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Note: There's also a Shazam WMG page for guesses regarding the franchise in general, the current comic run, and unresolved issues from earlier incarnations.

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    Pre-Release Theories 
Superman will appear in the film
Captain Marvel/Shazam and Superman had quite a few Crossovers in the comics and in animated series and films. Plus the director has teased his presence, it might just be trolling but still. If it's true, then...
  • Their interactions will directly lift scenes from First Thunder, specifically the final scenes where Superman comforts a distraught Billy Batson.
  • One of the first things Billy will ask Superman is how he pees in his suit
  • Superman would be a major Gamebreaker considering not only does he have more experience than Billy will have, but he has full knowledge of his powers (whereas Billy will probably not realize what abilities he has until near the end). To mitigate this, there will be a lot of magic. Since magic is one of the few things he's vulnerable to, the movie could introduce this vulnerability to the DCEU canon.
  • Shazam's heroics make the national news, and Superman shows up, mainly to investigate Shazam and at least ponder the idea of recruiting him for the Justice League, or he's sent there by the Daily Planet to interview Shazam, but introduces himself as Superman. He's going to be the Nick Fury to Shazam's Iron Man if he appears (since Billy would jump at the chance to work with Supes).
  • Spoiler: Confirmed. Superman does appear right at the end, but his face is not seen, he just shows up at Billy's school at lunch time. What should be noted however is that he is not played by Henry Cavill, likely for reasons that involve contractual dispute.

The film will create yet another new acronym of Shazam
Perhaps it'll be a composite of the original and the New 52 acronyms. Or a new thing altogether.
  • Jossed. The synopsis indicates that the original acronym will be used.
  • Here's another idea; if any other kids end up getting powers, they'll be ones with different acronyms so Billy wouldn't have to lend them his powers.
  • The only difference between the original acronym and the one in the N52-based 2018 run is that there's a seventh god, !.

Dr. Sivana and Ibac will be the Big Bad Duumvirate of the film.

Characters who will appear:
  • Uncle Dudley
    • Unlikely, he's been Ret-Gone for a while now and they seem to be setting Freddy up (between the High-School Hustler aspect introduced in New 52 and the expertise on superheroism seen in the trailer) as the one who cracks the code of how to monetize things in the way Dudley did in the Fawcett era. Makes sense, it's not like he could sell papers on the street corner in 2019.
  • Tall Billy, Hill Billy and Fat Billy: They're the main Billy's classmates. Running Gag will be the confusion of which Billy is called.
    Principal: Billy Batson!
    Main Billy, Tall Billy, Hill Billy, and Fat Billy: Yes?
    Principal: (points at main Billy) That Billy!
  • Tawny Tawny: Either as a zoo tiger or a doll.
    • Why not as the wizard's companion? Or a talking tiger, just like in the comics? This is a story about a kid turning into a superhero by being struck by magic lightning. It...isn't exactly something that can be made, or should be made, particularly grounded.
      • Original troper: Tawny Tawny as the wizard's companion makes more sense.
      • Well, Wonder Woman (2017) originally had a tiger companion, so I doubt everyone dealing with the movie's is all "No talking tigers! Too silly for a movie universe full of aliens and gods!".
      • Semi-confirmed in that there is a tiger plush that Billy wants, but he never refers to it as Tawny Tawny.
  • Hoppy: He could be Billy's class pet.
    • Jossed, so such rabbit appeared.
  • Mary Batson: Billy's twin sister, like in pre-New 52.
    • Confirmed. Except they aren't siblings at all, very much like in New 52.
  • Bromfields: Mary's adoptive parents, who will also adopt Billy.
    • Jossed, the Vasquezes are the adoptive parents like in New 52. Also Bromfield is Mary's last name.
  • Eugene, Pedro, and Darla, who will either be Billy's foster siblings or friends at school. A recent casting call suggests that child actors are being sought for them.
    • Confirmed. Ian Chen and Jovan Armand have been announced to have parts in the film and it's being reported that their roles are as Eugene and Pedro.
    • Also confirmed them to be foster siblings.

Uncle Dudley will be the foster parent of Billy and any of his foster siblings
In a sort of Adaptation Distillation, Uncle Dudley will be in charge of all the Shazam-power kids. Darla Dudley will be his actual niece. This may mean that he could be black in this incarnation. Personally, I just love the idea of Dudley being a Grunkle Stan Pine-esque businessman saddled with raising a bunch of kids who could become superheroes.

Black Adam will have some involvement.
Maybe not as the villain but somehow his presence or some cameo appearance will be seen in the movie.
  • Confirmed with a cameo appearance in the main film. However, he is never named as such and The Stinger sets up Mister Mind instead.

To make Billy a counterpart to Black Adam, Billy will get a Race Lift and become of Kahndaq-descent.
Helps to make the parallel of Billy being the modern-day, young, and naive foil to Black Adam's ancient, harsh, and pessimistic character, stronger and it's not like the DCEU is a stranger to the Race Lift trope.

Doctor Sivana will appear
After all, he's literally the first villain Billy fought in the comics. He'd also work well for a less dark film, what with him being a classic mad scientist bad guy.
  • Confirmed. He is also the first villain that Billy faces in this film.

Shazam will contrast Man of Steel
If Billy ends up fighting someone as powerful as him, like Black Adam, he will prioritize reducing collateral damage as well as saving people in harm's way while having to fight at the same time, lack of which was a major complaint about Man of Steel. And when faced with the choice of having to kill, he decides to spare his enemy, and winds up Taking a Third Option. For example, if against Black Adam, he yells the word "SHAZAM!" while his enemy speeds towards him, the lightning hits Black Adam instead, and depowers him on top of his mortal body sustaining injuries from crashing—just long enough to get gagged and arrested.
  • Confirmed. Reducing collateral damage, prioritising saving people over catching villains, and generally being a decent superhero is a recurring main theme of the film.

Zachary Levi will play both Shazam and Billy's dad.
It's said in the comics that as Captain Marvel/Shazam, Billy resembles his dad.
  • Sort of confirmed - Shazam!Billy pretends to be Billy's (and Freddy's) father and lets them cut class.

Grace Fulton will play the Love Interest.
  • Grace Fulton is 21 and Asher Angel is 15. DC wouldn't dare.
    • Still, Grace's character might have a crush on Shazam.
      • Never brought up.

The film will hand wave how Zeus can empower Billy despite being dead
  • Zeus actually is alive.

Billy will call himself Captain Marvel.
  • DC can actually do that, they just can't market him under that name.
    • Then why do the creators call him Shazam and say he's playing Shazam?
    • Perhaps in one scene, Billy thought of calling himself "Captain Marvel" but either decided against it or someone tells him "Nah!".
    • Alternatively, it's Freddy, the superhero geek, who insistently demands that Billy change his name from Shazam to Captain Marvel. In-Universe, it's Freddy finding a solution to Billy trying to figure out how to introduce his alter ego without transforming. Out of it, it's a Leaning on the Fourth Wall Fandom Nod to all the fans who are frustrated with being unable to call the character Captain Marvel anymore. It also ends up as Foreshadowing for Freddy's transformation into the DCEU version of Captain Marvel Jr., only this time called "Marvel" or something.
  • Jossed. Sandberg says the film won't use "Captain Marvel" at all.

Freddy Freeman will be depicted as Jewish.
This would fit with the diverse background of Billy's foster/group home siblings.
  • It's also probably the most commonly held "bland headcanon" attached to this franchise.
  • On a similar note, Mary could be lesbian. It's well known that when she had her own acronym powered by goddesses, originally the "S" was planned to be for Sappho, it was changed to Selena at the last minute because of what were considered Unfortunate Implications in The '40s; making her simply not interested in boys would also sidestep any taboos about foster siblings as couples after her prior-canon relationship with Freddy and what might happen before she and Billy learn they're twins.
    • On a very similar note to the Mary comment, while there is little to no evidence in the movie, isn't there a one off line implying that Pedro is gay?

Fawcett City will be the DCEU's equivalent of Madison, Wisconsin
It just seems like a good fit in my eyes. Then again, they could just have Fawcett be set be in Canada, where movie is filming, or have it be generic enough that it doesn't matter.
  • Nope, turns out it's set in Philadelphia.

The film will be a Coming of Age story along the lines of It (2017) or Stranger Things
Considering Sandberg's portfolio of films, horror elements mixed with children going on adventures and growing up might be right up his alley. Plus having characters like the Monster Society of Evil being more grotesque and nightmarish than their cartoony appearances in the comics would actually tonally match with the rest of the DCEU. The difference between the works of Stephen King and this though, is the fact that the kid can transform into a muscular superhero of course.
  • Not to mention one of Captain Marvel/Shazam's enemies in the comics being the Anthropomorphic Personifications of the Seven Deadly Sinsnote .
  • Coming of age elements are still possible, but judging from the first trailer, it looks like this is going to be pretty lighthearted.

Mr. Bryer will have some slight Adaptational Heroism
The one from the New 52 comics was willing to beat down on Billy himself which would look poorly on him and his public reputation if he doen so in the movie. He will try and have his son cut down on the bullying. If not he will lash out at Bily and his family causing him to make a public spectacle costing him his public image or even some prison time. That or if he gets some karma from Shazam, n lone takes him seriously if he tries to blame it on Billy.
  • What makes the situation different from the comics exactly? I mean, beating up a kid would be just as bad looking in any context. There's an argument to be made to not expect Bryer to assault Billy, but that's mostly because this film is meant to be light and fun, not because Bryer is supposedly watched more by the media.
    • think I phrased it wrong, I think I meant that Mr Bryer would be more pragmatic and less overtly thuggish himself. He will show to have more standards than the comic did.
      • Not having video of the brothers beating up Freddy in 2011-12 in a sort of corner area is one thing, in 2018 in front of the school right after it let out, there will be video and it'd have all the ingredients to go viral. That might factor in Bryer senior's thinking.

Black Adam when he appears will take more from his New 52 incarnation.
  • He will have a hatred of power hungry dictators and when he kills the dictator of Kahndaq, he tells the citizens they will never bow to anyone again. He will have insist that he is he country's protector and not its ruler.
    • Speaking of those connected to dictators, if Captain Nazi appears his powered-down form will resemble an alt-right "Proud Boy" rather than a WW2 German officer.
    • No Black Adam appears in the film what

Despite not making a physical appearance, Black Adam will play HEAVILY into the plot, and he will be referenced the hell out of.
  • Black Adam will be used in a similar way to Thanos in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, having been one of the Wizard's greatest failures, and the Wizard will have difficulty trusting Billy with the power of SHAZAM due to him seeing that Billy's eagerness and childlike self-centered-ness may put him on a similar path as Adam. However, Billy will eventually prove himself to the Wizard by defeating Doctor Sivana, or more fittingly, will allow Sivana to escape in order to save a bunch of people, putting "being a hero" over "using the powers to look cool and be the strongest." Satisfied, the Wizard will put his full trust in Billy, but in a post-credits scene, the Wizard will have a nightmare, containing a vision of foreboding storm clouds on the Kahndaq skyline. The Wizard will then wake with a jolt, and the movie will cut to black as the Wizard murmurs. "As I feared... HE has returned."
  • Confirmed. He's referenced, as a previous champion that the Wizard gave his powers to. He seems to either be saved for his own movie or a possible third Shazam movie.

There will be a reference to Elvis Presley
Because it's a known fact that Elvis was a big fan of Captain Marvel Jr., so there will probably be a small scene where Freddy is shown to be a fan. Also as some fun Celebrity Paradox.

In the movie timeline Fawcett City is an inner suburb of Philadelphia with its' own school district.
It's close enough that Billy can run to the subway and the school system has a good enough reputation that someone who can buy their kids a Ford Raptor sends said kids to public school.

Billy will have to discover each power individually
  • The trailer shows him unable to fly despite that being one of his standard powers. So maybe he has to learn each power specifically or he unlocks them all after finding the Wisdom of Solomon and learning more about the wizard.
  • Confirmed. He does various tests to figure out what his powers are and how to use them, discovering that he can fly fairly late in the process.

Billy will become the school's morning announcer
In a Mythology Gag to Billy's job as a radio host in the comics, Billy takes on the job of doing the morning announcements at school.

Sivana will become Black Sivana
His Evil Plan is to harness the Shazam powers, but through science. It'll also serve as Foreshadowing for Black Adam, as Sivana's misuse of the powers give him a costume akin to Adam's.
  • Sort of confirmed. He doesn't succeed, but getting SHAZAM's powers is his whole motivation in the film, and he does manage to get the Seven Deadly Sins to empower him in order to try.

It isn’t a coincidence that Djimon Hounsou appears as the wizard in this movie after having already portrayed the Fisherman King in the previous DC movie, Aquaman.
Hounsou is actually playing another character acting as The Chessmaster across the DC movies, who will become plot-relevant in a future Justice League film.

The film will be considered Better Than Canon
An issue fans have with the New 52 version of Billy Batson is that he's a cynical, angry brat instead of the Cheerful Child in the original comics. This movie's Billy will be portrayed as more likable and sympathetic than he was in the New 52 reboot and would be considered an improvement.

Lex Luthor will show up in The Stinger
He will offer Sivana or another villain the chance to join his Legion of Doom.
  • Or, because he finds him ridiculous, Luthor will instead steal one of his inventions that he finds actually useful instead of silly while leaving him to be apprehended by the authorities.
    • Jossed. Mister Mind says hello.

Beautia and Magnificus will see Sivana as an Amazingly Embarrassing Parent
Sivana's children are embarrassed to death of him, his inventions, and his names for them, so they go by more normal aliases. By the end of the film, they come to hate Shazam or at least reconcile with their father and accept their silly names.
  • They don't appear, although Sivana does have a ring on his finger, which means he could be married and have children.

If Freddy gets his powers in the first movie, he'll remain a teenager as he always did pre-New 52.
The movie's *mostly* based on the New 52 version but they've dropped a lot of the more radically OOC elements, and there've been casting rumors of Adam Brody but no outright spy shots going around the internet.

The forthcoming comic book series will feature characters redesigned from their New 52 incarnations to more closely resemble the movie actors.
  • The preview drawing shows them looking just as we last left them. But with Mayo "SEN" Naito on board we may be in for some scenes of everyday life with the Shazamily...and it's not like a teenager changing their look wouldn't fall in that category.
    • Confirmed in the case of Freddie, whose Shazam form goes from blonde in the comics to brown-haired.

When Billy finally learns to fly, it will parody the "Flight" scene from Man of Steel
Complete with Hans Zimmer's score.
  • If somehow DC/Warner lost the music rights, it wouldn't be the first time this franchise has been Screwed by the Lawyers...
    • Assuming the scene of him attempting to fly in the trailer isn't a Missing Trailer Scene, maybe perhaps they'll use "Flight" during the brief period he's rising, only for it to abruptly stop when he starts falling, and then when he actually flies for real, he'll get his own theme.

Another established DCEU superhero/villain will cameo in place of Superman
Since it appears that they did want to have Henry Cavill cameo but either pay disputes or scheduling conflicts with Mission: Impossible – Fallout prevented this from happening, perhaps they'll use a different hero. So, let's guess who it could be:
  • Wonder Woman - We've seen no real in-universe news coverage of Wonder Woman, despite her being active the longest (of all the heroes we've seen); it would be interesting to see how Freddy or Billy react to her.
    • Furthermore, she is a goddess, so it wouldn't be out of place for her to check out another hero with god powers.
  • Aquaman - The Reef World Aquarium is still open; perhaps he'll swing by it for old time's sake, and Billy and Freddy will go there after defeating Sivana.
  • Harley Quinn - As a villain, she shouldn't have a plush toy like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman do, so they could use a cameo by her to explain that. Plus, the next movie she appears in has the closest release date to Shazam.
  • An as-of-yet unintroduced character will make their debut, such as Green Lantern (news reports of an alien craft crashing in a nearby city), Doctor Fate (who appears to Billy due to his interest in Billy's supernatural origin), Supergirl (searching for her cousin, finds a close approximation in Billy and asks him if he knows Superman), etc.

The Greek gods will appear
The gods whose names form the magic word SHAZAM - Solomon, Hercules, Achilles, Zeus, Atlas and Mercury - will make an appearance, with Zeus having already appeared in Justice League.

The Wisdom of Solomon will be the key in defeating Sivana.
As Billy learns each power individually, his last ability is Wisdom, which he has difficulty unlocking since he is not very imaginative. Sivana, on the other hand, is a genius who either outsmarts Billy in their initial fight or has a particular powerset that makes it difficult for him to beat. In the climax, Billy finally accesses Wisdom and finds a way to defeat/outsmart Sivana.
  • Confirmed. Having discovered that Sivana is vulnerable when he releases all of the Deadly Sins, Shazam concludes the final confrontation by goading Envy (the only one bound to Sivana at the moment) out to fight, maneuvers it into taking a blast from his transformation lightning, and recovers the Eye of Sin from his now-depowered foe.

Sivana will ultimately be revealed to also be empowered by the Wizard
And Billy will defeat him by tricking Sivana into saying the magic word, and reverting to his standard form.

The Seven Sins will take on forms similar to members of the Monster Society of Evil
One of them might even be a tiny big-eyed worm...

The Wizard will reference the Quintessence
In a Mythology Gag-laced infodump, he'll ramble about how he's kept order in the universe often with the help of guardians, spectres, strangers, old gods and New Gods. Billy will probably just think he's more senile than he initially thought.

The 1973 Open Road camper will appear.
Maybe there'll be a junkyard scene with it, maybe it'll be parked on the street, it won't be a big role but it'll show up.

The Trials of Shazam
Billy must prove himself worthy of being Capt Marvel by undergoing a series of tests.

That shot of Billy transforming mid-jump is the film's ending.
It's not THAT spoilery but would also still make for a cool closing shot.
  • It's from before the final battle, but not the ending.

Billy will share the power of SHAZAM with his foster siblings.
Mattel has released photos of an action figure line with costumed adult-bodied characters corresponding in race and gender respectively to each child. Still no sign of a talking tiger, though...
  • Besides already having happened in the comics, the tie-in books heavily imply that at least Freddy gets his powers.
    • Confirmed.

Sivana will devolve into his deformed comic form
The only reason why he looks like a perfectly healthy Mark Strong is because he's empowered. They'll either take a toll on him or be taken from him, resulting in him looking more closely to his comic appearance.
  • Jossed.

    Post-Release Theories 
Courage and Wisdom took longer to kick in than flight
He seems to be absent those two powers for most of the movie even though the wizard says he has them. Maybe Courage starts working when Silvana threatens his family and Wisdom activated during the rooftop battle. It would explain how Captain Marvel knew he could manipulate Envy into leaving Silvana.

Philadelphia is experiencing a crime wave because of the Deadly Sins' release.
In the span of what appears to be one night and probably within the same hour, Billy and Freddy happen upon two crimes- a (failed) mugging in the park and the armed robbery of a convenience store. Even in a rough city, that would be highly unlikely. However, the Wizard warns Sivana that the Deadly Sins seek to corrupt the Earth. Perhaps their influence is already prompting aggressive behaviors in some people, and if Sivana had been successful, they would have reached even farther.

  • You’ve never been to Philly, have ya?

Billy's father will appear in the sequel.
After serving his sentence, he'll try to live a honest life and reconnect with Billy.

Billy's father is innocent.
He was only sent to prison because Lex Luthor needed a scapegoat.

Mr. Mind will double-cross Dr. Sivana.
  • No Shit.

The wizard Shazam isn't completely gone.
After the scene where Billy saves the people in the bus, a man with features similar to the wizard appears amongst the crowd that flocks to the bus.

Billy and Mary are biologically related, possibly as half siblings.
Aside from it being comic canon Mary and Billy's hero forms both use red as their primary color, as opposed to the others all having different colors, that seems significant.
  • Or second cousins, as Mary's surname is Bromfield, which was the name of Mary's adoptive parents in pre-Flashpoint continuity and Mrs. Bromfield is Marilyn Batson's cousin.

The Monster Society will be the focus of the Sequel
  • With Black Adam getting his own spin-off movie, the chances of him as the Big Bad of the second film seem unlikely. The more logical approach then is to have Savina and Mister Mind gather the likes of Ibac, Sabbac, Oggar and others to form the Monster Society of Evil. It would be a great force to clash with Billy and his family and also help set up a possible third film to finally bring Adam into the fray.

Billy's in-universe superhero name will be The Champion
Since this is what Sivana repeatedly calls him.

The champion who failed was not Black Adam.
Although initially may seem obvious that was Black Adam, the flashback is actually a Red Herring hiding the true villain.

The Shazam Family all have the same powers as Billy, they just don't know how to use them.
In the climax Billy gives all his siblings powers like his, except that they all seem to only display one each. Now it could be that Billy made some mistake when he was giving the powers, but some reports suggest Mary does posses all the powers. Now during the film we see that Billy has no idea what his powers actually are and basically learn to master them as time goes on through a trial and error, so it makes sense that his siblings had an affinity for one of their powers and stuck with what they knew they could do and didn't bother trying to experiment with their other powers, given that they were in the middle of a fight for their lives.
  • As described on the Fridge Brilliance page, each of the kids' personalities, prior life experiences and interests prepared them for one in particular.
  • Furthermore, when the other siblings reunite with Shazam!Billy after he defeats Sivana, they all fly into the scene.

The champion who failed WAS Black Adam.
His solo movie will be an origin story starring The Rock, and thus about his descent to villainy.

Other Fawcett heroes will appear
Either as the characters or in some other form (such as in-universe fictional characters).
  • Bulletman and Bulletgirl
  • Spy Smasher
  • Ibis the Invincible
  • Mister Scarlet
  • Pinky the Whiz Kid
  • Minute-Man

Billy's lightning bolt wasn't the one that hit the bus.
  • The scene where he saves the bus comes right before Sivana shows up to challenge him. The lightning bolt that hit the bus actually came from Sivana; who was attempting to gauge how strong the would-be hero was. After seeing Billy's ineptitude; he concluded that he wasn't much of a threat yet.

Mary's getting a spinoff
The subplot about her going to college was to set up a spin off movie of her own if interest was high enough.
  • Possibly more likely a series than a movie? It fits The CW's target demo...

The kids will tell their foster parents about their powers
And the sole reason will be so they don't wonder how Mary is able to come home to visit every weekend once she goes off to CalTech.
  • She could fly back only when needed in hero form to uphold The Masquerade.
    • Or alternatively base her heroine persona in Los Angeles as its protector and only visit home as Mary.
    • She just told them in the comics (issue #6)

The seventh throne will be filled by a rebooted Gomer Pyle.
  • After all, he's the OTHER character famous for saying "Shazam!". And he's probably pure-hearted enough to qualify.
    • PFC Pyle was deployed to Afghanistan when the Wizard calls him to the Rock of Eternity during a firefight with the Taliban. Finding Gomer worthy, the Wizard returns him to that moment, where Gomer unleashes the full power of Shazam! on the bad guys...

Freddy's crutch disappearing when he transforms, to rematerialize when he transforms back, is a learned skill.
It dropped to the ground the first time but not in the alternate ending. Enough time had elapsed at that point for him to run the same battery of tests on the powerset that he had on Billy, and a few other experiments as well.
  • By extension, that could apply to anything they're holding in their hands.

Mister Tawky Tawny will appear in the sequel
No matter how he's adapted, this troper is hoping that he'll be voiced by Kelsey Grammer.

The sequel will be set "in the good ol' summertime..."
The first film took place around Christmas, so I guess the second should be set in the summer, probably right after the foster kids' last day of school, and even also seeing them going on vacation (a la Spider-Man: Far From Home).

Atlantis was one of the civilizations destroyed by the Sins and the former Champion.
Vulko's story of Atlantis sinking is basically And Man Grew Proud, but Pride is one of the Sins. Either the influence of Pride led to King Atlan's reach exceeding his grasp, or the Champion and/or Sins straight up destroyed Atlantis, and the story has mutated over time.

Billy will contemplate calling himself Captain Marvel in the sequel.... only for Freddy to remind him of copyright laws.

The Wizard will appear in the sequel as a Spirit Advisor to Billy.
In the original comics, the Wizard also died after passing on his powers. But Billy was able to summon his spirit for guidance by lighting a specific brazier in the Rock of Eternity. The same thing could likely happen in the sequel (with Billy doing so the first time by accident).


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