They wanted to see how two groups of color-divided soldiers who couldn't see color would be able to operate. Sister, also being just as colorblind, was supposed to be part of the experiment, but she stayed in Blood Gulch. Either she wanted to stay, like Sarge, or she didn't even know she was supposed to leave. This makes sense chronologically, too: Early in the episode, Cobb mentions Blood Gulch. He shouldn't know that Blood Gulch exists, since it's a backwater canyon where no one ever goes. I know they probably just wanted to reference Blood Gulch and didn't consider the logic behind it, but there is a way to justify this: He saw the recruitment video from the episode Fight the Good Fight, which takes place just before everyone in Blood Gulch left. Since the video's been heavily edited and is now being shown to new recruits, that means there's a time gap between these two episodes. Probably enough time that the Reds and Blues are at their new posts by the time Grey vs. Gray starts. That means Sister would've been there if she had left in the first place.

Grif doesn't actually have Simmons' body parts.
It was an elaborate prank that Sarge came up with specifically to mess with him. Simmons was in on it, while Donut was also tricked into believing the story. The reason why Simmons being a cyborg is still occasionally referenced while Grif being a Frankenstein's monster isn't is because the latter isn't true.