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Fridge Brilliance
  • Reason for Scrat to never get to devour his acorn and being punished by the combined forces of nature and physics: Scrat was never supposed to eat acorns in the first place! The newly discovered prehistoric creature, that was most similar to him, was a strict carnivore.
  • In the fourth movie, when Diego remarks dryly to Granny that he's "glad to see her," it's played for laughs. Upon second thought, however, she just nearly poked his eye out. Of course he's glad to see her! He's glad to see anything.
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  • Roshan's name means "Light at Dawn" in Hindi and it could be argued that he leads the three main characters out of their dark pasts and is a major factor of them becoming True Companions.
  • Why would Manny even think about helping Sid return Roshan to his Father? Human beings are the reason he lost his first family and it's clear he was hurting throughout the film. But keep in mind he lost his family and his baby, knowing what it's like to know the lost, he probably wouldn't wish that on his worst enemies, even humans.
    • Plus it's because of Roshan that Manny learn to move on and even forgive the humans for what they have done in the end where he parts ways with Roshan and his tribe on friendly terms.
  • If you pay attention, it seems that most of the movies contain a reference to the next movie in the series.
    • At the end of the original Ice Age Sid says something about global warming. Cue Ice Age: The Meltdown. One of the sabers also remarks that mammoths never travel alone, foreshadowing The Reveal at the end of the first sequel.
    • In Ice Age: The Meltdown, when Manny says mammoths can't go extinct because they're the biggest things on earth, someone counters “well what about the dinosaurs?” Cue Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
    • Ellie takes a quick little jab at Manny in Dawn Of the Dinosaurs about not being able to relax about the baby, and wonders "how he'd deal with the teenage years". Cue the next movie, where she's a teenager and Manny is not dealing with it in the best way.
    • In Ice Age: Continental Drift, after Sid's family leaves, Diego lies to Sid that they were wiped out by an asteroid. Cue Collision Course, where the characters have to stop an asteroid that's going to wipe them out.
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  • Some may wonder how it is that Peaches seems to pull so many more stunts than her mom Ellie. Obvious answer is that she’s younger and lighter, but the other reason is that Ellie was in a unique situation and had to figure out how to manage Possum stuff with a Mammoth body all on her own. Peaches had her mom to teach her how to do the basics, so she could come up with some tricks of her own.
  • Manny displays serious overprotective tendencies toward Ellie and Peaches in particular. It's understandable, considering what happened to his last family.
  • In the Original, knowing that Half-Peak is confirmed as being a volcano (a dormant volcano) in the novelisations, it makes perfect sense why there's a lava flow underneath the ice. The lava flow laid dormant there after the last time the volcano erupted!
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  • A lot of Manny's lines from the first act of the first movie make a lot more sense once you know his backstory.
    Manny (to the rhinos): I don't like animals that kill for pleasure.
  • Soto sometimes seems to be trying to get Diego killed. Considering that they're pack animals, Soto saw Diego as a potential challenger to his position as leader of the pack and was trying to get rid of him before that happened. It came true, though not in the way Soto expected.
  • Diego's body isn't bloodied for one simple reason: most of his injuries are internal (and most of them can be attributed to when Soto struck him into the boulder, no doubt causing a concussion and myriads of broken bones scattered throughout his body) and it's possible that where Soto gashed him he deliberately laid on top of those wounds so that the other members of the herd wouldn't be unduly worried.
  • Diego's attempt at turning a tiger pawprint into a human footprint in the first film was laughably bad, but probably made sense from his standpoint. He drew a bare foot rather than a shoeprint because none of the animals completely understand when or why humans wear clothes, and he gave it exactly four toes because that's the amount of digits that most animals (including saber-tooths) have in the film.
  • In the second movie, Manny talks about how large animals like mammoths are too tough to go extinct. A mother Gastornis counters by bringing up the dinosaurs. Gastornis is a type of bird. What better animal to mention the dinosaurs in such a discussion...than an actual dinosaur?
  • Instances of Sid being a Jerkass to Manny and Diego could actually be him biting back at them for them being similarly mean to him.
  • Manny is a firm believer in loyalty. That's why he keeps his promise to help Sid return the baby even though he couldn't stand him. He also tells Sid that he should be loyal to his mate or in his case grateful and why Manny goes berserk over being betrayed. Also why in the next film he refuses to be with Ellie because he wants to be loyal to his first wife. Ditto in the third film where he becomes upset at Diego for deciding to leave the herd. Comes to a head in the fourth where he puts all his mind into reuniting with his family after getting separated by the titular continental drift. This is summed up by Ellie when she's comforting Peaches that Manny will come back for them:
    Ellie: Your father is the toughest, most stubborn mammoth I've ever met! He'll come back for us. That's a promise.

Fridge Horror

  • Sid's family abandons him, with no idea that he'll survive the week. Knowing Sid, it's very possible that they suspected that he wouldn't survive, and they left him anyway. And then, they did the same to Granny, all because they thought the two were "screw-ups." No wonder Sid is so desperate for affection.
  • In the fourth movie, we see lots of teenage mammoths, but Ellie and Manny seem to be the only adults. What happened? Did all the other adult mammoths all die?
    • Did you even watch Meltdown?
      • That in no way addresses this concern. The point is that clearly, there have been some other mammoths living in the same area as the group, and yet we only see the teenage ones. Meltdown was two films, and clearly a decent period of time in-universe, ago. Something appears to have happened since, to the mammoths living in that area at least.
    • The teenagers that initially treat Peaches like a freak didn't get their attitudes out of nowhere. It's likely that the other adult mammoths are living nearby, but are ostracizing Manny's family because they're a bunch of weirdos: hanging around with idiot sloths and possums and a freakin' sabertooth, not to mention Ellie's tail-hanging habit that she's gone so far as to teach her daughter.
  • What is Diego eating throughout the movies? It's established that all the animals are sentient, and he's friends with quite a few of them. But, as a carnivore, he has to eat something.
    • Speaking of which, what's Shira going to eat?!
      • In the 3rd movie he's shown hunting a deer (but not succeeding) so it seems that they would still hunt normally, as long as it's not someone they know personally. Also fish is always an option.
    • It seems like only mammals, birds, dromaeosaurids, and some insects (like the dung beetle family from the second film) are sapient. That said, modern-looking reptiles and amphibians are yet to be seen outside the games.
    • Considering the ridiculous number of natural hazards the main characters are constantly escaping from, Diego could also be scavenging carcasses of animals that weren't so lucky.
    • Even in the second movie, he does threaten to eat Crash and Eddie, which would mean that any other prey who gets on Diego's bad side isn't going to be so lucky, which itself is another Fridge Horror.
      • Add to it that Manny makes it perfectly clear he's fine with carnivores doing their thing when they're hungry. It's animals who kill for pleasure he doesn't like. Which would mean that he'd probably do nothing to help anyone unfortunate enough to wind up on Diego's menu as long it it's not himself, Ellie, Peaches, possibly Crash and Eddie, and maybe Sid. Either that, or Diego simply did his hunting far enough away from the rest of the herd that they wouldn't be bothered by it or try to interfere.
  • In the first film, Manny was heading towards the freezing wasteland and it's implied that this wasn't too long after his family was killed. Was he trying to commit suicide?
    • This is most likely the case. It also explains Manny's cold attitude towards everyone. He was mourning the loss of his family and just wanted to die in order to be with them again.
    • Remembering that Manny's family were killed recently makes a lot of the film's scenes much darker. Particularly the scene where he hands Roshan to his father. The father sticks a spear (the same weapon used to kill Manny's family) right in Manny's face, and Manny shoots him such a stony Death Glare that you have to wonder whether he was physically holding himself back from maiming the guy with it out of mindless revenge.
  • In the cave painting scene, note that Manny's mate never stood a chance. Surrounded by speared humans, she could only shelter their calf helplessly. This makes perfect sense when you realize she had no tusks.
    • An animal that large and powerful shouldn't need tusks to kill Puny Humans, but the way she was shielding the calf left her unable to lash out with her feet, trunk or sheer bulk. Plus, elephant/mammoth necks aren't flexible enough to let them look straight up, which the human rock-wielders on the clifftop clearly knew.
  • The official novelization has Soto point out to Diego that Half-Peak is a volcano before instructing him to bring back the baby or Soto would kill Diego himself as retribution. Later on in the film, Manny and Diego and Sid nearly escape with their lives after the dormant lava flow underneath Half-Peak erupts. It makes one wonder if Soto knew it was going to erupt when he went on before Diego, thus dooming him....
    • See Fridge Brillance on this page.
    • Also, Soto has a victory or death mentality. Earlier in the first movie Soto tells Diego he'd better bring the baby alive or be "...willing to serve (himself) as a replacement."
  • If you pay attention then you’ll notice that there has been an on screen death in every movie so far. In the first it was Soto being crushed by icicles and Nadia drowning and the scene with Diego dying since the director commentary said it was a real death, in the second it was Fast Tony’s unfortunate glyptodont friend Stu (and later on, the killers themselves), in the third the bird thing that Sid threw off a cliff thinking it could fly, and Captain Gutt eaten by a siren and many of his minions falling to their deaths in the fourth.
    • While it was Played for Laughs, watching what was presumably the entire dodo race go extinct on-screen was a little heavy for a children's film.
    • The fourth film begins with Sid's family arriving in a log sled and tricking him into keeping care of his Grandmother before abandoning him again. Then the Continent begins to crack apart, and Sid's family is never seen again.
      • Buck and the dinosaurs were also beneath that continent. Though the next film shows the underground world is luckily still intact.
    • What happened to all the other Scrats after Scrat pulled the acorn plug and sunk the city?
    • Also, the Man-Eating Plant from the third movie that almost eats Manny and Diego, arguably. Whether it was even sentient or not is up to debate but it still gets slayed by Buck in a pretty brutal and graphic manner, being torn apart from the inside and then literally exploding in all its slimy glory. Also, unlike Gutt who was a legitimate villain, it was just a creature trying to eat to, y'know, survive. Of course, it's relieving that Manny and Diego were rescued, but still, sheesh.
  • Manny puts himself in all sorts of perilous situations in the third movie that nearly get him killed, right before his wife gives birth. So had Manny not been so lucky, Peaches would have grown up with a dead father whom she never met, and Ellie would be a widow suffering the same grief, survivor's guilt and emotional trauma that Manny has suffered. Worst case scenario, she'd probably be even more overly-protective of Peaches than Manny was in the fourth movie, possibly to the point of being a My Beloved Smother.
  • During the part with the toxic gas-filled cavern, what if Ellie didn't go before the others, and was the one to get stuck? And how would it had affected Peaches?

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