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YMMV / Quake III: Arena

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  • Author's Saving Throw: The first two Quake games had nothing to do with each other at all. To rectify this, Arena establishes that both Quake I and Quake II exist in the same universe by incorporating characters and elements from both titles.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The so-called "Big Four" in Live: Aerowalk, Asylum, BloodRun and Campgrounds.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Visor, Anarki and Slash are some of the most used characters in the game, to the point where all three of them make a return in Quake Champions.
    • Orbb is popular due to his unique design, which is A factor as to why He is also A highly requested character for "Champions".
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Unreal Tournament, again, and to day debates still rage about which one was the superior FPS. It's a friendlier rivalry than most though, and many of each game's players also frequent the other.
    • History generally records Quake 3 as the winnernote  although neither franchise has aged well. Quake lost it's title as king of multi-player FPS to Counter-Strike and eventually Call of Duty as the realistic modern warfare trope started to develop, while Unreal Tournament tried to reinvent itself as a Battlefield style vehicle based game but didn't get anywhere near the popularity of Battlefield 1942 which was released several years earlier.
  • Follow the Leader: Alongside Unreal Tournament, Arena started the multiplayer-focused craze.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The BFG, changed from an imposing, slow-charging superweapon in Quake II and Doom to a Plasma Gun on Steroids.
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    • The three new weapons from Team Arena, when taken outside of the pack: the Nailgun, the Chaingun and the Prox Launcher.
      The Nailgun is a Shotgun with heavy-hitting nails which are guaranteed to destroy you unless you have the Guard rune.
      Like Quake II, the Chaingun is a faster (thus ammo consuming) and even more heavy hitting Machinegun. Also, the same deal as with the Nailgun, in that you need the Guard rune in order to survive this weapon.
      Finally, the Prox Launcher's mines can be blown but are hard to spot and players can even shot mines directly to their opponent, who will suffer "Spontaneous combustion" at the end of the timer, and cannot be removed by any means except death. To add insult to injury, these are the only weapons whose shots can trespass the Invulnerability shield, insta-fragging the shielded player after the explosion who had the bad luck of having a Proxy attached to it.
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    • The Runes themselves in some maps, with the exception of the useless Ammo Regen rune:
      The Guard rune saves the player from almost any hit and regenerates health to the very top.
      The Scout rune favors Hit-and-Run Tactics, especially in non-frag based gametypes. Not even the fact that it doesn't allow armor carrying will stop a very smart player who can and will steal flags before the defense knows there's an attacker on their base.
      The Doubler rune can be coupled with the Quad Damage for 8x the amount of damage. Think of the disaster someone can do with weapons such as the Plasma Gun (which now is on par with the BFG), the Chaingun, the Nailgun and the BFG itself (enjoy your easy "Excellent" awards).
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Wrack can say "You're making it harder for me to go through airports" in a game released two years before the founding of the TSA.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Unreal Tournament III includes a slightly modified version of Team Arena's "Harvester" mode called "Greed"note . As an answer of sorts, Live includes Domination as a gamemode, as well as Instagib versions of "Free For All" and "Capture the Flag"note .
    • The previous installment had a secret Easter Egg room with a Tank having a lovely time with two Iron Maiden. Along comes Tank Jr. being the offspring of such love!
    • Your first fight in the demo (second fight in the full game) takes place against Ranger in a map which also has a statue of Visor (whom you meet later in the game). Ranger and Visor were the first two playable characters announced for Quake Champions.
    • Sarge claiming to be in his bio "a master of modern warfare".
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: The Steam version of Live, as it's basically just III Arena in all but name due to going from matchmaking-based multiplayer to more traditional server-based play.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "You have taken the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have lost the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have lost the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have taken the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have taken the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have lost the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have lost the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have taken the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have taken the lead! QUAD DAMAGE! You are tied for the lead! You have lost the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have lost the lead! You are tied for the lead! You have taken the lead! You are tied for the lead!"
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Every weapon sound.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    Cadavre: I let you hit me because I like to watch the pus run.
  • Needs More Love: The main criticism of Quake Arena Arcade? "Not enough people is playing it". In many reviews, it's even the ONLY criticism of the game.
  • Polished Port: Each of the console ports for the game have proven to be pretty good in running the game smoothly and capturing it's feel the main (and sometimes only) criticism is how the game controls with A regular controller.
    • The Dreamcast version is often considered to be the best among them, with there even being servers for that version up to this day.
  • That One Boss: Xaero. To summarize, he takes the Railgun and ALWAYS HIT, and if he's close to you, he can simply waste you with the BFG or the Rocket Launcher. Oh, and did we mention that he's hard to hit? Try playing in Nightmare.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Every single change made to Live inevitably leads to dozens of forum posts complaining about the change.
    • Until the Steam release, fan-favourite and Tournament Play mainstay maps such as Blood Run, Wicked and Aerowalk being limited to subscribers.
    • The Steam preparation update has the addition of loadouts, weapon-independent ammo, in-game item spawn indicators, the addition of the Heavy Machinegun, and single-button-press strafing, among other polemic changes. Paradoxically, most of these changes were accepted when Quake Champions was developed.
    • The game going from a Free-to-Play game with optional paid subscriptions to a Buy-to-Play $10 game with sub services retired.
    • The BFG being changed from a slow firing super weapon that does massive damage with each hit to basically a souped-up plasma gun was disliked by many, which is likely why all the future incarnations of it (such as in Doom 3 and DOOM (2016)) it was changed back to it's original functionality.


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