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All of the sequels to Justice League: War are demos for solo films.
The producer of Justice League Dark recently stated in an interview that if the movie was well-received, it would get a sequel. Justice League vs. Teen Titans is getting a sequel: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (note that it doesn't have Justice League in the title). Justice League: Throne of Atlantis might have led to an Aquaman solo movie if it was better received/a more faithful adaptation. It looks like the sequels to Justice League: War are all character showcases for heroes outside of the War lineup, with WB Animation's intention being to start new subseries of animated films starring the more successful ones. Also, the War continuity favours New 52 source material (but isn't limited to it) so the characters likely to get movies are the characters who had well-received stories in the comics after Flashpoint.
  • Teen Titans is the big success story here, with two films and possibly a third. Justice League Dark is getting a sequel too.

Possible future films in the War continuity:
Building on the above theory:
  • Superman Unchained is probably the most popular Superman story to come out of the New 52 era.
    • Alternatively, something based on a Superman story from DC Rebirth.
  • Something based on Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman run. Yes, Wonder Woman is part of the War lineup, but there hasn't been an animated Wonder Woman movie since 2009.
    • Alternatively, something based on the current Rebirth Wonder Woman series.
    • We'll see if Bloodlines draws from either.
      • Bloodlines is very loosely based on some Rebirth stories and some 2000s ones, so confirmed.
  • A solo Aquaman movie is still possible.
  • A Jonah Hex movie based on Gray and Palmiotti's All-Star Western.
  • A Cyborg movie.
  • A Green Arrow movie based on either Jeff Lemire's run or the current Rebirth series.
  • A FAITHFUL adaptation of something from Batman (Grant Morrison) or Scott Snyder's Batman.
  • A Blue Beetle movie
  • A Big Barda/Mister Miracle movie.
  • A Legion of Superheroes movie.
  • Another Flash movie (based on the Rebirth series, maybe?)
  • A Starfire movie, where she returns to Tamaranea to overthrow Blackfire.

    • Almost all of the above are Jossed now that Apokolips War has concluded this continuity.

Possible future standalone films:

There should be a crossover film between the modern Batman and Batman '66
Probably in time for the 80th anniversary of Batman in 2019. The DCAOM Batman (voiced by either Jason O'Mara, or better yet, Kevin Conroy) teams up with the '66 Batman (voiced by Adam West of course!) in a "Batman of Two Worlds" story that honors both the 'Dark Knight' and 'Caped Crusader' interpretations of the character. The story could begin with some villain who the modern Batman chases into the '66 world, where he teams up with '66 Batman. And the second half could be '66 Batman making his way into modern Batman's world. Among the fun moments of this film would be modern Batman meeting '66 versions of Robin and Batgirl (and being either amused or exasperated at the sheer incompetent buffoonery of '66 Gordon and Chief O'Hara); while '66 Batman meets Nightwing and Damian Wayne. Expect TONS of in-jokes and meta-comments about the divisiveness between fans of the Silver Age and fans of darker 'grim and gritty' Modern Age superhero stories.
  • The death of Adam West has made this impossible.

The continuity established by Justice League: War will be discontinued and the DCUAOM line will go back to releasing three standalone films a year.
  • 1. Gotham by Gaslight (hardly something that can be set in the War-verse) is set to be next year's first release.
  • 2. The purpose of the War-verse was to promote the New 52. That era is over thanks to Rebirth.
    • Considering the fact that the War-Verse has gone in it's own direction since Justice League Vs Teen Titans that seems unlikely
    • Plus Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is going to be in the same continuity.
    • There's nothing saying they couldn't start adapting some rebirth arcs.
  • 3. With the DCEU ramping up, Warner Bros. may want to avoid creating competition for itself by maintaining another ongoing shared film universe.
    • They managed to release the Dark Knight Returns around the same time as the Dark Knight Rises without any conflict.
    • That would only be an issue if Warner Bros. had the same exact team working on both the DCEU and the DCAMU.

  • Jossed; The Death of Superman is set in the war-verse, as is its sequel.
    • Confirmed, though. The War-verse did end in 2020.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines will be delayed to 2020.
The same thing happened with Justice League Dark (which was planned for late 2016 but delayed to early 2017) and the DCEU's Wonder Woman 1984 (which Bloodlines was meant to cash in on).
  • Jossed.

These solo films take place in the same universe.
In chronological order:

About the rumored Crisis on Infinite Earths animated film
Each JL member will be represented by one DC animation era
  • Superman- Superman Fleischer Cartoons
  • Batman- Batman: The Animated Series (1992 art style)
  • Wonder Woman-
  • Green Lantern-
  • The Flash-
  • Robin- Teen Titans (Or Teen Titans GO!)