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Friday Night Funkin', but it's about time travel!
Boyfriend: "Beep!"
Omega: "Kid, get behind me. Identify yourself! Friend or foe?"
Boyfriend: "Beep"
Omega: "Alright, there's a language gap here, I can work with that."
Cutscene before "Mercenary"

After failure upon failure of the assassins, hitmen, and other assorted baddies Daddy Dearest has hired to kill Boyfriend, he throws a book at his bookshelf, lamenting that no one in this era can even lay a finger on the kid. Cue Daddy Dearest getting hit in the head with a book entitled "Great Warriors of Their Time" - flipping through it, he discovers a mercenary by the name of Omega, and decides he is the perfect person for the job. A portal opens up under Boyfriend and Girlfriend's feet, sending them sprawling through time…

With a shiny new UI, illustrated cutscenes, multiple endings, cameos, achievements, and collectables galore, and over fifteen original songs, Vs Omega has quite a lot to offer. Think you're up to the challenge?

Beware of unmarked spoilers!


Times and Tribulations: Vs Omega contains examples of:

  • The '80s: Times and Tribulations' Week 1, In His Prime, seems to take place in this time period, and pits you against Daddy Dearest before he became a Retired Badass. This also goes for week 5, where you go up against him again alongside Mommy Mearest at a rave, and later Monster.
  • Adaptational Late Appearance: In the original game (after an update, at least), Monster made his debut during Week 2 before returning in Week 5 with one song each. Here, Monster only shows up in Week 5, singing both Monster and Winter Horrorland, with Monster's appearance in Week 2 being replaced with a new song sung by Skid and Pump's 17th Century counterparts, dubbed Salem.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Alonso was originally an aggressive merchant who hounded Boyfriend for not purchasing his wares. Here, he's still running a tourist trap, but doesn't mind being turned down again and simply asks Boyfriend to sing the calming "Free Soul" along with him on the radio instead.
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  • Break the Cutie: While Noke has the worst amount of physical punishment (though he seems to be going through Sanity Slippage) amongst the cameos, Kapi has the worst psychological punishment, going from a cocky-but-still-friendly teenager to a lone survivor in a Crapsack World blinded by his misplaced hatred for the people he thinks are responsible, ironically his own childhood friend and his girlfriend he tried to steal.
  • Break the Haughty:
    • In his home mod, Noke was a gem miner who fought Boyfriend over a massive emerald and had enough bravado to play the role of Sore Loser when he was beaten fair and square, going so far as to invoke his mysterious Empty Shell ability just to beat him for good. In this mod, he's found maimed and destitute because of his work and the events of the main story to the point that he is forced to beg to Boyfriend and Girlfriend for help. Noke's continued abuse of his strange ability and his body language indicate his vocals during "Fragmented Surreality" aren't singing or fighting so much as it is him screaming into the abyss in the midst of a full emotional breakdown.
    • Similarly, Kapi in his home mod is rather smug, claiming Boyfriend is nowhere near cool enough to date Girlfriend, with him wanting to claim her for himself. In this mod, he's a revenge seeking guitarist who seems to be the Sole Survivor of a monster attack, with his home being reduced to apocalyptic wasteland.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome:
    • Boyfriend doesn't seem to find anything wrong with helping the King, who he met minutes ago at most (which the King lampshades), find Mika. Subverted during the secret ending, which is kicked off by Boyfriend saying no to this request.
    • He's also perfectly fine with helping Noke out of the rut he finds himself in during the future created by the Time Crash, even though the last time they met it was clear they ended things on a very sour note for the gem miner.
  • Con Man: The Merchant is one, with his Establishing Character Moment is him trying to sell a shirt to Boyfriend, claiming it was sewn with golden thread and "worn by a man of legend". Despite this, he is more disappointed than anything when Boyfriend turns him down.
  • Genuine Human Hide: Monster rips Girlfriend's face off to wear as a mask during Holiday Hoedown's Winter Horrorland.
  • Guest Fighter: When entering a Week, you occasionally get thrown into a battle with an alternate version of a character from another mod, referred to as a Cameo Battle:
    • Anders by Typical Emerald. The only one of the cameos with Ripple Effect-Proof Memory, he chases the duo across the disrupted timeline until eventually cornering them in the backrooms of reality.
    • Alonso the Merchent and Flexy from the Flexy mod by Ravvy Tavvy. The former became a chill desert merchant and the latter became a shogun in the land of Flekkaido.
    • Noke by Moloki, who has descended even further into his work, at the cost of the gems in the cave claiming his physical and mental health.
    • Kapi by PaperKitty, now a bitter, vindicative guitarist who wants nothing more than to kill the girl he once loved, thinking she is the one who made his world a living hell. He ditches the dance pad in favor of an electric guitar.
    • Demetrios by PlazerLazer, who has been reduced to a captive guinea pig in a laboratory. Not that he seems to care, but it does get boring after a while, and Boyfriend and Girlfriend might just be the entertainment he and his captors need…
    • Vase by CeramicSkinStudios. Unlike the others, the Secret Character of VS. Brightside is no longer himself, having integrated into a Hive Mind. For some reason, it decided that his Vulgar Humor-laden personality would make for a great Mouth of Sauron.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Noke's vocals in "Fragmented Surreality" slowly transition from the high synth used in the first three songs of his original mod into the low buzz he uses during the final song, "Disconnected," symbolizing his rapid physical and mental deterioration.
  • Hockey Mask and Chainsaw: Monster dons this in the alternate week 5, "Holiday Hoedown", which, combined with his blood-stained apron and ripping off Girlfriend's face to wear as a mask, seems to be a reference to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974).
  • HP to 1: Noke retains this ability in "Fragmented Surreality" using the black gem notes from his original mod, and Demetrios likewise gains the ability to inflict this during "57.5 Hz" using an electrified note.
  • Identical Grandson: Some of the opponents are these, such as time traveled versions of week 2 to 4, though week 1 and 5 feature Mommy Mearest and Daddy Dearest in the 80s instead, as well as week 6.
  • Irony: Repeatedly trying to access "Hivemind" after unlocking it initially causes Vase (as the titular Hive Mind's Mouth of Sauron) to protest, saying that there's no reward for 100% Completion and that the player should get bent. Never mind the fact that he and his new constituents are the reward, and his boisterous personality is about to get put in its place a second time.
  • Knife Nut: Most likely so he won't accidentally crush his handgun again, Anders opts to arm himself with a combat knife instead. Which mixed in with the Necktie Headband almost makes him look like he's trying to cosplay Rambo.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Demetrios's forced experimentation has given him the ability to emit a sonic scream that reduces Boyfriend's HP to 1.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Girlfriend doesn't seem to mind having her face cut off with a chainsaw and stitched onto Monster's face as a mask.
  • Meaningful Background Event: During most of the cameo songs, you can spot AgentAnders, peeking through a hole in the ceiling during the former week and hiding behind a pop-up shop during the latter. Sure enough, when you face Anders himself, he points out that he chased Boyfriend and Girlfriend through time in order to stop him.
  • Multiple Endings: The game also features multiple endings for the main story of the game, 4 actually.
    • Help the Stranger (Good Ending): Boyfriend decides to help Omega, much to Omega's and Mika's relief. Girlfriend comes back out of nowhere, having found a really cool sword. As Omega sees the army come in the distance, he tells Mika to follow the "Eldritch Demon" (Girlfriend). Omega states that an Artifact that will help them on their quest is located in a nearby cave, as Girlfriend and Mika run to go and try to find it, the army fights Boyfriend and Omega. Upon defeating the Army, Girlfriend and Mika come back to a (admittedly wounded and tired) Boyfriend and Omega. The two claim they didnt find the artifact, but Girlfriend DID find something else. Girlfriend pulls out a golden clock-like device, which will apparently get them back to home and their own time. While Omega and Mika are saddened by not being able to find what they were looking for, they congratulate Girlfriend and Boyfriend for them being able to find what they were looking for. Omega and Boyfriend decide to have one more friendly battle just to say goodbye. The two return to their time and dimension.
    • Help The Army (Bad Ending): Omega decides to drop any and all formalities, saying he's gonna give up trying to be intimidating and actually have to get rid of Boyfriend now. Suddenly, girlfriend appears, (Still with her cool sword), and begins to explode onto Boyfriend, chastising him for running away to get into trouble like he always does (Much to Omega's and Mika's confusion). As the two bicker, Omega interrupts them and decides he's had enough of their games. Omega decides to use his cursed blade, deciding there's no other option to beat Boyfriend. After a lengthy final fight between Omega and Boyfriend (While Mika and Girlfriend have their own sword-fight), Omega seemingly drops unconscious, overexerting himself with the usage of his sword. Mika quickly runs to his side, much to the shock of Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Mika proclaims she wont let any more "Meanies" like Boyfriend and Girlfriend hurt her or Omega anymore, and fights Boyfriend in his stead. As Mika is defeated, she breaks down into tears as The Army arrives. They apprehend her and throw her into a safe (an actual safe lmao). As she is taken away, Girlfriend seems to not really care about the whole situation, but Boyfriend is in horror, realizing what he has done might not have been the correct option. As his vision begins to fade, Girlfriend leads him away. Omega is never recovered, presumably dying in the field right there. At the end, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are shown to be sitting in two thrones, appearing to be new royalty. While Girlfriend enjoys her new status, Boyfriend sits in the horrifying realization of what they've done. Without Omega's knowledge of the cave, the two never make it back to their time. Daddy Dearest has won.
    • Father Time (True Ending): After completing the Good Ending, a paper will appear on the main menu. Tapping the corner of it will start this ending. This ending takes place directly after the Good Ending. As Girlfriend and Boyfriend leave the medieval era and re-enter the time dimension, they are surprised to find Daddy Dearest waiting for them, deciding to take matters into his own hands. After a lengthy battle, with DD even manipulating time itself to try and win, Boyfriend finally comes out on top. DD yells in anger at being never able to beat Boyfriend. DD decides to give up on the whole singing, and decides to destroy Boyfriend for real, challenging him to a REAL fight. It seems like in this reality, however, laws of physics are quite fickle, and Boyfriend leaps straight up to Daddy Dearest's face, Boyfriend punches him straight in the face and smashes him to the ground. Daddy Dearest curls up in pain, as the three immediately are transported back to the match of Uno (which Mommy Mearest promptly wins), as if nothing had happened, the time spell being broken.
    • Dethroned (Secret Ending): Pressing a secret "No" at the top left of the screen during the King cutscene, Boyfriend decides to fight the King and Queen, while they put up a good fight, they are no match. Boyfriend defeats and dethrones them, becoming the new monarch of the medieval world.
  • Necktie Headband: In the cameo battle against Anders, he wears his red necktie as a headband as a part of his minor redesign.
  • Noodle Incident: During Kapi's battle, there's a gigantic Retrospecter fighting Mom in the background. How or why this happened is never explained.
  • Nostalgia Level: Trials and Tribulations version of Hating Simulator, fittingly called Nostalgia Trip, much like in the main game but this time based on atari tech then 16-bit tech.
  • Recycled IN SPACE!: The mod features slight modifications of Weeks 1-6, each taking place during a different place in time.
    • Week 1, In His Prime, is Daddy Dearest… in The '80s!
    • Week 2, Town of Salem, is Spooky Month… during the Salem Witch Trials!
    • Week 3, Trench Warfare, is Pico… during World War 2!
    • Week 4, Trainjacking, is Mommy Must Murder… in The Wild West!
    • Week 5, Holiday Hoedown, is Red Snow… during The '80s (again)!
    • Week 6, Nostalgia Trip, is Hating Simulator… on an Atari!
  • Revenge Before Reason: The lone shred that remains of the original Kapi's personality in his future self is his impulsive desire for vindication, attacking Boyfriend and Girlfriend to get back at them to both make even for the events of the original mod and because he thinks they caused the Time Crash (they did not.)
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!: Boyfriend screams "BITCH" when he punches Daddy Dearest in the face after "Father Time".
  • Time Travel: A major aspect of the plot, there are even alternative versions of the main game's weeks in different settings.
  • Train Job: Mommy Mearest's Wild West lookalike is in the middle of one during the alternate Week 4, fittingly called Trainjacking.
  • Twisted Christmas: Holiday Hoedown, which is Week 5 taking place in 80s. Monster returns, wearing a Leatherface-style outfit and singing both Monster and Winter Horrorland.
  • Visual Pun: Noke was last seen in a cavern with a large gem; when he's found again during the events of this mod, he's heavily injured, effectively destitute... and standing on a platform that's rising out of the earth. In other words, Noke wants Boyfriend and Girlfriend to pull him out of the literal pit of despair he's dug himself.
  • The Wild West: Week 4, where Mommy Mearest's Wild West lookalike is pulling off a Train Job.

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