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Nightmare Fuel / DC Rebirth

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Wouldn't be DC Comics without a nice healthy dose of Nightmares, eh? Let's count some of the best:

  • In the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad comics, we find out all about Eclipso and how dangerous he is. Especially in ''Justice League #15, where we see it almost like zombie plague.
  • Apokalips adorned with the Superman S-shield.
  • Maxwell Lord captures the Eclipso Diamond in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. A seriously disturbed Amanda Waller tries to talk some sense into Lord, recounting how dangerous the diamond is and the atrocities it's responsible for. For a brief instant, Lord fondly talks about one such massacre... then snaps out of it and resumes talking to Amanda, who realizes Lord's starting to lose it and that she's Alone with the Psycho.
    • The effects of the diamond turn everyone they touch into literally the worst version of themselves they could ever be. Even Superman is twisted by the thing's power into a monster better suited to the Injustice world.
  • The new version of Lady Shiva in Detective Comics, who is even more terrifying than usual, in one scene showing Black Eyes of Evil and threatening to torture a regiment of Colony soldiers to death in a horrific fashion, offering them only a quick death if they give her what she wants.
    • League of Shadows as a whole - an organization designed to be a gigantic Paranoia Fuel, that managed to sneak into Gotham without Batman even having any proof they exist.
  • In Batman Bane is back to being portrayed as imposing, ruthless and terrifyingly competent and quickly shows how much danger to people around Bruce someone like that knowing his secret identity is.
  • Superman #21 is creepy from beginning to end, including a giant squid, ink men, demonic possession and a creepy girl with superpowers.
    • The aesthetics surrounding Manchester Black's hideout are really creepy as well, with weird, organic-like technology that even gives some Alien vibes. And then the jackass himself forces Jon to see how his father cauterizes his mother's leg stump. All wanting to create a Superman who will do what Superman won't.
    • Jon turned into Superboy Black is all kinds of creepy.
  • DC Rebirth introduced a new multiverse set in the DC Comics: The Dark Multiverse. It's essentially an Evil Counterpart of the main DC multiverse that most comics have taken place, where worlds are made out of the fears and bad decisions that people make there, and when people from the main multiverse overcomes their fears, those worlds in the Dark Multiverse ultimately rot apart into oblivion. That said, seven evil Batmen from the Dark Multiverse escaped from their inevitable fates from the Dark Multiverse and try to take over the multiverse as servants of Barbatos himself, with some of them trying to save their own worlds in the process.
  • You know what's possibly the worst kicker that the DC Rebirth has to offer? There is a possibility that the whole DC multiverse is shaped and rewritten by some being treating the prime DC Universe like a petri-dish, with several characters mentioning from that they're being "watched", to outright fearing about facing the "being" themselves (with in one case Reverse-Flash coming to said being for the sake of power until he sees it in person, or another when Mr. Mxyzptlk stating that even with his Reality Warper powers, he would not dare to face 'Him' in person). Hell, it is even indirectly mentioned all the way back since the end of Flashpoint. That's right, at somehow and somepoint, Doctor Manhattan has arrived to the DC Universe and has managed to rewrite and retcon several characters in AND out of existence, along with tampering the overall history of the DC Universe itself.
    Reverse-Flash: God....I saw....God.

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