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  • To save all those individual entries, Scrat's entire adventure provides quick bursts of hilarity throughout.

Ice Age

  • Manny's constant sarcasm in general.
  • When Manny and Sid tell Diego to step off, as the baby belongs to them. Diego's reaction, besides being funny, also doubles as a crowning moment of Deadpan Snarkery plus Getting Crap Past the Radar.
    Diego: I see. Can't have one of your own, so you want to adopt.
  • A couple of moments from Sid in the first film, namely:
    • "Hey, It's still green, they headed north two hours ago."
    • Fainting at the very end.
    • This little gem:
    Manny: Okay, you, check for poop.
    Sid: Hey, why am I the poop checker?!
    Sid: ...Why else?
    Manny: NOW, SID!
    • Sid bumping into Carl and Frank a second time.
    Sid: So, ladies, where were we?
    Frank: Carl?
    Carl: Easy, Frank.
    Sid: [screams]
  • Sid collapses from exhaustion on top of a geyser. Manny and Diego count down "3, 2, 1." It goes off.
    Manny: Sure is faithful.
  • Sid ice skating past Manny and Diego with the baby who are having trouble staying up on the ice and saying "Hiya Manny!" "Hiya Diego!" Cue him crashing into an ice wall with his head stuck in the ice wall and Manny and Diego walking by saying "Hey Sid."
  • "Where's the baby? THERE HE IS!" Cue a terrifying shot of Diego, teeth bared, claws out.
  • Sid and the baby's poke fight.
    Manny: "Don't make me reach back there!
    Sid: "Yeah, well, he started it!"
    Manny: "I don't care who started it, I'll finish it!"
    • Diego's annoyed face expression in this scene is priceless.
  • Manny while the trio passes Stonehenge; "Modern architecture. It'll never last."
  • When they come across the shortcut, what is Sid's reaction? "No thanks. I choose life."
    Diego: Then I suggest you take the shortcut.
    Sid: Are you threatening me?
    Diego: MOVE, SLOTH! (voice echoes, causing an avalanche)
    Sid: (Patting Diego) Way to go, tiger!
  • Sid getting his tongue stuck on ice.
    • His reaction after he gets his tongue free from the ice.
    Sid: Uh, guys?
  • The entire scene where the gang comes across the Dodo birds.
    • When the dodo who steals the 1st melon puts it on the stump and turns and sees Manny Sid & Diego.
    Crazy Dodo: BAKAK! INTRUDERS! (sprints around like a lunatic)
    Leader Dodo: (lecturing about a smoking crater) Now, don't fall in. If you do, you will definitely—
    Crazy Dodo: (sprints in, not paying attention to where he's going) INTRUDERS! INTRU—WAAAAAAH! (trips and falls into crater; a sound of sizzling is heard)
    Dodo Students: EEEEWWWW! OHHH!
    Leader Dodo: ...burn and die.
    • When Manny, Sid and Diego ask the dodos to give them the melon, they refuse:
    Leader Dodo: This is our private stockpile for the Ice Age! Sub arctic temperatures will force us underground for a billion, billion years!
    Manny: (dumbfounded) So you got three melons?
    Leader Dodo: If you weren't smart enough to plan ahead, then doom on you!
    Other dodos: (chanting softly) Doom on you... Doom on you... Doom on you... Doom on you...
    Manny: (dodos are advancing on him) Get away from me!
    • "Oh no! Retrieve the melon! Tae kwon dodos, ATTACK!"
    • "There goes our last female."
    • "(gasp) THE LAST MELON!"
    • "Argh, Sid! Now we gotta find more food!"
    • "Hey, look at that, dinner and a show."
  • Immediately after the scene with the dodos:
    Sid: (in a bad British accent) Now to find a meal befitting a conquering HERO! (tries to walk by a tree, only for the branch to knock him to the ground) What ho? A foe? (gets up) Come on, come on, you want a piece of me?! (does a karate yell and pose, then reaches into the tree... and pulls out an acorn) Spoils, worthy of such a noble... (as he says this, he sticks the acorn in his mouth, as we hear Scrat screaming. Scrat then tackles Sid and wrestles the acorn out of his mouth)
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  • "We'll see if brain triumphs over brawn tonight, now won't we?" Followed immediately by a Gilligan Cut to a pathetic-looking Sid attempting to make fire in a thunderstorm.
  • The dialogue right before the volcano sequence:
    Diego: Do we have to get a news flash every time your body does something?
    Manny: He's doing it for attention — just ignore him.
    • Then when they do hear the rumbling from the volcano...
      Manny: Tell me that was your stomach.
      Sid: I'm sure it was just thunder. From... under... ground?
    • And while the bridge is getting smaller under their feet...
    Sid: Come on, keep up with me!
    (camera pans out to reveal Sid's only running in place)
    (Diego leaps across the huge gap of lava.)
    Sid: Wow, I wish I could jump like that.
    Manny: Wish granted! [punts Sid across the bridge]
  • The ice slide scene The whole thing.
  • When Manny wakes up to feel that the baby is not in his trunk and he stomps on the ground, waking Diego up with a start.
    Manny: Where's the baby?!
    Diego: You lost it?!
    Both: SID!
    (Cut to Sid in a mud pool trying to impress some female sloths with the baby.)
  • Sid trying to get comfortable while sleeping the ground, and trying so many positions that an annoyed Manny shouts, "WILL YOU STOP IT?!"
  • When Diego claims that he was planning on returning the kid to his herd...
    Sid: Oh, yeah! Nice try, Buck-Tooth!
    Diego: (threateningly) You calling me a liar?!
    Sid: I didn't say that!
    Diego: You were thinking it!
    Sid: (whispering to Manny) I don't like this cat. He reads minds.
  • When the trio comes across Scrat, they ask him which way the humans went. Scrat responds by making various motions, leading to Sid and Manny doing some Wild Mass Guessing...
    Sid: Oh, I love this game, I love this game! Okay, okay... (Scrat holds up three fingers) Three words. First word. (Scrat stomps his foot) Uh, stomp! (Scrat jumps around) No, no! Stamp, stamp!
    Manny: Let me try. (Scrat puts his acorn on his back) Uh, pack!
    Sid: Good one, Manny. (Scrat acts like a saber-tooth tiger) Pack of... long teeth and claws. (Diego looks at his claws nervously) Pack of wolves? Pack of...
    Manny: Pack of bears? Pack of fleas?
    (Scrat angrily points at Diego - it is "pack of tigers")
    Sid: Pack of whiskers? Pack of noses?
    Manny: Uh, pachyderm!
    Sid: Pack of lies, pack of troubles, pack a wallop... (Diego flicks Scrat away) Pack of birds! Pack of flying fish!
  • While the gang decides to stay for the night due to the heavy blizzard, Sid is calmly drawing on the cave wall.
    Diego: What are you doing?
    (Sid is drawing on a rock wall with a piece of chalk.)
    Sid: I'm putting sloths on the map.
    Manny: Why don't you make it realistic and draw him lying down?
    Diego: And make him rounder.
    (Manny grabs the chalk from Sid and draws a huge belly on the drawing of the sloth.)
    Sid: (annoyed) Haha, I forgot how to laugh. (Sid snatches the chalk back and scribbles furiously all over the drawing, sending sparks flying off into a small pile of sticks, which catch fire, to everyone's surprise.) I'm a genius! (kisses chalk)
    • And there's the moment where Sid inadvertently creates a fire from his drawing a sloth on a rock.
    Sid: From now on, you'll have to refer as "Sid, Lord of the Flame"!
    Manny: Hey, Lord of the Flame, your tail's on fire.
    (Sid notices and runs around, screaming. But Diego grabs him and throws him into a snowbank, putting out the fire)
    Sid: Thank you. From now on, I'm gonna call you "Diego—"
    Diego: "Lord of Touch-Me-and-You're-Dead". (Sid is shocked) Nah, I'm just kiddin', you little knucklehead! (he grabs Sid and gives him a noogie)

  • A cut scene where Sid asks the female sloths in the mud pool if they want to "jump in the gene pool". No explanation needed why they cut it.
    Sid: Come on, don't you have needs? Just give me 20 minutes.
    Manny: Like you'd last five.
    Sid: Fine, five.
    Manny: Three.
    Sid: Deal!

A Mammoth Christmas

  • Manny shoves Sid away when he eyes the Christmas Rock.
    Sid: That's some crazy rock!
    Manny: Step away from the stone!
    Sid: Why?
    Manny: You'll break it.
    Ellie: Sid can't break a rock!
    Diego: Don't tempt him.
  • After Sid accidentally broke the Christmas Rock:
    Diego: Yep, that says Sid, alright.
    (Manny looks at the rubble in despair, then growls with fury at Sid)
    Sid: Okay, okay! L-L-Let's just keep it...together! It really is about the spirit of Christmas, isn't it?
    Manny: You're about to be a spirit of Christmas, Sid!
  • After Peaches tells off Manny for not believing in Santa:
    Ellie: She sure told you, didn't she?
    Manny: Well, too bad. I'm a grown-up.
    (Ellie rolls her eyes at him)
    Manny: Grown-ups don't believe in the naughty list.
    (cut to Sid bawling about being on the naughty list)
    Sid: WAAAAAH! I'm not getting Christmas! (unintelligible blubbering)
    Crash: Don't cry, Sid.
    Sid: Why not?!
    Eddie: Your tears are freezing you solid.
    (camera reveals that Sid's feet are encased in frozen tears)
  • Sid continues to sulk, annoying Diego.
    Sid: Why am I on Santa's naughty list? Why? Why? Why?
    Diego: My guess, because he doesn't have a loser list.
  • When Manny & Ellie notice that Sid, Peaches, Crash, and Eddie are gone and ask Diego to help them.
    Ellie: Diego, can you pick up Sid's scent?
    Diego: I can, but it makes my eyes burn.
    Manny & Ellie: DO IT!
    [Diego sniffs and gags]
    Diego: (cough) Yep, this way. (cough)
  • When Manny hastily reassembles the Christmas Rock (still in a mess)
    Manny: What do you think?
    Diego: You want an honest answer or a Christmas answer?
    Manny: Uh... Christmas answer.
    Diego: It's gorgeous.
    (The stone falls apart again)
  • Just before a song begins
    Peaches: Hit it!
    Elf Sloth: Hi-ya!
    (Hits Peaches' butt with his drumstick)
    Peaches: Ow! Not me!
  • When Manny becomes flabbergasted at meeting Santa Claus, whom he denied his existence. Peaches replies to that with a sarcastic "Duh".
  • The revised version of "Deck the Halls".
    Head Mini-Sloth: Too many La's in this song.
  • During the "Deck the Halls" montage, the Head Mini-Sloth tosses away a ball of twine saying no one would want it. Cue Diego playing with it like a housecat would.
  • Sid trying to eat yellow snow. Prancer tells him "don't, just don't".
  • After Prancer leaves (to get help), the Herd is left to pull the sleigh themselves.
    Sid: Okay, so we traveled about 30 feet so far. If we keep up this pace, we should make it around the world in what? Let's say just under 8000 years?
    (everyone groans in disappointment)
    Santa Claus: Bah humbug.


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