[[caption-width-right:315:PROTECT ME, CONE!]]
->'''Wash:''' That was the worst throw ''ever''. Of all time.\\
'''Caboose:''' Not my fault. Someone put a wall in my way.

Virtually ''every'' episode of ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' has a Crowning Moment of Funny. These are the best ones. '''Warning: Each folder will contain unmarked spoilers for the previous seasons.'''

* [[Funny/RedVsBlueTheBloodGulchChronicles The Blood Gulch Chronicles]]
* [[Funny/RedVsBlueTheRecollection The Recollection]]
* [[Funny/RedVsBlueTheProjectFreelancerSaga The Project Freelancer Saga]]
* [[Funny/RedVsBlueTheChorusTrilogy The Chorus Trilogy]]
* [[Funny/RedVsBlueSeason14 Season 14]]
[[folder: Season 15]]

[[AC: Episode 1: Prologue]]
* The beginning of the episode is full of funny moments during the new girl's tour. Highlights include,
** The man in charge threating any slights against him with 'dog shit in your pillowcase'.
** Him telling the newbie to never turn off her radio, only for someone else to immediately say they couldn't find him, [[HypocriticalHumor because his radio was turned off]].
** The girl mentioning she's studying to be a botanist, which the other guy responds with, "I've never been much into robots, being from the South and all."
* Dylan gets into a secure military facility by using 'confusing acronyms', which start out sounding official, but end up devolving into well known ones such as AOL and FUBAR.
* Near the end when the cameraman, who has remained silent the whole time, is questioned, Dylan responds he's French and speaks no English. Cameraman's response? "Oui."
* Dylan's LeaningOnTheFourthWall debate with Carlos about how people are getting bored with the Reds and Blues, and that Dylan should do a story on [[WebAnimation/{{RWBY}} "those monster-fighting sexy teenagers"]]. It sounds like a typical argument between two fans. Made even better by how many viewers instead took it as a reference to the recently released ''Film/{{Power Rangers|2017}}'' film.
** Dylan's caller ID apparently has her supervisor Carlos listed as "Grouchy [=McBossypants=]".
** Dylan asks Carlos for two weeks to write a story on the Reds and Blues. This is what follows:
--->'''Carlos:''' You want two? You got one. You want rope?\\
'''Dylan:''' You'll give me enough to hang myself with. Thanks a million, honey bucket.[[note]]A "honey bucket" is a toilet that doesn't use water and needs to be emptied manually.[[/note]]

[[AC: Episode 2: The Chronicle]]
* Jax is this during his premiere in episode 2. From beat-boxing the classic ''[=RvB=]'' theme, to his half-incompetent camerawork, to his insane camera angle and movie plot ideas. Most of the episodes humor either comes from or directly involves him.
* "I'm pretty sure [[MythologyGag we can use that tank as a dolly]]!"
* The return of [[CloudCuckoolander Sister]].
-->'''Dylan:''' I know there's a story here, but [[InnocentInnuendo I still got too many holes to fill]].\\
'''[[LovableSexManiac Sister]]:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I don't know how that's going to help your story]], but I feel another bi phase coming on, and the camera guy's already here, so lets do this thing!\\
'''Dylan:''' Great! ''[{{Beat}}]'' [[RunningGag Wait, what?]]
* "Hey, you know my name! '''''BIG FUCKING DEAL! GET OFF MY BASE!'''''"
* Sister talks about what she's been up to, but Dylan wants to go back to talking about the Reds and Blues.
-->'''Jax:''' Oop-- [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall There goes the Bechdel Test.]]
* Dylan makes the mistake of mentioning OccamsRazor to Sister:
-->'''Sister''': Occam can go suck himself! This is some conspiracy shit! Like, what if it's a government thing?! [[TheWarOnTerror Jet fuel can't]] [[WhoShotJFK JFK]] [[MoonLandingHoax the moon landing!]]\\
'''Dylan''': ([[AsideGlance her and Jax glance at each other]]) That's an... interesting angle.
* Vic's desire to die [[CrossingTheLineTwice crosses so many lines]] it becomes hilarious. Especially given how he keeps going back and forth on pretending he's joking. Especially funny is how Jax laments that he's sounding "[just] like Grandma".
* The LeaningOnTheFourthWall continues in this episode where VIC mentions he recorded all of Blood Gulch and cut them up into 100 five minute long sections for convenience's sake.

[[AC: Episode 3: The Mother of Destruction]]
* Jax also insists that "shaky cam" will make the situation more realistic. The situation being that they are actually getting shot at for real.
* "Unicorn Soldier" saves Dylan and Jax and is fixing to leave, but before he can go, Dylan wants his name:
-->'''Unicorn Soldier''': [[TheUnreveal Goodbye.]]\\
'''Jax''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Weird name]]. [[WhosOnFirst "Hello, Goodbye!" "You're leaving?" "Why no, Goodbye! I just got here!"]]
* Dylan wants to fire Jax after he missed a critical shot, [[UngratefulBastard Jax points out he also pushed her out of the way of a bullet.]] He declares they're "even stevens".

[[AC: Episode 4: Chorus Lessons]]
* Andersmith's SesquipedalianLoquaciousness now that he's a cop, which is getting on Bitters' last nerve. When Bitters tells Andersmith he doesn't even sound like a cop, Andersmith insists he's going by the book:
-->'''Bitters''': What book?\\
'''Andersmith''': Series/LawAndOrder. [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud Dun dun.]]\\
'''Bitters''': [[TakeThat Ugh gross.]] Series/CSIMiami for life.
* A major factor in Jax [[spoiler:continuing to help Dylan now that they're going rogue]]? Once he gets back home, his student loans kick in.
* Dylan [[spoiler:finally reaching the Reds and Blues]] is played as a ShoutOut to the end of ''Film/TheForceAwakens'', with [[spoiler:Caboose standing in for Luke. And then he's freaked out to see Dylan behind him and falls over the cliff.]]
-->'''Dylan:''' ''...Fuck''.

[[AC: Episode 5: Previously On]]
* When Dylan tries telling the other Reds and Blues about Caboose falling off a cliff, she finds everyone's a little... distracted. Sarge is driving his jeep off of cliffs, Grif and Tucker are arguing over band names, and Simmons is running around babbling.
-->'''Dylan:''' Listen, everyone! I have no idea what the FUCK you're all doing, but you need to know your man Caboose is terribly injured and possibly dead!\\
'''Caboose:''' ''(Off-Screen)'' Oh no! Not Caboose! ''(Camera pans to show [[BehindTheBlack he's right next to Dylan]])'' We need to go rescue him!\\
'''Dylan:''' You-- you're okay?\\
'''Caboose:''' Oh, yeah. You know, I fell down and stuff, but, you know, I landed on my head and that's okay because that's the part that's most used to it. So, yeah, I'm fine, things are good now. I'm gonna go lie down now.
* Donut is [[NakedPeopleAreFunny naked]] half of the episode. Thankfully, he's off-screen until he puts his armor back on.
* The entire episode is essentially a recap of the hilarious shit the Blood Gulch crew went through after saving Chorus. To wit:
** After capturing Hargrove, Tucker activated [[CallBack the Temple of Procreation]]. Apparently, Grif and Simmons were trapped in a closet together during that time. Which they both refuse to talk about before refusing to meet each other's eyes. During the whole time, the only one who didn't feel different was Tucker. Wash wasn't surprised.
*** The video comments also point out the unmentioned hilarity of sex crazed [[EmotionlessGirl Carolina]] and [[TheDitz Caboose]].
** Sarge was hopelessly depressed after not having died heroically on Chorus (he definitely [[BlatantLies did not say]] so verbatim), and started looking for a new enemy.
** Carolina had a difficult time getting used to inaction, so she tried to get help from Grif in a ShoutOut to ''Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack''.
** They found out that their new island was home to dinosaurs. While they debated on whether being eaten by dinosaurs was ironic, Caboose managed to make friends with them. "Because ''of course'' he did."
** Donut accidentally burned down their new bases with his vanilla-scented candles.
** Due to having lost nearly all of their food, Grif started looking for native plants to eat. The mushrooms he found were essentially, as described by Simmons, "crystal meth ''[[UpToEleven on crystal meth]]''".
** Simmons spent his summer learning Esperanto, a dead language, thinking that it was Spanish for "Spanish".
** Freckles has a new body! Except it's a literal toy. Freckles' voice is appropriately high pitched and he occasionally goes on "rampages" where the only "casualty" is Caboose playing dead.
** After selling their movie rights, they built a water park. [[NotSoAboveItAll Wash joined in with the others as they jumped in happiness]] while [[TheComicallySerious Carolina]] simply gave a deadpan "Yay." And Donut later [[ShaggyDogStory burned it down]], to Grif's great dismay [[HowIsThatEvenPossible and confusion]].
*** What makes it even better is Donut's following explanation:
-->'''Donut''': One, [[NoodleIncident lube isn't normally flammable!]] And B, I didn't burn down the ''whole'' water park, [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative just the]] ''[[InsistentTerminology park]]'' [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative part]]!
** Tucker, Caboose and Grif tried to form a band, but couldn't agree on a band name (all of which were [[IncrediblyLamePun punny versions]] of real-world bands with "blue" or "red" thrown in). Carolina tried to join in. Apparently, she's a [[DreadfulMusician terrible]] [[HollywoodToneDeaf singer]], though no one dares tell her out of fear.
** Sarge tried to build his own enemy and made a robot army, but it malfunctioned and [[CoolVersusAwesome attacked]] the dinosaurs. Wash says [[TakeOurWordForIt it was the greatest thing he ever saw.]]
** Grif convinced Simmons that ''Series/GameOfThrones'' really happened.
---> '''Simmons''': That's...''awesome!'' Man, I'm gonna go visit!
** Desperately in search of a new enemy, Sarge tried to take the fight to ''gravity itself''. It resulted in the Reds losing their jeep after Sarge drove it over a ledge.
--->'''Sarge''': Suck it, Newton!
** They tried to put in place a new form of government. Proposals included: Anarchy[[note]]Grif[[/note]], monarchy-through-sword[[note]]Tucker[[/note]], military dictatorship[[note]]Sarge[[/note]], matriarchy[[note]]Carolina[[/note]] and malarkey[[note]]Caboose[[/note]]. When Simmons tried to explain that Malarkey wasn't a form of government, but a term for meaningless talk and nonsense, he trailed off as [[DumbassHasAPoint everyone realized that summed up the Blood Gulch Crew just fine]].
** Caboose somehow ended up in the Upside-Down from ''Series/StrangerThings''. The gang tried to communicate with him through the same alphabet-and-Christmas-lights method, but since it's Caboose, it didn't really work.
--->'''Washington''': [[CatchPhrase "Neat."]] He just keeps saying "Neat."
** After finding Donut apparently dead, Grif, Simmons and Tucker buried him in an unmarked shallow grave. Except he wasn't dead, and was just skinny dipping not far away. Everyone reacted to seeing Donut naked [[FelonyMisdemeanor the same way]] they reacted to killer dinosaurs.
** ''[[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking "Wash. Grew. A beard."]]'' Carolina (and quite a few commenters) makes it sound like the greatest thing ever, Wash just thought it was itchy. And we, the audience, can't see any difference because of the TwentyFourHourArmor. This also shows that Carolina has finally succumbed and [[GoingNative become just as crazy as the rest of them.]] Doubles as [[CrowningMomentofHeartwarming heartwarming]].
** That very morning, Grif spiked Simmons' food with his "meth-meth shrooms" ForTheLulz.
* The punchline to all of the above is great too. Dylan asks Jax if he got all of that. He assures her that he did, and only then does he start recording.
* Grif's reaction to [[spoiler: the message from Church, knowing that this is the start of another adventure:]]
-->"God fucking dammit."
** It's considerably less funny after [[spoiler:it becomes one of the reasons he [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere leaves the Blood Gulch crew]] in the following episode]].

[[AC: Episode 6: Reacts]]
* When Jax notices [[spoiler:Grif enter the cave, angrily muttering about the Church situation[[note]]"Nobody stays dead! Why doesn't anybody die and stay dead?!"[[/note]]]], what is his response?
-->'''Jax''': [[LampshadeHanging Ah cool,]] [[AsideGlance (glances at the camera)]] ''[[{{Foreshadowing}} foreshadowing!]]''
* Sarge getting Lopez, Simmons, and Donut to [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext howl and bark like dogs]] because of the coming [[Theatre/JuliusCaesar "dogs of war."]] Jax, who was sent to check up on them, is [[LockedOutOfTheLoop appropriately]] [[ReactionShot baffled]].
* Sarge's rant against [[CrossesTheLineTwice the Whites]]. [[IThoughtItMeant You know, like the Meta and Wyoming?]]:
-->'''Lopez''': [[BreakingTheFourthWall Tumblr va a odiar esto.]] (Tumblr is going to hate this.)
** [[FromBadToWorse And then Sarge straight up calls it a race war.]]
** Because Donut is "reddish-white", he's selected to infiltrate the "Whites". He does so by dressing as a hilariously stereotypical white hipster, complete with a tie, hipster glasses he somehow got on over his helmet, and ''skis'', and offers the reporters "poison pumpkin frappuccinos!"
** Sarge is ''very'' skeptical of [[OnlySaneMan Wash]] telling him that they're working together with Dylan and Jax to find Church.
--->'''Sarge''': Red, white, and blue all working together? [[ComicallyMissingThePoint How very un-American!]]
* Despite the scene being largely a TearJerker, [[spoiler: Grif's]] conversation with Dylan leads to him complaining that "Church's [[TheyKilledKennyAgain died more times]] than ComicBook/JeanGrey!"

[[AC: Episode 7: Nightmare on Planet Evil]]
* Caboose at one point had a Bop-It. He bopped it against a rock and now it's [[BlackComedy "sleeping"]]. [[CrossesTheLineTwice In teeny tiny pieces]].
* Sarge has gone without sleep for about five days, a reference to [[Series/Day5 another Rooster Teeth production]]. Jax calls the premise of "sleep is death" [[SelfDeprecation weak]]. Becomes even funnier if you know that [[BitingTheHandHumor Burnie was the one who came up with the premise]].
* Jax attempting to scare Tucker by running around the abandoned city - which is [[PaintingTheMedium depicted as]] "[[Franchise/EvilDead Deadite cam]]." Tucker [[CurbStompBattle casually trips him and knocks him unconscious]] - which Jax describes as ''"Groovy."''
* While Caboose and Simmons' talk about death is [[TearJerker initially sad]], it does give us this ''golden'' line from Caboose after Simmons claims that [[OurGhostsAreDifferent ghosts]] and [[BackFromTheDead resurrection]] are scientifically impossible:
--> '''[[CloudCuckoolander Caboose:]]''' Here's your science, Simmons - [[TrueCompanions Dead friend]] plus [[ThePowerOfLove love]] equals [[TrueCompanions Church]].
--> '''Simmons:''' (confused) I...''guess'' [[MetaphoricallyTrue that's...math?]]
* We cut to the FOTUS Soldier standing over what appears to be the dead bodies of Sarge, Simmons, and Caboose after getting a distressing call from Caboose, and you assume the worst. [[spoiler: Turns out Sarge was just asleep, Simmons saw a snake (a small one at that) and fainted, and Caboose got scared and decided to play dead. Our heroes, everybody!]]
* Y'know that ultra-scary soldier the reporters met in Episode 3? The guy who's looking for Tucker? [[spoiler: [[AntiClimax He's actually just a]] [[BadassBureaucrat Chorusan civil servant]] named Spencer [[FailOSuckyName Porkinsenson]]. What he was really trying to do is serve Tucker a class action suit for child-support payments. Turns out activating the Temple of Procreation on Chorus [[RealityEnsues resulted in]] a ''lot'' of illegitimate kids that Tucker's the father of.]] Tucker appropriately seems very upset, giving off a BigNo afterwards. At the episode's end, he's just lying around the ship, no longer enthused about finding Church.
* After the FOTUS Soldier leaves, Jax reveals that he edited some clips to make an title sequence for him[[note]]Titled ''"The Process Server!"''[[/note]];
-->'''Jax:''' So, constructive feedback! I'm thinking of pitching this to the network when he get back!\\
'''Dylan:''' How did you get him [the FOTUS Soldier] to sign a release form?\\
'''Jax:''' [[OhCrap ...A what-now?]]

[[AC: Episode 8: A Fistful of Colors]]
* Turns out the Impostors are more sim Troopers, who are a SimilarSquad to the Reds and Blues, and at least as quirky as they are, if not more.
** A particular highlight is when Surge and Sarge debate who's in charge (Turns out Surge is ''also'' a Colonel, somehow.) and settle it with ''Rock Paper Scissors'' (Or as they call it, [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike "Procedure"]].
** Simmons's equivalent is named ''[[{{Music/Kiss}} Gene]]''
** Moreso, Caboose's equivalent is named Loco[[note]]likely short for locomotive[[/note]], Tucker's is named Bucky[[note]]with a sexual catchphrase of his own[[/note]], Donut's is Cronut[[note]]insisting that his armor is reddish-white[[/note]], and Lopez's is called Lorenzo[[note]]who speaks ITALIAN![[/note]].
** Caboose interacting with Loco is HILARIOUS in that they practically share the same mind.
** Additionally, both Simmons and Gene agree that "err" is a real word, with Tucker and Bucky both insisting that it's not at the exact same time.
* After the BGC and the Blues and Reds have taken down the [[spoiler:fighter crafts sent by the UNSC]], Surge reports that Lopez and Lorenzo were dismembered during the fight, with the two robots ONCE AGAIN reduced to heads.

[[AC: Episode 9: Rigged]]
* Dylan's attempt to interview Sarge fails horribly, partially because of Sarge's own ridiculous paranoia but also because he spills that [[spoiler: Temple told him to find out what she knew in a screw up of an IKnowYouKnowIKnow moment.]]
* Tucker getting annoyed by the SimilarSquad routine. When he tries to angrily storm off, he ends up mistaking Gene for Simmons, and when corrected, grumbles, "Just help me with my dramatic exit." He also [[DeadpanSnarker complains]] that having Gene and Simmons close by means that "I have to hear this shit in stereo now!"
* Loco turns out to be a serious GeniusDitz with engineering, and gives a stream of incomprehensible {{Technobabble}} that confuses ''[[TheSmartGuy Simmons]]''.
* Donut and Cronut's innuendo-laden conversation about Russian novelists and philosophers.
* [[spoiler: Doc is back...and he immediately makes a hurricane of analogies about how superior the Blues and Reds are to the Reds and Blues. [[InsultFriendlyFire Donut even joins in]]. Jax also compares the Blood Gulch Crew to [[Film/ThreeBigMen Turkish Spider-Man]]]]
-->'''[[spoiler: Doc]]:''' They are the ding-dongs, and you are the dildos.

[[AC: Episode 10: Battlescars]]
* Wash comes up with a plan to lure the people killing Freelancers into a trap by activating Carolina's recovery beacon. How does he express this to her? [[TakeOffYourClothes By telling her to take off her armor.]] Seeing as how this came after a tender moment, Carolina is appropriately shocked. Even better, after his explanation, Carolina agrees to remove her armor. But Wash continues to [[AccidentalPervert stare at her]] forcing her to make him turn around.
* When the Blues and Reds shows up with the Blood Gulch Crew, Wash describes it as the worst possible that could happen, beating the likes of mercs and space pirates.
* Wash's idea of what the doubles mean is that Sarge created robotic duplicates of themselves. Carolina sounds exasperated when she wants to know what's going on.
* Remember how Carolina had a [[DreadfulMusician horrible singing voice]] and the guys were too afraid to tell her? Turns out she's well aware, [[{{Troll}} she just liked watching them squirm.]] When she admits it, Wash jokingly tells her that she's evil.
* Apparently ever since the Reds and Blues have joined the Blues and Reds in their underwater [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial lair-- er, base]], they've been having fish for every meal. The BGC are understandably [[IncrediblyLamePun fed up]].

[[AC: Episode 11: Belly of the Beast]]
* When Dylan's hiding spot is nearly found by Temple and Loco, she leaves a small green spartan teddy. [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Loco asks Temple if he should arrest it]].
* The Blues and Reds distracted Tucker by having him play ''VideoGame/HaloWars'', claiming that it's a military simulator. When Dylan tells him it's a video game, he simply says that it explains all the micro-transactions.
* Part of the reason Tucker doesn't suspect the many locked doors is because he thinks people could steal his possessions, or walk into his "[[ADateWithRosiePalms masturbatorium]]".
* Everything about Sarge's "audition", which eventually degrades (even further) from a bunch of random action movie dialouge to him shouting random movie titles... Including ''[[Film/LazerTeam Lazer Team 2]]'', which Jax dosen't think is real.
* The files on Temple's computer include a folder named "[[PornStash Buckey PRIVATE]]", and his most recent internet hits include "[[YouMakeMeSic metafores]]", [[spoiler:"[[YouMakeMeSic Shakesphere]] monologues", [[ObviouslyEvil "evil lairs for dummies" and "How to villain"]]]].

[[AC: Episode 12: Blue vs. Red]]
* When Gene and Cronut run out of ammo, they resort to taunting to defeat the enemy. [[PokeThePoodle They're not very good at it.]]
-->'''Gene:''' You suck! You're- bad at math!\\
'''Cronut:''' You have table manners that leave much to be desired!\\
'''Gene:''' You smell like maybe you forgot to wear deodorant today!\\
'''Cronut:''' Your mother's lasagna is mediocre!
* Temple and his men capture Lorenzo, his threat attempts keep coming off as unintentionally racist such as threatening to stomp the [[Franchise/{{Mario}} Goomba]], [[JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant you know like Mario]].
* Temple and [[spoiler:Biff]] discussing what place to shoot [[spoiler:Biff so he can leave with a medical discharge.]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Biff:]]''' The butt? Are you insane? That's right next to my jingo jangos, okay? Bullets splinter.\\
'''Temple:''' How about the arm?\\
'''[[spoiler:Biff:]]''' Arteries.\\
'''Temple:''' Ooh, the ear.\\
'''[[spoiler:Biff:]]''' "What? Yeah, I can't hear you because some idiot shot my ear off." No way! *grr* There's got to be some part of the body that's expendable.\\
'''Temple:''' You just need to get shot in the appendix.\\
'''[[spoiler:Biff:]]''' [[IThoughtItMeant If only I was a book.]]

[[AC: Episode 13: Blue vs. Red Part 2]]
* When told [[spoiler: she's going on a mission with the simulation troopers, Carolina vehemently insists she would never [[TemptingFate be on a mission with those simulation idiots.]]]]
* [[spoiler: When she gets to Blue Base, Carolina finds that to keep the Reds from finding their flag, the Blue Team buried it, then lost the map. Since they need both flags to win the 'War', Loco made a new flag from a stick and blue briefs.]]
* The Blues and Reds watch the [[spoiler: fight between Tex and Carolina]] they decide to put their own soundtrack to it. Things like high action music, [[SoundtrackDissonance Bruce Springsteen, and a Harry Potter audio book of all things]].
* There's also the fact that when the fight begins, the background music shuts off. I mean, completely. Then, this exchange happens while the Blues and Reds watch the fight:
-->'''[[spoiler:Biff:]]''' Holy mother of awesome. Look at them.\\
'''Buckey''': Yo, Reds! Are we still fighting, or- oh, holy shit!\\
'''Surge''': All right, men, new plan! Let those two pummel each other to death!\\
'''Temple''': [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall The only thing that would make this better is some music.]]\\
'''[[spoiler:Biff]]''': Oh! I got it. I just upgraded the base's sound system. Okay, Shelly, play "Action Mix".
** Even better, their change in soundtrack actually affects the fight, with the two combatants noticeably changing speed and fighting style to fit the soundtrack to the point where [[spoiler:Carolina]] tells them to cut it out. Then Loco has the base play his Harry Potter audiobook.

[[AC: Episode 14: True Colors]]
* After comparing notes and deciding that the Blues and Reds are suspect, Tucker decides to use subtlety to figure out their intentions. GilliganCut:
-->'''Tucker:''' Are you bad guys?\\
'''Temple:''' [[WhatIsEvil Well, that's all a matter of perspective, isn't it, Tucker?]]\\
'''Tucker:''' Ha! Gotcha! That's exactly the kind of thing bad guys say! Oh, holy shit, you're really bad guys, aren't you?
* A mix of this and CrowningMomentOfAwesome, but [[spoiler:when the Reds and Blues (minus Sarge and Doc) get cornered]], they [[spoiler:attach Lopez's head to a missile and launch it, hoping he'll send reinforcements to help]].
-->'''Lopez:''' (''as the [[spoiler:missile ascends]]'') '''''SHIIIIIIIIIT!'''''
* Caboose [[EpicFail completely blowing]] Simmons' attempt to be a ReverseMole.

[[AC: Episode 15: Objects in Space]]
* Episode 15's opening scene is a spoof of the opening stinger to ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', with Lopez starring as narrator ''and'' the ship in question.
-->'''Lopez''': Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Lopez. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out life and new civilizations, to boldly go... where no robot has gone before.\\
''[[AsHimself Starring LOPEZ THE HEAVY as Lopez La Pesado]]''
** [[HilariousInHindsight It becomes even funnier when one remembers that]] in Episode 8, Lopez previously [[DeadpanSnarker told Sarge he couldn't provide any intelligence on Desert Gulch]] because he's not the [[Franchise/StarTrek Starship Enterprise]]. Well, ''now...''
* Immediately after that, Lopez is caught in a bright light and pulled into a ship. He asks what happened and who's there. [[spoiler: Locus then deactivates his camo right next to him.]] Lopez's response?
-->'''Lopez''': [[QuietCryForHelp Ayuda.]]
* Grif has gone full Film/CastAway, painting several balls with the helmets of the Reds and Blues and doing impressions of them to play out their typical drama. He even taught himself Spanish for Lopez's lines, [[spoiler: which comes in handy when Locus arrives with Lopez]].
* Special mention goes to Grif's lines for Caboose, which almost sound even ''more'' ridiculous than what he would actually say.
-->'''Grif!Caboose''': He's dead! My best friend is dead! Purple pineapple random nonsense [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud bahahgaghahah...]]
--> ''Later''
-->'''Grif!Caboose''': It's too late, it's over. I'm sad now and forever. There's nothing you can do about it, [[InaneBlabbering kangaroo banana kangaroo,]] [[{{Metaphorgotten}} my heart's in a pouch.]]
* Granted, it doubles as NightmareFuel somewhat, but [[spoiler:Locus makes his presence known by saying point blank what Grif currently is]].
-->'''Grif''': (to the volleyballs) Shut up, and listen to me! Everyone, I am so, ''so''...\\
'''[[spoiler:Locus]]''': [[BrutalHonesty Completely insane.]] (Grif turns to look at a [[spoiler:newly parked spaceship... whereupon Locus deactivates his camo]]) ''[[SelfDeprecation I would know.]]''
* Part of realizing [[spoiler:Locus]] is real involves Grif grabbing him by the helmet. The fact that it's ''[[spoiler:Locus]]'' on the receiving end makes it even more hilarious.
* Later when he's trying to prove he's not crazy, he turns around to ask the Doc volleyball, only to find it's gone.
-->'''Grif''': Well, that's [[PutOnABus Doc]] for you.
* When mentioning how long he's been alone, Grif spouts out various measurements... including "[[LeaningOnTheFourthWall fifteen seasons]]".
* [[TalkativeLoon Grif's]] [[MotorMouth incessant chatter]] once he finally has someone to talk to. You can tell [[spoiler:Locus]] is finding the situation rather trying.
-->'''Grif''': Cool ship, by the way. I bet that's an awesome side story. Does it have a name? How about the [[spoiler:Locus Pocus]]?\\
'''Grif''': Do you have any brothers and sisters? Did you kill any of your brothers and sisters?\\
'''Grif''': I thought I was going to go crazy for a while there, but I'm [[MetaPhorgotten sane as a fiddle]]. ''(in a completely serious voice)'' How many have you killed? ''(back to chipper)'' Where did you grow up?
** As the fandom has noticed, [[spoiler:Locus has gone from having a guy in orange who talks too much as his partner to having to partner up with... another guy in orange who talks too much.]] He just can't catch a break.

[[AC: Episode 16: Grif Does a Rescue]]
* Grif infiltrating the Blues and Reds' base [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid Metal Gear style]]! Highlights include:
** Quoting "This is Snake to Big Boss. No sign of surveillance" (unaware that he's already been spotted on the security monitors).
** The Exclamation Point hovering over Grif's head as he spots a plate of fish.
** ''Attempting'' to crawl through the ventilation shaft, only to get stuck with only his legs sticking out.
* Even though it [[spoiler:was a cruel trick on the part of Temple]], hearing [[spoiler:Church send a distress signal about Caboose and Tucker blowing up an overflowing toilet]] was funny while it lasted.
* At the end of the episode, we see a [[spoiler:still-frozen Wash and Carolina, complaining for [[SarcasmMode all the right reasons]] - respectively, Wash not being able to scratch his nose and Carolina being stuck in a "yoga pose"]].
* Caboose sending Temple into a minor VillainousBreakdown just from [[spoiler:his continued inability to accept that Church is dead, robbing Temple of any satisfaction over it.]]

[[AC: Episode 17: Quicksave]]
* Wash is [[SanitySlippage a liiiiittle out of it]] [[spoiler: from starvation and dehydration after Locus rescues him and Carolina]].
-->'''Wash''': ''(slurred)'' Well, as soon as this elevator stops, I'll be ready to kick ass and take names.\\
'''[[spoiler: Locus]]''': We're not in an elevator.\\
'''Wash''': Oh, well, in that case, it's gonna be up to you three to save the day.\\
'''Carolina''': ''Three?''\\
'''Wash''': Yeah! You, [[spoiler: Locus]], and [[Series/SesameStreet Big Bird]] over there. ''(camera cuts to empty spot)'' What up, Big B!
* Sarge tries to get Jax and Dylan to [[spoiler:say that it was his plan all along to be a {{Reverse|Mole}} HeelFaceMole]]. First, he is very serious about it, and they don't really buy helping him... but then this happens.
-->'''Sarge:''' [[ExactWords Let me phrase this another way...]] [[spoiler:(''[[AintTooProudToBeg goes down on his knees]]'') Pretty please with a cherry on top, tell the guys this was my plan all along, ohhhh... have mercy! [[DramaticIrony Don't make me beg! You wouldn't like what it sounds like!]]]]
* After running into [[spoiler: Locus]] and learning he's there to rescue the Blood Gulch crew, Sarge insists on "proper procedure" to decide who leads the operation. [[spoiler: Rock Paper Scissors. Imagining the look on Locus' face as he stares at Sarge constantly playing a one-sided game of Rock Paper Scissors in StunnedSilence is the bulk of the hilarity. You can almost hear him thinking "''This'' is one of the people who took down Hargrove?"]]
* [[spoiler:Locus can only take so much of the Reds and Blues' constant chatter, which results in him raising his voice to the ''highest'' octave we've ever heard from him up to this point:]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Locus]]''': ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Please]]''. [[spoiler:''(slices Tucker's cell open with his key)'']] '''[[SuddenlyShouting STOP!!!]]'''
* The reactions to [[spoiler: Locus']] jail break.
--> '''Tucker''': Just for the record, I hate this.\\
'''Grif''': I dig this.\\
'''[[spoiler: Locus]]''': (with Caboose somehow managing to hug him) I hate this.
** After [[spoiler: Sarge's]] touching apology to his friends for his [[spoiler: FaceHeelTurn]], [[spoiler: Locus]] gets this gem while growing [[NotSoStoic increasingly impatient with the Reds and Blues' not following him out of the cellblock]].
--> '''[[spoiler:Locus]]''': [[DeadpanSnarker I, for one, believed]] ''every'' word of that and found it all ''very'' moving, so [[SuddenlyShouting CAN WE GO NOW PLEASE?!]]
* Grif and Simmons' heartfelt talk ends when they notice Jax slowly walking up to them.
--> '''Grif''': Uh, dude, what the fuck are you doing?\\
'''Jax''': Don't mind me. [[HomoeroticSubtext I'm just getting into position for the]] [[BigDamnKiss kiss.]]\\
''(Grif and Simmons look to each other for a moment)''\\
'''Dylan''': ''(returns to see Jax lying on the floor)'' What happened to him?\\
'''Grif''': [[CutHimselfShaving He slipped.]]

[[AC: Episode 18: Desolation]]
* The reunion between the Reds and Blues and Vic.
-->'''Dylan:''' Promise you won't kill me. Or him.
* Vic's description of the [[spoiler:new [=UNSC=] headquarters']] defenses.
--> '''Vic:''' Oh, this place is decked down like you wouldn't believe! Half a dozen checkpoints, shields, a battalion of troops stationed there, an entire fleet in orbit on the overhead! And... [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking two hot tubs]].
* How they figure out Temple's plan: they try thinking like the Blues and Reds. Cue everyone looking at Sarge and Caboose.
--> '''Sarge:''' Why is everybody looking over here?

[[AC: Episode 19: Red vs. Red]]
* To keep viewers from feeling sorry for the rest of the Blues and Reds' Grunts, the ones stationed outside are such [[AssholeVictim immoral jerks]] that it CrossesTheLineTwice.
* One Grunt makes an offensive comment about global warming, resulting in [[HumiliationConga him getting shot by Tucker, run over by Sarge, and finally kicked by Grif]].
* Grif using [[ChekhovsGag the Meth-Meth Shrooms]] to gain [[ComicBook/TheFlash Flash-level]] [[SuperSpeed Super Speed]] powers and effortlessly take out most of the Grunts.
* As everyone else helps in the big battle, Caboose contributes by... [[BrickJoke tying enemy soldiers' shoelaces together]]. The extra-funny part is that it actually ''works''! Afterwards, Caboose proceeds to duck-walk circles around Tucker and [[HighlyVisibleNinja boast about his stealth skills]].
* Tucker's method of dealing with an enemy tank is [[CherryTapping punching it over and over again]]. And ''it works''. [[OverlyLongGag Eventually]].
* Crossing over with CrowningMomentOfAwesome, [[TagalongKid Jax]] helping [[WeNeedADistraction distract]] a machine gun turret-equipped [[KillerRobot Lorenzo]] for Tucker...by [[SeriousBusiness insulting famous Italian filmmakers]] and shouting [[TakeThat "Soccer is boring as fuck!"]]. Which Lorenzo [[FelonyMisdemeanor cries out as blasphemy]] before trying to [[DisproportionateRetribution kill Jax with the aforementioned tank]].

[[AC: Episode 20: Blue vs Blue]]
* The increasingly bizarre {{Rousing Speech}}es that Sarge and Tucker come up with. According to [[OnlySaneMan Carolina]], [[OverlyLongGag the longest record for them is]] ''two hours''.
* A '''huge''' dose of BlackComedy [[BlackComedyBurst goes down when]] [[spoiler:Surge is gradually brought around to Sarge's line of thinking, while the latter has an arm on the former to stop him from falling into lava]]. Of course, the latter then decides to [[ShaggyDogStory do a salute]].
* [[HeelFaceTurn Doc]] swears on "Scout's honor" that he'll help [[DentedIron Carolina]]. However, Doc was [[{{Metaphorgotten}} never a Boy Scout]] because [[CosmicPlaything he's afraid of badges]].
* [[LaughablyEvil Temple's]] [[StylisticSuck hilariously awful]] [[EvilGloating evil monologue]] to the [[spoiler:armor-locked Reds and Blues]], which consists of an absurd string of {{Metaphorgotten}} old quotes, [[WaxingLyrical song lyrics]], and [[ShoutOut pop-culture references]] - backed by a [[LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn "monologue mix."]]
* Grif's BigDamnHeroes moment [[spoiler: [[EpicFail fails epically]]- instead of dramatically swinging to the rescue, he slips and falls with comical sound effects.]] Even [[spoiler: [[AxCrazy Temple]]]] is amused.

[[AC: Episode 21: Epilogues]]
* [[spoiler:Vic's HeroicSacrifice. Not only is it a parody of Epsilon's last scene from Season 13 ([[CrossesTheLineTwice Complete with an 8 bit rendition of the music!]]), but it serves as the ultimate payoff to the RunningGag of Vic wanting to die: as soon as he reaches that part of Epslion's speech about whenever someone sacrifices themselves to save the day, said person is the only one to not know the pay off... he begins ''celebrating'' finally being able to die.]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Vic]]''': [[spoiler:[[FamousLastWords This is 555-VICK signing off... (pissed) And if anybody backed me up, I will]] ''[[FamousLastWords punch you in the nuts.]]'']]
** On top of that is the fact that [[spoiler: due to being prerecorded, Vic's ''actual'' final words were an extended highly glitchy "Duderino".]]
* After a massive build-up of energy [[spoiler:in the wake of Vic's HeroicSacrifice]], the massive time machine-laser drill completes the crescendo by...[[spoiler:disappearing in a cartoonish "pop!"]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Grif]]''': Anyone want to explain ''what the fuck just happened?!''
* [[BigBad Temple]]'s eventual defeat is humiliating to say the least. [[spoiler: After going on a corny ViciousCycle monologue, Tucker scares the shit outta him with the threat of stabbing his face off before deactivating his sword and punching him out, leaving Temple in a hilarious pose.]]
** Also dips slightly into [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Awesome]] due to Tucker [[spoiler: getting one hell of a comeback in on Temple considering Temple backstabbed just about ''all'' his allies.]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Temple]]:''' [[spoiler: [[SmugSnake Yeah Tucker!]] If you kill me you'll just perpetuating this neverending cycle of revenge and retaliation! My [[TrrrillingRrrs frriends]] will avenge me!]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Tucker]]:''' [[spoiler: ''[[ArmorPiercingQuestion What]]'' friends?]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Temple]]:''' [[spoiler: [[OhCrap I... Uh... Nonononononono!]] [[DirtyCoward No don't, please!]] (Gets decked)]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Tucker]]:''' [[spoiler: (snarled) ''Dickhead''.]]
* [[spoiler:[[SanitySlippage Wash]] is fine, being taken care of by Dr. Grey on Chorus! According to the Lieutenants and Sister, he claimed he had an important message for the Reds and Blues - [[CloudCuckoolander before he started singing the]] ''[[WesternAnimation/DuckTales2017 Duck]] [[WesternAnimation/DuckTales1987 Tales]]'' [[EarWorm theme song]] and fell asleep.]]
* Dylan and Jax's [[HeartwarmingMoments heartwarming]] talk is completely derailed when Jax clarifies that when he said he'd "never forget this" he meant [[BlackComedy because of the case of PTSD he'd developed.]]
* When Dylan calls Carlos Trabka at the very end to finally deliver her story, his attitude is...[[DissonantSerenity remarkably pleasant]]. This is because when Dylan took his nephew and a starship to pursue the story on her own, he had a complete breakdown and had to be prescribed sedatives. The kind that are usually reserved for ''horses.''
** And then Dylan brings up how Jax is recovering from ''multiple'' gunshot wounds, and the ship is completely totaled. Carlos' serenity starts to slip. Then Dylan says she's got the story, but it'll have to wait. Cue Carlos ''finally'' losing his mind:
-->'''Carlos Trabka''': ''I'm not waiting! Don't you dare hang up on me, all right?! I am NOT above putting out a contract on your stinking, filthy, pencil-headed little life, Dylan! Ahahahahaha!''
-->'''Dylan Andrews''': Yo dude, [[DeadpanSnarker take a]] [[CallBack chill pill.]]
* [[BrickJoke Lopez' head dumped into the ocean.]]
* The Blues and Reds [[BrickJoke getting served fish in prison]].
* We actually get to hear Carolina singing in the end credits! And it's ...[[HollywoodToneDeaf appropriately awful]].
* The last stinger during the credits? [[spoiler:Church ''still'' having no idea what the fuck the thing with Caboose and the time portal was about.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Church''']]: What the actual fuck? All right, well, [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain I'm just gonna try to forget that ever happened]] and [[LampshadeHanging never bring it up again]].


[[folder:Mini Series]]

[[AC: Relocated]]
* Sarge, wanting to get their new base in Valhalla up and running, sends Grif up to the very top of the structure. Eventually, Grif finds that some wreckage is blocking something, and Simmons suggests using a grenade to clear it.
-->'''Grif:''' Is that safe?\\
'''Simmons:''' ''None'' of this is safe! You wanna start analyzing ''now?''
** Earlier, Sarge sends Simmons to spy on Blue Base, where Simmons has an encounter with Caboose. He returns to report...
--->'''Simmons:''' Well, [the base] isn't running on brain power, I can tell you that.\\
'''Sarge:''' Oh, good! That means Grif can still be used as a reliable fuel source!
** Grif climbs up the tower to examine the port, and yells his findings down to Sarge and Simmons at ground level:
--->'''Grif:''' I think it's blocked!\\
'''Sarge:''' What?\\
'''Grif:''' It's ''blocked!''\\
'''Sarge:''' What's blocking it?\\
'''Grif:''' It looks like a bunch of pieces of a ship!\\
'''Sarge:''' That's disgusting! Who would climb all the way up there just to do that?\\
'''Grif:''' I said shi-''puh!''

[[AC: Where There's a Will, There's a Wall]]
* Sarge wants to take down the wall behind Red Base to see what's on the other side. His first idea? send a Warthog (Driven by Grif) down a ramp to smash through it. Lopez's Hispanic deadpan commentary only drives the humor home.
** Meanwhile, the Blues have gotten a Pelican chopper. Each soldier has an ImagineSpot;
*** Church wants to pull a ScrewThisImOuttaHere.
*** Tucker wants to pick up chicks.
*** And Caboose? His thought balloon just has a floating wreckage of what the Pelican used to be. Thought!Caboose looks down at Real!Caboose and says, "I have no idea what I'm doing."
** At the end, Lopez has his own ImagineSpot: He's in the tank, and uses it to kill both the Reds and Blues in one shot.

[[AC: MIA]]
* When Grif is apparently kidnapped, Sarge calls Command and and VIC (!) forwards him to Doc. Sarge wants Doc's to fill in, but runs into a problem.
-->'''Sarge:''' Don't tell me you're still one of those lame Paci-whatevers.\\
'''Doc:''' Pacifists. Yeah, Sarge, I still am. You don't just turn it off when it's convenient. It's not like being a vegan.

[[AC: Grifball]]
* The Commissioner is hilarious, due to his smug voice and how swiftly he diverts any criticisms towards his management style.

[[folder:[=PSAs=] and Other Videos]]
* The end of the "Real Life vs. The Internet" PSA:
** Where they come to politics:
---> '''--REAL LIFE--'''\\
'''Church:''' Look, that's just the way I feel about it.\\
'''Sarge:''' Well I disagree, but I respect your opinion.\\
'''Church:''' You deserve to DIE! Die and go to hell and be burned!\\
'''Sarge:''' Oh, yeah?! Well, I hope you get raped! Twice! Maybe then you feel different! Jerk!\\
'''Grif:''' We don't need to find any weapons of mass destruction! We just need to WANT to find them! That's the way it works!\\
'''Doc:''' Would you like to change your home page to moveon.org?\\
'''Donut:''' Politics make me soooo horny! Check out my webcam picks at presidentialsluts.com!
** The best part of this whole exchange is that the domain name presidentialsluts.com is registered to Geoff Ramsey, Grif's voice actor.
** Or when they discuss checking your mail:
---> '''--REAL LIFE--'''\\
'''Church:''' [[BillBillJunkBill Bills, bills, bills... coupon. Great.]]\\
'''Simmons:''' Pardon me, my friend, but I am Nigirean Roylty, and I need you to send me money. Please ignore the fact that I can't spell "Nigerian." Or "royalty."\\
'''Doc:''' Would you like to refinance your home? Mortgage rates have never been lower! \\
'''Grif:''' Hey, Church! We have all the filthiest sluts on the internet. They're hopped up on herbal Viagra and waiting for you!\\
'''Doc:''' You could put it in escrow!
** Earlier in the vid is Gustavo Sorola's (Simmons' VA) favorite quote of the series:
---> '''Simmons:''' I hate you! And I hate the bands you like!
* One word: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqWtbQdA6o4 Grifball]]. Eventually became an AscendedMeme.
** [[Film/DodgeballATrueUnderdogStory The American Grifball League]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment of America]]
** Caboose's description of the game.
--->'''Caboose:''' It's just like hockey. Except with Grif, and more teeth.
* The "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5aUvk86XiA Game On]]" PSA. ''"Can we stop that fucking horn already!"''
* Everyone was busy during the "Columbus Day" PSA... so they let ''Caboose'' host it. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IsJfFDQpgY Epic Hilarity Ensues.]]
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDaaCREc954 Valentine's Day PSA]]. Caboose mourns over celebrating without Church and remembers their "[[HoYay tradition]]".
--->'''Caboose''': Hey Church! Happy Valentine--\\
'''Church''': Get the fuck away from me.
* Outtakes from [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8amvapQuP4 Reconstruction.]] Notable moments are "AUTOBOTS, ''TRANSFORM!''" (followed by his absurdly deep "OH MY GOD"), [[OohMeAccentsSlipping Scottish!Wash]], and the Meta [[BeatingADeadPlayer teabagging.]] Not to mention Church's ''terrible'' singing of [[Music/KatyPerry "I Kissed a Girl."]]
* Church attempting to describe Sergeant Johnson's [[MemeticBadass Memetic Badassitude]] in the last ''Halo 3: ODST'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6wNn5DhaF4 promotional video.]]
-->'''Church:''' Sergeant Johnson is as tough as they come. They say he's a strong as an ox, and as agile as... a... smaller ox.\\
'''Sarge:''' What?\\
'''Church:''' He moves like a whisper, that you only say to the wind at midnight.\\
'''Simmons:''' Why would you do that? That doesn't make any sense.\\
'''Church:''' He's as cunning as a fox, taking a... pottery class at a... Ivy League university... that accepts foxes!\\
'''Grif:''' Wow. You're not very good at analogies, are you?
* From the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFZzcli_okQ Sixth Anniversary PSA]]:
-->'''Sarge:''' Why are you still in character?\\
'''Lopez:''' [[MethodActing Don't Fuck with my Method.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNqfskP72Nw The Fire Safety PSA]] in [[FauxToGuide all of its glory]].
--> "You may be asking yourself: what is fire? If you're asking that, it's because you're an idiot. You'll probably ask things like 'What am the sky?' and 'How does eat food?' Even cavemen knew what fire was, you dumbass."
* In their [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8bzvODzPJ8 Olympics PSA]], Sarge gets the idea to give medals of ''enriched uranium'' to the losers.
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh3AXwolioQ What I Did On My Summer Vacation.]]": Caboose gets caught up in the Halo: Reach campaign.
** When Caboose and Jorge are blasting into space.
--->'''Caboose:''' Man, I can't wait to touch all of these buttons.\\
'''Jorge:''' Don't touch any buttons.\\
'''Caboose:''' ...Touch.\\
'''Jorge:''' ''(Ejected into space)'' Cabooooose~!
** In Dr. Halsey's introductory cutscene:
---> '''Dr Halsey:''' Do you have it? ''(referring to the package)''\\
'''Caboose:''' No, you won't let go of it.\\
'''Dr Halsey:''' Say the words please.\\
'''Caboose:''' The words please.\\
'''Jun:''' What?
** When Caboose gets dropped off back at Blood Gulch from orbit.
--->'''Caboose:''' Goodbye. Thank you for the ride. You are my new best friends and I will never forget you. You probably can't hear me though because everyone knows there's no oxygen on a rollercoaster. I am yelling quieter now because I am further away from you.
* The Blood Gulch team plays [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCIZhrtbCtM Firefight.]]
** A bonus is that Doc is reunited with Omega for his scene.
--->'''Doc''': I haven't had a [[WorstAid killing spree]] [[NoodleIncident since]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice my last residency!]]
** Pretty much everything Church does.
--->'''Church:''' That was a sniper kill, [[ExactWords I used]] [[PistolWhip the sniper rifle.]]\\
'''Church:''' ''(after a highly successful [[StuffBlowingUp ordinance blast]])'' [[BlatantLies Hey Tucker, look how many guys I killed with the sniper rifle!]]
** Also Caboose.
---> '''Caboose:''' [[TankGoodness De-de-de, I have a tank.]]\\
'''Caboose:''' That's not my fault, someone put your body in my way.\\
'''Caboose:''' You look sad, [[StuffBlowingUp have a free grenade.]]\\
'''Caboose:''' [[StickyBomb They're sticky!]]
* Donut's ImageSong [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8R-B7efoHs Donut: The Musical]] will never not be funny.
* The ''Higgs Bozos'' PSA has Sarge's idea of a scientific demonstration, followed by [[DumbassHasAPoint Caboose going on a lengthy and somewhat eloquent speech about the nature of knowledge]], closing with the thought that "People will always look up at the sky, and just [[ArcWords wonder why we're here]]". Then he shouts "WATER BISON POWERS ACTIVATE!" and runs off at super speed. Simmons and Sarge's reactions, both to the speech and Caboose's exit, seal the deal.
--->'''Caboose:''' Yeah, the universe sure is mysterious. But, you know, what if we did solve all the problems? What then? Would we just live on, forever, happy in our triumph over ignorance? Or is ignorance just a common enemy that, once destroyed, would leave our species without a reason to carry on? I guess it doesn't really matter what the answer is, because even if we could attain supreme knowledge, the thought of it just wouldn't keep us together. In the end, people will always look up at the sky, and just wonder why we're here. [[MoodWhiplash WATER BISON POWERS, ACTIVATE!]]
* From the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1UqH6gm6ok Online Survival PSA]]:
** Discussing how to deal with Internet Trolls with a Red and Blue Battle Creek Zealot each playing the role of a troll. Just hearing ''SARGE'' saying this is hilarious:
---> '''Sarge''': ''(trying not to retaliate)'' Frowny emoticon...!
* During the PSA's released to announce Halo4's release date, Sarge and the Reds are trying to keep the release date secret from the Blues so they won't know to pre-order. The camera then cuts to Tucker and Church, who then casually reveal that they already knew the release date and have pre-ordered. Also, Sarge's song about the date so that they remember.
* The Gadgets PSA, providing a satire against how new seeming gadgets get replaced by even newer ones.
'''Simmons:''' Ah, Jesus!\\
'''Church:''' What's that noise?!\\
'''Simmons:''' It's my cellphone. Donut must have borrowed it. He's always overclocking the vibrate setting and [[{{ADateWithRosiePalms}} calling]] [[AssShove himself]].\\
'''Church:''' [[{{Squick}} Gross...]]
* The Voting Fever PSA; it's a CallBack to their ''Halo 4'' announce date videos; with Grif and Simmons trying to trick Sarge into thinking they were out to vote. Sarge forces them to do a pro-voting musical number; with a chorus of [=ODSTs=] joining in and Grif having no clue about how elections work. To top it all off, it's revealed Sarge used the song as a distraction to steal their place in line to buy ''Halo 4''. [[FromBadToWorse And it turns out the two of them actually did get sick.]] [[note]]To get out of work and grab Halo 4, Grif and Simmons had to get a sick day for November 6th.[[/note]]
* York's ImageSong "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YrfyeurqnI Come On Carolina]]", where he complains she's "always being such a bitch" and asks if she could "please stop kicking me", and suggests "playing ''[[BreakingTheFourthWall Halo 4]]'' naked" and "having babies with green eyes".
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P-L_k_6Ous teaser for Season 11.]] To elaborate, it begins with two random soldiers talking, with one of them (Dennis) giving a rather [[BuffySpeak truncated]] summary of everything the Blood Gulch Crew's been through up to this point, while his friend (Jerry) keeps demanding to know how this is relevant to them:
-->'''Jerry:''' Dennis?\\
'''Dennis:''' Jerry?\\
'''Jerry:''' I love you.\\
'''Dennis:''' O...kay...what?\\
'''Jerry:''' You are my friend.\\
'''Dennis:''' I know.\\
'''Jerry:''' I ''enjoy'' our Tete-a-tetes.\\
'''Dennis:''' Our what-a-whats?\\
'''Jerry:''' But if you do not tell me what the ''hell'' all this has to do with ''us'' in the next ''five seconds,'' I AM GOING TO SHOOT YOU!
** Eventually, it turns out that the two guys were supposed to greet the ship that was transporting the BGC...and that said ship hasn't shown up. Naturally, Jerry starts wondering where they are. Cue the GilliganCut to the BGC standing before the smoking wreckage of a massive transport, now marooned on an alien world. And the more things change, the more they stay the same:
--->'''Caboose:''' [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Not my fault.]]\\
'''Tucker:''' ''Absolutely'' your fault.\\
'''Sarge:''' ''(Chuckles)'' Well, looks like we're gonna be here a while; [[HereWeGoAgain better build some bases!]] Grif, Simmons, let's get to work!\\
'''Simmons:''' [[YesMan Yes, sir!]]\\
'''Grif:''' Ugh, ''work?'' I ''hate'' work! Work's the worst!\\
'''Washington:''' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck I think I'm going to regret this.]]\\
*** [[spoiler:Caboose is right for once. As far as we know, it really wasn't his fault.]]
* During a live event, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPsEUTHJY1M the RT crew did a live table read for the then upcoming 'MIA' miniseries]]. While the regulars were doing the assorted voices (with Bernie doing Vic), they had a pair of audience members doing 'naration' and 'sound effects'. At one point, when Vic is dialing the phone, the sound effects guy made the touch tone sounds play Mary Had a Little Lamb.
-->'''Gus:''' Hey, don't steal the spotlight.\\
'''Sound effects guy''' <bows to the crowd>
** Also, at the end of the 'call', 'Vic' ab libs that [[TalkingToHimself Sarge and Doc sound alike]]. 'Sarge' replies that they don't, but why doesn't he call up Church, or even Lopez.
** Once, it strays off the script, so 'Simmons' has to note 'Sarge' cut him off earlier.
* The 'Match Breaking' PSA with Tucker and Simmons giving advice on how to get a date/to get laid. Funny overall, with a guest appearance of Sister, it ends with a Warthog driven by Carolina, with Grey and Kimball, running Tucker down.
-->'''Tucker:''' Lavernius Tucker, love doctor [[KilledMidSentence extraordinHURGWAAauh]]\\
'''Carolina:''' Nobody here had a problem with that, right?\\
'''Kimball:''' Not at all.\\
'''Dr. Grey:''' Nope!
** Prior to this, Simmons runs off after a date he'd stood up because she'd sent him a ;) emoticon, which was "getting too serious". She shows up again - after having spent the night with Tucker working the rebound.
** Prior to that, Tucker approaches a woman at a club.
--->'''Tucker:''' ''[narrating]'' You can then make your presence known by delivering a well thought-out and rehearsed pick up line. Such as...\\
'''Tucker:''' ''[shouting over the loud music]'' HEY HOT STUFF! NICE LEGS! WHAT TIME DO THEY OPEN? SO WE CAN--\\
''[She shoots him in the face]''\\
* Sarge and Caboose go camping. It goes about as well as you'd expect. [[spoiler:Except that they go camping in ''{{VideoGame/Minecraft}}''.]]
* In the ''Relocated'' commentary Burnie Burns stated flat-out that if a joke is funny enough, the continuity gets temporarily suspended so it can be used, in the particular case the "Sister falling through the ice" joke.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1amVKTN5IuM Red vs. Blue Blockbuster Trailer]]
* ''Sleeper'', a live-action skit, features Sarge, Caboose, and Grif in cryogenic stasis being awoken by a nameless scientist type (as played by Burnie Burns). Not only is it hilarious to actually see everyone in Spartan armor {{Head Bob}}bing like in the games, but Grif treats cryosleep like ''regular'' sleep, including installing a snooze button on his tube's alarm and begging off for "five more minutes" when Sarge tries to wake him. When the scientist notes that the taste of cryofluid should keep him from going back to sleep, Grif reveals that he "got bubble gum flavor" and a cut to the scientist's DataPad reveals that he really has flooded his tube with bubble gum flavored cyrogenic fluid. Everyone else apparently got "[[VulgarHumor scrotum flavor]]."
* Simmons interrupting the ASMR PSA (just in time to cover up Caboose removing his helmet) with an Anonymous-style warning. He then leaks all of their personal files to each other, including his own. He gets tackled by Tucker and Grif after they feign sympathy for him and walk off-screen to find him inside the base under the pretense of giving him a hug.
** Caboose [[CallBack wanting to role-play as a dragon]] and book-ending the video by asking if they were still going to do that.
** The content that Simmons leaks is ridiculous:
*** Tucker's SlashFic collection ''about himself''.
*** Nude pictures of Sister, much to Grif's embarrassment.
---->'''Tucker:''' Aaaand saved. You know, for later. [[BlatantLies To give back to her.]]
*** A screenplay for a Sarge movie sequel written by Simmons himself, though Simmons didn't mean to leak that.
*** A nude picture of Donut, though not leaked by Simmons, but by Donut himself unsurprisingly.
* One bonus video proported to show that before Nathan Zellner was cast as the alien in Blood Gulch Chronicles, they had the other cast members audition for the role. The result was [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_6Cnxt_eu4 a video of the various VAs doing it in character of their roles]].
-->'''Caboose:''' I AM AN ALIEN!
* From their Season 6 outtakes. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhT_mA4DPOQ "Butts" by Burnie Burns.]]
* After Season 14, RT put out a short [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGCZIEAkApo non-machinima video using a 360 setup]]. It's pretty simple, with Grif and Simmons talking on top of their base, with Grif going over what he thinks would be the perfect way of robbing somebody: Wearing a clown mask and escaping in a hot air balloon. [[spoiler:Meanwhile, if you take advantage of the 360 system, you can turn the camera around, and while the guys are talking, the Blues are in the base stealing the Red Army flag with Grif and Simmons being utterly clueless about what's going on.]]
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wLCbAdLZUs next 360 video]] involves the teams dividing the contents of a supply ship that "crashed" in Blood Gulch [[spoiler:i.e. it was shot down by the Reds]]. This includes the viewer [[spoiler:probably the ship's unfortunate pilot, who also doesn't survive the next two minutes.]]
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dbcnt15I02w third 360 video]] is about Tucker [[spoiler: and Caboose and Church and Sarge]] trying to teach Junior about sex. We could try to list the funny moments but every moment is a funny one.
-->'''Tucker:''' He can't die a virgin! That's Simmons' job!
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbedr6X75ug fourth 360 video]] is from [[CloudCuckoolander Caboose's]] perspective. The result is hearing [[{{Jerkass}} Church]] suddenly talk about friendship at the drop of a hat and Sarge having a pirate accent. Not too mention the drawings that keep popping up.
* On the Youtube channel, after every episode, the usual shilling of the channel has the cast saying funny stuff. The best is Caboose: "Where am I? [sees the SUBSCRIBE \ WATCH NEXT EPISODE text] Well, that looks nice... [ [[BreakingTheFourthWall turns to the viewer]] ] Oh my god! A giant person! *ducks scared*"