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Awesome / Doctor Who 2013 CS "The Time of the Doctor"

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  • A minor one, but the means the Doctor uses to sneak a TARDIS key past Tasha Lem are clever. The church is accustomed to people using holographic clothes, but the Doctor exploited a blind spot by shaving his head and hiding the key in a wig.
  • The raw terror of fighting the Weeping Angels in a blizzard.
  • The Doctor fought for centuries in the same town just for a chance to finally bring his people back. Think about that. Centuries spent fighting Weeping Angels, Cybermen, Daleks and the Silence all for a chance to undo his greatest regret. And in all that time, the town called Christmas never fell to any of them.
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  • The brief puppet scene, adorable and awesome.
    Eleventh Doctor Puppet: Christmas is defended!
  • The Cybermen are able to create versions of themselves out of wood. Just how they managed to upgrade trees we'll never know...
  • The Doctor managing to trick a Cyberman into killing itself while under the influence of a truth field.
  • The Doctor forces the cooperation of the Silence due to the Daleks nearly destroying them during the siege of Trenzalore. Think about that. The organization that planned so far ahead that they almost outsmarted the Doctor turned around and ended up being among the last True Companions the Doctor ever had this regeneration.
    • As if to illustrate this, there are shots of the Silence zapping Cybermen and of the Doctor leading a squad of Silence into battle. That's right, the Doctor was able to win the allegiance of an army of Slenderman-Expy Humanoid Abominations and lead them into battle against the Daleks.
  • Tasha Lem, after a little Reverse Psychology from the Doctor, is able to regain control of her Dalek-puppet body and uses her Dalek weapons to kick Dalek ass.
  • One must give props to the Daleks as well. 300 years where most of the Doctor's other enemies just gave up in their siege, and only the Daleks never gave up trying to kill the Doctor. Nobody can say they aren't determined.
    • By 900 years everyone else had given up; who knows how many centuries later, the Eleventh Doctor is dying of old age and the Daleks are still at it. Determinator, thy name is Dalek.
      • Even better is that this includes powerhouses like the Weeping Angels and the newest Cybermen, who many believed to be capable of curbstomping the Daleks. Who's Laughing Now? indeed.
      • Not to say the others didn't try. The Cyberiad somehow dispatched a Cyberman made entirely of wood - just how they managed that, we don't know.
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    • And even when they seem to have won, when they have the Doctor completely surrounded, in an old, decrepit body and knowing that he can't regenerate since he's used up all his lives, the Daleks are still too afraid of the Doctor to actually shoot. That is how much he scares them.
      Eleventh Doctor: And you still can't work up the courage to shoot me, can you? You're still worried I've got something up my sleeve.
  • The Doctor is dying. He has run out of options and the Daleks are going to, at long last, finish him off. There is no one that can save the day, right? Wrong. Cue the Time Lords, with an absolutely heroic version of This is Gallifrey playing, reaching out from a pocket universe to give the Doctor, the man so many of them saw as insane and whom they belittled and mocked, a brand new set of regenerations... all because Clara told them that they didn't need to HEAR the Doctor's real name... that the name he chose should be good enough for them.
    • Clara talking the Time Lords into giving the Doctor more regenerations. She talked the Time Lords into something they didn't want to do.
    • The Time Lords already know the Doctor's name. Even if it was somehow erased from their obsessive filing system, there's no way the name of one of the most (in)famous renegades in Gallifreyan history isn't in the Matrix, or known to one of his House members. The Time Lords didn't need to learn the Doctor's name; they needed him to say his name. He refused because he didn't want to give that kind of power to his enemies. Clara's appeal to the Time Lords was essentially saying that the Doctor wasn't ever going to play that game but that he had spent centuries fighting to protect them and he was about to die for them. After millennia of tormenting him, the Time Lords finally listened to the Doctor and gave him his chance to save them.
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    • They also must have realized: If they don't save him, there won't be a thirteenth Doctor to help save them.note 
    • The fact that the Time Lords get to have a Big Damn Heroes moment when we've only seen them as antagonists since the revival. Heck, the fact that they get to have a Big Damn Heroes moment without appearing on-screen!
  • The Doctor uses his regeneration to destroy a Dalek Cruiser!


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