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You think such a dark series would be serious all the way, right? Well, WRONG!!

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Super Metroid

  • This room in Super Metroid. Apparently, the Chozo were fans of Disney.
  • Super Metroid's Crocomire, who suffers a Family-Unfriendly Death by being forced onto a none-too sturdy bridge over a pool of acid, then falling into the acid, which melts his flesh off, leaving nothing but his skeleton. And then, the skeleton breaks through the spiked wall behind Samus to get his revenge against her... only to crumble to dust, leaving behind his skull.
  • In Super Metroid, crashing into the ceiling with the Shinespark move will embed Samus's head into it with an audible thud, complete with afterimages of Samus as Circling Birdies and double vision.
  • The Yard from Super Metroid is an enemy found in Maridia that looks like a giant snail. Shooting it causes it to retract into its shell, which can then be knocked around. It actually bounces when hit, so Samus could play a game of kickball with a startled Yard. Hitting a Yard with the Speed Booster sends it careening off at car crash speeds.


  • In the Victory Techniques for Metroid manga/strategy guide, Samus noticed that the pipes that dispensed Zebs looked very much like a certain plumber's method of public transportation. When she tried to climb into it, she received a very painful bite on the ass. It makes one wonder why this didn't happen to Mario.
  • The Shape of Happiness, a parody manga of Metroid featured in Famitsu Comix, has Samus using rather... unconventional methods to defeat Kraid and Ridley:
    • How does she defeat Kraid? She doesn't. She kills Fake Kraid, who is wearing a shirt identifying him as a Trick Boss. She then covers up the shirt with a handwritten note saying that he's real Kraid, and she declares that this makes him real. Somehow, this actually works, since Kraid's stone statue is activated.
    • Samus gets hopelessly lost in Norfair while trying to find Ridley, much to the latter's aggravation. Ridley ends up dying of old age while waiting for Samus to arrive.
  • The Super Metroid manga is full of hilarity:


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