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JonnyB here.

Wandered in off the street one day (actually, I think it was either Irregular Webcomic or Darths And Droids that suckered me in), and got stuck in TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life-land. As I am an active Toy Soldier (and an editor of Dr. Steel's page on The Other Wiki), I spend much of my time adding to or just polishing Doctor Steel's page here, and tend to Abney Park's and the Diesel Punk page - and I do make random contributions here and there elsewhere, as I find things others have forgotten.


Oh yea, and I've added twenty-one new tropes to the site so far:

As well as sixteen works pages:

And took over and launched the Up For Grabs trope Lab Pet.

YKTTW I'm also working on:


Contributed to:

  • Most heavily contributed to the Doctor Steel page.
  • Far too many others to mention (or even recall).

No relation to jonnyb of (because someone asked). Also cannot play the guitar just like ringing a bell... even though my nickname stems from that song. (Although I am a musician and can play a mean blues harp.) I also have Aspergers Syndrome, but that's not an excuse, just a fact.


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