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Fridge / Quake III: Arena

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The fight against Ranger takes place in a map which has Rocket Launcher, Shotgun and Plasma Gun, plus an armor and medium/large health items. All of the weapons appeared in Quake: the Shotgun is the default ranged weapon and the Rocket Launcher is iconic. As for the Plasma Gun, it appears in Dissolution of Eternity as a modified Thunderbolt.
    • The battle takes place in what looks like a cathedral being taken over by hell, and there's also the map's name ("Arena Gate"), considering that Quake is basically the first game in the series and (slip)gates are a common happenstance. How fitting.
  • The fight against Phobos takes place in a map which only has armor, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun and Shotgun, plus armors and health items. All of the weapons and items are present in Doom as well. The only odd out is the Haste power-up. Fitting as well, the map the battle takes place in has the Icon of Sin from Doom 2 as a wall decoration, and it being the second map may also be a reference to Doom being the second FPS game created by Id after Wolfenstein 3D.
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  • The Vadrigar placed Mynx (a hottie whose description says that she is a former porno star) and Orbb (a camera turned robot warrior) in a battle inside a tier which is otherwise comprised of 1on1 battles. Those dirty aliens...
  • The fight against Uriel in Tier 5 takes place in a map filled with fog. Uriel is the Archangel of Earth who warned Noah about the impending flood.
  • Bitterman doesn't look the tiniest bit like the other two male characters which come from II (Grunt and Stripe) and are inspired in the multiplayer models. That's because in II we never see his entire body and he isn't a selectable player in II either so we're seeing him in his actual form.
  • Major, another character from the Stroggos arc has appeared in the game. The only thing is that she underwent a Gender Flip situation, as in II she was made a male selectable model.


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