Empty Nest

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No! Don't leave me here by myself! I can't bear not having you around; I'll just miss you so much.

Parents are involved in their children's lives (well, good parents are). Parents love and support their children (well, good parents do). When children move out of the home and on to college, parents miss them terribly (well, you get where this is going). It's more than missing the child, there's a sense that the parent has lost something important in her life (it's somewhat more prevalent in women). Something similar happens when the child gets married.

Education Moms may suffer from this extra hard, as can My Beloved Smother.

Contrast Basement-Dweller, where a grown-up child overstays his welcome.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Tsukigasa, Tatsumi actually uses this term to describe how he feels now that his two friends are together and completely caught up in their relationship. Considering he was the Team Dad of the trio, it makes sense.

  • An Extremely Goofy Movie has Goofy suffering from this bad. He's so distracted by his son, Max, leaving for college that he ends up fired from his job, and has to go back to school to get a degree to get a better job... the same school Max is attending. Once there, Goofy promptly keeps trying to baby Max, losing focus on his studies, something he warned Max to avoid.
  • Accepted: The bulk of the film (90%) is about the kids at college, but the parents demonstrate Empty Nest.
  • Spanglish: The mom is all about her little girl; she even has trouble with her daughter going to a different, far(ther) away high school.
  • Father Of The Bride is all about this, but with the daughter getting married rather than going to college.
  • Christmas with The Kranks: Their kid is gone, they decide to have a little "us" time. They then go to hell for being selfish.


    Live-Action TV 
  • The Golden Girls: The girls have some neighbors at one point suffering from Empty Nest syndrome hard. This was retooled, revamped, and spun off into...
  • Empty Nest, the TV show. A show about a guy whose wife dies and then his adult daughters move in with him.
  • Cougar Town: Jules is a bag full of crazy whose life centers on her son. Bobby gets it, too.
  • Firefly: Did Simon get Empty Nest over River going to the Academy, or was it just that she was being systematically tortured and Mind Raped, able to communicate only in code?
  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: After the vassals leave at the end to pursue their own destinies, Jii, the mentor and father figure of the group, looks around the main gathering room and sadly asks, "Was this room always so spacious?"

    Newspaper Comics 

    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • Bill Engvall talks about dealing with this trope in his stand-up special Aged And Confused. Specifically, about how his wife is constantly driving him crazy now that the kids are gone.