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Kraid as he was planned to appear in Metroid Prime.
The Metroid franchise has seen its share of cancelled games and scuttled concepts:
  • The files of the first Metroid has unique sprites for Samus facing left and right, but in the final game her sprites are simply mirrored.
  • Not only was there possibly a full-color version of Metroid II: Return of Samus planned for the Game Boy Color (which had a possibly mock-up image in the German Club Nintendo magazine, as the room shown does not appear in the game), but Retro Studios also considered remaking it at one point as a side project. In September 2017, the game got a remake, developed by MercurySteam Entertainment for the 3DS.
  • Samus' death animation in Super Metroid was going to be a little more mature - when the suit exploded, she was supposed to have been naked and would have screamed. However, the developers felt that went way too far, removed the scream and painted over Samus' body with something of a swimsuit.
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  • Data for the Long Beam as an unlock can be found in Super Metroid, but in the final game Samus has it from the start.
  • There were discussions about possibly making a "Metroid 64" for the Nintendo 64, but production never got any further than a few vague pie-in-the-sky ideas. According to one interview by Yoshio Sakamoto, Nintendo approached at least one company with a concept - said company turned it down due to fears that it couldn't live up to Super Metroid's standards.
  • DIC pitched a Metroid cartoon, with concept art that featured a male Samus Aran with black hair and a glass helmet that left no ambiguity to his gender. It doesn’t appear the pitch ever got past the concept art however.
  • Metroid Prime:
    • An early prototype of the game was developed for the Nintendo GameCube, and was intended to have (among other things) a third-person perspective, a different character model for Samus, no loading buffers and a different HUD. The prototype was all but scrapped by Shigeru Miyamoto after its public debut at Spaceworld 2000, ostensibly because controlling in third-person was too difficult, and the game was reworked to use a first-person perspective.
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    • There was intended to be another boss in the game - "Meta" Kraid. The design of the character got far enough that he was modeled and skinned, but time constraints prevented him from being included in the final version. (The developers claim that the beta model seen above was not replaced by the Omega Pirate, despite the model shown in the boss arena from the Phazon Mines.) To date, Kraid's only 3D appearances have been in the Super Smash Bros. series.
    • An early version of the Ripper was also intended to be in the game, but was also scrapped.
    • Samus was originally intended to be voiced (probably by Jennifer Hale, though details are sketchy), but this was scrapped and Samus remained mute for the duration of the game. The only hint of this narration is an alternate opening sequence that is still present on the game files, where Samus narrates her experiences up to the beginning of the game. Interestingly, this narration script was partially used in the Opening/Menu remix in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, albeit with different (male) voice actor.
    • Another What Could Have Been comes from all the games Nintendo cancelled so Retro would only focus on that game (including the RPG Raven Blade, which could fill a gap in the GameCube's library of said genre). Additionally, all of the Prime games have unlockable concept art, which contains many different designs and concepts, though opinions differ on what would have been better or worse.
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes:
    • Early plans for Echoes were very different from the final game. An early pitch document, written by level designer Tony Giovannini, detailed possible ideas for the game, and included unused gameplay/design elements like aliens in cryostasis, a schizophrenic AI, a gameplay mechanic where time can flow backwards and/or the gravity of a room can be altered, many different enemy types, plans for an "Ancient Chozo Robot Battle" multiplayer mode (where the players roll up into the chestplate of ancient robots and use them to battle) and much, much more.
    • There was a plan to have both Dark Ridley and a Dark Luminoth enemy. The latter was scrapped because it made no sense in-story; a Luminoth would rather self-terminate than allow itself to be controlled by the Ing.
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption:
    • Corruption would have used Samus' gunship a lot more. The final game is still full of Gunship Missile Capacity Upgrades and Gunship Missile Refills, but due to the rarity of doing bombing runs in the game, they're very nearly useless.
    • The game was also planned to have a multiplayer mode and it would have been more fleshed out and developed compared to the bare-bones multiplayer found in Echoes. The concept was scrapped due to time constraints.
  • The early beta for Metroid Fusion was very different compared to the end product. The beta (which premiered in 2001 at E3, and was planned for the Game Boy Color) had an alternate stylized logo (called "Metroid IV"), a different Fusion Suit for Samus (which she seems to have voluntarily put on, if the short cutscene is any indication), Metroids could be encountered outside of the Research Laboratory, there were additional suit upgrades (one of which allowed Samus to tether enemies, and another which allowed her to walk on walls) and a different ship layout, possibly among other changes.
  • Next Level Games was planning to make a Metroid game for the 3DS, only for it to be cancelled in favor of Luigi's Mansion 2. The only evidence of its potential existence is statements from the developers and some concept art.
  • Metroid: Dread is a rather nebulous example. It's the long-awaited fifth game for the base series, continuing the story after Fusion. While it's been confirmed that the story has been complete for years, it has never actually been cancelled, which could just make this a case of Development Hell. On the other hand, Nintendo's said that if they ever make it they'll redo the story. So it's either permanent development hell or impending What Could Have Been.


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