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How very odd of you to encounter this page, the brief page of reference to a fellow who personifies the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism.

Do we live to achieve or to enjoy? Maybe both and more? It doesn't really matter either way though does it? As doesn't this site, all paths lead to the same end right? Even if they don't, how can you know which to take?

It's easy to hate things. People, circumstance, or even all of existence if your so inclined. That sounds terribly depressing though, doesn't it? Why not try something different, only so long until those paths end, eh?


You know what I love? Writing. Not that you likely care, you likely haven't even read this far. Hopefully someday I will publish my work. I just hope it will not be horrible. As this would entail, I enjoy good literature. On the other hand, some works are less good. Some so bad, they deserve a special mention. But I am not one to name names.

With that established, lets take a look at some of the best ways to write characters. First off, lets talk about perfect characters. 'Perfect Characters' are always good to write, characters don't need realistic weaknesses, they should be made all-powerful, so they can overcome anything. Hell, why not make them live forever? Everyone would want that! So remember kids, the best kind of character is the flawless kind.

Next up, how about we talk about a similar sort of character? The main character should always be the center of the universe. Especially in Young-Adult fiction. Also, everything interesting in the world must happen where they are. This way, interesting stuff will happen to our protagonist. You see, people would never notice these things, or question them. If they do, they're probably just jealous. There can be only one way to interpret books, and it must be in the way the author sees it.


Now, enough of me complaining. That's not why your still here is it? No of course not, so then... what is it? Do you want me to tell you about myself or something? Even if I did though, how would you know I was being honest? Everyone lies on the internet. Well, assuming you'd trust me anyway, I guess I can.

Not quite completed.

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