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     The Next Doctor 

The next Doctor will be a woman

The next Doctor will be ginger.

The next Doctor will be played by BRIAN BLESSED.
  • and there will be an episode where he can kill Daleks by shouting.
  • Unfortunately jossed.

The next Doctor will be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Because my 9-year old brother said so.
    • “GO! Get to da TARDIS!”
  • Jossed.

The next Doctor will be very self-aware due to his fear of becoming The Valeyard.
  • But knowing Steven Moffat, if this does happen, his self-awareness will be exactly what causes him to 'become' the Valeyard.
  • Given Peter Capaldi's resume, this is quite likely.

The Doctor will regenerate into The Valeyard.
  • The Valeyard is supposed to be created somewhere between the 12th and final regenerations of The Doctor. Given the John Hurt Doctor, this would appear to make Matt Smith the 12th Doctor, making his next regeneration the one that will create The Valeyard. This is, of course, assuming that the John Hurt Doctor is pre-11, and not from some point in the future.
    • Jossed. Seriously people need to see "The Ultimate Foe" correctly. The Valeyard is not an actual incarnation of the Doctor, but an artificial life-form created by the Time-Lords that contain all the negative potential and aspects of the twelfth and final incarnation of Doctor, which the Time lords extracted from The Doctor's own Timeline(which they can do because they have advance time Technology). Basically the Valeyard is like a Time-Lord version of Bizarro, only more evil and just as smart as the Doctor.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Zooey Deschanel
Why not? It'd be awesome.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Emma Watson
Just as awesome. And the character will be a girl in a Badass Suit.
  • This one actually makes a fair bit of sense, and would most likely be a pretty good way to break free from being permanently seen as Hermione Granger forever.
  • Unfortunately, this is jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Wil Wheaton
We have an instant people's Doctor.
  • Despite the awesomeness possible here, this was jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Jennifer Lawrence
Using her natural persona, with a bit of the grittiness of Katniss coming in when the plot requires.
  • This has to happen... Seriously.
  • Jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Benedict Cumberbatch
Rule of Cool.
  • Jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Tilda Swinton
Does no one else want to see this? If they make it a woman, surely she's the obvious choice?
  • Jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be John Noble
They've said they wanted to go older, and anyone who's seen Fringe knows he can do quirky and awesome.
  • Jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Jenna-Louise Coleman
What will happen is somehow it will turn out that the John Hurt Doctor is indeed one of the Doctor's early regenerations, so to keep the hardcore Doctor Who fans happy, somehow Matt Smith's Doctor will end up fusing his consciousness with Clara.
  • Jossed, although an interesting idea.

The Twelfth Doctor's personality and character
They've played the "fast-talking, eccentric loon" card twice in a row now. It's been said that they intended for Eleven to be much older, but Matt Smith blew away his audition. The Doctor is (presumably) very near the end of his regeneration stock, or very close to becoming the Valeyard. Taking these factors into consideration, it seems reasonable to theorize that the next Doctor will be very cold, stoic, and grim. We've had Doctors with certain degrees of this (namely Six, Seven, and Nine), but we've never had one that is completely consumed by grief and fear of death. It could even make an interesting character arc of the Doctor coming to terms with these impending problems and accepting his or her fate.
  • Interestingly, from what we see in "Deep Breath" (once he gets over his post-regeneration mood swings). 12 seems to be an unusually bashful Doctor. Acting adorkably awkward when hugged, as if not sure where is safe to put his hands anymore.

The next Doctor is a lie.
Peter Capaldie is not really the Twelfth Doctor, he's just saying that as a cover for a massive twist in the Christmas Special when he regenerates into someone else. My money is on Emma Watson.
  • Does the cover extend to Capaldi's one-second appearance in the 50th?
  • Jossed. It seems like he is the next Doctor.

Capaldi's Doctor is the Twelfth Doctor but is also the fifth incarnation in a new cycle
When the Eighth died in The Night of the Doctor, he was only given four minutes to decide whether to regenerate or not, the potion he drank rebooted the regeneration cycle to 0 once he became the War Doctor. Eccleston was the second incarnation in the new cycle, followed by Tennant as the third, and of course MS as the fourth. Case in point is the War Doctor's exasperation at his future incarnations personalities as well as his being the only Doctor incarnation to regenerate due to old age both of these points reflect the 1st Doctor in The Three Doctors and The Tenth Planet.
  • Thought 12 was the first of the new cycle?

Capaldi's Doctor is the Valeyard.
Matt Smith stated that the Eleventh Doctor is the Doctor's last incarnation and mentions Capaldi's Doctor as something to be afraid of. Put this information and the information stating that Capaldi's Doctor is a darker Doctor and we get the Valeyard who spawned from the Doctor and yet isn't the real Doctor!

Capaldi's Doctor is the first incarnation of the Doctor's In-Universe Successor
Because with the incarnation count revealed to be at 13 this is the only way to continue the show and have a new doctor without some ass pull that happened in a previous episode like River truly giving the Doctor her regenerations. Plus Capaldi is the same age that William Hartnell was when Doctor Who first came on air so it could be a connection to that. Alternatively...

Capaldi's Doctor is the first incarnation of the Doctor and River's child
Because that could be interesting after Demon's Run (the crib)

The next Doctor is Jenny
As we saw at the end of "The Doctor's Daughter", Jenny is still alive and kicking. She's an exact copy of the Doctor, and is unofficially his "daughter", so maybe she'll pop up to give her "dad" a proper send-off for his final death. Seeing that she's more like him that he initially thought, the proper Doctor gives her his title as a form of inheritance. Time Lords (or Ladies) can change gender upon regeneration, so maybe something catastrophic will happen to induce the process.

The next Doctor is the all the Doctors including the Valeyard and the curator
At the Doctor's final battle the Doctor falls and the question is asked,"who are you?"

"We're the Doctor."

The Curator is the Watcher
We've twice seen a manifestation of a half-way point between a Time Lord's current and next incarnation. In both cases, they acted as an assistant or a guide to their current selves in the lead up to a difficult regeneration. In one case the projection looked exactly like the next incarnation, while in the Watcher's case it looked like a vaguely humanoid entity of solidified regeneration energy. It isn't that unlikely therefore that such a manifestation could also look like an existing or past incarnation, albeit older than that incarnation ever actually looked, or even that it could change between several such previous incarnations ("revisiting old faces"?). Perhaps this Watcher, given where in the Doctor's existence it has appeared, is the Valeyard...or maybe it's the opposite of the Valeyard - if the Doctor's inner darkness could manifest between regenerations, maybe his inner light does the same thing?

The reason 12 looks like Caecilius is similar to the way the Curator is revisiting old faces

The Twelfth Doctor will have a facial disfigurement.
There may be a reason that we did not see his entire face in "The Day of the Doctor."

12's costume will have something Gallifreyan
Gallifreyan symbols?



The Doctor will again regenerate sacrificing himself
  • Has happened the last 2 times and seems in character. This time it may be for Clara.
    • Semi-confirmed. It's a very slow sacrifice, but a sacrifice nonetheless.

When the Doctor regenerates, the last thing he sees will be Amy.
  • She'd be the first and last face this face saw.
    • Confirmed.

The Eleventh Doctor's regeneration will take place exactly at midnight.
  • Because twelve.
    • Confirmed.

If "The Day of the Doctor" hadn't played out as it did, The Doctor would have died on Trenzalore.
The trailer tells us that the Christmas special will happen on Trenzalore, the site of a great battle where the Doctor will die. Saving Gallifrey in the Day of the Doctor gave the Doctor hope for the first time since the end of the Time War. If he hadn't and the Moment had been activated, come his death on Trenzalore, he would not have regenerated. The hope of seeing Gallifrey again, gave him the will to move on.
  • Semi-confirmed. Without Gallifrey's existence, nothing of interest would have happened on Trenzalore.

The Doctor will not die or be buried on Trenzalore ever
Just like The Doctors have Tricked Out Time in "The Day of the Doctor", so will he do again at Trenzalore. Everything will look as if the Doctor had fallen, a copy of TARDIS will be made into his tomb and a scar of his time-travel will be put in place. In truth, however, he will merely regenerate and the story will go on.
  • Semi-confirmed. The Doctor regenerated on Trenzalore, but he didn't die and wasn't buried because of the intervention of the only species that could change that- the Time Lords.

The species seen in the trailer will fight each other
  • Confirmed.

The Twelfth Doctor will walk past a fez without reacting to it.
...and for Clara, remembering her comment in The Day of the Doctor, this will be the instant she realizes that this is no longer her Doctor, the one she had gotten to know so well in their time together.
  • But at one point, Twelve will put the fez on, reminding Clara that he's still the same guy. Just like when Ten said "Fantastic" to Rose.
  • In "The Husbands of River Song", River pulls out a fez and the Doctor doesn't react to it.

The new Silents will be slightly different from the old ones.
The Silents seen in the trailer are wearing a black turtleneck under their suits, are being led by someone who appears to be the Doctor and appear to be fighting the Daleks. Perhaps the ones in the turtleneck are "heretics" and try to help the Doctor face the Order of The Silence and their white shirt and tie wearing brethren.
  • Partially confirmed. The Silence who had been trying to kill the Doctor are the heretics, the 'new' Silence are the original model.

The Time Lords will have to give the Doctor more regenerations, because otherwise 12/Capaldi won't/wouldn't have existed to help save Gallifrey.
From an entry on the Fridge Logic page. Twelve showing up to help is now a fixed point in time, since the Time Lords and the other Doctors saw him there, so if they (or someone else who needs Gallifrey to exist again) want him to save them from the War and avoid a paradox they need to make sure he exists.
  • CONFIRMED! Not quite as described, but very-very close indeed. Well done and Geronimo!

Another Monster will appear to the ones seen in the trailer
  • Sontarans? Rutans? Ice Warriors? Zygons?
    • The Radio Times seems to have said that the Sontarans will feature.
    • Artwork shows a Silurian Ark.
    • The Dalek Time Controller would be awesome, if unlikely.
  • Confirmed. There are two Sontarans that appear in one scene, and an Ice Warrior ship, Silurian ark, and Judoon ship are visible among the fleet at the beginning.


The Doctor's will regenerate due to the John Hurt Doctor
  • See my WMG in 50th anniversary folder.
    • Jossed.

The Silence will be the villains
  • A fitting end for 11.
    • Seems likely.
    • Confirmed, they were seen in the trailer.
    • Jossed, mostly. They're the closest thing to allies the Doctor has in the episode.

The tile of the Christmas Special will be "Silent Night"

The aliens we see in the preview for the special...
The Silence, Daleks, Mondas Cybermen, and Weeping Angels:Are a new Alliance like in The Pandorica Opens, that have come to slay the Doctor once and for all.And there really is no way he's getting out of it.
  • Jossed. The different species are all out for themselves.
  • Not to mention, how would one recruit a Weeping Angel to their side if it wasn't jossed?

Trenzalore is the home planet of the Silent race.
In the trailer for the special, the Doctor asks what planet he was on, suggesting it looked different from the Trenzalore we know. The Great Intelligence said a battle took place on Trenzalore. What did Kavorian say the Doctor? "Hope in this endless bitter war?" The religion of the Silence was created to make sure the Doctor does not reach Trenzalore. What if the Doctor's tomb wasn't what the Silence were alluding to? The Doctor must've participated in the Trenzalorian battle in the past from the Silents point of view, but in the future from the Doctor's point of view. The question still stands because the Silence knew that after the Doctor visited his grave, he would take part in the Battle of Trenzalore and cause Silence to fall. The whole Silence story line therefore is a Stable Time Loop.
  • Jossed.

The creatures will be constructed from the Doctor's mind
  • Apparently Jossed.

The Doctor will really die on Trenzalore. The Peter Capaldi Doctor will come into existence via some other means than a regular regeneration.
It's been established that Time Lords can have only 13 incarnations. In The Day of the Doctor we find out that Matt Smith is actually the 13th incarnation, not the 12th (the extra incarnation in the season 4 finale counts as one, according to Word of God). So he can't regenerate anymore. Now, the grave on Trenzalore definitely seems to be holding the Doctor's "body". But when Clara jumps inside the "body", we only see her helping incarnations of the Doctor up until Smith, we don't see her helping any Doctors after him. Which would mean the "body" is the body of the Smith Doctor, and hence it doesn't contain any information about any possible post-Smith Doctors. So Smith really dies on Trenzalore, and cannot regenerate into a new Doctor, and that's why the "body" stays there. However, due to some timey wimey trickery, a new Doctor will nevertheless emerge, and that Doctor will be Capaldi. He won't be a regeneration of the previous Doctor but a completely new being, and hence will have a whole new regeneration cycle. With this plot twist, the ending of the The Day of the Doctor will not contradict what we saw in The Name of the Doctor. The Doctor will die on Trenzalore, but he will also retire and became a museum curator somewhere in the distant future. It's just that the dead Doctor and the curator Doctor are two different beings.
  • Didn't River give him more regenerations?
    • No, she just used her regeneration energy to bring the Doctor back from death. It's never stated he got any extra regenerations because of that.
  • Honestly every time that '11th Doctor has no more regenerations' thing comes back it all links back to the Mirror. Honestly I wouldn't trust it, the newspapers are always wrong when it comes to information about future Doctor Who episodes and that sort of plot point would be played for drama and Moffat wouldn't just throw it about willy nilly.
    • Original WMG poster here: I wouldn't normally trust such newspaper rumours, but the Mirror article has an actual quote from Moffat that says the 12 regeneration limit is an issue and it will be dealt with in the Christmas special. So unless the Mirror made up that quote or Moffat was lying (both of which are possible, I guess), it seems the regeneration thing will be addressed in some way.
      • Newspapers are notorious for their propensity to misinterpret and outright exaggerate and lie to sell copies. Just look at the way the article is organised, the first thing that explicitly says that the Doctor has used all 12 regenerations is from 'a show source' - not exactly convincing. And then when Moffat is mentioned, it's said that they asked him about it, and if they actually did, then Moffat, trolling creator he is, likely just confirmed it so they'd report misinformation and look stupid come Christmas.
    • Jossed. The Doctor had run out of regenerations, but he obtained more.

The Silence united the Angels, Cybermen and Daleks to kill the Doctor
It was implied they were the ones who united The Alliance to seal him in the Pandorica. So, deciding to throw subtlety to the wind, they unite three of the most deadly of the Doctor's adversaries and send them after him.
  • Jossed.

The Atraxi and/or Prisoner Zero will turn out to be important
The Christmas special is supposed to tie up Eleven's story and explain the causes behind various things, and it would be awesome if it turned out that the answer goes back to the first episode. Besides, I've always wanted to have Prisoner Zero come back so we can find out what it did.
  • Jossed.

The Doctor will be mutilated...
Because having no regenerations left will give Moffat the opportunity to make him REALLY suffer.
  • This isn't an audio adventure for the 8th Doctor!
  • Unless you count aging as mutilation, jossed.

Since this is supposed to be the Doctor's "last" incarnation due to him using up his regenerations, what better way to explain why the Doctor knew he would die at Trenzalore than for his first incarnation to witness it or be told directly of it.
  • Jossed.

The Doctor will receive a new set of regenerations via a Loom
I remember there was some idea that the Doctor was the reincarnation of an early Time Lord called The Other. Perhaps the Looms will make a comeback, not as something that lets the Time Lords reproduce, but some other capacity. However, this new Doctor will be considered a separate Doctor than the others. He'll still be the Doctor, but some technicality would make him the new First Doctor, rather than a true Fourteenth.

  • one last thing: I bet 12 (13)'s "darkness" comes from actually finding Gallifrey. something like, looking back on 11 and thinking, "You idiot. Saved the world, big happy ending, do you have any idea what you let out?" And, big leap here, maybe he wasn't there to help but there to try to stop them, to re-War Doctor everything up.

The Doctor's Fate post-The Time Of The Doctor

This one's going to be in spoilers as it contains currently unconfirmed rumors from the Christmas Special. And the more we learn, they may just be true.

If current rumors are to be believed, then this Christmas, we'll discover that the Eleventh Doctor is in reality not the Eleventh Doctor. (Yes, I realize we already know this because of The War Doctor, but that's not what I mean.) Current rumors suggest that the creation of the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor counts as a regeneration; this, in turn, would imply that Eleven is officially the Thirteenth Doctor. And if you remember correctly, Time Lords can only regenerate 12 times. Making the Thirteenth Doctor the last. The rumors also suggest that Eleven will die at some point during a hundreds-of-years long war on Trenzalore.

So, if this is true, how does the man WE know as the Twelfth Doctor (you know, Peter Capaldi), figure into this? We clearly see Twelve show up and help the rest of the Doctor's incarnations freeze Gallifrey. So, clearly, The Doctor has to survive, right? Well...think about this.

"The Doctor" is a name that the man we know as such chose. It's a title, a promise he made.

So why can't someone else carry that promise?

This is my theory. Eleven dies. No avoiding that, Trenzalore is where it happens. Silence falls. But in the midst of all that, The Doctor discovers another Time Lord. Somehow this man managed to escape the Time War. How, IDK, Moffat can figure that out. But this man witnesses the man fight in this war (or survive, or however Eleven does things now). He sees this man's legacy and what it can cause. He's in awe. Eleven befriends him. They fight together. Eleven realizes this is it for him, so he gets a crazy idea. What if this kid could be The Doctor? After all, it's just a title, right? No reason another man could take it. But The Doctor wouldn't give anyone the title. This guy has to earn it. And he does. Just as he recieves it, he's attacked and regenerates into Capaldi!Doctor.

This would make The Doctor a true Legacy Character. How else would Clara not have seen future incarnations of The Doctor when she hopped into his time stream? If this does turn out to be true, then technically, Capaldi! Doctor would be the Second First Doctor, as well as the Twelfth.

  • Jossed. Clara didn't see any future Doctors because he had yet to trick out time and save Gallifrey, eventually getting him more regenerations. As of that moment he was the last Doctor.

In The Time of the Doctor, the Doctor will use all three names given to him by the Great Intelligence.
The first, "Storm", will be a throwaway line, as the Doctor once more uses the title "The Oncoming Storm". The second, "Beast", will be used in a dark moment as the battle takes a turn for the worse, forcing him to sink to darker depths to keep defeat and its likely-terrible consequences away. Someone will remark that he's acting like a beast, and the Doctor will reply along the lines of "If I have to be a beast for the greater good, then I shall be the Beast!". This ends with the Doctor delving too far into his own darkness, and at the battle climax comes the Fall of the Eleventh - not a fall in battle, but a fall from grace as he finally succumbs and becomes the Valeyard.
  • Jossed.

The Doctor will regenerate well before the end of the episode.
Following on from the above WMG. According to screenshots released in advance, the Doctor will have a drastic change of costume, wearing a cloak and wielding a Dalek eyestalk like a weapon. This actually takes place after the regeneration - Peter Capaldi will play the Twelfth Doctor (but 13th incarnation) for the second half of the episode, while Matt Smith will play the Valeyard, finally free from the Doctor's mind. The "corpse" of the Doctor that the Great Intelligence and Clara entered in the Name of the Doctor will be the Valeyard's corpse, created when he made a last ditch effort to escape the Doctor by jumping into his own timestream, leading in turn to the events of Trial of a Time Lord. This explains the Doctor's supposed destiny of dying at Trenzalore while still allowing the show to continue with a new Doctor.
  • This would also explain why Clara didn't see any doctors after Eleven in the Doctor's timestream.
    • Jossed.

The woman "from the Doctor's past"
She is a young Madame Kovarian, her experiences here shape her to engage the Doctor in Series 6 after this "endless, bitter war".
  • Given this image, I seriously doubt it.
  • Jossed. She's a new character named Tasha Lem.

Someone will be sent back by the Angels and intervene in earlier events of the episode
  • Perhaps Clara will ask them to change the future.
    • Jossed.

The enemies are attacking the Doctor on Trenzalore as they know he will die there
  • Jossed.

The Doctor will split in two again
The pictures of a naked Matt Smith remind me of 10.5, which makes me wonder if the Doctor will somehow become two Doctors, again. If this happens, it's almost certain one of them would become the Valeyard. But honestly, I hope it doesn't because that was stupid enough the first time.
  • Jossed.

Alex Kingston will return, however briefly
  • Maybe her data ghost, making her more knowledgeable for The Name of the Doctor.
    • Jossed.

Trenzalore is Gallifrey
The trailer clearly said the Time War would begin anew then ordered all forces to attack Trenzalore. Gallifrey was target of the Time War so why would Trenzalore become the target unless it's Gallifrey. Needless to say the Planet will survive while both sides(or at least the Time Lords) get wiped out properly!
  • Jossed, but Trenzalore is misidentified as Gallifrey by Handles at first.

Prisoner Zero will appear
He knows that Silence will fall. And taunts 11 with that in his first episode. Also, it seems like Moffat would bring the villain from Matt's first episode into his last.
  • Jossed.

The reason the Church fought against the Doctor was due to Tasha Lem becoming a Dalek Puppet
  • An image from this episode shows her with a Dalek Eyestalk.
    • Jossed, the members of the church that fought the Doctor were a splinter sect.

The Doctor will be reconstituted from his timestream
  • Meaning he can still have his TARDIS, as if another Doctor appears, leaving his timestream behind, the TARDIS will be left there as well.

Tasha Lem is a future Clara.
  • Then why does she make it clear she's never met Eleven before?

Tasha Lem is Iris Wildthyme
She partied so hard one night and had the mother of all hangovers, so she then decided to give up the booze and become a nun. One thing led to another.

Tasha Lem is River Song, who will have future appearances in the series.
Tasha Lem is a future version of River, possibly an artificial body created by the Library to house River's consciousness, which eventually became the Papal Mainframe.
  • She can fly the TARDIS, something we've only seen the Doctor and River do. She describes it as being easy, and it was for River, since the TARDIS itself taught her.
  • River is referred to as an engineered psychopath, something she's been called before. Only a few minutes later, the Doctor tells her she's been fighting the psychopath inside herself her whole life. That's a pretty big callback.
  • The Doctor is comfortable flirting with her, which is pretty rare.
  • The Doctor is uncomfortable introducing Clara, apparently feeling awkward in front of Tasha at what she should be called.
  • When the Doctor is trying to break her out of her mindcontrol, he galls her by flirting with Clara. At the very least, this definitely establishes that Tasha is supposed to be a previous romantic relation of the Doctor's.
  • He seems to trust Tasha more than he trusts Clara, since he buckles immediately when Tasha wants to speak privately, acknowledging there are things he and Tasha can talk about, that Clara can't. Apparently most things.
  • Tasha Lem is described as being human, but with something else. River Song is born of two human parents, but as Time Lady attributes.

The biggest issue with the theory is that Tasha indicated she's never seen Eleven before. It could be either a part of a ruse, or because Tasha is a combination of the Library and River, and the last time the Library saw the Doctor, he was Ten.

  • Also, there's the somewhat obvious Meaningful Name: Tasha is short for Natasha which means "Born at Christmas" and Lem is Mel spelt backwards, which is short for River's true name of Melody.
    • It's also been pointed out that "Tasha Lem" is an anagram for "Thames La." Thames as in River, La as in the note of a Song.

  • Alternatively...

Tasha Lem was a beta attempt at River, as a back-up plan in case the Papal Mainframe ever needed to go to war against the Doctor
Minus any attempts at making her a Time Lord. Except the Doctor caught this one much earlier in his lives and prevented it ever really being a problem. She's at least disturbingly similar to River in too many respects for it to be simple coincidence.
  • But she was the one who founded the "religion" that led to the rogue splinter cell that made River.

The TARDIS will crash to its death on Trenzalore and its mortal wound is the crack leading to the Doctor's Timeline from Trenzalore to Gallifrey.
Explains why it's dying in "The Name of the Doctor" ... The Doctor will need a new TARDIS.
  • Or, you know, the intervention of the Time Lords prevented the future seen in Name of the Doctor (the Doctor even said when Clara demanded he change the future that he used to be able to when the Time Lords were around, not quite figuring out that they're on the other side of the crack and so can influence events from there, though Clara did). This show is the trope namer of Timey Wimey Ball after all. Besides, killing off the TARDIS would be an insult to the show's history, she's the constant companion.

The Silence are actually on the Doctor's side
  • Okay so the Silence were behind the TARDIS blowing up (And having plans for a reboot of the universe inside the Pandorica) knowing that the Doctor would have to use it and not be part of the new Big Bang (so, not part of the new universe). They then tried to kill him before he could utter his name on Trenzalore (Which nearly happens in "The Name of the Doctor"). They are Knight Templar and needed to kill the Doctor before his final battle because otherwise they would lose that battle. Now that they've reached it, they have no choice but to team up with the Doctor against his greatest enemies, the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels and the Daleks.
    • I would like 35 000 internet points for getting this right.
      • Still partially jossed. The Silence were split into two factions, one which were always good. (Whom helped the Doctor) and the others were rebels who broke away from the church to kill the Doctor.

The 12th Doctor will criticise the 11th Doctor but show him some respect
  • He might give a jibe at the chin and bow tie, but say it was time for him to change.
    • Jossed.
      • actually Jossed in the show, but confirmed in one of the comics.
Twelfth Doctor: You mean, the me that wore a bow-tie? The me that thought a fez — an item of apparel resembling an upturned-plant-pot was cool? The me that used the word "cool"? Still not to worry, sophistication and timeless sartorial elegance have been restored.

The Doctor will be greatly aged by these events, explaining the older Doctor
  • I think the next Doctor being older is a result of the character arc in Day of the Doctor, where he realized he was running from his age.

The Daleks will be an ally to the Doctor.
Oswin wiped out the memories of the Doctor from the Daleks mind in Asylum. So, perhaps he encounters them in Time and manages to get them to help him fight the Silence, Cybermen and Angels.
  • OR He allies with the Silence, as we see a caned Doctor-looking fellow walking with them around him.
    • Jossed about the Daleks, confirmed about the Silence.

Tasha Lem met a previous Doctor
  • Maybe 8 during the Time War as apparently Paul's face is hidden in a promo image. Or the War Doctor.
  • Given that she greets Eleven with a comment that makes it clear she's never seen this body before, it's a no-brainer.

The Doctor will do something to seal his timestream
  • He could travel to after he previously visited Trenzalore and do more then close the TARDIS doors.

Tasha Lem wasn't supposed to be in the Christmas episode.
The role of Tasha Lem was supposed to be played by River Song, but due to Real Life reasons (e.g. the actress was unavailable, having River would conflict with story elements later etc) a new character was made. The story wasn't rewritten enough to remove the elements of River's character.

Tasha doesn't act like River, River acts like Tasha.
Tasha created the Order of the Silence to stop the Doctor. It was a rogue faction that went too far and actually tried to kill the Doctor by "creating" River Song. It's possible that Tasha felt some guilt over what this faction had done to this innocent child, so she secretly took River under her wing at some point and tried to take care of her and told her all about the Doctor. Either she never told River who she really was or she told River not to tell the Doctor about her. River looked up to Tasha because she didn't treat her like she was just a weapon.
  • Tasha couldn't save River or tell her anything about her "killing" the Doctor before it happened because it was a fixed point in time. Maybe she explained everything after that.
    • That still doesn't mean River isn't based off her. Madame Kovarian modelled River off Tasha so that she would be an effective assassin, and possible counter-measure to Tasha.

Lorna from "A Good Man Goes to War" came from the town of Christmas.
  • The town is in a forested area which might be the Gamma Forest that Lorna claims to come from.
  • The residents of Christmas would have a good reason to think that the word "Doctor" means "Great Warrior".

The Eleventh Doctor developed kidney stones in the course of the episode
  • Hence the Twelfth Doctor's first words.

Originally, the Doctor really did die on Trenzalore.
As part of its big plan to destroy him once and for all, the Great Intelligence set things up so that, originally, the Doctor really would finally die on Trenzalore. But, again thanks to Clara's intervention, that's been changed so that he doesn't die, but is granted a whole new life cycle. So, now, the future seen in "The Name of the Doctor" has been prevented.

Christmas was founded by Kazran.
Having finally shared the holiday with his lost love, old Kazran wanted to create a place where it was always Christmas, so he funded the establishment of a town in a place where strings of lights would be appropriate year-round due to lack of daylight, and it snows a lot. He also arranged for its semi-Victorian décor and clothing styles, to better fit the holiday theme.

The Doctor will still be buried on Trenzalore.
It's just that now, it'll be because after his second (or later?) cycle of regenerations wears out, the Curator will return to the site so his timestream can be laid to rest alongside all the Christmas folk he'd lived among and protected for so long.

The larger tombstones seen in the graveyard-version of Trenzalore weren't for officers.
They were for Silents who'd fallen in battle: creatures who had always been forgotten in life, so deserved a large memorial stone that could at least preserve their memory in death.


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