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"Super Sons" stars Jon Kent and Conner Kent.
The original "Super-Sons" series from the Silver Age was about the "sons" of Batman and Superman. However, seeing as how Batman's sons (both adopted and biological typically have their own books, this series might star the biological children of Pre-Flashpoint Superman as well as post-Flashpoint Superboy. Other possible candidates may include Jon Lane Kent from the future or possibly even Chris Kent or Conner from the pre-Flashpoint universe (although not likely).
  • How about Jonathan Samuel White/Kent and New 52 Damian Wayne starring in Super Sons?
    • Confirmed to be Jon and Damian.
Guesses for who's on what team
(Feel free to add more guesses)
  • Justice League: Unlikely but perhaps since DC's Trinity are getting their own book they won't be on either JL team, Green Arrow, The Flash.
    • Confirmed to be starring the same lineup as before, with Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz sharing the role of their Green Lantern, and with the Pre-Flashpoint Superman replacing the Post-Flashpoint one.
  • JLA: Midnighter (I mean, they let Lex Luthor in so why not?), Martian Manhunter. Also, any other major player who isn't on the main team (except Hal, he seems to be busy with the Corps): Atom (Palmer), Green Arrow, Constantine, Luthor, Steve Trevor, Hawkman (Hall/Hol, since in the New 52 he's the same person), Mister Terrific, Orion, Blue Beetle (Kord), Nightwing, Earth-3 Owlman (I liked him, hope Manhattan didn't really kill him), the Question (Trinity of Sin), a fine anti-hero like Deathstroke, Deadshot or Grifter and popular female characters: Black Canary, Vixen, Zatanna, Catwoman (Kyle)... oh, and led by Luthor or Trevor.
  • Teen Titans: Red Robin, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle (Reyes), Miss Martian, a few new characters.
    • Confirmed to be featuring Damian Wayne, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Wally West II.
  • Titans: Everyone in Titans Hunt, Starfire, Cyborg (I can dream, can't I?).
    • Confirmed to be starring Nightwing, Arsenal, Donna Troy, Tempest, Omen and Flash(Wally West).
  • Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey: Batgirl (Gordon), Spoiler, Blackbat/Orphan (Cain), Black Canary, Bluebird.
    • Confirmed to be featuring Batgirl, Huntress (Bertinelli) and Black Canary.
  • Red Hood And The Outlaws: Red Hood, the Joker's Daughter, Azrael (Valley), if Roy and Kori aren't in the Titans, they'll probably be here.
    • Confirmed to be featuring Artemis and Bizarro.
  • Suicide Squad: Waller, Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Enchantress, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang. It'd be good to see Deathstroke, Grifter, Midnighter, Captain Cold, Bronze Tiger and Bane in there, at least in some capacity.
    • Confirmed to be featuring Amanda Waller, Captain Rick Flag, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Katana, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress. El Diablo is getting his own limited series, on-par with Boomerang.
  • Earth 2: The Flash (Garrick), Green Lantern (Scott), Hawkgirl, Batman (Grayson), Power Girl, Huntress (Wayne), Superman (Val-Zod). Also, Wildcat (Ted Grant), Terry Sloan (I hope neither of them is actually dead).
  • Green Lanterns: Jessica Cruz as Power Ring or Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Simon Baz.
    • Jessica and Simon are confirmed co-leads.
  • Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps: Hal Jordan, Popular non-Earth Lanterns.
    • Confirmed to be featuring Hal Jordan and John Stewart.
The Super-Man stars Lex Luthor and/or Ultraman
OP here, seemingly jossed
  • New Super-Man, as the series has been quickly renamed, stars an ordinary Chinese man who somehow gets Kryptonian powers.
Geoff Johns is bringing back the Retroboot Legion
The Pre-Zero Hour Legion was in his video, he created that version (kinda) and they're going to appear on Supergirl (2015).
Who's going to die?
The 80-page Rebirth issue is going to kill "a major character."Who could it be? Pandora? The New 52 Superman? The New 52 Joker (for real, this time)?
  • Convergence killed off the Post-Crisis Joker, so there's precedent. Plus, a lot of people want the New 52 Joker to go away because of his tendency to be near-invincible (although this troper personally finds his near-invincibility entertaining).
  • Who says they're going to stop at one major character death?
  • It does indeed look like the New 52 Superman is going to die, as of Superman (2011 series) #51.
  • The deaths of Pandora and the New 52 Superman are both confirmed. The Joker (3 of them!) is still alive.
DC Rebirth will be a Crisis Crossover
Major identities revealed
I mean, we hope so.
  • The Joker's is, well, kind-of confirmed to be revealed soon (exact words are like "[we're] gonna know whatever answer Bruce got from the Mobius' chair. Word. To. Word.") and according to Johns his real name "is not what [people] expect it to be". Previous hints indicate it might be someone Bruce Wayne already knows. Creepy... And so awesome! Let's hope it's a decent one.
    • Also, if it'd be revealed that the Joker is around the same age as Bruce Wayne (like in the Young Justice), it'd be awesome.
    • Subverted, bordering on Jossed. We don't know their name(s) yet, so does Bruce. But there are THREE of freakin' Jokers out there!
  • So, that leaves us with the New 52 Trinity of Sin (the) Question. Will his identity be revealed afterwards? And who the heck is he, anyway? Achilles, Alexander the Great, Gilgamesh, some other pre-existing historical, mythological or DC character? Or a brand new guy whatsoever? Hope, the writers will somehow bring back the Question's Rorschach-level baddassery, that has been kind-of lost, since he's been revealed as superhuman.
    • And, revealing Suicide Squad's Vic Sage as one of the Question's identities might've help up things a little.'Cause, you know, seeing the Question and Vic as two separate characters doesn't help. At all... Update, Vic Sage in the New 52 is a letdown, a Corrupt Corporate Executive, a villain and an ass, being Vic In Name Only. I don't know how they'll fix it, but, being a fan of Denny O'Neil's run and Justice League: Unlimited, I sure want them to.
    • A popular idea is #RorschachFor The Question. Please, NO. Just no.
  • Also, Midnighter's real name.
  • And Terry freakin' Sloan. From the Earth 2. Who is definitely not a native to the Earth 2. And may not even be a human. And his real name might be different (but I still hope it isn't). So the questions here are: Where is he from? Is he a human?
  • Huh... Lincoln freakin' March. Once and for all - is he Thomas Wayne Jr. or not? And can they finally decide what works better - Thomas Jr. being older than Bruce (like the New 52 Earth 3 Crime Syndicate version) or the younger brother (like Lincoln March implied to be)? All this older-than-younger-than in different universes set off the continuity for me a little.
A crossover with All-New, All-Different Marvel can happen
Sometime. In the future. We wish. At least, all things seem to be finally set as they should be, in both Multiverses (or in DC's case, their Multi-Multiverse). Besides, not only the worlds are gonna be finally cooled and formed mid-2016, the major stories are taking the same approaches, philosophies and morals as their center: like Free Will vs. Determination (or Determinators vs. Can't Fight Fate), defining What Really Matters (both personally and at all) and, finally, getting to the point that Anti-Nihilism outlook and attitude are vital in modern world. I mean, how cool is that? Well, if it'd be a thing, I called it.
Main Multiverse seven unrevealed Earths may include
  • Pre-Flashpoint Main Earth and the Flashpoint Earth itself.
  • Hit Print Comics Earths: the Dark Knight/Millerverse, Superman: American Alien, Justice League 3000, Watchmen. Note: Kingdom Come Universe, the New Frontier Universe and Generations Universe already confirmed as the other revealed Earths.
  • Hit Digital Comics Earths: Ame-Comi Girls, Bombshells, the Legend of Wonder Woman.
  • Hit Video Game Earths: Batman: Arkham, Injustice Main and Regime Earths, Infinite Crisis Arcane, Atomic, Gaslight, Mecha and Nightmare Earths (or their elements and characters will be incorporated into already revealed existing Earths), DC Universe Online Main Earth (since the game and the comics are out of sync, either Main Earth, I think).
    • While, Earths like Justice League Heroes and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe are not as developed, so except incorporating some elements, not including them is a fine idea.
    • Also, let's add the forthcoming Telltale Games' Batman Universe - it seems to be an awesome one.
  • Hit Animated TV Earths: Young Justice, the Batman, DC Animated Shared Universe (current one), Batman: the Brave and the Bold Main Earth, Beware the Batman. Note: DC Animated Universe already confirmed as one of the other revealed Earths. Justice Lords have one too.
    • It's even more optional with Hit Animated Film Earths: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and Apocalypse, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and Doom, Batman: Under the Red Hood, DC Showcase, Batman: Year One, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (pre-Flashpoint Earth), JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time, Batman: Unlimited, Batman: The Killing Joke.
  • Hit Live-Action TV Earths: Arrowverse Main Earth and Earth 2, Supergirl, Gotham, Smallville Main Earth.
  • Hit Live-Action Film Earths: DC Extended Universe, the Dark Knight Saga, Tim Burton's Batman/Burtonverse.
    • Also George Miller's Justice League: Mortal, 'cause it seemed to be a kind of awesome.
Alternatively, writers might make another Multiverse for some of them, maybe linked to what Morrison is doing with Multiversity Too.
Why are some teams so radically different?
(Feel free to add more guesses)Suicide Squad: The current members that aren't returning post-Rebirth? Died, simple as that.
  • You're too pessimistic and naive. The line-up is changed to reflect the movie, that is obvious.
Beast Boy and Raven took a dip in the Lazarus Pit for some reason
Thus explaining why they look Damian's and Wally's age in the new run.
  • Fun explanation. Actually, retconned they're. I dislike it myself. Even this Wally should be a bit older.
    • Seems to be jossed on both counts as they are still the same age as the pre-Rebirth series
Thomas Wayne's letter to Bruce from Flashpoint is going to play some kind of role in Rebirth.
New 52 Batman has it. Maybe he's gained some knowledge about the multiverse from analyzing it. For all we know, it could be some kind of Cosmic Keystone.
  • Confirmed. Be honest, there are people from DC on this site. I don't buy you can just guess such a thing.
  • OP here; I don't work for DC. However I have been wanting the New 52 Batman to analyze the letter from Flashpoint, get all his Post-Crisis memories back, and learn about how the New 52 changed things pretty much since the New 52 began. That doesn't happen in DC Universe Rebirth #1 (although Wally West seems to be suggesting that Batman attempt something along those lines).
  • We aren't shown the contents exactly, but somehow it leads to Bruce finding The Comedian's bloodied smiley face deep inside the Batcave.
  • Confirmed! Flash Rebirth #1 has Bruce and Barry performing scientific analysis on both the letter and the smiley button. They find a unique radiation that Barry has never encountered before in his multiversal travels.
Nekron will confront Dr. Manhattan
  • Looking back upon "Blackest Night", Nekron said that "whoever or whatever sent [the Life Entity] here will regret it". As Rebirth implies, the one who is implied to have created the Post-Crisis 52 Universe was Dr. Manhattan, as it was his attempt to create life. If you take it in the context of "Blackest Night", and all the way back to even post-Crisis of Infinite Earths, then the living beings in the DC Universe really are trespassers - Dr. Manhattan created life where there was once darkness. In effect, Dr. Manhattan is the one who sent the Life Entity, the Trespasser, so I do not doubt that Nekron will want to have words with - kill - Dr. Manhattan. Perhaps Dr. Manhattan is even responsible for Nekron being the entity that he is.
    • Your idea. I, personally, hope for Manhattan vs. the Empty Hand and his Gentry. And, while Geoff Johns himself said that Batman & Co won't be punching Manhattan in the face, I hope at some point they will. And, please, cover the reveal by spoilers, bro. Most people are not aware of the entire thing yet.
The freakin' Jokers
While it is clear that the three Jokers in the current universe are the original one, the Pre-Flashpoint one (starting from Moore's the Killing Joker) and the New 52 one (especially by Snyder and Capullo), it’be cool if they'll share the well-known designs and personalities:
  • 1. First modeled after Jack Nicholson's, Cesar Romero's, Curtis Armstrong's (On Star Commercials), Roger Stoneburner's (Birds of Prey), Cameron Monaghan's (Gotham), Aaron Shoenke's (Bat in the Sun's Super Power Beat Down), Paul Molnar's (Bat in the Sun's fan films), Mark Hamill's (DCAU, Birds of Prey, Arkham, DCUO, Killing Joke), Richard Epcar's (MK vs. DCU, Injustice, Infinite Crisis), John Di Maggio's (Under the Red Hood), Jeff Bennett's (the Brave and the Bold), Troy Baker's (Unlimited) portrayals, the New 52 Earth 2, Earth 3, Pre-Flashpoint New Earth and Kingdom Come versions.
  • 2. Secondafter Heath Ledger's, Scott Mc Clure's (Joker Blogs) and Kevin Michael Richardson's (the Batman) portrayals and the Joker (by Azzarello and Bermejo) version.
  • 3. Thirdafter Jared Leto's, Troy Baker's (Arkham), Michael Emerson's (Miller's Dark Knight), Brent Spiner's (Young Justice), Mark Hamill's (Beyond) portrayals, the New 52 Prime Earth (especially, written by Scott Snyder) and, a bit, after Pre-Flashpoint/Killing Joke versions.
Nuclear War caused Dr. Manhattan to create the New 52
Big spoiler box here, but: At the end of Watchmen, we see a tabloid magzaine editor going through different things in the mail and one of them is Rorschach's journal. He reads it, publishes it and somehow convinces the rest of the world that Ozymandius was the cause of the mysterious alien. The US and the USSR go from the brink of war to all out war and, BOOM, humanity is dead. Dr. Manhattan, having been so focused on his happy little DC Universe, becomes so jaded that he decides to punish it by turning it into the New 52 universe. For every little bit of happiness, he squashes it flat. He persuades Krona to kill the living embodiment of Hope and decimates the Blue Lanterns, he allows Vandal Savage to turn the entire world against Superman, he even creates the Joker from the Snyder run, all just to show that having hope is meaningless.
  • Maybe Dr. Manhattan also was responsible for turning the Amazons into the murdering monsters that they were depicted as in Brian Azarello's Wonder Woman run.
Earth 2 will have a Time Skip
While, on the New 52 Earth 2, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman are traditionally older than their Prime Earth counterparts, such heavy hitters and legendary heroes like Green Lantern/Alan Scott and the Flash/Jay Garrick are good five-ten years younger than current Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, which contradicts their both original and popularized depictions (Smallville, the Flash (TV series), Batman: the Brave and the Bold, Young Justice) as seasoned, older (at the very least - a few years) heroes, who preceded the Justice League. Imagine, they get their pre-New 52 memories, like the Prime Earth heroes gonna do... But, Alan and Jay, they're still freakin' younger! On the other hand, a decade or so Time Skip would set off the balance with most of other Earth 2 characters. So, maybe, just do it for Scott and Garrick, I dunno, let them travel the Multiverse for a bit, so somehow more time will pass for them than everyone else and they get a lot of experience for themselves. The odd thing is with Earth 2 Ted Grant - he is traditionally seasoned, and no less badass, but seeing him with grey (or is it white?) hair around younger heroes is a bit unsettling. Maybe, somehow, they'll draw him a bit younger and hopefully (I hope) make him Wildcat. You know, I miss Grant in that mask.
Kate Kane is considering going back into the military.
DADT is a thing of the past (meaning she can now serve openly), she doesn't have a significant other to consider, and the previews for Detective Comics #934 show she now has a buzzcut. Maybe at the start of this 'Tec run she's having second thoughts about being Batwoman for whatever reason, and is looking to go back to the Army.
  • Jossed. The exact opposite seems to be true: her father semi-guilt-trips her about her decision to leave West Point, but Batwoman seems perfectly content with her crimefighting career, even if she's not taking out the most prestigious foes. She also has a new girlfriend.
Mr. Oz is Ozymandias
This theory is from Bleeding Cool. And, given the clues they provide (dialogue, symbols, motivations), it is pretty solid. And makes a lot of sense. Which can’t be said about the rest, yet:
  • 1. Rorschach as the New 52 Trinity of Sin Question. Doesn’t feel like it. At least yet. Something is missing there. Firstly, for that very thing Rorschach had to be alive, thousands of years ago in the New 52. And being even more off than he ever was in original novel. And he claimed he had power before (as in expression "rise to power"). Second, while having superpowers can help him (at least a bit) around Doctor Manhattan, it didn’t make him as badass as Rorschach was before or the Question was on Justice League: Unlimited. Third, there is a Vic Sage in the New 52 who is a screw-up In Name Only version of the original character. The kind you'll never want to be the Question. Still, it is hard to see the Question and Vic Sage as separate characters.
  • 2. The Comedian as the first or the second of three current Jokers. Maybe. Another theory involving the Jokers – they’re all the same person. Much like the Joker has the ability to see reality as it is and Breaking the Fourth Wall whenever it’s convenient, he is also proof to reboots, meaning, while a new version is created along with a new universe – the old version(s) No-Sell such reality manipulations and remain(s) active in such a new universe along with a brand new himself. The biggest reboots were twice – hence the three Jokers. Note: understandably, the Joker is not proof to little cosmetic retcons.
    • Question to the original poster: What makes you think he isn't the New 52 Joker? It was the New 52 Manhattan created, so if the Comedian is somehow one of the Jokers, wouldn't he more likely become that one?
    • OP here; I did write 479 words explaining my point of view here (believing that "the New 52 Joker is You-Know-Who" is a stupid idea that sacrifices all the integrity and legacy in the sake of one-time shocking effect), but then I clearly saw that contradicting anybody's thoughts and ideas is pointless as it can be. So, whatever you want, buddy, the New 52 version it is. Side Note: I'm done with that stuff.
    • Question maker: I did not mean that as an insult and I didn't seriously believe it, admittedly I did think a bit about it since New 52 Joker is most certainly the craziest of the two, his Red Hood self kinda resembled 'the guy' (though this likely has more to do with how I haven't reread Watchmen for a year and am remembering his chin wrong), he came from the New 52 which the...uh,Blue Man Group made in the first place and how (though I probably remembered this wrong) that Joker seemed to have somewhat more bulk than the other two, that's beside the point. The point is: I know he could just as likely be the other two (though I hope he's not the classic Joker, that just wouldn't be fair, since he was made ages before the other guy), so I'm withholding my judgement as to which one he might be until later when actual clues are out, my only point is that I was wondering WHY you removed New 52 Joker from the list of possibilities. I wasn't stating my opinion, I was just asking a question, so there is no need to be a dick about it, all I wanted were your reasons for why he was ruled out, and even now you still didn't give any actual reasons for it aside from you simply hating the character.
    • OP: Firstly, yup. Sorry for my tone, so stupid of me. And no, You completely misinterpreted my thoughts on the matter. You can find full explanation of my thinking in this very page's edit history or better yet in your personal messages. Regardless, I'm still thinking we're just flooding this page.
  • 2.1. Alternatively – as Thomas Wayne, Sr. And, maybe, as well as in original – he’s already dead. Originally, I thought that making the Comedian as a Joker is an interesting twist, now I'm against it. Instead I enjoy the idea of some aspect of him being reincarnated in Thomas Wayne - completely different, morally righteous character, yet who is also dead, and whose letter like the Comedians badge provides a clue to a big villainous secret. Besides, how banal it sounds - both were portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the movies.
  • 3. Nite Owl II as Gotham and Silk Spectre II as Gotham Girl. Doubtful. Well, Gotham is described as "idealistic", in a sense of "too-good-for-Gotham-idealistic", means Nite Owl’s morals has to be changed. As for Silk Spectre, well, Gotham Girl's blonde hair and relative non-importance, at least so far, set it off. Add here the possibility of them having superpowers and the theory becomes even more doubtful.
    • Action Comics #957 shows Mr. Oz standing in front of rows of monitors observing the action omnisciently, identical to Ozymandias.
    • Action Comics #958 ends with Mr. Oz saying, "Think, Kal-El — what will you do next? Only then can I make my move." Hoo boy, there's many ways this can be interpreted. If it's Ozymandias, does this mean if Superman does the selfless move and save Luthor by doing a Heroic Sacrifice, it'll prove to him or Dr. Manhattan that self sacrifice and heroism does exist in this world?
What about the higher players?
Doctor Manhattan has made his moves. But what do the other powerful beings have to say about it?
  • 1. Firstly, bad guys. Darkseid is now a kid. Anti-Monitor is dead. Brainiac is far less powerful than he was. But somewhere out there are the Empty Hand and the Gentry from the Multiversity. And while Manhattan bestows Nihilistic philosophy on existence, the Gentry represent corruption by uncontrolled and useless or harmful information and depths of human mind. The way I see it, there can be only one Big Bad.
  • 2. Speaking of Biggest Bads, what about the Great Darkness, to which Geoff Johns is fond of?
  • 3. The Presence. All is okay, you know, God, minimal interfering and so on... but if pre-Flashpoint is the same Multiverse and the New 52, how to explain changes made to His Status Quo? They kind of have to... at some point.
  • 4. The Endless. Still have to make an appearance as the cosmic forces that bring order and retribution to all and any.
  • 5. What about The Quintessence (Highfather, Spectre, Phantom Stranger, Zeus, Shazam/the Wizard, Ganthet)? Where is Kismet, for that matter?
Other characters from DC (and related) imprints are gonna get involved
Namely, from Wild Storm and Milestone Comics - as integral part of the current Prime Earth.
  • Not bloody likely, especially in the case of Milestone, as a separate Dakotaverse imprint was planned but died on the vine.
    • I didn't say "books", I said characters. Given that WildStorm's are already integrated into the New 52 Prime Universe, so is Milestone's Static, I agree to disagree and with WildStorm's I wait for them appear anywhere, as for Milestone's - hell, man, Johns brought freakin' Watchmen into the mix when nobody thought it would happen so far if at all - so I say, we'll see.
The next Post-Crisis character to return will be Wonder Woman.
She was snubbed in Convergence (which is a shame, since Convergence brought back a ton of Post-Crisis characters and treated them well). Now that the Superman, Lois Lane, and Wally West Flash of the Post-Crisis era are living on the New 52 Earth, and Barry Allen in the New 52 may have his Post-Crisis memories back, it's only a matter of time before more people immigrate. This would be another chance to bring her back. (She would probably be disgusted by the way the Amazons are characterized in the New 52 though). Geoff Johns has said there will be more characters returning in the future, so this is possible.
  • Yup, bring all pre-Flashpoint folk, but what would we do with the New 52 ones - kill them off?; allow them to coexist? Let the craziness ensue? Personally, I think, making the New 52 characters (including Diana) remember their pre-Flashpoint lives is the only best option.
  • OP here. I think allowing them to coexist is the best option. Think of how in the Silver and early Bronze Age, the Golden Age characters and the Silver Age characters had annual team-ups. Think of how, in the Post-Crisis Universe, we had Golden Age characters (and characters purchased from Charlton, Fawcett, and Quality) interacting with modern characters on a regular basis. Both approaches worked very well. I don't see having multiple versions of the same character in one universe as "craziness."
  • Further information from the OP: I've been rejoicing about the fact that my Superman is back for a full year now. I don't think the return of Wally West will lead to the death of any New 52 characters. The death of the New 52 Superman is a specific (and probably temporary) event meant to symbolize the fact that the 2011-2015 approach to handling the DC universe is definitively over. I can enjoy current Superman stories again, and I'm elated. Do I want to see the exact formula that was used for setting up Superman's role in Rebirth (New 52 hero dies, Post-Crisis hero takes up the mantle) repeated with Wonder Woman, and other Post-Crisis characters who come back? No. That would be repetitive and unnecessary. Let them coexist. Heck, I wouldn't mind if DC resurrected the New 52 Superman and gave him a new series (while keeping the Post-Crisis Superman in Action Comics and Superman where he belongs). I wouldn't read the new series, but I wouldn't be offended by its existence. Marvel Comics is currently publishing two different Captain America comics with two different protagonists and there is nothing wrong with that model.
  • Even further information from the OP: I created this particular WMG because I have been missing Wonder Woman since the New 52 began. I find the New 52 version unrecognisable (at least when written by Brian Azzarello or Meredith Finch). Wonder Woman, Superman, and the Flash are the three characters I consider most damaged by the New 52. Convergence brought back my Superman and my Flashes. (Not only did Wally West appear in Convergence: Speed Force, but Convergence: The Flash brought back a Barry Allen who could remember that he was married to Iris West. Eliminating superhero marriages is my Berserk Button. The only exception I make to this is Aquaman since at least he was still with Mera.) Wonder Woman got left out. In fact Convergence's entire treatment of non-Elseworlds Dianas was unfortunate, since the Golden Age Diana didn't get a tie-in and the Silver/early Bronze Age Wonder Woman got a lousy tie-in that undid her happy ending from Crisis on Infinite Earths. I want DC to rectify this mistake and give the Post-Crisis Wonder Woman the same respect they are currently giving the Post-Crisis Superman and Wally West Flash. Bringing back the Post-Crisis Wonder Woman would rectify the last major failing of the New 52.
  • Even further information from the OP: I don't need to see multiple versions of Bruce Wayne, the Green Lanterns, or Aquaman because the New 52 didn't hurt them. I'm not advocating that ALL Post-Crisis characters immigrate to the New 52 Earth, just the ones whose New 52 counterparts I don't care for (or ones who don't have New 52 counterparts). I'd be happy to see the Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) and Superboy (Conner Kent) of the Post-Crisis Earth immigrate, as well as Linda Park-West and Jai and Iris West. I appreciate the fact that DC is trying to simply improve the New 52 versions of a lot of characters, including Green Arrow, Starfire, and Arsenal, as well as the New 52 Wonder Woman (if what we've heard about Greg Rucka's upcoming Wonder Woman run is any indication). But I think the New 52 Wonder Woman is such a problematic character that in her case, that isn't enough.
New 52 Superman has been Superboy Prime all along, and the whole thing has been his growth trying to become the hero he thought it was.
  • After all, it's happened before, and would explain why it's PRIME Earth.
    • No, they would have revealed that fact already if that was the case. and what's the problem with N52 Superman being a hero instead of a villain? And SBP is from Earth Prime, while Post-Flashpoint Superman is from Prime Earth/New Earth. Remember, Multiverse is the key word.
    • I went back and forth thinking of it and concluded that possible drama and shock of reveal are not worth downplaying the New 52 Clark's already established character, his heroism, him caring for people and his sacrifice, all the stuff that was built for years and had great emotional effect, - almost to nothing, effectively making him just an imposter. So, I'm against the idea. On the other hand, if it was the case, there is no indication that "they would have revealed that already" other than a "sure" assumption from the troper above.
    • Things get confusing when Clark Kent shows up, baffling Lex, Superman, Lois and Jon. If New 52 Superman is dead, who is this Clark? Could it be the "real" Superman?
      • Jossed. New 52 Clark is human, and was never Superman.
      • Further Jossed. He's Mxyzptlk
One of the Jokers is The Comedian.
  • This theory has popped up, and it fits neatly into what has gone on. Heck, Bats stares at the giant Joker card before finding The Comedian's badge under it.
If Mr. Oz is Ozymandias
Then he made a Heel–Face Turn in light of his horrific actions and is working to help undo Docto Manhattan's manipulations of the DC Universe. After all he does know how to exploit the few weakness that Manhattan has and may hold himself responsible for the latter's loss of humanity that led to his current circumstances.
If the Question is Rorschach
Then he is because of the Nuclear War theory above which caused Doctor Manhattan to resurrect Rorschach and inflict on him A Fate Worse Than Death while tying him closely to Pandora so no one would want to help him.
  • And why would Manhattan do that? He's greatly deluded, but NOT AN IDIOT. Besides, from the entries above you may see that entire the Question is Rorschach idea may be not a good idea at all.
Young Justice will return
Jackson Hyde appeared in the one-shot and there has been no news about what is going to happen to any of the YJ associated Titans characters so there may be something in the books.
  • Jossed. Jackson joined the Teen Titans.
Doctor Manhattan
isn't actually the villain Ozymandias is. He figured out a way to manipulate the DC universe so ten years could be stolen and caused all the problems. Doctor Manhattan's actions are an attempt to restore things for the better but either his powers aren't enough or he doesn't understand enough about how reality works to undo what's been done so he is working slowly.
  • The whole thing could be a Cosmic Chess Game between the two. They would have inverse motivations, such that Ozymandias believes that cynical pragmatism is the only way to achieve results but supporting hopeful optimism only so he can see it fail while Doctor Manhattan did what he did in the belief that whatever troubles the heroes of the DC universe face they will overcome and gain back what was lost because they have hope and love.
Possible later titles
  • Shazam: This one is pretty much a given since Billy and his foster siblings were seen with Shazam powers.
  • Legion Of Superheroes: The one-shot special had an unknown woman with a flight ring.
  • Justice Society of America: Oh come on this one smacked us in the face in the special!
  • Justice League International: Captain Atom had a cameo during the story after a substantial absence from the books. There may be something in the works based on that.
  • The Atom: Again this was very blatantly set up.
  • Young Justice: Jackson Hyde's appearance may be hinting at young heroes not joining the Titans teams.
    • Jossed. Jackson joined the Teen Titans.
Details for possible later books
  • Shazam would focus on Billy splitting the power among his foster siblings and discovering the secrets of the Rock of Eternity.
  • Legion Of Superheroes would see the story split between Legionnaires trapped in the past and active members in the future trying to get them back.
  • Justice Society of America will focus on reuniting the lost members of the group and exploring what caused them to be forgotten in the first place.
  • Justice League International will be about Booster Gold gathering together several disparate heroes and will be the main book that focuses on fighting back against Doctor Manhattan. After all what better way to defeat cynicism that with good old "bwa-ha-ha" determination.
    • Members of the group could consist of Booster Gold, Ted Kord as the Blue Beetle, Fire, Ice, Captain Atom, Vixen, Etrigan, Maxima, Crimson Fox, the Question and Mister Miracle. More tentative members would be Martian Manhunter, Metamorpho, and Doctor Fate if he's not used in Justice Society.
  • The Atom will focus on Ryan Choi tracking down Ray Palmer in the Microverse.
  • Young Justice will be about a group of Young Heroes being brought together by Secret to deal with a threat from the Fourth World.
    • Characters could be Jackson Hyde as Aqualad, Cassandra Sandsmark as Wonder Girl, Connor Kent as Superboy, Bart Allen as Kid Flash, Tanya Spears as Power Girl, Bunker, and Secret.
    • After Detective Comics 940, where Tim was captured by Mr. Oz, it could be that Secret returns after her prolonged absence from comics and assembles the team to rescue Tim.
Original Wally isn't from the pre-Flashpoint universe.
The New 52 universe isn't just the pre-Flashpoint universe with ten years removed from history. It's still its own separate thing, incorporating the characters and settings from Vertigo and Wildstorm. It just used to be a lot more similar to the pre-Flashpoint universe – when Doctor Manhattan removed ten years from their history that added to the differences, and made everyone younger and more cold. So, pre-Flashpoint Superman is indeed still from an alternate reality – and Wally is native to the New 52 universe, he just remembers how it used to be. (The reason why Wally may also remember things from the pre-Flashpoint reality is basically "because Speed Force".)
  • If this turns out to be true, that will be really depressing.
The leader of the Colony is Jacob Kane.
He seems rather adamant about getting Kate to go on some real missions; maybe a cryptic reference to getting her to join the Colony itself? Or to get her out of harm's way when they make their move? Plus, the Colony's leader is shown from behind and has shaved hair just like Jacob does, and he theoretically has access to the funds for such an operation. The motive is the only unclear thing. It needs to be stressed that this would almost certainly be an awful idea, but it's here now just in case.
  • Detective Comics #935 has a conversation that very heavily implies this, and also gives a fairly feasible outline of a possible motive. This may not be a horrible decision after all.
  • Confirmed in Detective Comics #936.
The Court of Owls...
  • 1. Are somehow connected to the League of Assassins, another Ancient Conspiracy organization. Maybe, the first Talons were made from League's assassins. Ra's al Ghul should know more.
    • Possibly confirmed. Detective Comics #938 suggests that the Court of Owls is, or at least is believed to be by the military, an arm of the League of Shadows.
  • 2. The Diabolical Mastermind behind the Court is not from the Powers family, neither it is some Grayson family ancestor. It is a Wayne, from the second generation of the family, who lived in the XVIII century. In other words it is no one other than Doctor Simon Hurt.
The New 52 and Post-Crisis Supermen Are the Same Version Only Forcibly Seperated Into Different Aspects
  • Up until now the New 52 versions of the characters have actually been others have loved reading about since the Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot right? unlike how he manipulated and changed the other heroes until they were more to his liking, Manhattan had trying trouble finding and changing Superman the same way due to the real Brainiac sending the latter and a few other older-lasting versions of several well-known on a mission to prevent the Convergence successfully , suddenly Post-Crisis Clark appears on Prime Earth nine years back in the past. and here is his chance, so Osterman secretly takes a few aspects from the older Clark (thus explaining his eventual weakening during Truth) and turns those aspects into their own seperate being with it's history and career. which only has 5 years worth of experience, thus the New 52's Superman came to exist. then D Cn U Kal-El dies sacrificing himself as fights Denny Swan (who believes himself the real Superman), and is succeeded by his older counterpart who debuted in 1986 on New Earth? but when the other Clark goes to visit Prime Earth's Kal's grave to pay his respects one last time and lays his hand briefly on the ground before flying away, the palm print glows blue. they've been merged together, two versions of Superman who actually have been forcibly seperated. this action also explains the existence of a seperate Clark Kent, that Clark is a cover-up for the (as it should have been from the start) now-merged New 52 and Post-Crisis Clarks.

Godspeed is Zoom
No, not the CW Zoom, looks nothwistanding. He's Eobard Thawne of New Earth, or, rather, AN Eobard Thawne. While Eobard was separately taken from timeline by Zolomon, and from the Speedforce by the resurrection of Barry Allen, during The Blackest Night Eobard's body, without his soul, was animated by the Black Lanterns in form of the new Black Flash. His reign of death was not for long, and the dead Thawne was nothing without his soul (In the Speedforce? In the prison per Rebirth V1? Or running somewhere with Zolomon? Timeline, man). The thing is, Thawne's body was given a true resurrection by the White Entity, presumably giving him his soul. The resurrected White Lantern Thawne joined other heroes and villains of that team, before ultimately leaving in the end, saying that he is "finally going home". That means that by the end of New Earth run, there were at least two separate Eobards running independently.
  • Finally, here is Godspeed: http: // .jpg
  • And here is White Energy Zoom: http: // .jpg
    • This is Jossed.

Stephanie Brown will end up killing someone.
Not intentionally, and specifically at the end of the first arc of Detective Comics.
  • The solicit for the last issue of the arc says that the final battle "will change Batman's world forever—and in a way you'd never expect! Whether they win or lose, they've already lost..." Having a Bat-team member kill, especially a younger one, would be a heavy blow.
  • Word of God says that the second arc will be Spoiler-centric. Maybe to focus on her as she deals with being a killer, and maybe how the rest of the team reacts to her now as well. It has also been said that the end of the first arc will lead into the second, and will be rather dark.
  • The cover for Detective Comics #940 shows Spoiler on her knees crying next to two downed Colony soldiers (who look to be dead) while the rest of the team looks on with sad expressions.
  • Specifically, if the above WMG about Jacob Kane turns out to be true, he is the one she will kill, likely on accident. From a dramatic standpoint, that would potentially create an enormous rift in the team, not only because she killed, but because she killed Kate's dad. It would be a perfect way to have long-reaching consequences echo throughout the book for a long time.
    • Jossed on both counts. Steph doesn't kill anyone, and Jacob Kane is still alive at the end of #940.

The Post-Crisis Superman and the New 52 Superman can permanently coexist without either of them being treated as a fake.
IGN is spreading a bizarre and unnecessary speculation that the Post-Crisis Superman, in his appearances from 2015 on, is some kind of facsimile created by Braniac. Meanwhile, people on This Very Wiki are speculating that the recently-deceased (but likely to be resurrected, because this is the DC Universe) New 52 Superman is actually Superboy-Prime. All the people proposing this theory seem to be ignoring the fact that it is better for all involved - fans and creators- to actually have the characters we like. The whole point of Rebirth is to get the best of both worlds. I'm a fan of the Post-Crisis Superman, and I'm enjoying the resurgence of him and his family. If DC were to retcon him into being a fake, I would stop reading current Superman stories again. Meanwhile, there are a fair number of people who like the New 52 Superman. Revealing him to be Superboy-Prime or some other pretender would be pointless and just make fans of the New 52 Superman feel betrayed. It would be bad business for DC to completely abandon either character. Just because I personally don't enjoy reading New 52 Superman stories doesn't mean I want people who do enjoy reading that Superman's adventures to be betrayed. Surely I'm not the only one who feels this way? The more Supermen the world has, the safer and more well-rounded it is. The two Supermen have very different characterization from each other, so attempting to merge them or treat them as a single character would inevitably cause something to be lost. Coexistence is the best option.

Also (and bear with me here, I'm going to defend Superboy-Prime a bit), Superboy-Prime's entire character basis is that he's a guy who got burned by a reboot. This makes him a relatable villain at heart, even if the execution of his characterization has been silly at times. Turning him into the star of a reboot that many people felt burned by to some extent in real life is a bizarre and unnecessary inversion of the character.

  • The appearance of Clark Kent, regardless of who he actually is, will undo Superman: Truth, since the public appearance of Superman and Kent at the same time will probably make the public think that Superman's death was faked and Clark Kent was part of some grand scheme between him and Supes.

Batman will be Jon's mentor
After Jon accidentally killed his cat with heat vision (and didn't tell anyone about it), Supes, Wondy and Bats appeared at his house to have a confab about Jon's powers. This is probably the prelude to Super Sons, as Superman will send Jon to Batman to be mentored as a fledgling superhero.
  • That confab wasn't about Jon, but about Superman himself, with Wonder Woman and Batman inquiring into the new strange Superman in town. However, this doesn't Joss the WMG just yet.

Mr. Oz is Danny Chase
Admit it, you wouldn't see that coming.
  • Danny Chase as an interdimensional immigrant (a la Clark and Wally) or a New 52 version of Danny Chase with a different history?
    • The original. Danny's photographic memory would be ideal for restoring the timeline.

Kent, New 52 Superman, pre-Flashpoint Superman are all a composite of the "real" Superman.
It's revealed in Action Comics #958 that Clark Kent has no idea he's Superman, nor does he have any powers. It could be that all three characters are aspects of the same man, which would explain pre-Flashpoint Superman's powers fluctuating in Lois and Clark. As mentioned elsewhere, this is why Superman's fingers leave a blue glow at New 52 Supes' grave. At some point, Clark, pre-Flashpoint Superman and New 52 Superman's ashes will get combined, and Superman will have a He's Back moment similar to The Return of Superman. Heck, it could be the two Loises are parts of the original Lois too.
  • The problem with this is that the two Supermen have VERY different characterization and relationships. Merging them would cause something to be lost. I really, really, really hope DC doesn't go down this route. If we have one merged Superman, he can't be a rookie hero and an experienced hero at the same time. He can't be married to Lois Lane and dating Wonder Woman at the same time. Neither version's fans will have quite the character they've been following.
    • But that's the entire point. The two opposing personalities of Superman and Clark Kent. They meld perfectly. And sorry, but Superman and Wonder Woman have never been an item unless Lois has been dead in an alternate reality. Trying to ship them has proven to be a disaster.
    • But melding these people together would be like melding the two Wally Wests together. It would diminish at least one of them. Having two separate Supermen can keep everyone happy. Why should we try to lose any element of either character? And they are different characters. Yes, they're both Superman, but DC has gone to great lengths to make them different from each other. Merging them would be a regressive move that would undermine the "every character matters" sentiment of Rebirth. Just because I don't enjoy seeing Superman and Wonder Woman being a couple doesn't mean that people who do enjoy that relationship should be forced to lose it forever.

The mysterious Clark Kent is the New 52 Superman.
He's lost his powers and his memories of being a superhero.
  • Seemingly jossed, "Clark" remembers perfectly well he used to be a superhero, and has actually used to be the Superman of "Prime Earth".
    • If that is the case, then the basic WMG is confirmed. The mysterious Clark Kent is the New 52 Superman.
      • Jossed: It's revealed that the New 52 Clark Kent and New 52 Superman had always been separate people: Clark was human all along. Superman had assumed Clark's identity at some point to protect him from assassins because of a case he'd been writing.
      • This is Jossed too. He's actually Mxyzptlk.

Alternatively, The mysterious Clark Kent is a clone of the New 52 Superman, created by Lex Luthor.
  • Jossed

The Bat-team in Detective Comics will get curbstomped to some degree during their first encounter with the Colony, possibly to the level of it being some type of Worfing.
Specifically, it'll be Clayface's fault. The team may start off doing well, but as the weakest link in the team from a fighting standpoint, he'll do something to cause the others to get their asses kicked and possibly even captured.
  • Jossed. They escape mostly unharmed (Cass took a chestfull of sedative darts) and Clayface is actually the one who ends up shielding them during the escape.

Wally's return has accelerated the rate of change in the DCU.
Basically, Wally breaking back through to the universe proper is, intentionally or unintentionally, causing certain things to speed up to more quickly resemble their pre-Flashpoint status. He already reunited the Titans, we see Black Canary and Green Arrow reigniting their relationship in a speedy manner and Red Robin and Spoiler are implied to have been dating and in love for some time, despite their only scene alone together post-Flashpoint was their Meet Cute. The previous status quo was already returning, but Wally caused some elements to speed up.
  • Kinda, sorta. Remember, 10 years are missing. Restoring those will straighten out the timeline. It may look like it's going faster, but no, it's just being restored.

Mass Effect / DCU Intercompany Crossover coming.
No. Seriously. In Justice League: Rebirth #1, a Reaper comes to Earth? Not only is it an insect-like creature a lot like the ones from Mass Effect, but it's there to harvest humans and there's thousands more in deep space?! When's Commander Shepard showing up?!

Amanda Waller is affiliated not only with the new Gothams, but also with the Colony.
Now that she's shown up working with Hugo Strange, it seems that the goal of "saving Gotham" might be multi-pronged. If Gotham and Gotham Girl are some of Strange's experiments, then they would be able to act with some sort of regulation, while the Colony is tasked with eliminating Gotham's standard vigilantes. The Gotham and Colony sides of the plan could be connected to each other, or simply be two routes to the same goal.
  • Semi-Jossed, The Colony isn't there to take down Batman and Co., but to fight against the (possibly fictional) League of Shadows.

Gotham and Gotham Girl are somehow related to the Legion of Super-Heroes.
They are likened to Superman, naturally, but Gotham Girl specifically calls her sight power "ultra-vision"; this is an ability Ultra Boy of the Legion possesses. Tom King likes to reference out of continuity stuff, but he's also a popular candidate for bringing back the Legion.
  • And we probably saw "Gotham Girl" and her flight ring in DC Rebirth #1! It makes complete sense.
    • Semi-Jossed. While they may have Legion tech, they're not from the future at all.

The Eradicator was the New 52 Superman all along.
Think about it - the way New 52 Superman died, the fact that it wouldn't be the first time the Eradicator legitimately thought he was Superman. That, and the return of the classic Doomsday. It could be when New 52 Superman died the energy being returned to its natural form.
  • Jossed.

Tim Drake will die in Detective Comics #940.
  • There's a rumor that DC will be killing off Tim, and if it's true it could happen sooner rather than later. The (circumstantial) evidence:
    • The solicit for #940 says that Batman's world will be tremendously affected by the Final Battle against the Colony. Having Tim die would be a major development, to say the least.
    • There is preview pencil art for the first part of "Night of the Monster Men", the first Bat Family Crossover of Rebirth, and even though it's just a single page, the entire 'Tec cast is there... except Tim.
    • James Tynion has said the end of the first 'Tec arc will be dark.
    • The second 'Tec arc will be focused on Spoiler, again according to Tynion. She is right now in a romantic relationship with Tim, and his death would defintely be a major factor in her story if true.
    • Interestingly the post-Convergence Batman Beyond series revealed in #12 that Tim Drake had gone missing and was never found. And no, we're not talking about the same Tim Drake in that series who hailed from the aborted Future's End timeline. So it might be possible that revelation and Tim's fate in 'Tec are linked (the outcome might not play out the same way, because it's comics we're talking about).
    • The initial WMG has been Jossed. Tim is still alive, although he is believed dead by everyone else.

Krypto the Super-Dog makes his return.
The Eradicator "eating" Krypto is basically a way to make an Earth dog into a Kryptonian, as the entire issue is about the Eradicator wanting to remove the human parts of Jonathan and make him all Kryptonian.
  • Confirmed.

Supergirl will join the battle against the Eradicator
Someone has trespassed on her cousin's -now her- Fortress? And that someone has swallowed Krypto? She isn't liable to sit it out. She'll be pissed off.
  • Jossed.

Supergirl and Batgirl will team-up at some point
So far Rebirth has tried to combine the best parts of pre-Crisis and post-Crisis DC. Bringing the friendship between Kara Zor-El and Barbara Gordon back would be a nice nod.

The events of "Night of the Monster Men" will interrupt Tim Drake's memorial service.
  • If not the "official" one, then a private one just for the members of the Bat-team.
    • Jossed.

The "three Jokers" will be a Freudian Trio
The Jokers will eventually run into one another at some point and team up to defeat Batman. They would form a Power Trio that Bruce would never be prepared for. The Jokers would function like this:

  • Jerry Robinson "Golden Age" Joker- a serious but grinning criminal mastermind;"gangster clown" (Superego)
  • Alan Moore Killing Joke Joker- a homicidal, psychotic, unpredictable sociopath; Chaotic Evil incarnate (Id)
  • Scott Snyder New 52 Joker- a calculating manipulative sadist with a warped sense of humor (Ego)

Batgirl will have a Lighthearted Rematch with Batwoman when she gets back from Asia.
  • Way back during her New 52 series, Babs was curbstomped by Kate in a Let's You and Him Fight type of scenario. They patched things up and are on good terms now, but since the entire point of Barbara's trip is to help her become a better fighter, maybe she'll seek Kate out to spar with and test herself after she returns.

Supergirl told pre-Flashpoint Superman that he could make use of the facilities of the Fortress of Solitude
Supergirl (Rebirth) makes clear that Kara considers she owns the Fortress now. In Action Comics, Superman keeps using his new Home Base, and in Superman #3 he is reluctant to enter the Fortress because it feels he is trespassing. However, in Superman #8 Superman and his son are whiling away in the place. So Kara must have given her permission for them coming there.

Mr. Oz and Doctor Manhattan
are both trying to repair the DC universeThe just can't communicate directly so neither accounts for the others plans, which causes some trouble. They will be acting to try and stop whatever threat Pandora warned about at the end of Flashpoint.

The current Superman will come in contact with Doctor Manhattan
His advanced senses will eventually let him see Doctor Manhattan who will take notice and deliver words to him which could be:
  • A desperate entreaty for Superman to save the world by undoing Manhattan's work and noting that Superman can do so because "you were the first, the greatest, because you brought forth hope and inspired an age of heroes"
  • A warning about Mr. Oz.

Mr. Oz is raising an army against ... someone.
First he "collects" Doomsday. Now Tim Drake. He tells Tim he's too important and he's needed with a royal "We".

You-know-who accidentally fixed the Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake pairing
When he took a chunk of their memories and past away, they forgot their arguments, fights and break-ups... but they still remembered they liked each other! Tim's presence was making the heroes happier, so of course Mr. Oz kidnapped him.

Grant Morrison will write the fight with You-know-who.

The X crisis story will be written by the guy with a outspoken love of the silly stuff in comics and a disdain for the darker and edgier. It will be somewhat trippy, and it will probably involve a lot of oft-forgotten comedic characters dealing blows to Dr. Manhattan.

Beast Boy and Raven will get back together in the Rebirth series

They are one of the couples that was split up during the New 52 reboot, and there has been quite a bit of ship tease since they first met in the New 52.

Nightwing just began remembering more bits of the Pre-Flashpoint universe
In Nightwing Vol 4 #9, during a nightmare sequence, Dick summons an army of all those he loves or befriended in the past... including heroes he barely knows. Supergirl was his friend in the Post-Crisis universe but they have not met in the Post-Flashpoint reality. And still Kara shows up flying in the background. So... he is remembering subconsciously the old universe after meeting Wally again.

Hunter Zolomon was the in-universe mastermind behind the DC universe's continuity rehashing
The last time he was seen pre-Flashpoint, he approached Eobard Thawne and said that they could "make each other better." We haven't seen Zolomon at all since then, but we have seen Thawne pulling a lot of dick moves. And we do know that Zolomon's whole schtick is about making heroes (and villains, given his history with Cheetah) "better," usually as a result of tragedy. Perhaps the New 52, and everything leading up to DC Rebirth, was somehow Zolomon's handiwork (although he no longer has any powers since Inertia stole his Time Stands Still pseudo-speed from him, so very likely he has to rely on Thawne acting as his physical enforcer, since Thawne does have the ability to mess up the timeline by doing certain things that affect original continuity, as he did in Flashpoint.

Mr. Oz created the New 52 with you-know-who's help, and he's trying to prevent the pre-Flashpoint universe from returning.
To wit:
Mr. Oz: (to Tim Drake) You were reconnecting threads that could not be reconnected. You're so loved, so deeply intertwined, it became crucial that we take you off the field. And that's where you are, Tim. Off the field.

The New 52 was caused by an Ascended Fanboy
The New 52 was created by someone inspired by the comic book version of Watchmen, and emulating the characters, not the characters themselves. This is hinted at here about the announcement of The Button miniseries.

The missing ten years did not cause all the changes between current continuity and pre-Flashpoint continuity: the explanation from the end of Flashpoint, involving the merging of three universes, is still canon.
The explanation for the New 52 reboot given at the end of Flashpoint was that the main DC Universe, the Vertigo universe and the Wildstorm universe were merging into one. Nothing in DC Rebirth so far has directly contradicted this. And there are some changes which cannot simply result from ten years being missing (like Superman's changed origin), or that we know would still exist even with the ten years restored (like the original Wally West being removed from time and memory by Abra Kadabra back when Wally was still Kid Flash). So this means that the three universes merging changed things partway, and then the ten years being taken away changed things even further – most notably by making the superheroes younger, less experienced and less of a close community.
  • Very likely. While its never been clear precisely how much Wildstorm and Vertigo's inclusion affected the DCU, its clear that there were two forces at work when it came to creating the New 52 reality - Barry's 'fixing' of the timeline AND the interference of Manhattan (in which Pandora possibly played a part). Its entirely possible that the 'fixed' timeline Barry's actions created was the real Post-Flashpoint timeline, and Manhattan's tampering corrupted it further into the New 52.

Task Force XI will be used to deal with you-know-who
Amanda Waller's Task Force XI will have the extremely powered villains/anti-heroes of the DCU, and it'll have a mission to deal with Dr. Manhattan.

Who is the pre-Flashpoint Nightwing, and who is the New 52 Nightwing?
  • Any thoughts on how two Nightwings can exist, one apparently pre-Flashpoint and the other appearently New 52? Theories, people?
    • One is Deathwing.
      • Solicits mention Deathwing, so it's likely.

"Clark Kent" is an amnesiac Mr. Mxyzptlk.

And if it's FUN you want, it's FUN you'll get!

  • Confirmed.

Pre-Flashpoint Superman and New 52 Superman are Red Oni, Blue Oni, and are two pieces of the real Superman
Strongly hinted by Superman #19.

The "Eobard Thawne" who appeared in the New 52 is an impostor
  • The real Eobard is still trapped in the Speed Force, and the one we've seen (with the glowing eyes, black and yellow costume and time powers) is actually Hunter Zolomon.

The finale of DC Rebirth won't be an epic battle...
It'll be Superman and Dr. Manhattan talking, and actually finding common ground; as both feel great loneliness. Superman being the last son of a dead world, and Dr. Manhattan having nobody like himself. It'll end with Supes convincing Dr. Manhattan to leave the DC Universe alone, or at least Earth.

Mr. Oz is Superboy-Prime
He dresses like the Time Trapper, has medium awareness and thus extensive knowledge of Watchmen, and has reasons for hating the Flashes, hence the lack of Flashes besides Barry Allen. He also has reason to fuck with Bart's life and turn him into Bar Torr, or at the very least create Bar Torr to be everything Bart isn't. The New 52 is Superboy-Prime completely losing himself to the "darkness" he tried to fight in Infinite Crisis.
  • Jossed.

The Milestone heroes will return

Because so many heroes are resurfacing and it looks like the Milestone earth is in the toilet.

Wildstorm heroes from the New 52 will appear more

Midnighter and Apollo can't be the only ones....

Mr. Oz is the original Super-Man
That is, the original concept of Superman, Bill Dunn.
  • Jossed.

Future DC Rebirth titles

  • Icon: With the focus on the Superman line bringing in more titles with possible links to the guy could be something worth seeing. If they can snag a writer with experience writing superhero lawyers (perhaps Mark Waid) for the title it could have a respectable run.
  • Static: I want the guy back, and DC's been having good luck with the younger heroes recently. Why not continue the trend? Plus with YJ coming back related characters are a good idea. Just let the writer do their thing with this guy.
  • The Question: Greg Rucka should recover from dual month burn out eventually, and Renee's been hovering about.

Mr. Oz is not who Superman thinks he is.
Mr. Oz is not Jor-El. It's Roz-Em impersonating Jor-El.

Doctor Manhattan did not create the DC Rebirth universe
He actually chose to stay there for a very special reason: Time in the DC universes is NOT fixed. It can changed and be rewritten. For Doctor Manhattan this has to be a wish come true. In his earlier world he could do nothing but watch from the sidelines as the puppets played out their predestined movements. Everything has, is and will be happening the same for all eternity from his point of view. But now? He can impact the machinations of the universe and change what is to come.

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