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Tear Jerker / Metroid

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The Metroid series indeed has its moments of sadness. Metroid: Other M and Metroid Dread have their own pages.

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    Super Metroid 
  • Super Metroid has several, mostly dealing with the baby Metroid that imprinted on Samus in Metroid II: Return of Samus.
    • In Tourian, a Giant Metroid swoops out of nowhere and latches onto Samus, drains almost her entire energy reserve... and then, just when her health gets low enough for the "situation critical" beeping to start, it abruptly lets go and floats away, its chirrups changing to the high-pitched cries of the Baby Metroid from the game's start, almost like it's saying "Mommy?" After releasing Samus, it will hover around her for a bit like it did in Metroid II before flying away. Or, if you have her shoot at it, it immediately flees like a scolded child.
      • Fridge Brilliance: unless you're a supremely skilled player, the last thing the Baby Metroid remembers from the prologue is Samus' health alarm beeping after her skirmish with Ridley.
    • During the final battle with Mother Brain, Samus is nearly killed by its penultimate attack, injured to the point where she can't even stand upright. As Mother Brain prepares to finish her off, the Giant Metroid bursts into the room and grabs it, sucking the life out of it to save its mother. It then settles onto Samus, restoring her health... at which point the Not Quite Dead Mother Brain gets back up. Samus can only watch as Mother Brain rains attacks upon the Metroid, who shields Samus as long as possible before retreating. But then it lunges at Mother Brain, only to be slain with a pained cry. Gamers find themselves heartbroken by the death of an alien jellyfish... and relieved when the resulting Mama Bear moment from Samus lets them make Mother Brain pay by blowing its head off of its neck with a weapon so powerful that Mother Brain's remains crumble to dust before your eyes.
  • Even a boss gets a Tear Jerker moment. After beating the Draygon, she'll drop to the floor and her three children will mournfully bury her. Samus, herself an orphan, had inadvertently orphaned three sea creatures. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero.

    Metroid Fusion 
  • In Metroid Fusion, Samus proposes her plan to stop the Government Conspiracy from abusing the X Parasites and the SA-X, by Colony Dropping the Biologic Space Labs. With herself still aboard.
    Samus: The X must not escape this station. I must send them all to oblivion. Them, the station... and myself... if I have to.
  • The penultimate conversation with the AI Adam was an even bigger Tear Jerker:
    Adam: Did this "Adam" care for you? Would he sit in a safe command room somewhere and order you to die?
    Samus: He would understand that some must live and some must die... He knew what it meant. He made that sacrifice, once.
    Adam: So he chose life for you? Our fair warrior? Your Adam gave his life so that you might keep yours... for the sake of the universe...
    Samus: (long pause)
    Adam: Samus, this is your last mission. Go to the Operations Room and alter the station's orbit path to intercept SR388. Set the self-destruct, return to your ship and escape. Move quickly, and stay alive... Any objections, Lady?

    Metroid Prime 2 
  • According to the Luminoth lore entries in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Aether was a beautiful place before a meteor hit the planet, opening a portal to a parallel Dark World and releasing the Ing, invasive monsters whose goal is corrupting the world and all life in it into their own twisted image. The poor Luminoth, who are essentially a peaceful people, were forced to create weapons of war to combat the Ing, and it still wasn't enough. Even their ultimate weapon, the Quadraxis, was stolen by the Ing. Most of the Luminoth had no choice but to go into hyper-sleep with the hopes that either their remaining sentinels can find some way to turn the tables and win, or a new hero will come to stop the invading force and save them. And by the time Samus has come, the Ing have already stolen the last energy controller. Samus managed to steal it back, but what would've happened if things played out a little differently?
  • One can only imagine what is going through Samus' mind during the events of Echoes. U-Mos tells her to go to Agon Wastes and the ruins look similar to the Chozo Ruins on Talon IV. It's possible to interpret this as Samus being reminded of her own people. She couldn't save the Chozo but she'll be damned if she lets anyone else suffer the same fate.
  • One not-even-logged lore scan of a female Luminoth dead near a gate indicates she died of malnutrition, adding the note "She remained at her post, despite the fact that she was starving to death." The name of the area you find her in? Path of Honor.
  • The final log of the GFS Tyr. They Marines' ship is damaged but they manage a landing, everything's going fine, and then... "INCOMING!! They're closing in fast... I need backup... I need backup!!" Followed by fifteen seconds of horror as an army of Dark Splinters proceed to rip the Marines limb from limb. The true Tear Jerker comes at the end, though; as the log ends, Samus looks out at the crash site, shaking her head at the futility of their deaths, and then kneels next to Captain Exeter's body and closes his eyes through his broken visor.

    Metroid Prime 3 
  • In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it's bad enough that you're forced to kill your three fellow bounty hunters, but Rundas' fight is especially bad because of the music that plays. Try to listen to it without a few tears wetting your eyes.
    • What happens after you defeat Rundas is even worse: He’s left dazed, as if snapping out of Dark Samus’s control, before he’s suddenly impaled by his own icicles, instantly killing him. Whatever it was done by Dark Samus or by Rundas himself is unknown.
      • We also get a glimpse of Samus’s eyes as she watches Dark Samus consume her fellow bounty hunter: They are wide in shock and horror of what she had just witnessed and what’s happening.
  • Ghor's death is also sad, due to the fact that Samus is shooting away at Dark Samus in a futile attempt to save him.
  • Which leads into Gandrayda's death. Gandrayda staggers back, losing control of her shapeshifting, and eventually settles into Samus' form. Samus can only look away, shut her eyes and clench her fist. Then when Dark Samus appears, Samus doesn't even try to shoot her nemesis, she knows there's nothing she can do to save Gandrayda.
  • The 75% ending is incredibly sad, with the usual "Samus takes off her helmet" scene, but instead being triumphant, it shows Samus sitting all alone in Skytown, reminiscing about all of the other hunters she was forced to kill, and gazing off into the horizon, looking very wistful and unhappy.
  • The fate of Bryyo, especially the last Science Lord, who realized the damage they had done to their planet and desperately attempted to merge magic and technology and find an heir to keep the newfound technology alive and trying to keep the rest of the planet from dying... then the rest of those who practiced the old ways found him.
  • The fact that once again Samus has lost adoptive siblings/extended family. Given the Chozo gave the Elysians life and they adopted Samus. It was bad enough to lose the baby Metroid, which fell in between being surrogate child for imprinting on her and a sibling for being made by the Chozo. She had a whole world of effectively siblings who could understand her loss to a degree only to have them all snatched away.