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Trivia / Birds of Prey (2020)

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Assorted Trivia

  • This one of three female lead, female-directed comic book movies coming out in 2020. The others being Wonder Woman 1984 directed by Patty Jenkins on June 5th and Black Widow directed by Cate Shortland. The latter doesn't have a confirmed date just yet but will be out sometime that year and starts shooting June 2019. Until there has only been Wonder Woman by Jenkins and Captain Marvel that Anna Boden had co-directed with her creative partner, Ryan Fleck.
  • Laura Kinney is considered Cassandra Cain's Alternate Company Equivalent. In 2017's Logan, Laura was aged down from a teenager to an eleven-year-old played by Dafne Keen. Here Cassandra has similarly been aged down to twelve, though it remains to be seen if it's is a coincidence or not. To add another layer of similarity, the stuntwoman who performed Laura's stunts in Logan, Marissa Labog, is also doing Cassandra's stunts in this project.

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