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Nightmare Fuel / Ice Age

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Ice Age may be a series primarily focused on comedic antics back in...well, the Ice Age, but just because it's focus is more on the comedy doesn't spare it from the more disturbing elements of that era.

The Film:
  • The death of Manny's original family by humans in the cave painting. The paintings of the humans are scary too. Like real life cave art, they are just portrayed as black silohuettes without faces, which makes them look extremely unsettling as the animation for this segment is very dreamlike, making their movement look unnatural and skittish. Even their voices are just portrayed as high pitched yelling and chanting. Extra disturbing since this is likely how Manny sees humans, or used to.
    • If the paintings were human made, the killers of Manny's family detailed it unnervingly well and drew themselves in the aforementioned, indistinguishable creepy stick figures they believed animals saw them.
    • If it's the work of an unseen anthropomorphic character, they've distressingly captured the misanthropic theme the sabers live by.
  • When Sid sees a frozen T.rex (pictured above).
    • That entire "ice horror museum" sequence is kind of creepy...especially the glossed over spacecraft and its unlucky inhabitants.
  • The entire "river of lava" scene. At first, the ice begins to melt under Sid's feet. It seems like nothing until fire bursts out everywhere, leaving the group to make it across a small ice bridge that is falling apart underneath them.
  • Manny's reaction to The Reveal of Diego's betrayal. He comes close to killing him right then and there.
    Diego: I'm sorry!
    Manny: No, you're not! Not yet.
  • Soto. His desire to eat Roshan and threats towards Diego make him a no-nonsense villain.
    Soto: Alert the troops. We attack at dawn. And Diego, bring me that baby alive. If I'm gonna enjoy my revenge, I want it to be fresh!
    • After Diego's failure, Soto is furious but gives him another chance and pretty much threatens Diego if he fails again, he'll kill him.
    Soto: I want that baby, Diego!
    Diego: I'll get it!
    Soto: You'd better! Unless you wanna serve yourself as a replacement. We'll go up to Half Peak! Meet us there. It'd better be alive!
    • When he explains his plan to his goons on how to take down Manny.
    Soto: Mammoths don't go down easily. There's only one way to do it. First, you have to force it into a corner. Cut off its retreat. And when you three have it trapped, I'll go for the throat.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas:
  • Yes, believe it or not, the Christmas special contains an example. Scrat is ice-skating gracefully with his acorn. He goes under a log, where he misplaces the acorn and instead mistakenly holds onto a huge spider! Scrat screams in terror as the spider bites him and we fade to black. Yes, Scrat is the Chew Toy, but that was just sudden, out of nowhere, and just plain scary..

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