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  • Canon Name: The game finally gives the Heroic Mime player characters of every past game a proper (nick)name:
  • Development Gag:
    • All of the bots in the game are based on bots from the Gladiator bot AI mod for Quake II. Mr. Elusive, the creator of the mod, was hired by Id in order to port his work to the game.
    • The in-game HUD of Team Arena is very similar to the original HUD for Quake.
    • Major appears as a statue in the first map, "Arena Gate". Major was the opponent in the Q3 demo version of that map.
  • Doing It for the Art: For a multiplayer-oriented game, there's a lot of effort put int it to make the game as enjoyable as possible.
    • The bots are only there if you don't have enough humans to play the game properly, and they're made for fighting rather than talking, but they will still chat at great length about anything, particularly if prompted by the player. They'll sometimes seem to make sense, rarely repeat themselves and never say anything less than true to their individual characterization. And there's thirty-two of them.
    • Live's Training map has Crash taking you into a course, for a latter fight against her. There's even voice acting and all.
  • Dueling Works: With Unreal Tournament, which came out two days before it. Ultimately, UT was the immediate winner, selling slightly better and and rating a little higher among critics, but Quake III pulled ahead in the long term due to its greater longevity among the competitive scene and more lasting influence that games on its engine or derivatives had over the next decade.
  • God-Created Canon Foreigner:
    • Although inspired by Doom himself, Phobos and Crash don't appear in the Doom games.
    • Likewise, Ranger's counterpart, Wrack, is nowhere to be seen in Quake.
    • Although Bitterman is the Player Character and Grunt the default selectable skin, Stripe is also nowhere to be seen in Quake II.
  • Hey, It's That Sound!:
    • The game recycles several sounds from Quake II, namely the Quad Damage activation sound, the Invulnerability wearing off sound for every other temporal item, the Invulnerability activation sound for the Battle Suit, the Grenade Launcher's sounds and the BFG shoot sound (that one which it does after charging) for the BFG shot.
    • Team Arena has some of Quake I's menu sounds.
    • The hit sound itself is a system sound from Windows 95 slowed down.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The maps which compose the "Premium" packs for Live are divided between converted Q3 maps and maps created by the community.
    • Premium Pak 5: "Tornado" by Richard "Swelt" Jacques.
    • Premium Pak 8: "Revolver" by Wiebo de Wit and "Sorrow" by Pawel "ShadoW" Chrapka.
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    • Premium Pak 13: "Infinity" by Ferdinand "Cityy" List, "Limbus" by Mike "Yellack" Schreiber and Gary "akm" Turner, "Silence" by cityy and "Terminus" by akm and Timo "frs" Laakso.
    • Premium Pak 14: "Sinister" by Yellack and akm.
    • Premium Pak 15: "Cold Cathode" by cityy and Tom "Phantazm11" Perryman.
    • Premium Pak 17: "Arcane Citadel" by Yellack and atm, and "Cure" by cityy
    • Premium Pak 18: "Delirium" by Russell "bst" Vint, and "Fuse" by cityy.
    • Premium Pak 21: "Arkinholm" by Richard "noctis" Gansterer and Chad "Despair" Younger, and "New Cerberon" by EmeraldTiger.
    • Premium Pak 22: "Ragnarok" by cityy and frs, and "Refinery" and "Satanic", both by Justin "StormShadow" Ingels.
    • Premium Pak 23: "Electrocution" by Colin "Q50" Dodd, "Lost Paradise" by Despair, and "Servitude" by Todd "Mr. Clean" Rose.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Early versions of III had a Chainsaw. It was replaced by the Gauntlet.
    • A flamethrower weapon was planned to be part of the arsenal. Gameplay reasons had it cut.
    • There were weight classes (the usual Fragile Speedster, Jack-of-All-Stats and Mighty Glacier, though), but were cut.
    • Mojang suggested that a game of Quake against Bethesda should be how they decided the Scrolls v. The Elder Scrolls trademark dispute. Bethesda never responded, unfortunately.
    • There was a Grappling Hook coded, but it wasn't added to the final game, not even in released patches, though. OpenArena finishes it and makes it available.
    • There was also a Portal item in Team Arena which never got to be finished.
    • Quake Arena Arcade began development as just a port of Quake III: Team Arena.
    • A Nintendo DS version called Quake Arena DS was in development but was cancelled.
  • Working Title: Live started development as Quake Zero.


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