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This article will consolidate the recaps for all the games in the Metroid series. Games are in chronological order.

Spoiler alert: This page contains unmarked plot spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Zero Mission (year 20X5)

  • Space Pirates raid a Galactic Federation transport and steal their Metroid specimen.
  • Samus infiltrates Zebes to stop the Space Pirates' plans to use Metroids as bioweapons.
  • Samus finds and defeats the Space Pirate generals, Ridley and Kraid.
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  • Samus learns of the Metroids in Tourian and investigates.
  • Samus encounters and defeats Mother Brian, starting a time bomb.
  • Samus escapes Tourian before it self-destructs and takes off in her Gunship.
  • Samus' Gunship is shot down by Space Pirates, crashing on Zebes and damaging her Power Suit.
  • Samus heads to the Chozo Ruins in her Zero Suit, where she finds a brand new Power Suit.
  • Samus uses the new Power Suit to clear out the Space Pirates, including the computer Robot Ridley.
  • Samus escapes to the Galactic Federation using a Space Pirate vessel.

Post Zero Mission

  • Federation reclaims Zebes from the Space Pirates.
  • Samus rebuilds her Gunship and remakes it.


Prime Trilogy

The Metroid Prime

  • Two years after Zero Mission, Samus investigates a distress signal from the Space Pirate ship Orpheon.
  • Samus finds the Orpheon in disarray and kills a Parasite Queen, unintentionally causing it to self-destruct.
  • As she escapes, Samus' Power Suit is damaged and loses some functions. She also sees the cyborg Meta Ridley.
  • Samus follows Meta Ridley as he escapes to a nearby planet, Tallon IV.
  • Samus loses track of Meta Ridley, but discovers that Tallon IV was colonized by the Chozo.
  • Samus investigates the Chozo Ruins, learning that a "Great Poison" brought by a meteor is harming the planet.
  • Samus finds Space Pirates operating in the Phendrana Drifts, including catching a glimpse of Ridley.
  • Samus storms a Pirate laboratory, discovering the "Great Poison" is a substance called Phazon.
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  • Samus learns that a powerful Phazon creature called the Metroid Prime lives within the meteor.
  • Samus defeats the experimental Omega Pirate, which melts onto her suit and gives it Phazon immunity.
  • Samus discovers the Artifact Temple, a locked gate to the meteor requiring twelve Chozo Artifacts.
  • Samus scours Tallon IV to recover the Chozo Artifacts.
  • Samus is about to unlock the Impact Crater when Meta Ridley destroys the totems.
  • Samus fights off Meta Ridley, and the Artifact Temple defeats him with a beam attack.
  • Chozo Ghosts appears to unlock the way to the Impact Crater for Samus.
  • Samus enters the Impact Crater and defeats the powerful Metroid Prime.
  • The Metroid Prime manages to steal Samus' Phazon Suit upgrade before exploding.
  • Samus escapes the destroyed Impact Crater, having successfully stopped the flow of Phazon into Tallon IV.
  • Samus departs Tallon IV to give her mission report.
  • Meanwhile, the Metroid Prime begins to regenerate using the Phazon Suit, becoming Dark Samus.

The Ultimate Power

  • A mysterious message about the "Ultimate Power" is transmitted from the Alimbic Cluster.
  • Samus is sent to investigate the message, and to find the "Ultimate Power" before anyone else does.
  • Samus explores the Celestial Archives first, where she fights a fellow hunter called Kanden.
  • Samus finds three Artifacts and fights a Cretaphid, receiving an Octolith that will unlock the "Ultimate Power."
  • Samus decides to find the other Octoliths in order to claim the prize.
  • Samus explores the planet Alinos, where she fights Spire for an Octolith.
  • Samus begins to leave Alinos, but is ambushed by Weavel, who she is forced to fight off.
  • Samus explores the planet Arcterra, where she finds Noxus and Trace locked in battle over an Octolith.
  • Samus then explores the Vesper Defense Outpost, where she fights Sylux and their Delano-7 gunship.
  • Having collected all the Octoliths, Samus activates the Alimbic Cannon, allowing free access to the Oubliette.
  • The other hunters get to the Oubliette first, but Samus finds them defeated by a foe called Gorea.
  • Samus fights and defeats Gorea, the source of the message, using the Omega Cannon she finds in the chamber.
  • The Oubliette begins to explode, forcing Samus and the hunters to all flee.
  • Samus has a vision from the posthumous Alimbics, who thank her for defeating Gorea.

Mission on Aether

  • Samus is sent to the planet Aether to investigate the disappearance of a squad of Galactic Federation marines.
  • While entering the atmosphere, Samus' Gunship is struck by dark lightning, causing an emergency landing.
  • Samus finds the Galactic Federation's outpost in shambles and fights zombie-like marines.
  • Samus discovers Dark Samus and follows her into a dark portal.
  • Samus finds herself in Dark Aether, where Dark Samus condemns her to be killed by its dark beings.
  • Samus escapes back to Light Aether, but almost all of her upgrades were stolen by the creatures.
  • Samus continues to explore, finding the missing GFS Tyr and learning they were killed by dark monsters.
  • Samus comes across the Great Temple and fights a Dark Alpha Splinter within.
  • After her victory, Samus is greeted by an alien called U-Mos of the Luminoth race.
  • U-Mos explains Aether was struck by a meteor that split it into two dimensions - Light and Dark Aether.
  • U-Mos asks Samus to help steal Aether's energy back from the dark creatures, the Ing, who seek to destroy it.
  • Samus accepts U-Mos' task and goes to the Agon Wastes to recover the first Light of Aether.
  • Samus discovers an abandoned Space Pirate base, where she fights off Dark Samus again.
  • Samus enters the Dark Agon Temple and fights the Amorbis, recovering a Light of Aether.
  • Samus returns the Light of Aether to the Great Temple, and U-Mos sends her to the Torvus Bog next.
  • Samus enters the Dark Torvus Temple and fights the Chykka, recovering another Light of Aether.
  • Samus returns the Light of Aether, and U-Mos sends her to the Sanctuary Fortress.
  • Samus encounters Dark Samus and defeats her again, seemingly for good.
  • Samus enters the Ing Hive Temple and fights the Quadraxis, recovering another Light of Aether.
  • Samus returns the Light of Aether, and in return U-Mos uses it to give her the Light Suit.
  • U-Mos then gives her the location of the final Light of Aether - the Sky Temple.
  • Samus finds the Sky Temple is locked, and has to scour Light and Dark Aether to unlock it.
  • Samus succeeds in unlocking the Sky Temple and enters it, encountering the Phazon-mutated Emperor Ing.
  • Samus defeats the Emperor Ing and takes the last Light of Aether, destabilizing Dark Aether in the process.
  • Samus begins to flee the crumbling Dark Aether, but is stopped by a Phazon-overcharged Dark Samus.
  • Samus defeats Dark Samus for the final time and escapes back into Light Aether.
  • U-Mos awakens the other Luminoth from their stasis and they all thank Samus for her help.
  • Samus departs Aether to give her mission report.
  • Meanwhile, Dark Samus manages to reconstitute her body just outside of Aether.

Phazon Corruption

  • Six months after Echoes, Samus has a vision-like dream of Dark Samus in a Space Pirate vessel.
  • Samus awakes from stasis and enters the GFS Olympus, where she will be taking a job.
  • Samus meets her fellow hunters Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda for the mission briefing.
  • Admiral Dane explains that a virus has infected the Federation's Aurora Units and they need to vaccinate them.
  • The Olympus is suddenly attacked by Space Pirates, and Dane tells Samus and the hunters to protect Norion.
  • Samus arrives separately from the others on Norion and cooperates with them to activate planet's defenses.
  • Samus starts a generator, but is ambushed by Meta Ridley, and the two fight while falling down a shaft.
  • Samus defeats Meta Ridley and is rescued by Rundas, who leaves to activate another generator.
  • Samus is informed that a giant meteor is falling towards Norion and that it must be stopped.
  • Samus activates the final generator and rushes to rendezvous with the other hunters at the control tower.
  • Samus and the hunters are ambushed by Dark Samus, who hits them with a concentrated Phazon blast.
  • Samus, barely conscious, activates the defenses and destroys the meteor before falling into a coma.
  • A month later, Samus wakes up back on the GFS Olympus.
  • Samus learns that her body is corrupted by Phazon, which can be exploited using a Phazon Enhancement Device.
  • Samus tries out the new PED Suit she has been fitted with before getting a briefing from Aurora Unit 242.
  • Samus is sent to Bryyo, where Rundas was also sent, to destroy the Phazon meteor - or "Leviathan Seed" - there.
  • Samus learns the hard way that misusing her Phazon and PED could lead to her going insane.
  • Samus fights off the Space Pirates on Bryyo, finding Rundas but being ignored by him.
  • Rundas eventually confronts Samus, attacking her and revealing he has succumbed to Dark Samus' corruption.
  • Samus reluctantly defeats Rundas, who is killed by his own icicles and absorbed by Dark Samus.
  • Samus uses her Gunship's missiles to disable a shield put around the Seed by the Pirates.
  • Samus enters the Seed to destroy it from the inside, encountering a Bryyonian golem called Mogenar.
  • Samus defeats Mogenar, becoming more corrupted in the process, and destroys the Seed.
  • Samus then heads to SkyTown, a city floating above Elysia. This is where Ghor was sent.
  • Samus cures Aurora Unit 217 of its virus, but is antagonized by a corrupted Ghor.
  • Ghor attacks Samus' Gunship, so she finds and defeats him, resulting in Dark Samus absorbing him.
  • Aurora Unit 217 instructs Samus to build a Theronian Bomb to safely destroy the Seed's barrier.
  • Samus builds the bomb and personally escorts it to its target, deactivating the barrier.
  • Samus enters the Seed, this time encountering an Elysian robot called Helios.
  • Samus defeats Helios, again becoming more corrupted, and destroys the Seed.
  • Samus then heads to Urtraghus, one of the Space Pirate homeworlds, to prepare for the Federation's assault.
  • Samus is unable to access the highly-guarded Seed, but gets a distress signal from a GF marine.
  • Samus finds the marine and saves him, only to discover it was the corrupted Gandrayda in disguise.
  • Samus defeats Gandrayda, resulting in Dark Samus absorbing her.
  • Samus disables the Pirate homeworld's shield to allow the Federation to perform its assault.
  • Samus herself leads a team of GF demolition soldiers to open the way to the Seed.
  • Samus enters the Seed and defeats the corrupted Omega Ridley, destroying the Seed.
  • Samus is informed that the source of all Phazon, the planet Phaaze, has been located far, far away.
  • Samus explores the abandoned GFS Valhalla, finding Space Pirate codes to control a Leviathan.
  • Samus accesses a Leviathan, using its wormhole to transport herself and the GFS Olympus to Phaaze.
  • While the Federation fights the Pirates above Phaaze, Samus infiltrates the planet to destroy the core.
  • Samus finds Dark Samus at the core and the two fight. Samus comes out victorious.
  • Dark Samus reveals the stolen Aurora Unit 313, which she used to control Phaaze, and attacks with it.
  • Samus destroys Aurora Unit 313 and Dark Samus with it, triggering Phaaze to begin crumbling.
  • Samus and the GFS Olympus use the Leviathan's wormhole one last time to quickly escape.
  • The Federation finds that all Phazon in the galaxy has withered.
  • Samus travels to Elysia to ponder her quest and her fallen comrades.
  • As Samus flies away from Elysia, her Gunship is followed by Sylux's own Delano-7.

The Bermuda System Mission (year 20X6)

  • With Phazon gone and the Pirates weakened, the Federation begins Operation Golem to bolster the military.
  • Project Golem leads to the formation of the elite Federation Force.
  • The Federation Force is sent to the Bermuda System to test their efficacy.
  • The Force deploys to Excelcion first, then to Bion, where they learn of an ancient civilization.
  • The Force heads to Talvania next, where they fight off a Space Pirate ambush.
  • With Pirates the revealed, Samus is hired to perform reconnaissance to aid the Force.
  • While investigating Bion more, the Force learns that the Pirates found a way to increase their sizes.
  • Samus learns that the Pirates have a giant battleship called the Doomseye before abruptly disconnecting.
  • The Doomseye is hidden by a cloaking device, so the Force is deployed to destroy its generators on each planet.
  • The Force succeeds in revealing the Doomseye, but it wreaks havoc on the Federation's fleet.
  • The Force is dispatched to infiltrate the Doomseye to disable its barrier.
  • The Force encounters Samus onboard, who's been brainwashed and had her size increased, and she attacks.
  • The Force defeats Samus' Morph Ball mode and continue into the heart of the Doomseye.
  • The Force encounters the AI called Master Brain and defeat it to stop the barrier.
  • The Force are ambushed before they can escape, but are rescued by a reformed Samus.
  • The Federation's fleet attacks and destroys the Doomseye while Samus and the Force escape.
  • The Force is commended and given honors as heroes.
  • Meanwhile, Sylux infiltrates a top-secret Federation facility and hatches a dormant Metroid egg.

Return of Samus

  • Samus is sent to SR388 to exterminate the Metroids on their home planet so they can no longer be misused.
  • Samus fights her way through the caverns of SR388, killing Metroids and other ancient horrors.
  • Samus confronts and kills the Queen Metroid, supposedly the final Metroid.
  • As Samus leaves, an egg hatches, leaving a single Baby Metroid. Samus is moved by mercy and takes it with her.
  • Before Samus departs, Proteus Ridley appears to steal the Baby Metroid, but Samus fights him off.
  • Samus leaves SR388 with the last Metroid in captivity.

The Super Metroid

  • Samus turns in the Baby Metroid to Ceres Space Colony and leaves.
  • Soon after, Ridley and the Space Pirates move to steal the Baby Metroid.
  • Samus confronts Ridley, but he escapes and sets the colony to self-destruct.
  • Samus escapes and chases the Space Pirates to Zebes.
  • Samus finds and defeats the Space Pirate generals, including Ridley, Kraid, Phantoon, and Draygon.
  • Unable to find the Baby Metroid, Samus enters Tourian to confront Mother Brain.
  • Samus encounters the Baby Metroid, who has grown into the giant Super Metroid.
  • Samus faces against Mother Brain, but nearly loses.
  • The Super Metroid saves and heals Samus, but is then killed by Mother Brain.
  • Samus kills Mother Brain using the Super Metroid's Hyper Beam.
  • Samus escapes Zebes as the entire planet self-destructs.

The Other M

  • Upon escape from Zebes, Samus is healed and rewarded by the Galactic Federation.
  • Samus then picks up a distress signal from the derelict BOTTLE SHIP.
  • There Samus meets the 07th Platoon of Federation marines, including her old allies Adam and Anthony.
  • Samus decides to aid in the investigation of the BOTTLE SHIP to prove her growth to herself.
  • Samus meets a small creature she calls Little Birdie.
  • Samus discovers the BOTTLE SHIP was a Federation station made for bioweapons research, an illegal practice.
  • Samus and the marines learn the woman in charge is a Madeline Bergman.
  • Samus and the marines are attacked by a large reptilian creature, which escapes.
  • Samus and the marines discover a corpse of one of their fellow soldiers and the shed skin of Little Birdie.
  • Samus finds a young woman who is supposedly Madeline Bergman.
  • The two are separated when an unknown Federation marine attacks, revealing that there is a traitor - the Deleter.
  • Samus rendezvouses with Anthony and saves him from a Rhedogian.
  • Samus and Anthony are ambushed by Ridley, who evolved from Little Birdie.
  • Anthony is supposedly killed, and Samus fights Ridley but he escapes.
  • Samus finds the young woman again, who claims to be Madeline Bergman. She explains the BOTTLE SHIP.
  • Samus heads to Sector Zero to dispose of the Metroids. She notices the BOTTLE SHIP's thrusters starting up.
  • Adam stops Samus and gives her a final mission: kill Ridley, stop the BOTTLE SHIP, and save the last survivor.
  • Adam sacrifices himself to destroy all the Metroids.
  • Samus finds the corpses of the Deleter and Ridley, both having been defeated by something bigger.
  • Samus finds the survivor, but has to fight off a Queen Metroid first.
  • The survivor reveals she is the real Madeline Bergman, and that the other woman was an android called MB.
  • MB confronts Samus and Madeline, but more Federation marines arrive and MB fights them.
  • Madeline freezes MB, allowing the marines to gun her down.
  • A colonel attempts to take Madeline into custody to silence her, but Anthony appears to override his authority.
  • Samus leaves the BOTTLE SHIP with Anthony and Madeline, the sole survivors.
  • Days later, Samus returns to the BOTTLE SHIP to recover a keepsake.
  • Samus finds Adam's helmet and escapes with it before the BOTTLE SHIP self-destructs.

Fusion and the X Parasite

  • Samus leads a team of Federation scientists to SR388, acting as a bodyguard
  • Samus kills a seemingly-ordinary creature, unleashing an odd parasite that infects Samus.
  • Upon Samus' attempted return to the station, she loses consciousness, leading to her ship crashing.
  • The Federation recovers her and discovers she was infected by the dangerous X-Parasites.
  • The Power Suit is surgically removed and altered, leaving a thin shell called the Fusion Suit.
  • To save her nervous system, Metroid DNA is injected into Samus as a vaccine against the X-Parasites.
  • After minimal recovery, Samus is sent to investigate an explosion at the BSL Station orbiting SR388.
  • Samus learns that the X-Parasite samples taken from her multiplied and began wrecking the station.
  • Under the orders of an AI she secretly calls Adam, Samus begins cleaning the X out of the station.
  • Samus learns that there is an X mimicking her old Power Suit called the SA-X roaming around.
  • Samus saves multiple non-infected Etecoons and Dachoras, taking them into her Gunship.
  • An X attempts to sabotage the whole station to kill Samus, but she successfully stops it.
  • Eventually, Samus stumbles upon a Restricted Laboratory full of more cloned Metroids.
  • The SA-X suddenly appears to fight the Metroids, so Samus ejects the lab to explode in space.
  • Unfortunately, Adam informs Samus that there are no less than 10 other SA-X still on the station.
  • Adam orders Samus to return to her ship and leave, but she disobeys, defeating a Ridley-X.
  • Adam locks Samus in a room, planning on keeping her there until Federation ships arrive.
  • Samus accidentally calls the AI Adam, making him have mercy on her and let her out.
  • Samus and Adam decide to self-destruct the BSL Station, and to catch SR388 in the blast too.
  • Samus goes to the Operations Room, but is intercepted by an SA-X, which she finally fights off.
  • The SA-X escapes, but Samus ignores it and rushes to activate the self-destruct sequence.
  • Samus runs back to her Gunship, but is intercepted again by an escaped Omega Metroid.
  • Samus is unable to defeat the Omega Metroid, but fortunately the SA-X appears to fight it too.
  • Samus absorbs the SA-X to regain the Ice Beam and defeats the Omega Metroid.
  • After the battle, her Gunship enters the room, having been piloted by the saved animals.
  • Samus enters her Gunship and escapes as the BSL Station crashes into SR388, destroying all of the X.
  • Samus doubts that people will understand her decision, and fears the Federation will not be pleased.

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