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Barbara Gordon has already been paralyzed by the Joker, and Cass becomes her successor.
As a nod to the comics, the DCEU version of The Killing Joke happened in the past much like how Robin is already dead. The bulk of the movie has Cass without a codename as she's escape from her father, but in the end she takes on the mantle of Batgirl, which sets up the Batgirl movie down the line. A move like this would be bold, but praised, as despite what people think, Barbara hadn't been Batgirl for 23 years and her return to it and the initial attempt to delete Cass from existence just because she was becoming well-liked at Barbara's expense was very controversial. This is supported by the apparent lack of Barbara in the initial reveal (and that beforehand it was said she would appear, but not as Batgirl). You may also notice that when they announced Batgirl, not once did they refer to her being Barbara, just that everyone assumed this was the case.
  • In Batgirl, Barbara will be Cassandra's mentor, as well as her mission control. Flashbacks will depict her own career as Batgirl.

Stephanie Brown will make a minor appearance.
Cass and Steph are Heterosexual Life-Partners, so ideally they should get set up later.

The Big Bad is David Cain.
A lesser-known Batman villain that hasn't made a film debut yet, which sounds like he could be it. The potential for personal drama between him and his daughter itself could carry a movie.
  • Jossed. It's Black Mask.

Lady Shiva will appear, but as a minor role.
She could be set up for the future Batgirl movie, as ideally she would be encountered after David Cain.

Barbara Gordon is not named on the line-up because she's being saved for The Stinger
.Perhaps the titular Birds of Prey are formed unknowingly by Barbara off-screen, who's recruiting the characters without their knowledge. The end of the movie via The Stinger will show Barbara in her wheelchair working in front of computers, heralding her role as Oracle.

Costume speculation
What do you think the characters will look like in this movie?

  • Harley Quinn:
    • A modernized remake of her Batman: The Animated Series costume with added aspects of her later looks. While a full-fledged version probably wouldn't translate well, she could get a red-on-black tight suit that evokes the image. She'll be unmasked with her blond hair loose, and will have cleavage and/or high heels.
    • Her same costume from Suicide Squad, but made slightly more tasteful, with full leather pants and a coat resembling her classic color scheme added to the ensemble.
      • Unlikely as Robbie promised a new look and having the same costume but "more tasteful" doesn't really sound like it'd fit.
      • Speaking of Suicide Squad, a costume of hers didn't make it to either the theatrical or extended version. Maybe that "new look" could borrow to it.
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    • Something close to Arkham City perhaps.
    • Or her Rebirth outfit.
  • Black Canary: Her signature black unitard with a leather jacket over it, and of course fishnets.
  • Huntress: Purple and white hooded tight suit with a utility belt, and fingerless gloves.
  • Renee Montoya: Simple jacket with pants, assuming she hasn't become the Question at this point.
  • Cassandra Cain: Elements taken across her appearances as Batgirl, Black Bat and Orphan. She'll have yellow decals on the black parts, a scarf mask, various armor pieces, and a utility belt.
  • Black Mask: A black leisure suit with thin white lines, with a red dress shirt and black necktie underneath. His mask will be shiny and metallic looking and his skin underneath it will poke out in some places, showing some of his scars. If they want to look especially evil, he'll have cufflinks shaped like skulls with red jewels in the eye sockets.
    • If he does dress like that, one of the characters (probably Harley) will lampshade his Obviously Evil ensemble with a joke:
    Harley: (calling out to Black Mask, unseen) Hey, got a joke for ya?
    Black Mask: What?
    Harley: What's black and red and bruised all over? (she drops in from behind and clocks him on the noggin with her bat; he seems dazed but gets back up)
    Black Mask: That's it! Now you're gonna die!
    Harley: Thank you; I'll be here all week! (she blows him a kiss, then dodges an oncoming attack)

Batman (Ben Affleck) and the Joker (Jared Leto) will have short appearances
Batman because of Cassandra Cain's background, obviously. And it would be a great appetizer to tease his upcoming movie. And the Joker because it could help in any scene explaining how Harley went from breaking out of Belle Reve in Suicide Squad to joining the Birds of Prey.

The movie will be narrated by Harley Quinn and use the Framing Device of her telling the story to someone else.
It would be in line with what
Margot Robbie wrote under the title on the script ("the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn").
  • Bonus if the Stinger reveals she's been telling it to any combination of Barbara Gordon, Selina Kyle and Pamela Isley, attempting to convince them to either join the Birds of Prey, or make a team of their own.

Black Mask and Joker are working together.
What It Says On The Tin. It would give Harley more motivation to take down Black Mask, if she's trying to spite Joker.

At some point Huntress will claim to be related to Bruce Wayne.
Whether serious or not it would be a nice call back to the original Huntress.

Huntress will be a Composite Character of the Helena Bertinelli and the Helena Wayne versions.
In that she's a member of the Birds of Prey and Batman's daughter. The "Batman's daughter" thing will likely be a twist revealed in a credits scene of some sorts, possibly one where she takes Cass to Wayne Manor out of belief that Bruce would be able to provide for her better than Helena or any of the other Birds could. Her being Bats's daughter could be via either one of two ways: 1) Bruce adopted her after the murder of her parents or 2) she's his biological daughter (most likely with Catwoman). If the latter's the case, her being a former Mafia Princess is some sort of tall tale made up to keep people from connecting the dots between her and Batman while her having the last name Bertinelli is to keep people from connecting the dots between her and Bruce. Bonus points if she references a brother who died.

Black Mask will say "Hello There" at one point
It wouldn't be too difficult to work into the script, and it'd be a neat little in-joke.
  • Alternatively, he'll spend the majority of the film obsessing over the high ground (be it literal or moral).

The Birds and Zsaz will team up in an Enemy Mine sort of situation against Black Mask
There's a set video of Cassandra being put in the back of a cop car saying "I didn't do anything" with Black Canary and Zsaz running to try to get to her in time. After the car drives off, they start arguing and BC says "I gave her to you!". Why would she have given Cassandra to him unless he's turned against Black Mask? Zsaz is said to be one of his henchmen.
  • Alternatively, they may not know that he works for Black Mask and he could betray them instead of him betraying Black Mask.


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