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  • The demons have green hair, electrical or fire powers, the zappy one is clingy, and the Running Gag is the (more or less villain) protagonist getting electrocuted now and then. Sound familiar?
  • Many references to Dragon Quest.
  • Ichiro "Alex Rodriguez" Shinjo. Made even weirder by the fact that he's a boxer, not a baseball player.
  • At the school festival there are booths run by both Psyren and Sket Dance cosplayers.
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  • Furuichi Ear reminds one of a certain "alien's" special abilities.
  • And now, unexpectedly, to Call of Duty 4.
  • Chapter before that there was a shout out to Street Fighter. Only with more nudity.
    • Yet another one in this cover.
    • Oga, apparently, can do the Shoryuken and Psycho Crusher.
  • Max the Ishiyama King is a blatant shout out to Voltes V.
  • Apparently, even The Flintstones get a shout-out from Oga.
  • When Hilda is trying to come to terms with Oga and Beel's body switch, she sings "When You Wish Upon A Star".
  • Chapter 91 contains some Dragon Ball references.
    • And in one omake Oga tries to quote Goku when he needs to get a New Year's Ball for Beel.
    Oga: A man I respected said these great words - 'Everyone, give me some of your cash in aura form!'
    Furuichi: NO HE DID NOT!
  • Episode 49 too.
    Furuichi: "Wait, isn't this what Goku has on his head? Wait...don't tell me, I'm Son Goku?!"
  • Episode 47 of the anime.
    Kanzaki: [pretending to be Lamia writing a message to En] Let's To Love-Ru Darkness!
  • Now Lady Gaga makes her appearance. She's truly a good wife!
    • Also a wordplay shout out to the NHK drama GeGeGe no Nyobo (Spooky Wife) about the wife of the GeGeGe no Kitarō manga creator.
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  • Oga's mother introducing herself as "Big Mom".
  • Chapter 140 references X-Men and Marvel vs. Capcom.
    Oga: ... and while they're in the air, finish them off with Wolverine's Weapon X Combo Special. That's the type of woman you are.
  • Episode 51 has Aoi attacking Koma with "Scattering Sakura Blossoms" when this line was dropped:
  • Does this image remind you of something?
  • Futaba tries to get Kanzaki to play Pretty Cure with her.
  • In episode 56 Kanzaki's first suggestion for a new group name is Afterschool Yogurty Time.
  • A nice Neon Genesis Evangelion reference from Kido including his constant Gendo Pose.
    Kido: I call it the Ishiyama Rebirth Plan.
  • Furuichi makes a Toriko reference during the Best Couple Grand Prix cooking challenge.
  • Ebian Ichikawa the "Blind Swordsman," one of the Six Upstarts, appears to be an homage to Zatoichi. He appears to be half-blind, he carries a katana Shirasaya style, making it look a bit like a sword-cane, and his nickname, "Blind Swordsman", isn't even trying to be subtle. In fact, in his first appearance, his nickname was actually "Blind Masseuse," which has to be a joke from Tamura, especially given how it was spelt with the exact same characters (座頭市) as the Blind Swordsman's name.
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  • Chapter 190 features a small one to Naruto, when Baby Beel draws the titular character's whiskers on Nasubi's face.
  • In the next chapter Nasubi performs a finishing move on two opponents, which one of them points out originally belonged to Geese Howard from Fatal Fury.
  • Nasubi's band have apparently been practicing "Hare Hare Yukai".
  • A small one to a certain card based multimedia franchise when Oga creates a Card Battle Game based on his friends...
  • Chapter 211: The Tojo of Tennis.
  • When looking for the pieces of Furuichi's soul, Oga and Akaboshi suggest walking in long grass and spreading honey on trees as viable search methods.
  • Chapter 239: Oga uses Beel's energy to give himself an electric aura that turns him blond and later gathers power from all his friends, allies and rivals for the final attack on the bad guy. Dragon Ball much?
    • Dragon Ball nothing, Oga blatantly screams "I am a Super Saiyan" during the pounding he gives Satan/Fuji.


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