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Heartwarming / Ice Age

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"We won't forget about you"
Ice Age
  • When Manny returns Roshan to his father and is able to reconcile with the hunter in the first film.
    • For that matter, Roshan and his father reuniting.
    • Let's not forget the goodbyes between them and Roshan.
    Sid: Don't forget about us, okay?
    Manny: We won't forget about you.
    • This is especially touching when you know Manny's backstory. After all he has endured, he now has a reason to live. He is thanking Roshan for giving him the strength to move on with his life.
    • Even Diego shows up alive and well, and gives one last smile to Roshan, before the humans leave entirely.
  • "That's what you do in a herd." What makes the line truly heartwarming is that when Manny first says it after saving Diego, he says it nonchalantly, as if looking out for others was simply animal nature.
  • Mama Bear Nadia using the last of her strength to push her baby towards Manny. Who uses his trunk to help her.
  • Frank working a minor offscreen miracle to surprise Carl with fresh greens and the last dandelion of the season — and literally wriggling with happiness as the latter gushes over it. Considering they're best remembered as "the gay rhinos" and spend most of their screen time trying to break Sid's neck, it's sweet that the first we ever see of them is a happy moment establishing how much they adore each other.
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  • The entirety of the Original film.
  • The ending of the film is very sweet. Manny at first wanted nothing more than to get rid of Sid and Diego. But after their journey together, they become close friends and head south together. Seeing them just chat about their trip is touching as it establishes their close friendship.
  • The scene in the cave. While Manny is thinking of the loss of his child, Roshan puts his hand on the drawing and touches Manny's trunk. The sentiment is short but very sweet.
  • Even Diego is touched by the cave scene. This gives Diego second thoughts on his mission to allow Soto to kill the baby as well as Sid and Manny.
  • Sid's relief on seeing that Roshan is okay after being in the water. He's then the one who insists that they need to take him back to his people.
  • A minor one during the campfire scene. After Diego puts out the flame on Sid’s tail, he at first playfully threatens him, then admits he’s kidding and gives him a noogie. The Diego at the beginning of the movie would never do this.
    • Not long after, Sid talking about how Manny may act like a jerk, but is just a softie, admitting he really is grateful for Manny saving him. He doesn’t just see the mammoth as a body guard like the latter thought.

Meta Examples

  • Ray Romano and John Leguizamo's kids have voiced minor cameos in almost all the sequels. For instance, in the fourth movie, Ray's elder daughter Ally voices Meghan, one of the teen girl mammoths.
  • Denis Leary's campaign that Diego should live in the Original movie after hearing he was supposed to die. Leary warned the makers that it'd upset kids if he died and when kids cried at test screenings Leary's wisdom was seen and Diego's death was revised to an Unexplained Recovery. This is proof enough that he loves playing the character and enjoys being a part of the movies.


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