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"There's a force out there we've never met. There's going to be a war between hope and despair. Love and apathy. Faith and disbelief. When I was outside of time, I felt their presence. I tried to see who it was. I couldn't, but I know they're out there. And they're waiting to attack again for some reason. I can feel it. Even now, Barry... we're being watched."
Wally West

"This won't hide what you've done. It's been my burden to carry. My curse to suffer through. The naive little Pandora unleashed evils upon the world. Skepticism. Doubt. Corruption. All things your cold heart believes in. But in the end, there was hope. And the heroes of this universe embody it. Their hope, their devotion, their love for one another will vanquish what you've done. It may be over for me but they will prove you wrong. They will prove you are nothing but a lonely, cruel, monst--"
Pandora, to Dr. Manhattan

"I don't believe in throwing stuff away, I just believe in putting as many toys on the shelf and letting creators and other people get in there and tell great stories and add to the mythos. We should march this universe forward."

"The Rebirth Special was so personal, so important to me. It was not about relaunching a line. It was about a story I wanted to tell. That’s why it was good. I don’t think all my comics turn out great, but that one, I do. Because I believed in it so much. I felt it. I didn't like the DC Universe where it was, and wanted a story that put back what I missed as a fan."
Geoff Johns

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