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     Action Comics 
  • From Action Comics #957 (the beginning of the "Path of Doom" arc): Clark, Lois and Jon are moving into the suburbs around Metropolis when Jon points out Lex Luthor announcing himself as the new Superman on TV. Clark's immediate response? Shave off his beard, put on his suit, and fly to the city, saying "Metropolis needs a real Superman."
    Jon: Go, Dad, go!
  • A depowered Clark Kent takes out armed assassins who are trying to kill him, basically showing what Clark would be like as a Badass Normal reporter.
  • During Superman Reborn, it's Jon who defeats Mxyzptlk and whose pleading to New 52 Superman and Lois restores the original Superman, merging both realities.
  • Issue #982. The Fortress of Solitude is taken over by the Cyborg Superman's Superman Revenge Squad and they want Superman next. Cyborg Superman, Zod, Mongul, Metallo, Eradicator and Blanque gang up on Superman, but before they can kill him, Supergirl swoops in on them and takes her cousin away before they can stop her. Then the rest of the Superman Family - Steel, Superwoman, New Super-Man and Lex Luthor- arrive. And Luthor tells them that the only way they're getting Superman is over their dead bodies.
  • Issue #983. The ensuing all-out battle between the Superman Family and the Superman Revenge Squad is full of great moments such like Kara curbstomping Metallo and Zod punching Mongul out of orbit because the War World's former ruler was annoying him. At the end, Cyborg Superman gets stuck into the Phantom Zone and both Kryptonian cousins agree he can stay in there.

  • Aquaman #2: Aquaman beating down Black Manta, then offering the criminal a free chance to kill him in revenge for his father's death... while pointing out that Manta has nothing else to live for, while Arthur's legacy will live on, causing Manta to give himself up in defeat, showing Arthur's every bit a king as he is a superhero.
  • Aquaman #6 shows that Arthur is no-pushover as he ends up clobbering Superman. Even more, Mera is able to knock the Man of Steel for a loop!
    • Put this into perspective; This is the Post-Crisis Superman that they are beating up. A Superman who has years of experience under his belt and has likely fought with Aquaman in the past in his original timeine. So to see that these two can take him on? That says a LOT about how tough this Aquaman is.
  • Aquaman #15 seemingly ends the N.E.M.O. Storyline with Aquaman stopping a war with America by surrendering...and telling the President that he can easily just kill him with ease but surrenders as to show he's a bigger man. And it ends with the war ending.

  • The climaxes of Batman #13:
    • Bane taunts Batman, asking what he wants, because Psycho Pirate can provide it.
      Batman: I want... I want... to break your back. (motions for Catwoman to do just that for him.)
    • Psycho Pirate trying to induce fear in Arnold Wesker (the Ventriloquist), and finding out that it's a No-Sell against him, because only Woody (aka Scarface) tells Wesker what to do.
  • Bane rampages through Batman #16-20 beating up everyone in sight, screaming "I AM BANE!", in a form of He's Back. However, in #20, Batman replies, "I am Batman!" and head-butts him into submission.

     Detective Comics 
  • In #934, Batman sneaks into Kate's apartment so he can discuss his new "Bat-camp" idea with her. She not only notices him in the shadows, but snatches him and throws him halfway across her apartment. Over her head. Yeah, Batwoman's kind of a beast.
  • In #936, Cass engages group of Colony soldiers on the roof of the Belfry. She leaves four of them unconscious and makes a Dynamic Entry by busting a fifth one through the Belfry's windows and landing on him. Her costume gets a bit ripped and scuffed, but she's otherwise fine.
  • The team escapes the Belfry by having Clayface seal them all inside himself and drop through a large escape hatch. It's coupled with a Badass Boast from Batwoman, addressed to the Colony's leader:
    Batwoman: I trusted you, Dad. I brought you here to show you the kind of leader I've become. Now you're gonna have to learn the hard way.
  • In #937, Batman breaks out of his confinement by using a smoke bomb hidden in a false tooth to distract his captors.

  • In Superman: Rebirth #1, you get to see Doug Mahnke's interpretation of Superman's battle with Doomsday from The Death of Superman. The artwork is awesome, seeing a new talented artist depict the iconic scene, and it doesn't hurt that Superman is wearing his classic costume. Even Mullet!Superman looks great.
  • In Superman #2, Jon is showing his chops as the future Superboy with him blasting a monster's mind control device and even scorching his dad a tad. Even at half his dad's level, he is still plenty powerful. Jon also busts out his Superboy costume, and it's a great variation of the post-Crisis Superboy outfit.
  • Superman #4 has Jon finally suit up for the first time when Lois pulls a Dare to Be Badass on him.
  • Superman #5 proceeds to top the previous issue with Lois donning Batman's old Hellbat Armor to protect her son.
  • Superman #6 has Superman's concluding fight with the Eradicator, which includes ripping Krypto out of the creature's body after pummeling him through the moon and out. And to top it off, after the fight, he goes to sit up the Apollo lunar lander and the American flag, letting everyone know Superman is back.
  • Judging for the list of DC Solicitations for October, Superman #8 sounds awesome:
    “RETURN TO DINOSAUR ISLAND” part one! Father and Superson work on a science assignment with bizarre consequences that transports the pair along with Krypto to Dinosaur Island! Now, amid relics of World War II, Superman tries to keep Jon from the jaws of prehistoric predators! Worse, Kal-El can’t find a way to fly off the Island.
    • Also, this storyline incorporates the prologue of DC: The New Frontier into the current main continuity!
  • Superman #10. Damian Wayne keeps taunting and insulting Jon Kent over the death of his beloved cat. Jon responds by decking Damian in the gut.
  • Superman and his family taking out Manchester Black... and putting him into the body of a COW.
  • Clark calling out the BS of a waitress who wouldn't let a veteran eat with them. Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment for the Kents.


  • Wonder Woman's She's Back moment in Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1. She realizes something's wrong when she crushes Ares' helmet like it was nothing, wraps the Lasso of Truth around her arm and forces herself to tell the truth of who she is really is and, once she does, tosses off her New 52 uniform, puts on her Rebirth outfit and heads for "Olympus".
  • Arsenal is able to punch out Wally West!Flash. Think about it; he's able to land a blow on a guy when he was still speeding around. That shows the level of training he's got.
  • The climax of Justice League: Rebirth #1, with Superman pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment by locating the weakness of the Reaper, an Eldritch Abomination preparing Earth for his race, and allowing the whole League to defeat it. It's followed by the entire cast giving it one hell of a Badass Boast that causes the Reaper to flee.
    Batman: This is mercy. Leave. Tell all the other Reapers, tell everyone and everything like you that this world is protected.
    The Flash: Consider yourself warned.
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  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth: Hal Jordan manages to use the Gauntlet of Krona to forge his own Green Lantern Ring, something that was thought only the Guardians could have done. And every lantern felt it.
    Hal Jordan: My name is Hal Jordan. And it's about time I caused some trouble.
  • In Supergirl (Rebirth), Supergirl emerges out of the sun fully repowered, flies back to Earth to save people, fights a Kryptonian werewolf and instead of punching him out and calling it a day, she tries — and manages — to talk him down.
  • In Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Issue 12, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart AND Kyle Rayner are back together to defeat Larfleeze. And we also find out that the Sinestro Corp defectors and the Green Lanterns are teaming up.
  • In Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Johnny Sorrow (who has "The Face of Madness") attempts to use his Reality Warper face on Harley Quinn, who proceeds to No-Sell it and see his real face.
    Harley: (Psychotic Smirk) Cute face!
  • In the Suicide Squad book, the team accidentally frees General Zod from the Phantom Zone, where he had become the leader of a group of ancient Kryptonian criminals. Due to not being reexposed to sunlight yet, the Squad is able to capture him and Amanda Waller has a Kryptonite bomb put on his brain, wanting to make him into the Squad's powerhouse. After just one mission under Waller's thumb, Zod decides to free the criminals inside the Zone and rebuild the Kryptonian race on Earth. So he goes to a mirror and uses his heat vision to PERFORM BRAIN SURGERY ON HIMSELF! While his screams are heard all over the base, Zod endures the pain. He then goes to Waller and shows her what happens when you try to make a lapdog out of General Zod. Even after Captain Boomerang hits him on his exposed brain, Zod doesn't go down. The Squad ends up being helped by Cyborg Superman and the Eradicator and they barely slow Zod down long enough to destroy the portal to the Phantom Zone. He ends up joining his two fellow Superman villains but only after they offer him a way back to the Zone.


  • DC Comics: Rebirth #1 is already getting a third printing, a premium softcover one-shot with Wally West on the cover. The second printing hit shelves only 4 weeks after release. On the whole, the opening weeks of Rebirth books sold like hotcakes. Many comic shops have reported selling out of the titles within an hour of opening. Green Arrow: Rebirth on its own sold 90,000 copies, and as of June 22, most if not all of the initial Rebirth titles will be getting second printings, including Action Comics and Detective Comics. Titans: Rebirth in particular has been hard to find in comic shops.
  • Issue #1 of the main title reveals that the Pre-Flashpoint and Post-Flashpoint Earths are one in the same, the latter simply the result of having ten years of history taken away from the former, meaning that the beloved characters fans thought were replaced in the New 52 were actually the same ones they knew and loved all along! (except Supes, but they brought him back.)
  • Gene Luen Yang reclaiming Ching Lung, the Yellow Peril stereotype from Detective Comics #1, by turning him into a Justified Trope, making him (quite literally) the first villain of DC Comics and the one who predates all DC superheroes, and who deliberately chose his image to play on Western fears.
    Gene Luen Yang: He’s a Chinese super genius bent on taking over the Western world. He was designed to play on the fears that America had of the Chinese at the time. And he is an image that essentially denigrates and dehumanizes an entire people.

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