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New WMG entries go on the bottom. Also, spoilers abound.

Beelzebub has siblings who will show up eventually.
It will come to light that baby Beelzebub has siblings, possibly also in contracts. Beelzebub will be the youngest and the only boy.
  • The reason why Beelzebub is the next in line to the throne is due to the Heir Club for Men being in effect.
  • Confirmed, we now know he has at least one older brother, En.
  • And apparently both are being tested to see who deserves the throne.
    • Well, that's how En's army treats it. The Great Demon King seems to think that the brothers will just have lots of fun destroying the world together.

Miki has a contract. And it's not with a demon.
There has been a reason why baby Beel is so terrified of that guy (ignoring that Miki may just too fucked-up inside for Beelzebub to handle.) and it could be a contract with something opposite to a demon (Good Is Not Nice applies).

Kanzaki is about to take massive levels in Badass.
Right now, that guy's self esteem is probably shot to hell. What happens when that happens? Took a Level in Badass
  • As of chapter 193, possibly partially confirmed, as after taking a beating from nasubi's demon subcontractorsnote , he's become the first of Oga's subcontractors. We'll still need to see how this plays out, and it's still Oga's and Beel's power, but it's still a powerup.
    • As of chapter 194, it's confirmed that Kanzaki's taken a level in Badass; cue super one hit KO Curb-Stomp Battle of two of Nasubi's subordinates by Kanzaki.

Oga is gonna lose a fight, and go to Aoi's grandpa to train
Not because he think that it will make him so much stronger, but because that's why happens in anime or video games. An old man trains you and makes you awesome. Furuichi will note the absurdity of this though.
  • As of chapter 88, CONFIRMED!!

Oga lost a fight to Furuichi when they were kids
This is why in Oga's head, Furuichi is super buff, and transforms into a Super Robot. Also, Rule of Funny would dictate that one of Oga's only losses would be to one of the weakest characters.
  • And then he fights him again with his demon powers and kicks his ass.
  • Well in chapter 173 there is a flashback to when Furuichi challenged Oga to fight several years before.
    • He challenged him but pretty much lost badly. Although he did win a new friend.

there will appear an angel to "Stop" beel's "evil intentions"
If the demons exist, then the angels as well...and with all the chaos oga has done, it difficult that they don't have discover it.

Hilda will die
Maybe later she return, but she will sacrifice to protect oga, and probably will made some kind of "contract" with Kunieda.

Saotome was En's contractor
Their relationship will be a plot point, and may either cause a Heel–Face Turn regarding the destory humanity thing, or make it worse, depending on what kind of terms they parted on.

Furuichi has becom a real "General" of an army of demons without knowing
  • Where the hell appears his title of General? yeah, the two that call him it are Alaindelon and that student of saint ishiyama but where it come from? maybe, because being so ''close'' to Oga, as demons would think, he qualifies as a high rank soldier of Beel...and Alaindelon would spread the rumor unintentionally, that's also explain why alaindelon's daughter call's him "Furuichi-sama"
Oga will have a Papa Wolf-esque moment
En or some other person will very likely (And beleive me, It isn't unlikely) hurt Beel. Badly. Oga will not take well to this.
  • Looks like this is happening in chapter 195. After Nasubi tells a beaten Oga to hand over Baby Beel as well as what he'd do if he had him. A few pages later Oga is back up and Nasubi is suddenly scared.

Oga's parents were delinquents
That's why Oga is so evil and strong. Because they, unintentionally, taught him to be a strong fighter. The mother could be the red tails leader when she was young, wouldn't be hilarious see the red tails expression at The Reveal?
  • Quite possible. The parents know he's a delinquent yet don't do anything to change that. And a recent chapter revealed (in passing) that, when Kunieda was at Oga's shortly after the Behemoth soldiers attacked, Oga's older sister was the Red Tails' leader before Kunieda! Could they be a family of badasses?
  • Actually it's confirmed in Chapter 178 that Oga's sister, Misaki, is the Red Tail's 'legendary' FOUNDER, something Furuichi (and possibly Oga) assumed was common knowledge - It wasn't.

The four member's of the Touhoushinki will make a contract with some demon
  • Kanzaki and himegawa are starting to have more and more protagonism. it's only time to have them discover the truth, and then, they will ask saotome how adquire a contract to go out from their Badass Decay.
  • Kunieda knows the truth and it's probably she wish to do something more, because she wasn't pretty useful in the last battle...
Confirmed as seen in the latest chapters. Not only she defeated one of the Pillars of Behemoth's Army with relative ease, but is also training with Oga to acquire skills that are unattaiable to the rest of the Ishiyama crew .
  • Toujou...he is an idiot, but he has saw with his eyes what happened to the school and Saotome will train him. it's just time to see him discard his Idiot Ball and discover the truth.

When Oga has his own child after the events of this series he will be the best Dad ever
  • He will have had so much practice raising a demon king who can shock him if he messes up, and with parenting, like everything, practice makes perfect.

The ending will be one massive Tear Jerker
  • Think about it. Oga and Beelzebub are growing more attached to each other, and seem to genuinely care about each other. Eventually, Beel (and likely Hilda too) may have to permanently part ways with Oga in order to take up the mantle as the Demon King, to many Manly Tears. What might make it more effective is if Oga becomes a better father than the Demon King ever could be.

Furuichi will make a contract with En.
  • And as a Shout-Out to Black Butler, the demon's mark will be placed on his right eye note  and he will wear an eye patch over it from that point on. However, unlike Oga, he'll understandably be more concerned for En's, and his own, safety (since En's older and logically more powerful than his younger brother, plus he has a tendency to piss other people off, which would lead to some difficulties).

Furuichi will make a contract with Hilda.
And hilarity will ensue.

The series will become a full-fledged Fighting Series.
  • This troper hopes he's not the only one who sees this. While it'll probably be a more light-hearted, comical one akin to Dragon Ball, the series is getting more and more serious and the fights are getting bloodier, a prime example being the fights against the demons. Not to mention the constant implications of serious battle, such as references to Behemoth and the appearance of Athrun as early as the Summer in Hell arc. AND the Training from Hell for Oga to master Beel's true power (which funnily enough, is a send up of Dragon Ball's own training arc).

The series will end with Oga becoming the new demon king

The second ending of the Anime is a dream of Furuichi

Baby Beel is the Demon King's favourite son/the son that Demon King wants on the throne.
  • He sent Beel down to destroy the earth first and gave him the more superior wet nurse. A sign of possible favouritism? Plus this might be the reason why the Pillar Squad want to get rid of Beel and Oga - so En will have a better chance of getting the throne.
    • The fact that En got his own squad might invert or subvert this, depending on your opinion. Maybe the demon king realized how biased he was and gave him the squad to balance it out? That gives immense implications to Hilda and Alain Delon's power.

Mr. Saotome is Oga from an alternate timeline/alternate universe, possibly trying to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • For god's sake, They practically mirror each other. For the alternate universe, it would explain why he had the demon mark on his shoulder rather than his hand. On the other hand, the timeline plot is much more interesting. It would imply something really serious happened, and is going to happen, that was so terrifying that he had to go back in time to try in fix it. It would possibly also explain why he's older and less forthcoming-either he went through that many attempts, or (heaven forbid) He actually took time to plan out ways to execute what he was going to do. (The latter is unlikely, even with Break the Cutie moments, given Oga's status.
    • Some support, In Chapter 137, Toujou mentions Oga is getting more and more similar to Saotome.
    • However in chapter 128 we actually have some flashbacks to Saotome's time in school and young Saotome looks different.

When the anime is licensed in English, Furuichi's voice actor will be Todd Haberkorn, the English voice of Kimihiro Watanuki
  • Can you think of any other person who could pull off the Only Sane Man schtick as well as he does?

Related to the first WMG, Beelzebub has 6 siblings
They're the Seven Princes of Hell from Christian Demonology!
  1. Lucifer, demon of Pride
  2. Satan, demon of Wrath
  3. Mammon, demon of Greed
  4. Asmodeus, demon of Lust
  5. Belphegor, demon of Sloth
  6. Leviathan, demon of Envy
  7. Beelzebub, demon of Gluttony.
This almost seems obvious. The only question is what "En" is short for.
  • I could say that he is the demon of Envy. His full name could be En "Leviathan" etc.
  • As of chapter 226, this is officaly jossed. All of the Seven were the previous rulers of different sections of the Demon World, before the land was unified under the rule of Beelzebub III A.K.A Baby Beel's dad.

Humans can be turned into demons without a contract, and at least one character will have this happen to them
If you're wondering how, it's possible that if you pump enough demon energy into a person, they'll turn into a demon, much like if their body absorbed too much demon energy from a transformation.note  It could also be a chance for gratuitous Fan Disservice, Body Horror, and other creepy stuff. Now the only question is who the lucky guy will be. (My vote's on either Kanzaki or Hanazawa.)

When it does happen (when he has free time on his schedule), he'll be the Knight of Cerebus that ushers the series to a new direction. His behaviour might make it seem other wise, but he has to be the Great Demon King for some reason. It's likely that he is a CloudCuckooLander, but that just makes him more of a ticking time bomb in that regard.

Naga is a Bifauxnen
  • It seems like a bit of a stretch, especially since we've seen at least two women in the army, but it doesn't have to be for the obvious reasons. Rule of Funny could dictate that it was something stupid, like not have the right cup size.

General Furuichi will actually become a General
...Or at least a Colonel. Because who would expect the Butt-Monkey of all people to be a Military Genius?! Also, there's the fact that already has some serious tactical experience.

When Hilda finally regains her memories.

Hilda remembers everything that happened during the amnesia period.
She's just too embarrassed to admit it.

  • It would be a perfect way to set off Cerebus Syndrome-simply Deconstruct the Butt-Monkey by finally having him killed during one of his humiliations. To add insult to the injury, nobody will even remember him.
    • Well in chapter 172 Furuichi is starting to feel the side effects of the tissues. So only time will tell.
      • Furthermore he's fully aware of the side effects and doesn't care if he survives or not.
      • Subverted. He survives by being defeated by Oga and not being able to move. This stops his use of the tissues.
    • As of chapter 207 I announce this WMG reopened. Furuichi appears to have had his heart ripped out by Takamiya's demon Lucifer.
    • This is jossed by latest chapters. While the attack rips out Furuichi's soul, it's stated that the gang can reassemble it and revive him.

The identity of the mysterious figure in chapter 38 is Aoi's mother.
This is one of those unanswered mysteries. The character showed up and hasn't been seen since. Now Aoi apparently has a Missing Mom and in this flashback Shinobu Kunieda's hair is quite similar to our mystery person's.
  • Or it could be her father? He's also missing.

Oga will have to go on a journey to the Demon World to get Furuichi's soul back
Furuichi dying would too dramatic for a gag manga like Beelzebub, so rather than dying his soul will be stuck on the Demon World instead, and Oga (probably with some Ishiyama company) will go get it back while everyone else will realize that Furuichi is just not a Butt-Monkey through some exposition and better their relationships with him.
  • Slightly subverted in 173. Oga beats him and incapacitates him, thus stopping him from using the tissues so he won't die. Not only that, but we find out that while the others still bully and tease Furuichi a bit they are still his friends.
  • This is also not the case when he actually loses his soul in the events of chapter 207. All the gang have to do is beat all of Takamiya's subordinates by sunrise.

The reason why we haven't seen The Demon King's face is because he is Oga.
Eventualy Oga will turn into a demon. Then he will go back in time and become The Demon King. That is why The Demon King is so excentric. The whole story is Future Oga's xanatos gambit to prevent the destruction of humanity like he said he was going to. That is why The Demon King keeps coming up with stupid reasons to hold off invasion. It also adds in the extra funny that Oga really is Beelz's father. He just hasn't had him yet.

Furuichi will use the tissues again in the future
Though he gave most of them to Hilda, he kept a few with him not for the sake of being strong or go on a rampage again, but in case of an emergency; most likely during a battle where not even Oga would be able to defeat the enemy. Furuichi would use the tissues either to assist him or save him, depending on how dire the situation is.
  • Confirmed!

The current arc will end with the destruction of Ishiyama... again
The school already has a lot of structural damage it's not a stretch to think it isn't going to last.

All mothers who give birth to demons die.
Alain Delon's wife isn't around and neither is Beel's mother, who's hinted to be dead too! Yolda and Hilda could possibly be half-siblings and not full siblings. The reason why there is an academy specifically meant to train wet nurses is because EVERYONE needs a replacement mother.
  • Well, Lamia's mother Laymia is still alive.
  • Also Beel's mother is also alive.

Oga will kill Takamiya and Lucifer
He want to push Oga to the limit and beyond? He will succeed alright. Bonus points if Oga will rip his heart out.
  • Jossed. Oga actually rushes to their defense after the Solomon company agent does try to off them.

The demon shown in chapter 207 is actually the child of Lucifer
They just have the same naming scheme as baby Beel and his dad.

Something will happen to Beel and Oga will have to give up his soul.
Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Beel will either be hurt badly during a fight or a new hellish virus that attacks high class demons will show up, putting Beel in mortal danger.To save him, Oga will have to give him his soul, becoming a demon in the process.

Michael the Truck Driver...
Is an angel. That's it.
  • Additionally we'll probably meet his two daughters which he mentioned later on. They got an early cameo via photos.


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