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     DC Rebirth 
  • Wally West is losing his fight to remain in reality, every attempt to free himself from the speed-force has failed, and thanks to someone stealing ten years from the time line no one remembers him, not even his beloved Linda. Having given up and accepted that he will become one with the speed force, he reaches out to his friend and mentor, Barry Allen. Wally observes how much of a hero Barry is, how he smiles the whole time while saving lives, and how he goes the extra mile to help people. Appearing before Allen, as he begins to fade into the speed-force forever, Wally thanks him for making his life so wonderful. Barry has no idea who this man whose eyes fill with tears is, but it doesn't matter Wally said his goodbye and can now leave in peace. Except, Wally says something that causes Barry to remember exactly who he is.
    • He reaches out and grabs his friend wrenching him free of the speed-force. The two then share a heart-filled hug, with Barry apologizing for forgetting his beloved nephew/son-figure. Barry and Wally, in the past, were as close as father and son as you can get for a uncle and nephew to be, so seeing them reunite was a big thing!
      • It continues over in Flash: Rebirth #1 where not only does both Barry and Wally mentally thank each other for rescuing them-Wally from the Speed Force and Barry from his confusion and loss of way-but Barry reaffirms that Wally isn't Kid Flash anymore, he's the Flash.
      • This continues further into Titans: Rebirth #1 with Wally resparking the Titans' memories of him and them remembering him.
    • Prior to that scene, after Wally tells Batman about the letter, the Dark Knight reaches for the younger hero to try and help him. It may be because he has answers to what is going on, but he does want to help.
  • A Meta example: Issue #1 of the main title reveals that the Pre-Flashpoint and Post-Flashpoint Earths are one and the same, the latter simply the result of having ten years of history taken away from the former, meaning that the beloved characters fans thought were replaced in the New-52 were actually the same ones they knew and loved all along!
    • Which also opens up some heartwarming Fridge Brilliance. Pre-Flashpoint versions of the characters who we assumed had been Killed Off for Real thanks to the reboot (an example being Tempest) were restored to life. Some cases like Adaptational Heroism also become this. That's right, even Arthur Light managed to legitimately redeem himself. Doctor Manhattan may have overall darkened the universe but he did let rays of light shine through.
  • The original Wally encounters his younger cousin (the new Wally), and remarks that he didn't want to believe that the boy has a connection to the Speed Force too. He then watches as the teen uses his powers to save a girl who was about to be hit by a car. After seeing this, the original Wally concludes that the Kid Flash legacy is in good hands, and that he's proud of his cousin.
    • From a metanarrative perspective, it assuages fears that DC was going throw away a minority character in favor of an older white character. Instead, DC will commit to developing both characters in their own ways without setting fandoms against each other.
  • Pandora died believing that the heroes will find hope again. It's a Tear Jerker if you liked her and for her harsh life, but at least she is now at peace.
  • Aquaman proposes to Mera. A power couple from the old days has come back in full force.

     Justice League 
  • Justice League: Rebirth #1 shows that New 52 Superman's death isn't being treated lightly. Superman is respectful of the feelings of the remaining Justice League members, not wanting to step on the legacy of their friend, while the Leaguers are still very much in pain over his loss. They don't know what to make of the "new" Superman, and Batman suggests they induct him just to keep an eye on him, but Supes fits right in because he has no intention of replacing their friend, but instead treating it as a Take Up My Sword membership.
  • Justice League #3. Just before the shit hits the fan, Jon offers Batman a cookie. D'awwww.



  • Green Arrow: Rebirth #1: Oliver and Dinah finally meet and sparks are seeming to fly, and Dinah is impressed that Oliver trusts her enough to show his headquarters to her and seems to be touched that he thinks a starving boy's life is more important than his secret identity.
    • Earlier in the comic, Oliver sees a kid who is hungry and cold and is willing to give him $100. It's like Aquaman with the waitress in the New 52's Aquaman #1, it shows that even small things can be done.
  • Titans: Rebirth: The original Teen Titans remembering Wally West - one by one, each Titan regains their memories & the reader sees the first memory that each person recalled - Roy hanging out with Wally in his apartment; Donna & Wally playing pranks on Roy; Lilith & Wally's former relationship; Wally assuring Garth that he's not an outsider & the Teen Titans will always have his back; and Dick & Wally going for a joyride in the Batmobile.
  • Action Comics #958 has Superman actually think twice about Lex Luthor when he throws himself at Doomsday to give Superman a chance to save civilians in danger by the beast.
    • Justice League #52 reveals that Lex is taking this job seriously as part of his motivation... is his sister, Lena. Despite how he has been over the years, the fact that he wants to be a hero because his sister would more likely approve of that than be ruler of Apokylips, that says a lot.
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  • Aquaman created an Embassy for both of his people; the people of the land and of the sea. While it's likely gonna get messed with, the people of Atlantis are willing to open up, as are the people of the surface.
  • Titans #1 in its entirety. Just seeing the Titans interacting, from supporting each other to teasing Wally about his constant thoughts of Linda, to just the general tone of the whole book. So refreshing and such a long time coming.
  • Wonder Woman #3 has Diana confronting the Cheetah and, instead of the usual brawls, Diana is instead able to regain her foe's friendship, even going so far as to promise to kill the being who turned her into a werecat.
  • In Supergirl #1, Supergirl is flying away from her foster parents' house, feeling she will never manage to fit in... and she listens to Jeremiah and Eliza saying that they will never give up on her.
  • All-Star Batman #3 has the return of Harold Allnut, last time seen when Hush tricked him into betraying Batman. That Bruce forgave him is very clear, as the caption describes Harold as "Genius inventor. Mute. Family."
  • The Flash #7 - Pre-Flashpoint Wally meets New 52 Wally. Whilst the elder Wally keeps his identity to himself, he quickly forms a friendly relationship with his younger cousin.
    • Ealier in the story, something tried to drag Barry into the Speedforce by somehow making him lose his heart and act like a total asshole. Both Wallies could immediately tell Barry is affected by something, because he'd never say those things othertwise. Then they work together to pull him out of the Speedforce, saving his life.
  • Action Comics #967 has Jon question Superman about his costume and if being Superman is tough. Superman says that he chose the current costume to be inspirational (essentially saying he doesn't want people to forget the New 52 Superman) and that while being Superman is tough, he has people like Jon and Lois to keep him anchored to the ground.
  • Titans #5 features Wally West trying to save the lives of Linda Park & the rest of the Titans, who are in four different spots in the United States. Even though he's very much aware of what can happen when a speedster runs too fast and that Linda may never feel the way she once did for him, Wally considers the risk worth it to save six of the people he cares about the most in the world.
    • Expounded on by Comics Explained, which notes that it was Retconned that every time a speedster went faster than the speed of light, they needed an anchor to return from the Speed Force, which was, for lack of a better word, Heaven, or at least the Nexus. Linda Park was Wally's "anchor", but now, that anchor was gone. Wally realized his new anchor were the Titans themselves. However, the real heartwarming part was that it is obvious that Linda is learning why she fell in love with Wally all over again, from scratch, and eventually, they'll be a pair again. It's just a matter of time.
  • Nightwing #9 - Nightwing & Superman head into Dick's mind to fight Doctor Destiny, but Nightwing nearly gives up after repeatedly seeing people he cares about murdered. Cue Superman telling Dick that they're in his dream, so he's the one in control, and that the things & people he's lost can be found again - at which point the recently deceased Red Robin & New 52!Superman both appear, to Dick's utter joy. This is then topped when Dick realises that he has a lot of friends, and the reader gets to see a full page image in which Nightwing is backed up by his friends & family in the superhero community - the majority of the Batfamilynote , the rest of the Titansnote , both versions of Superman, most of the remaining founding members of the Justice Leaguenote , Supergirl, Hawk & Dove, Huntress, Black Canary, Zatanna, Firestorm, Constantine, Harley Quinn, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy & Green Lantern Simon Baz.
  • ''Aquaman #11" has the Justice League come to the hospital to visit a badly-harmed Aquaman, and they reassure him that he's one of them no matter what. Plus people being on his side while he was in recovery.
  • The fact that Batman trusts Jason with his new mission in Red Hood in the Outlaws. It's Character Rerailment at it's finest.
    • Adding that he's trying to be a friend for the new Bizzaro, especially after the original in the Prime Earth timeline died a Heroic Sacrifice against the Crime Syndicate.
  • In Red Hood and the Outlaws #6, Batman and Jason share a moment of father/son bonding over a couple of burgers and a few nice words between them.
  • The DC Rebirth Christmas Special:
    • Superman desperately looks for the hot new video game Jon wants, but the last copy is bought by Damian Wayne. Just before Clark can admit that he couldn't find a copy, Jon opens a present from Damian: the game he wanted. Clark asks Bruce if he knew that Damian was going to do that. Bruce tells him, “I’m the world’s greatest detective, but, no, I did not”.
    • Krypto's gift from Jon and Clark? A collar made from Clark's old Superman belt.
  • In The Flash #11, The Shade's girlfriend Hope is corrupted by his own shadows after he loses control of them. With Shadowland collapsing around them, Shade tells Barry, Iris, and Wally to escape while he deals with Hope, preferring to spend oblivion with her. Barry instead refuses and manages to find another solution, allowing Shade and Hope to have a happy ending.
  • Titans #7: Pre-52 Wally finally chatting with Pre-52 Superman, who tells him that while it's sad Linda didn't recognize him, "but the potential for love and life is still there," before adding, "Hey, it may be hard. It may take determination. But you can outrun Superman. I don't think there's anything too difficult for you."
    • (Wally's shocked reaction finding out Superman has a son counts, too.)
    • The burgeoning re-romance between Roy and Donna, with Donna giving him a peck on the cheek and delighted she managed to shock him into silence.
    • The return of Titans Tower, courtesy Superman and friends.
  • The Flash #22: Who comes to save the day? None other than Jay Garrick.


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