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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth being infected by the X-Parasite for here.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Metroid fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.


Authors & Websites


another worlds burdens to carry by Deadpoolhulk
  • Recommended by TheDarkestDay
  • Synopsis: it's a monologue of Samus' thoughts during the last section of Metroid Prime Three. it's an interesting look into Samus' personality and the way she looks at the world, painting her as finding the life that she leads difficult to say the least.
  • Status: Complete

Angseth by 'Cheshire Kat24'.

  • Recommended by Rhainor, FerreTrip
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: (from the author's profile page) "Twenty years after the Aether incident, Angseth, the sole survivor of that horrible event, finds herself as a Confederation Battle Cruiser Captain on the edge of retirement. Until strange events once again cause her path to entwine with Samus Aran."
  • Comments: An extremely well-written science fiction story told with a minor "what if?" within the framework of the Metroid universe. Players of Metroid Prime 2 may recognize Angseth as the name of one of the dead Federation troopers encountered in the game. This story is the result of the author thinking, "What if she'd survived?" It works. Quite well. Primarily an OC fic, Samus Aran (the games' protagonist) makes very few appearances. However, the story maintains the feel of the Metroid universe. Through the course of the story, the main character gets into scrapes with just about every hostile entity you might expect, while continually (and mostly unintentionally) getting more powerful all the while.
  • Status: As yet, the story is sitting unfinished at 27 chapters, and is slipping dangerously close to Dead Fic territory, though it is still alive and its condition seems to be improving (last updated 6/28/09, several months since the last chapter).
    • Update: Two chapters have been added since then, with the most recent one being added on 5/4/10.
    • Not available on as of time of writing (2/20/11). First four chapters available here.
      • Update: As of Jan. 7, 2013, it's back. "Reposting/rebooting my fics. Took the time out to work out (hopefully) all of the grammatical and layout kinks. I will post chapters as I finish them." [1]
      • Updated original link with new URL. (I'm the original rec'er with a new username.)
    • Complete as of May. 21, 2015. As a new reader, I'm not sure if the work to fix grammar was done, as the other troper mentioned; most dialogue lines lack commas for example, though it's not unreadable at all.

Metroid: Tech Discussion by 'G3rain 1'

  • Recommended by Sceptre
  • Synopsis: "Samus runs into a Federation technician in a bar. They chat about technology in the Metroid universe. An exploration of the power suit's underlying technologies."
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  • Comments: While less of a traditional fanfiction and more of a fan's personal theory, it's an interesting story about the Power Suit, and it's totally believable. Right down to Samus getting multiple drinks from some guy in a bar.
  • Status: Completed

Metroid IV: Alone In The Stars by 'Magus 523'

  • Recommended by Darkurai
  • Synopsis: From "Crippled and half-dead from a failed mission, Samus Aran now fights against an even deadlier lifeform than the Metroids, her own body now fused with the extinct monsters. Novelization."
  • Comments: A novelization of Metroid Fusion that vastly expands on the plot of the game, as well as Samus' relation to Adam Malkovich. While the backstory has been jossed by Metroid: Other M like crazy, it's still a great AU read anyway. Minor Shout Outs to Cowboy Bebop, Bone, StarCraft, and Outlaw Star.
  • Status: Completed

Human by Eeveenicks

  • Recommended by Typhlosion The Cat
  • Synopsis: This story is about Samus visiting Earth for the first time. It takes place after Super Metroid. Samus is hired for a seemingly boring mission that ends up becoming more than she had expected. She discovers a lot about her own past while battling against a group of human supremacists. '
  • Comments: Although there is an action plot, this fic really shines in its character development, particularly of Samus Aran and Adam Malkovich and their relationship. While they are definitely not romantic, they have a great dynamic and you can tell they both really respect each other. Samus herself develops a lot across the course of the story. She is suffering from some serious PTSD after her war against the Space Pirates, and this story gives a raw and realistic look at what's going on in her head. She is a very flawed but well-rounded and dynamic character.
This story is also the first in its series, and it's leading into the other three stories, "Spawn", "Xenophobia," and "Zero Host", all of which are full novel length, and the writing quality gets progressively better with each installment. All four stories in the series are complete at this time.This series also portrays Samus as having had relationships with people of both sexes and manages to have solid LGBT themes without making them the focus of the story at any point.
  • Status: Completed

Hatchling by 'Eyes 5'

  • Recommended by Fyre N Water
  • Synopsis: From "Samus. Metroid. Hatchling. A piece of planet SR 388 has stabilized its orbit around a small star and Samus is inclined to investigate if the X still exist. She goes there despite protests from the Federation and the malfunctioning of her power suit."
  • Comments: Expands the canon events in the series, primarily Fusion, with flashbacks to events from other games and the manga for Samus' childhood. Fleshes out Samus' personality and feelings, portraying her as a warrior, a motherly figure, and a lonely girl. Features interesting character interactions, issues with Samus' Metroid DNA, and an original post-Fusion adventure. Unfortunately, Hatchling seems to have entered Dead Fic territory, with the last update in February 2009.
  • Status: Dead Fic

The Huntress Series by 'Giegie'

  • Recommended by Phaaze
  • Synopsis: From Metroidgalaxy: The Huntress Series of stories I have written are based around Samus Aran, shortly after she destroyed Planet Zebes. At the time I wrote these, I hadn't played Metroid Fusion, and so I had no idea what took place in that game and therefore could not write what took place afterwards in my Fan Fictions. So I simply excluded that game from this series, my apologies if Fusion is your favorite game and you would like to have it included, but many have said that these stories aren't too bad. In my personal opinion some parts could stand to be redone, but I am happy overall with the final result of them.
  • Comments: Sadly the site that hosted the series is not up anymore, however the internet archives have made the site as well as all 8 of the stories available. The Huntress Series expands on what Samus is like outside of being a bounty hunter, the struggles she has gone through in her life, and how she deals with them now. It features many twists and turns that make for a very engaging story that drags you in and never lets you go. Interestingly, much of the series fits into the current canon quite well.
  • Status:

Blackdie by 'Dr. Bross'

  • Recommended by Ingsmasher
  • Synopsis: Post-Fusion. Samus is hired by the Federation to track down a renegade squad of GF Marines who have stolen a deadly chemical weapon and plan to sell it on the black market.
  • Comments: Definitely an action-packed read. The pacing is excellent, and the plot comes together beautifully while having enough enemies strong enough to take on a fully-powered Samus without Nerfing her. And despite the sci-fi setting, the basic plot is a dead ringer for today's troubled times with the threat of a WMD on the open market. If ever a Metroid movie is made, this is the style it should follow.
  • Status: Complete

Maru Mari by Houston

  • Recommended by Michael Maltani
  • Synopsis: A parody comic strip of the first Metroid game, featuring Samus and Lovable Rogue Houston, as they traverse the caverns of Zebes and hope to get their mission done.
  • Comments: Arguably, you can say Houston is more of a dumbass like Gordon Frohman of Concerned from Half-Life 2. Just beware of the loads of swearing ahoy.
  • Status: Complete with 73 strips.

Metroid Dread by Ultimate Ridley

  • Recommended by gooshtar and Thunderchin
  • Synopsis: from the author's page: 'After the events of Metroid Fusion, supposedly, the galaxy is at peace. However, with a hidden conspiracy being developed along with a master plan the Space Pirates will administer, it is not even close.'
  • Comments: This fanfic, starting mere days after Metroid Fusion's ending, begins with the Federation declaring a golden age is nigh. Then a lot of character (re)introduction ensues, followed by Samus crashlanding on a nearby planet in an attempt to escape the Federation. Shortly after... Samus joins the Space Pirates. In order to combat the corrupt Galactic Federation. This happens in countless Metroid fics, but this fic executes it particularly well, and the allegiance is actually somewhat believable just because of the way the author explains it. There are very few OCs (not counting creatures), with many old faces at least poking their head in for a bit. In particular, all of the hunters from Prime Hunters are mentioned and some are characterized. The whole fic seems to be inspired by all Metroid games in fact, because all of them get an homage in their own way. If there's anything negative to say, it's that the description at times is rather lacking, but the dialogue, plot, and characterizations are particularly fantastic. Definitely worth a read.
  • Status: In progress... and may be a Dead Fic. It's currently at 17 chapters and approximately 70-75 thousand words. The last chapter was posted fairly recently, but it's pretty lacking in overall quality — the author, however, expresses interest in both rewriting chapter 17 and finishing the story without rushing it.
    • Dead Fic, as it hasn't been updated since June 2011. (It's 2017 at the time of this writing)

I, Pirate by Seldavia

  • Recommended by: Aster Corbett
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A very good Alternate Universe fic following not Samus, but a Space Pirate (known later as 'Dr. B') that becomes self-aware due to Phazon mutation. This space pirate explores his new sentience, builds his identity, and devotes his life to studying the elusive idea called 'I' that gives sentient beings their true power. At times, he tags along with Samus. Other times, he follows the events of the Metroid canon that Samus was not there to witness...
  • Comments: This fic is written by Seldavia, who has authored three (count em, THREE) stories listed on the FanficRecs page for The Legend of Zelda. She has not lost her touch, and is currently even writing a sequel, known as The Unsinkable Dr. B. An interesting thing of note is that the thought process and identity discovery of the main character of the Dr. B series mirrors many issues and traits associated with the autism spectrum. Not only that, but the characterization of Samus both manages to be professional, empowered, emotional, yet very sensible— overall a merit to the Metroid fandom.

Sylux Neophyte by Tyrannolodon

  • Recommended by TheRedStarRising Varaxar
  • Status: Dead (last updated February 2017)
  • Synopsis: Part one of a planned saga. Sylux: New Beginnings is a complete redo of Tyrannolodon's prior Sylux focused fanfictions meant to do away with old shames and start with a clean slate. Focusing on the first part of the origins of Sylux as he goes from a precocious boy on Cylosis to the bane of the Federation.
  • Comments: While Tyrannolodon considers his prior works deep old shames that he'd rather people not read, he has earnestly worked at improving for his newest attempt at tackling Metroid. The usage of footnotes is also quite useful for offering details about the setting that the story itself can't cover. It's definitely worth checking the progress of even if there are some rough edges (particularly around dialogue and his issues with sporadic visualization aids and propensity to repeat a certain few words over and over). With the help of Mental Omega, writer of Red Alert Mental Effect; the story has had a fairly major rewriting that greatly improves the quality of the work. The action is overall top notch, intense and furious and Sylux (real name Sigmund von Schirmer) is adorable as a child, with the story seeming to make a point of the differences in Samus and Sylux as a result of how they are reared by their respective ancient aliens, Samus with love and kindness and Sylux with apathy and often outright scorn from his father figure, likely setting the wheels of Sylux's descent into darkness in motion. There's an obvious passion for the setting of Metroid and the exploration of at times deeply obscure parts of the setting. Who ever thought that there would be a Ylla character?

Inheritance by Cuofeng

  • Recommended by: Temujin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After the fall of Phaaze and the end of the X-plague the galaxy was at peace. But as Samus wandered out at the edges of space, whispers came to her of something new: an ancient discovery, a Space Pirate force bearing down on a Federation outpost, and a fight brewing in the bones of the silent Chozo empire.
  • Comments: This long and continuous adventure mystery narrative is the perfect mix of an engaging sci-fi story and the experience of actually playing a new Metroid game. It captures the feeling of the genera so well, slipping game mechanics in with in-universe explanations that subtly become part of how you remember the lore. This Samus is a fantastic depiction, the fearsome yet caring warrior seen as an alien by every one of the races she might claim as her own.

Saga by Mental Omega

  • Recommended by: Varaxar
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Sylux and Samus are two sides of the same coin; both motivated by vengeance to bring about justice to the darkness of the universe. Follow them from the very beginning to the final culmination of their destiny.
  • Comments: Starting off with a brutal take on the orphaning of Samus and Sylux (revealed to be named Arne Skjoldr in the story), Genesis offers fun characterisation for the families of Samus and Arne that only makes it more painful when they die. Having just wrapped up the initial set of events with the first story Genesis; the Saga promises a metroid epic from start to finish as well as a host of fun and memorable characters. Even Samus and Arne stand out despite being three. Check the links in the OP to see the versions of the fanfic hosted on other sites.


Through Time And Space by lady-warrioress
  • Recommended by fruitstripegum
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Transformers
  • Synopsis: Starscream's creator wants him back so he sends a bounty hunter to catch him. Starscream won't go down without a fight and the hunter gets more than he bargained for.
  • Comments: A crossover with Transformers.

Hatchling Quest by ImmortalsBlade.

  • Recommended by Universalperson
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Worm
  • Other: Quest Format; the readers decide on the characters' actions.
  • Synopsis: A young hatchling leaves her nest, and on her way to her destination she finds a dastardly plot: Space Pirates have rigged an abandoned space station to fall on a planet in another dimension. She succeeds in saving the planet but finds herself trapped there with no way home. The world is primitive by her standards, but has many individuals with unnatural well as Chozo statues. Can Samus Aran handle Earth-Bet? Can Earth-Bet handle her? And what is the sinister plot that weaves it's way through both universes?
  • Comments: Has a unique premise - the fic begins many years before the first Metroid and stars Samus as a young teenager. Samus's portrayal is also notable - a combination of Adorkable, passionate, No Social Skills, and traumatic memories that can literally leave her curled up in a ball. Then there's also the fact that Power Creep, Power Seep is not in play - standard Federation technology is orders of magnitude above anything on Worm-Earth, and Samus is orders of magnitude above that. This doesn't break the plot, partly because the story is about Samus trying to overcome her issues and learning to interact with other humans. It's also partly because something else is bringing things from the Metroid-verse into Worm-Earth, with shocking, horrifying and sometimes humorous results. As you can tell, Mood Whiplash and Reality Ensues are both in play. Most importantly, the story is a good read with engaging characters, interesting worldbuilding and an intriguing mystery.


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