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Cretaceous and Maelstrom aren't dead.
  • Oh, come now. Escaping the fate dealt to them was as simple as swimming forward. Manny distracted them enough to get away, but no way did that rock kill them. One movie novel says they were eaten by mini sloths, but that kind of material is scarcely canon, and to be honest that makes no sense anyway.
    • Another one suggests (through illustration) that they were left stranded on land after the water drained out and were eaten by vultures shortly after.
    • That rock fell FLAT on their backs, most likely breaking their spines, which would have rendered them unable to swim.

If Sid had let Scrat touch the giant acorn in his Fluffy Cloud Heaven at the end of the second film, he would have been Killed Off for Real.
  • Am I the only one who thought that?
  • No.

Manny was attempting to commit suicide at the beginning of the first film
Really suprised I just put this together but it can be assumed that the death of Manny's family took place not too long before the beginning of the film. And what's the first thing we see Manny doing? Heading in the opposite direction of everyone else, towards the freezing wasteland of inevitable death.
  • That makes a lot of sense, and you can tell it from his despondency in the film. He probably would have died out there had he not run into Sid, Roshan, and Diego.
  • Yes and when Sid first runs into him he's where? Right at the edge of a cliff about to jump.

Sid is a closeted homosexual
Rewatch the series. He's got a gay lisp, always hangs out close to manny,...
  • A gay lisp? Since when does having a lisp make someone gay? Also by your logic Diego must be gay as well, his entire tiger pack is made of males.
  • If his mannerisms in the new trailer for the fourth movie are anything to go by, then this may be true.
  • This doesn’t explain this attraction to Brooke in the fifth film, however.

  • Maybe he is a closeted bisexual.

The events depicted in the film are not the Ice Age of Earth.
The Ice Age doesn't seem to last very long, as the three protagonists are still around by the time of the second movie when everything starts melting. And after that dinosaurs appear. This is not how things panned out on Earth, which means that this is not Earth, it is another planet altogether where the arrival of the species takes place differently and where the climate change is much shorter.
  • The Dinosaurs are explained as existing in a Lost World exposed by the melting ice.
  • An ice age does not necessarily freeze over that fast. It just takes more snow to fall in winter than can melt in summer.

Momma T-Rex had a mate who was killed by Rudy
When she went out hunting, leaving her mate to guard the nest, Rudy attacked, destroying most of the eggs and killing the male T-Rex when he tried to intervene. It explains why she hid her remaining three eggs, why she is clearly afraid of Rudy until the end and her protectiveness towards her surrogate child, Sid. It also makes her fighting Rudy more awesome as she is not only saving her offspring (and surrogate child), she is also avenging her dead mate and unhatched children.

Three main characters lived through the Ice Age as immortal animals succumbing to The Fog of Ages.
They think it's been frozen forever even though they were there since the Ice Age started. The Ice age was clearly more than just one winter, and all mammoths in the area died out except for Manny and one that had been lost since childhood.
  • And that really small group of mammoths. Only these wouldn't be enough to free the things from extinction.

It's just coincidence that the mammoth, ground sloth, and sabertooth in the sequels had the same names and personalities as the ones in the first movie.
Because they aren't the same characters. Probably descended from the ones in the first film, but possibly not even that. The characters are probably the same between 2 and 3, though. Did they ever mention the human in the second movie, or any major events of the first movie in enough detail to show that it was actually the first movie they were talking about?
  • They mentioned Manny's family being killed, which was hinted at in the first one.
  • The first movie did more than hint at his first family's death by the humans - we actually see it happen in an Art Shift Flashback with the cave paintings. There is no excuse for practically no Continuity Nod /Callback in the sequel though, something which really disappointed me.

The mama dinosaur in Ice Age 3 is not a T-Rex.
This image shows that the dinosaur's head is slightly shorter then a mammoth's height. The Internet tells us that mammoths measured between 2.7 m and 5 m tall at the shoulder, far too large for a 4 m tall T-rex to swallow whole. Thus, it falls to reason that the dinosaur in the movie is in fact a juvenile Calvinosaurus, having not yet reached its adult size but old enough to reproduce. Proof:
  • Calvinosaurs can swallow an ultrasaur whole. Their appearance clearly suggests that they belong to the Tyrannosaur genus, with a head approximately 1/5 of total body length. The "ultrasaurs" represented here appear more like brachiosaurids, size at shoulder 7.3 m, giving us an adult Calvinosaur size of approximately 36.5 m. A young Calvinosaur would have no problem swallowing a mammoth whole.
    • Calvinosaurs are more likely upsized carcharodontosaurids. Count the fingers, it has three.
    • you do know there is no such thing as a "calvinosaurus"?
    • It's probably evolution. Serious, SERIOUS evolution.

Scrat is a Time Lord
He regenerates offscreen.
  • This would explain so much! It's why he's always chasing the Acorn but never tries to eat it. It's his TARDIS!
    • Scrat never singles out one particular acorn. He goes after every single acorn he lays eyes on.
The two frozen sea reptiles from Ice Age 2 are Flotsam and Jetsam and are immortal.
Before serving Ursula, the two reptiles lived undersea in the late Cretacious period. When the Ice Age came, they were frozen in ice until Ice Age 2. After being defeated by Manfred and co, they waited a few thousand centuries for the right opportunity to cause Chaos. They also learned how to speak! Then they found the Sea Witch.
  • Flotsam and Jetsam are eels, which are fish. Last time I checked, reptiles are unable to evolve into fish.

The Baby Human is actually Harry Potter
Or, at least, an relative under similar circumstances. He had jet-black hair, green eyes, and his mother died trying to save him. Coincidence?
  • He also has a damn good tan. Harry, what the heck happened when you turned eleven?
    • He wasn't really tan. Anyone can look dark compared to all the snow.
  • And the trees are a herd of Sudowoodo
  • The baby's name is Roshan, by the way
  • Which means "Light at Dawn" in Hindu, just in case anyone wants to continue this Messianic Archetype WMG... LOL.
    • It also means "Tadpole" in Hebrew (and "Rosh" means "head" in the context of "A leader" or "Frontier")

When Scrat was unfrozen at the end, he ended up in the universe of the later two films.

In the fourth movie, Diego will have a love interest.
And I'll bet she'll either be a sweet Cloud Cuckoo Lander or a Kuudere Deadpan Snarker just like him.Trailers show a deadpan snarker
Shira: "Two sloths a mammoth and a saber, you guys are like the start of a bad joke"

Ice Age 2 was a reboot, not a sequel
That explains how much more different it was from Ice Age 1, like the light tone and absence of humankind.
  • No, the sequel subtly alludes to Manny's first family's death, a major element of the original film, because he thinks he's being disloyal to their memory by loving Ellie, and a good reason for the humans not to be there is that they are so far south whilst the humans are still in the north, living in caves.
    • There's a trope for that.
      • But the film outright references Manny's family in a way that doesn't works if it's a reboot of continuity since Manny never explicitly says they're dead but anyone who's watched the first film knows the truth.

Shira will see Diego as a Cloud Cuckoo Lander
She will be a Genre Savvy pirate so seeing this tiger traveling with a bunch of herbivores will lead her to two conclusions: 1) Diego is Too Dumb to Live or 2) He is that weird
  • Jossed: She never explicitly thinks of him as crazy and mostly takes time to warm up to him due to being his enemy for most of the film.

Diego and Shira’s relationship will be of the Slap-Slap-Kiss variety
Confirmed, to quote
Diego: "I don’t fight kitties"
Shira: "Don’t call me Kitty' (Tackle)
Diego:(Tackles back)"All right. Kitty"

The Pirate crew in the Fourth film will be a genuine threat
Providing the Darker and Edgier tone the fandom has been craving
  • Well the trailers show Captain Gutt actually trying to kill Manny with a pair of swords, so this may be right.
    • Somewhat confirmed. He's easily defeated but keeps coming back even stronger.

The dinosaurs are doomed.
The dinosaurs live underneath multiple layers of ice. Once the ice age ends, all that ice is going to melt, drowning all of them. Those who don't drown will be crushed by the large chunks of ice and rock that will fall on top of them. Any survivors won't have large enough populations to repopulate and soon the dinosaurs will go extinct... again.
  • Given what happens in the fourth movie, I wouldn't imagine the underground dinosaur world survived those events. Fridge Horror, much?
    • This also makes sense with the fifth movie, as it shows Buck joining the herd, which possibly explains that the dinosaur world has been destroyed by the drift.
      • The start of Buck's scenes in the fifth movie clearly shows that the dinosaur world survived the drift.

The first movie takes place in Alaska.
This explains why Humans only appear in the first movie. The Ice Age movies presumably take place in North America, and humans only entered North America by crossing the Bering Strait landbridge from Russia to Alaska. By the events of the first movie, humans have crossed into North America, but very recently, so have not had a chance to expand out into the rest of North America yet. This theory is also backed up by the animals heading south during the first movie. The sequels take place in the main part of the USA, where humans have not yet settled.
  • There's a flaw in this theory though since we see them pass by Stonehenge and Old Faithful. I don't think the original film's set in Alaska. References such as Stonehenge and Old Faithful are too broad and too far away from Alaska for it to be set there.

There will be more singing in the fourth film.
There's apparently Sirens for one thing, and they hired Jennifer Lopez and Keke Palmer, two actresses known for their musical backgrounds for anouther.
  • Confirmed. The pirates sing about themselves when they capture the heroes. The sirens do no singing themselves; they're apparently all male to start, and rather than sing to lure in prey, they create illusions that appeal to their prey to lure them in.

Scrat is the personification of evolution and/or natural selection itself.
And the reason he gets into all kinds of trouble to get the acorn is because it symbolises the never-ending battle life must take to survive.

An adult Roshan will possibly appear in the fifth movie.
There will be more humans, including a human villain, and it will finally shift to a new iceless era, thus ending the series. And then we will see how Scrat became frozen at the end of the first movie.
  • Jossed. Roshan never appeared, or even mentioned, in any movie came after the first one.

To add to the above WMG, Roshan will be one of the fifth movie's villains.
He and some of his fellow hunters will spend the movie trying to kill the herd; not because he's evil, but because he doesn't recognize the herd that saved him after all those years. He thinks they're just another random bunch of animals. Near the movie's end, he realizes who they are and tries to save them, but the other hunters are determined to kill them, forcing Roshan to choose between the herd and his tribe.
  • Jossed, from the same reason the theory above is jossed.

The movies are actually moving backwards in time.
They start out in the Ice Age, go back to when it was just starting to get cold (the Meltdown is actually the Freeze in reverse), then go to the Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and now they're experiencing Continental Drift - not the separate continents forming, but going back before Pangaea.

Captain Gutt dis not die, but rather was turned into a siren

We see a siren appearing after Gutt is attacked.

Shira’s coloring and markings are actually normal for a saber
And not in the “ different subspecies” way. More like the “sexual dimorphism” way. The only other sabers we’ve seen in the series are male, so we know for sure what a male saber normally looks like, but not whats normal for a female, seeing as Shira’s the only one in the franchise so far.

If Roshan returns, his species will be retconned.
In order to fit with the post Ice Age 1 world.
  • Retconned into what? A platypus? Please elaborate.

All the characters are currently dead and are in purgatory.
In The Meltdown, there was a boat that helped save all the animals from the flood, and our herd also survive. Or did they? In reality, the animals were all killed in the Flood, and the Herd drowned. This would explain why there were dinosaurs in the third movie, or the continental drift in the fourth movie. Scrat is doomed to an enternity in purgatory trying to catch his beloved acorn but never succeeding, Sid keeps getting stupider and putting the Herd in peril, and sequels can be made from this simple formula. The purgatory will last forever and this would explain why the prehistoric animals didn't go extinct (but actually are), and why the Ice Age hadn't ended (even though in actuality it actually did).

The humans died out after the first or second movie (or the animals at least believe so)
This could explain why Roshan hasn't come back, and why humans have never been seen or mentioned after Ice Age. It may also be a reason why most of the animals were convinced that mammoths were going extinct during The Meltdown- they had already seen humans, and other species like the Dodos, disappear, and therefore knew from experience what extinction really looked like. That would have added to Manny's depression during the earlier scenes of the movie- coming to terms with the fact that Roshan was, most likely, dead. Then, when Manny first met Ellie, he was not only overjoyed to learn that he wasn't the last mammoth, but he figured that if his species was not completely extinct, there could also be a chance that Roshan was still alive. However, after The Meltdown, it was still common belief or knowledge amongst the animals that humans were extinct. Now, Diego, Sid and Manny still hope that somehow Roshan is alive, but have tried to forget about him as they know that he has probably died.

In Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Continental Drift, Manny acts as an Overprotective Dad who won't let Peaches go out places alone or grow up, because he let Roshan do just that, and then Roshan's whole species died out before Manny could ever see him again. It wasn't just because Manny lost his first son. Also in the third movie, Sid reveals himself to be very lonely, and adopts the three dinosaur eggs. Both of these elements of the plot resulted from Sid's grief and guilt over losing and not being able to protect Roshan, and thinking that he would never see the human baby he rescued again. When Sid can no longer be with his "kids", he realises that you cannot protect children forever, and believes that Roshan may be somewhere out there still, and if he is, he can fend for himself. This could be an explanation for why Sid is more optimistic than Diego and Manny- he has more faith than them that Roshan is alive. He also believes that his being an Honourary Uncle to Peaches is his third chance to try and successfully be involved in the raising of a child to adulthood. Sid begins to recover from the loss of the human baby.

Diego didn't seem to have any interest in females of his own species until Continental Drift, because he was too busy wondering what really happened to "Pinky". His fear of water in The Meltdown might of stemmed from a seeing a human drown (as Roshan's mother Nadia did- this solves the Fridge Logic of Diego having a fear of water in the second movie, but not the first one), or hearing a rumour that that's how humans were wiped out. Alternatively, the cause of the humans' extinction could have been the flood at the end of The Meltdown- there were no humans on the boat. In the third movie, another, unmentioned motivation of Diego's leaving the herd might have been to try and find Roshan and prove that he wasn't dead. When he inevitably decides to stay with the herd, he realises that his best friends have just had a daughter, and that they need his support, so he accepts the presumed fact that humans no longer exist, and that emotionally opens him up to meeting and becoming close to a love interest- Shira.

Towards the end of Continental Drift, the Herd have finally, well and truly, gotten over Roshan's assumed death. Sid now has Granny, a family member he needs to take care of, Diego is with Shira, and Peaches is growing up, whether Manny likes it or not. One last point to note: the series' Anthropomorphic Shift may be due to the Ice Age Universe turning out opposite to Real Life after the ice age of roughly ten thousand years ago- humans die out and animals rise, develop a global society and technology, and conquer the world. Or, it could be the same as real life in that respect- Roshan could be a Neanderthal (a real extinct species of human), and somehow the Ice Age animals simply never come into contact with Homo sapiens (our species).

  • There is actually one thing that might support at least the Neanderthal aspect of this WMG. All of the humans shown had prominent brow ridges and small chins, characteristics of Neanderthal.
  • Does that mean Scrat wiped out humanity?
  • Jossed in that A Mammoth Christmas featured Santa Claus who is a human. Although he's specifically a Homo sapiens, which would still support the Neanderthal aspect of this WMG.

The fifth film will feature the vocal talents of Andy Serkis... an Andrewsarchus. They've already had Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in the films, and if they don't at least try to get Serkis, someone is doing their job wrong.
  • Jossed.

The man thought Manny was his dead wife's spirit
That's why he gave Manny the necklace. He was in his mind returning it to her.

The only way for a Scrat to attain happiness is to die in pursuit of his acorn.
Pretty self-explanatory. When Scrat nearly dies in the second movie, he goes to Acorn Heaven, where he's surrounded by acorns and there is no ground for him to bury them in. The reason for all his suffering on earth is because every time he buries them, cracks open and drop him into the ocean, off the face of the earth, etc. Scrat's only purpose in life is to eventually die in pursuit of his acorn so that he can, once again, attain Acorn Heaven.

Buck was part of the pirate crew at one point.
One of the pirates clearly has his "Rudy Tooth Knife"; it's the one they toss to Louis when he challenges the pirates at the end of the movie.
  • Or, alternatively (and much more likely) he got on Gutt's bad side and Gutt killed him, thus leaving the pirates in possession of the knife.
    • As of the end of the fifth movie, Buck is still alive.

Scrat is on a Mission from God.
Years before, when the earth was young and Man was still searching for his meaning, Scrat had dreamed of a Acorn-Heaven, where all of life's questions are revealed and stored in the essence of life within the acorns. He abruptly woke in the middle of the night, he glanced up at the stars above him when an acorn from a withered-dead tree has fallen on his head. he had an epiphany, that the acorn was sent from acorn heaven, and he needed to go plant such acorn in a Place of Power that would blossom to a tree and flourish the land after the great flood and the storms of ice that would consume the planet.from then on, he's Walking the Earth, tracking and sniffing for places of power in the Energy Pathways of the planet, so that he'll find the places meant to hold the Fabled tree of knowledge.

The franchise took place in the same universe as the Rio franchise.
Scrat ended up being frozen and thawed in some sort of tropical setting (maybe on the coast of Brazil). If this is true, Scrat is currently living somewhere amongst the characters of Rio.

Collision Course will be the VERY LAST Ice Age movie.
Come on, guys! Do you honestly expect two woolly mammoths, a saber-toothed tiger, a sloth, two possums, and some kind of ferret to save the Earth a la Armageddon?

The aliens that the frozen spacecraft belonged to are responsible for the third movie's Lost World.
They landed on Earth during the end-Cretaceous extinction, rescued a small population of contemporary animals, and isolated them underground for an experimental contained ecosystem. Apparently the experiment was successful enough for Mesozoic flora and fauna to still be thriving down there millions of years after its extraterrestrial founders have vanished.
  • Except that Brachiosaurus, Guanlong and Kentrosaurus were Jurassic dinosaurs, and Guanlong lived in China.
    • Yes, of course, that's the case in Real Life. But you're presumably forgetting the fact that the "ice age" setting of the franchise contains animals from all over the Cenozoic, so there's no reason to assume the Mesozoic era of this world wasn't the same.
Collision Course will be surprisingly Darker and Edgier than the other films

Cretaceous and Maelstrom came from the Dinosaur World in the third movie
We're told in the spin-off book that they were frozen "a million years ago". Taking that at face value, and assuming that the Cretaceous mass extinction happened at the same time in the movies' world as it did in ours creates a conundrum. But at the same time we know that there's a Lost World of dinosaurs and other mesozoic animals still living at the time the movies take place, so it's entirely possible that, instead of being frozen during the dinosaur age (when there weren't even any ice caps to begin with), Maelstrom and Cretaceous somehow escaped from the Dinosaur World and became frozen before thawing out again.

The next Ice Age film will have Serena Ryder's "Ice Age" playing in the trailer
Because of course.

Now that Disney has purchased 20th Century Fox, they will make a 6th Ice Age film that will Win Back the Crowd, by going back to the roots of the first one and having Roshan return.
It will loose the Denser and Wackier aspects that the sequels had, and give a similar tone to the first one including the return of Roshan, albeit older. This will close off the Ice Age franchise and hopefully rescue it in the eyes of the fans, especially since Disney is currently in its Revival.
  • Disney are keeping Blue Sky’s operations largely separate from Disney Animations Studios.
  • There have been news that Blue Sky is making a spin-off series for Disney+ which will focus on Buck, something that fans believe was LONG overdue.

None of the sequels have actually happened.
They're stories that Roshan has made up, that he tells to his friends and other tribe members. This is why there are no humans even mentioned in the sequels—as far as Roshan knows, the humans all migrated away. (Also, it's just less interesting.) This also explains why the stories get more fantastic as they go along, Roshan is just having fun with it.

Scrat is an incarnation of Ratatoskr.
Scrat has existed for millions of years, his Iron Butt Monkey status has allowed him to survive things no other character has an is generally an agent of chaos. There isn't a real saber-tooth squirrel; perhaps because Scrat is no mere squirrel? "Ratatoskr" is generally thought to mean "dril-tooth" or "bore-tooth", which is the real reason for his saber-toothed status. There being other species? Well it's never actually said in the myths Ratatoskr is a Single Species Specimen, though Scrat's outrageous feats would be unique to the Norse squirrel deity.

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